Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 39

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so wrapped up Seeing those words, the Sycnads and the elves made faces that were thrilled.

Eugene raised the wind and roughly cleared the rugged ground. After that, they dug a hole in the spot designated by Tempest and planted the sapling and branches of the World Tree.

‘…nothing happened…’

The moment you want to ask. Eugene put on a surprised expression and lowered his body, touching the ground with his hand.

Subtle warmth permeates the dry and cold land. small tremors. The sound of the roots of a seedling extending deep into the ground. The twigs of the seedlings grow vigorously, and the leaves become more lively. Even the branches picked directly from the World Tree sway slightly.


The elves exclaimed in admiration at the sight. They heard the gladness of this forest. The elves who were born in the territory, including Sycnad, saw a huge world tree in those small saplings and branches. Some elves couldn’t stand the emotion and even started to shed tears.


Cristina let out a low admiration and put her hands together in front of her chest.

“This could be called a miracle.”

“It’s not a miracle from the god you serve.”

“Yes, I know that too. However, this kind of guidance is ultimately a revelation from God… Not all miracles are miracles given by the god of light, but all miracles are also infused with light.”

Eugene glanced at Christina, who smiled brightly, and shook her head.

‘I don’t see an increase in mana right now.’

[After time passes, changes will also occur in the spirit vein.]

‘It’s meaningless if it takes too long.’

[You don’t have to worry about that. You may not feel it, but the primitive spirits dwelling in this land are responding to the World Tree…]

‘Are the spirits of the World Tree increasing?’

[Yes. Before long, the forest of this territory will change into a more beautiful and lively forest than any other forest on the continent. Elves will live in this forest, take care of the land, trees, flowers, and everything in the forest and mingle with the spirits of the World Tree. In this way, the number of fairies will gradually increase, and as the number of fairies increases, the entire forest will turn into spirit veins.]


[The forest turns into a spirit vein, and Lionheart’s spirit vein will contain more mana than before.]

‘There’s no need to hire more forest keepers or landscapers.’


‘You said The elves will take care of the forest. I’m a human too, so I thought it was a little too much to ask them to pay for the meal… but they do the landscaping on their own, that’s enough for the price of the meal.’


‘Why, that’s right. Do you know how wide the forest is here? Just because it’s a forest doesn’t mean you can just leave it alone. Pruning every season, grafting, anyway, there’s a lot to do. If the elves take care of that…’

Tempest didn’t say anything and kept his mouth shut.

“Now, pay attention.”

Eugene gathered the thrilled elves in one place.

“You asked permission from Anicilla-sama, and you planted trees, too.”

He spat bad words at Sycnad, but he couldn’t speak bad words at all the other elves.

“It probably goes without saying, but you shouldn’t go out of the territory. If you want to go out, please tell the family attendant in advance. I’m not going to tell you not to go out, but won’t we both get tired if we get into a fuss outside?”

Hunting elves is illegal, and security in the capital, Seiris, is good. Still, isn’t there such a thing as if?

“When you go out, I will tell you so that Lionheart’s knight can accompany you. The attendants will provide the necessary things. if, really if. I don’t want to live here, and if anyone wants to leave in search of freedom, please raise your hand.”

No elf raised a hand.

“Well, of course it is. It doesn’t matter what you do in the woods, see that cabin over there? don’t go there Never.”

Eugene pointed to the spirit vein and gave strength to his voice.

“If you go, I will be angry. And again. If you live in this forest, you’ll come across Lionheart’s knights, attendants, and other servants many times. They are human beings and should not be ignored or quarreled with.”

“Do I really have to say that?”

Sycnad glanced at Eugene and said.

“I don’t know if it was before…”

Eugene also glanced at Sycnad. Sycnad cleared his throat and continued.

“…Kuhm. 300 years ago, the elves’ sense of choice was natural, but that’s not the case now. The situation of the elves has become harsh.”

“Aren’t all elves like that?”

“…but the elves here, if they fear humans, they fear them, they don’t ignore them.”

“Um… he is too. All right. Then next… Maybe tomorrow people will come and start building a town for you to live in. Where will you be staying until it is finished?”

Sycnad took the lead and gathered the opinions of the elves.

“…Most elves want to live in the forest. Some said they would go to the annex.”


“Eugene, is that annex where you live?”

“I live too… My father is there too.”

“The elves from servants say they want to pay back the favor by serving on you.”


Yujin said with a confused expression.

Ten elves stepped forward. Among them were the one-eyed Narisa and the one-eyed Levera.

“Were you from a servant?”

“B… similar.”

“Do you know how to clean?”

“…I know how to do it.”

It was a lie. He had lived in the mansion as a slave, but had never cleaned it. However, if you really want to do it, you can do it. Narisa clenched her fists, sensing her unfounded confidence.

“What about cooking?”

“I think you can learn it.”

Levera had never cooked before.

“I am confident about eating.”

It wasn’t a lie. During his years of abuse as a slave, Revera had fed his master’s sadism by eating, vomiting, and suffering all manner of filthy and hideous things.


He wanted to repay the favor by becoming a servant, but he had no reason to refuse. It wasn’t Eugene’s job to train apprentice servants anyway.

‘Nina will take care of it.’



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I didn’t even know


The desert warrior, Rahman Shulhob, has been confused about his identity in recent months.

For the men of the desert, the beard is an ostentatious symbol. The poor cannot grow beards. In Nahama, the higher the authority, the thicker and nicer the beard.

Rahman’s former master, the emir of Khajitan, Tyri al-Madani, also had a shaggy beard. It’s nothing compared to him, but Rahman also had a pretty nice beard. It was Rahman’s little pleasure to rub balm on his beard and brush it every morning…

That proud beard was pushed away on the first day I came to Lionheart. Since you came to Kiyel, no, to Lionheart, you must follow Lionheart’s laws.

Ironically, it was not the new owner, Eugene, who enforced the law on Rahman.


She, who oversees the servants of this annex, did not tolerate Raman’s beard. The reason was simple. Because she doesn’t match the butler’s uniform. Rahman claimed that she was a warrior herself, but to Nina, ‘warriors’ were only knights who were appointed by her family.

That’s why you can’t make Raman a knight of the family, can you? It wasn’t Nina’s business, and Eugene didn’t want to make Raman a knight either.

Eventually, Rahman became a butler. He trains in his spare time, but most of his daily life is spent in the annex and doing chores that Nina tells him to do.

The confusion of identity… is that the work is unexpectedly enjoyable.

Jehard, the big owner, is pleasant and kind, and Nina also takes care of Raman in many ways so that there is nothing uncomfortable in life while harassing Raman. The other attendants, who were wary of being from Nahama, are somewhat relaxed and friendly to Raman as he works hard.

I had never experienced such a life in Nahama. It was peaceful and nice here. No sandstorms, no checks from other warriors, no suspicious conspiracies…


Raman did not let go of his pride in being Eugene’s henchman. Although he is now living as the butler of the annex, he will one day return to being a warrior and follow Eugene’s footsteps. Eugene had never said such a thing to Raman, but Raman had such a determination.

Didn’t you receive the grace of life not once, but many times? One way or another, the favor must be repaid.


Raman stood and looked at Eugene.

no. I saw ten elves standing behind Eugene. Beautiful elves. A mix of male and female, but the elven male is just as beautiful as the female.

“…Confucius is a really great person.”

Raman, who was silent for a moment, nodded in admiration.

“A harem made up of elves. There was only one elf in my former master, Tyri al Madani’s harem…”

“What bullshit?”

Eugene said, kicking Rahman in the shin. Rahman let out a short scream and grabbed her aching shin.

“Starting today, they will be working here too.”

“Yes… yes?”

Rahman raised his head in amazement.

“Then what about me?”

“What are you?”

“If they work in this annex, will I become a warrior again and follow Confucius?”

“You keep talking nonsense.”

Eugene was dumbfounded and looked at Raman.

“I wanted to follow you, so you brought me. That’s it.”

“Confucius saved my life twice. As a warrior, I want to repay the favor…”

“Right now, your skills are of no use to me. So, if you want to repay the favor, work hard here.”

Rahman felt no contempt for that statement.

‘I will do my best to become the strength of Confucius.’

Rahman was determined not to neglect training as a warrior while being faithful to his duties as a butler.


Nina was speechless and only blinked her eyes.

It was the same with Jehard. He looked at his son, who had been reunited for the first time in months, as he swept his stomach.


I didn’t shed a lot of tears for joy. Eugene was now an adult, and Jehard was aware that his son was no longer a child.

“…I live and live… I never thought the day would come when I was served by elves…”

Nina didn’t say anything, but she felt the same emotions as Jehard. She never thought in her own life that the day would come when she would be educating elves.

“…do I really have to make her the servant of the annex?”

“They say they don’t want to work at home.”

There were already enough servants in the outbuilding.

In the first place, only Eugene and Jehard are living here. Even then, since most of the time Eugene left the home, in fact, Jehard was using the annex alone.

There are a lot of things to teach, and I wondered when it would be put into practice… but what can I do? Eugene said that she would accept her as an attendant, but Nina could not resist.

“Well, it’s obvious that you’re talking right after you return after a few months, but…”

“Where else are you going?”

Jehard laughed and asked.

“I have something very important to do. I’m going to go to Arot for a while.”

“But this time, I’ll let you know in advance.”

“father. Are you really mad?”

“It’s crazy, you bastard. You’re just messing around, so what’s wrong with me?”

It’s sad that he left the Black Lion Castle without giving a word, but he went to Samar, which is said to be dangerous.

“I am not going to a dangerous place, and I am not lying. Maybe it won’t be long before I can come back.”


“After coming back like that, I will stay calm without leaving for the time being.”

“…it doesn’t have to be. I’m just worried about my son as your real father. What parent in the world would take pleasure in seeing their child get caught up in something dangerous?”

“There won’t be any.”

“…well… maybe that’s the case, but I’m not that kind of person. Eugene, do you think your father is a man who enjoys the dangers and misfortunes of his children?”

“Ah, that can’t be. As a son, I know better than anyone else that my father cares about me and loves me so much.”

At those words, Jehard’s mouth twitched.

“So, I will be careful not to worry and grieve my father.”

“…Thank you, but… just for my sake, don’t suppress your will.”

Jehard completely relaxed his expression and gave Eugene a hug.

“Haven’t you already had a coming-of-age ceremony at the Black Lion Castle? You are no longer a child, but you have become an adult who has to act according to your own will and take responsibility.”

After that, a rather lengthy training ensued. Eugene didn’t bother to interrupt Jehard’s words, and he listened to him until the end, even answering each one halfway through.

“I didn’t expect you to hear it to the end.”

Such an appearance of Eugene was unexpectedly felt by Christina. She followed Eugene and opened her mouth.

“What if you don’t listen to the end? Did you think I would even yell at you to stop talking?”

“It’s not that far, but I thought you would rather refine your words and not interrupt the conversation.”

“What do you think of me as a horo bastard?”

“no. It’s just that Yuji-nim I’ve seen… wasn’t someone who would humbly listen to such pretense or instruction.”

“You saw it right. that’s right. I hate pretense, and I hate words that try to teach and guide me. But that also depends on the opponent.”

Yujin grumbled and shrugged.

“My real father is saying this because he is worried about me, his son.”

“Then if I told you about the journey from the beginning…”

“Tell me? Now that you know the reason, wouldn’t you worry? It can’t be. My father is… um… very human. When I was young, there were many tears…”

Ne Ne Ne ~ Ne ~ Ne Ne Ne ~ Ne.

The words Senya teased echoed in my head. okay. She thought it was strange. Hamel in her previous life didn’t cry at all. Even though she was in pain enough to die, she didn’t cry even right before she died.

‘I was wondering why I cried so much with this body.’

After all, blood can’t be deceived. Eugene is reincarnated, and she blames Zehard’s genes for the many times she shed tears.

“…anyway. I know that you are for me, but as a son, I should at least pretend to listen to you. You can’t live by what you say, but when you say yes, yes, you have to listen.”

“…Is that so?”

I don’t think it’s an unusual word. From Eugene’s common sense, that was a fairly obvious thing. In fact, which son-in-law in the world would honestly follow their parents? Still, it is reasonable to answer at least.

but. Cristina’s reaction was very cold. She looked at her Eugene with a slightly stiff expression and closed her lips.

“…did I say something strange?”

“no. It’s not like that.”

“Your expression seems to think so.”

“…As Eugene-nim knows, I was abandoned by my biological parents when I was a baby. After that, she grew up in a monastery, and from the age of 10 she was taken in by Cardinal Rogesir and became her adopted daughter. Because of that, I have never experienced what is called a biological parent-child relationship.”

I thought he didn’t say something that you have to experience to understand, but I didn’t say it myself. It is true that there are situations in which it is impossible to speak pleasantly to anyone.

– It seems that the relationship between me and Eugene is not deep enough to be able to share such a story with pleasure.

A line drawn with a twisted smile. Eugene did not want to cross that line arbitrarily.

“When are you planning to leave for Arot?”

“Right Now.”

“…but why did you come to my room?”

“I want to talk to you.”

Yujin said so and sat down on the sofa. The room I returned to after a few months. It was a room I had been away from for years before that. Still, it didn’t feel strange.

“I go to Arot alone.”

Cristina didn’t answer, just stared at Eugene. Yuji pointed at the sofa opposite her without avoiding her gaze.

“…I should have told you before. As a saint of light, I must accompany the hero Eugene on his journey…”

“Someone leaked information about you and me.”

“Not His Holiness the Pope and Cardinal Rogeris. Did you say that too? You two don’t want to kill me over this…”

“You may have changed your mind. Maybe someone else connected to them leaked information.”

“…It could be, but I am offended by the unconditional suspicion of the Holy Empire. Isn’t it possible that information was leaked from Lionheart?”

“yes. I’m on my guard too. So for the time being, I’ll be watching the situation. If it was because Lionheart, the head of the Senate, did something to offend my existence. We will take action on failure.”


“It might be the Holy Empire that did the altercation, and I don’t really want to get you caught up in it.”

Cristina stared at Eugene in silence. She touched her stiff cheek with her hand and took a few breaths. She then opened her mouth with her usual smile.



“Aren’t you suspicious of me?”

“I will not.”

Eugene answered honestly.

“Barang said he would kill both you and me. He only said that, and he might have tried to kill me.”


“But why? Why would you try to f*ck me up like this? What could be the reason But the method is too cumbersome. You went to the manor with me and saw that Senya was there. Before that, he and I went together all the time. Even when I was immobilized for days, they nursed me.”

“…so you don’t suspect me?”

“why. would you like Do you not believe that I believe?”


Christina smiled and shook her head.

“It just felt a little strange.”

“Everything is amazing. Anyway, I’m going to Arot alone. Even if you insist on following me, I won’t go with you.”

“…Then what can I do? Can I stay here and wait for Eugene-sama to return?”


Eugene leaned forward and looked at Christina up close.

“I don’t know the circumstances of the Holy Empire. It’s hard to dig into. But you will be more comfortable than me.”


Cristina gave a small laugh and shook her head.

“indeed. Eugene really believes in me.”

Cristina was not foolish enough to take what she heard. She understood that Eugene drew the line. Without crossing that line, it is impossible to gain complete trust in each other.

In the end, it means choosing with certainty. Will she remain as a saintess belonging to the Holy Empire? According to God’s revelation, whether to be with the hero.

“It may be difficult to achieve the results Eugene expects.”

“Don’t expect too much.”

“Then, I guess I’ll have to make sure I’m able to meet even the smallest expectations.”

The paper and pen on one side of the table moved towards Christina.

“…Rohanna Sellis? Who is this?”

“This is a friend I made when I was living in a monastery.”

Eugene checked the name written on the paper and the address below.

“I was picked up by Cardinal Rogeris halfway, and Rohanna remained in the monastery. Even after that, we continued to exchange letters, and she met several times to spend time together.”

“You mean you can trust me?”

“yes. I will contact you from my side, and I will try to send a letter at least once a month.”

“If you don’t come back after a month?”

“There will be no such thing.”

Christina replied with a smile.



The scenery of this kingdom of magic was more familiar and welcoming to Eugene than the idol he was born and raised.

‘That’s what. Since I became the adopted son of the original family, I have never returned to Gidoll.’

Gidoll, Eugene’s hometown, is the countryside among the countryside in Kiel. fields, mountains and rice fields. There are only things like that. There is a city, but to be honest, it is an underdeveloped city comparable to the shabby trading city of Samar.

“Are you a tourist? Welcome to the capital of Arot, the Pentagon…”

The guides approached me like when I first came to the Pentagon three years ago.

Soon the guides’ eyes widened. He recognized Eugene’s gray hair and the hairy cloak he wore around his body. There was no way she wouldn’t recognize it. She said it was only a few months ago that Eugene left Arot.

‘Eugene Lionheart.’

To work as a guide in Arrot, you must be familiar with all the stories of the city. Little stories that will delight the ears of tourists.

The story about Eugene was a bold story that never fell into the category of trivial.

Descendants of great heroes. An unprecedented adoption in the prestigious Lionheart family. Even though he is not an enemy, he has enough skills to threaten the position of the family head. From the age of 13, his talent for martial arts made the poor of his family miserable, and he was even a ‘genius’ who was born with talent for magic as well as martial arts.

Poongun-ah, who became the youngest person to obtain an access pass to the Royal Library Akryon, and became a disciple of the Red Magic Tower Lord, Loberian Surface. Rumor has it that by the time she was 19 she had already reached the 5th circle.

That alone is enough stories to interest tourists. If you add some seasoning to it and even hear the riots on Bolero Street, tourists will gladly open their wallets and give you tips.

“Eugene! My, the glory I can serve!”

The hesitant guides rush in. Of course, they didn’t just want the honor of serving the famous Eugene. I just hoped for a unique story that I could tell to tourists while working as a guide.

‘I heard that the guide Eugene Ryanhart was with when he first came to the Pentagon recently bought a building in the capital?’

The success story made the guides hot.

‘What are these bastards doing?’

I wanted you to know how to refrain from approaching me. Rather, it was more burdensome to turn my eyes and run. Eugene jumped from the spot in fright and flew up into the sky.

“Eugene! My, get in my carriage!”

“We will take you comfortably to your destination!”

The coachman of the aerial carriage also gave a high-pitched squeal.

“Eugene-nim…! It is forbidden to use floating magic above the Pentagon without permission! For movement, you must use an aerial carriage and a floating station!”

Eugene knew that well. There were too many wizards in this kingdom of magic, and if that many wizards abused magic for their own convenience, the order of the city would be ruined. For this reason, personal space leaps such as floating magic and Blink are prohibited in the Pentagon. Only the highest-ranking magicians of Arot, including the mage lord, were allowed such convenience.

“You pay a fine or something.”

Eugene didn’t think much of it. Even if he had to pay a hefty fine, Eugene had a lot of money. And indeed he will never be fined. Right now, Eugene’s teacher is the Red Mage Tower owner, Loberian, and besides that, Eugene has a close relationship with several of Arot’s highest-ranking wizards.

‘If you don’t want to be angry, ask Crown Prince Honein to look after you. …no. It’s embarrassing to ask the crown prince such a favor. I think I can sell the name of the head of the Court Magic Division?’


It’s funny to cling to these trivial thoughts. What Eugene is about to do now will be a huge event that cannot be compared to flying over the capital.

I didn’t even contact Loberian in advance about coming to Alot. He was a little sorry for that. But he couldn’t help it.

Eugene wonders if Loberian will allow and support him. Or, as the owner of the Red Magic Tower belonging to ‘Arot’, he was not sure whether to put Eugene’s actions on hold.

‘…I think he’ll probably give me permission.’

Loberian sincerely serves Senya as her master.

‘If I just ask for permission first, then Loberian will be in trouble later.’


I decided to try it once.

Eugene floated in the sky and looked down.

In the distance, Arod’s royal castle, Abram, floating on the lake is visible.

Right below was the Royal Library Akryon.

Eugene smiled and went downstairs.

Arot’s treasure, a magic wand kept in Akryon.

A magic staff used by the wise Senya himself, who used the whole Dragon Heart.

To have Akasha.


There are many familiars in Acreon. Those familiars couldn’t even have a proper conversation. All he had to do was manage the hall as entered and carry out simple commands from the wizards who visited the hall.

But Mer is different. Even though she was made of magic, every work so elaborate that she could be thought of as a real human being.

Mer herself was very proud of that fact. So she hated Mer being the same as her other familiars.

Although the body does not need to eat or drink anything. I want to eat and drink like a real human. I want to feel and express my feelings by having nonsensical conversations.

This Royal Library Akryon is like a boring prison for Mer. Mer can never go out of Acryon. After hundreds of years of idly existence…

Even when you don’t like it. Like turning off the power of a mechanical device, it turns off the link of the witch craft and stops consciousness. Although Mer, the familiar, can neither sleep nor need to sleep. Suspension of her consciousness was akin to sleep, though.

It’s just similar, it’s not sleep. can’t dream After all, boredom cannot be evoked.


Mer knelt down on the desk and pouted her lips. It’s been a long time since I’ve known that this place is boring, but the recent months have been especially boring and painful for Mer.

‘It’s all because of Eugene.’

Eugene Lionhart. He had only been in and out of Senya’s hall for about two years. Compared to the time Mer has existed, it is an absurdly short time.

But it was so much fun that it reminded her of the time she and her creator, Senya, had spent together a long time ago. Before Eugene, there were many wizards who visited Senya’s hall, but she never found it enjoyable to talk with old wizards who were boring and had no sense of humor.

Most of the wizards who come and go here are idiots who have spent most of their lives listening to the sound of geniuses and have fallen into the ‘delusion’ that they are geniuses. In other words, they are riddled with arrogance and self-love.

Such magicians did not respect their familiar, Mer. It was unavoidable. Most wizards regard a familiar as a slave who does troublesome chores for them. Enslaving humans or subhumans is prohibited by Continental Law, but there was no problem with wizards enslaving their familiars.

Eugene was different.

He didn’t bother talking to Mer, and he didn’t ignore Mer because she was his familiar. Still, he indulged in learning.

Most of the condescending wizards didn’t understand witchcraft, and would leave Senya’s hall in despair. However, Eugene came to Senya’s hall every day for two years to understand Witchcraft and try to learn it in his own way.

“I’m bored to death.”

Mer pursed her lips and knocked on the desk.

“No wizard ever comes.”

It had only been a few months since Eugene left. Mer couldn’t believe it. I can’t feel it, but I think it’s well over a year, but only a few months?

‘…no. A few months is quite a long time for humans. If it’s been that long, even if you’re bored, you might come over to play…’


The languid consciousness was awakened. Mer raised her head and blinked at her for a moment.

A bright smile spread across Mer’s lips. She grabbed the large hat she had placed beside her and stood up.

I roughly pressed down my messy hair with my hand, and put a hat on top of it. I didn’t like the reflection in the window. Mer took off his hat again and quickly ran his hands through his hair.

I didn’t want to appear stern. I don’t want to greet you as if I’ve been waiting for you. just plain. As always. Conscious of him, Mer approached the elevator with her gun-like strides.

‘What do you say?’

why did you come back? Also, have you realized it? Eugene’s Magic Thesis was pretty good, but not perfect. Yes, of course. Yujin-nim, it’s only been 2 years since you started magic, right?

So I said You say you can’t leave in a hurry? Magic should be practiced with a relaxed mind. Well, the fact that Eugene doesn’t listen to advice from others and eats it up is mentioned dozens of times in children’s books! If you lived your previous life like that, you should live differently now in your reincarnation.

‘too long!’

The elevator is moving. only a few seconds ahead. Mer straightened her back and opened her chest. And put her hands on her hips.

“Welcome to Senya’s Hall!”

Just like when we first met.

Mer said with a broad smile.

I wanted to ache after spitting it out. The voice came out higher than expected. It seems that not only the voice but also the smile was too much. Mer immediately corrected her expression, and she took a few steps back.

“what? Are you Yujin? You left Arot a few months ago, what did you come back for?”

I wanted to vomit after spitting out this too. Mer is also linked with Acreon’s management system. In other words, it knows in real time which wizard presented the pass to Acreon and entered.

…And Eugene must have known that. The moment Yujin, who was looking down, was about to open her mouth.

“Since this morning, Acreon’s management system has been under inspection. As Eugene-nim knows, magic is very delicate and needs to be checked regularly. Especially here, in Acreon, there are many treasures that not only magicians, but even other countries will turn on the light in their eyes and rush to, right?”

“uh. okay?”

“yes! Senya-sama’s magic is so perfect that it doesn’t need maintenance even after hundreds of years! Because Acreon’s management system was not created by Senya! Is this really difficult? It’s a shame there aren’t that many wizards coming and going…”

Remedied perfectly. Mer thought so, and she laughed bashfully.

“So, Eugene. What are you here for? After all, did you realize that learning was lacking?”


Eugene looked down at Mer’s face. Senya’s childhood. Unlike the portrait, a smile full of mischief. Eugene smiled and put her hand on Mer’s head.

“…Wow… You cross the line lightly as soon as we meet.”

I have to shake it off. That’s what I thought, but I didn’t shake it right away. Mer smiled and looked up at her Eugene.

“how have you been doing?”

“Hehe. What do I have to say to be well? It was always the same.”

“Sounds like you didn’t get along.”

“It is not. I never said anything like that. Was it just the same as usual? In a quiet tranquility where no one visits for quite some time… um… immersed in contemplation, doing some cleaning, rearranging the sorcery books on the bookshelf…”

Mer tried not to make a fuss. Continuing his words in a monotonous tone, Mer grabbed Eugene’s wrist, which was still on top of his head.

“Hmmmm. For now, don’t stand still and come in. Are you used to it here? Needless to say, the seat where Eugene always sits remains. Of course, there is a cushion dedicated to Eugene-nim.”

“I don’t think you need to sit down.”


Eugene smiled and said, but Mer couldn’t. She opened her eyes wide and looked at Eugene.


Mer’s face was crumpled.

“no way. Did you come all the way here just to say hello? Aren’t you here to perform more magic?”

“Magic training, well, can be done anywhere other than here.”


Mer shouted in a sharp voice and pinched Eugene’s wrist.

“That remark from Eugene! I can’t accept it. Can you do it anywhere else besides here? Do you know how many mages make it their lifelong wish to enter this Akryon?”

“Honestly, that’s none of my business.”

“That’s… that’s it! Yes! Anyway! No matter how good Eugene is, he said that it is overwhelmingly better to train in Akreon than to train alone.”

“What could it be?”

“Really… really nasty.”

Mer shook her shoulders and twisted the pinched skin.

“Yes, because Eugene-nim is good. So what? Why are you here? want to say hello? I won’t accept Yujin’s greetings. There is no reason, if I have to say it, it’s just that, just. What is it? uh? What are you doing? Why are you going inside?”

Eugene continued walking without shaking off Mer’s hand, which was still pinching her wrist. Mer spit out words and followed after Eugene.

“You said you didn’t have to sit down? But why are you coming in! Look, you’re going to sit down after all. Then why are you pretending not to be?

“Don’t sit down.”

“Then what are you trying to…”

Mer’s words stopped. She furrowed her eyebrows and let go of Eugene’s hand.

“…The Trempel Wizard is here.”


“Have you forgotten? The leader of Arot’s Court Magic Division. There is a man with a curly hair and beard that doesn’t suit him.”

“No, I know who it is. How do you know you’re here?”

“How do I know… what the hell are you talking about… Oops.”

Mer hurriedly corrected her expression.

“Looks like the management system has been checked.”

“The timing is coming.”

“…Sometimes things in the world are like that. Um… what is it? Trempel Wizards are ascending to this hall. Is it because of Eugene?”


Eugene smiled and said. She came sooner than expected. Well, since they flew around in the no-fly zone… It is the guards who primarily manage the security of the capital, but in the end, the highest rank of the guards is the Court Magic Division.

“Gong Eugene!”

The elevator door opens. Trempel walked out the door with his arms wide open.

“If you are going to come to Arrot, it would have been nice if you had contacted me in advance!”

Frankly, I was a bit annoyed. Even breaking the law and flying around the capital city. The fact that he, the head of the Court Magic Division, had to act for just such a thing. But it was unavoidable. If the opponent is a common mage, you can just deal with it according to the law.

Aren’t you an ordinary wizard? Trempel had a lot of greed for Eugene, and he wanted to persuade him to join the court wizards somehow. Flying without permission? Anything like that can be tolerated. There was also the thought of guaranteeing the right to free flight in the future if you really want it.

“Aren’t you here to reprimand me?”

“Yes? Yeah… haha! what else do i say Flying in the sky of the capital is something that should be a problem for an ordinary wizard, but… Eugene-dono is fine.”

“I’m glad then.”

“haha! don’t worry too much Well, isn’t Eugene-dono still young? Now that I’m older, haha! It’s okay to commit light flight, and you can commit it. So, Eugene-dono is a delinquent boy?”

Trempel laughed heartily and made a gag of conversion.

Mer couldn’t stand it and put on a disgusted expression.

Eugene flinched and turned his head to look at Trempel’s face. A curly beard that doesn’t suit him… He must be much older than he looks, but a middle-aged face with appropriately placed wrinkles.

‘Aren’t you crazy?’

When I said flying girl. Ciel twisted her face and her words echoed in her head. Yeah, that’s how it feels. Eugene felt regret for what she said then.

“…Yes, I see.”

Eugene responded politely and turned his head again.

Trempel didn’t like that dry reaction either. Commander of the Court Magic Division. That position is the highest position a battle mage can reach in Alot. In a sense, it means that he has a higher authority than the owner of the mage tower. He personally came to visit me and even joked with me as a sign of friendship…

‘The court wizards laugh when I open my mouth, saying they’re looking for the navel that escaped.’

“…Uhm… But, Eugene-gong. What did you come to Akryon for?”

“I’m here because I have something to do.”

“What do you mean to see? Ahhh. It’s famous that when Prince Eugene was in Arrot, he was immersed in Witchcraft… haha! As expected, Prince Eugene is also a wizard by nature. Couldn’t you stand it because that great magic kept lingering in your eyes?”

Trempel approached Eugene with a smile of understanding.

“If that’s the case, how about living in Arot? Ahhh. I’ve heard of Eugene’s story too. You brought over a hundred elves from Samar? I heard that the forest at Lionheart’s home is wide and beautiful, but strictly speaking, it’s not Duke Eugene’s estate.”

“Yes, what.”

“Eugene-gong is also an adult… He must have noticed how long he stayed with his family. If Prince Eugene wishes, I will personally inspect the luxurious mansion in the capital. So that the elves collected by Prince Eugene can live in the forest, which is the private property of the royal palace… uh… what are you doing now?”

Trempel looked at Eugene with his eyes wide open.

Eugene was standing in front of Akasha hanging on the wall behind the witchcraft floating in the center of the hall.

“… hahaha! That’s right! Prince Eugene doesn’t have his wand yet, does he? It reminds me of the first time I came to Akryon, Senya’s Hall. That… the first time I saw the great, beautiful wand. Like Eugene, I was fascinated… I couldn’t stand out the stick I had been using so far, so I struggled to find a cane with a fairy tree on it…”

There are also cute corners that match your age. Trempel smiled happily and approached Eugene.

“It’s hard to find, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find it. If Eugene joined the Court Magic Division…”

Eugene didn’t answer and reached out his hand to Akasha. Trempel didn’t bother to stop it. It is not forbidden to hold the Akasha directly in this hall. It doesn’t even make sense to hold it. Akasha does not recognize anyone as her master except the wise Senya.


Unlike Trempel, Mer was right next to Eugene. She sensed something in the smile that spread across Eugene’s face.

“…What are you trying to do?”

“What? You know when you see it.”

Eugene giggled and reached for Akasha.

“Like last time, I’m just trying to catch it.”


Mer’s face went white.

Mana moves. Even if it was simply infusing mana, the mana was moving according to the magic formula. What that meant was clear. It’s about using magic. Trempel’s smile faded. The use of magic is forbidden in Akryon. That is a powerful taboo that cannot be compared to flying over the capital.

What is stored in Acreon is Arot’s great magic, no, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the history of magic. Therefore, it must be thoroughly protected.

no one You must not use magic in Akreon. The head of the Court Magic Division, the owner of the Mage Tower, and even the royal family of Arot.

“Gong Eugene!”

Trempel roared. The taboo is being violated right in front of your eyes. Mer hastily reached out her hand and grabbed Eugene’s collar.

“Ji, what are you doing?! You know, Eugene! Using magic in Akryon is…”


Yujin nodded and pulled Akasha closer.

“But what if I can’t take it without using it?”

Mer couldn’t answer that.


The dragon heart decorated at the tip of Akasha burst into light.


Mana, which fluctuated around Eugene, is concentrated in Akasha. Mana, which had not been visualized, blended with the light bursting from the dragon heart to become light of various colors.

That beautiful and brilliant light enveloped Eugene. Trempe and Mer stared at the scene in front of them in awe. They both knew what was about to happen.


Since the wise Senya, the wand that no one else has been able to master is accepting a new master.


Trempel sighed in disbelief.

200 years have passed since Akasha was stored in Akryon. During that long time, many wizards who entered and exited Akryon made many attempts to become Akasha’s new owners.

Trempel was like that too. So he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Akasha does not accept any mana. If she doesn’t accept mana, that means she can’t use magic.

A magic wand that cannot use magic. If you really want to use it, you can use it with a blunt weapon, but what does that mean?

the light fades Eugene ignored the surprise around him and focused his consciousness on Akasha.

“… Huh.”

Eugene vomited out of admiration first, honestly, according to his feelings. He thought as he patted his throbbing head with his fingers.

‘Is this a function of Akasha?’

I wasn’t quite sure if this was an accurate representation, but I felt that a huge amount of information was permeating my consciousness. The information permeated like that is added to the existing information as if it had existed there from the beginning.

‘The understanding of magic is changing.’

There are many magics that Eugene can use. Baek Yeom-sik has risen to the level of 5 stars, and Yu-jin can immediately use magic up to the 5th circle without chanting.

It is the ability of the Phantasmal Flame formula that Eugene created by grafting it with the Eternal Hall. The Eternal Hall does not record magic spells on scrolls, but on ‘rituals’.

Basic magic learned while living in the Red Devil Tower. The magic learned in each hall of Akryon.

Among them, the magic that was learned in Senya’s hall occupied the most capacity. After completing the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony, with the help of Loberian, he transformed the existing circle magic to suit the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony and learned it again.

‘…that’s interesting.’

Eugene opened his eyes thinly and stared at Akasha.

There’s no way that Akasha knew about the Transcendental Flame Ceremony.

In terms of principle, the round salt ceremony is similar to the Eternal Hall. It’s not the same. Circles and cores are, after all, completely different organs.

‘Can I just think of it as being interlocked with my consciousness and assisting…?’

In spite of not knowing about the Transcendental Flame Ceremony, Akasha transformed the remaining magic in Eugene’s consciousness to suit the Transcendental Flame Ceremony. It is based on the magic that Loberian transformed.

In other words, Akasha analyzes the patterns of Eugene’s magic and spells on his own, and transforms the existing magic formulas into the most suitable ones for Eugene.


Yujin scratched her temples, then moved abruptly and approached the bookshelf. Mer followed Eugene with a dazed expression, but Trempel couldn’t move from the spot.

Because I didn’t know how to take it. Akasha is Arot’s treasure. A new owner of that Akasha was born. That means… you can no longer store Akasha in Akryon.

“…Eugene Gong…?”


Eugene answered the call by taking out the magic book from the bookshelf.

“…what the hell happened? That Akasha…”

“As you can see, I am the new owner.”


“Isn’t it a matter that only Trempel-sama can convince?”

Eugene went over to a nearby desk. I was about to pull out a chair and sit down, but Mer hurriedly blocked Eugene’s way. Even though Mer was putting on a puzzled expression, she firmly shook her head with a ruler. She then kicked Eugene in the shin with her tiny foot.

“Yes, yes.”

Eugene smiled and put the chair back. right window. It was a seat that Eugene always used in Senya’s hall. There were several reasons for favoring this position.

Close to elevators and Witchcraft. You can feel the flow of time through the scenery outside the window. The portrait of Senya hanging behind the Witchcraft is also visible.

…The last one wasn’t the reason Eugene chose. This is why Mer, who always sat across from Eugene, chose him. When Eugene was concentrating on her magic book, she would look out the window or at Senya’s portrait.


Sitting where Eugene always sat made Mer smile.

“…You mean you don’t have to convince me?”

Trempel twitched his eyebrows and approached Eugene. What Eugene just said could be a colossal insult, depending on how you accept it.

“I respect Trempel-sama as a wizard, how could you have said that?”

Eugene opened the magic book and said.

“Mr. Trempel. I know what I’ve done. I know how much trouble I will get into if I can’t convince them.”

“…You are well aware, Duke Eugene. I may take you now. Even if you don’t want him.”

“It’s not an affair. For the crime of flying over the capital city?”

“That kind of thing can’t be considered a problem now. You want Akasha…”

“Isn’t Akasha belonging to Arot?”

Eugene asked with a smile.

“Although it was stored in Akryon, the owner of Akasha is the wise Senya.”


“I have been given ownership of Akasha from the wise Senya.”


Trempel’s eyes widened. He opened his mouth to ask more of him, but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and closed it again.

It was as Eugene said. The only owner of Akasha is the wise Senya. No, not just Akasha. Everything stored in this hall belongs to Senya.

“To convince this matter… maybe a hearing will have to be held. I will be staying in Arot for the time being, so if the hearing is held, I will appear and explain the situation.”

“…You’re not trying to run away after saying that, are you?”

Trempel glared at Eugene and spat out. At those words, Eugene shrugged her shoulders and laughed.

“I am a member of the Lionheart family, and a disciple of wise Senya-sama. What am I afraid of and running away? And I haven’t done anything wrong. Is it a sin for the rightful owner to retrieve something that has been left for a long time?”


Trempel could not dispute that theory. He took a few steps back, letting out a deep sigh.

“…There are a lot of things I want to ask… but it would be an insult to Senya-sama to dare to interrogate the owner of Akasha here…”

Trempel shook his head and turned around.

I hurriedly came here thinking that I would do Eugene a favor and entice him to join the Court Magic Division. She thought she had come for nothing. How the hell am I supposed to deal with this and report it?

‘A hearing…a hearing…isn’t it absolutely necessary to hold it? It’s just that the thing went back to the owner…’

just think about it Trempel sighed again. Akasha cannot be treated as a mere object…

After her retirement 200 years ago, Senya the Wise’s name became one of the symbols of Arod. Numerous wizards from the continent come to Alot, fascinated by the legend of Senya, and countless tourists flock to Merdein Square and Senya’s mansion named after her every day.

Akasha is, in a sense, a symbol of Senya more than Witchcraft. Trempel couldn’t imagine Akasha leaving Akrion and Arot.

“…what the hell happened?”

After Trempel let out a deep sigh and went down the elevator. Mer quickly sat down across from Eugene.

“How can Eugene become the owner of Akasha? Akasha is sealed so that no one but Senya-sama can use it…!”


Eugene opened the book he had covered. Sentences difficult to understand. But it didn’t feel that way at all. Just as you read it, your head understands it straight away.

“Hey, Eugene. Will you answer me properly?”

Mer put her face over the book.

“Did you find Senya? Is that so? Akasha’s seal cannot be broken by any wizard other than Senya. Senya… was he alive?”

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry.”

“Don’t rush! Do you think that makes sense? Eugene can leave here at any time, but I can’t!”


Eugene let out a short sound, closed the book, and stood up.

“Look! It’s hard to answer and it’s annoying, so you’re trying to run away! this, profit! I can’t even hold on to Eugene! I ran away like that, knowing when to come again…”

“I forgot.”

“To forget is to forget something!”

Mer followed after Eugene, firing closely. She didn’t just follow, but swung both of her hands around and slapped Eugene on the back. Her punches, like those cotton bats, didn’t hurt at all.

“Eugene is always like that! Do what you want, scratch the inside of others! Everything in the storybook is correct. Eugene-nim is trash, you bastard!”

“I’m sorry, but it’s not Eugene Ryanhart that’s written like that in the children’s book, but stupid Hamel.”

“Are you saying that now? Eugene is that Hamel!”

“That too.”

“Are you kidding me? 이, 이 개새끼야! Tell me where Senya is and what happened!”

“Don’t be in such a hurry.”

“Why don’t you keep rushing! I have to hurry!”

“Wait a minute.”

Yujin grumbled and turned around. Eugene grabbed Mer by the waist and lifted her up.


Mer floated in the air and stirred her feet. Eugene placed her mer on top of the desk near her, shaking her up and down.

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