Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 38

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“…no. That would have been impossible.”

Cristina straightened her expression and stared at Eugene.

“That beastman was incomparably stronger and corrupt than the Dark Elves. Even if he had used interrogation magic on him, his soul would have collapsed before he heard the confession.”

“I shouldn’t have let her die like that. Even if you couldn’t open your mouth, if you were more polite, you might have said something.”

“…Are you feeling well?”

“I’m fine now. It won’t be okay soon.”


Cristina asked back, unable to understand.

Eugene didn’t bother to explain.

Kwuk… The fingers dug into his chest caressed his heart. The heat of the runaway core cools down slowly, and the heart rate slows down.

Then the recoil came. Eugene’s body trembled greatly. Christina hurriedly supported her as she tried to sit down as she was.

“Yu, Eugene?! Why are you doing that all of a sudden?”

I can’t hear my voice very well. My head is dizzy. It feels like all the muscles in my body are being torn to pieces. My bones, no, the blood circulating in my veins felt heavy. The overworked core is silent. The current Eugene couldn’t even pull out the strength to control his body.

‘…Still, it’s better than I thought.’

After using Ignition in my previous life, I always lost my mind. After she collapsed and opened her eyes, she heard all kinds of harsh words from Christina and Anis.

‘Is it a virtue that is stronger than the body of the previous life?’

The strain on the heart is not too great. Even so, it is a skill that cannot be overused. Confidence that you can kill your opponent unconditionally. It is a skill that cannot be used without a colleague to take care of the tattered body after killing it.

“Cure magic now…”

“It’s no use.”

Having said that, Cristina laid down Eugene and used divine magic. A warm light wrapped around Eugene’s body. However, the recoil after using ignition cannot be shaken off even with healing magic. There is no other way to recover an overworked core than sufficient rest.

‘…Is there any anise?’

Eugene thought as he looked behind Christina. Even in the intense light, Anise’s figure was invisible.

“…A cub of a dead animal.”

Eugene lay down on the floor and opened and closed his tingling hands.

“I knew about you and me.”

“…you mean someone opened up about us?”

Christina’s expression hardened. She hesitated for a moment, then continued her words.

“…only the Pope and Cardinal Rogeris know… that I have come to Samar.”

“Are you sure?”

“…you two might have told someone else, but I’m the only one who’s reported it.”

“Can you trust them?”

Eugene looked straight at Christina and asked a question.

To be honest, I was prepared to take a slap. One is the Pope, the supreme leader of the Protestant Church of Light. The other is a cardinal directly under the pope and Christina’s adoptive father. It was only natural for Cristina to be hot-tempered, since she asked in an openly suspicious tone of the two of them.

But Christina did not show her anger. She didn’t answer right away, staring at her Eugene for a while. Eugene couldn’t accurately read her emotions in those eyes.

but. I could feel that the young emotion in her eyes wasn’t anger.

“…How is Eugene? If the story about us is leaked, not only the Holy Empire but also Lionheart should be suspicious.”

“The head of the family can’t do that. There’s no reason for that. But I think it might be the case with the Senate.”

An adopted son who is superior to the savvy descendants of the main family. No matter how much Eugene refuses, as long as Eugene remains as an adopted son, the Senate has no choice but to be wary of Eugene.

In fact, that’s not the only reason.

Eugene and Cristina know that there is no body in Vermouth’s grave. The honor of the Lionheart family has been passed on because the great Vermouth is the founder. For the sake of the family’s honor… It is also a way to bury the truth that does not need to be revealed so that it will not be revealed forever.

“How are you? Can you trust the Pope and the Cardinals?”

after a brief silence.

Christina opened her mouth.


subdued voice.

“I don’t believe in those two. I can’t guess why they should do that, but if necessary, they will do business with the demons.”


“But, Eugene. I also heard what the prisoner said. After being guided to the territory, he said he intended to kill Eugene and me. I don’t know if that’s true anymore, but if it’s true… Neither the Pope nor Cardinal Loggeris would have made a deal with the prisoner.”

“Because I was recognized by the Holy Sword?”

“Neither would he, but you two wouldn’t want to kill me over something like this.”

Christina smiled lightly as she said that. It’s not a topic for a laughable conversation. An artificially created smile. That smile was the same as the one Anise used to talk about the Holy Empire a long time ago.

Strangely enough, Anis didn’t bring up the story of the Holy Empire. Even when everyone was talking about the past, Anise remained silent. He had a different twisted smile than usual.

Christina was the same now.


“I don’t think the relationship between me and Eugene is deep enough to be able to share such a story with pleasure.”

“That’s all right.”

Yujin grumbled and stood up.

tried to wake up The power didn’t go in properly, and even when I whimpered, my waist didn’t go up beyond a certain angle. Christina’s smile changed again. She chuckled and put her hand on Eugene’s armpit.

“Sipal what are you doing?”

Eugene freaked out and twisted his body.

“Eugene, why are you like this? I was trying to help Eugene.”

“Do not lie. It wasn’t support, you tried to scratch my armpit with your hand!”

“…what the hell are you thinking? It’s not like I’m out of my mind, why are you scratching Eugene’s armpit with your hand?”

Christina asked with a straight face. It was an irrefutable argument, but Eugene distinctly felt Christina’s fingers crooked under her arm.

“…that… don’t support me. Just take me by the hand and lift me up.”

“Are you ashamed to be left in my hands without being able to resist?”


“You have a very cute corner. I didn’t realize it because of Eugene’s words and actions, but seeing him now, I think I’ve come to realize that Eugene is younger than me.”



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Cristina smiled and spread her hands toward Eugene.

“ruler. Don’t be too shy, put your arms around this sister. Hooray, just like they say.”

“…you’re mad at me for mentioning the pope and the cardinals, right?”

“no. I don’t feel any outrage about that question. There is no reason for that.”

“Then why are you doing this to me? Why are you torturing me?”

“Eugene. Do you know what karma means?”


“Eugene-nim also harassed me many times in this forest and hurt my heart with harsh words. Of course, I have never hated Eugene-sama for that, but if not now, when will I ever be able to control Eugene-sama again?”

Yujin closed her mouth tightly and put her arms around her waist. Cristina then grabbed Eugene’s hand and opened it wide. Eugene resisted with all his strength, but now Eugene could not overcome Christina’s strength…

“Eugene is very stubborn. Judging from her physical condition, it would be difficult for her to walk even with my support.”

“…to lift…”

“no. It doesn’t have to be. I will carry Eugene myself.”

“You said you were carrying me…?”

“yes. I will make sure to support your buttocks so that Yujin-nim doesn’t fall or feel uncomfortable.”

Eugene’s eyes trembled. You say you’re getting older and getting older? The past of living as a rough mercenary in a previous life flashes through my head. Eugene never wanted to be carried by Christina.


No matter how much I hated it, it was impossible to physically resist.

“Just a little more, hold my neck tight.”

“You… do you have no shame?”

“Why am I feeling ashamed when I am only caring for the wounded? Are you feeling ashamed right now, Eugene?”


“Don’t forget that feeling. I hope that Eugene will experience today and become a better person in the future.”

Yujin bit her trembling lips and lowered her head.

Christina’s hands supporting her hips were hateful.


“It’s getting better soon.”

I was in bed for two days.

When I first used Ignition in my previous life, I couldn’t move for a week. After that, I used it several times and got used to it little by little, but Ignition’s overload lasted for three days even at the level that Hamel had ‘completed’.

‘It’s faster than expected.’

It’s partly because he has a great body, but the reason why the burden of overload is relatively shorter than in his previous life is because the ignition used by Eugene is rather advanced than Hamel’s.

First of all, the white flame ceremony is overwhelmingly superior to Hamel’s mana training method. The Transcendental Flame Scheme, which grafted the Eternal Hall on top of it, is far superior to the White Flame Sik, but specializes in activating Ignition.

A circle woven into one. Making a continuous circle in it and exploding it. From there, it resembles the runaway of the core. However, in the case of the round salt type, Eugene can perfectly control it without putting a burden on the core.

Ignition completely unlocks the limits of the Phantasm. Exercising the core and body is the same as Ignition in the previous life, but the method of ‘runaway’ is much more sophisticated than in the previous life.

‘The burden of the body is still dangerous… but it seems to be holding up better than in the previous life.’

Eugene thought as he caressed his normally beating heart. Of course, this is a skill that should not be abused. Whether it’s more sophisticated than the previous life or whatever, the essence of the technique of shaving off my own flesh is the same.


There was an unexpected income.

Eugene closed his eyes and focused his consciousness on his core. Originally, Eugene’s Baek Yeom-sik was staying at 4 stars, but now the number of stars staying near the heart has increased by one to 5.

The reason could be guessed. In addition to understanding mana, this Baek Yeom-sik does not increase his achievements unless he increases his experience in various battles and the total amount of mana. No matter how much memories Eugene has of his previous life, it honestly takes time to increase the total amount of mana.

This Great Forest of Samar is a place rich in mana, comparable to a fair amount of spirit vein. In addition, mana was intentionally runaway, and the overworked core experienced a large amount of mana and succeeded in splitting.

‘This could be used as a trick if done well.’

Eugene stroked his chin and was lost in thought. Achievement due to overload. In a way, it is similar to super-growth of muscles. Muscles are used frequently, and the more they are torn, the more obvious they grow.

‘If I use the ignition a few more times, won’t I be able to grow the white flame meal faster?’

I’ve thought about it, but it won’t work as well as this time. To grow the core with overload, you need to give it a stronger load than before. In the process of tuning it, the body will almost certainly be damaged, and there is no guarantee that the core will necessarily split after overexerting it.

In the end, Eugene didn’t try any more. Six years after he entered Mana, he rose to the fifth star of the White Flame Ceremony. This is an unparalleled growth rate even in the Lionheart family.

Right now, including the elders, the highest white salt type is 7 stars. Compared to them, the head of the family and his younger brother, who are a generation younger than them, are 6 stars.

And Eugene is 5 stars. He was still only 19 years old, and he knows how to do too much for the achievements he has reached. What’s more, there will be more to come…


for two days.

Eugene tried to understand the conspiracy that had entangled him.

‘Beast tribe entrusted to the demon lord of destruction. Son of Oboron, brother-in-law of Yagon.’

Objectively, Barang was strong. It was a difficult opponent to guarantee victory if he did not use ignition. Winid, Aspel, Pernoa, and Karvos. He could barely win if he used all of them, assisted with magic, and even took out the moonlight sword.

In other words, it was an opponent that even ‘now’ Eugene could barely defeat. Eugene remembers how strong Oboron was.

300 years ago. The Demon King of Madness had four Four Heavenly Kings. Frenzied children without a drop of blood.

The leader of the giants, Kamash of the line.

Vampire Lord, a sign of bloodshed.

The madman of the beast race, oboron of evil.

Dark Elf Princess, Raksha Iris.

Everyone was strong. Kamash, the largest of them all, had been defeated by Vermouth and Hamel with their combined efforts. The cause of death died, and Oboron and Iris escaped with the madness of the demon king.

Yagon is a pervert who bit and killed his father. That it was possible meant that Yagon was at least as strong as Oboron.

Varang was strong, but not strong enough to be Yagon’s sworn brother.

‘I said it had nothing to do with Yagon.’

It wasn’t because of Yagon’s order that Varangi was looking for an elf’s territory. I couldn’t believe that, but for now, Eugene decided to believe it. Rather than distrust unconditionally, believe first and narrow down the options for the beast.

Where did the information leak out? Christina said that it would not be the Holy Empire. The reason for this is not known in detail, but there is no benefit to the Holy Empire by killing both the ‘Saint’ and the ‘Hero’ at once.

But, what about Lionheart? Senator Doines Lionheart. The benefits gained from cutting off too proud adoptives who disturb the order of the family… It can’t be said that the choice is for the family, but if Eugene dies, the issue of Lionheart’s successor becomes very, very neat.

What does it mean? It means that the discipline of the family is set right. Eugene is not an idiot either. A child from a collateral family has become the adopted son of the main family, and he is competing with the legitimate son of the main family for the successor.

Even if he doesn’t actually become the head of household, Eugene’s existence itself unites the collaborators.

Lionheart’s family doesn’t want him. For 300 years, this family has made only the main family noble, and made the collaterals inferior.

‘It’s not just from the collateral.’

authority of the head family. The senator holding the family crest in rats.

To him, it would be more disturbing that Eugene was a certified hero of the Holy Empire and the saintess than that he was from a collateral line. The revelation of the holy empire, the saint, and the god of light. In history, only the progenitor of Lionheart, the great Vermouth, has been proven as a ‘hero’.

Yang, who was from the collateral, obtained the same proof as the founder. He was recognized by the Holy Sword.

furthermore. We know that the Sijo’s coffin is empty. There are enough reasons to want to kill him. The Holy Empire did not announce that Eugene was a hero, noticing the Demon King.

If only Eugene and Cristina were killed. It is also not known that the tomb of the progenitor was empty. It’s something you can’t do directly. So he colluded with the demons. If the relationship is enough to convey that kind of request, it means that it has been going on for a long time.

The head of the Senate is interacting with the demons.

‘…don’t be sure.’

Eugene looked down at his fist and thought. From some time ago, veins were squirming in her clenched fists.

‘Maybe it’s not the senator.’

So, Eugene will be silent for now. Can he single-handedly attack the Black Lion Castle, subdue the Senate Lord, and seek out the truth? impossible. The lord of the Senate, Doines Lionheart’s nickname is the Immortal White Lion. He is an old man who has lived for over a hundred years.

‘If I return alive and well, the bastard who conspired will take the next action.’

The reason why Eugene decided to do so was that Varang’s purpose was not only to kill Eugene and Christina.

Rather, it was a secondary purpose. The gnome’s first purpose is to check the elven territory. For that reason, he pursued Eugene from the beginning but did not attack him.

‘The reason why the head of the Senate would be interested in the elven territory…’

I don’t know. Does he want to find Senya too? No, everyone wants to find Senya.


The demon lord must be the same as wanting to check the territory.

Demon King of Destruction.

Eugene didn’t want to recall that name or figure. She had only ‘seen’ the demon lord of destruction once in her previous life. It wasn’t even that I encountered it directly, it was moving in a faraway place… It seemed to be moving, no… Did you just stay still?

I don’t know.

The Demon King of Destruction was such an existence. I had only seen it once, but everyone there had a gut feeling. You shouldn’t fight with that. You can’t face that.

don’t understand that

The demon king of destruction is uniquely strong and bizarre among the five demon kings. He had only seen him once, but everyone understood him. Killing another demon lord is only a step to reach the demon lord of destruction and to make the battle with him the ‘final battle’.

‘…The Beasts entrusted themselves to the Demon King of Destruction.’

The Demon King of Destruction is bizarre, but not lonely. Even 300 years ago, the Demon King of Destruction had quite a few followers.

However, even if not lonely, it is bizarre. Demon lords endow their followers with power in their own way. If you receive power from the demon lord, your soul is pledged to the demon lord. That contract is the same among demons.

The Demon King of Destruction leads his followers, but does not grant them the power to match the contract with the Demon King. The members of the family do not mortgage their souls to the demon king of destruction.

This does not mean that the contract is useless. Just being able to become a descendant of the Great Demon King, who ranks first, is something special. In addition, the ‘contract’ with the demon king of destruction grants an imprint that allows him to deal with demons.

However, that imprint only artificially gives him the knowledge to deal with demons. In other words, it does not have much value to demons or black magicians. If you are going to make a contract, even if you have to mortgage your soul, signing a contract with the demon king in captivity promises a huge ‘power’.

What is clear is

The demon king of destruction is not as engrossed in governing his household as the demon king of confinement. The gnome’s followers are not connected to the master. That bizarre demon lord doesn’t interfere with anything else, let alone his family.

‘The Demon King of Destruction is interfering with Senya… now…?’

Eugene stopped understanding the conspiracy for now. All I can do right now is guesswork. More info is needed.

What position is this guy, who is said to be Yagon’s sworn brother, among the Beasts, and who is he related to?

What kind of rumors spread about Ryzakia in the Dragon Demon Castle?

“Are you ready?”

More than a hundred elves gathered in the center of the village.

Two days ago, the elves who were injured in the Varang raid were healed with Christina’s divine magic. There were no elves who couldn’t move on their own.


It was the same with Sycnad who received treatment. He and the elves, including him, didn’t look so fresh. In the future, they must leave the village where they lived for a long time and traverse the great forest. If you arrive, you will have a much better life than in the village… Most elves feared that this journey might be a failure.

“How are you feeling?”


The biggest problem is the horse disease that some elves suffer from. It is said that horsemen do not progress further in this forest, but if you are unlucky, you may die from horsemen as soon as you leave the forest.

“…seems to be fine.”

Sycnad hesitantly answered. Among the elves, Sycnad was the deepest horseman, and now he held a long branch in his hand.

no, it’s not what you hear. Sycnad was holding up a branch respectfully with both hands, as if he had become a flower pot or a pedestal himself.

It was a branch that Eugene had picked from the World Tree. Since the village’s barrier is maintained by saplings from the World Tree, I thought that a branch from the World Tree could have a similar effect… Fortunately, it seems to have worked out as expected.

“…it feels as comfortable as coming home…”

“Isn’t it just an illusion? Are you sure?”

“It is certainly. It’s just a branch… but I feel the warmth of my hometown in it.”

“…is it similar to the stew my mother cooked?”

“Why does stew come out of the branches?”

“Why do hometowns come out of tree branches?”

Eugene got back and held Winid.

[I’m sure. The spirit of the world tree dwells in that branch.]

‘That means that I can use it as a barrier to move the Sycnad, right?’

[…moving barrier…?]

‘why. That’s right.’

[Hmm… I’m sure it is. You’re right, Hamel. Horsemen won’t progress around that elf.]

‘Is it impossible to completely purify?’

[Well… I don’t know if it’s inside the world tree. It’s just a branch…]

Tempest pondered for a moment before continuing.

[but. If you plant those twigs and saplings together in your territory, they might one day grow into a giant tree capable of purifying the elves’ horsemen.]

‘It will take a while.’

Eugene grumbled and approached the sapling of the World Tree. The number of seedlings is 3 in total. I thought about putting it inside the cloak, but if I did, the seedlings might dry up and die.

So I had no choice but to pull out the whole thing and take it with me.

[To use such an ignorant method…]

‘What should I do? Rather than making the ground flow like a river, just pulling out the roots and carrying them with the wind is overwhelmingly less mana-consuming.’

[It is thanks to me that the mana consumption is low.]

‘Oh, thank you.’

Eugene gave a rough shake and swung at Winid. Then a great wind rose and uprooted the three saplings.

So a bizarre spectacle was created. In the future, Eugene will float three trees above his head and lead over a hundred elves through the forest.

“It is terrible.”

You can’t just carry it around. Every time you take a break, you have to replant the tree in the ground and take care of it so that it doesn’t dry out. The fairy tree, which grows only in Samar, is a tree that is strong enough not to die at all, and it also has branches of the World Tree, so it won’t wither, but…

“It’s already bothering me.”

Eugene narrowed his eyes and put his hand inside his cloak.

As the seedlings were pulled out, the barrier that protected the village completely disappeared.

two days ago. After attacking the village, Varang broke the barrier with ignorant force. Right after that, she even self-destructed while fighting Eugene.

The loud explosion was enough to attract the barbarians around. Perhaps because the barrier was broken, they noticed that this place was close to the village of wandering elves.

As a result, quite a few natives were herding around. Eugene had no intention of negotiating with them. No matter what you do, you will be noticed, and unless you give up on the elves, you will continue to be attacked.

The business in this forest is over.

It has been exposed, so there is no need to be careful anymore.

Eugene took out a bow from his cloak. A golden bow. A gigantic size that is incomparable to a normal bow. Eugene held a bow as tall as he was tall with one hand and aimed it at the sky.

5 stars of white salt.

It was only an increase of one star, but Eugene’s mana had doubled compared to before. This light bow consumes more mana than the dragon spear depending on its use, but it can be used without much burden now.

“Cover your ears.”

Eugene warned that first. The elves, who were full of worries about the future, looked at Eugene.

In the past, I wouldn’t have believed it. But the elves saw Eugene fighting Varang. I saw how overwhelming the force defeated that fearsome assailant.


The elves no longer doubted Eugene. Among them, Narissa and Revera looked at Eugene with envious eyes beyond trust, and covered their ears as they were told.

“Are you going to kill them all?”

“I know who the slaughter horse is.”

Eugene smiled and stretched out his hand. A bow whose bows did not exist. As she bent her fingers, a thin light became a bowstring and caught on her fingers.

“First, fire a shot and warn me.”

ㅡPajijik! An electric current passed through the pulled strings.

“If you still try.”

Mana amplified by the Phantasm formula creates lightning.

“I can’t help it.”

Fingers let go of the protest. A small bolt of lightning shot up into the sky.



A huge bolt of lightning struck in the distance.



Too-wook! A large hand tapped Eugene’s back. It must have been a friendly knock, but the ignorantly large hand shook Eugene’s body with just a light tap.

“See you later, friend.”

“Who is your friend?”

Yujin held onto her staggering body and shed her eyes. Although she opened her eyes fiercely, Eugene’s face was not terribly grim. Only her eyes are dirty because she has been squinting her eyes since she was a baby. When she looked at it objectively, she had to frown on her handsome, very handsome face, but she couldn’t be eaten by men.

What he couldn’t help was that the man’s face was very grim. His brown skin is full of black tattoos, and there are several scars on his face. No matter how much Eugene wrinkled his face, it was nothing compared to the man’s now grinning face.

It’s not just men.

All of the dozens of natives who follow have ferocious faces and large bodies.

lack of Zoran.

They are one of the largest tribes in Samar, and the man standing next to Eugene is Zoran’s young heir. It’s unbelievable at face value, but surprisingly, the man was 19 years old, the same age as Eugene.

“Since we shared a drink, we are friends.”

“I drank because you insisted on drinking.”

Eugene grumbled and turned his head.

I met the Zoran tribe a month ago, shortly after leaving the elf village.

Drop a bolt of lightning using the light bow. He immediately took the elves and set off. The natives, lacking in intelligence, were frightened by the sudden lightning, but rushed at the elves’ great movement, salivating.


So many natives were wiped out in front of their eyes. I had no intention of killing him from the start, but he was not the kind of person who would give me an appropriate amount of ejaculation in my hand. don’t jump If you don’t plant such fear, they will continue to attack, and the number will gradually increase.

I thought it would be a grueling journey.

On the first day alone, close to a hundred natives were cleared. The timing wasn’t great. A large number of warriors from the tribes that participated in the slave market were gathered around it. For them, chasing and hunting over a hundred elves was no different from a fun after-party.

The attack was expected all night long. Wouldn’t it be better to use the sapling of the world tree to set up the barrier again and observe the situation… or call in reinforcements? While talking about that with Cristina.

Zoran’s successor, Ivatar, has arrived. Eugene felt that the other tribes were blatantly watching Ivatar, and instead of attacking blindly, he greeted Ivata for now.

‘you. You’re strong.’

After introducing the name and tribe to which they belonged. Ivata smiled and asked for a handshake with Eugene.

‘I know what the flames you are wearing are.’

‘You know what? I’ll make you a hostage?’

‘If I do that, I’ll lose many of Zoran’s warriors.’

Ivatar showed no hostility.

‘Those elves. Is it your slave?’



‘I’m going to take you out of this damn forest.’

‘Where are you going to take me?’

‘Lion Heart.’

‘Then, helping you will be helping Lionheart.’

Didn’t even ask for permission. At Ivatar’s signal, the warriors of the Zoran tribe planted their tribal flags around them.

That was the end. The natives of Samar feared the name of Zoran far more than any outsider who could drop lightning, raise storms, and unleash unknown artillery fire.

one month after that. While crossing the Great Forest, he volunteered to escort the warriors of Ivatar and Zoran all along. Other tribes did not attack more simply by going with them.

“I’ll go visit Lionheart someday.”

“I’ve said this many times, but I never asked you.”

“But it is true that Zoran helped you.”

On the way to this place, I had several conversations with Ivata.

The natives of Samar do not like the Kiel Empire. To them, the Kiel Empire is just an invader who enters the forest at will, destroys it at will, and tries to make it their homeland.

Most tribes think so, but the ‘Great Tribes’ are different. It is no exaggeration to say that the great tribes nestled deep in the great forest are small nations. A tribe of that size has multiple interests intertwined, and the Zoran tribe is no different.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Even if you don’t become the head of household, Lionheart won’t be able to ignore your existence and power.”

When I first met Ivata.

The face didn’t look like it at all, but the fact that it was muscular and the common language was reminiscent of Moron.

“I want to be friends with you. We are the same age and strong. You will be friends with me too, and nothing bad will happen.”

It was just the first impression. Ivatar was smarter than Moron.

“Isn’t that true? If I hadn’t protected you and the elves. You wouldn’t have made it here today.”

“Then did he die on the way?”

“haha! wouldn’t have died because you are strong But you, Chicnad, and Cristina. With just three, it would have been difficult to protect a hundred elves without a single wound.”

Ivata burst into a hearty laugh and slapped Eugene on the back.

“It would have been very difficult. It would have taken a long time just to get here, and you must have been very tired.”

I didn’t have to deny it. It was true that Ivatar and the warriors of Zoran made the journey overwhelmingly easier. If they weren’t there, they might have had to stop moving and lock themselves in the barrier, and if they had tried to call in reinforcements separately, more time would have passed as they traveled back and forth through the forest.

“I don’t want material things from you.”

Ivatar laughed and said.

“Someday, if I visit Lionheart’s mansion. I just want to welcome you as your guest.”

“I can do that much.”

Eugene also thought that having a relationship with Ivata was positive. She doesn’t know how many more times she will come to Samar in the future, but she has formed a relationship with the heir of the great tribe, so there was nothing to lose.

‘I can grasp the situation over there.’

Helmud supports the freedom of the natives of Samar. The reason why Kiel cannot recklessly send troops to conquer Samar is because several countries, including Helmud, are preventing Kiel from possessing this huge forest.

In this forest, there are tribes that are directly interacting with Helmud’s demons.

Among them, the Kochila tribe has the greatest power. The gnomes are the largest tribe in the Great Grove, and dominate the surrounding tribes.

The Cochila tribe is not much rumored compared to its size. It’s partly because their territory is one of the remote areas in Samar, but it’s also because the tribe itself is too closed. They do not attend slave markets, which most tribes participate in, and do not interact with anyone other than the tribes they control.

Eugene did not think that it was Kochilla or the tribe behind Helmud that had bought Barang. but. As long as he was related to Helmud, he had to be vigilant.

I didn’t convey those thoughts to Ivata. There’s nothing wrong with having a relationship with Ivatar and the Zoran tribe, but Eugene still doesn’t trust Ivatar. While it’s true that he and the Zoran tribe benefited from coming this far, it’s still too early to trust him.

“It doesn’t matter if they visit us, but don’t smuggle them into the country. If you are going to come, go through the proper procedures, and send me a letter before you come.”

“There is that much common sense.”

Ivata laughed loudly and said.


Anicilla Caines.

The hostess of Lionheart, her breakfast is very early.

Anicilla wakes up at dawn before dawn. Get up early, but don’t leave the room right away. Even if the current head of the family does not have Guilade, the head and husband, and no lovely children. Anicilla wanted to maintain the dignity befitting the hostess of the prestigious Lionheart family.

It shouldn’t look messy. In particular, the ugly figure that just woke up can never be seen by the gasols. So, as soon as Anicilla wakes up, she completes all her preparations by herself, without the help of an attendant.

Take a bath, dry your hair, comb, put on makeup, choose clothes. Even if there are no plans to go out, and there are no guests to come. Anicilla did not skimp on her appearance.

After a few hours of preparation, the sun rises. If there were family heads and children, they would have breakfast together, but now only Anicilla and Jehard are left in the main house.

I don’t want to be hostile, but I’ve managed to keep the relationship quite amicable. Eating alone is… honestly embarrassing. It was the same with Jehard, so the two of them didn’t sit together at the table for quite some time.

Jehard is in the annex.

Anicilla is from her hometown.

This morning was the same as usual.

Anicilla, accompanied by an attendant, sat down at the table and smelled the aroma of coffee. A cup of coffee without a spoonful of sugar. fresh salad. The ‘dignity’ that Anicilla pursues also includes appearance, and this neat meal and steady exercise are what cultivate the dignity befitting the hostess of Lionheart.

It’s not just the outward appearance that counts. While the family head is away, Anicilla manages everything in the head family. several social parties.

There are many parties in the new year.

Next week there is a party hosted by the Marquis of Lagos. First of all, it is a party to celebrate the New Year, but in reality it will be a party to show off my power.

It wasn’t uncommon. Most of the New Year’s parties of high-ranking nobles were like that. How glamorous the party you host and how great the people in attendance are. Through him, it is to keep other nobles in check from the New Year, who declined the invitation, and who went to which party to renew the relationship.

‘The party of the Marquis of Lagos and Count Breed overlap. You’re so blatant.’

Anicilla snorted. Invitations came to both of them. Kiel, no, Lionheart, the most prestigious family on the continent, can attend any party. It is they who are eager to come. Which party to attend… Annie Silla thought happily, and after checking the list of participants, she turned over the report.

In addition to the party, there are many other things listed in this report. Information related to Lionheart. Rumors about numerous collateral. From small information such as who of the collateral family got married and gave birth to children…


Anicilla exhaled the coffee she was savoring in her mouth. She was approached by a surprised attendant, but Anicilla could not mind her hostess-like dignity and her attendant’s gaze.

“…what’s this?!”

Anicilla jumped up from her seat and shook her shoulders. She reread her coffee-stained report a few times, and she slumped back in her seat, feeling dizzy.

‘What are we going to do… No, what are you doing here?’

The report contained information about Eugene.

Just yesterday, Eugene crossed the southern gate and entered the land of Kiel.

That alone was enough to shock Anicilla. When did you leave Kiel? Eugene, I heard that the child left the Black Lion Castle. She wasn’t told exactly where he had gone, but she thought he was wandering somewhere in Kiel.

But they came through the southern gateway. South. Samar Great Forest. When and why, to Samar? And that’s not all. In front of the southern gateway, the natives were escorted by the Zoran tribe, one of the largest tribes in Samar.


I don’t even know what he did with the barbarians in Samar. He came with a hundred elves.

“A tree?”

With three trees floating overhead. Annie Silla pinched her thigh, wondering if she was dreaming of her.

It hurt. It’s not a dream. All these ridiculous reports are true.

escorted by the natives,

lead a hundred elves,

Floating three trees overhead.

He crossed the gateway in front of countless people, stayed overnight in the southern city, and arrived at the warp gate in Seiris this morning… This absurd report.

Anicilla came to her senses belatedly, and wiped the coffee soaked in her mouth with a handkerchief.

“The carriage… the carriage…”

“Miss Anicilla.”

The manor’s butler hurriedly approached Anicilla.

“There was a call from Warp Gate.”


“The warp gate of Seiris is requesting a connection…”


“This is Eugene…”

The butler shrugged and answered. Annie Silla grabbed her messy head and let her moan out.

“…what the hell is that kid?”


“I haven’t heard of any reports that he went to Samar. But why are you from Samar?”


“What else is an elf? Not one or two, but a hundred? Where the hell are the hundred elves, Samar! Why, in Samar, elves, a hundred! Did you bring him?!”


“Why are trees floating above my head! It’s not like I’m going around secretly! Why become a spectacle!”

“That’s… me too… well…”

“Connect me!”

Anicilla squealed and sat down in her seat.

“…prepare the wagon.”

“Are you going to meet me?”

“Then why not go? Should I ask them to come on their own without connecting the warp gate?”

said something The butler did not answer and lowered his head.

“How could that be? That… that, dog… mischievous… like…!”

Anicilla sighed and clenched her fists.


Pour out your anger on the butler.

“This is… embarrassing.”

Eugene, who had passed through the warp gate, smiled softly.

“Are they your friends?”

A fire burns inside But I couldn’t express that to Eugene. It’s been 7 years since Eugene became an adopted son of the main family. Anicilla had never shown a harsh side to Eugene.

“One, two… oh… oh… you have so many friends.”

“Are you mad?”

Eugene saw the corners of Anicilla’s eyes quivering.

“Oh my… He… What is anger… Why would I be angry? Bringing a friend is nothing to be angry about.”

‘I think you’re angry…’

Anicilla’s tone is kind enough to be excessive. Eugene glanced at the servants and knights standing behind Anicilla.

Among them, I met Hezard, the captain of the 2nd division of the White Lion Knights. Hezard shrugged his shoulders slightly and pursed his lips.

You were very angry.

“Um… not friends.”

Yujin glanced back and said.

Behind him stood a hundred elves, including Sycnad.

“Then… what is it?”


“family…? Eugene, I’m not sure what you mean.”

Anicilla held up a feather fan to hide the quivering corners of her mouth.

“Um… rather than family… neighbors.”

“…That’s even more incomprehensible.”

“Isn’t the forest at your home’s home a bit large?”

“…the forest is… wide. There are many trees. What is the tree above your head?”

“I want to plant it in the forest.”

“…there are already many? Why do you want that tree? Is there a reason you came here with it floating above your head?”

“This is an expensive and precious tree.”

“…that’s cool. So, what does the forest have to do with those elves…”

“I want them to live in the forest.”

Eugene smiled and said.

The fan Anicilla was holding was crushed.


Even if Anicilla was the hostess of the main house, that bold son could not be controlled by Anicilla.

because it’s too big Even if it was a childhood when he had just been adopted, Eugene has now become an adult.

Anicilla had seen reality properly for a long time. The twins, her biological children, are obviously excellent equipment.

If it hadn’t been for Eugene, like many mothers, I might have thought that my son was a genius. But seeing Eugene in person, Annie Silla couldn’t believe that her twin was a genius.

Fortunately, that child had no desire to become the head of the household. Rather, he abhors becoming a family head.

So don’t be hostile. Ever since Eugene adopted her, Annie Silla has been trying to build a good relationship with Eugene. Ciel, who was full of curiosity and trouble, took care of Eugene so that he would not provoke her too much.

Anicilla herself tried to do the same, and Xian and Ciel also became close friends with Eugene. Although blood was rarely mixed, the three became brothers.

Xian has changed his feelings of inferiority into a spirit of improvement, and rather than hating Eugene, who is better than himself, he longs for and wants to follow him.

Ciel was similar. She doesn’t feel much inferiority like Xian, but she didn’t neglect her training, as if she was stimulated by Eugene and Xian. Even so, she is conscious of Eugene in a different way from Xian…

To Anicilla, the relationship was very peaceful and satisfying.

Eugene will not become the head of the household after all. Ciel also chose to become a member of the Black Lion Knights instead of competing with his older brother for the position of head of household. While Xian tries to write that she has received a ‘concession’, she is trying to become a person worthy of the family head.

Anicilla did not want to ruin that desirable composition. What if she was perverse herself, and that brash kid changed her mind?


Anicilla coughed and wiggled her hands. Her figure with her crushed fan dangling was pitiful.

“The circumstances are so… pitiful.”

It is a well-known fact that elves are persecuted for their natural beauty and long, long youth. To be honest, even Anicilla felt sorry for the elves. Dying from the horse disease that only elves suffer from. Not being able to return to their hometown, wandering the forest, being hunted by hunters and natives and being sold into slavery.

‘…well… there’s nothing wrong with taking it. Wouldn’t it rather increase Lionheart’s status?’

Anicilla quickly retrieved her memory. As far as she knew, no other family on the continent protected as many elves as she did.

“…I have to help myself…”

“I won’t bother Anicilla-sama.”

It’s already cumbersome enough. I tried to think positively, but I just couldn’t. Right now, the number is a little over 100, but won’t it continue to increase in the future?

What’s even more embarrassing is that you can’t use those elves like the family’s family. just let them live in the forest.

I finally got it.

I had no choice but to do it.

There are so many things I want to ask.

I heard about why he went to the Great Forest of Samar without informing them and hiding his identity. I went to find the elf’s estate where the wise Senya is said to have retired. Such a heavy job, why are you? Even just the two of you?

Even the woman who went with her was Christina Rogeris, a candidate for sainthood of the Holy Empire. Now, Cristina naturally stood by Eugene’s side. That confused Anicilla even more. She went to the Black Lion Castle for her coming-of-age ceremony, but why did she go to the Great Forest of Samar to find the wise Senya out of the blue? Even alone with the saintess?

…I didn’t ask.

Anicilla swallowed an exploding sigh and nodded.

“…That doesn’t mean I can’t help. First of all, I’ll call someone and have them put up buildings in the forest. Until then…”

“There are a lot of rooms left in the annex I use, right? Until then, stay in the annex. If you don’t like it because it’s inconvenient, I’ll tell you to take care of yourself in the forest.”

“…What about meals?”

“I will take care of you and see you.”

Nina had just received her apprenticeship ticket seven years ago, but now she is in charge of the servants of the annex.

‘…isn’t that what the family has to feed after all?’

Should I know? Whatever the outbuilding, everything that happens in this estate ultimately goes through Anicilla.

Of course, Eugene knew that too.

‘What’s the money? It’s a rotten family.’

I didn’t think much of it.


“It is a wonderful forest.”

After Anicilla goes back.

Sycnad opened his mouth. He looked back at the wide forest of lionhearts and nodded.

“The trees, the land, everything is well maintained.”

“Because it is a forest.”

“Especially, I like that it doesn’t smell unpleasant.”

“An unpleasant smell?”

“The smell of blood.”

Sycnad replied with a smile.

“There was always a smell of blood in the forests of Samar. Screams were also often heard. But it’s calm and nice here.”

It was natural. In this forest belonging to the family’s territory, there are no savage tribes fighting each other over territory. There are no monsters. Many animals have been grazing, but there are no predatory animals enough to destroy the ecology of the forest. Since it was winter, there were no leaves on the branches, but the forest was calm and beautiful nonetheless.

“The mana is also abundant.”

Sycnad turned his head and looked deep into the forest.

“It is the spirit vein of Lionheart.”

“…was it originally there?”

“The founder, Vermouth, said it was made.”

Eugene said that and looked at Sycnad. Be careful what you say. He had told me about it dozens of times before coming here.

Chicnard knows that Eugene is Hamel. That’s why I had to be more careful with his words.

“…Um… I see.”

Sir Vermouth. Chicnard’s lips twitched at Eugene’s words. I would have made fun of him if we were alone, but I couldn’t do that now.

There are other elves, and there is Christina.

“Shall we choose the starting point?”

Eugene took the lead and entered the forest.

I thought it wouldn’t matter where.

Not so.

[Go a little deeper.]

‘Are you sure?’

[It is certainly. The spirits of the World Tree wish for a place that is deeper, luxuriant, and full of life.]

Tempest’s voice echoed in my head. Feeling the spirit of the world tree dwelling in the sapling, he told Eugene where they wished.

[It should be here. The wind likes this place.]

“…here is…”

Yujin looked around with a puzzled look on her face.

The spirit vein of Lionheart, who came to Mana when he was 13 years old, is nearby. Eugene stared at the distant cabin and swept the hilt of Winid’s sword from his waist.

‘It’s close to the spirit vein. Does it have a special meaning?’

[There will be none. As I said before, the primitive spirit is another form of mana.]

The Spirit of the World Tree is essentially a primordial spirit. Eugene listened to Tempest and became conscious of the wind. But it didn’t feel like much.

It was natural. Wind naturally exists. No matter how great a spiritist is, it is impossible to perfectly rule over a primitive spirit that has no form.

Only wind, earth, water, fire, etc., bring out the primitive spirits through ‘spirits’ in the form. The natives and elves of Samar, who were born and raised in the forest, receive the protection of the spirits and receive help from the primitive spirits, but even that is to receive help to the end, not rule and rule.

[The spirit vein here is not a place where you were born naturally, it was made by Vermouth himself. That’s why the mana of that spirit vein is artificially twisted.]

It’s ridiculous, but Vermouth did it.


Tempest became a gust of wind and circled around Eugene.

[Hamel. As you may know, the mana held by that artificial spirit vein is not infinite.]

Mana exists everywhere in the world, but spirit veins hold an overwhelmingly large amount of mana.

not infinite If you train mana in the spirit vein, you can make rapid progress, but if you stay too long, the mana in the spirit vein will be depleted. So, Lionheart’s spirit vein is strictly managed.

[If you plant a sapling of the World Tree on this land. That spirit vein will become more complete.]

‘Does it increase mana?’

[I guess so.]

Yujin also knows that Yeongmaek is convenient. However, as the mana training deepens, the virtue of the spirit vein becomes less visible. The core is not something that can be raised just by increasing mana unconditionally.

‘It would be the same if it was a normal spirit vein.’

Eugene recalled the world tree he had seen in the elves’ territory. There was almost no mana in the territory, but the inside of the world tree had more mana than anywhere Eugene remembered.

“You did well to bring it.”

“What are you talking about?”

At the sudden murmur, Sycnad asked back.

“Imagine that all of you, who have gone through all kinds of hardships, will live happily in this forest, my heart is touched.”

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