Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 43

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“In the current era, the demon king is not very different from the god.”

Eugene was offended by that comment.

“This is blasphemy, so even if you get scolded, you won’t be able to protest, but… I feel that the Demon King is better than God.”


“God needs to prove his existence. But the devil already exists. It exists not in the vague ‘sky’, but on this earth, in Helmud.”

Unpleasant, but not unacceptable.

“Of course, there are miracles of God… Isn’t a demon king who shows himself and reigns better than a god rather than that obscure miracle? Also, the devil is rational. faith, faith. Rather than that, a contract made with the soul as collateral is certain and valuable.”

“Worth it…”

“To put it more simply, warlocks are pragmatists who pursue extreme efficiency. As Eugene-sama knows, magic is a harsh, spiteful, and absurd discipline. No matter how hard you try and yearn for it, if you don’t have talent, you won’t be able to become a wizard.”

in those words.

Eugene thought of Iod.

“For those people, contracts with demons are bound to be very attractive. Sell ​​your soul and get the magic you want… The burden is entirely on your own. It doesn’t harm others. Not satisfied with that, they will only commit ‘sin’.”

“Is it because black magicians commit a lot of sins because they are pragmatists?”

“If the profit to be gained by forsaking human duty is clear, it may be possible to seek practical benefits by violating him. Most wizards do, too.”

Balzac once said:

‘Wizards easily give up on duty for the sake of my curiosity and desire. In terms of simple ratios, there are many times more errant wizards than erring warlocks.’

“Did Balzac also sign a contract with the Demon King for Silly?”


Balzac smiled thinly and tilted his head.

“Do you know about me?”

“I heard that you were an alumni of the lord of the Cheongtap.”

“It’s not like we had the same teacher… but yes. I was once in the Blue Magic Tower.”

“The blue tower lord said that when the black tower lord was in the blue tower, his skills were amazing.”

“Haha… It’s like putting gold on my face, but yeah. That’s true. When I was in the Blue Magic Tower, I was superior to the current owner of the blue tower… Hyridus. If only a few years had passed, I would have become the owner of the blue pagoda instead of Hyridus.”

Balzac paused and tapped his finger on the armrest of the chair.

“…But… I just wanted more than what came naturally.”

“More than that?”

“I am not a wise Senya.”

A name that came out of nowhere. When Eugene frowned at her incomprehension, Balzac chuckled and continued.

“Senya the Wise had a magical love. Senya-sama was a wizard who could threaten the demon lord, and since Senya-sama, no such wizard has appeared. Same for me. Ah… Of course, I don’t mean to threaten the demon lord. There was a desire to become that outstanding wizard.”


“It’s not just me. Amelia Merwin, Edmond Codlet. Those three, including me, were able to become ‘great wizards’ without having to sign a contract with the demon king of confinement. I just wished for more. Any wizard who prides himself on being a genius would want to see the ‘end’ of magic. But that end is a far cry from the Archmage.”

“…it’s over…”

Eugene smiled and shook his head.

“so. Did the Lord of the Black Tower see the end of the contract with the Demon King?”

“There is a real feeling that we are getting closer to the end little by little. I hope Eugene will understand me a little more through this conversation.”

“Why do you want to understand me?”

“It’s a little, no, very sad to be treated as a wicked person even though you haven’t done anything.”

Are you kidding me? Eugene couldn’t understand the true intention, and she just kept a firm expression. Then Balzac shrugged his shoulders with a shy smile.

“…But am I not better than Amelia Merwin?”


Eugene smiled and nodded.

“I asked why you came. Did Amelia Merwin hear me?”

“You made good use of the personal letter I gave you. I never thought you would use it so quickly.”

“To be honest, I didn’t want to write.”

“I heard it was a chance encounter. That was quite surprising to me too. I couldn’t believe she made another dungeon, and I never thought I’d run into Eugene-sama there.”

“Are you aware of the situation?”

“I didn’t hear. I’m curious, but Amelia Merwin didn’t tell me.”

“aha. You came to see me today to ask about the situation, right?”

“Are you going to answer me?”


Eugene answered without hesitation.

“If you’re really curious, don’t you just ask the demon king of confinement served by the Lord of the Black Tower instead of asking me?”

“It may be so, but the Demon King of Confinement will not give you an answer. I am not the only one who is favored by the demon lord of confinement.”

Balzac licked his lips, as if feeling sorry for him.

“I wanted to hear from Eugene, but I won’t be stubborn if you don’t intend to tell me.”

“Then do you want to go back?”

“There are still things to see.”

“What to see?”

“Princess Nachal.”

Balzac’s voice lowered.

“Iris. Do you know her?”

“…I know that Helmud is the head of the Dark Elves.”

“Princess Nachal was told that Eugene brought over 100 elves from Samar. So soon, Princess Raksha will visit Lionheart for negotiations.”

Eugene’s eyebrows twitched.


“yes. Because she is frantic to increase her power. Has she never seen a dark elf in Samar?”

“…There are rumors about them and stories I heard from the elves.”



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“Then you should understand. Princess Raksha’s position in Helmud is not that great. Pure-blood demons regard Princess Raksha and the Dark Elf as hybrids, and Princess Raksha competes with high-ranking demons to become the demon king.”

“Will there be competition?”

“I can’t.”

Balzac answered without hesitation.

“Dark elves are a special subspecies. It is impossible for the demon lord in captivity to corrupt the race and create a new one. The only ones who had that special authority were the mad king who died 300 years ago, and the foster daughter Princess Raksha who commanded the Dark Elves.”

The mad king is dead. In today’s world, only Iris can turn an elf into a dark elf.

“As I said at the hearing, the Demon King of Confinement is showing a lot of mercy to the elves who are naturalized in Helmud after suffering horse disease. Full exemption from regular tax. Even if you do not sell your soul, you will receive a generous pension every month. And for the Dark Elves, a forest that was too large compared to their numbers was given to Princess Rakhar’s domain.”

Balzac laughed lowly and shook his head.

“Of course, most of that pension is used for Princess Raksha’s military funds… but the problem is that Princess Raksha’s ideals are too big, and her independence army is so meager that it’s impossible to achieve those ideals. As far as I know, the number of Dark Elves led by Princess Rakhar is a little less than 1,000.”

Less than 300 years ago. At that time, more than half of the Dark Elves led by Iris were killed by Senya while subduing the Mad King. Besides, most elves would rather die from horsemen than become dark elves.

“In other words, Eugene-sama is putting 10% of Princess Rakhar’s power in Lionheart’s home. Princess Rakhal, blinded by the power boost, has no choice but to turn her eyes away.”

“I’ll tell you to get out of here when you come.”

Eugene replied with a cold smile.

“Or… are you telling me to try negotiating with Princess Raksha?”

“What right do I have to convince you, Eugene? I am not Princess Raksha’s ally.”

“So what do you want to say?”

“I’ve said it before. The demon king of confinement controls Helmud, but he does not control all demons. Duke of Noir Jebela, Queen of Dreams. Black Dragon, Duke of Raizakia, did not sign a contract with the Demon King of Confinement, and numerous other demons are out of the control of the Demon King of Confinement.”

Eugene silently glared at Balzac. I wasn’t quite sure what he was warning me about.

“Of course, even those demons are subject to sanctions when they violate the ‘law’ set by the demon king in captivity and take responsibility for the freedom they enjoy. It’s like cutting off the head of Baron Olfer who seduced Lord Iod.”

After all, the demon king is just the most powerful demon tribe. Just as the king of a country cannot know the every move of all the people, so can the demon king. The demon king’s grip and control over the soul is only the demons he has contracted with.

However, the power of the demon king is absolute. If the demon king of confinement orders you to die, the weaker demons have to offer their heads even if they haven’t signed a contract.

“…In Helmud, there are demons that even the confined demon lord can’t control.”

“…the ones who follow the Demon Lord of Destruction?”

“yes. Among them, the beast people.”

Eugene intended not to show his emotions through his expression. Son of Oboron. The sworn brother of Varang who fought in Samar.

“Princess Nachal only recently realized the reality. Less than 1000 Dark Elves. It is impossible to become a demon king if you insist only on your own people.”

“…So you’re saying you joined hands with the Beasts? Now, the head of the beast tribe, I know that the father Ya Gon killed is the brother of Princess Nachal.”

“no. Princess Nachal did not hold hands with Yagon. Instead, they recruited some of the beastmen under Yagon as mercenaries.”

mercenary? Eugene tilted her head and muttered.

“Yagon is a beast that reigns only through strength. He despises the weak who do not stand out in his sight. To get Yagon’s attention, he has no choice but to build up that level of power.”


“For this reason, there are many beastmen in Helmud who act as mercenaries. Participate in small and medium-sized nobles’ territory battles to gain combat experience, and develop strength while preying on demons. You can’t win Yagon’s favor without becoming that strong.”

Varang said that it was not Yagon’s order to find the elven territory.

‘He was also a mercenary of a certain demon tribe, so did he come with an order?’

You can’t ask about Barang. For now, we have no choice but to wait for information to be collected by Loberian.

‘This conversation is being heard by Mr. Loberian as well.’

He must have listened to the words that Loberian was a mercenary, and he would use that as a starting point to gather information about Varang. Eugene nodded his head, not impatiently.

“A guy named Yagon. He seems to have a very bubbly personality.”

“Because he is the one who killed my father. Even Princess Rakhar wouldn’t be hasty to join hands with such an outlaw. And like Yujin-nim said, the father Yagon bit and killed is also Princess Nachal’s brother.”

The beasts led by Oboron had followed the mad king. Although he has entrusted himself to the demon king of destruction now, he will not want to join hands with Yagon, who killed his former comrade and brother, Oboron.

“If Eugene refuses to negotiate, Princess Raksha will back down. She’s not aggressive enough to raid Lionheart’s home and try to steal the elves. However, there is a possibility that she will send beastmen to attack.”

Balzac raised himself at the last word.

“Yagon can’t come directly, but don’t underestimate the Beasts.”

“Why are you giving me this warning?”

“One is because I have goodwill towards Eugene-nim… but don’t get me wrong. The favor I have, that, is not of the kind of erotic love.”

Apparently, the last time I asked if he was gay, it seemed to be deeply embedded in his heart.

“The other is for myself. He is already hated for being a black magician, but if Helmud’s beastmen attack Lionheart…even if something unfortunate happens. I am afraid of how many accusations will fall on me for not doing anything.”

“Isn’t it that you’re getting more cursed at because you’re in Arot? If you go to Helmud, there will be much less criticism.”

“Haha… He’s like that too, but I hate Helmud.”

Balzac laughed, putting the bowler hat he had taken off on his head.


Christina rubbed her hardened cheek.

The image reflected in the mirror is somehow unfamiliar. especially facial expressions. Christina furrowed her eyebrows, opened them, and closed and opened her eyes. Her skin was soft to the tips of her fingers, but the slightest pressure on her made the muscles in her face stiffen.

Originally, this was natural. It’s not a stranger. This expression was natural for Christina. Cristina licked her lips a few times and smiled consciously.

‘…Only a few months.’

Change your smile a few more times. But I didn’t like anything.

…Did you laugh like this in Samar? A few times, I’ve laughed like this. For Christina, smiling was a habit. There was no particular reason. She was educated that way since she was a child, ever since she was in a monastery. A smile is more benevolent than an expressionless and distorted face.

‘It’s only been a few months, but I can’t tell what kind of expression I originally had.’

Christina raised the corners of her mouth with both index fingers. Is a forced smile like this better than a pretense? Her fingers dropped, and the corners of her mouth that had gone up went down again.


Before leaving Lionheart.

The conversation I had with Eugene lingers in my head.

‘That’s what my real father said because he was worried about me as a son.’

‘I know you are doing it for me, but as a son, I should at least pretend to listen to my father’s words.’

insignificant conversation. And yet, it’s been messing with my head for days. Cristina knows that those words are not special. However, that word is normal only among proper ‘family’.

That’s why Cristina couldn’t understand that statement.

Cristina had never been part of a family since she was born.

‘…So more.’

A knock on the door.

Cristina put a pretense on her face that still felt awkward.

‘I know that’s impossible.’

It’s awkward right now, but you’ll get used to it soon.

‘I hope you’re trying to kill me.’

Cardinal Rogeris.

If you meet your father, you should make this expression without even realizing it.

‘So I can get out of here and never come back.’

Cristina didn’t want to come back here.

lightning spark

Eugene, Eugene…

“Eugene-nim, won’t you wake up?”

“Woke up.”

Yujin jumped up from the bed and answered. He doesn’t sleep for a long time by nature. I don’t know if it’s camping, but if it’s a familiar bed with some safety guaranteed, I always wake up at dawn before dawn.

In fact, it wakes up on its own without anyone waking it up.

I didn’t even ask for it a few days ago, but someone woke me up.

“Good morning?”

Yujin rubbed her stiff eyes and turned her head. Mer was standing by the bed. Eugene glanced at the elongated wall clock once, and she got off the bed.

“I don’t have to wake you up. And you wake up too early.”

“It can’t be helped. I can’t even sleep, so the dawn is boring and boring.”

“What’s new after living like that for hundreds of years?”

“After living like that, I finally got freedom, so I don’t want to waste a minute or a second.”

Mer smiled and followed Eugene. Now she didn’t wear a big mermaid hat, nor her old robes. Instead, she was wearing expensive clothes, which were not ordinary, but very suitable for a ten-year-old girl.

…It wasn’t the clothes Eugene bought.

“Still, life here is much better than Akreon. While Eugene is sleeping, there are many people who talk to me.”

Mer trotted along behind her, chattering. Eugene stood in front of her mirror, listening to her lively voice. After brushing her loose hair and tucking it behind her, she waved her whim at Mer.

“Go away.”


didn’t go far Mer clung to a nearby wall and pressed her forehead. In the meantime, Eugene unbuttoned her pajamas and opened her closet.

In the spacious closet, all the clothes were similar. Other clothes are in a separate dressing room. Eugene took out whatever uniform he could find and put it on, kicked off the nightgown he had taken off, and threw it into the basket near the door.

“Are you done?”


The day I first brought Mer out. When I changed her clothes without paying attention to her, Mer screamed loudly as her face turned red. After that, whenever Eugene changed her clothes, this troublesome process was interrupted.

It was the same in Lionheart’s home and outbuilding, not in the Red Magic Tower.

“Good night?”

Nina and her attendants were standing outside the door. While Eugene was greeted in a half-hearted way, he lowered his head and matched his lowered gaze with Mer. Nina winked one of her eyes, and Mer smiled.

“Anicilla-sama asked if we would like to have breakfast together at her parents’ house.”

“We ate dinner, lunch, and breakfast together last night.”

“Isn’t it strange that the family sits at the same table?”

“Because it’s too blatant.”

Yujin laughed and shook her head.

It’s been a week since I came back to my parents’ house with Mer.

At first, I had a lot of worries. When they brought 100 elves with them, Anicilla crushed the fan. She eventually gave permission for the elves to live in the forest, but to increase her family’s family without her warning would be a direct challenge to Anicilla’s authority as Ryan Hart’s ‘hostess’.

Within a few days of challenging authority like that, he returned with one more person. He honestly thought he might hear something bitter.

“Anicilla-sama is a good person.”

Mer smiled and walked down the hallway with Eugene.

“This outfit was also given to me by Anicilla-sama.”

It’s not just the clothes you’re wearing right now. Anicilla turned an empty room in the annex into a dressing room for Mer, and filled the room’s closets in just one day.

“During training, Yujin told me to come to my parents’ house whenever I was bored. Do you know Yujin? The home’s study. Of course, there are no magic books there, and the value as a library is not comparable to that of Akryon. There are many diverse and interesting books that cannot be read at Akrion.”

…I didn’t hear anything bitter.

Rather, Anicilla welcomed Eugene and Mer. She also heard the news of Arot at her home. Even if it was a duel with limitations, it means that Arot won the confrontation with the master of the mage tower that he was proud of.

That victory was not entirely Eugene’s. As Eugene accomplishes great feats, Lionheart’s status rises. To be honest, with that victory alone, Anicilla’s dissatisfaction with the elves could have been alleviated.

very small there.

What’s the deal with the addition of one very cute girl?

Anicilla is not a chaste woman.

Under such conditions, he wanted to make his children the heads of households. Thanks to Xian and Ciel. Both of them were brought up with strict education from a young age. When the two of them were toddlers, from the moment they were initiated into mana, they took up arms.

Anicilla did not regret her parenting policy. Sometimes she went too far and her corporal punishment was excessive, but she believed it was all for the future of her children. She wasn’t just carrying a cane. After she took the cane, she always gave her children the sweetest gifts they wished for.


Sometimes, I used to think that way. The desire to put aside strict family customs for a while and simply spend time with the children. The desire to comfort, embrace, and comfort only with love, without scolding for wrongdoing with a cane.

In particular, I thought of it strongly whenever I saw my daughter, Ciel. Her daughter has been cute and dainty since her childhood. She wants to try on cute clothes that suit her appearance. She wants to give her pretty daughter a toy like a doll, not her sword. I want to go out with her daughter and go shopping alone, and I want to take her to a church and show off her…

‘…I couldn’t do that with Ciel.’

Ciel is a daughter and a descendant of Lionheart before being a girl. In the first place, Ciel herself preferred swords to dolls, and she wanted sword training rather than shopping and socializing.

Anicilla was proud of that fact. She was more proud of her daughter, who was sweating every day for her future glory, than the goblin aristocratic mother and daughter who chewed on abuse and gossip at church.

‘…but at least once…’

never said it directly. She would always agree to Ciel’s wishes, but her daughter was stronger than Anisilla had hoped for. I could never… I never thought I would wear a dress together and go to a party hosted by an aristocrat in the capital… I thought I would go to the Black Lion Castle after resolving my future.

“Can’t you go a little faster?”

The morning sun is coming bright. The weather in early spring is not too cold compared to midwinter. Annie Silla looked out the window at her, adjusting the hem of her heavy fur coat.

“We are going as fast as possible.”

Accompanying him from early morning was Hezar, the vice-captain of the 2nd division of the White Lion Knights. He knows very well how rough the hostess’s personality is.

“…I guess you liked her very much?”

It’s been 20 years since I’ve been serving my family. He has been loyal enough to share jokes without thinking. Of course, that picky hostess never took a joke seriously. If it were the original Anicilla, he would have scolded me for not talking nonsense.

“…the kid is cute.”

Maybe it’s because all the children left their home. Anicilla fell in love with Mer, who took the form of a ten-year-old. Mer was like a realization of Annie Silla’s unfulfilled and excessive desire.

If you give them sweet treats, they greet you politely and eat them with a loving expression. If you give them a cake, they will smile so cutely that it will make your heart throb. Unlike Ciel, who hated her sky-high skirts, she was delighted with any clothes she was given.

“…Isn’t there a need to make them stay in the annex?”

“Didn’t Eugene bring you here? Lady Mer also wants to live in a separate building…”

“I think these days, the annex is too far from the main house. The building is also old and old, shouldn’t it be repaired soon?”

In the meantime, the family members of the annex have no choice but to stay at the main house.

“no. Rather than repairing it, I think it would be better to tear it down and build a new one. Right next to the main house.”

If that was the case, there would be no need to go to the annex by carriage early in the morning. You won’t have to invite the family members from the annex to the table at the main house for every meal.

“Im here.”

The carriage stopped. Anicilla waited without haste. to open the door from the outside. Hurrying to open it from the inside goes against the dignity that Annie Silla aspires to.

only a few seconds. Not once have I ever been annoyed by the slowness of the time.

‘Did you sleep enough? Why do you think it’s so slow today?’

Soon the door opened. After reading Anicilla’s annoyance, Hezar quickly got off the carriage and helped Anicilla get off.

The air is full.


Anicilla trembled and grabbed the hem of her coat.

‘You’re so cute…!’

A separate training room. On one side of it, Mer was seen wearing a fluffy overcoat. Right in front of her, Eugene took off her jacket and sat down, ignoring the cold weather.

“…what is he doing?”

“You are meditating.”

“I know that because I saw it. Why do you go outside in this cold weather, take off your clothes and sit and meditate?”

Anicilla’s family is also a fairly old samurai family. Because of this, I learned various martial arts from a young age, but I didn’t understand why I had to do that in this cold weather.

“If you are going to do it, do it alone. Take that little boy outside and…!”

Anicilla shuddered with rage and clenched her fists.

“Miss Anicilla!”

As we got closer to a certain distance, Mer smiled broadly and waved her hand. the look! Annie Silla unknowingly grabbed her breasts. It reminded me of when Ciel and Xian first said the word ‘mom’ a long time ago.

“What are you doing this morning?”


Anicilla immediately managed her expression. Looking up at Mer, her face was white. …Even Anicilla knows it’s not because of the cold. That dainty and cute girl actually existed for hundreds of years. That he is not a human, but a servant. No matter how cold it is, you don’t feel the cold.

Rather, such points stimulate Anicilla’s maternal love. What does it matter that she doesn’t feel cold? The only important thing is that the wind that Anicilla feels now is cold. As she cleared her throat, Anicilla put the shawl of the finest fabric around her neck around her mer’s neck.

“…I heard that Eugene’s important guest is coming today, so they came to talk about how to greet them.”

“Not an important guest.”

Yujin opened her eyes.

“There is no need for Anicilla-sama to worry. After all, he’s my personal guest…”

“Your guest is Lionheart’s guest.”

Anicilla glanced at Eugene. All the while, Annie Silla’s hands were wrapping her shawl around her mer’s neck tightly over her cheeks and over her ears.

“Besides, aren’t you an important guest? I can’t agree with that Isn’t your opponent Arot’s White Mage Tower?”

Melchis Elheyer.

yesternight. A letter has arrived from Arot. Now that it is ‘prepared’, a letter that will visit Lionheart’s home tomorrow.

“…well, but… it’s a private visit, so if you open the warp gate…”

“I can’t. It is my job as the hostess of Lionheart to welcome the visiting guests.”

Anicilla had no intention of backing down from that.

A relationship with a famous person of the level of the master of the Magic Tower is something that cannot be bought even with money.

The red tower lord, Loberian, was Gilreid’s acquaintance, and after the Blood Ceremony, he used to visit every year. In addition, a chance to build a relationship with the owner of the white pagoda. Even if that bond was made by her adopted son Eugene, it could be a bond with Ryan Hart, depending on how it is woven.

‘…Hundred Pagoda Lord Melchis Elhaire… the only woman among the five Mage Tower Lords.’

How old are you? Anicilla thought for a moment. If I remember correctly, I was already past sixty.

‘…but I heard she’s beautiful.’

The red pagoda owner, Loberian, is also the age of a curly and old man, but he maintains the appearance of a young man in his twenties.

‘I’m confident in my management, but I’m sure it can’t be compared to magic. The next ten years will be fine, but from then on, I’ll have to add magic…’

“Miss Anicilla?”

Mer’s voice awakened Anicilla’s spirit. She looked down at Mer in amazement. Merga, tightly wrapped in her scarf, was shining in her big eyes.


I was about to hug Annie Silla raised her body, admiring her own self-control.

“…It looks like the morning training is over. Let’s go to my parents’ house like this and have breakfast.”

“My father is probably still in bed.”

“…There is no need to forcefully wake him up. Jehard would prefer to sleep until noon than to have breakfast at this time.”

“Well, that is true.”

Anicilla’s breakfast is always modest.

A well-balanced vegetarian diet and sugar-free coffee. It would have been the case if he was alone, but since Mer and Eugene were added, the dining table had no choice but to be unbelievably overcrowded since it was breakfast.

Meat, meat, meat, meat.

The table was truly a feast of meat. pigs, cows, chickens, etc. Different parts of different animals, cooked in different ways, fill the table.

Eugene always eats meat for every meal.

It was the same with Mer. Aside from sweet and fluffy desserts, she just loved delicious dishes. The smell of Anicilla made her feel sick to the stomach, and she actually didn’t even touch the meat.

But with a happy face, he watched Mer eat the food.

‘I need to increase the number of cooks.’

There are still enough chefs from the head family. All of them are experts at the top of Kiel.

‘Kiel alone is not enough. Didn’t he say he hadn’t eaten in hundreds of years? I’ll feed you so many dishes to cover all the time spent like that.’

Anicilla promised that.


It was a little after noon when Melchis arrived.


After walking out of the warp gate, Melchis cheerfully greeted them and waved. An ankle-length, shaggy coat that makes it well over twice as large. That appearance and frivolous greeting were completely different from the solemn tower owner Anicilla had imagined.

“Welcome to Lionheart.”

But Anicilla did not lose her dignity through embarrassment. Melchis lifted up his leopard print sunglasses and looked at Anicilla.


“…My name is Anicilla Lionheart, the hostess of the main house.”

“aha! You don’t have to come out to meet me like this. I heard about your wife from the owner of the red pagoda.”

Melchis smiled and approached Anicilla.

“I’m going to visit the prestigious Lionheart’s home, but what are you doing coming empty-handed? So, in my own way, I also brought a gift that would suit my wife.”

“It’s a gift… it doesn’t have to be…”

“Hey, don’t say that. Would your wife appreciate me if she knew what the gift was?”

Melchis leaned over and whispered into Anicilla’s ear. Anicilla’s expression changed slightly. She cleared her throat and nodded her head.

“What gift did you bring?”

Eugene looked at Anicilla, who was returning with the knights, and asked.

“Rejuvenation medicine.”


“The White Magic Tower deals with alchemy as well as spiritism. I don’t know much about alchemy, but there are many top-notch alchemists under me.”

Melchis smirked and crossed his arms.

“In fact, it is more specialized for skin care than rejuvenation medicine… but is this really expensive? It is a medicine that is only supplied to the royal family of Arot.”

It was mutual understanding. Just as Anicilla wished for a relationship with the White Pagoda Master, Melchis also wished for a relationship with Lionheart.

“The one I brought for you today was made by frying the alchemists.”

“What is it?”

Eugene tilted his head and asked, but Melchis didn’t answer right away and just laughed.

“Don’t be too hasty. We’ll see you soon.”

Actually, I want to take it out right now and show it. Melkiss raised his head and looked back at Ryan Hart’s Forest.

“First… I’ll guide you to the annex.”

“A separate building?”

Melchis shook his head.

“Looking at me, a spirit sage, let’s leave this forest and go to a boring annex?”

nonsense. As Melchis muttered, his body trembled with chills.

A green forest where you can’t believe it’s the cold season. overflowing mana. Melchis, the Great Spirit Commander, could feel how absurd this forest was.

“…I’ve never seen a forest with so many spirits.”

Melchis muttered that and lowered himself. She made a contract with not only the lightning spirit king, but also the earth spirit king.

That’s why, I could feel how many spirits are breathing in this land.

“…Can I live here?”

“It’s not possible.”

Eugene answered without hesitation.

lightning spark

Melchis’ admiration continued throughout the forest walk. A forest with unbelievable vegetation in this season. Primitive spirits and other spirits melted in every landscape.

“This forest is the paradise that spirit sorcerers wish for!”

Melchis shouted excitedly.

“Really, isn’t that an exaggeration? I’ve been learning spirit magic for decades, and I’ve been to dozens and hundreds of spots where there are many spirits. But I’ve never seen a place as lively and full of spirits as here!”

“Ah, yes.”

“In this forest, you should be able to make a contract with the spirits right away with minimal affinity. Even if they’re already in a relationship, they’ll be able to see progress in spiritism just by living here. no no! Not just spiritism! What is it? Does it make sense to have so much mana?”

So excited, Melchis flapped his hands like a bird. Then, he jumped at Eugene and grabbed his collar.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“This is a crime!”

Melchis roared loudly.

“How could a spot overflowing with mana and spirits belong to a single family!”

“Uh… Um… Lionheart isn’t at the level of being called a family…”

“Yumma, Alot, the kingdom of magic, doesn’t even have a mana spot of this size! Not only Arrot, but other countries on the continent as well?!”

“It should be in Helmud.”

“…well… it could be… it could be. Ah, anyway, this place is simple and not even a mana spot! There are no spirit spots of this level in Helmude… none… There are plenty of dark spirit spots…”

Melchis hesitated, unable to organize the words he uttered. But a conclusion could be reached soon.

“…Can I really not live here?”

“Because it doesn’t work.”

“Then, not living but two days a week…”

“It’s not possible.”

“It’s really pitiful. After all, this forest isn’t even yours. Mrs. Ryan Hart seems to be very fond of her my gift… She should just negotiate with her?”

Eugene did not answer and stared at Melchis with a sullen expression. She said, in fact, that she had no reason to refuse outright.

However, the eccentricity of Melchis, which he heard from Tempest, only caught his heart. What if he even ran naked through this forest in the middle of the night, like Melchis did with Winid? Eugene didn’t want to imagine that scene…

“…a mean child. There’s nothing to stare at like that. It’s really, really petty, so I don’t sleep anymore. In fact, I have nothing to regret, right? I’m already at the pinnacle as an Elementalist.”

“You are wonderful.”

Melchis gritted his teeth and glared at Eugene. Then he turned around and started walking through the woods again.

“…Come to think of it. Where is Mer?”

“Here you are.”

Eugene’s cape was lifted, and Mer poked her head out. Seeing that, Melchis briefly felt a complicated feeling. To think that the cloak of darkness, which was her treasured possession, was being used as a house for that little girl…

‘…I never imagined that it would be used for such a purpose.’

“…You’re using it very usefully.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll return it in good condition in six years.”

“Of course it should. If there is a scratch anywhere, this whole forest…”


“It’s a joke, a joke. Do you really have no respect for adults? Every time I say a word, she glares at me like she’s going to kill me, and this sister is so scared to death.”

“Your sister is…”


No matter how you think about it, it was because the green tower owner, that son of a bitch, showed ugliness. Of course, Melchis didn’t want Noktapju to win the duel, but he was convinced that Eugene lost his respect for Noktapju because of Noktapju’s ugliness.

“But where are you going now?”

“A place full of spirits and mana.”

“Wherever you go in this forest, it will be like that.”

“Among them, there are places that are particularly dense. You don’t need to guide me. I already feel it, and I am being guided.”

I thought it was a good opportunity. Melkiss smiled and fluttered the hem of his coat proudly. Then the ground Melchis was standing on rose like a wave.

“The spirits of this land are guiding me.”

Eugene looked up at Melchis with a confused expression. Melkis was still stretching his arms over the waves of the earth, waiting for Eugene’s admiration.

“…Shall we go?”

“Do you want to ride too?”


“There is no need to refuse. It’s pretty fun to ride it!”

When Melchis snapped his fingers, the ground where Eugene was standing twitched. … he was honestly amazed. The movement of the land was not caused by magic, but by spirits.

‘Well, I made a contract with the earth spirit king.’

Eugene stopped walking and stood alone, and Melchis still hadn’t come down from the waves. So the two stood on the moving ground and moved forward. While doing so, Mer, who was in the cloak, also wriggled out and stood beside Eugene.

“Have you ever tried surfing?”


“If you like it, tell me anytime. You don’t have to go to the sea, I’ll make waves for you.”

“It’s a bit burdensome…”

“why? Are you excited about this sister’s words?”

“Don’t say nasty things.”

Eugene replied with a disgusted expression. However, Mer’s expression did not look bad, whether she liked the horse or whether she was enjoying riding on the turbulent ground.


Arriving across the forest was an elf village that had been completed a while ago. Coincidentally, today was the supply day for supplies, and wagons were lining up at the entrance of the village.

“Master Eugene. What are you doing?”

It was Narissa and Lebera who stood in front of the wagon and checked the unloading supplies.

“Yes… your taste is… unique… uh… um… shocking.”

Melchis stammered and looked at Narissa and Revera.

Two elves wearing Lionheart’s maid outfits. One has a prosthetic leg on his leg, and the other has an eyepatch covering one of his eyes…

It’s not uncommon to use elves as servants. The fact that both elves had their bodies damaged somewhere made Melchis think of shady and decadent thoughts.

“Don’t get me wrong.”

“…I am a person who tries to understand all tastes. No need to be too shy. Uh… you know quite a bit about my embarrassing secrets.”

“Don’t say anything to misunderstand.”

Narissa and Revera, who bowed before me, are staring at me. Those two, apprentice servants of the annex, became Nina’s complete aides while Eugene was gone. The bullshit that Melkis has been talking about will be passed on to Nina, and from there to Jehad, her father.

“So this place is full of spirits and mana?”

“Uhm… Uhhhm…”

“Oh, don’t think of it as weird.”

“Okay, don’t be too shy.”

Melchis cleared his throat and raised a finger.

“That’s it.”

The finger points to the back of the Elf Village. It was the place where the sapling of the World Tree was planted. It had only been a few weeks since planting, but those seedlings were much larger than when they had been plucked from Samar.

“…Is that the fairy tree you said you brought from Samar?”


“It’s the first time I’ve seen a living fairy tree. As a gift, can I pick one of the twigs?”

“I saw what Melchis was doing.”

Yujin grumbled and approached the fairy tree. As Melchis followed, he saw a hut a short distance from the Elf Tree.

‘That place is the center of the forest.’

Lionheart’s spirit vein.

‘Is the root of the fairy tree connected to the spirit vein? That’s why the power of the spirit vein is amplified and the mana… no… wait… The spirit of this place is different…?’

Primitive spirits with no ego. It’s familiar, but the primitive spirits here are different from the other spirits in the forest.

“…is it an illusion?”


“The Primordial Spirits here… Something moon… My God! This is not a fairy tree, but a world tree?!”

Melchis screamed and ran toward the sapling. Then he jumped up and wrapped his arms and legs around the tree trunk like a cicada attached to a dead tree.

“To see the World Tree alive!”

“To be precise, it’s not a world tree, it’s a sapling branched from it…”

“My God, my God!”

“How did you know?”

“Levin and Janos told me! How, how can this be! A sapling of a world tree in a family forest! There are three of them!”

“Who else are Levin and Janos?”

“The spirit king of lightning and the spirit king of earth!”

“Are you going to keep doing that?”

after a little while. Melchis slid down from the tree.

“…you won’t give it to me even if I ask for it?”

“Never give it away.”

“Turn off … I think I know the situation, so I can’t tighten it. Thank you for the humanity that remains in me.”

The elves brought from Samar. An elf territory where Senya is said to be hiding. The sapling of the world tree is here because of Senya’s will and for the sake of the elves. Melchis looked up at the sapling of the World Tree with eyes full of regret.

‘…I’d like to put one in the White Magic Tower…’

It can’t be. Melchis sighed heavily and sat down under the tree.

“Come and see.”

“Are you trying to negotiate something with me?”

“It’s not like that. The purpose of coming here is to start a contract with you and the spirits.”

Melchis opened the coat wide, took out a large box from inside and set it down in front of Eugene. Behind him, he ran his fingers around the sieve of his seat.

The light extending from his fingertips began to write spells on the ground around him and create a magic circle. Eugene watched it and sat down in front of Melchis.

“Should I sit down too?”

At Mer’s question, Melchis firmly shook his head.

“no. you are out Your delicate magic may be invaded by what will happen in the future.”

“…Is it dangerous?”

“Mood is important for a contract with a spirit. Especially since the lightning spirit has a rough temper? A familiar who is not a magician could be with you for no reason, and you could unleash a flash of lightning.”

As Melchis said, he looked Eugene up and down.

“…do you want to take off your clothes?”

“…do I have to take off my clothes to sign a contract?”

“I prefer that side. The response to the spirits is great only when you approach it with the original appearance, stripped of unnecessary decorations.”

“The Tempest said that was superstition?”

“…Each spirit has a different preference. Anyway, my advice is to take off your clothes. Wouldn’t it be better to take off the jacket? It could burn in the middle of the contract.”

Eugene furrowed his eyebrows. Still, he did not ignore the advice.

“Are you feeling well, brother?”

Melchis whistled at Eugene, who took off his shirt and returned. Eugene sat down in front of her, glaring at Melkiss with her tired eyes.

“Open the box. I wonder why you are making such a fuss.”


Melchis smiled sinisterly and snapped his fingers at the box.

The box was opened. Eugene opened his eyes wide and stared at the inside of the box, and at that moment. What was crouching inside popped up with a ‘flash’ light.

“what it this?”

Pachichichi! Within the barrier created by Melchis, lightning bolts ran amok. A speed so fast that it would be difficult for the eyes to follow. The light reflected back and forth as it collided with the wall of the barrier leaves an afterimage. Every time he spewed lightning bolts, the skin of his naked upper body tingled.

“Lightning spark.”

Melchis looked at the raging lightning sparks with loving eyes.

“Among the magic materials, there is something called thunderstone that holds lightning. It’s usually a precious gemstone used as a material for artifacts, but if you’re a high-level elementalist, you can process thunderstone to contain the lightning elemental itself.”

f*ck! Melchis’s thumb and forefinger collided, emitting a sound. Then the lightning sparks that were rampaging stopped flinching and fell down.

“This is the thunder crystal processed through alchemy. It’s a raw stone, but it’s not a raw stone, it’s smelted with flames.”

“What does that mean?”

“Yes. A gemstone is a stone after all. No matter how much a stone is processed, it cannot grow larger than it originally was. Cut it, break it, make it ‘small’ like that. But what about the flames?”

Melchis smiled and poked his head at Eugene.

“Fire is free to change depending on how you handle it. Water needs a bowl to contain it, but flame doesn’t even need a bowl. It gets bigger, it gets smaller… and then it gets violent. In other words, it is a very warlike and convenient material.”


“Of course, this is not just a spark. It burns like a flame, but the composition itself contains the primitive spirit of lightning. In other words, he has no ego and only has a terrible temper. how is it? Don’t you think it’s an attractive subject?”

“It is, but…”

“The reaction is fresh! Do you know how hard I worked to make this? It’s just a few tons of thunderstone that went into making this spark. Turn it into flames, and I’ll become the Lightning Spirit King myself! call in! It contained a lot of high-powered lightning!”

Eugene stared at the lightning spark with thinly opened eyes. The crouching lightning spark was the size of a bonfire… But Eugene felt a huge amount of mana condensed in it.

“Don’t worry about compatibility.”

Melchis shook his head and said.

“The one who dared to take the shape as ‘flame’ was Ryan Heart’s Baek Yeom-sik. It’s because the mana used through him sparks. Even if it doesn’t seem to mean much, it’s pretty important. It’s like adding color to clothes that have already been completed… I’m making them ‘familiar’ as I lack affinity.”

“…how do you make a contract?”

“Catch the lightning spark.”

Melchis spread his hands wide in front of Eugene and clenched his fists.

“Correspond to your mana. I mean while using white salt. The trick is… yes. Your mana… your strength. existence. you yourself. Change the shape of the lightning spark like that. If you do that, the lightning spark will naturally resist the mana from the outside.”

“You mean to subdue?”

“As an Elementalist, I think the word harmony and harmony is better than the word surrender. Well, that’s something you have to compromise on yourself. Wouldn’t it be faster to try it yourself first?”

surely. Eugene nodded her head and reached her hand towards the lightning spark.

‘Look at this bastard?’

when an outstretched hand came close. The lightning sparks flinched and increased her size. It was as if he was trying to swallow Eugene’s hand whole. Eugene smiled and operated the Transcendental Flame Ceremony.

Hwaaak! Pure white flames wrapped around Eugene’s body. Soon the flames turned bluish. Eugene caught the lightning spark with his hand entwined in the flame.


Lightning strikes. Her arms tingled. Her teeth clenched and clashed. The muscles in both arms trembled involuntarily, and the arms felt hot as if they had been burned. However, Eugene did not let go of the lightning spark. Instead, I tightened her grip and pulled her closer to my body.

“Hmm… wouldn’t it be better to be a little kinder?”

“Whether it’s surrender or reconciliation, that’s something I’ll have to compromise on.”

Eugene smiled and twitched his cheeks. It was quite interesting that the resistance was stronger than she thought. Fall out…! As Eugene pressed, the size of the lightning sparks gradually began to decrease.

“Uh… um… that’s… it is. First of all, if you continue like that… you will feel the spirit dragged out by the lightning spark.”

There is no lower class job. Even if you can’t, you should be able to make a contract with an intermediate level spirit.

‘It won’t be until the advanced level.’

In fact, the level of the spirit doesn’t matter. Once you make a contract, your affinity will increase naturally depending on how you deal with the spirits. If you make a contract with a lower-class lightning spirit right away, you can contract with a higher-level lightning spirit later.

‘Or Levin. How about you help a little more? I summoned a higher level lightning spirit from the beginning…’

[The contract must be fair.]

In Melchis’ head, Levin, the lightning spirit king, answered.

[I didn’t like the idea of ​​making that lightning spark. Melchis, what you stubbornly and begged me to concede to. Since you’ve been as convenient as me, you have to make the contract yourself.]

‘It’s too small…’

[If you wanted to let me use a higher level spirit, shouldn’t I have made an artifact with the spirit at all?]

‘That is, in the end, using the spirits dwelling in the weapon, not a contract.’

That’s why Winid is an absurd treasure. That sword doesn’t just ‘contain’ the spirit, it allows you to make a direct contract with the wind spirit king.


Yujin’s facial expression changed as she kneaded the lightning spark. Lightning flashes of lightning. Among them, it was because he felt a heterogeneous ‘presence’.

There was no way that Melchis, who had an overwhelmingly superior affinity for lightning, could not have felt the presence. Melchis said with a bright expression.

“The spirit dwells there.”

“…low class?”

“No, it’s intermediate. I knew that too Now, be conscious of that spirit and make a contract…”

“Are you too weak?”

Eugene frowned and replied. The spirit’s ‘power’ felt right away was worse than the lightning spark, and it couldn’t be compared to the lightning that was fired from the thunderbolt.

“Don’t be too greedy, start with the contract…”

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