Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 40

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“This… this… this bad…!”

Mer’s vocabulary is similar to Senya’s, but different. Senya is a bastard and has mastered all kinds of swear words, but Mer’s swear words were not as harsh as Senya’s. That’s because Mer is not Senya herself, but a familiar created by projecting her childhood.

“Wait a minute. I need to focus, so don’t interrupt me.”

Eugene smiled and stroked Mer’s head.

Then I approached Witchcraft. Mer looked at Eugene with a disgruntled expression on her lips. There were a lot of things he wanted to ask, and he didn’t even know what Eugene was trying to do.

Eugene held the Akasha in his left hand, and stretched out his right hand to the Witchcraft. Then the Witchcraft moves. Something that has been done dozens or hundreds of times. Eugene closed his eyes and connected to Seo Witchcraft.

Eternal Hall.

The ultimate point of that circle magic was amazing even after seeing it hundreds of times. Eugene stared at the Eternal Hall for a moment. Motion in an infinite circle. it already understands Because I understood, I was able to create a round salt ceremony.

Akasha assists in the ritual. So, the understanding of the Eternal Hall has not changed much. Infinitely proliferating circles were chained, and the mana that was amplified was understood as a numerical value.

It was a useless understanding.

‘…I guess my understanding is correct.’

That is why understanding does not change with Akasha’s assistance. Eugene was satisfied with that fact and smiled.

I didn’t log into Witchcraft to confirm this. Eugene had a different purpose. She takes a few deep breaths and opens her eyes. The Eternal Hall was no longer visible.

Instead, I saw an orb wrapped around several rings. location craft. Eugene approached the Eternal Hall without erasing his smile.

The Elven Territory, the World Tree.

Senya received the magic formula to unseal Akasha.

and one more.

Concentrating his consciousness, Eugene stretched Akasha forward. Akasha’s dragon heart emitted a soft light, and the Witchcraft responded to the light.


Mer, who was sitting at her desk with a pouty face, widened her eyes. The Witchcraft, which never stopped, is stopping one by one. Each time the ring stops, the light surrounding the Witchcraft sphere decreases.

Kirik, Kirik… The ring comes to a complete stop, and the sphere splits. Huge Mana Crystal. Witchcraft magic that no one understood or analyzed. Eugene pushed Akasha towards it.


Mer, who had been watching it blankly, screamed. She floundered and jumped off her desk. And she immediately rushed to Eugene.

I couldn’t. The moment I got off the desk, the strength in my legs went numb. Mer sat down in her seat. Again she tried to scream, but this time she couldn’t even scream.

The composition of the body is changing. It had been dissected by wizards several times before. It wasn’t painful. No matter how dissected the body is, the source of Mer is within the Witchcraft. As long as it’s intact, Mer’s body won’t break.

Hundreds of years since the Witchcraft was stored in Acreon. Several wizards tried to dig up the witch craft, but no one was able to open the exterior of the witch craft and reach the magic inside.

but. Right now, Eugene opened the exterior of the Witchcraft so easily. Mer looked at Eugene’s back with her frightened eyes. She wants to say something, but her body doesn’t move as she wants. That gave Mer even greater fear.

Die. no, stop disappear like that why? Did Senya-sama want that? why? There must be no reason for that… Many thoughts ran through Mer’s head that she didn’t want to come up with.


Mer burst into tears as tears dripped down her cheeks.

“Ah! iced coffee! Heh… Heheeng!”


“Whisper… Huh…! Hehehe! Hee-hee… Hee-ah!”

crying like that

I realized it belatedly. A cry is coming out of your mouth. Just a moment ago, even if I wanted to scream, I couldn’t get my voice out! Mer raised her head in amazement.

“Why are you crying?”

Eugene looked at Mer with a puzzled expression. Mer sniffled and swallowed her nose, her lips quivering.

“Ulleri Kkolleri~”

Eugene, who had been watching Mer for a while, teased her as if she had waited.

“Ulleri Kkolleri~”



“Everything… Shut up.”

Mer sniffled and stood up.

“What the hell… what the hell are you doing? How did you do Witchcraft… What did you do to me?”

“I moved your construction formula from Witchcraft to mine.”


“I wondered if it would be better to move it to Akasha, but it would be better if Senya moved it to me. He said that it would be incredibly difficult to add your compositional formula to Akasha, and that the amount of mana I had would be enough to keep you going.”

Mer couldn’t say anything. Eugene chuckled and tucked her Akasha into her cloak.

“Senya asked me to tell you that I am sorry.”


“And look at me and take care of you. They’ve been stuck here for hundreds of years, so take them out, show them something good, feed them something…”


“First of all, change the clothes… No… Hmm… You don’t have to do it right away, right? I have to go to the Red Mage Tower first. I need to explain the situation to Master…”


Mer burst into tears and fell into Eugene’s arms.



red tower.

Loberian did not know how to understand this situation, how he should react, and how to deal with the future.

I sighed too much. That’s why I thought that it wasn’t something to be angry about. Should I be annoyed then? It’s okay to be annoyed at the fact that it’s a tricky problem.


I didn’t get annoyed though. Loberian looked ahead with a complicated expression on his face.

Eugene Lionhart.

The first apprentice of the owner of the Red Mage Tower, Loberian. At the same time, he is also the adopted son of his long-time friend Gilreid Ryan Hart. Being the son of a friend cannot be a reason for unconditional favoritism. The reason why Loverian chose Eugene as a disciple was because he was fascinated by Eugene’s talent, apart from being the son of a friend.

So it was hard for Loberian to get angry with Eugene.

“…How did this come about, please explain.”

Loberian looked down at the cane on the desk. Akasha… Wise Senya’s staff. Loberian considers himself a follower of the lineage of the wise Senya, and he takes pride in that.



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It was a pride that was instilled in me from a young age. Loverian’s teacher’s teacher was Senya’s disciple. Since Loberian’s first initiation into magic, he has been told daily by his master and his master’s masters to honor and serve the wise Senya as his great master.

‘…It’s a strange feeling…’

That Senya’s wand. A staff that Loberian himself, as well as his master and his master’s master, could never become the master of.

‘…I never thought that my disciple… would be recognized by Akasha.’

Thinking about it, I couldn’t help but get angry and annoyed. She didn’t even feel jealous. It just made me feel proud that Eugene was unique and that he was his disciple.

Loberian waited for Eugene’s answer and brought the teacup to his lips. okay. Why is the reason important? The really important thing is that the one and only disciple became Akasha’s master. As a result, the royal family of Arot may hold a hearing and persecute the disciple.

If that happens… Loberian will protect Eugene by mobilizing everything he has achieved as a master of the Red Mage Tower and the Archmage…



The moment when you make up your mind and put hot tea in your mouth.

Loberian spewed out the tea. Even at that moment, Loberian was fit for an archmage. He magically evaporated the tea he exhaled before it reached Eugene, and he coughed and coughed as he grabbed his sore throat.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Loberian responded with his hands floundering. Then he opened his eyes in dismay and looked at Eugene.

To be precise, Merle, who was peeking out from the inside of Eugene’s cloak.

“Why are you coming out without permission?”

“How long am I supposed to hide here? I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You’re surprised when you come out. So, after the story is over, slowly…”

“I don’t think there is much difference between being surprised later or being surprised now. Since Eugene brought me out saying he would give me freedom, why did you put me inside the cloak as soon as I left Acreon?”

Mer puffed out her cheeks and grumbled. Then he twisted around inside her cloak, trying to get out. But no matter how much she tried, it was impossible to get out of her cloak completely.

“…Can you take me out? You’ll never know, Eugene-sama, but it’s so lonely and forlorn here.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

After grumbling like that, Eugene noticed Loberian. Loberian was standing with his mouth half-open, staring at Mer.


Eugene cleared his throat and opened his cloak. Mer, who had just come out, greeted Loberian while imitating her own elegant manners.

“Hello, Mr. Loverian. It’s the first time I’ve seen you since last month.”

“…uh… uh… uh…”

Loberian hesitated and nodded.

“…what the hell… how the hell did you get out of Acreon? No, does this make no sense? Wasn’t Mer-sama a witch craft’s familiar?”

“Senya-sama asked for it.”

At those words, Loberian’s expression changed again. He closed his open mouth and tried to calm himself down.

“…As expected… have you met Senya-sama?”


“I heard that Eugene went to Samar Great Forest. He brought over a hundred elves and returned to Ryan Hart’s home. Those elves… did you bring them from the elven territory of the World Tree?”

“It is not. They just brought the elves who were living among themselves and couldn’t enter the territory.”

“…I can’t believe it.”

Loberian put the teacup down with trembling hands.

“The elf territory where Senya-sama is said to have lived… 200 years ago, when Senya-sama first lived in seclusion. My teacher’s teacher, Senya-sama’s disciples, Alot’s numerous magicians, and even the royal family’s court magic division crossed over to Samar and traced Senya’s activities.”

But they couldn’t find Senya, nor even the elf’s territory.

“…I mean… when I went to Nahama.”

Eugene opened his mouth to convince Loberian. She had already thought of what to say.

I accidentally found Hamel’s grave in Nahama. The story about it was the same as in the Black Lion Castle. Death Knight’s attack, encounter with Amelia Merwin. The leaves of the World Tree that were in Hamel’s coffin.

Crossed over to Samar, and was guided by the leaves. So he entered the elf’s estate and met Senya, who was sealed…

‘To say that I am Hamel is a bit…’

It’s not that I don’t believe in Loverian. But isn’t there such a thing as an if? Eugene never revealed that she was Hamel, even to Zehad and Gil Reid. Except for the demon king in captivity, only Mer knows that Eugene is Hamel.

It was for a simple reason. Mer is every ministry created by Senya. I will never betray, and I will never betray, and no one will ever question Mer and make her tell the truth.

“… Senya-sama… sealed…”

Loberian bit his trembling lips. With a huge hole pierced in his chest, he is barely surviving with the power of the World Tree. That fact made her feel quite rightly angry at Loberian, a disciple who inherited Senya’s lineage and a mage she respected.

“…Senya-sama transferred the ownership of Akasha to me, and asked for Mer.”


“He also told me how to break the seal. If you kill Laizakia, who is wandering somewhere in the dimensional rift, Senya-sama’s curse will also disappear…”


Loberian opened his mouth with a firm expression.

“It would be better not to bring it up at the hearing.”

“Yes, I think so.”

Senya the Wise was mortally wounded. That fact alone would drive many wizards into a frenzy. When this fact is made public, how many mages will go to Samar in search of Senya, and will show their enmity to Helmud for vengeance?

furthermore. Balzac Rudbesse, the owner of the Black Mage Tower, will also attend the hearing. Raizakia didn’t sign any contract with the demon king of confinement, but you shouldn’t be sure that the demon king of confinement wasn’t involved with Senya’s seal.

‘It’s been 200 years. The demon king in captivity or the demons who contracted with him didn’t look for Senya.’

but. If it is known that Senya was fatally wounded and sealed… she may act differently than before.

“…I don’t believe in Balzac Rudewes.”

Loberian continued.

“but. Regardless of my distrust of him, Balzac Rudbeth is a very common sense and gentlemanly figure compared to the ‘real’ demons of Helmud and the other warlocks there. So I distrust Balzac Rudbesse, but I do not hate him.”

“…that’s what…”

“Even Eugene-nim won’t be able to deny that fact.”

Eugene licked his lips. There are three black magicians who have contracted with the demon king of confinement. I don’t know because I’ve never met Count Edmond Codlet in Helmud, but it was true that Balzac was overwhelmingly common sense and a gentlemanly person compared to Amelia Merwin.

“Even if Balzac doesn’t, if Eugene mentions Senja’s condition at the hearing… the story will eventually spread far and wide. Eugene. There are many demons in Helmud who want fame. Right now, Helmud’s three kingdoms are close to the position of the next demon king, but numerous demons below him also covet the high title and the position of the demon king.”

Rakshasa Princess Iris. and many other demons. Senya’s head, which is wise, can only be coveted by demons who want honor.

“At the hearing, we won’t tell you the truth about Senya’s sealing. I’m just going to say that he retired for the sake of peace and spiritual practice.”

“yes. I think that would be good too. …The transfer of Akasha and Mer… If the other party is Eugene, everyone in the hearing will have no choice but to agree.”

Descendant of the great Vermouth Lionheart.

A distant disciple who inherited the lineage of the wise Senya. Right now, there aren’t many people on the continent who can claim Senya’s bloodline and relationship as well as Eugene.

‘The owner of the green mage tower must have a seizure.’

Generic Osman. He is the owner of the green mage tower where Senya lived, and his teacher’s teacher was also Senya’s disciple.

“…But, Lord Loberian. I am afraid they will force me to swear at the hearing.”

A mage cannot deceive the oath of mana. If he swears the truth and tells a lie, Mana will no longer follow the wizard who recited the lie.

“There will be no such thing.”

Loberian sighed and exhaled.

“Eugene. As the oath of mana is absolute for wizards, you should not force its use arbitrarily. Even sinners have the right to remain silent, so how can you force an oath on Eugene, who has never committed a crime?”

“What’s the matter…”

“yes. Senya-sama’s problems cannot be discussed lightly. But Eugene-sama didn’t commit any crimes, and Senya-sama didn’t ask you to reveal the truth about yourself.”

Loberian said so and grabbed both of Eugene’s hands.

“If the members of the hearing persecute you and force you to swear. As Senya-sama’s disciple, Eugene-sama’s teacher, and Lionheart’s friend, I will protect Eugene-sama. Of course, Eugene-nim, use everything you have to protect yourself. No matter how much I am, the royal family of Arot cannot recklessly persecute Lionheart, the hero of Kiel.”

Actually it was. If he really tried to persecute Eugene, Trempel would have taken Eugene immediately in Acreon. The reason he didn’t do that was because Trempel also respected Senya as a wizard. Also, it was because Lionheart was a family that could not be recklessly violated.

“And… Regarding the Black Dragon Raizakia, I will try to inquire using my personal connections and information network.”

“Please also ask about Barang.”

Eugene quickly added his words. I thought about it several times, but it was clear that the information that Robarian gathered would be qualitatively superior to the information that Eugene jumped on his own.

“Yes, of course it is. There is nothing good about being exposed, Eugene.”

After Loberian said that, he pondered for a moment.

Mer quietly moved her fingers across the table as she listened to their conversation. Refreshments such as cookies, chocolates, and candies placed in the center. For Mer, it was a snack she hadn’t seen in hundreds of years.

can i eat it? Is it meant to be eaten? I didn’t get tea separately, but it’s okay to eat snacks, right?

“What are you whining about?”

Eugene smiled and dragged a basket of refreshments and put it in front of Mer. Loberian, who was lost in thought, also pushed the teacup to Mer through magic.

“…ho… I’ve had black tea for the first time in 200 years. I like tea leaves from the Yukar region.”

Mer said so and brought the teacup to her lips. hot. That warmth created a bright smile on Mer’s face. She sipped the tea and took a sip, closing her eyes tightly and shaking her body. … Mer preferred sweet milk tea to black tea, but she seemed to be able to drink even bitter black coffee as sweet as the tea she drank in 200 years.

“…Eugene-sama could have not revealed the truth to me.”

Loberian’s silence ended.

“But you made it clear. Is it… because I am Eugene-sama’s teacher?”

“There may be that, but it’s because I know that Lady Loberian is a good person.”

Eugene replied with a smile.

“And in fact, I didn’t even reveal everything. There are some stories that I can’t really tell.”

“Of course I will. But I will not interrogate Eugene. By mentioning a secret that shouldn’t be told, you are asking for my understanding after all.”

Loberian smiled and said.

“So, I will happily wait for the day to hear Eugene-sama’s secret.”

“…well… maybe I can tell you someday.”

Eugene replied with an awkward smile.

Mer glanced back and was eating a flat cookie topped with chocolate. Every time she ate, closing her eyes tightly and clenching her fists reminded her of Senya. She loved wine, but she liked sweet desserts just as much.

‘…Can I feed Mer a whiskey bonbon?’

The dessert Senya loved to die for was whiskey bonbon with alcohol.

Mer’s appearance is about ten years old. But she’s been around for hundreds of years, isn’t it funny how she treats her familiar as a human?

“…Dinner together?”

“no. The two of you should enjoy it.”

Loberian laughed and refused. At the word evening, Mer’s eyes twinkled. Mer looked back at Eugene as she wiped her chocolate with her fingers.

“I like cake.” “Cake is not rice.”

“What do you mean? If you’re full after eating, it’s rice.”

“…Then it’s not even rice for you. You have no such thing as being full.”

At those words, Mer’s lips pouted. As her familiar, she has the same appearance as a human, but that doesn’t mean that even inside her body is identical to a human. The food she ate completely disintegrates into the mana in her body and disappears. In other words, even if you eat or eat, you are not full.

“…if it’s delicious, it’s rice.”

Mer did not give up her stubbornness. Eugene stood up with Mer and bowed his head to Loberian.

“Aren’t you going to tell the owner of the red pagoda about Eugene’s previous life?”

“Not yet.”

“Then, to know that Eugene is Hamel. Is it just me and Senya?”

“Even the demon king of confinement probably knows.”

“The Demon King is different. It’s true that Yujin-nim ‘directly’ revealed that the special people are only me and Senya-nim.”

Mer smiled brightly and followed Eugene by his side.

“It makes me happy to think so.”

“Even if I fawn, I won’t eat the cake.”

“…Eugene-nim is trash.”

“But you. do you know how to drink? Senya was crazy about alcohol.”

“…a fantasy. Will you please stop insulting Senya? Senja ‘enjoyed’ the wine gracefully, but she wasn’t crazy about it.”

“That’s funny. Do you know that you are older than me?”

“…ugh… that’s… maybe not. I know very well about Senya-sama.”

“That’s why you don’t know how to drink.”

“…When Senya-sama was drinking, there was a time when I asked for a drink. Senya-sama said I shouldn’t drink because I’m too young.”

“Then it won’t work.”

“What else can I not do? At that time, I had just been created. Now that 200 years have passed, I am older than Eugene. You can drink too.” “But no. Your mother told you not to drink.”


Mer’s eyes trembled.

“Don’t say that in front of other people. Senya-sama could be strangely misunderstood.”

“It’s true, but what? Senya made you, so Senya is your mother.”

“But I’m not a human, I’m a familiar. Who the hell considers a familiar as a child? Familiars don’t regard the Creator as their parent. To put it bluntly, I regard it as the owner.” In the first place, you are different from your normal familiar.”

“…that’s… that’s right. But rather than being a child, I’m Senya-sama’s servant… uhm… I’m more like an alter ego. Because it was created by projecting his childhood…”

“so. Are you saying you don’t want to be Senya’s daughter?”

Yujin smiled and asked. At those words, Mer’s eyes moved around.

“…My wishes don’t matter. What Senya-sama thinks of me is important. Perhaps Senya-sama doesn’t consider me a daughter.”

“Then ask me later.”

Eugene smiled as he straightened the slanted hat.

“Senya was worried about you. I felt sorry for neglecting you. So you entrusted it to me. At least, the Senya Merdein I know isn’t someone who would consider you a mere familiar. With a simple familiar like that, she wouldn’t have made you look like her.”

Senya’s wish.

Marry normally, like everyone else. Having children, living like that and wanting to become a grandmother.

However, Senya did not marry or date in Arot. She never gave birth to children.

Instead, he created a familiar that closely resembled his childhood.

“Senya will consider you a daughter.”

Mer couldn’t say anything and only pouted her lips. She tucked her hat with both hands, hiding her expression from view. However, the ‘sniff’ sound was not hidden.

“Are you crying again?”


“Don’t cry, I’ll feed you the cake. I won’t go right away. I’ll eat the rice first and then the cake…”

“…Yujin-nim… does he like Senya-nim?” “Is he crazy. Why are you yelling all of a sudden?”

“I am sure you will like it. sah, is it love? I know. In the children’s book, Hamel said he loved Senya…”

“Did I f*cking say that was a lie? I’m crazy for that gang. Good… Good… Love? Woo-wook…!”

Yujin put on a disgusted expression and covered her mouth. She raised her head in response to that violent reaction.

“…The younger the boy, the less honest he is with the girl he likes and the more he bullies them.”

“…So what? I am not young.”

“It’s the age of the mind rather than the age of the body.”

“So even more so, I am not young. How old was I in my previous life!”

“Senya-sama was happy when I told her about Hamel-sama.”

“Let’s stop talking nonsense.”

“If Senya-sama gets married to Eugene-nim, will I be able to call Eugene-nim daddy?”

“Don’t talk about Tonao.”

Yujin frowned and walked quickly.


“therefore. I’m like a magical auxiliary device that Eugene uses.”

Mer sat down on a chair and her bright eyes shone.

Right now, Mer’s construction formula is transferred to Eugene, not to Witch Craft. As a result, various magics that could have been used when connected to Witch Craft were not available.

“So… uhm… Eugene-sama preferred space magic, right? Such magic is as difficult to calculate coordinates as the spell. No matter how good Eugene is, it won’t be easy to perfectly calculate spatial coordinates in a situation where mana fluctuates.”

Blink plays a big role in magic battles. It is not an exaggeration to say that how quickly and appropriately Blink is used determines the superiority in magic battles.

“I am doing the calculations for you. Of course, there are other features as well. Right now, Yujin-nim can record and use magic up to Circle 5 in a phantasmagoric way, right?”


“Originally, you can’t use magic higher than your realm, but Eugene-nim can use magic even higher than the 1st circle, right? If I assist you, you will be able to use magic from the 2nd circle up to the 7th circle. Of course, there is no tag for martial chanting, and of course, chanting and the development of the spell are necessary, but it will be much more convenient than shooting straight.”

Mer said with a smirk.

“Especially, the fusion between magics while using different magics at the same time… Uhm, you’d better do it yourself than I’m explaining.”

Mer grumbled and got down from the chair. She looked around and trotted closer to Eugene.

“Please open it.”

“Do I have to go inside?”

“Eugene. As you can see, I am not a combat familiar. Even if it is broken, it can be restored, but I didn’t make it with the assumption of direct magic battles or hand-to-hand combat.”

Mer pursed her lips and lifted the cloak of darkness.

“It’s just a magic assistant familiar. If that’s your complaint, Eugene-nim, please make a combat body yourself.”


Eugene stared at Mer for a moment. It’s a body for combat… It’s magic, Mer will use it herself, so you’re asking me to create a new body with specs suitable for battle.

…Eugene recalled the muscular bodies of Gargis and Ivatar. First of all, the muscular bodies of the two were well suited for battle. Mer’s face on that rugged body…


I had a disgusting imagination. Eugene covered her mouth and took a few steps back, while Mer, who was lifting her cloak up and down, squinted at her.

“Why are you doing that all of a sudden?”

“I had a terrible imagination.”

“You are so out of the blue. Anyway, please open the cloak.”

Just as Mer had wished, she lifted the cloak of darkness and allowed her to go inside. Originally, it was impossible for living beings to enter this cloak, but that restriction did not exist for the familiar, Mer.

“What kind of magic are you going to use?”

“The heat wave bullet.”

The 8th floor of Akryon. In the Hall of Heat, the magic of the most powerful pyromancer in the history of Arot is kept. The heat wave magic bullet Eugene is trying to unleash is one of them, the magic of the 7th circle.

The formula is in my head. I also know the theory of where to start and how to channel mana and develop it. However, I’ve never actually used it. The magic of the 7th circle is as powerful as that of a disaster, and the level of difficulty is extremely high.

Mana fluctuates. Mer pokes only her head out from between her cloak and then closes her eyes. Her Eugene’s magic formula was shared with Mer.

Eugene’s innate computing power and mana control. Although it was a 2nd circle or high magic, the flow of mana was not blocked. The extremely fast calculations were performed in an instant with Mer’s assistance. Fluttering lips link the incantation.

ㅡ Hwareuk!

A small fire appeared in front of Eugene. At first glance, the embers seem insignificant. In terms of size, it is smaller than a fireball. but. The moment the embers appeared, the temperature in this space began to rise.


Mer exhaled. With her eyes twinkling, she stared at the embers that drifted in front of Yujin.


A significant amount of mana drained from the core. Eugene focused his consciousness on the fire. The fire slowly moves forward. Slow movements, the embers grow explosively in size.

storm bullet. It is an offensive magic that boasts the power next to Hellfire among fireball magic. The embers that had advanced a little became huge enough to fill half of the research building, igniting blazing flames.

“Then next… let’s try to harmonize with the magic of opposite properties. Eugene, do you know the magic of the Frozen Hall?”

“for a moment.”

After saying that, Yujin turned her head. A presence was felt beyond the door of the research building.

Beyond the closed door stood Trempel Wizard, the leader of the Court Magic Division. He was not taken aback when the door opened on his own.

but. I couldn’t help but be embarrassed when I saw the fireworks that filled the research building. When this underground research building is closed, you cannot check the situation from the outside or feel mana. So, Trempel didn’t know what Eugene was doing inside when the door was closed.

“…A heat wave bullet?”

Trempel opened his mouth wide and spat out.

“…of the Hall of Heat waves? 7th circle? Magic…?”

I couldn’t believe it. Trempel’s eyes quivered with confusion. The level of the Five Magic Towers and Trempel is the 8th circle. In the history of magic, there is no wizard who has reached the ninth circle except for the wise Senya. In any era, the 8th Circle is recognized as a great wizard.

7th and 8th circles. It is only one circle difference, but the gap is far. What did that mean? As far as Trempel knew, Eugene was only 20 years old. In the history of magic, there is not a single wizard who reached the 7th circle at the age of 20. Among the royal family of Arot, who are said to have the most wizard-like blood on the continent, there is no one who reached the 7th circle at that age.

“…Eugene-gong… what the hell… how… no, when did you get into the 7th circle…?”

Trempel trembled and asked. He, who is called the Great Wizard, has also heard a lot of geniuses since he was young. Even for Trempel, at the age of 20, he only reached the 4th circle…

“I am not in the 7th circle. My level is still in the 5th circle.”

The heat of the heat wave distorted the landscape. Eugene waved her hand and scattered the magic formula that made up the heat wave magic bullet.

“…the 5th circle…? But how can the magic above the 2nd circle…”

Trempel was speechless and widened his eyes. Her spell is scattered and the disintegrated mana does not disappear, but returns to Eugene.

All of that was far beyond Trempel’s understanding. The upper circle, that is, the magic above the 2nd circle. While dispelling magic, it recovers mana without wasting… Is that possible?

It was impossible for Trempel. Being a Circle 8, he could never use the magic of the 9th Circle no matter what. When he dispels magic halfway through, he can recover some of the mana he took in. However, it is impossible to retrieve most of them like Eugene… let alone the magic of the upper circles? Trempel took a few steps back, rubbing his messy head.

‘…if the 5th circle uses the magic of the 7th circle… can it be called the 5th circle anymore? Isn’t it correct to classify the circles according to the magic used?’


Trempel’s confusion grew. When he saw Mer sticking out his face from between Eugene’s cloak, his legs gave out and he collapsed.

“…huh… heh heh…”

“Mr. Trempel. I understand your surprise, but Eugene-sama used the magic of the 7th circle because I, Senya-sama’s familiar, assisted you.”

Mer lifted her chin high with pride.

“If I don’t assist, I can’t use it. Isn’t that great?”

“Huh… heh heh heh heh…”

“Are you here for the hearing?”

Eugene patted Mer’s head as he hummed. Then Trempel belatedly came to his senses and got up.

“…um… yes. Eugene Ball. Your hearing will be held today.”

“today? It’s faster than you think. I thought it would take a few more days.”

“…because the matter is the matter.”

Originally, he intended to maintain a solemn and overbearing attitude. I tried to intimidate him like that and take him to the hearing… but he ended up showing me an ugly bang on his butt.

“Where is the hearing held? After all, are you doing it in Abram’s palace?”

“…I originally intended to do that. The owner of the red pagoda fiercely opposed it.”

Trempel frowned as he walked down the corridor of the research building.

“As Prince Eugene knows, in the royal palace of Abram, except for the royal family and the Court Magic Division, magic cannot be used. It is the same for the owner of the mage tower.”

“They said so.”

“…The owner of the red pagoda insisted that Duke Eugene did not commit any crimes, so why is the hearing being held? Even in Abrams, where magic is forbidden. …heh! Even the owner of the red tower, people are suspicious… Could it be that the royal family and the Court Magic Division will use the fact that you cannot use magic to persecute you?”

“I don’t think so.”

A voice interrupted. The shimmering space opened, and Loberian walked out.

“I just didn’t think it was right. Trempel. I believe that you are a righteous man, and that the royal family is fair.”


“My disciple, Eugene-sama, did not commit any crime. But why does Eugene have to be called to the hearing, and why does the hearing have to be held in Abram, who makes magicians powerless?”

“Stop that. Loverian. Didn’t you object so much that we decided to hold the hearing at a separate palace outside the lake instead of at Abram?”

“It was changed to a detached palace because I opposed the idea of ​​opening it in the courtroom.”

“Well… why are you saying useless things? Eugene, don’t misunderstand. I’m not in favor of… a hearing. They were reluctant to open at Abrams or at the courthouse.”


“Because the Prime Minister is so stubborn… That… As Prince Eugene knows, Akasha is a treasure with multiple meanings.”

“It’s not Arod’s treasure, it’s Senya’s treasure.”

Loberian opened his eyes and fired.

“Oh great. why are you doing this to me? Did I? uh? Damn it, I, the head of the Court Magic Division, am sick of being an errand boy…!”

“Don’t be too angry. That means that the royal family of Arod trusts you.”

“…Uhm… that’s right.”

Trempel quickly controlled his rage and stroked his beard.


The five tower lords, the wizard guild leader, and the head of the Court Magic Division attended the hearing. It is not an exaggeration to say that the seven are the symbols of Arot, and they are magicians.

“…Do you know what I saw?”

Trempel frowned as he sat down.

“Eugene-dono unleashed a 7-circle heatwave magic bullet.”

“…is that true?”

Wizard Guild Leader. Etgard Giron opened his eyes and looked at Trempel.

“Impossible… isn’t Eugene Ryanhart 20 years old? But how can the 7th circle…?”

“…The real level is the 5th circle…”

“How does the 5th circle use the magic of the 7th circle?”

“How do I know?”

Trempel frowned and spat out. Etgard turned his trembling eyes and stared at Loberian sitting across from him. However, Loberian did not explain anything to Etgard. He just looked at Eugene with a proud expression on his face.

“The seat must be very uncomfortable.”

White Top. Melchis Elhere looked at Etgard and smirked.

“Are you still in the 7th circle? You must be three times the age of that kid…”

“…just facing a thin wall.”

“Didn’t you say that five years ago? On the topic that I couldn’t get over even after using dragons for 5 years. Every time I ask, they say it’s a thin wall.”

“With a little realization, it can be overcome. White Top Lord, please don’t insult me ​​too much. Are you comparing me to that little one right now?”

“Ah, even an insult… Eh, the comparison is correct.”

Melchis giggled and clapped, and Etgard’s hair stood up. All sorts of swear words lingered in his mouth.

…But I couldn’t pour it out on Melchis. That nasty, light-hearted woman is a great mage who has reached the 8th circle, and is the only great spirit sorcerer in history to have contracted with two spirit kings.

“…the 7th circle. Is it because of Akasha?”

Among the seven wizards, the one with the most bloody expression was Generic Osman, the owner of the Green Tower. He glared at Eugene, who was sitting in the seat, and spat out.

“If it wasn’t for Akasha’s help, it would be impossible to climb the 7th circle at that age.”

“Do not cut yourself.”

Loberian opened his mouth.

“Eugene-nim knew how to use the magic of the upper circles even before he became the owner of Akasha.”

“Heh… You cover up too much for being your disciple. Loberian Surface. No, it’s not because you’re a disciple, but because you’re Lionheart’s child?”

Generic’s benevolent gaze turned to Loberian.

“Cheap and stone only. Since I saw that stupid eldest son first, wouldn’t it be pretty? But go too far, Red Pagoda Owner. Akasha is Arot’s treasure. To have it stolen by Lionheart or Kiel…”

“You have no right to insult Lord Iod.”

A red stream swirled in Loberian’s eyes.

“Also, isn’t your anger because Akasha was taken away by Eugene-sama? Akasha, whom you longed for, is angry because she recognized someone other than you as her master.”

“…Your love for a disciple is terrible. that word. You must know that I will never be able to answer that with a smile, right?”

“Everyone knows. How many years have you and I known? 40 years is well over. I know how obsessed you are with being a ‘wise disciple of Senya,’ and I know that only the Green Mage Tower is Senya-sama’s legitimate successor, and you ignore me and the Red Mage Tower.”

Loberian sneered and looked away.

“But, generics. It’s been 300 years since Senya-sama served as Green Pagoda Master. Isn’t it funny that only the Green Mage Tower claims to be Senya-sama’s successor? And no matter how stubborn you insist, Akasha acknowledged Eugene, not you.”

“You bastard…!”

Unable to contain his anger, Generic kicked out of his seat and stood up. Then Melchis clapped and cheered as if he had waited.

“Fight! fight!”

The head of the blue tower, Hiridus Uzlen, glanced at Melchis and clicked his tongue.

“What are we going to do now? Aren’t you ashamed in front of young people?”

“I have no intention of fighting.”

Loberian shrugged and sighed.

“It’s just that Noktapju couldn’t tell the difference and was swept away by emotions.”


Huge mana rushed into the center of the green pagoda. Loberian laughed, but moved his mana against the green tower wine. ㅡKoo-gu-gung…! The entire palace was shaken by the huge mana the two created.

‘Because it’s tougher than I thought.’

Eugene sat down and watched the scene. His teacher, Loberian, has never been angry with Eugene. Loberian, whom I saw when I was 13 years old, was pleasant and kind to his children, and benevolent as his teacher.

But he was not a weak person. He is a very strict person to the wizards of the Red Mage Tower. If he makes even the slightest mistake during his magic experiment, he will appear and scold him harshly. Even now, I do not pass over every single word of generic and have an argument.

‘…why does that bastard keep looking at me? burdensome.’

Black Tower Master, Balzac Rudbesse.

He too was seated. Right next door, Loberian and Generic were fighting for mana, but Balzac didn’t pay attention to his surroundings and just stared at Eugene.

“His Highness, Prince Honein, eats it.”

The royal guards waiting outside the villa shouted. The mana, which had been growing in size as if to eat each other, sank at once, and all the wizards, including Eugene, stood up from their seats.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to come in.”

Honein Abrams. He entered the hall of the palace with an awkward smile.

“The mana fluctuated enough to be felt even from a distance. I wonder if it would have been better to come a little later.”

“It was just a light argument.”

Loberian bowed his head and said.

“Isn’t His Majesty coming?”

“hmm. exactly. His Majesty has entrusted this matter to me and the Prime Minister.”

Honein turned to the old man who had followed him and said.

“To be honest, Your Majesty doesn’t take this very seriously. However, this issue cannot be dealt with unfairly by the royal family with the supervisor. Also, if the king of a country directly sits down, that alone will put Duke Yujin in trouble.”

Did you take care of it? Eugene thought without raising his lowered head.

‘…I guess he doesn’t want to take responsibility.’

I couldn’t bear to tell Honein that thought.

“Um… everyone, raise your head, take your seats.”

Honein took his seat in the center.

“first of all. I would like to clarify the nature of this hearing. This is not a problem between Arod and Kiel, and it is not a matter of persecuting the family with the authority of a country.”

Honein continued to speak while staring at Eugene.

“Of course, it is not okay to persecute, and there is no reason to persecute. Just like the owner of the red pagoda claimed, Prince Eugene did not commit a crime.”


The chancellor sitting next to him whispered.

“Akasha has been kept by Akryon for 200 years. Akryon is the royal library of Arod, and everything in Akryon belongs to the royal family of Arod.”


Honein nodded and accepted the words.

“But Eugene-dono didn’t steal Akasha. Although Akasha belongs to Arot, its owner is the wise Senya. And Prince Eugene said that Senya-sama directly transferred Akasha.”

“A hearing was held to interrogate him.”

The chancellor turned to Eugene and said.

“200 years have passed since Senya-nim retired. But now, Senya-sama is ‘alive’ and transferred the ownership of Akasha to someone else. It’s hard to believe that all the time.”

“You don’t believe me?”

Loberian sighed, narrowing his eyes.

“Princess Conrell. Does that mean that my disciple is lying?”

“I’m just talking about possibilities.”

Conrell replied, stroking his beard.

“Isn’t 200 years a long time? Senya-sama, who was unable to find a trace even after searching for so long, came and transferred the ownership of Akasha? Even so, Akasha has been attached to Akryon, to Arot for 200 years. So, isn’t it right that the current owner of Akasha can claim to be the royal family of Arot?”

“What can’t you write?”

Melchis giggled and laughed.

“What is it? It is true that Akasha belonged to Arot for 200 years. But Arot claiming to be the owner of Akasha… Isn’t it kind of funny?”

“Baektap Lord.”

“why. am i wrong? For 200 years, no one has been able to become the master of Akasha. The previous kings, as well as any magicians who visited Akryon, were not recognized by Akasha.”

“I am not a wizard.”

Conrell replied with a snort.

“I know that Akasha is a great mage’s wand, but I don’t really feel that much about it. However, I do have a real feeling that it is a ‘treasure’ of the royal family. Everything in Akryon belongs to the royal family. No one could ever become Akasha’s master, but Akasha still belongs to the royal family. To think that a hermit from 200 years ago is now claiming ownership… I feel so shameless.”

At those words, Loberian jumped up from his seat. He glared at Conrell with wide eyes. Conrell, however, did not flinch her shoulders even at that baring gaze.

“Don’t stare too hard. I serve the royal family, and as a person in charge of Arod’s state affairs, for Arod…”

“Can I speak too?”

Yujin opened her mouth.

“…to speak.”

Conrell nodded. Eugene cleared his throat and stood up.

“Senya is alive.”

Eugene stared at Conrell and continued.

“Senya said to me that he will return to Arot later and turn this country upside down.”


“I swear to Mana, everything I just said is true. Senja is alive, and he is angry with Arot.”

Honein’s mouth fell open.

“I don’t know how his anger will be fulfilled, but… Um… As far as I know, the royal palace Abram was a gift from Senya-sama… The lake surrounding the palace was also made by Senya-sama, and the palace’s sealing margin Isn’t that Do Senya’s? Therefore, perhaps the entire royal palace will be buried in water…”


“Or… I might pour down a meteor shower. I don’t know, but…”

Yujin said that and sat down again.


“…Huh… Huh?”

“I’ll tell Senya well, and I’ll make sure that Loberian and the Red Magic Tower don’t take any damage.”

What should I answer? Loberian opened and closed his lips a few times, then nodded hesitantly.

“…Thank you.”


I was honestly furious.

So that’s what I spit out. Whatever the case, I had no intention of making an oath…

‘no. Is this enough?’

Rather, it seems that the other side won’t mention the oath, because it hit the player. It’s just a rationalization after committing it. The first thing I swore to the truth, what I said about Senya. It’s just that I don’t want to hear more of Conrell talking.

I did it according to my feelings, but the effect was clear. The name of the wise Senya has great significance in Arot. In addition, all the wizards in this hearing had Akryon’s pass, and they were archmages who had been exposed to Witchcraft for decades.

Because of this, they can never ignore Senya. Everyone here is a great wizard, but among them, not a single one has created a unique magic comparable to witchcraft.

Excluding Etgard, the leader of the mage guild, six of them are in the 8th circle. They know how high and solid the walls of Circle 9 are. They are not even sure that they will reach the 9th circle even if they devote the rest of their lives to it. No, the wise Senya may have transcended the 9th circle…

In other words, to magicians, Senya was an unknown being. Beings that cannot be grouped under the same category as wizards, located in a place they can never reach. That’s why you have an instinctive fear.

“…the chief…”

Balzac opened his mouth. He chuckled and caressed his chin.

“Senya-sama will be able to do it very easily.”

“…Black Tower Lord.”

Conrell turned to Balzac with a pale face.

“It is not an exaggeration. In fact, without going to Senya-sama’s level… I alone can sink the palace of Abram to the bottom of the lake.”


“If I can do it, all the other Mage Tower lords can do it. And Senya-sama is a wizard who is overwhelmingly superior to us. Even based on the standard of 200 years ago when he retired, none of the Mage Tower owners of the time are better than Senya-sama.”

Balzac made no room for it.

“If Senyanim returns to Arot and tries to bury Abram in the palace… haha. Who the hell can stop Senya’s event? For now, I can’t stop it.”

Balzac raised both hands proudly.

“…It would be impossible even if all the lords of the Mage Tower worked together.”

The blue pagoda owner, Hiridus, muttered while brushing his beard.

“I completely agree with the opinion of the Black Tower Master. Before I was the owner of the Blue Mage Tower, I was a mage, and I grew up listening to Senya’s legend since I was a snoring boy. I still respect Senya-sama from the bottom of my heart.”


“I do not want to resist Senya’s wrath. If he appears in anger, I will immediately bow my head and ask for forgiveness.”

“…what the…”

Conrell shook his head in embarrassment. he is not a wizard That’s why he couldn’t understand the reaction of the owners of the Mage Tower.

“To put it simply, this is it, Conrell.”

Melchis smiled and opened his mouth.

“Making something is tricky and annoying. I don’t know if you’re good at carpentry, but let’s say you make things like chairs and… desks.”

“…What kind of nonsense is that?”

“Listen silently. If you want to make a chair and a desk, it will take quite a while. Creating something is usually cumbersome and takes time. But what about breaking? It’s very easy. Pick it up, throw it, or hit it with a hammer. No matter how long it took to make it, it’s not that hard to break what’s already built.”

Conrell understood what Melchis was talking about.

“200 years ago, Senya-nim said it took about a week to build Abram’s palace, right? He completely collapsed the ground, created a lake, moved the palace on top of it, and installed various magics. But breaking it won’t take that long. Enough for an hour?”

The color drains from Conrell’s face. Conrell finally understood the fear of the unknown felt by the owners of the Mage Tower.


Melchis pursed his lips as if to hear him and made a sound. Conrell’s shoulders trembled at the low voice.

“It sinks like that. who can stop him? I am of the same opinion as the black pagoda owner and the blue pagoda owner. If Senya-sama does that, I won’t stop it. If you want to see Senya-sama’s anger subside a little while running away from a distance… Hehe. I should sneak up to you and give Senya a cold drink.”

“You mean that now…!”

“If you want to stop Senya Jeong, don’t tell us, ask the Court Magicians to stop it.”

Melchis said teasingly, and Conrell slowly turned his gaze back to Trempel. Trempel’s face crumpled at that gaze.


Honein managed to sort out his confused emotions. He swallowed a few dry saliva, took a deep breath, and stared at Eugene.

“…Did Senya really say that?”

“Did you swear? I didn’t lie.”

“…What was the reason you said that?”

“There are many reasons, but I can tell you only one. The magicians of Arot did not respect Senya.”


Conrell was quick to respond.

“What do you mean by that? Arot has served Senya as a great man for 200 years! He created a plaza named after him, maintained a mansion, and erected countless statues! Do you know that he is the only one? Let the children of Arot respect Senya in all their curriculum…”

“The square and the mansion are being used as tourist products, aren’t they?”


“Furthermore, Arot’s magicians abused the familiar that Senya-sama had left behind for a long time. Are you really going to claim that dissecting your familiar wasn’t abuse?”

“That… that… is inevitable in order to find out the development of magic and Senya-sama’s whereabouts…”

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