Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 44

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“Let’s squeeze a little more.”

It can still be transformed. It was not an unfounded speculation. Eugene’s mana control is so genius that even Senya acknowledged it. The lightning within the lightning spark is the Primitive Spirit, and the Primal Spirit is another form of Mana.

Eugene cannot feel the primitive spirit. However, if it was a primitive spirit that was ‘processed’ and captured in this way, it was possible to feel and tune it like mana.

round salt. The core rotates faster. As the internal explosion repeated, Eugene’s mana was amplified. The flames that wrapped around her body turned completely blue. Pajik, Pajik! Every time he rubbed the flame, blue flames and lightning were mixed.

so the fire ignites Mana is scattered. It pulls it back in a psychedelic way. It leads to the core without waste.

…Mana is mixed with lightning. Inside the body, lightning flows into the core.

“Uh… uh uh…”

Melchis looked at the scene, speechless. Can I do that? …I don’t know. Melkis had never thought that such a thing would be possible, and he had never tried. In the first place, he didn’t even make a spark of lightning to use it like that.

“Are you okay? Doesn’t it hurt?”

Eugene didn’t answer. She gritted her teeth, and she only glared at the lightning sparks with her eyes wide open. The sight flashed. Every time he slept, the lightning sparks got smaller, and each time the Phantasmal Expression caused an ‘explosion’, the lightning sparks swelled up again.


Levin saw Eugene through Melchis’ eyes.

[…what the hell is that guy?]

‘…I don’t know.’

[Is it possible to tune the primitive spirits like that…?]

Levin’s astonishment was understandable. Primordial spirits are the pure essence of spirits. Although weaker than the lower spirits, it does not lose its presence even with the power of the lower spirits. All the spirits that existed in the world were once primitive spirits, and that was true of the spirit king as well.


‘I don’t know, so stop calling me!’

[No… I didn’t mean to ask, I was too focused.]


[The barrier is breaking.]

Melchis raised his head in amazement. It was as Levin said. The barrier that had been spread to prevent the sparks of lightning from running rampant was cracking as it could not withstand the force of movement in this space.

‘What else am I saying… I just need to create a barrier again, right?’

[…no. Leave it alone for a while.]

The moment Melchis tried to use his magic, Levin immediately stopped him.


[…Look at that crack.]

Levin’s voice trembled. Melchis looked at the crack, unable to comprehend the tremors.

Soon, Melchis’s eyes widened in astonishment.

[The spirit of the world tree is affected by lightning.]

Lightning streams through the cracks. Like that, it was added to the lightning spark, and was guided to Eugene through the Transcendental Flame Ceremony.

“…what the hell…”

The moment Melchis stuttered and continued.

ㅡ Cranky!

Lightning exploded.

lightning spark

The spirit’s lightning could not threaten Melchis, and there were signs of an explosion. So even though Melchis was caught in the explosion, he did not scream.

But I felt astonished. Because we know how this explosion happened. cracks in the barrier. The spirits of the World Tree, which had been wandering outside, came inside through the rift.

it became lightning The lightning spark could not stand the sudden growth and exploded.

‘…is that possible?’

Melchis straightened his body after being pushed by the explosion and shook off the electric current that wrapped around him. It seemed to shake off the clinging dust.


It was not Levin who answered. The quiet land spirit king, Yanos, rarely gave his voice to Melchis.

[The spirit cannot escape its essence.]

Primitive spirits dwell in wind, fire, and earth. They can be said to be a different form of mana without a self. However, it is not really usable like mana, and the primitive spirit dwelling in the land is the ‘earth spirit’ after all.

Melchis was well aware of that.

The basis of spiritism is to understand the nature of spirits. Even though the spirits are invisible to ordinary people, they do exist.

A wind spirit can never become an earth spirit. An earth spirit can never become a flame spirit. A fire spirit can never become a water spirit…

“…the spirit of the world tree.”

Melchis looked back with a hard expression. Even with the sudden explosion, no saplings of the World Tree were injured. Melchis felt the spirit of the World Tree hovering among the branches.

Trees also have spirits. It is not a very favored spirit among elemental magicians. This is because it is overwhelmingly more restrictive than other spirits. In a place like a forest, the spirits of trees are strong enough to be ignored, but if it’s not a place full of trees, it’s useless.

Even if it’s a world tree, it’s a huge tree after all. But… those spirits are different from tree spirits.

Melchis smiled and looked ahead.

Eugene was sitting in his seat as before, but there was no more lightning spark in his hand. Instead, lightning was embedded in the phantom flames that Eugene wore.

It’s not just lightning. The lightning of the spirits… No, the spirits of the World Tree became lightning. The lightning did not play with the flames of mana, but mixed together like one body, making the lightning flow through the scattered embers.

[…it’s not a lightning spirit.]

Levin murmured.

[I don’t know that kind of lightning. I can’t interfere even with my own strength.]

‘Then what the hell is that?’

[…It’s unbelievable, but… that boy… created a new spirit with his own power.]

Eugene felt the same surprise. She was surprised by the explosion, surprised by the disappearance of the lightning sparks, and surprised by the spirit of the World Tree dwelling in the lightning.

[I can’t believe it!]

I’m very surprised In my head, Tempest was yelling loudly.

[Hamel! I never thought that this would be possible. You have caused a miracle that no other elemental spirits and spirit kings have been able to achieve!]

Eugene didn’t bother to answer that voice. Instead, she was deeply conscious of the change that had happened to her.

‘…They didn’t disappear.’

Eugene looked down at his empty hands.

‘The lightning spark has completely melted into mana.’



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[What you were kneading was a simple mass of primitive spirits…! However, as the spirit of the World Tree was guided, it became a new spirit!]

‘Because I know it too, be quiet.’

Eugene took a deep breath and manipulated mana. ㅡFajik! The stronger the flame, the stronger the lightning.

‘Because lightning is a special material?’

It won’t be. This change was due to the guidance of the spirit of the World Tree. Eugene raised his seated body. He continues to be conscious of mana and the spirits of the World Tree, but the wandering spirits are no longer mixed with the lightning.

‘Or is it because I’m special?’

Being reincarnated after death is enough to be proud of being special. As far as Eugene knows, no one in this world has succeeded in reincarnating other than himself.

‘Perhaps he’s keeping his mouth shut after being reincarnated.’

Not just reincarnation. The special thing is the same as in the previous life. Even with her stellar teammates, Eugene is a clueless Hamel who has defeated three demon lords in her previous life.

‘…Mana control. lightning spark. The spirit of the world tree.’

no. That alone isn’t enough.

‘Eternal Hall.’

The power that subdued the lightning spark.

‘Clear flame ceremony.’

Tempest was called a miracle, but it was inevitable that all the factors were intertwined. Eugene finished his troubles and looked back at Melkis.

“Mr. Melchis. I have a favor to ask.”

“Uh… uh uh. what?”

“Lightning sparks. Please make it one more time.”

I know why you are asking like that. I’d like to try it one more time.

“…I can make it, but…”

didn’t listen to the end Eugene jumped up from his seat and approached the branch of a sapling that had grown powerfully. Curiously, he could tell which branches were okay to cut.

‘…I can see it.’

I didn’t see it originally. Now the spirits of the World Tree are visible. They had the appearance of an opaque cloud of smoke, and there were a few branches among which the spirits did not hover.

In other words, it is a branch that can be cut. Eugene cut off a thick branch and came down.

Seeing that, Melchis swallowed a gulp without realizing it. No matter how prestigious the pagoda owner is, the branch of a fairy tree is a difficult material to obtain. Much less simple fairy tree, the branch of the world tree is a precious material comparable to the dragon heart.

“I’ll give you this.”

Eugene spoke generously, and Melchis stretched out both hands and handed over the branch of the World Tree.

“Uh… uhh… uhhhh… uhhh!”

Melchis could not hold back his joy and shook his shoulders and laughed. The wand I’m using now was also made from a branch of an old fairy tree, but if it was this thick, I could use it whole to make a magic wand.

“I will make it. Cancer, you have to make it! Even tomorrow, I’ll go back to Arot…”

“Right now.”

“…Mrs Anicilla is preparing a party…”

“If you don’t like it, give it back.”

“Who, who doesn’t like that?! I don’t really like parties. Party… I don’t have many wizards I like. huh. I’m a wizard too, so I prefer to do research alone in a quiet place rather than at a noisy party.”

It’s a lie. Melchis is crazy about parties. However, he did not want to give up the branch of the World Tree he was holding in his hands right away.

In the end, Melchis cherished the branch of the World Tree and returned to Lionheart’s warp gate.

It was ten days later when Melchis returned to Arod.

Thunderbolt was originally a rare material, and the thunderbolt possessed by the White Magic Tower was used up while making the first lightning spark.

So, Melchis went to the black market in Bolero Street and purchased a large amount of thunder crystals with his own money. He begged his alchemists, who stayed up all night for days to make lightning sparks, and even gave them gifts to make them work again.

“It’s bigger than before.”

It was true. Melchis, who visited again ten days later, showed a bigger spark of lightning than last time.

Lionheart’s home, forest, elven village, 3 saplings. Just like ten days ago, Eugene sat in front of it and held the lightning spark with both hands.

The conditions were the same. Melchis created a barrier, and Eugene used the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony to cast lightning sparks.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been kneading like that.

“I can’t.”

Eugene no longer had any regrets and let go of the lightning spark.

“…I see.”

There was a ‘reaction’ throughout the kneading. Mana burning like a flame condensed the sparks of lightning into small ones, and inflated them greatly. However, like last time, the lightning spark did not seep into Eugene’s mana, and the spirit of the world tree did not come out.

“You don’t look disappointed, do you?”

“I knew it would be like this.”

Eugene licked his lips and touched the lightning spark with his finger.

“Change only once. It stuck with me like that. That’s all.”

“…the changes that have happened to you. It’s something unprecedented in the history of spirits. This Grand Spirit Wizard, Melchis Elhair, and the two Spirit Kings who contracted with me guarantee it.”

“The Tempest said that too.”

Took. Snapped fingers push out lightning sparks. Then, the sparks of lightning trembled and went into the box it came out of.

“I tried several things over ten days.”

Eugene shook his knees and got up from his seat.

“A spirit that was reborn by me. Character is lightning. But it is not a lightning elemental.”

walked through the woods

“Will it grow little by little? Or will it add up? I lived in this forest for ten days, and I was conscious of the spirits without a break… but the spirits of the World Tree didn’t add up.”

Eugene looked at the trees in the forest with thinly opened eyes. I could see the spirits of the world tree hovering between them, flying around as if they were playing a joke.

“It seems to be drugging me.”

“…do you take medicine? A spirit?”

“yes. I beckon you to come, but you don’t come. It’s not like they run away when I get close. I’m sure it’s close, but I can’t touch it even if I stretch out my hand.”

“…Because spirits do not have a material substance.”

“yes. Those damn bastards, won’t listen to my demands.”

Yujin chuckled and raised her finger.


Lightning shot from his fingertips. Melchis stood with his mouth half-open and looked in the direction the lightning had shot. An electric current roamed the ground.


Melchis smoothed out his surprise and murmured.

“The spirit of lightning… it’s not. Lightning is embedded in your mana itself. Do you know what that means?”

“It’s completely different from spiritism or magic.”

“It’s not like chess! Mana is just mana. In order to make it different, you have to turn it into magic through a spell.”

Primordial spirits have no self. The same goes for the spirit of the world tree. That’s just the primordial spirit dwelling in the World Tree.

“…The Primordial Spirit is… the essence of all spirits. Another form of mana. It is mixed with spirits wherever they exist, but it is not swallowed by spirits of higher rank.”

Melchis swallowed dryly. The reason why he used the lightning spark was to enable Eugene to directly sign a contract with the lightning spirit.

I couldn’t make a contract with the lightning spirit. It was no longer necessary. Lightning dwelled in my body and mana, so what was the need to make a contract with the spirit?

“…even though it blended into you, that quality hasn’t changed. Shall I be honest? I mean, I want to catch you, knock you down, and dissect you right now. Elementalists, no, all wizards would want to do that, right?”

“Just think. Don’t try to do it yourself.”


Melchis felt his body tingle and his eyes lit up.

“What can I do with that unique power?”

“I’m doing a lot of experiments…”

I tried many things in ten days. The spirit of the world tree could not be added to the lightning that dwelled in the body. The same was true when using the second lightning spark.

This lightning completely melted into mana. However, it does not mean that it is consumed and depleted. Just as mana is restored, lightning is also restored. Each time the achievement of the White Flame Ceremony rises, the lightning will become stronger.

Checking on him, Eugene didn’t think of lightning differently. Whether it was possessed by spirits or whatever, it just became tingling and crackling mana. He became able to shoot lightning as he ‘shoots’ mana. It is now possible to contain lightning even in sword steel that burns like flames.

amplification of power.

It was the same with the celebratory meal. Baek Yeom-sik grafted with Eternal Hall. Rotates the core it possesses to form a circle, then splits and explodes the core within it.

Lightning added to the explosion. The stronger the explosion, the stronger the flow of mana. When I use ignition, the core is burdened.

But it’s not a runaway.

“I haven’t adjusted yet.”

Eugene took a deep breath and exhaled. She repeated her breathing for quite some time. Melkis looked at Eugene with expectation in her eyes.

Soon, Melchis realized something. The more he breathes, the more Eugene’s expression hardens. Changes aren’t just facial expressions. a stiff body. Melchis had never really learned chess, but he knew what that meant.


I wondered. Melkis was also present at the duel between Eugene and Noktapju, and he was with Eugene even before the duel took place. A wagon headed for the square of the green mage tower. Though Melchis and Merdo were worried about Eugene, thinking about the duel after that.

Eugene never showed a nervous look. From inside the carriage, let alone nervousness, he showed a sense of composure. It means that he wasn’t scared at all even against the 8th circle archmage.

It was the same after getting off the carriage. Even the moment the duel started, Eugene wasn’t nervous. He moved as naturally as he could afford, and won the duel.

“…Hey… You’re not misunderstanding something, are you?”

Melchis asked cautiously.

“I did ask what you could do with that power… but that didn’t mean you were going to have a showdown with me?”

Could it be that the little boy misunderstood the words and jumped at him? If you are young, it may be. However, Eugene did not respond to Melchis’ question. He just stared right in front of her with her frowning eyes.

The reason for the tension was simple.

‘I don’t want to be embarrassed…’

Of course, he had no intention of attacking Melchis. This tension is purely self-inflicted, psychological. Eugene took a few more deep breaths and operated the circumstance.

Extend your feet forward.

The current snapped and bounced.


Melchis’s mouth dropped open at the scene unfolding in front of him. Like lightning… Yeah, just like that, it’s like ‘lightning.’ No, not like, Eugene actually became lightning. It was so fast and explosive that I can’t help but say that.

…The problem was that I couldn’t perfectly control that absurd acceleration.

“…Are you okay?”

Melchis stuttered and approached Eugene. Eugene, who had become lightning and jumped out, stopped after destroying several trees. …it wasn’t a clean stop. The traces of dragged feet were clearly left on the ground, and the posture of stopping was also unstable.


That’s why it’s so tense. Eugene, who had the memories of her previous life intact, was so ashamed that she couldn’t control her power and was taken away…

“Ah… this is… oh… uh…”

“…Are you okay?”

“Of course, of course it’s fine. Doesn’t it hurt? You also saw Lord Baektap.”

“…I saw it. you were so fast It was like a lightning bolt.”

There were no injuries. Yes, it was only natural that he ran out with an aura shield on his body. It’s just that even though my body wasn’t hurting, my heart was hurting.

‘The speed itself is slower than Ignition.’

Ignition not only makes the core run wild, but also awakens the body. That’s why you can properly control the rampaging power.

However, this ‘lightning’ purely explodes only mana. Eugene’s mana control is at an absurd level, but it didn’t work well to apply the brakes. It was easy to amplify the power of the attack itself by mixing it moment by moment, but it was not easy to move while holding this fierce mana all over the body.


Melchis stroked his chin and was lost in thought.

“Since it’s no longer just mana… Why don’t you use it only for magic instead of mixing it with martial arts?”

“Then it’s a waste.”

Magic is attractive. The more you dig into it, the more absurd things impossible with taijutsu become possible.

but. Even so, Eugene had no intention of giving up his taijutsu.

“Besides, it wasn’t easy to apply magic.”

“Since the nature of mana has changed… This is unprecedented, so I can’t advise you.”

“I can’t help it. I have no choice but to get used to the lightning…”

“Brain light?”

What Eugene said. Melchis did not miss those words.

“Is that your name?”


“therefore. What you just wrote is white flame-style lightning… What is this?”


“Or brain light? Cerebral light leukemia? cerebrospinal fluid? White Flame Brain Gwangsik?”

“be quiet.”

“Your face is a little red? Is it because you’re ashamed to name the technology yourself? Hey, what are you worried about? Giving a name to the technology you create is a right that only you can enjoy.”

The corners of Melchis’ mouth went up.

“All wizards have that dilemma… It’s a very difficult thing to come up with a cool name for a great magic you’ve created. And that, the name is what I mean. You said that you are cool, but others might sound embarrassing and disgusting, right?”


“But if you give it a decent name, it seems like you are disparaging the technology you created… If you give it an excessive name, it’s embarrassing to tell others… Well, I know it well. did you say All wizards have such a dilemma?”

“Okay, so…”

“I’m a brain light, I think it’s okay. No, it’s rather unreasonable. How about Fire Thunder instead? Or Thunderfire. Is it like that? Firebolt… Thunderflame…”


Eugene shouted out loud. Melchis smiled and looked at Eugene.

“Magic. what?”

“I’ll show you.”

Eugene wrinkled his expression and lifted his cloak. So she took out Akasha, but it wasn’t just Akasha that came out of the cloak.


Mer, who was hugging Akasha, came along. Her face was desperately holding back a smile. That face seemed to be ridiculing Senya, so Eugene unknowingly punched Mer in the head.

“Why are you hitting me!”

“Your smile is unlucky.”

“I think the name Brain Light is cool. When I hear that simple yet intuitive name, I can feel that Eugene’s sense has greatly improved.”


Melchis muttered. Mer continued her words, thinking it was revenge for getting her head pierced.

“Sura Light, God of Destruction, Dead End, Manroe, Lightning Counter. Compared to a name like this, it’s a very good name, isn’t it?”

“What kind of idiot gives such an embarrassing name? Ah, but Manroe and Lightning Counter are pretty good. It’s like lightning.”

“Shut up.”

Eugene listened to Akasha while clearing his bubbling stomach. Then, she shoved Mer, who was clinging to Akasha, into the cloak.

“Go in!”

“Eugene, how about Lightning Sura?”

“Shut up!”

Eugene didn’t want to discuss this topic any longer. mindless, focused. Yujin caught up with her shaking spirit and remembered her technique.

The composed formula causes magic. Crackling lightning sparks wrapped around Eugene’s body and slowly descended to the ground. At the same time, Eugene’s body floated into the sky.

The lightning that spreads from the ground sways and dances.


How many times are you surprised today? Melchis shook his white face.

“It’s like a monster…!”

It’s not quite the same, but Melchis recognized that figure… No, what magic Eugene was using.

Noktapju Generic A magic invented by Osman in the process of making his signature.

Divine Tree.

‘You saw that and copied it?’

I couldn’t think of it as an extension of following the magic engraved on the cake…

It is impossible to see through and imitate the magic formulas seen for the first time.

“Well, it’s just a superficial level, but…”

Divine Tree belongs to the 6th Circle, but the difficulty of the spell is impossible to follow at the level of the 6th Circle. It is because Akasha understands the magic of the Divine Tree and has been assisted by Mer.

“…that… you’d better not use it.”

Melchis shook his head and murmured.

“If the Noktap Lord finds out that you stole the Divine Tree and learned it, he will definitely try to kill you to save his face.”

“Of course I will.”

Eugene snorted and broke the ceremony.

“I just wrote it for you to see. I have no intention of using magic like this.”

Thanks to showing the Divine Tree, I was able to shut up Melchis’ teasing.

“…This kind of magic…”

Melchis laughed and shook his head.

< Lightning Spark >

one month.

A letter has arrived from the Holy Empire. The caller is Rohanna Sellis. A friend who spent his childhood in a monastery with Christina.

The content was nothing. After wandering around Samar for several months, he said that he felt free and comfortable after returning to his hometown… After reading the letter, Eugene took Akasha in his hand.

“Looks like you haven’t forgotten.”

A list of written letters. It is creating a magic formula. Any group of wizards would have one or two of these cryptographic magics, and the same goes for the Red Mage Tower.

Among them, the code magic that Eugene passed on to Christina was learned directly from Loberian. Even within the Red Magic Tower, only Hera and Loberian’s henchmen can use this code magic.

It’s not that I don’t trust Rohan or Sellis. But she couldn’t ignore the if, she said, and that the letters she was sending could be monitored.

So he taught me cryptography. At first glance, it seems simple. It’s actually simple. However, there are traps everywhere in the intertwined spells.

Being caught in a trap does not change the password magic. One way or another, crypto magic works.

That’s why the recipient of the letter can notice the ‘trap’. Eugene infused mana according to the code magic technique and unlocked the code.

The sentence written on the letter paper disappeared, and it became a completely different content.

You cannot directly interrogate the Pope and the Cardinals. Seeing their reaction with a head-on is too risky. If they had instigated the raid, they would have no choice but to be wary of Christina’s return. Cristina is paying attention to him.

‘but. If they investigate the raid, the pope and the cardinals have no choice but to take appropriate action.’

It wasn’t anyone else, the ‘Saint’ was attacked by Helmud’s ‘Evils’. Even though it was only an attempt, if the fact was known, the relationship between the Holy Empire and Helmud would reach its worst.

Of course it should.

‘The demon king of confinement is a pacifist on the surface.’

That fact cannot be denied.

There is something called the Anti-Magic Alliance. With the Holy Empire at the head, it was the United Nations, a coalition of small northern countries. They have been deploying troops and demonstrating force on Helmud’s borders for a very long time. Although there were no direct attacks on the border cities, trade routes were blocked or military drills were held periodically near the gates.

The demon king of confinement is conniving at him. If you want to wipe it out, you can wipe it out as much as you want, but the demons are complaining about the armed demonstration, but there is no conflict.

The demons tried to kill the holy woman of the Holy Empire. This doesn’t end with just cutting off the tail. If it is even publicized, it will grow into a spark of war.

…the war is still too early.

‘For now, this is all.’

I said I would do an investigation. Eugene put Christina’s letter aside.

There is one more letter. A letter from Arot, not from the Holy Empire. Information about Raisakia and Varang from Loberian.

Dragon Demon Castle, the territory of Black Dragon Raizaika.

That castle is also a unique castle in Helmud.

Dragon Demon Castle is not on the ground, but in the sky. A flying castle that is dozens of times larger than Arot’s famous floating station. The Dragon Demon Castle is flying over Raizaika’s territory.

Raizakia is a terrible human hater. Helmud is friendly to humans, but not a single human lives in the territory of Raizakia. Only demons, monsters, and subhumans live in his territory.

The population is the military force. Laizakia’s troops are overwhelmingly meager compared to the size of the territory and other dukes. Humans who have been naturalized in Helmud are not strong enough to be used as troops, but the regular taxes they pay increase the power of the demons.

Human hater Raizakia rejects even that. Among the many demons, the race called ‘Dragon’ is special, and Raizakia is uniquely arrogant among dragons.


Yujin squinted her eyes as she read through the pile of letters.

‘It’s not me.’

There is a race that takes up a lot of weight in Laizakia’s territory compared to other territories.


Dragons are crazy about jewels and handicrafts. As much as I consider myself a great race, I think that I should have things appropriate to the dignity of that existence.

That’s why dragons have been commanding dwarves since time immemorial, and so was Laizakia. He had many Dwarves under his command before he fell, but even after he fell into Magi, he didn’t liberate or annihilate the Dwarves under his command, and took them all and flew to Helmud.

Now, 300 years have passed. The descendants of the Dwarves at that time still haven’t escaped from Raizakia’s grip.

There is a huge mine in Laizakia’s territory. Dwarves cannot leave the mining area and labor in the mines from birth to death. All the objects they mined, pounded and crafted go into the treasure house of Raizakia.

‘…things made by the dwarves are being stolen.’

It is not officially exported. Through dozens of brokers, they are secretly released to the black market.

The dragon race never ‘sells’ their goods. So, is someone tricking Laizakia’s eyes and stealing things? No, that’s impossible.

In the territory of Raizakia, there are several high-ranking demons who served him and signed a contract, and although the terms of the contract are unknown, it is impossible to steal the goods while violating them.

‘There’s no way the dwarves would do that.’

This issue alone is sufficient to suspect Lyzakia, but there are several more.

For the last 200 years, Raizakia has not increased its ranks.

There are only three dukes in Helmud.

Among them, the Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella, has a strong enough army that she does not need to increase her family.

The Sword of Confinement, by Gavid Lindman. In fact, the position he holds is more like an honorary position. He has been the best confidant of the demon king in captivity since 300 years ago. Instead of becoming the owner of the contract and increasing his family, he is leading other members of the demon king in captivity.

Laizakia is overwhelmingly less powerful than other dukes. Warlocks aren’t the only ones who make contracts with demons hoping for power and honor. Demons also make contracts with high-ranking demons for power and honor.

In other words, among the demons, there are bound to be quite a few of those who are aiming for the place of Raizakia’s family. Immediately after the end of the war 300 years ago. Raizakia had carefully selected the demons who came to her to become her household and signed a contract to increase her household a little. However, in the last 200 years, the family has not increased at all…

‘…and what else is this? Count Karad?’

Nom is a new aristocrat of Helmud. He didn’t even have a presence 300 years ago, but after gaining strength during the era of peace, he is an ambitious young demon who aims to advance into the ‘centre’ of Helmud.

Count Karad’s estate is right next to the Dragon Demon Castle. That’s nothing to worry about, but he’s been secretly encroaching on the territory of Yongma Castle since this year.

‘I’m sure. Right now, Raizakia in the Dragon Demon Castle is not herself. It doesn’t seem like an alter ego…’


‘It’s only been a few hundred years since I was born… Then the front and rear match.’

Dragons are a powerful race right after they are born, but the reason dragons are so strong that they cannot be matched is because of their overwhelmingly long lifespan.

The longer the dragon lived, the stronger it was.

‘Lizakia herself made a contract with her family and led the dwarves. Hetzling can’t be the master of that contract.’

If Raizakia had died, the contract would have been broken and the family would have rebelled. The Dragon Demon Castle is surviving even if it creaks.

‘It seems that the contract remains… So, on the surface, is it loyal to the owner’s child? But that seems to be reaching the limit.’

Barang next.

As I had introduced with my own mouth, he was Yagon’s brother-in-law. However, it seems that there was no brotherly love that usually accompanies ‘brotherhood’.

In the past, Yagon killed Oboron by biting him. After that, he killed all the elders who were Oboron’s servants in the name of ‘water change’. What can be said to be the main axis among the current beastmen are the relatively young beastmen of the same generation as Yagon.

However, Yagon did not form a strong unity with his generation. The bastard took down the beasts with his mighty power. The only ones who can stand by Yagon’s side are the outstanding strongmen who have overcome the intimidation.

Varang, who was said to be a sworn brother, could not stand by Yagon.

‘…well, it was weak compared to the flamboyance.’

Balzac heard that the beastmen under Yagon wandered around as mercenaries to increase their power.

According to the letter from Loberian, Varang also wandered as a mercenary. He participated in dozens of territory battles, and it seems that he was famous in the mercenary world of Helmood in his own way.

but. It was not recorded who requested Varang to leave Helmud. At the end of the letter, he stated that he would investigate as best he could, but

To be honest, Eugene didn’t expect much. He was a mercenary in his previous life. It would not be strange if the request of a low-level mercenary was betrayed or the contents of the request were leaked. However, as the ‘class’ as a mercenary rises, that does not happen.

Unlike the days when only ‘money’ was prioritized, it was because ‘honor’ as a mercenary was born. And honor breeds trust. Money is no longer an attractive reason for a high-ranking mercenary anyway. The fun of requesting, trust with the guild, things like that.

‘There are mercenary guilds everywhere on the continent, but among them, Helmud’s mercenary guild is special.’

It was inevitable that Helmud had a very high level of request. Missions such as escort and subjugation can be obtained anywhere on the continent, but Helmud’s quest is of a different quality. In addition, the warlike demons of Helmud were constantly fighting territory wars, so the treatment of mercenaries was overwhelmingly good compared to other countries.

‘So there’s no way the contents of the request will be leaked. I don’t think it’s a request I received through the guild in the first place.’

Lionheart and the Assassination of the Saint. It is not a request that the mercenary guild can arrange.

Eugene burned the collected letters and stood up.

“Are you leaving today?”

Mer was sitting on a soft sofa, licking candy. It’s no ordinary candy. Among the chefs recently hired by the head family, a famous pastry chef painstakingly made the candy for Mer.

Ice cream and candy, somewhere in between. Every time you lick it with your tongue, the size doesn’t decrease, and if you try to chew it with your teeth on such a soft subject, it will be chewed. Mer must have liked that candy so much that she held it in her hand every time she looked at it.

“…Anicilla-sama is also very polar.”

“You are a beautiful and nice person.”

“I never gave you candy like that when I was a kid. You never hired dozens of cooks for me.”

“No way… Eugene, are you jealous of me right now? I’m smaller than Eugene, and I’m cuter.”

“I also had a time when I was small and cute. About seven years ago.”

“But he was kind like me, and he probably didn’t get along well with Anicilla-sama. I also heard from Anicilla-sama a few times about Eugene-nim’s childhood. Eugene-sama was amazing from then on!”

Mer smirked and hopped off the couch.

“From the first day, I beat Anisilla-sama’s son and beat him up. I heard that even after becoming adopted, he bullied me at every opportunity?”

“…That… You exaggerated a bit by saying that Anicilla-sama was her son. It wasn’t a beating, it was just one hit, and it was such a fair and honorable duel. torment? Rather, I was bullied! You don’t know, but do you know how much those twins bothered me?”

“I won’t believe what Eugene says. Eugene doesn’t give me candy, snacks, or cakes.”

“I’m going to die of regret, really. Have you forgotten how many dessert shops I took you to in Alot?”

“Anicilla-sama took me to more stores than then.”

“Yes, if you like Anicilla-sama that much, go and ask Anicilla-sama to be your mother. Change her name to Mer Ryan Hart, no, Mer Caines, and be the daughter of Annie Silla.”

“Don’t be upset, Eugene. But thanks to my cuteness, Eugene-nim is benefiting from many things too, right?”

Mer smiled and followed Eugene. … She said something undeniably creepy. All of the newly hired cooks by Anicilla were excellent, and the level of meals Eugene ate also went up significantly.


On the way down from the upper floor to the hall of the annex, a loud voice came from below. At that loud voice, the attendants who were cleaning the first floor all looked this way.

“Where are you going? do you have to go? If you don’t have any plans today, why don’t you go out on the town with me?”

It was Jehard. Yujin smiled and crumpled her expression when she saw her father approaching.

“You were there yesterday, right?”

“I went yesterday, so where is the law saying not to go today?”

“Didn’t you decide to receive swordsmanship training from Raman today?”

“…that was postponed until later. If I want to do that, Rahman also likes it very much.”

Indeed, Rahman was nowhere to be seen. It was obvious where she had gone.

‘I must have participated in the training of the knights on the home side.’

It is good for Rahman to discipline himself. Eugene didn’t regard him as his henchman the way Rahman thought, but he was positive about having someone loyal to him other than Ryan Hart.

‘There’s also a Chicnad, but he’s on the forest side.’

However, Rahman lives in an outbuilding all day long. If someone were to attack the main house, they would prioritize the outbuildings with fewer people. At that time, Raman will be able to protect Jehard and Nina sufficiently until the support of the knights of the head family arrives.

Since he became Emir’s escort without any political qualities, Raman’s skills were not bad when viewed objectively. He’s definitely not the captain of the White Lion Knights, but with that level of skill, he’ll be treated well no matter where he goes.

Recently, he does not rest on his laurels and actively interacts with the head coaches and participates in training.

“Mer will go with me today.”

“…Mer would rather enjoy touring the city’s delicious shops with me than joining you in your training.”

“Isn’t it a waste of the weight you worked hard to lose?”

“If you take the medicine, it will go away quickly.”

“father! I told you not to take that medicine!”

“…It was a present from Viscount Sterod himself. How can you refuse that favor?”

“Even Viscount Sterod wouldn’t want his present to be used as a diet supplement. It must have been given to me to become stronger by taking medicine and working out hard.”

“Kuhmm… that’s true… but I don’t want to be as big and bulky as Viscount Sterod…”

“So don’t rely on drugs, just exercise in a healthy way. He also swung his sword several times. If you keep doing that, I will personally lead the father training.”

Jehard’s face was stained with despair at that bluff. He was well aware of how strict and ruthless his son was in training. There will be no parents and children in the training.

“I agree with you about the need for training. I asked Eugene to keep it a secret, but Jehard-nim ​​recently increased the size of the wedding dress and ordered a new one.”

Nina, who was standing behind Jehard, quickly opened her mouth. At those words, Jehard hurriedly turned his head.


“I heard from Narissa, who is helping in the kitchen, that Jehard secretly orders late-night snacks every morning.”


“Cleaning the dishes is one of Levera’s main duties. Jehard seems to think that the apprentice servants are out of sight of the other servants and me, but Jehard’s overeating is always being reported to me.”

“…how good I’ve been to them… to be betrayed like this…!”

“Everything is for Jehard’s health.”

Eugene sighed and shook his head.

“father. Come with me and run ten laps, no, twenty laps.”

“If you run like that, my knees will break!”

“People’s knees don’t break so easily. Rather, the father’s increasing weight would make it easier to crush his knees. Now, stop talking and come out with me right now. Come to think of it, my father hasn’t run with me since I was 8 years old, right?”

“…there’s a reason why you don’t run…”

Jehard also remembers that time clearly. His son, who was devoted to training from a young age, was admirable, and once ran in the field with Eugene.

…It wasn’t a match against each other, but at that time, Jehard felt a terrible sense of defeat. He couldn’t keep up with the 8-year-old, who was much smaller than himself, even when he sprinted. That was before his adulthood, as his father, humiliated him never to run again.

“If Jaehard runs, I will run with him.”

said Mer, who was biting into the candy bar she had eaten.

“miss. If you bite into it, your teeth will get worse.”

Nina sneaked up and snatched the candy stick from Mer.

Jehard vowed never to remarry for the rest of his life in memory of his late wife. However, he would occasionally have thoughts of wishing for the daughter he never had.

The memory of running with his son is miserable, so he is reluctant, but it seemed like it would be a beautiful memory if Mer was together. Zehad pondered for a moment, then nodded his head.

I started running like that.

Beautiful memories were not made as I thought.

Eugene kept pace with Jehard without rushing, and Mer also ran hard beside him.

The problem was Jehard’s stamina. Thanks to Viscount Sterod, his stamina has improved, but running in this cold weather wears out my hard drive quickly.

The familiar, Mer, never gets tired.

Eugene doesn’t get tired even if he runs 200 laps instead of 20.

when running 10 laps. Jehard couldn’t run any more and sat down. Eugene, who followed slowly, stopped for a moment next to Jehard.

“Let’s increase it by one lap a day.”

Instead of answering, Jehard lay flat on the floor and only waved his hands. Eugene forced Jehard to stand up and brushed off the dust from his clothes with his hand.

“let’s go.”


Mer answered as if she had been waiting and approached Eugene. After Eugene opened her cloak to let Mer in, she stood still and took a few deep breaths.

“It’s brain light.”

“Yujin-nim is using thunderbolt!”

The gossip of attendants in the outbuilding. Among them, he could see elves with sensitive hearing covering their ears. Eugene tried her best to remain calm, but deep down in her heart she felt a strong murderous intent against her white tower lord, Melkis El Hire. brain light. The name that was only in Eugene’s head was passed on to Melchis, and Melchis dropped a cubic tablet at the party at the family home that evening.

‘Ryanhart’s future is very bright. Do you know your wife? Eugene, that kid’s new skill! It’s called lightning, and it’s as cool and dazzling as its name. Well, people really become lightning and fly away with a bang?’

…Eugene felt burdened by everyone’s eyes. However, it seemed more embarrassing to quit now.


Lightning is contained in the mana operated in the white flame style. A week to show off in front of Melchis. It was still impossible to completely control the thunderbolt, but it was beyond the level of not being able to apply the brakes and crashing into a tree.

Extend your foot one step forward.

I was about to jump out, but Eugene hurriedly put the brakes on my body.


I saw someone walking from the forest that I had chosen as my destination.

“When are you here?”

Carmen Lionheart and Ciel Lionheart.

The two people who were supposed to be in the Black Lion Castle were approaching this way.

prepare for hunting

It wasn’t just Carmen and Ciel who suddenly returned to their home. All of the 3rd Division of the Black Lion Knights, with her as her captain, arrived at the main house.

‘Even if it’s only 10 people.’

The Black Lion Knights only accept Lionheart’s lineage. Because of that, compared to other prestigious knights on the continent, the number was overwhelmingly insufficient.

but. Eugene was well aware that the strength of the knights was not determined by the number of heads randomly called. There were only 5 warriors, including Hamel, who had killed 3 Demon Kings right away.

“When you pick the best knights on the continent, there are six knights that are always mentioned.”

Carmen opened her mouth.

“The Knights of the Blood Cross of Euras. Simuin’s Turbulent Knights. Kiel’s White Dragon Knights. Ruhar’s white fangs. The sand scorpion of Nahama.”

What these knights had in common was that they all belonged directly to the royal family.

“And our Black Lion Knights.”

The only exception is Lionheart’s Black Lion Knights. Eugene couldn’t understand why Carmen was suddenly bringing up such a story, so he stared at her face.

“Idiots who don’t know anything say that the Knights of the Black Lion lag behind other knights directly under the royal family. I don’t think so. Although they may have more heads than us, the Black Lion Knights are the strongest in terms of skills.”

“…Yeah… what…”

“Would you like to join the strongest knights?”

“I don’t like it.”

Eugene replied with a tired expression. No matter how many times she refused, Carmen didn’t seem to give up.

“I don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand Carmen either. How many times do you have to say you hate me before you give up?”

“How many times do I have to recommend you to accept it? I am recommending it to you, putting my ego aside.”

“I know very well how much Carmen-nim loves Lionheart and is proud of being a member of the Black Lion Knights. I have no intention of dedicating my life to the Knights of the Black Lion.”

“It’s like being stubborn.”

Carmen raised her glass, squinting. At first glance, it was bitter black coffee, but that coffee had several spoonfuls of sugar in it.

“I am interested in your brain light.”


Eugene almost spit out the coffee he was drinking.

“Your brain light is so amazing. Every time I open it, lightning crackles…”

“Where did you hear from?”

“I asked the forest elves about you, and they gladly told me.”

Eugene clenched his fists in shame. In fact, he didn’t feel ashamed of being named Thunderlight. How simple is the thunderbolt compared to the name of Sura Light or Destruction God?

but. After hearing Melchis’ teasing, he was ashamed of being called a thunderbolt. Just don’t give it any name. Even though I felt such regret, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being teased by Melchis when I changed my name to Lightning now.

Ultimately, it is self-esteem.

“I also have a technique similar to your thunderbolt… It’s called Thunderlight Ilseom.”


“They’re equally brainy. Why don’t we compete to see whose brain power is superior?”

“…I don’t like it.”

I had heard about Carmen’s lightning strike from Genos before.

‘Sir Carmen’s ultimate weapon is Destiny Breaker.’

‘The combination that starts with Tekken Chain and ends with Eclipse, Paewanggak, Thunder Island, and Destiny Breaker has a reputation for being vicious and powerful even in the Black Lion Knights.’

Yujin doesn’t know what kind of skill is the Noegwang Ilseom. Tekken Chain, Eclipse, Overlord Angle, Destiny Breaker, I don’t know what type of technology they have.

…I’m curious, but I didn’t want to compete now.

“I don’t think you came here to talk about that.”

The third division’s visit was sudden. Apparently, just an hour ago, I was notified to activate the warp gate in my hometown, and I came over immediately.

“I had this purpose. There are two main purposes.”


“One is the protection of the family.”

Carmen took a sip of her sweet black coffee.

“The elders of Black Lion Castle have no intention of blaming you for bringing an elf on your own. I heard later, but that you went to Samar with Auxiliary Bishop Cristina, you had asked the Senate directly for permission.”

Senor Wonju.

When those words came out, Yujin cleared her expression.

“The progenitor of Lionheart is the great Vermouth. Even if 300 years, no, 3,000 years pass, this family will remain wise Senya’s best friend. If Senya the Wise asked for the protection of the elves, we will do so.”

swear Eugene held the corners of her mouth from twisting. It was Vermouth who pierced a large wind hole in Senya’s chest. Besides, hundreds of years have already passed since the elves were persecuted.

…I know I can’t blame him. Elves are a race, and 300 years is a long time.

“From my personal point of view, it would be better to move them to Mount Uklas rather than to the forest of my family, but when I directly asked the elves, they said they would stay in the forest of my family.”

“I seem to like the forest here.”

“It must have been something I liked. I also lived at my parents’ house a long time ago, but the forest I know and the forest now are completely different.”

Carmen chuckled and pulled out a cigar case.

“I have no intention of asking why. The change of the forest is a very enjoyable thing for me too. I think this business trip will be a good training for me as well.”

“Is Suho like that?”

“If possible, I hope that nothing to protect will happen.”

Carmen crossed her legs and cut off the end of her cigar. After that, he closed his eyes, brushed the cigar on the tip of his nose, and savored her scent.

…Eugene saw Carmen’s eyebrows crinkle slightly at that moment.

‘It looks musty.’

“…Do you know Princess Rakshak?”

“I heard from Arot. I heard Princess Rakshala might come to negotiate with the head family.”

“Then talk quickly. Of course, Lionheart has no intention of negotiating with Princess Raksha.”

Carmen bites the cigar in her teeth.

“But you can’t shut the door. If you come, I will welcome you.”

“Do you think that the power of the head family is too much to welcome Princess Raksha?”

“no way. Here is the White Lion Knights. Not as good as the Black Lions, but they are excellent knights.”

Carmen paused for a moment.

“…But the current home is neither the head of the family nor the 1st Division, the elite of the Knights of the White Lion. That is why I am here.”

“I wonder why the head of the household is not coming back in this situation.”

“The family head is at the imperial palace.”


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