Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 41

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“yes. You should make such excuses directly to Senya-sama, who will appear later in anger. Anyway, Senya-sama gave me Akasha, and at his request, I got my familiar.”


No one knew about it except Loverian and Trempel. Eugene lifted his cloak proudly.

“Did Senya really get angry because of me and say that Abram will be drowned?”

As if waiting, Mer stuck her head out. She looked up at Eugene with her twinkling eyes, feeling her thrill and excitement at the same time.

“huh. Do you know how angry Senja was when I told him about you? I really didn’t give a damn, I almost ran away in fear.”


Conrell roared. At that cry, Mer turned her head away.

“A fabrication? this old man! You are doing the fabrication! Here is a living witness who was directly abused, where are you talking nonsense?!”


“Did you bring your Witchcraft familiar? how? No, is that okay?”

Honein asked urgently. Witchcraft is the core of Senya’s hall, and furthermore, it is the most valuable treasure in Akreon. Even if it was Akasha, an unusable staff, the loss of Witchcraft was something that could never be overlooked.

“yes. It works though. The only thing brought out is Mer, and the Witchcraft is still there.”

“But… the familiar…”

“Anyway, all Merga Senya’s hall does is wait for the elevator door to open, and then shout ‘Welcome to the wise Senya’s hall!’ isn’t it?”

Eugene said it insignificantly, and Mer’s cheeks swelled. She twisted her body between her cloak and pinched Eugene’s side.

“It is not. I have a lot of other things to do. I clean, organize the bookshelves…”

“That could be done by other ignorant familiars besides you. Don’t disturb me and go back in.”

“Eugene-nim is trash.”

Mer pouted her lips and went back into the cloak.

“Anyway, the reason I brought Akasha and Mer was because Senya-sama wanted him. Senya-sama asked me to take Akasha, how could I refuse to say no? It is also disrespectful to Senya-sama to hand over what she has received without Senya-sama’s permission.”

Although he didn’t say it directly, everyone in the seat knew exactly what Eugene was talking about.

Whatever the reason, taking Akasha away is not respecting the wise Senya.

“…It’s a relief that Senya-sama is still alive.”

Balzac opened his mouth. As the narrator is the narrator, everyone’s eyes turned to Balzac. Balzac smiled at that blatant gaze and shrugged his shoulders.

“It has no other meaning. I also respect Senya-sama as a mage. Regarding Senya’s sudden seclusion, there are still many people who doubt the black magician and the demon king of confinement… Eugene. Could you please reveal the truth about your retirement here?”


Eugene stared at Balzac.

The wound that had no choice but to hide was caused by Vermouth, and the reason why he couldn’t recover for 200 years was because of the attack of the black dragon Raizakia.

Perhaps there is a demon king of confinement behind it. However, Senya did not comment on the background. Conversely, can you interrogate Balzac? That’s a big risk.

“…Senya’s retreat is because of her training.”


“Also, it was to protect the elves from horsemen that Helmud was not responsible for.”


Balzac smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“I have no choice but to take a neutral stand when it comes to cavalry. However, please be aware of this fact. The Demon King of Confinement is taking responsibility for the horsemen and is showing a lot of mercy to the elves who are naturalized in Helmud.”

“That’s not my part-time job.”

Eugene licked his lips and smiled.

“…I understand the situation.”

Honein, who was lost in thought with a complicated expression, opened his mouth.

“First of all, I think that Senya-nim is alive is something that everyone in Arot, the Kingdom of Darkness, should enjoy. Even if Senja-sama is angry with Arot… I… As Arod’s crown prince, I will gladly welcome Senya-sama’s return.”

“Even if Senya tries to submerge the palace?”

Melchis asked with a mischievous look on his face. Conrell shook his shoulders and opened his eyes wide, but Honnein nodded at him without hesitation.

“I think Senya-sama’s anger is justified. Even if it was done by wizards hundreds of years ago, isn’t it true that Arot’s wizards abused Senya’s familiars?”

“…But… Your Highness the Prince. No matter how great Senyanim is, the one who threatens the royal palace is…”

“You have to take responsibility.”

Honein glared at Conrell and said.

“or not. Will you mobilize all the court magicians to confront Senya? If so, how many mages do you think will side with Senya? Even if there were only five tower masters right now, three of them said they would not participate in the battle?”

“There are four of us.”

Loberian, who had been listening silently, opened his mouth.

“It is nothing to say. Since I claim to be Senya-sama’s disciple, I will never confront Senya-sama. It must be the same for Noktapju.”

Generic didn’t answer. He just glared at Eugene with eyes like flames. Yuji felt the blatant and intense jealousy in those eyes.

“…Then, everyone in the Mage Tower must be excluded from the power. etgard ball. How about the wizard guild?”

“…If it is the wish of the royal family… I will contribute. However, you cannot force wizards belonging to a guild. Your Highness, please understand him.”

“Everyone understands. A guild is not an army.”

“How could Arot’s people…!”

Conrell clenched his fists in anger. But no one tried to change his mind at Conrell’s words.

“…Don’t get me wrong, Chancellor. Arod has no intention of going to war with Senya. Senja-sama won’t want him either.”

Honein sighed and continued.

“Please, Senya-sama, I hope you can allay your anger with the royal family’s apology. …What do you think of Eugene? Do you really think Senya will drown Abram?”

Eugene thought of Senya’s personality.

It was a personality that would remain.

“If I tell you well, you will not put the palace under water. You can just stop at the line of breaking down the castle wall a little…”

“Arot will make sure not to claim ownership of Akasha.”

Honein nodded and said.

“Of course, I will guarantee the freedom of Senya-sama’s familiar. As a proof of that… let’s issue Arot’s citizenship card.”

“This is also unprecedented.”

Melchis chuckled and accepted the words.



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“For a Familiar to have a citizenship card… Oh, don’t take it too seriously. It’s just unprecedented, so it’s amazing.”

“Is there anything else you want?”

The feeling was complicated.

In Honein’s opinion, it was impossible to take Akasha away from Eugene from the start. It would be possible if she insisted on it, but in that case, her relationship with Eugene would be completely ruined.

Honein has a lot of greed for Eugene. Ten years later, when he ascended the throne. He also promised to give Eugene the position of head of the court mage. He made a verbal promise, but there was no lie in it.

And that’s not all. Arot’s royal family promised to show Eugene the second half of Witchcraft. That is the best treatment a king of Arot can give a wizard.

‘…I tried to buy favors by handing over Akasha.’

From the moment the wise Senya was mentioned, this hearing ceased to be a place to interrogate Eugene. Rather, this side saw Eugene’s attention.

‘…no. Since Senya-sama transferred Akasha… it had no choice but to be like this from the beginning.’

However, the fact that Senya directly said that she would overthrow Arot changed the situation one-sidedly.

Honein sincerely considered it fortunate that his father did not come to this place. What has finally become clear here is that

Arot, the kingdom of magic, does not want a war with the wise Senya.

The fact that one country sees the eyes of one wizard.

That’s something the king shouldn’t admit directly.

“…Let’s do it this far.”

Honein stood up from his seat feeling mixed feelings. Conrell went beyond a complicated mood, and his expression was terribly distorted. He just didn’t want to accept the situation.

This is not a hearing, and this is not a newspaper. Normally, at a meeting like this, shouldn’t we have more in-depth conversations, seek each other’s understanding, and prioritize the country’s practical interests? That is why the prime minister himself came.

what the hell? It’s not a childish argument, the voice over there is louder and stronger, so back off…

‘…isn’t that the essence of politics.’

Conrell sighed with a crumpled face. He had no choice but to admit that he was not a wizard.

A wise Senya who went into hiding 200 years ago.

If she is still alive and has become a more transcendent magician than she was back then… I can’t handle it with my country’s power.

‘…that’s interesting.’

It’s nice that things worked out easily, but I felt a little shaky.

‘No, what… Shenya deserves to be treated like that.’

The greatest wizard in history. 300 years ago, one of the 5 people who defeated the 3 demon lords. Eugene knows Senya too well, so he treats her easily, but to future wizards, ‘Wise Senya’ is a legend itself that they can never imagine confronting.

‘Then what about me?’

Stupid Hamel.

‘It’s because this is all with a dumb person in front. Damn you, if you’re going to stick with it, don’t you have a lot of good things to say instead of being stupid? The strongest Hamel, the absolute Hamel, the Sura’s Hamel…’

When Hamel shouts “Sura Gwangsal” and swings his sword, Hamel really becomes a Sura.

Moron’s evaluation came to mind. Hamel’s techniques that Genos taught me linger in my head.

The strongest Hamel’s Lightning Counter.

Absolute Hamel’s Dead End.

Sura’s Hamel’s Sura Beam…

Yujin couldn’t hold it in any longer and slapped his cheek with the palm of his hand.


“On your citizenship card, you have to write your last name, not your first name. Then your name will be Mer Merdein?”

got a joke As soon as that popped into her head, Eugene turned to Mer and grinned.

“Mer Mer Mer Dein.”

“…Yujin-nim is so amazing.”

Mer muttered as she swallowed her bubbling inside.

“In your previous life, Hamel died at the age of 38, right? Eugene is now 20 years old.”

“What is it?”

“Then, Eugene-sama is 58 years old in all her previous lives. You’re close to sixty, how can you act so childishly and childishly?”

“Trempel Wizard is almost 70 years old, but he told me that I was a flying boy because he flew in the sky.”

I replied, but my stomach hurt. She remembered the time when she told Ciel that she was a flying girl and felt proud of her. She thought that if Eugene met Ciel again someday, she would have to sincerely apologize for her mistake at that time.

“I’ve never thought of wanting to have a last name, but I don’t care if it becomes Mer Merdein. Mer is the name Senya-sama gave her, and Merdein is the surname of Senya-sama, whom I really, really, really like and respect.”

“It must have been named after your name, Merga Merdein.”

“…that can’t be. Senya is a much wiser and more considerate person than Eugene knows. The fact that my name is Mer must have a different meaning.”

“No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think there’s any other reason…”

“How could Eugene-sama know what Senya-sama is thinking? I am Mer Merdin. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take Eugene’s last name and become Mer Lionheart.”

…no. Isn’t that pretty good too? Mer closed her lips for a moment and was lost in thought.

Mer believes in the contents of the children’s book. She never thought that the author of the children’s book was Senya. It had no choice but to do so, a children’s book… Even in the first edition, there was a corner that Mer thought was a little too much.

beautiful senna cute sena…

‘…That fairy tale must have been written by Senya-sama’s follower.’

When thinking rationally, that was reasonable as the correct answer. Isn’t that a rare thing? There are so many people who follow the hero and companions who defeated the demon lord even in this era, so if it was 300 years ago, the entire continent would have followed the hero and companions.

‘Neither Eugene-sama nor Senya-sama said that the contents of the children’s book itself were complete fiction.’

Senya, I liked you.

‘Even if Eugene-nim didn’t really say that, if Hamel-nim was created to leave such a will… that would mean that there was such a flow, right?’

Mer remembers how Senya was at Alot. The three disciples who taught magic. The disciples did their best to keep Senya from being lonely, and Senya also opened up to his disciples.

The only things Senya interacted with privately were her pupils and Mer. Mer remembers Senya, who stayed awake for days and days in an empty mansion, immersed in magic research. Every month, dozens of party invitations came, but Senya hadn’t even opened them, let alone accepted them…

‘…Eugene-sama said that Senya-sama would consider me as a daughter.’

Mer clenched her small fists tightly. When a man and a woman marry, a surname is chosen for family prestige. Wise Senya’s Merdein. Lionheart, one of the most prestigious families on the continent…

If you become a Mer Merdein, nothing will change. But what if it becomes Mer Lionheart? If you greet Senya with that name…

“What are you thinking?”

Eugene looked back at Mer and asked. Mer’s shoulders trembled as she was lost in her blank thoughts.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes?”

“What are you thinking that makes you so bruised? Drooling from mouth to saliva.”

“Oh, I didn’t spill it.”

Mer quickly wiped the corners of her mouth. Her saliva really didn’t flow.

“So what are you going to do? Are you really going to do it with Mer Merdein?”

“…I think Mer Lionheart would be fine too.”



“It’s not something I can do on my own. I am receiving a lot of love from my family, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make your surname Lionheart on my own.”

“Wouldn’t it be no problem if Eugene became the head of the household?”

“Do I have to do a surname that doesn’t even exist in order to make you Mer Lionheart?”

Eugene grumbled and looked at the identity registration documents placed in front of Mer. Mer’s name was still blank.

“…Or what about Loberian-sama’s last name? Loberian-sama also said he didn’t care.”

“I think the owner of the red pagoda is a good person, but I don’t want to have his last name. That’s a pity for the owner of the red pagoda, who hasn’t even gotten married yet.”

In the end, Mer became Mer Merdein. Thanks to the prior contact from the upper management, Mer’s ID was immediately issued. Mer held up her ID with both hands, her eyes twinkling.

“…I feel like a human being.”

“Honestly, I don’t see any difference.”

“That’s because Eugene-nim is ignoring me. You know Eugene better than anyone else. I am a servant, not a human. The reason I can exist like this is because my constitutive formula was engraved in Eugene-sama.”

Mer laughed and stood up from her seat.

“No mage other than Senya-sama could make a human-like familiar like me, but I am absolutely not a human. I am… like a golem.”


Recall the golem that Hera made a few years ago. A golem that was made using carbium ore. It could never be called human.

“Making ‘life’ out of magic is a huge taboo. Senja-sama was more like a wizard than anyone else, and although he was arrogant… he didn’t break any taboos.”

Blood does not flow to Mer. It has no heart or other organs.

“Moving doesn’t mean you’re alive. Life is the soul. that everyone alive has. I don’t have a soul. My personality was created based on Senya’s childhood personality. Artificial intelligence that learns on its own. Eugene-nim took on my compositional formula and gave me freedom… but my origins still remain in the Witchcraft.”

Eugene stared blankly at Mer’s smiling face.

“It’s okay with this ID. The real identity is tied to blood. Blood, only living beings can shed. Even if it plays the same role, you can’t just avoid the oil flowing from the machinery, right?”

“You are too strict with yourself.”

Eugene grumbled and scratched Mer’s hair.

“A.I? what is that about You can judge for yourself without blindly following the commands entered. Blood and oil do not flow through your body, but mana flows instead.”

“…what did that mean?”

“What I got from becoming the owner of Akasha.”

Eugene lifted his cloak and showed Akasha.

“In conjunction with my consciousness, I analyze myself and transform the magic I have learned into an optimal form… That is, to put it simply, like this. Magical ‘understanding.’”


“Akasha amplifies the master’s understanding of magic. It’s not absolute. As of right now, I can’t understand all the spells that make up you. but i can understand this Mana is the source of life.”


“okay. So it has infinite possibilities. Only living beings can bleed? what did that mean? Instead of blood, mana flows through your body. It’s not bones and flesh, but perfectly bonded and formed mana that makes up your body.”

“…I’m not persuaded by those words.”

“I told you. I came to understand magic thanks to Akasha. Even if I can’t fully understand your spell, I understand how your body was made. Yes, because I can see it.”

Yujin opened her tingling eyes thinly and stared at Mer.

“Mer. As you said, Senya is more like a wizard than anyone else and arrogant. But I didn’t break the taboo. Just like you, who used Senya’s childhood personality as a base, Senya was strict and principled when it came to magic. And yet it was mischievous, and somehow twisted.”

It’s not just Senya. If you are a wizard, you are called a great wizard among them, and you will inevitably have madness to escape the human category.

“Senya does not break taboos. Do not cheat the taboo. You are not human in principle, but Senya made you human by deceiving and not violating taboos.”


“Mer Merdein. You should be proud of that fact and of who you are.”


The protruding lips tremble. Mer’s eyes are wet with moisture. Yujin stared at it and smiled mischievously.

“Are you crying again?”

“…I don’t cry.” “Your personality is based on Senya’s childhood. If you’re a crybaby, does that mean Senya was a crybaby too?”

“That, that’s not it. I am not a crybaby, and Senya-sama is not a crybaby either.”

“Ah, is that a crybaby? Senya cried a lot even the moment I died. Even after I die, I cry a lot. You said you cried when you reunited with me.”

“…Senya-sama is sensitive. You have such a kind and pretty heart that you shed tears when you should.”

“That’s what makes you cry.”

Eugene teased her like that and went out with Mer.

“You’re out now.”

Big sunglasses covered half of his face, and he even wore a fur hat that didn’t make sense. Is that a fox tail sticking out over there? fur coat. The thick hair around her neck felt like stubbornness.

“What are you doing here?”

White Pagoda, Melchis Elhair. She twisted the locks of her hair that curled under her hat.

“I was waiting for you.”

Melchis’s eyes saw Eugene’s cloak of darkness. An artifact she originally possessed. She was so precious that she rarely wore them… Melkiss took a deep breath and strode toward Eugene.

“You seem a little lost?”

“It can’t be. As the previous owner, Melchis-sama, knows, the cloak of darkness is enchanted with appearance restoration magic.”

“…the former owner? That cloak is mine!”

“Ah, it was. Stop because I’ve been using it for three years.”

“…six years left.”

“Did you come all the way here to talk about that?”

“no way!”

Melchis lowered his sunglasses and glared at Eugene.

The hearing ended yesterday. She tried to go to Eugene because she wanted a chance, but she couldn’t. It was because as soon as the hearing was over, Loverian took Eugene and went back.

Rather, I thought it was good that he had gone that way.

It’s been a few days since Eugene came to Arrot. Melchis waited patiently in his own way. He knew from the first day that he had come to Arot, and he suppressed his desire to go immediately.

‘…I can’t give the impression that I’m sorry.’

After putting up with it for a few days, I thought it was okay now.

“Is Winid doing well?”

“Then, are you not doing well?”

“He’s really… he’s being mean to me.”

“I will tell you in advance, I will not lend Winid to Melchis any longer. Aren’t you annoying and tired of each other? It’s not just the two of us, and if we want to borrow Winid, we’ll have to report to the Black Lion Castle again and have them send an observer.”

“…Hey, kid. Principles are good, but wizards sometimes have to cheat and mock principles. You’re a lionheart, but you’re also a wizard, aren’t you?”


Mer, who quietly listened to Melchis, burst into laughter. Melkiss tilted her head, not understanding the laugh.

“…what? Why are you laughing?”

“I just heard the same words as the Baektapju said earlier.”

“…Maybe what you said? great You see through the essence of a wizard.”

Melchis put on an arrogant expression and patted Eugene on the shoulder.

“Yes, kid. A wizard must be clever. You should not violate the principles, but deceive the principles and pursue your own interests. If you lend me Winid for just a few days, and we both keep our mouths shut. No one will know about it.”

“No matter what you say, I will not lend you Winid. As Melchis-sama said, I am a wizard, but I am a member of Lionheart.”

“…I can’t convince you.”

Melchis’ eyebrows furrowed.

“What good. I’ve only said it once, and I’m sure I’ve said it, but I don’t have much regret, right?”

“thank god.”

It’s a lie. It leaves a lot of regret. But it’s not something to be stubborn about. Crucially, Melchis did not have a price to move Eugene’s heart.

As a great mage and as the lord of the mage tower, he possesses many rare artifacts. However, among them, artifacts beyond the cloak of darkness could be counted on one hand. It’s Melkis’ magic armament, and since it’s an item that belongs to her soul, she can’t lend it.

‘The stuff below that is out of class. As long as he lent me the cloak of darkness, he wouldn’t be interested unless it was an artifact corresponding to it.’

The lingering feelings remain… but I didn’t force myself any further. Anyway, this is the next best thing. Melchis had a different purpose.

“Then how about this?”

Melchis put both hands on Eugene’s shoulders.

“As you know, I am the greatest elementalist of this century… no, history. I assure you, even if I die, there won’t be another elementalist next to me for at least 200 years.”

“Why 200 years? It’s surprisingly specific. It seems long, but not vague.”

“He… you don’t know that, so you ask? Wasn’t the great vermouth born 300 years ago? Then, about 200 years later, I was born.”

Come to think of it. Melchis longed for Vermouth, who made a contract with the Wind Spirit King.

“…Ah, yes. So?”

Like a naughty kid. She was so nasty, I almost crushed her shoulder holding her. Melchis managed to put the brakes on his strength and laughed.

“I will teach you spirit magic. As you know, this is a great opportunity. Although your master, Loberian, is a great wizard, learning magic and learning spiritism are completely different.”

I just had to be proud. Melchis is a great wizard who has reached the 8th circle as a wizard by contracting with two spirit kings.

“…Isn’t spiritism all about qualities after all?”

Eugene replied with a sullen face.

“An affinity with spirits that you have from the moment you are born. If you add magical qualities to it, you can make a pact with the spirit from the moment you start feeling mana.”

“In the first place, a genius is a monster created by talent.”

Melchis replied with a snort.

“As you said, spirit magic is everything. don’t deny that The reason I was able to contract with the two spirit kings is because I was loved by the lightning and earth spirits from the moment I was born. What is it? You are also a human being called a genius.”

“That’s what I’m saying. A genius cannot understand a genius. Since Melkis was born, he naturally dealt with his spirits, but I did not. Is it possible for Melchis-sama to teach me spiritism?”

Melchis let go of Eugene’s shoulder and stepped back.

“…As far as my skill as a mage goes… yes. I’m several steps behind your master, Loberian. that can’t be helped The reason I crossed the 8th circle wall is thanks to the fusion of spiritism and magic. But kid. That’s why I’m unique Even if I don’t excel as a mage better than your master, I have something your master could never have.”

“I bet you would.”

“So are you. The genius of Lionheart, famous for his martial arts. Not only that, but he was also gifted with magic, and reached the 5th circle at the age of 20. Thanks to Winid, the wind spirit is also in command.”

His index finger, which he had erected, swayed left and right.

“Innate qualities are pretty absolute. Hard work can produce better results than geniuses, but hard work can’t make you a genius. You understand that too, kid. You weren’t born with an affinity for spirits comparable to nothingness or magic, but since you’ve already made a pact with the spirit of wind, affinity with spirits doesn’t matter anymore. Now you use magic and deal with spirits. That’s enough.”

Eugene looked at Melchis without answering. Melchis smiled and crossed his arms.

“Spiritualism is the use of spirits, not magic. Just as blindly wielding a sword cannot be called swordsmanship. I do not know? So I’m going to teach you. Because there is no one in this world who can teach you spirit magic better than me.”

There is selfishness. Melchis taught Eugene spirit magic, and seized an opportunity to use Winid as a catalyst to summon the spirit king of wind.

The inside was clearly visible.


Tempest spoke to Eugene in his head.

[I hate that woman.]


[You don’t know, but that woman is insane. When you lent Winid without my consent. Do you know what that woman did with Winid?]

‘I don’t know.’

[She rubbed her body against the sword naked! I can’t believe that there are still people who follow such barbaric, primal superstitions…!]

Tempest yelled out loud.

‘…uh… Superstition?’

[It is a superstition that proximity of the catalyst and the flesh triggers a spiritual response! How could a great spirit commander believe such a superstition!]

It was also something Tempest had brought on itself. He didn’t answer even after calling dozens and hundreds of times, so Melkis also used an ignorant method.

[Not only that. Call me out, naked at the top of the tower! Swinging Winid, he was hit by the wind! While screaming in a groan that I couldn’t even think of as human!]


[I hate that woman. If that woman tries to grab Winid again, I will never answer your call again.]

‘Where is this threat? What will you do if you don’t respond? Do you think I’ll regret it?’

[…I’ll answer the call… but I don’t like that woman.]

Tempest desperately refused.


Melchis asked confidently,

“I don’t like it.”

Eugene answered right away.

Melchis’ expression crumpled.

“Why don’t you like it? No… don’t you like it? Who hates you?”

“Let’s go to Tempest.”


“I’m late to tell you, but I signed a contract with that wind spirit king.”

Eugene nodded and passed Melchis. Mer also giggled and followed Eugene.

Melchis did not move from the spot for a while. Then he creaked and turned his head to look behind him. I could see the backs of Eugene and Mer, who had already left before I knew it.

“Where are you going!”

Melchis chased after Eugene while shouting.


witch’s slumber.

It was recommended by Hera of the Red Magic Tower as the best dessert restaurant in the Pentagon. They don’t take reservations, so the line stretches all the way to the outside of the store… but it’s a way to get status, prestige, and even reservations that don’t cost money.

“So…so pretty!”

3rd floor window with nice view. Mer looked at the colorful desserts on different plates and her eyes twinkled like the starry sky.

“It’s so delicious!”

Macaroons with too much cream. The cream, which looks sweet just by looking at it, is even covered with chocolate chips, and the smooth surface is so colorful that you cannot think of it as a dessert.

Mer made a fuss while eating the thick macarons.

“I won’t take it away, so eat slowly.”

“Why should I eat slowly? Even if I eat quickly, it doesn’t get in my throat or upset me.”

However, the size of the mouth could not be helped. No matter how wide the little Mer opened her mouth, there was a limit to the amount of macarons she could cram into her mouth.

So chew quickly, swallow, and eat again. For Mer, fullness does not exist. Any food she eats disintegrates into mana the moment it passes through her gullet.

Mer felt a deep appreciation for the body that was created that way. Isn’t it that you can eat delicious and sweet things indefinitely and not gain weight?

I was having fun thinking about various cakes in front of me. Her Mer’s expression cooled coldly.


slap. The hand he swung fiercely as if chasing a flying fly hit the back of Melchis’s hand.

“This is what I ordered.”

“It’s too small!”

Melchis opened his eyes and glared at Mer.

“I’m not petty. Baektapju, you are an uninvited guest. Yujin and I did not allow you to accompany us. But at the time, shamelessly, he stubbornly followed and finally sat down.”

“…I must be Melchis Elhai, Lord of the Hundred Towers. In this wizarding world, there is nowhere I can’t go…”

“You are so shameless. Do you believe that the position of the owner of the white pagoda can take responsibility for your rudeness? Even if it is, even if you think so. That’s something you shouldn’t say yourself.”

Mer used a fork to slice through the layered chocolate cream cake.

“Of course, I’ve known since 28 years ago that Baektapju is shameless.”

“…28 years ago?”

“Have you forgotten? Summer 28 years ago. When you first entered Akryon right before you ascended the White Pagoda.”

Melchis’s face went white. She manipulated the mana of space so that conversations at her table would not spill out.

“You approached the Witchcraft with enthusiasm, and after exactly 6 minutes and 21 seconds passed, you collapsed on the bed with nosebleeds and urine.”

“…I lasted 10 minutes.”

“no. It was 6 minutes and 21 seconds. Exactly. Of the magic pagoda masters of the time, only you, the white pagoda lord, and Hiridus Uzlen, the blue pagoda lord, were the only ones who came in contact with Witchcraft and urinated on it. At least Cheongtapju lasted 11 minutes.”


“As Senya-sama’s familiar, I’m proud of how modern archmages don’t understand Witchcraft and urinate on it. But he has to clean up his secretions himself. isn’t it? Cheongtapju has been removed. But Baektapju, you didn’t clean up and ran away. Shameless!”

As Mer nibbled on the cake, she pushed Melchis with her shoulders trembling, not knowing what to do with the violent sweetness.

“I… I, the owner of the White Pagoda…!”

Melchis’s hair rose upward.

“Just one cake! I was going to eat it! Do I have to listen to this disgrace!”

“I want it because it’s noisy. I’ll give you one, so please be quiet.”

Mer shook her face and pushed the cake she was eating to Melchis.


Melchis screamed in anger. It was a scream I had heard many times.

“…that’s great. Dirty talk about urine and secretions in front of the table…”

“You can be proud of yourself, Eugene. Eugene came to Akreon at the age of 20 years younger than Baektapju, and did not urinate in front of Witch Craft.”

“Do you spill the cake while talking dirty like that?”

“This cake is amazing. It’s sweet, but not sweet. It disappears refreshingly without being sticky on the tongue. Here, look at this layered, shiny cream! How could this be?”

“It’s magic. The patissier of this store has dozens of patents for baking magic. It’s a cream that looks the same at first glance, but each one has a different taste with magic added.”

Melchis pursed his lips and explained.

“…no wonder.”

Mer nodded and glanced at Eugene.

“That’s why Eugene-nim is staring at the cake with such killer eyes.”

“…Aren’t you just staring at me because you want to eat?”

no. Eugene had no interest in the sweetness of the dessert that Mer admired. He preferred greasy, salty and spicy food to sweet desserts from his previous life.

What to look for though.


Eugene squinted his eyes, put his hand inside the cloak, and grabbed Akasha.


Mana moves. Melchis realized what Eugene was about to do and was intrigued. Magic registered as a patent. This kind of magic is not shared with others. The reason Witch’s Sweet Sleep is called the Pentagon’s best is because other competitors can’t copy the taste of this restaurant.

‘The formula is unknown. In the first place, taste transformation magic is non-mainstream magic that people in the industry have not even encountered.’

And it’s hard. If you have to categorize it, it belongs to the enchantment side, but unlike tools and weapons that commonly use enchantments, food is a very weak material. Even if the mana control and spells are slightly misaligned, the form collapses or rots, and the taste is messed up.

‘It’s practical if it’s practical, but the limits of magic are not clear compared to the effort you put in. In the end, all you can do is make food delicious… Has that guy mastered that kind of magic?’

also. Maybe it’s because you’re young, you’re full of blood. Melchis smiled and sipped his tea. Exploration and experimentation are virtues that a mage must have. There’s no way he knows the magic tricks of this store, and it seems he wants to try other tricks…

‘I’ll laugh at you.’

Of course it will fail. If magic was that easy, this store wouldn’t have been able to reign supreme for the longest ten years. Melchis was loaded with ridicule for Eugene.


Eugene’s fingers caress the cake. little sparkle. Melchis’s eyes widened. It wasn’t that other magic spells were added. If that was the case, different spells would collide and the cake would collapse.

‘Have the same spells been added?’

Melchis hurriedly poked the cake with his outstretched fingers. Seeing that, Mer’s face crumpled terribly.


Melchis didn’t listen to the point.

‘It doesn’t collapse. How about the taste?’

Try putting the cream you scooped up with your fingers into your mouth. Taste did not change dramatically. A little incongruity… even so, it’s surprising. How? Melchis stared at Eugene while analyzing how the ‘taste’ left in his mouth had changed from before.

“This store. Are you a regular?”

“I’m here for the first time.”

“What about magic?”

“I saw it and followed it.”

“…You know how absurd that sounds to a mage, right?”

“It’s not as easy as you think.”

Eugene replied with a smile.

“I ignored it as a magic that only applies to one cake.”

“…From your point of view and from my point of view, it can hardly be called great magic. But it’s not trivial magic. This kind of magic, even if the circle itself is low, requires a deep proficiency to use properly.”

Melchis made a complicated expression and pulled his chin.

“… I saw and followed. There’s no way he’d watched the ceremony beforehand… Is it Akasha’s ability?”

“Most magic can be understood by sight.”

Eugene pointed to my eyes and said.

“I checked it several times, and I can understand it by looking at the 5th circle. It doesn’t work well after the 6th circle.”

“…it’s not going well.”

Melchis laughed incredulously.

“That means you can feel the magic once. Even if it’s higher level magic than your circle.”


“…It’s not a simple answer, kid. Isn’t it because you don’t know how great an advantage it is to detect the signs of higher magic in magic battles?”

Eugene didn’t answer and just smiled. Melchis felt an uneasy fear at that laugh.

Eugene Lionhart. That kid is no match for Melchis right now. No matter how dignified Melchis is, she is a great spirit wizard who has signed contracts with two spirit kings and a great wizard who has risen to the 8th circle.

‘…now only 20 years old. A disciple of Red Towerism who can be said to be the second coming of the great Vermouth, and the successor of the wise Senya who rose to the 5th circle in just 3 years.’

Now that he has become the owner of Akasha, Eugene’s level of magic will rise even faster. Melchis couldn’t imagine how many circles Eugene would become in a year from now.

‘…Even that guy can use magic from a higher circle than himself. I’m not good at my level… but maybe… if I use everything I have, not just magic, I might be able to deal with up to the 7th circle.’

It may be a disrespectful expression for Lionheart’s character, but Melchis thought Eugene’s talent was demonic. Young age and talent… I’m honestly coveted. Anyone who sees a piece of wood like that will be fascinated. Melchis licked his lips and made a complicated expression.

‘Even if I wasn’t a disciple of the Red Tower Master.’

You can’t steal someone else’s disciple. But there’s nothing wrong with having a strong relationship. Melchis did not have the nasty taste of stepping on talented juniors. Rather, he wanted to benefit from Eugene someday by giving a little help to his talent.

“I’ll teach you spirit magic.”

Melchis finished his thoughts and opened his mouth.

“You kept refusing it from before. Tempest hates Melchis.”

“…That’s… very…! The chest! It hurts!”

Melchis gritted his teeth and glared at Eugene.

“Without a price! I mean, I’m going to teach you spirit magic. I have no desire to forcefully sign a contract with the Spirit King, who I hate. I’ll promise. I won’t lay a hand on Winid, and I won’t give a damn to the Tempest you summoned.”

“…The expression of ‘cheating’ is really like that.”

“Ah anyway! This Melchis Elhaire will teach you elemental magic without any cost!”

“I don’t believe in unpaid favors.”

Eugene laughed and tilted his head. She’s like a nasty little kid. Melkiss smiled back and crossed her arms.

“…Actually, it’s not that I don’t really want something in return. As much as I give you, I hope our relationship will become more intimate.”

“I still think of Melchis-sama as very close.”

“So you’re not going to learn spirit magic?”

“If you teach me, I should be grateful.”

I had no intention of refusing. At Eugene’s answer, Melkiss laughed and nodded his head.

“good. It’s too much for now, I’ll make sure to visit you sooner or later.”

“Why are you rushing right now?”

“My elemental magic deals with lightning and earth spirits, and you did not make a contract with them. Perhaps you’d rather make a pact with the lightning spirit than the earth spirit, but you don’t have affinity for the lightning spirit.”

“So what?”

“Did you tell me before? As long as I made a contract with the wind spirit king, affinity with spirits doesn’t matter that much. It’s unreasonable to make a contract with the king of lightning spirits like I did, but I can make contracts with intermediate lightning spirits. If I arrange a catalyst and arrange a contract.”

Eugene didn’t answer right away and fell into trouble for a while.

[The spirit of lightning is powerful. Even if it is an intermediate level, it will be excellent if combined with your ability.]

The Tempest came to help in my head.

[Especially, your weapon, the thunderbolt Pernoa. If the spirit of lightning is added, the power will be amplified and the consumption of mana will be reduced.]

‘I guess so.’

[Hamel. Isn’t there a lightning counter among your skills right now? If lightning is added to that technique, a real flashing lightning counter will be completed, not merely a verbal lightning…]

‘Can’t you shut up?’

Eugene distorted his face and threw Winid inside his cloak.

“…I’m not going to be in Alot, either. The hearing is over, and I was supposed to go back today or tomorrow.”

“I can go back, what does it matter? Aren’t you supposed to be at Lionheart’s home anyway? It’s just fine. I’m also interested in the elves in your family.”

To be precise, I’m more interested in the trees that I brought with the elves than the elves. Judging from the fact that it was brought from the depths of the great forest, it must be a fairy tree that only grows near the elven territory.

‘If I hang on to it, it might break at least one branch.’

The branches of a fairy tree are a material that cannot be obtained even if one wants to. Currently, it is extremely rare to circulate, and most of them have already completed the primary processing.


While Eugene and Melchis were talking, Mer ate all the desserts. She dabbed the whipped cream on her lips with a napkin and dabbed it away, her eyes sparkling.

“Can I eat more?”

“…Aren’t you tired of it?”

“Eugene. I haven’t eaten anything in 200 years. Do you think I would get sick of the taste just because I ate a few cakes?”

“It’s not just a few cakes…”

Eugene looked back at the empty plates with disbelief eyes. She couldn’t tell her not to eat. Eugene nodded her head with a trembling face, and Mer smiled and clung to Eugene’s arm.

“thank you!”

Melchis stared at Mer with fat eyes. Wise Senya’s familiar. The Mer that Melchis remembered was not so lively and cute. In fact, it was also because of Melchis urinating in Senya’s hall, but anyway, Melchis felt deeply saddened by Mer’s attitude, which was so different from how he treated him.

‘…Because Familiars are also female… Do they like handsome young men?’

No, that attitude isn’t like that, it’s like a daughter fawning over her dad…

‘…No… That familiar has been around for over 200 years, considering the number of years it has existed.’

Although the mental age is fixed as much as it is based on the personality of childhood… Melchis scratched his cheek as he felt a complex question.

“Here you are.”

I was about to call the clerk to order more, but someone came up to the table.

“It’s nice to see you relaxed. Eugene Ryanhart.”

Noktapju Generic Osman. As he drew closer, Melchis squinted at him and rose from his seat.

“Green Top Lord. I’m thinking pretty rude things about you right now.”

“I won’t scold you for being rude. You are probably right.”

“…under! I’m serious? The hearing is over, and the royal family of Arod acknowledged it…”

“I don’t admit it.”

Generic glared at Eugene and spat out.

“Even if Senya-sama recognized you and handed over ownership of Akasha. As the head of Osman and the owner of the Green Mage Tower, I have to check you out myself.”

“It’s ugly.”

Melchis sneered.

“I don’t like your pride. Generic Osman.”

The wise Senya had three disciples.

One of them was Loberian’s master, and supported the former Red Mage Tower Master.

The other two remained in the Green Mage Tower, married each other and had children. That is the Osman family. Their son served as the former green tower owner, and that son is Generic Osman, the contemporary green tower owner.

In other words, Generic was the owner of a lineage close to Senya, the wisest of Alot. So Generic was hostile to Roberian. Without the Loberians, only the Osmans can claim the legitimacy of the wise Senya in this alot.

…Now that Eugene became Akasha’s owner and Senya’s successor, the Osman family could no longer claim their legitimacy.

“Are you going to defy Senya-sama?”

Eugene stared at Generic without standing up. However, Generic did not back down and glared at Eugene.

“I am.”

Generic opened his mouth.

“I think that if you are the wise Senya’s successor, you should be the most outstanding wizard of your time.”

“It’s ugly.”

Melchis spat.

“And arrogant. The greatest wizard of your time? Could it be that you are confident that you are that kind of wizard?”


An electric current flowed around Melchis.

“Leave me in front of you?”

She glared at Generic with undisguised hostility. It was a sharp gaze, but Generic did not shrink and snorted.

“It’s impossible right now, but if you wish, I’ll always rank you. Melchis Elheyer. I think you’re a wizard worthy of respect, but I don’t think you’re above me.”

“…Ahaha! Are you too old to be senile? If you really think so—get out of here!”

“I would have said. It’s impossible right now.”

Generic’s eyes froze coldly.

“What I want to confirm today is not the superiority of you and me. Eugene Ryanhart and me. Which of the two is more suitable to be Senya-sama’s successor?”

“You have no right to claim him. Green Top Lord.”

She had been smiling brightly before, but Mer didn’t laugh anymore. She faced Generic with a cold, rigid face.

“It is arrogant and ridiculous for you to bet on your qualifications in the first place. Because you have no qualifications.”


“You and your father too. It means that you are not qualified to claim yourself as Senya-sama’s successor. Your grandfather, Weiss Osman, and his grandmother, Prila Helen, were Senya’s pupils, but that doesn’t mean that their children can claim to be Senya’s successors.”


“Rather, I think it would be right for Red Pagoda Lord Loberian Surface to claim Senya-sama’s successor. At least Loberian and his master respected me as Senya-sama’s servant.”

“A mere familiar…!”

“yes. I am just a servant. Although that may be true, if you claim to be Senya-sama’s successor, you shouldn’t look down on me like that. I remember 120 years ago. How your father broke me up. How presumptuous he was in trying to uncover the source of witchcraft.”

Generic’s face twisted.

“My father did that for Senya-sama. It would have been a condolence for Senya-sama to fully understand the Witchcraft he left behind!”

“Mourning? Senya is not dead. After he was alive, he acknowledged Eugene as his successor.”


Eugene opened his mouth.

“therefore. What the green tower lord is saying… I’m not suitable for either Akasha’s owner or Senya-sama’s successor… isn’t this?”

Eugene leaned back in his chair and stood up.

“Well… I will gladly accept such a claim. Legitimacy or something, first of all, it is true that I am a wizard who is less ‘right now’ than Green Tower Lord.”

“…right now?”

“You have to think about your age. It is the same now. For someone who has lived 50 years, even less than me, isn’t it ugly and shameful to ask about this young bastard’s qualifications?”

The corners of Yujin’s mouth twisted upward.

“Honestly, I don’t know what Noktap Lord wants to do. Now that I’m a lesser wizard than Green Tower Lord, hand over Akasha, right? Do you seriously think that’s right? Or are you blinded by greed and jealousy, wanting to take away Akasha while rebelling against Senya whom you respect?”

Yujin asked, putting her hand inside her cloak.

“Is that stubbornness really what the Green Tower Lord thinks is right? Green Tower Lord himself may think so, but everyone else won’t. How are you going to convince the royal family of Arot right now? They must be worried that Senyanim might drown Abram?”

“…Senya-sama is also a wizard.”

Generic glared at Eugene with open eyes.

“Senya met you, but she didn’t meet me. If my abilities were superior to yours, would Senja-sama still make you his successor?”

“So what are we going to do?”

“Let’s have a showdown.”

Generic looked inside the uncovered cloak. Akasha. The staff was in Eugene’s hand.

“Of course, there is a big difference between you and me, so a confrontation can’t be justified. So I will limit myself and only use magic up to Circle 6.”

“Then what about me?”

“Use all your abilities. I like Lionheart’s martial arts, and I like magic.”

Just because an 8th circle magician uses up to 6th circle magic doesn’t mean that his skills become that of a 6th circle. Even the magic of the lower circle can follow the magic of the upper circle depending on the use. In the first place, the 8th circle is not a position to reach by making full use of powerful and many magics.

How deeply did you understand magic? That’s why the wall of Circle 8 is high, and those who have crossed that wall are called great wizards.

“What if I refuse?”

“Are you going to refuse?”

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