Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 45

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It was the first time I heard it. When Eugene made a surprised expression, Carmen continued, munching on a cigar that didn’t even smoke.

“He has been in the imperial palace since fortnight ago. Of course, it’s not like a party, but to have a conversation with the emperor.”

“You mean over fifteen days?”

“The demon king of confinement, who had been silent for 300 years, delivered a warning. A fortnight isn’t enough to discuss it.”

indeed. It wasn’t just wasting time.

“…The second reason is to convey the will of the Senate.”

“What else is that?”

“Soon it’s hunting season for black lions.”

hunting season? It’s the first time I’ve heard such a story. As Eugene tilted his head, Carmen continued.

“The black lion’s hunting season is in the spring of the new year. Of course, it’s not about hunting animals. The black lion hunts monsters and monsters grazing in Uklas Mountain.”


“The early coming-of-age ceremony you and Xian went through, intentionally made them avoid the monster’s nest. That’s right. For children who haven’t even grown up yet, the monster’s nest is too dangerous.”

Eugene stared at Carmen without a word. Carmen felt what Eugene wanted to say through that gaze. She let out a low laugh and put down her cigar.

“…but that doesn’t apply to you.”

“Hmm, hmm…”

“You are a very proud kid.”

“Not a kid.”

“It is, though.”

“The coming-of-age ceremony has already ended. What does the hunting season of the Black Lion have to do with me?”

“A lion pushes a cub off a cliff.”

Carmen’s expression changed. She didn’t want to bite her bitter cigar any longer, so she crossed her arms and stared at Eugene with her stern face.

“I know what that means.”

“The saying that lions push their cubs off cliffs is a myth. What beast will throw my child off a cliff?”

“…The meaning of the word… A beast of prey… um… It means that… in order to raise a young child to be a beast of prey, it means that it is given the hardships it deserves.”

A lion doesn’t push its cub off a cliff? really? The eyes of Carmen, who had believed the story all her life, trembled. But she didn’t ask Eugene about this confusing question, in order to maintain her sternness.

“…The demon king of confinement delivered a warning. We are the descendants of the great Vermouth, Lionheart, the most prestigious warrior on the continent. We do not know what the future will be like, but we must be prepared for ‘blood’.”


If you listen to this, you can understand what Carmen is talking about. Eugene nodded her head and smiled.

“therefore. In order to train the younger generation, are you going to have them participate in the hunting season?”

“…with the heart of a lion pushing a young cub away.”

What’s the big deal that the story is groundless rumor? Carmen liked that story. Whatever the reality, the lion that exists in Carmen’s head pushes the young off a cliff to raise them as beasts. It should be.

“Are you sure you have to participate?”

“There is no compulsion. If you want to become a beast yourself, participate voluntarily…”

“Then I won’t itch.”

Eugene said coldly and stood up from his seat. Then Carmen hurriedly reached out and grabbed Eugene’s wrist.

“…There is no compulsion… but you have a different story.”

“What is the difference? To be honest, I think I’m already a good lion even if I don’t fall off the cliff…”

“So even more! You have to set an example for other messengers.”

“Ah, talking round and round. Honestly, isn’t it like this? It seems that the collaterals will also participate in the hunt quite a bit… As an adopted son, you want me to establish the prestige of the main family and be a good stimulus to the collateral, right?”

Carmen didn’t answer and glared at Eugene with sullen eyes.

“What I am curious about is this. Is it Carmen who wants my participation, or is it the Senate?”

“…I was asked to convince you.”

also. Yujin smiled and sat back down.

‘I thought they would contact me soon, but is it like this?’

I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that it might be the senator who instigated Barang. If the head of the Senate was truly a beast, he would come in contact with Eugene, who came back alive and well, in some way.

‘Mount Uklas is wide. There’s a monster’s nest… It won’t be strange no matter what happens.’


“…well… that sounds interesting. Let’s listen more carefully.”

Those who are eligible to participate are the young lions who participated in the Blood Ceremony 7 years ago and 17 years ago.

The blood relationship ceremony 17 years ago was conducted only by collaterals without children from the main family.

“A few of those who stood out at that time joined the Knights of the Black Lion, but honestly, there are two that I coveted.”

“Who are you?”

“Xenia Lionheart, daughter of Lord Genos.”

I’ve never heard the name, but I’ve heard that Genos has children. Maybe he will be 27 this year.

“Xenia went to the simuin for training, but she said she’s coming back to participate in this hunt. And the other is… Hector Lionheart.”


Even Eugene knew the name. A long time ago, when her bloodline ceremony was ahead, her father had heard it several times.

“I guess you’ve heard of it.”


“I guess so. Until you appeared, Hector was considered the most outstanding among Lionheart’s collaborators.”

The blood relationship ceremony 17 years ago.

At that time, Hector’s age was 13, the same as when Eugene participated in the Blood Ceremony. Maybe that’s why Jehard had told the story of Hector several times.

“The bloodline ceremony isn’t fair, and it’s an uncomfortable tradition in many ways.”

“…But you can’t get rid of it, can you?”

“Tradition is like that. It’s old-fashioned, but I’ve been doing it for 300 years, so I can’t get rid of it right away.”

Carmen tapped the table with her fingertips and continued.

“A blood relationship ceremony held every 10 years. Anyone from 10 to 15 years old can participate… So you have to give birth to a child in time for the Blood Family Ceremony. In addition, unlike the children of the main family, the children of the collateral family have to participate in the blood ceremony without being exposed to mana or true sword.”

Restrictions placed on collateral only.



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That’s why the blood line ceremony 17 years ago was pure. Without the children of the head family who went ahead, only the collaterals participated and competed.

“Hector’s family was ordinary among collateral, and the blood ceremony 17 years ago made him wander the forest for ten days. It was Xenia Lionheart who was predicted to win… Actually, the two of them had a very ‘well’ time in the forest for 10 days. Unlike other children who were devastated by being forced to endure.”

“We had a confrontation on the last day, right?”

“okay. Xenia wanted the glory of victory, and asked Hector for a duel. Although the result was Hector’s overwhelming victory.”

Genos’s family is special even among Lionhearts.

Lionheart’s hunting dog, trained directly in the “Hamel style” by Vermouth, the founder. The first black lion.

Although it is said to be a collateral branch, the legitimacy of the samurai family is not compromised even when compared to the main family. And that martial art also dwelled in Xenia, who was 10 years old at the time. Even if you can’t use mana, even if you’ve never held a true sword. Xenia’s skills were not at the level of a child.

was defeated nonetheless. Hector, who had never been able to use mana or wield a true sword, won the Blood Ceremony with an overwhelming victory in the confrontation with Xenia.

“Just as Xenia was training in Seimuin, Hector was training in Luhar. And they said they’re participating in this hunt. How do you feel?”

“Not so much.”

“Don’t you want to compete with each other? Hector was called the greatest genius in the collateral before you appeared.”

“Isn’t it already decided from there? If I were inferior to Hector, Hector would still be called the best genius in the collateral.”

Eugene snorted and replied.

“If he had been superior to me, Hector would have become the adopted son of the main family instead of me.”


Carmen blinked blankly before bursting into laughter.

“It’s a wonderful arrogance. Yes, you are right.”

“Is there anyone else participating besides the two of them?”

“For your motivation, Gargis Lionheart and Desiira Lionheart decided to participate. Of course, the twins from the original family too.”

“Ciel too? I’m going to participate anyway, so why did you come to my parents’ house?”

“He insisted on following somehow. There is only one reason, isn’t it? It must have been a long time since she missed her mother’s arms.”

In fact, Ciel wasn’t here, spending time with Anicilla.

with Mer.

“…and one more.”

Carmen hesitated for a moment. Eugene read a young ’embarrassment’ in her eyes.

“Are there any more?”

Eugene recalled the blood relationship ceremony seven years ago. Xian, Ciel, Gargis, and Desira. There were a few others, but they were insignificant beings whose names were not even worth remembering.

no way. Did someone among those remnants develop their skills for 7 years and participate in the hunt for the Black Lion Castle?

“Deacon Lionheart.”

…I think it was the motive of the blood system… I don’t have a special impression. Are you embarrassed to just say its name?

“And Iod Lionheart.”

Eugene’s mouth was half open.

prepare for hunting

There is a saying that a rolling stone pulls out an embedded stone.

Ciel Ryanhart, 20 years old. The daughter of the prestigious Lionheart, who had never been treated like that since she was born.

At the age of 13, Eugene was adopted as an adopted child, but to Ciel, Eugene was not a rolling stone. Of course, Ciel himself was not a stone stuck in it either.

She was a being worthy of being loved by her family. It seems that Xian felt a sense of danger from Eugene, but to Ciel, who was young, such a sense of danger was laughable.

Ciel was born cute and lovable. And from a young age he knew how to use the weapon he was born with efficiently.

My brother, stupid and dull, did not know how to deal with him, so he was often severely scolded by his mother. But it wasn’t Ciel. She knew how to deftly get out of line, and when she had to be rebuked, she knew how to avoid him.

This behavior continued even as he got older. At the same time, he added one by one the efforts he didn’t make when he was young.

Ciel did not want to be just a pretty and cute flower. Lionheart is a prestigious martial artist. If she’s going to be recognized there, she can’t just smile cutely and lovingly. She should have the skills Ryan Hart deserves.

He grabbed the sword and swung it. She did it herself, and was loved by her mother and father even without her pettiness. The knights loyal to the family took their time to teach Ciel at least one more thing.

‘…wasn’t wrong.’

Ever since I was little, I was quick-witted. I knew that her mother wanted her secretly cute and lovely daughter. She knew that she wanted her to spend time like a noble mother and daughter, holding a teacup rather than a sword, and wearing a dress rather than a uniform or military uniform.

I know, but I didn’t. It’s not that I ignored my mother’s wishes. That wind is just a momentary impulse. Because Anicilla, the mother Ciel knows, is someone who wants a strong and beautiful lion worthy of Lionheart, not a noble lady as gorgeous as a flower.

‘It’s not wrong, but…’

this is a foul

Ciel looked ahead with his fists trembling.

On Anicilla’s lap. A ten-year-old girl is sitting.

Ciel had also sat on Anicilla’s lap at that age. However, after her blood ceremony was over, she did not sit down. The fact that she had the blood ceremony meant that she was recognized as a member of Lion Heart. From then on he must be a little lion, not a child.

It was none other than Anicilla who taught him.

‘…that’s my seat…!’

It was like that until a few years ago. Although he hadn’t sat down since the blood ceremony, Ciel could sit on Anisilla’s lap as much as he wanted. That place was only allowed for Ciel in Lionheart.

I bet it is. A young girl took Ciel’s place. Moreover, what stirred Ciel’s emotions was Annie Cilla’s eyes looking at her girl. Eyes filled with love and joy, as if looking at a young daughter!

‘Understanding… understanding is going. Her mother must have been lonely too.’

No matter what, how could you look at your daughter like that! Ciel felt that she was jealous after a very long time. Right now, I wanted to push the girl away and sit on Anicilla’s lap.

“Isn’t it cute?”

He couldn’t have read that quiet rage, but Anicilla spoke at the right time indeed.

“It reminds me of your childhood, Ciel.”

“…I think I was cuter?”

Ciel responded with a smile. It was a very challenging tone. Ciel stared at the girl, Mer, with her smiling eyes.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you today, but I’ve heard Ciel’s story many times from Anicilla-sama.”

Mer answered while eating cookies.

“I hear you have a very beautiful daughter who looks exactly like you…”

“Oh, he… don’t talk embarrassingly.”

“But it is true. Ciel-nim is really beautiful!”

Mer put down the cookie and smiled broadly.

That smile sent a punch deep into Ciel’s heart. She involuntarily caught her breath and tugged at her chin.

‘It’s no wonder my mother is fascinated…’

One year old, two years old, things that I had no choice but to take off as I got older.

The innocence of a child.

The girl in front of her had exactly what Ciel had removed. Also, she is not Lionheart. She has no ambition to become a lion instead of a flower. That’s why, moreover, she can ignite Aniscilla’s motherhood purely.

Wear pretty clothes as you wish, and eat whatever sweets are given to you without worrying about the balance of your body. These are all things that Ciel has distanced himself from at some point.

‘…You’re jealous of a child. Me too…’

Ciel took a sip of black tea belatedly controlling his emotions.


A little later, Ciel realized something.

‘I think I was cuter?’

The first provocation thrown.

Mer did not approve of the provocation. She only responded with beauty, not ‘cuteness’. That’s not competitive. Cuteness and beauty are different. The word beautiful doesn’t suit a 10-year-old girl.

‘…no way.’

overthinking Ciel put down the teacup while maintaining a smile. Across the street, Mer was holding a new cookie and shoving it into Anicilla’s mouth.

‘…No way…’


Not wrong. For an instant, Ciel and Mer’s eyes met. In Mer’s smiling eyes, Ciel saw a desire similar to her own.

Ciel Lionhart, 20 years old. Age past the girl.

That’s why he was defeated by the girl.


Ciel did not want to admit defeat. So I jumped up from my seat and sat down next to Anicilla. She casually crossed her arms around Annie Silla’s, and leaned her head on her shoulder.

“I missed you, Mother.”


“Anicilla-sama, try this too. It’s so delicious!”

“Oh my… oh my…”

Anicilla trembled with emotion.

She was grateful to be a mother.

“It’s quite good.”

After the tea party, Ciel and Mer left the room.

“You can’t believe you’ve charmed your mother so much in just a few days.”

“I’ve never done anything called fascination.”

Mer looked up at Ciel and smiled broadly.

“It’s just that Anicilla-sama is loving me so much.”

Lived in Acryon for hundreds of years. The only ones who come there are old-fashioned wizards. They did not regard Mer as a cute girl in her outward appearance, but only as a well-made familiar.

So, Mer had never properly felt her own cuteness.

However, after leaving Acreon, I had no choice but to become aware even if I didn’t want to. The ‘outside’ was full of unknowns that Mer did not know.

“…you. It looks like a child, but in fact it has been hundreds of years since it was made.”

“But my mental age has not aged. My personality is tailored to the childhood of wise Senya-sama.”

“What does that matter? Even if it was made that way at first, if hundreds of years have passed, the mind will age.”

“I am not old myself. In the first place, isn’t the mind adapting to experience and physical age? I’ve existed for hundreds of years, but I haven’t experienced Ciel-sama’s. Of course, the body did not grow.”

“…I haven’t had much experience either, have I?”

Ciel snorted and said.

“Why are you guys fighting?”

After a conversation with Carmen, Eugene interrupted. He tilted his head as he watched Ciel and Mer check each other in the middle of the hallway.


Mer smiled as if she had waited and rushed at Eugene. Watching Mer jump up and cling to Eugene’s arm, Ciel felt a complicated jealousy.

“…fight? what fight? What is the reason for me to fight a kid?”

Ciel strode forward and stood in front of Eugene. She looked at her mer dangling from her arm with amusement, and she naturally moved her steps and stood by Eugene’s side.

On equal footing, eye to eye. With her outstretched arms, she crossed her arms around Eugene.

“Black Lion Castle. Are you going?”

“Why is he like this?”

“You think your arms are thicker than last time? Are you still doing that ignorant training?”

Ciel smiled and looked at Eugene, no, at Mer.

And I realized again. Mer did not feel any jealousy towards Ciel’s actions. Isn’t that what she is? She was a little girl, and she wasn’t as conscious of Eugene as Ciel was.


When I realized him, I felt ashamed again. It was nothing to be ashamed of having crossed arms with Eugene, but it felt like being ridiculed by that little kid.


Ciel untied his arms and took a step back.

“There’s nothing to procrastinate about, right? If it’s your personality, I won’t even refuse. …By the way, did you enjoy your trip with Auxiliary Bishop Cristina?”

“If it was fun, it was fun.”

“okay? Just the two of us, just the two of us. The trip to the rough backcountry was… enjoyable. I’m not sure. How can that be fun?”

Ciel stared at Eugene with thinly opened eyes.

“Isn’t Samar Great Forest not even a city? The town is also inconsistent. Wherever you go, there are only trees and soil. How was your accommodation? must have been camping because that’s natural Are you using the same tent?”

“Don’t mess around.”

Eugene patted Ciel’s forehead with his fingertips.

“Why are you asking in the first place? Ciel.”

“…Because I’m your older sister. You deserve to know about your brother’s ‘flight’.”

Ciel’s lips twitched.

Eugene’s face crumpled.

“Certainly, you didn’t become a juvenile delinquent, did you?”

“I… I was wrong, so don’t say that.”

“Why? You’re the one who told me about that toe-slinging pun.”

“So you were wrong.”

Yujin grumbled and turned around. Ciel hurriedly followed Eugene as he hurriedly ran away.

“Where? Are you going to the warp gate?”

“They say the hunt will start after 15 days? But what are you going to do already?”

“Are you going?”


The senator might try to assassinate him. Considering the danger, it would be better to stay at home instead of going.

If that’s the case, you won’t know the truth.

‘There’s also Genos.’

The Black Lion Knights also participate in the hunt. You can’t trust the Senate, but you can trust Genos.

“Since you’ve come already, it’s good to spend some time with Anicilla-sama for a few days. The last time you came, you said you went right back?”

Eugene grumbled and looked at Ciel’s waist.

There was a strange sword there. Non-Phantom Sword Zabel. It was Vermouth’s weapon that he secretly coveted but was unable to obtain.

“Isn’t it nice?”

Ciel felt Eugene’s eyes linger on Zabel. She smiled broadly and tapped the hilt of Zabel’s sword.

“I can’t handle it properly yet, but I’m pretty used to it.”

“…It’s a tough weapon to handle.”

“How do you know that?”

“Kuhmm… you know it when you see it. It looks damn good from the start.”

Zabel is a sword, but it is like a whip. Hundreds of blades that make up the sword body expand and sway with each swing.

“How is Xian?”

“How are you? Your body looks tired.”

Xian did not return from the Black Lion Castle.

“I am being trained by the captains every day. Even today, Genos-sama was suffering a lot. Oh, there was something my brother told me to tell you.”

“What are you saying?”

“If you don’t join the hunt, I’ll kill you.”

“How can he kill me?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Ciel giggled and clung to Eugene’s side. Mer, who was clinging to her arm, twisted her body and entered Eugene’s cloak.

‘What is he doing?’

Ciel rolled his eyes, not understanding Mer’s actions. Soon, Mer disappeared completely within her cloak. Then Ciel let out a startled sound and lifted Eugene’s cape.

“Where did you go…”

“Here you are.”

Mer answered, sticking her head out from the inside of her cloak.

“Will Ciel come in too?”

“He can’t go in.”

“It’s very nice here.”

Mer laughed bitterly, and Ciel wrinkled his eyebrows and covered the mantle.

“…The words that brother Iod is coming. Did you hear?”

“You managed to allow it.”

Eugene smiled bitterly.

“You didn’t even let me go to the coming-of-age ceremony.”

“…The head of the household persuaded me a lot.”

Ciel replied with a sigh.

“Three years. During that time, Oppa Iod was locked in Theonis-sama’s parents’ house. I had enough self-restraint… I decided that I couldn’t leave the ‘eldest son’ alone like that.”

“It’s so blatant that it’s funny.”

“Yeah, I think so too. Xian oppa thinks so too.”

It is Xi’an who goes next.

Even if Iod comes out after finishing self-reflection, the position of the next head of household does not change. Iod’s right to succeed was stripped away.

“In hunting, many collaterals also participate. The elders want to ensure that they will become the next family head through that position.”

It was an accident that made it impossible to become the family head, but Iod was superior in legitimacy.

“Even while he was self-sufficient, he must have continued his magic training. But… you know best, right?”

“Even if I train to death for three years, brother Iod can’t beat Xian.”

Eugene answered without hesitation.

“Of course it is. You’re an adopted son, and your skills are already famous… but Iod oppa’s not. He is the eldest son, and his skills are unknown. That’s why verification is necessary. Verification that Oppa Iod is overwhelmingly less than Oppa Xian.”

“…It’s older brother who has expressed that he will participate in the hunt.”

“Did Oppa Iod really want him? to that character? It must have been driven by Theonis-sama.”

Eugene agreed with that idea.

The first time we met was 7 years ago. Fifteen-year-old Iod… was glazed. He was a young boy who was completely immersed in magic, with his eyes twinkling in the magic of Loberian.

Three years ago, Arot’s Bolero Street.

Eugene saw how lousy Iod was. At that time, he was 19, two years older than Eugene.

“…Three years is enough time to change, but I think.”

Eugene clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“Brother is not the type to change. As well as the surroundings.”

“…Because Master Theonis is polar.”

“yes. For my brother to really change, he has to come out of Theonis-sama’s skirt. But didn’t you? For three years, my older brother was under the control of Master Theonis at his parents’ house.”

Ciel trembled as he remembered Theonis’ ferocious gaze.

“…that’s terrible.”

If it hadn’t been for Iod’s work, Anicilla might have been like that.

“…but where are you going?”



“It’s training time.”

Eugene replied calmly, and Ciel opened his mouth with a hesitation.

“…will you play with me?”

“Let’s play while training.”

Ciel stuck out his tongue and followed Eugene.


“You don’t have to worry too much.”

Mother is a very loving person.

“It is something I have decided on my own. Yes, I know. They won’t like me.”

I understand. It is natural for a mother to love her son. Even if she is an ugly son, a mother can’t help but love her son.

“So even more so. I want to prove myself there.”

Iod smiled broadly and set the tableware down.

Mother, Theonis, stood across from him with a benevolent smile. Iod liked that her mother smiled like that.

Childhood. From some point on, my mother didn’t laugh like that.

He always looked at himself with scolding eyes, and instead of a smile, he twisted his lips. She did not whisper love and praise for her son, but only scolded her by talking about the future she did not wish for.

It all happened because of a lack of iodine. After realizing him, everything became simple.

If she changed herself, she could very easily change her mother’s expression.

“You will do just fine.”

Iod nodded.

“Because you are my son. Dear son, Iod. Lionheart’s eldest son.”

“yes. I am my mother’s son.”

“Even if you can’t become the head of household, you are my son.”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s natural. I’m sorry mother. If I hadn’t made a mistake, I would have been able to become the head of the household as my mother wished.”

“Please, Iod. Don’t call it a ‘mistake’. It was all my fault that you had to do that. If I loved you more and knew your heart…”

“I’m OK.”

Iod laughed and shook his head.

“I am who I am today thanks to my mother’s scolding.”

“Ah… thank you so much for saying that…”

“It’s not because my mother didn’t like me. It’s because everyone loves me so much.”

“You will do just fine.”


“You are a brilliant boy, Iod.”

Iod felt a mother’s love. He stood up from his seat with a bright smile. A warm table. The sunlight shining through the window is beautiful. Iod smiled at the birds chirping outside the window.

Today is a good day.

“I’ll just go.”

Iod said as he closed the curtains by the window. He likes this sunlight, but his mother doesn’t like it very much.

“Do not come out to meet me.”

“Is it okay if I don’t go with you?”

“Yes, of course. Please stay here and support me.”

“My love will be with you.”

leave the table When I opened the door and went out, I saw attendants standing in the hallway.

“Bocchan, are you leaving today?”

“You’ll do well, Bocchan.”

After the support of the attendants, I went out to the hall of the mansion. Standing there was Iod’s maternal grandfather, Earl Bossar.

“Oh, Iod. Are you leaving now?”

“My maternal grandfather also… said that it was okay to meet you, right?”

“haha! How could that be? My lovely grandson is finally going out into the world!”

Even though Iod put on an embarrassing expression, he approached Count Bossar and hugged him.

“Thank you, maternal grandfather.”

“The head of Lionheart? What does it matter? What matters is what you want to do. iodine. I totally respect your wishes.”

“Thank you very much.”

Leaving the bosom of his maternal grandfather, Iod stood in front of the closed door. Iod stared at the door for a moment, then turned his head and looked back at him.

I told you not to come out to meet me. Her mother stood by her maternal grandfather, smiling at Iod. Dozens of servants of the mansion also came out to support Iod, putting down what they were doing.

“good bye.”

Iod said, wiping away the tears that were moved.

prepare for hunting

“…This time, it won’t fall from the sky right away, right?”

“no way.”

Ciel, who was raising the collar of his uniform, shook his head.

“I don’t know if you’re alone, but I’m going with you. I won’t drop you from the sky.”

“What does it matter?”

“Do you know how much the knights and elders of the Black Lion Castle love me?”

Ciel puffed out his chest and sighed. While doing so, she glanced at Mer, who had only her face sticking out from the gap in her cloak.

‘It’s like a desirable familiar.’

A week spent at home. In that short time, Ciel had no choice but to save the time she had left. The servants and knights, who always treated Mer as a young lady and young lady, were now treating Mer like Ciel.

‘…but it can’t be helped.’

It was a long time since I left my hometown, so I thought it was unavoidable. To be honest, since she has become an adult, isn’t it too stubborn to want her to be treated the same as when she was a child?

“Don’t you need to follow me?”

It was Sycnad who spoke from behind. Of course, those words were addressed to Mer in Eugene’s cloak.

Chicnad remembers Senya’s childhood. That’s why he couldn’t help but have a special feeling for Mer. The appearance of her Mer was exactly the same as Senya’s childhood that Sichnard remembered.

but. Aside from being particularly considerate, Sycnad was not an outspoken personality. Like Annie Scylla, he couldn’t openly pet Mer or hug her.


Sometimes, while walking in Merga Forest. She crept up and gave me some flowers. It was Senya’s favorite flower since her childhood. Flowers do not bloom during this season, but flowers bloomed beautifully in the forest blessed by the World Tree.

‘Thank you!’

When receiving flowers, Mer always smiled and said thank you.

“…okay. You don’t have to follow me, do you? The new orders should arrive later this afternoon…”

Anicilla responded to Sycnad’s words as if she had waited, and Jehard nodded as well.

“no. I have to go with Eugene.”

Mer replied firmly.

“Wearing pretty clothes with Anicilla-nim here, eating delicious food with Jehard-nim, and taking a walk in the forest with Sycnad-nim ​​are fun, too. My existence should be of help to Eugene.”

“How can you… you know how to say such admirable things…!”

‘I think my mother is mistaken…’

Ciel glanced at Anicilla with a puzzled face.

‘It’s just a kid that looks like a little boy, but the contents are a hundred-year-old familiar.’


That’s why it’s good. Anicilla sincerely thought so. She knew very well that Anicilla had raised her twin herself, and that a terrifying demon lived inside the head of the sweet and lovely little boy.

“The warp gate is connected.”

The road leading to the Black Lion Castle opened. Eugene shoved Mer’s head, which had escaped, into her cloak.

“Go in. If you fall during the warp, it will be a headache.”


“for a moment.”

Ciel has arrived. His outstretched hand grabbed the hem of Eugene’s cloak and threw it behind his shoulder.

“You can’t see the pattern.”

cook. Ciel’s finger pricked Eugene’s left breast. Lionheart’s uniform, lion pattern engraved on the left chest. A symbol that only the head family can engrave on their hearts.

“Perhaps there will be someone waiting for you at the entrance. Shouldn’t we be proud to show it off?”

“It’s not even the first time.”

“But it’s been a while.”

“Anyway, aren’t they Gargis and Didyrah? Deacon… well, I don’t even remember his face.”

“There is one more.”

Ciel sighed and pulled Eugene’s arm.

“Brother Iod.”

“…When I was young and now, I have a nasty personality. Do you want to show pressure on Brother Iod by showing him this lion pattern?”

“It’s up to brother Iod how to accept that.”

Ciel’s lips pouted.

“Iod oppa did something he shouldn’t have done. He said he disgraced Lionheart’s name. Eugene, I mean. I don’t understand why brother Iod is participating in this hunt.”

“…Lord Theonis…”

“Iod oppa is no longer a child, is he? No matter how strict Theonis-sama is, being swung around is still a problem for Iod.”

“It is not an easy matter to say.”

Yujin grumbled and wiped the lion pattern on her chest.

“…is older brother already here?”


“Honestly, I have a hard time seeing your face. As you may have heard, I beat my older brother so badly three years ago.”

“The one who should be embarrassed is Iod oppa. That’s why I’m going to go with my chest open proudly. To the point where my brother couldn’t even raise his head in guilt.”

Ciel glared at Eugene and stretched out his leg.

“I’ll go first, so come in confidently.”

What else does it mean to come in confidently? Yujin laughed and shook her head.

“I’m not guilty of anything.”

It is iodine that is guilty.

‘Maybe even the head of the Senate.’

I hope the old man who has been through all of that maternity battle won’t be able to meet my eyes because he’s numb.

On the contrary, wouldn’t they smile and ask if the trip was fun? Eugene stretched out her feet, recalling the senator’s faded golden eyes.

There was no reason to shrink, the shoulders were wide open and the back was erect. So Eugene walked forward.

The feeling of floating at the moment of warp. As distance is distance, the feeling of floating was quite long.

‘It doesn’t fall from the sky like last time…’

did not

feet stick to the ground Tak, Tak. Eugene took a few steps forward, balancing his staggering body.


I raised my head and looked ahead.

The scenery of the Black Lion Castle that I saw a few months ago is unfolding in front of my eyes again.

The flag of the Black Lion towering over every castle wall. Under the dozens of flags, several people were standing.

“Are you here?”

Xian, who was sitting on the railing, stood up. The boy came over with a smile of delight. Eugene stared at Xian’s face while pressing down on his messy hair during the warp.

“What are you looking at? Even if it’s only been a few months, are you happy to see your brother’s face after a long time?”


“but. Before you left, we shared a drink together and finished our adult ritual. I also sympathize with how you feel, brother.”

Whenever Xian spoke, his philtrum twitched.


Eugene approached Xian with a wrinkled expression.

“Put your hand on your chest and tell me. You… that beard. Do you think it suits you?”


“I’m saying this as a brother, but we really don’t get along at all. Now that she’s grown up, I understand her excitement, but why is she growing a beard like that?”

“…isn’t it cool?”

“Not nice at all. I am now… fighting the urge to rip all those unsightly hairs off your brows.”

Yujin raised a clenched fist in front of Xian.

“Yeah… What is wrong with you, stupid? If there’s anything wrong, Ciel, it’s you. Why did you let your stupid brother grow that f*cking mustache?”

“…I’m really surprised too?”

Ciel, who had arrived a little earlier, exclaimed in a huff.

“A week ago, my brother didn’t have that weird mustache.”

“…So that beard grew in a few days? That makes no sense. Xian, you have a constitution where you don’t grow a lot of hair.”

“…I put on hair balm.”

Sian muttered as he turned his eyes to the side.

“…If you’re an adult, it’s okay to grow a beard. In some countries it is the right of an adult man to grow a beard…”

“It doesn’t suit you.”

“…I thought it would suit you…”

“What kind of madman praised your beard for matching it? Where did you get the hair balm in the first place…”


solid step. Eugene stopped what she was saying and raised her head. Behind the tall spire, a large man appeared.

Why are you climbing up the steeple? Why are you wearing only sleeveless shirts with your chest and armpits cut out on this cold, windy mountaintop?

The questions you should feel. However, Eugene did not bother to ask those questions. Common sense questions like these were useless to a guy who had burned 300 million cells buying giant balls.



The giant who fell from the spire stood up. Every time he stood up, Eugene’s gaze also went up. …big. He grew up three years ago, but now he is one head taller than then. In terms of size, it is comparable to Ivatar of the Zoran tribe.

“…It’s grown.”

“Thanks to you, Eugene.”

Gargis Lionheart.

It was hard to believe that he was 22 years old, and he smiled, revealing dry teeth over his thick beard.

“Can you see?”


Every time Girgas raised his arms, his pectoralis major muscle twitched through the embarrassing gap in his sleeveless shirt.

“The giant testicles I bought with you made my body even more beautiful.”

“…it’s not pretty…”

“You didn’t neglect your training either. It’s wearing a nice uniform, but I can see it in my eyes. How faithfully you trained your body.”

“…Why don’t you wear that… cool uniform too? Uh… and first of all, I want you to lower your arms without raising them any more.”

Eugene didn’t want to see Girgas’ armpit exposed.

“…why did you give Xian hair growth pills?”

“Because the young master looked at my beard as if he was envious.”

Girgas said as he brushed his thick beard.

“Every man longs for a beard like this. Of course, this beard suits me because I have a great body.”

“Sian, I’ll tell you in advance. If you get something called a muscle growth drug from this bastard and eat it, you will die in my hands.”

“…why? I think Girgas’s body is pretty cool…”

“What’s cool? What’s cool? It’s just gross.”

Ciel’s expression was as if he were looking at a monster.

“It was like that when I was little, but my brother is too easily shaken by strange winds. If you grow up tall and beard like that pig, I won’t consider you my brother.”

“miss. I am not a pig.”

Perhaps because of his childhood memories, Girgas was very polite towards Xian and Ciel. Eugene looked ahead, ignoring Girgas, who was quietly approaching and showing off his muscles.

“Is he a designer?”

Eugene leaned against the wall and pointed at a tall woman standing crookedly. Tanned skin with a healthy glow. elongated limbs. The features that I saw 7 years ago remain the same.


Girgas nodded and stroked his beard.

“Maybe Moore is ashamed, he’s standing there without even approaching.”

“I’m not here out of shame, you idiot!”

Upon hearing Girgas’ murmur, Didyra roared loudly.

“You’re on your guard!”

“You say that you are vigilant, but can you call that a vigilance?”

“Ever since he was young, he pretended not to be stupid and was stupid. And the inside is very insidious…”

Xian did not forget the humiliation at the blood ceremony. At that time, Desiira pretended to be her ghost and tried to surprise herself by approaching. Thanks to this, Xi’an had to scream unsightly in front of her brother.

“…Do you still misunderstand, Bocchan?”

“What a misunderstanding…! It’s true that you tried to surprise me at that time!”

“That’s… true, but…”

“Right?! Not then?! How dare you lie to me!”

Xian let out a quivering mustache. Eugene didn’t listen to that stupid argument.

Instead, I looked ahead.

wall on the other side. Someone was standing there. face for the first time. A sparsely grown beard and messy, untidy hair. loose-looking eyes.

However, unlike that easy-going impression, the body is solid. The prayer is undisturbed, straight and sharp like a well-honed knife.

“…Is that Hector?”

“How did you know?”

Xian, who was longing for Desiira, looked back at Eugene in surprise.

“Have you ever met?”

“no. I’ve only heard the name, but it’s the first time I’ve actually seen it.”

If you’re talented like that, you’ll have to find out. Eugene stood awkwardly and met Hector’s gaze. When their eyes met, Hector smiled and waved his hand at Eugene.

“…He’s a famous guy among the collateral.”

Xian muttered with a disapproving face.

“He’s been training in Luhar Kingdom for over 10 years. One of the best knights on the continent, the white fangs of Luhar. Hector is not even a citizen of Luhar, but he became an honorary knight of the Fang.”

“They are great relatives.”

“…I hope you feel comfortable.”

“Why are you pretending to be weak? Aren’t you brave enough to grow a beard like an idiot?”

Eugene laughed while slapping Xian on the back.

“why. Do you feel burdened by the fact that you have to stand out more than Hector in this hunt?”

“…not really.”

“What’s wrong? The burden drips from your face.”

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