Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 42

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“No way.”

Yujin snorted and lifted the crumpled napkin on the table.

“If I lose, I will leave Akasha in Akreon.”

“…transfer it to me.”

“no. It can’t be. This belongs to Senya-sama, and I’m just in charge.”

At those words, Generic’s face wrinkled. He opened his mouth to say something more, but no voice came out.

The napkin stained with whipped cream that Mer had wiped her mouth with was thrown at Generic’s chest.

“I’ll go along with Noktap Lord’s insistence.”

The napkin hit in the chest falls down.

“If I win, apologize to Mer.”


“Get down on your knees. I also bow my head. very politely.”

Generic’s face flushed red.


Inside the spacious aerial carriage. Mer sat next to Eugene and wiggled her fingers. No matter how much he thought about it, this situation itself did not make sense to Mer.

Akasha is Senya’s. Likewise, the Witchcraft and everything in Senya’s Hall belonged to Senya. Although they are in the Royal Library Akryon, the royal family of Arod cannot lay claim to them. You shouldn’t. Arod received too much from Senya.

The history of Arot, the kingdom of magic, is long. Arot’s ancestor, the Magic King, is called the first ‘great wizard’ of mankind, having reached the pinnacle of ancient magic. Since then, many great wizards have been produced in Arot.

However, no magician could influence the entire study of ‘magic’ like Senya. Like Senya, she couldn’t even defeat the Demon King with a human body. The reason Arot was able to solidify its name as the Kingdom of Darkness was because Senya, who returned from Helmud, settled in Arot.

300 years after that. Countless wizards and dreaming wizards longed for Senya and settled in Arot. It has continued even after Senya retired, until now.

‘…The royal family agreed.’

Mer’s lips pouted out. Of course, that understanding was due to the threat of drowning Abram entirely. In any case, it is important to understand.

‘From the beginning, Crown Prince Honein seems to have intended to hand over Akasha. Chancellor Even if the old man hadn’t caught on and fallen, he would have taken over more smoothly.’

It should have ended like that.


Mer hesitantly opened her mouth.

“Eugene-nim didn’t have to go along with Noktap’s insistence.”

Noktapju Generic Osman. He is a wizard steeped in the sense of the chosen people.

That was also the case with Noktapju, the father of Generic. Mer remembers what a nasty and terrible wizard he was. He obtained the consent of the royal family, saying that it was for magic and Senya-sama, and thoroughly treated Mer as a familiar, no, as a ‘thing’.

Arrot acknowledged Akasha’s takeover, but Generic did not. The pride of ‘lineage’ that was instilled in her from the moment she was born made Generic not to acknowledge what should be acknowledged. Generic believes that he is the rightful successor of the wise Senya, and has insisted. She had no doubt that Akasha, whom she could not even use, was a magic wand she would one day have to wield.

“No matter how irritated and angry the Noktapju was, he had no right to claim ownership of Akasha. There is no way he can take it by force.”

“I guess so.”

“In the first place, a duel is absurd and makes no sense. Even if Eugene refuses, no one will call Eugene a coward. Rather, they would feel sorry for Noktapju, who forced a duel against a younger junior.”


“…Even if the Noktap Master tried not to back down, there was no need for a duel. All of the magic pagoda owners except the red pagoda owner, no, the green pagoda owner, will support Yujin. It’s funny, the other mage masters respect Senya more than the Green Pagoda Lord, who claims to be Senya’s legitimate successor.”

Eugene didn’t answer and just laughed. Sitting across from her, Mer looked at Eugene with her anxious eyes and shrugged her shoulders for no reason.

Mer remembered the moment when Eugene’s attitude suddenly changed. When generics suddenly appear. Eugene did not lead the conversation. It was Melchis Elhair and Mer, the white pagoda owners, who had a war of words with Generic.

‘A mere familiar…!’

When generics couldn’t stand branching and spit it out like that. Eugene’s expression changed. When Generic’s father said that he had dismantled Mer and uncovered the source of Witchcraft. Eugene stood up from his seat.

“…Could it be because of me?”

Mer could only hesitate and ask. She didn’t have to step out like that. He didn’t say that because Mer wanted to move his Eugene. Just like a familiar? I don’t mind hearing those words. Eugene said that Mer was not her familiar, but she had already heard enough of Mer to be fed up with her words and treatment.

therefore. It’s a trivial word that doesn’t matter if you hear it one more time. If Senya really considered herself a daughter. And if Eugene told her that she was a human, not just a familiar. That was enough.


Yujin smiled and opened her mouth.

“The rust pagoda makes that baby get it.”


Hamel is like this. Even if you try to endure it for the time being, if the other person crosses the ‘line’ you have set in your heart, you will become unbearable. The angry and angry temper commits something and throws it away.

It was like that 7 years ago. The first time I went to Lionheart’s home for the blood ceremony. At that time, Eugene did not want to have unnecessary fights with the twins from the family.

But when Xian talked about Jehard and his father. He could not stand it and accepted the duel.


Melchis, who had been silently listening to the story, burst into laughter. She grabbed her stomach and giggled, nodding her head.

“that’s right. Just like you said, that bastard of green pagoda ruined you. Like a nasty old man. Why do you think he came to visit today?”

“Because Loberian is absent.”

“that’s right. Perhaps if the red pagoda lord had remained in the mage tower, the green pagoda lord would have come to you and talked nonsense about a duel? That baby, maybe I had a lot of conflict even if I saw you with you. ”

“But in the end, you came and talked nonsense. Oh, is that because you think the Lord of the White Pagoda is lower than you?”

“…Huh! If that’s the case, the generic that baby is a real idiot. I can assure you, there is no magician worse than Generic among the magic tower masters of the time. It’s not just the Magic Tower Lord. Trempel Wizador, that guy can get a generic in 10 minutes?”

Eugene was a little surprised by those words. Eugene’s impression of Trempel was not that great of a wizard. An old wizard who has been following Yu Jin-gong and Yu Jin-gong since before, making jokes that are not even funny. he was like that

“…hmm. Boy, I can see what you’re thinking by the look on your face. Trempel, that old man, is quite a man, contrary to what he looks like. In the first place, the Court Magic Division, the commander of the division standing at the pinnacle of it, is the best battle wizard in the world.”

“It looks different.”

“You’ve grown old enough, there’s no place to go higher in that field, and you’re not in a wartime situation, so you’ve become Yoo Hae-jin. Anyway, the reason why Generic came in with me in my presence must have been because I was not sure about my relationship with you.”

“If I refused, and Noktapju kept forcing me. Would the Lord of the White Pagoda be on my side?”

“It’s a question not even worth asking. But you didn’t say no That’s why I’m here with you.”

Melchis said that and smiled.

“There are countless magic. Each magician who has mastered such magic and acquired the position of an archmage has a unique, ‘signature’ magic. do you know Red Towerism ‘Pantheon.’”

“I know. I didn’t learn it.”

“You really have to be in the 8th circle to inherit that magic. It’s not just the pantheon of red towers. The signatures of archmages are super-high difficulty magics that cannot be imitated unless they are in the 8th circle, no, even if they reach the 8th circle.”

The red magic tower represents summoning magic. The tower’s owner, Loberian, is the best summoner among existing wizards. His signature Pantheon is a pantheon of summoned objects, each of which is equivalent to a disaster.

“The generic’s signature is ‘Yggdrasil.’ It’s convenient to think of it as a magic that transforms one’s body into a giant tree… No, would it be more accurate to call it a flower? Doesn’t it suit you?”




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“Still, it’s not magic to be laughed at. Generics at the moment Yggdrasil lasts are very difficult to deal with. High speed and multiple chanting. That’s understandable… and what makes it especially tricky is that the entire land where Generic is rooted falls under its control.”

Melchis smiled and pointed out the window.

“As a rule of thumb, half of the Pentagon will fall under the control of generics? absurd isn’t it? The 8th Circle Archmage is such a being. The one you are dueling with is that Archmage Generic Osman.”

“But you won’t be able to use that proud signature in a duel with me, will you?”

“yes. Because Yggdrasil is the original magic of the 8th circle, generics. But isn’t it limited to that sub-magic?”

Melchis deliberately erased his smile and stared at Eugene.

“Generic completed Yggdrasil with various original magics. The completed Yggdrasil was the 8th circle. The Divine Tree whose previous magic was Circle 6. Maybe generics will work that magic from the start.”

“It’s petty. Is that why you set the limit to 6 circles?”

“I guess so. Even while making moderate concessions, he’ll want to put up with his status as a mage and crush you.”

“What kind of magic is the Divine Tree?”

“It is a miniature version of Yggdrasil. You won’t be able to unleash high-level magic, but the land of the duel will be ruled by generics.”

“what. I can fly in the sky.”

“…is that a joke? You’re going to fly in the sky against a wizard higher than you? The moment you fly up, you’ll be dispelled and knocked to the ground.”

“You have to do that to know. If that doesn’t encourage you, why do you keep scaring me?”

“I mean, give up now.”

Melchis leaned over to see Eugene up close.

“Little. i like your blood Noktapju, since that bastard behaved harshly, you can be angry with him. But what do you get from a real duel? The honor of not being intimidated by a wizard superior to you and responding to a confrontation? Is that honor worth as much as Akasha?”

Mer bowed her head without saying anything. She seemed to blame herself for this duel, no matter how much she thought about it.

“Even if you refuse the duel, not many people will criticize you. ’cause you’re still young What if generics f*ck with that? I’ll stop you. why? Do you think it bothers me? That generic bastard wouldn’t really want to fight me anyway. Neither do I.”

Melchis smiled and pointed behind me. Generic is riding on the aerial carriage ahead.

“If I were to stand face to face with that bastard and have an argument, the red pagoda owner from Abram would roll his eyes and come running. Other Mage Tower owners will do the same. If the situation is like that, generics can be more stubborn…”

“I did not accept the duel because of blood.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“I want to convince you that you don’t understand. I also want to apologize to Mer.”

“…Eugene-sama, I’m fine…”

“I am not okay. So be quiet. Mer, you know me. I’m like a dog Be stubborn too. It’s trash that doesn’t even listen to what others say. It was like that before, and it is like that now.”

Eugene smirked and scratched Mer’s hair.

“Honor and Akasha? If I had to choose one, Akasha would be more valuable. That doesn’t mean honor is worthless, but I don’t like talking about honor. Especially to myself.”

“…But why did you accept the duel?”

“Because it won’t be stolen.”

Yujin licked her lips and smiled.

“The magic used is up to Circle 6. ‘Only magic.’ Yes? I know how to do many things that do not belong to magic. If I summon the wind spirit king right away. Can the class of that being be determined by the circle? No. A spirit is a spirit, and a circle is a circle. How do you decide?”


“There are many other things besides that. If I thought I would lose, I would not have accepted the duel under that condition.”

I understand what Melchis is saying. Just like Eugene is handsome, Noktapju Generic Osman is also a good enough person. If it’s a ‘magic’ match, Eugene can’t beat Generic even if he wakes up from death. Honestly, even if Generic only uses 5 circles of magic instead of 6 circles, he’s not confident about magic confrontation.

But this isn’t a magic showdown. duel. Generic even told Eugene that she could use all her powers.

Home of Ryan Hart. No Jae recognized there. Anyway, 20 years old. He is conditioned by his age of experience. Especially ‘fight’.

How does Generic see Eugene?

3 years in Arot. Eugene was confined to Acreon. What annihilated the Assassins and Sandcasters in Nahama is unknown. He is not known to have fought against Varang in Samar, and he enlisted the help of the Zoran tribe to escape with the elves.

Generic doesn’t know Eugene.

He does not know that he is the stupid Hamel, who was a colleague of the great Vermouth 300 years ago. For Eugene now, magic is not the center. He was a warrior in his past life, and still is. Magic is only one of the means. Even if Generic is a superior wizard to Eugene.

The limit of 6 circles is ignorant and arrogant.

“It’s a duel.”

Generic’s voice from the aerial carriage was trembling with excitement. He quickly conveyed the order to the wizards of the Green Mage Tower who met him.

“A duel is only fun when there are a lot of spectators. Spread the word to the tourists at Merdein Square. It means opening the plaza of the green mage tower.”

The duel location designated by Generic is the square behind the green mage tower. That land is the private property of the Green Mage Tower. It is also close to Arrot’s famous tourist attraction, Merdein Square.

‘Now that the crowd has gathered, it will be difficult for other Mage Tower lords to cancel the duel.’

duel. It is also a duel between the famous Eugene Ryanhart and Generic Osman, the owner of the Green Mage Tower. Spectators will flock to the duel as if they had won the lottery. If a duel is fought under such circumstances, the crowd will become enraged and take Generic’s side without Generic stepping forward.

By the time Eugene’s aerial carriage, which arrived late, landed. This wide plaza was filled with spectators on the outskirts.

“You nasty bastard.”

Melchis grumbled as he stared out the window. He expected it from the moment he designated the square of the green mage tower as the duel location. So he should have given up quickly…

‘…It’s not too late. dissatisfaction? So what?’

If you show more fear and power than public anger, you can easily subdue it. Of course, such a radical method would come back as insults later, but Melchis was not the kind of person who cared about such things.

“Oops. A lot of people came in just a few minutes.”

“Is it burdensome?”

Generic asked with a smile. It looks pretty, but it feels disgusting when you can see her inside. Yujin chuckled and shook her head.

“Please. I’m the type that gets excited the more people see it.”

Like a cheeky kid. Generic kept a smile on his lips and ice cold in his eyes.

“…that ‘familiar.’”

Generic glared at Mer, who was standing next to Eugene. He remembers throwing a dirty napkin across her chest. I was so dumbfounded and embarrassed that it was my mistake not to block the flying napkin. The words that followed were spectacle. Get on his knees, bow his head, very politely?

An apology to a familiar?

“Are you going to use it as a meat shield? I’d say it’s a pretty good strategy. I don’t know if you know it, but that familiar is very strong. Even if you destroy it, if you pour mana on it, it will be restored.”


Eugene let out a dry laugh and lifted his cloak.

“He told me to use all my abilities. That’s not a nice thing to hear, honestly. I’m not using Mer, but I’m going to get help.”


“Whatever. Mer’s existence is also one of my abilities, so I will receive help as Generic-nim said.”

I thought it was trivial stubbornness. Is it the pride that comes from youthful blood? Generic snorted and pulled out a long staff from inside his robes.

“Do whatever you want.”

Generic does not know how Mer can help Eugene. Even if he knew, she wouldn’t have put any restrictions on ‘using’ Mer. He was rightly proud of the fact that he was the savvy heir of the wise Senya and the archmage of the 8th Circle.

“Let’s start.”

Wouldn’t it be better to spend enough time playing with it? Or would it be better to end it in an instant so that there is no resistance? Either way, the result of the duel will end in Generic’s victory. This was a pretty fun problem. A child who covets things beyond his means and is overconfident in his talent needs proper discipline.

‘I have to show the difference in class first.’

Generic smiled leisurely and raised his wand. I decided which magic to start with from the moment I set the limit to Circle 6.

Divine Tree.

Huge mana was guided by the staff, and the surface of the ground shook. The dragged-out dirt wrapped around Generic’s legs.

A white mane fluttered.


The Divine Tree without a chant. It took only a few seconds for the dirt in the plaza to gather around Generic and become tightly bound roots that entwine his legs.

The magic that the Archmage uses is fast. If it was a magic of a lower circle than my level, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the speed of its manifestation was swift.

Magic isn’t the only thing that’s fast. When a generic expands the divine tree. Eugene immediately operated the phantom salt ceremony. speed? Eugene was also confident in that. The ability to control mana that he possessed from his previous life is a skill that even that Senya was tongue-tied.

Both hands tucked into the cloak. His left hand held an Akasha, and his right hand held several daggers. The ring-flame formula operated to the extreme creates a white mane.


Eugene called the name in his head. Mer, crouching deep in her cloak, responded to her voice, which hadn’t been nurturing.

There was no need to pull my hair out of the cloak. Mer looked at Eugene’s view from within the cloak. It is for this reason that Mer’s construction formula was engraved on Eugene, not Akasha.

Senya hoped that the familiar she made and cherished would be useful to Eugene.

On behalf of the one who has not yet been released from the seal.

‘Chain leap.’

Calculate spatial coordinates that have not yet been grasped instead of Merga. When Divine Tree’s roots lifted generics. Mer finished the calculation of spatial coordinates. The calculated coordinates were immediately engraved in Eugene’s head.

The right hand pulled out of the cloak. The dagger he was holding disappears. At the same time, Eugene’s body also disappeared.


Daggers protruding from different directions collided with Generic’s mana. Generic did not pay attention to him and continued to operate Divine Tree. A root sprouted from the ground and pierced a point in the air.

‘The bowl of remnants is shallow.’

It seems that he wanted to dazzle the space by blinking the dagger first, and then aim for the second. Generic snorted and looked at the tip of the root.

there was nothing.


Generic clearly sensed that Eugene would blink in that position. did you feel wrong? no it can’t be

‘Dispel Blink halfway through, then Blink again?’

It’s not a usable fake at Eugene’s level. In the first place, jumping magic like Blink is as convenient as it is dangerous. To dispel right before and pick the coordinates again and jump. That’s not an easy task even for a seasoned battle mage.

I wanted you to be mistaken like that.

‘You’re the one who told me to use them all.’

It is correct that I canceled Blink just before. The resulting backflow of mana? It was insignificant. If it is regurgitated, correct it. The reason why Generic, the great wizard, couldn’t see him properly was because not even a speck of dispelled magic was shed.

The mane is scattered. Blue light mixes with pure white flame. wide square. noise from the crowd. Shaking Mana. The right hand holds the Akasha. Eugene understood how high-level magic the Divine Tree was and how dense the mana controlled by generics was.

‘It is impossible to approach secretly. The moment I approached, it touches his mana.’

From there, the difference in reaction rate. Even if they noticed the approach, it would be faster to clear it than to close it.


The ground he kicked exploded. A little later, the roots that were entwining Generic’s body moved. It seemed as if the whole earth was coming over.

‘It touches.’

Even if it was just a piece of paper, it was fine. Before Roots swung at Eugene.

A jagged sword protruded from the wide open cloak. Predatory Sword Aspel. A sword that cuts magic. Yujin rotated her body like a top and swung the aspell.

Quaggagak! The roots of generics were cut. Generic’s eyes widened. It is not going to be cut so easily. It is soil bound with mana. This soil is hard enough to conform to the higher barrier magic.

‘Mana… No, the spell cut.’

but shallow It cut, but not deeply. All you have to do is reassemble the cut spells and the like. Generic pursed his lips and chanted. There is a limit to the magic that can be used. Generic didn’t downplay him. There is no such thing as a crisis in the first place. I was just mildly surprised.


Eugene felt it too. also. Is it still unreasonable to understand and cut the core of magic as soon as you see it? Eugene pulled Akasha without regret.


The magic Eugene wanted was unfolded in its optimal form. Fire! Eugene’s body was pulled back. The roots that had flown up until just before passed past Eugene.



Attacks are not limited to roots. It was as Melchis had warned. Just because the earth is under the control of generics, flying into the sky is an ignorant failure. In the battle of wizards flying freely in the sky, there were countless types of magic that tied feet or slammed them into the ground.

Controlled mana becomes ‘weight’ and presses down on the body. As if in response, the ground shakes. Quadduk! The protruding roots became teeth-packed jaws and tried to swallow Eugene.

Can you escape by force?


If you haven’t mastered magic, you’ll have no choice but to escape by force. There was no need for that now.

Akasha’s dragon heart glowed red. Mer accelerated her magic, and Akasha amplified her magic.


Eugene’s eyes looked above his head. The mana that weighed on her and weighed down her, enchanted the air she shared with him.

‘Frost field.’

Circle 6 ice magic memorized in the Hall of Ice slows down the movements of the roots. It was only the first time. The frost that spread quickly stopped the movement of the roots.

And, the phantom-type flame wrapped around Eugene’s entire body. This is a feat that has nothing to do with magic. It’s just that the sword is wrapped around the body. The warrior’s defense technique, Aura Shield, has been changed to a more combative, Hamel-style…

[…Eugene? What is the god of destruction?]

“shut up.”

Eugene scrunched his face and sighed. Kwak! Her stampede and her pressed feet smashed the frozen ground.

but. The roots are immediately reconnected. Generic looked at Eugene with frowning eyes. All the magic Eugene used just now was from the 6th circle. Even so, the connection is incredibly smooth.

‘Aspel, the black predatory sword that slashes magic… That’s Lionheart’s flame. okay. It’s not fun even if it ends too empty.’

Generic’s consciousness is wide open. So the magic unfolded in earnest. The connected roots attack Eugene all at once. There is also ground under the roots. Each grain of soil clung to the soles of Eugene’s feet.

The flames swelled. Quarre! Explosive flames pushed the ground. Eugene confirmed the stomach. Countless mana bullets were aiming at Eugene.

It is not a simple bullet. I understood even if it didn’t reach. Bullets placed in different directions lead to each other and create a prison.


[no. The space is occupied.]

‘I can open it.’

Mer didn’t understand that. How could the Archmage refine the space he controlled?

soon understood At the same time, Mer realized that he looked down on Eugene too much.

[You’re so ignorant isn’t it?!]

‘How is it?’

hot! Grains of soil clinging to the soles of your feet. Eugene lifted his foot with all the restraints. Phantasmal flames amplified mana, and the color of the flames changed to bluer.

ㅡ Kwak!

feet hit the ground Circle 5 Earthquake. However, its power was hardly considered to be the magic of the 5th circle. Generic’s cheeks trembled at the size and precision of the mana he pushed out. However, land under the control of the Divine Tree is no longer broken.

However, Earthquake’s wavelength shook the mana of space for an instant. Quite a few wizards wouldn’t even feel the shaking, let alone catch that gap, but Eugene was different. He quickly inserted Blink’s spell into the gap he had created.

so leaped Generic was also late in figuring out the coordinates of this sudden blink.

‘Ice pick.’

The whipped cold created a long bundle of awls, which were fired all at once. An attack fired from behind. Generic clicked his tongue and directed his magic. Quadduk! Awls were driven into the uprooted roots.

Yoo-jin’s body broke as she sprinted with the ice pick. He drove the ice pick that had been lodged in the root with both feet. Soon, frost began to form all over the roots.


Generic couldn’t understand Eugene’s movements.

‘The magic is smooth. Power is also strong. But it doesn’t reach me.’

Wouldn’t it be more powerful to wield Aspel or use taijutsu like before?

‘…obsessed with magic… you bastard…!’

Since you’re dueling with a wizard, are you sticking to magic? Generic’s eyes were bloodshot. Dismissed! The frost that spread to the roots broke out.

Quarre! The whole plaza twitched. All the soil controlled by generics became roots and lifted its head like a snake. At the same time, all kinds of magic filled the air. Offensive spells that do not exceed the limit of Circle 6. Even though that kind of magic was manifested at the same time, Generic’s mana had a lot of room left, and those magics didn’t get out of Generic’s control.

The snake, the root danced. A rampage of wild wielding. Eugene roamed between the roots, mixing flying, leaping, and running.

It wasn’t just avoiding it. Wherever Eugene stepped, a red burning footprint was left behind.

‘Yeom seal (炎印).’

Even generics know the magic. Circle 6 fire magic stored in the Hall of Heat. A magic that engraves embers into each footstep and causes them to resonate all at once, burning a wide area. The power of the salt person varies depending on how many footprints it leaves.

‘The idea is one-dimensional.’

Since the opponent is big, I use a salt seal. Such an idea is something anyone can do. ‘Fire’ because it’s ‘root’? Hopefully I won’t be that stupid. The Divine Tree is a tree, but not a tree. In other words, they do not burn as easily as dry branches.

‘You’re as fast as a rat. How long are you going to run around? Are you mistaken that I can’t catch you?’

Generic held back laughter. He prevented him from jumping higher than a certain height with the magic he placed in the air. The swinging roots seem to attack randomly, but induce movement in various directions. Either way is good. The moment you come deep, you can catch it without any gaps to escape.

‘I’d rather be crushed to death. Then it would be more convenient.’

could have been killed immediately. But it shouldn’t be like that. Generics knew how to distinguish that much.

‘or not. Do you want to go deep and open the way to Aspel? Do you think you’ll be hurt by what you’ve already seen?’

Fighting is, after all, a fight. It is important to know how many numbers each other has and how many numbers to look ahead. Generics also knew the importance of it. He believed that he had correctly grasped Eugene’s move and was seeing a sufficiently advanced move.

‘He hasn’t called the spirit yet.’

It’s famous that Eugene Ryanhart has Winid. Seeing that he is holding an Aspel, he may have other treasures of Lionheart.

‘Others are wild and big. I can’t write like my heart. If I forcefully use it in that narrow gap, I’ll get caught up in my attack.’

That doesn’t apply to generics. His body is in the center of a solid tree. Yggdrasil. No, the great advantage of the Divine Tree lies in its defensive ability, which does not require the use of defensive magic. It’s not like it’s a huge target either. Generics could have moved to other roots and become a tree even at this moment.

‘It’s a pity that it can’t bloom. If I had limited it to 7 circles, I would have had more fun fooling around with you.’

When you feel such regret

Eugene came into the ‘trap’. Generic smiled and moved the Divine Tree. The ground that became the root became a huge wave and hit Eugene. Also, the magic placed in the air was bombarded and rained down on Eugene.


Even at that moment, Eugene didn’t panic in the slightest.


Mer knew what Eugene was up to. She entered the depths of the cloak on her own, and calculated her spatial coordinates.

The cloak of darkness opens wide. The root that came closest was swallowed up by the cloak, and bulged out in the opposite direction. Fast! Roots collide with each other and twist.

A variety of magic rained down from above. In the center of the shaggy root, Eugene saw it. There are dozens of them alone. I can’t use Blink… Should I call Aspero? Or should I break through with the god of destruction?

Neither one was attracted. Eugene showed this and smiled. ㅡ Chiing. dizzying headache. It’s like my brain is on fire. Inside her cloak, Mer screamed in horror.


Although she shouted, Mer also focused her consciousness. Each other’s consciousness resonated.

Mer feels responsible for this duel.

If he hadn’t stepped forward, he wouldn’t have been insulted like a familiar. Then Eugene wouldn’t have bothered to join the duel.

Mer also has complaints.

I wanted to press, no, crush the Noktapju’s nose for not respecting Senya-sama. I wanted to help Eugene on behalf of Senya who was not here.

That’s how I wanted to give Eugene victory.

The mana amplified by the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony drained all the way. Blood flowed from her bulging eyes. With bloodshot eyes, Eugene understood the pouring magic, the spell, and the complicated coordinates of the space where the magic exists.

The 6th floor of Acreon. hall of space. The culmination of circle 7 space magic.

“Transition Reversal.”

The space where Eugene existed was cut out. The space in his field of vision where the magic was falling was also cut out. The cut spaces are connected to each other.

turned over


The roots of the Divine Tree, among them, the magic entangled with each other and ran out of control. Generic didn’t understand what kind of magic Eugene was using. No, he refused to understand. He apparently heard the chant.

potential reversal. Circle 7, especially magic with extreme difficulty. how? can’t you write? No, I heard what Trempel Wizard said. He said he used the 7th circle heat wave bullet…

“It’s… It’s a different kind of magic!”

Generic screamed in disbelief. The chain burst magic is destroying the roots. Generic gritted his teeth and controlled his magic.

Eugene stood in the sky, shedding bloody tears. Space flipped by potential reversal. I wanted to overturn the whole thing in my field of view, but is this the limit? The magic around them was erratically stopped. Eugene glanced at him and pulled out Aspel.

It was a little too late for Generic to notice him. The incomprehensible astonishment even delays the judgment of the archmage. The hurriedly drawn magic attacks Eugene, but Yujin flinches and swings the Aspell.

A knife that seems to have no strength. Still, it was incredibly sharp and quick. Preemptive magic is divided. Scattered mana is eaten by Aspel. The flames that covered Yujin’s body grew stronger.

Eugene knows better than anyone else that a battle is, after all, a game of wit. It is rather easy to deal with a guy who is confident that he is strong. The inevitable arrogance that comes from pride and the certainty of victory can be entwined with nooses depending on how it suits you.

Aspel? showed it once Haven’t written since. made it so limiting. Generic said he would only use magic up to the 6th circle. Eugene had no such restrictions. Even so, he dared to use only 6 circle magic. The focus was on magic rather than martial arts.

Generic regarded Eugene as arrogant. he saw right away He wanted you to think so. In the end, getting caught in a trap while rampaging, and defeating him with an overwhelming difference in skill would have been the picture drawn by Generic.

Eugene drew another picture.

Burning footprints remain on the surface of the roots that sway in the runaway. Those footprints burned as Eugene wanted. The dizzying red lines radiated heat. Soon, the flames exploded.


A magic that exploded from deep roots by potential reversal. In addition, the explosion of salt people was added. The fluttering frenzy erupted with screams and admiration from the crowd. Eugene took a deep breath and stretched Akasha forward.

[Too… overdoing it…]

“are you okay.”

Eugene replied with a smirk.

storm bullet. A small ember was created in front of Akasha’s jewel. Eugene lightly pushed out the embers. The heat of the flames bursting with the flamethrower clung to the heat wave magic bullets. The slowly advancing heat wave madly inflated its size.

“Me, me, that madman…!”

Melchis’ face turned white as he blankly watched the duel. Melchis’s hair jumped into the air in a hurry and soared into the sky. ㅡKurrureung! The ground on which the spectators were standing shook.

The spirit king of the earth has descended. The order given by will moved the spirit king of the earth. Quadd! A giant earthen barrier soared in front of the spectators.

‘Is it not enough?’

Melchis wasn’t the only one stepping up to protect the crowd. The blue pagoda owner Hyridus Uzlen and the black pagoda owner Balzac Ludbess flew up into the sky. The two of them met each other’s eyes once, and applied barrier magic to the earth barrier created by Melchis.


The flow of mana is violent. Generic gradually increased in size and glared at the approaching heat wave magic bullet. Is it possible to dispel? no, it’s late Magic that has grown so much. It doesn’t make any sense to blow it up. I have to push it in reverse. Generic’s lips moved quickly. Roots that are still moving shoot upward, casting additional magic…


Eugene’s left hand came out of the cloak. Generic’s face turned white at the beautiful silver-blue sword in his hand and the name Eugene spat out.

“Come and push.”

humble command.

The frenzy ran wild.

The wind spirit king has descended. As if showing off to everyone, Tempest stood with Eugene in a dignified appearance. Eugene grumbled, squinting his eyes at the hot air hitting his cheek.

“Don’t form, push.”


Tempest cleared his throat in shame, and reached out his hand toward the heat wave magic bullet. Fingers intertwined by the gusting wind touched a huge flame.

the moment you saw it

Generic realized that resistance was impossible with Divine Tree.

Flames and storms soared high into the sky.


“Why are you blocking?!”

“Show us too!”

The crowd roars. Normally, he would have said that the grace he had saved was unknown, but now Melchis couldn’t pay attention to the squawking of the crowd.

Not just Melchis. The eyes of the three tower owners who had stepped out to protect the spectators were directed to the pillar of fire soaring high into the sky.

The flame slowly goes out. The raging craze subsides. The season is cold and early spring, but the spectators took off their coats feeling the midsummer-like heat.

Eugene calmed his rapid breathing and looked ahead. Beyond the shimmering haze.

I saw something huge wriggling. Eugene smiled and waved her hand. The wind of the Tempest, which moved in response, swept all the remaining hot air upward and exploded.

it certainly looked What was wriggling was the thick root. It’s not as big as the world tree I saw in the elves’ territory, but it’s huge enough to remind me of him. The difference was that each root and twig had something like a bud, but it was a grotesque tree anyway.

The center of the tree trunk cracked. Generic walked out of there, biting his lower lip so hard that his blood flowed. Even though he had been hit by the heatwave magic bullet and the tempest storm just before, not a single scorched mark remained on Generic’s body.

I was honestly amazed. Green Top Wine Generic Osman’s signature Yggdrasil. The moment the firestorm exploded, the Divine Tree in Circle 6 immediately changed into Yggdrasil. The continuous defense magic that unfolded in an instant and the piled up roots blocked the explosion.


Eugene did not defeat Tempest. He stared at Generic in the middle of the storm.

“No matter how you look at it, it’s not 6th circle magic.”


“You have violated the restrictions you have uttered yourself. ah. Surely you’re not trying to argue with me for using the 7th Circle magic and summoning the Spirit King?”

Generic didn’t answer and glared at Eugene. The chewed lips were not bitter, but the taste of blood in the mouth warmed Generic’s spirit.

What humiliation is this? I violated the spit out restrictions. It was difficult to block the explosion at that moment with Divine Tree and other 6th circle magic. Even a single heat wave bullet was too much, but from the moment Tempest’s storm was added, it became absolutely impossible to block that attack with the 6th circle.

So he had no choice but to use Yggdrasil. What if you didn’t write He wouldn’t have died, but he would have suffered the same humiliation.

‘…no. Rather, this is more disgraceful…!’

Eugene faced Generic’s seething gaze. The mixture of humiliation, anger, and hostility is turning into murderous intent.

‘Oh, please. Do you not have enough discipline to go wild like this?’

Just looking at it makes me feel like I’m going to run to kill it right away. Eugene wasn’t worried about him. Is there a lot of spectators? Are there blue, white, and black pagoda pillars nearby?

Yujin smiled and looked up at the sky.


The huge door fell and stood tall on the ground. A door with complex patterns engraved on it. Seeing this, Generic’s face twisted.

“Looks like it’s over.”

Loberian, who came down a little later, sat on top of the door. The eyes between the long blonde hair were burning red.

“Or, are you thinking of doing more?”

“…The Red Pagoda Owner.”

Suppressing the bloody spirit rising from the depths of Generic’s chest, he twisted the corner of his mouth that did not move well and smiled.

“The disciple was very, very good.”

“It’s not just me, everyone here is thinking about it.”

Eugene looked at the door where Loberian was sitting with sparkling eyes. It was the first time I had seen it in person, but the depth of the magic and the difficulty of the technique, which even Akasha couldn’t understand, told me what that door was.

The signature of Red Pagoda Loverian, Pantheon. The reason why he took it out and came down was not only because Generic was still spreading Yggdrasil, but also because he felt a subtle murderous intent in his gaze.

“Green tower wine.”

Loberian put his gloved hand on the door frame.

“Your gaze seems too exaggerated. Is there anything that upsets you?”

“…I can’t believe it. I’m just in awe of my talented juniors.”

Loberian stared at Generic in silence. …by the way. Crisp… The sound of a finger scratching the door. Generic took a few steps back, wiping his still bleeding lower lip with the back of his hand.

“…really great.”

Passs… Yggdrasil disappears. Even the shaking ground subsides calmly.

“I never imagined it would be this great. I heard that they used the 7th circle heatwave bullet, but I never thought it would unfold until the transference and reversal. And even the wind spirit king!”

Generic deliberately raised his voice and chuckled. It is to avoid revealing wounded pride. I want to scratch my temper by smirking a few more words. Instead, Eugene lifted the cloak of darkness.

“Thanks to Mer.”

…I opened the cloak at best, but Mer did not come out. The heatwave magic bullet before the transfer reversal. Eugene unleashed a series of magics that he could not handle yet, and even Mer could not avoid the burden.

“…well… really.”

Eugene put his hand inside the cloak and grabbed Mer’s hood, which was scattered deep inside. Mer, who had been pulled out like that, was hanging around her limp.


“great job.”

“It’s over… it’s over? Can I rest now?”

“You’re not sleeping anyway.”

“I need a break though… I’ve never felt so much pressure in my existence…”

Mer tried to wriggle inside the cloak while whining. But Eugene wouldn’t let Mer in, and she held on tightly to her hood.

“Hang in there.”

“Why are you…”

“There is something you need to hear.”

At those words, Generic’s shoulders trembled. Mer tightened up her loose eyes. Pulling back the hood she was wearing, Mer stared at the generic.

“…Ah… that’s right.”

A big smile spread across Mer’s face.

“Yujin-nim won. Eugene-sama won the duel with Generic Osman, the Green Tower Brewer!”

“It’s because you helped me.”

“Huh, heh heung, uh heung, that’s not true, Eugene-nim would have won enough without me… Hehe, wouldn’t he? yes that’s right. If I hadn’t helped, Eugene wouldn’t have been able to win. Yes? Am I right?”

Mer smiled and looked up at Eugene.

“Eugene is strong without my help, but he is stronger with my help. Do you know how hard it was for me thanks to you? Seriously, it felt like the compositional ceremony was overburdened and burned.”

“That’s gross.”

“Ummm… Yes, that’s right, this is gross. No matter how much load it takes, the construction formula won’t burn out. Because that ceremony was created by Senya-sama, not by anyone else.”

Eugene nodded and stroked Mer’s head. The first time he stroked it, he severely cut it off, saying not to cross the line, but from some point on, Mer did not refuse Eugene’s hand.

“…Are you sure you forgot?”

I saw a generic line. He couldn’t say anything, his lips quivering, his face contorted sternly. did you forget Of course I remember. if you lose Get on his knees, bow his head, and apologize very politely.

“Are you feeling burdened by the large number of spectators?”

The barriers of the earth, which had soared high, have already come down. Although they didn’t see the decisive scene, the audience knew who the victor was, Eugene or Generic. astonished gaze. whispering voice. As for generics, all of that seemed crazy.


Eugene smiled and walked past Loberian and approached Generic. When I stood in front of Generic like that. Eugene’s foot lightly tapped the ground. ㅡKurreung! A newly raised earthen barrier surrounded Eugene and Generic.

“This way no one will see. Can you be considerate of me like this?”


Generic, who had been looking around blankly, let out a laugh as he clenched his fists.

“Be considerate… considerate…! Really… you’re making me miserable…!”

“Is this not enough?”

Eugene’s smile parted.

“Lord Green Tower. I fought a duel with you and won. It is the Noktap Lord who put a limit on himself, and the Noktap Lord who did not set a limit on me. Did you really think that you would win unconditionally?”


“If that’s the case, then the green tower lord looked down on me too much. I mean insulted. I am Lionheart, a disciple of the Red Pagoda Lord Loberian Surface, and a recognized successor to the wise Senya-sama.”


“Who doesn’t know that? I know. If Green Tower Lord had set the limit to Circle 7 instead of Circle 6, I wouldn’t have been able to win ‘easily’ like now.”


Generic opened his eyes and glared at Eugene.

“easily? Did you win easily? this me?”

“So it looks like you won hard? Green Tower Lord. You guided me from the beginning to the end of the duel.”


“Let’s admit it. The Green Tower Lord overestimated his own strength. What if the green tower lord entered the duel without any restrictions and I won? haha! Then I have to be the Noktapju. Isn’t it?”

Generic couldn’t say anything. Everything Eugene said was true, and to argue against it was to insult Generic himself.


spoken words. drunk arrogance. overconfidence in oneself. confidence in victory.


disregard for opponents. Ignorance of what you have. Confidence that you are ahead of the fight and that you are in control of your opponent.

“…I will apologize.”

honor is something

“…you… no, you, the wise creation of Senya. Something like a familiar. Ignoring your existence, my father dissected you in the name of an experiment.”

I honestly don’t want to say I don’t want to hang my head. Of course I don’t want to kneel. apologize? why do you have to do that

But you have to. No matter what excuses they give, they cannot change the outcome of the duel. Haven’t you already been defeated by something young? Rather, it was a restriction placed on the duel, and it could be circumvented to some extent. If there were no restrictions, of course I won.

In order to protect the remaining honor, you must accept the outcome and keep your words.

“… I apologize to everyone.”

“all right.”

Mer replied with a smile. She stepped out of Eugene’s cloak and stood in front of Generic on her knees.

“I am Mer Merdein. I will accept Noktapju’s apology.”

Mer opened her chest, put her hands on her hips, and looked down at the generic. Her bowed head was very visible. As she watched it, she couldn’t help but feel elated. Mer smiled and turned her body around to Eugene.

“Eugene, we did it!”

“Yeah, we did it.”

Eugene opened the cloak wide, but Mer did not go inside. Instead, she clung to Eugene’s arm and smiled. Her body was weakened by such a thing, but she couldn’t walk well and dragged her feet.

Eventually, Eugene picked Mer up and sat her on his shoulder. Mer let out her startled noise, but she immediately straightened her position on Eugene’s shoulder.

“It’s more uncomfortable than inside a cloak.”

“Of course it would be uncomfortable.”

“I should prepare at least a cushion for an occasion like this. Or, uhm, Eugene-sama. This cloak can also be transformed, right? Can’t you change it to this fluffy fur and soft cushion?”

“I could change it, but I hate myself. What is that? Which lunatic wears a cushion over the shoulder of a cloak?”

“You can’t even do that much for me because I’m tired?”

“Oh, don’t do it. If it’s uncomfortable and you don’t like it, go inside the cloak.”

“Eugene put it here!”

“Because it’s better than carrying you around by your arm.”

Eugene didn’t change the cape until the end, and Mer’s lips protruded.

The soaring earthen barrier returns again. Meanwhile, Generic stood up and brushed the dirt off his knees. But he couldn’t completely hide his distorted expression. He turned his back and glared at Eugene, and the moment the barrier disappeared, he spread Blink and left the square.

“Why did you cover it up?”

Melchis approached with a fuss.

“I also wanted to see that bastard kneel down and moan!”

“I got down on my knees, but I didn’t squeak.”

“So that is the problem. It is said that an apology is complete only when tears are added to it. If I had been with you, Green Pagoda Lord, that shameless old man would have made all the tears and runny nose!”

Melchis sighed in deep regret.

Loberian was watching Eugene by his side. …It was the first time that Loberian looked at Eugene with such an expression and with such eyes. The Pantheon he summoned had not yet disappeared and stood tall behind Loberian.

“…ummm… well…”

Yujin laughed awkwardly and tilted her head.

“Are you mad?”


Loberian answered without hesitation.

“I am angry. What are you doing? Eugene. Do you know where I went today and why?”

“…ummm… yes. You’ve been to Abrams.”

“yes. I have been to Abrams. Eugene. I hate Abrams. I really hate it. No wizard would like Abram unless he was a member of the Court Wizardry. It makes wizards powerless.”

Loberian sighed and waved his hands. Then, the towering Pantheon disappeared as a fog.

“The hearing is over. Arot’s royal family confirmed that Akasha belonged to Eugene. However, the king of Arot was not there, and someone had to report him in detail and vouch for the value of Eugene and his relationship with Arot.”

So Loberian was called. He is the owner of the Red Mage Tower belonging to Arot, and a great wizard who has been in charge of Arot’s part for decades.

“It was quite enjoyable to talk with His Majesty. His Majesty also understood the situation. However, the very fact of having a conversation at Abrams offended me. Still, for the sake of his disciple, Eugene-sama, I could have endured as much as I could.”

“That… that… I’m sorry…”

“Don’t apologize.”

Loverian didn’t listen to Eugene’s words to the end.

“…I heard you were angry?”

“I’m angry! That’s because Eugene-nim was angry because he had a reckless duel. If the green tower lord asked for a duel, he would have to withhold even if he did not refuse. You had to discuss with me about the duel with the Green Pagoda Lord, whether the conditions were ‘justified’!”

“Hey, Red Pagoda Master. I was there too. I think the terms are pretty fair…”

“Be quiet, Master of the White Pagoda. You are not Eugene’s teacher.”

I just intervened Melchis grumbled and shook his head.

“…Umm… You mean you’re mad at me for being selfish?”

“Because you weren’t careful.”

“But you won.”

“So don’t apologize. Even if it was a careless duel, Eugene-sama… the owner of the Green Magic Tower. grand wizard. You have won the duel with Generic Osman.”

Loberian was no longer angry.

“You are wonderful.”

“Thanks to me.”

Mer, who was sitting on Eugene’s shoulder, gave a quick answer.

“yes. Mer is also really great.”

“…that… um. If I didn’t block properly, most of the crowd would have burned to death.”

Melchis, who had been listening silently, interrupted. Loberian looked back at Melchis with a puzzled expression.


“Uhm… just like that.”

Melchis felt embarrassed and averted his gaze.


that day. An unexpected guest came to the Red Magic Tower.

“If I had invited you, wouldn’t you have declined?”

Black Tower Lord Balzac Rudbesse. He took off his black fedora and smiled.

Eugene and Loberian did not laugh. Loberian writhed at the corners of his mouth, and Eugene made a more blatant expression of discomfort. It was harsh treatment, but Balzac was used to this kind of treatment.

“May I go inside? Or do you prefer to walk?”

“…it probably didn’t come to me.”

“haha. Don’t be too sad. If it’s okay with the red pagoda lord, I’ll come and talk to you anytime.”

At the words Balzac smiled at, Loberian’s expression stiffened. Just like Eugene, Loberian doesn’t like warlocks too much. Although he doesn’t think that all warlocks and demons are absolute evil, he thinks that he can never be friends with them.

“Is there any refusal?”

“If you refuse today, I will come back tomorrow.”

“I was going to go back to my parents’ house tomorrow.”

“Then I only have time today. Are you busy right now? If so, mid-morning is fine.”

I mean, I’m going to waste my time somehow. Eugene cleared his throat and glanced at Loberian.

“…The night is cold, so if you have to have a good conversation, do it inside.”

The Red Magic Tower is the territory of Loberian. Intervention is possible in any situation as long as it is inside the tower. It is unlikely that Balzac Rudebes, the owner of the Black Tower, would commit an absurd incident, but Loberian couldn’t possibly trust the black magician whose intentions were unknown.

“…come in.”

Eugene was also uncomfortable with Balzac. However, he was also curious about why such a black magician had come to visit. In particular, Balzac is a black magician who made a direct contract with the demon king of confinement. Perhaps he brought a message from the demon king of confinement.

“As I live, the day will come when I can enter the Red Magic Tower.”

Balzac seemed in a good mood. He continued his words as he looked around Eugene’s spacious room.

“As Eugene-sama knows, the Red Pagoda Lord doesn’t like me very much.”

“You know why?”

“yes. So I don’t feel resentful. The red tower lord’s hatred is the hatred of the black magician. That is a karma that warlocks have no choice but to shoulder.”

Eugene also knows why Loberian hates warlocks.

Loberian lost his family to a human experiment by a warlock. He saw his mother, father and sister wriggling as chimeras right in front of his eyes. If it wasn’t for the wizard who came to subdue the black wizard in the dungeon, Loberian would have become a chimera.

“Don’t you think that the existence of warlocks is wrong?”

“Many people sin.”

Balzac sat down in an empty chair.

“No matter how many people commit sins, human existence itself cannot be said to be wrong.”

“There are sinful warlocks, and there are good warlocks… What are you trying to say? In my opinion, being a warlock itself is a sin.”

“Ha ha… I didn’t mean to bring up an argument like that.”

Anything that could sound rude. But Balzac showed no displeasure at him. Rather, he stared at Eugene with his eyes shining as if he was having fun.

“The pursuit is different… I’d like to say that. As Eugene-nim knows, it’s not just black magicians who conduct human experiments. Numerous wizards in history have committed sins and taboos, and have tried to gain unusual enlightenment through them.”

“But they didn’t make a contract with the Demon King.”

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