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The request of the demon king of confinement was to release the demons trapped in La Vista.

Demons don’t have a reason like demons. Those who have magical power flowing from the source are more ferocious than monsters and prey on humans.

In particular, the monsters sealed in La Vista were the most ferocious and gigantic monsters throughout history. It’s just that they don’t have reason, but the demons sealed in La Vista are strong enough to compare with the high-ranking demons.

The darkness led by the specter is a copy of La Vista’s sky. The super-large monsters that melted in the sky and reflected like the aurora are now advancing towards Hauria, the capital of Nahama.

They ate countless humans during the war years, but now they are silent without showing their teeth. This is because even monsters without reason will absolutely obey the existence of the ‘Demon King’. In the first place, the reason that monsters do not harm humans in this era is because the demon king in captivity began to control all monsters after the war ended.

Even a super-large monster cannot go against that control, and now the specter, not the demon king in confinement, holds the control.


The Centipede Mountains floating in the clouds responded to the ghost’s command.

charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The reason it was difficult even to approach the domain of the demon king who was in captivity 300 years ago is because the Centipede Mountains surround the entire outskirts of the territory with their bodies. If the Demon King of Confinement had not opened Centipede Mountains on the way, it would have taken a much longer time for the death squad to enter the Red Plains.

In other words, his body is long enough to wrap around one manor. As the name suggests, it is a huge monster like a mountain range.

Countless legs dug into the sand, anchoring the body firmly. The other leg was raised high toward the sky, and it looked like a spear-knife standing on a wall.

A centipede that built a shell that was difficult to break even with the Archmage’s attack as a wall. The sight is unreal and terrifying, but it is unmistakably real.


The most colorful city in Nahama. capital Hyria.

Citizens couldn’t help but scream the same. Suddenly, a group of dark clouds large enough to cover the entire city gathered, and from there came a centipede as high as a castle wall and as long as a mountain range and wrapped around the entire capital city.

All you can see from the back is the white belly of the Centipede Mountains and the legs rising upward. Even the people who catch the bugs indifferently couldn’t help but roll their eyes and faint at that sight.

Confirming that the capital was blocked, the ghost continued to move forward. It wasn’t just the monsters that were beside the silent specter. The demons of La Vista, led by Alpiero. All the members of the family who served the demon king of destruction were following the specter.

‘avatar… … ‘

Alpiero looked at the back of the ghost with enchanted eyes. He thought nothing of the humiliation he suffered at La Vista.

300 years. They waited for 300 years for the demon king of destruction to awaken. Now, the demon king of destruction has sent his incarnation down to the world.

“iced coffee… … .”

It wasn’t just Alpiero who had such thoughts. The demons who have lived in La Vista for hundreds of years are all madmen who have been waiting for the return of the demon king of destruction and eagerly looking forward to going on a rampage in war.

When the specter that suddenly appeared followed and created magic. The demons who had suffered defeat and humiliation the other day followed the specter first.

Magical power that makes the essence feel different. An incarnation that feels closest to the demon king of destruction that has been waiting for hundreds of years. He said he would wage war and asked me to follow him, but why would he refuse?

The specter felt the worship of the demons.

“You are the incarnation.”

I forcibly ignored the feeling of disgust, but Alpiero approached me with a bowed head.

“Under there… … .”

I didn’t want to listen to the end, so I raised my hand to interrupt the conversation. She glanced down and saw Hemoria standing on the roof in awe.

“That girl betrayed Amelia and conspired with Senya of Calamity.”

It was Alpiero who gave blood to Hemoria. He acquiesced to Hemoria’s betrayal even though he knew it. After the war, Amelia thought it would be quite enjoyable to die betrayed by her neglected pet.

“If you permit me, I will punish that woman myself.”

But now things have changed. Since the incarnation of destruction came directly, the war that took place here became a holy war for Alpiero and the rest of his family. Hemoria cannot be allowed to continue her intrigue in this temple.

Alpiero glared at Hemoria with red eyes shining.

“There is no need to punish.”


“Bring it.”

The creepy intent to kill made Alpiero unable to question. Alpiero immediately went down and grabbed Hemoria.

“What, what?!”

He screamed when he was captured, but when he entered the dark cloud, Hemoria had no choice but to shut up. Her atmosphere was brutal and stern.

The royal palace was visible under his feet.

The warlocks knelt down and put their heads down. All the demons who enjoyed the Juicy Training in Harlem came out and looked up to the sky.

I saw Amelia trembling as she clutched the Bloody Mary. The ghost went down alone.

“uh… … uhh… … .”

Amelia stammered, her lips quivering. What was she supposed to say, but she didn’t know what to say.

Only then did Amelia realize. She still didn’t know what to call the ghost. Should I call her Hamel? Or should she be called differently?

Until now, Amelia had referred to her opponent as ‘you’. It was the arrogance that Amelia had consciously created.

I am great and honorable. The opponent is insignificant. even if it’s not trivial. Even if you are stronger than me. Still, Amelia insisted on calling her opponent ‘you’.

Like a weak dog barking loudly. Like putting a bluff first with a colorful pattern. For Amelia, who has passed through her gutter-like, nasty and miserable past, ignoring her opponent by calling her ‘you’ was a bluff that she wrapped herself up in.

But now I couldn’t. I can’t be conscious of the bluff. I was afraid and couldn’t stand it. She felt as if her throat would fly off if she misplaced her tongue.

I forced my legs to stand up. He wore a gorgeous long robe that a sultan would wear, and a golden crown on his head.

… … is the limit Amelia trembled and bent her body. She knelt down in place, as other warlocks do. Blood Mary lay down beside her. She also took off her gold crown that was on her head.

Amelia put her hands on the ground and bowed her head.

* * *

By the time the priests of Euras arrived, the treatment of the injured had already been completed. Wounds caused by magical powers. Treatment is not easy, but the miracle of a saintess who has stigmata is incomparable to potions.

“how… … what the hell… … .”

Gilreid, who arrived with reinforcements from the main family, had no choice but to put his head in a dizzy state. I can tell you. In the history of Ryan Hart’s family, he may not have been as eventful as he was… … .

Of course, Guillaid was not pessimistic about his situation. He didn’t even lament that he was having a hard time dealing with his family’s problems.

guilt for the ancestors. Shame for not being able to protect Lionheart’s honor. Anger at the enemy who dared to attack Lionheart. Gilreid barely suppressed his passion and gnashed his teeth.

This is both fortunate and humiliating. The Black Lion Castle was invaded, but no one died. The unknown enemy could kill everyone, but didn’t kill anyone.

‘Who is it?’

Guillaid turned his head and looked inside the castle. As he tended to the wounded, he heard stories of ‘enemies’. The identity is unknown. He wore a mask and used suspicious and ominous magic.

“… … secret… … is it… … .”

Eugene seemed to know the identity of the enemy. She was the same as the saintess and Senya. However, he did not hear the circumstances.

secret… … are hiding why? It’s not that I doubt both of them, but I couldn’t help but feel sad and questionable about not telling the truth.

“… … Are you okay?”

Guillaid ignored his thoughts about Eugene. Something you can’t ask right now. Eugene is currently communicating with the outside world in the castle.



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Xian answered while stroking his throbbing chest with his hand. She was cured first by the saintess, and then by the priests of Juras who arrived and were cured once more. The reason why his heart thumps now is not because of the wound, but because the mana drained out while using Geddon’s shield.

“… … sorry.”

“What do you have to be sorry for?”

“As a prospective head of household, I couldn’t do anything. … … Rather, the thought of wanting to run away… … .”

“It happened. It’s something anyone can think of. But Xian, you didn’t run away. Rather, I did my best to fight the enemy and protect my brother.”

This whole situation is bitter and painful, but seeing Xian made me feel proud. Even when he was young, he was a child with more flaws than strengths… … Gillaid smiled and patted Xian on the shoulder.

“Ciel… … Are you okay?”

“hmm. There were no wounds. I also made up my mind. But the child’s eyes… … It’s special, Senya-nim and the saintess said they were observing it a little more.”

Xian was convinced when he said it was special. My eye. Even though it is different from that of the demons, Ciel’s demonic eyes were inherited from the demons—-and also from the demon king of madness. So far, there has been no abnormality, but since the activated authority was destroyed by magic, it is necessary to observe the progress.

“It’s okay.”

Indeed, Ciel in the castle pouted and grumbled. It is true that the Authority was activated and destroyed. It is also true that mana regurgitated in the process and her core was hit.

However, there was no abnormality to make a fuss about it. My core is sore, but that’s all.

“Magic power may have penetrated.”

“Because it isn’t.”

“Do you really want to be one-eyed?”

When Anise shot at him with tears in his eyes, Ciel calmly kept his mouth shut without further objection.

Anis wasn’t the only one clinging to Ciel. Senya was also sitting behind Ciel, stroking her back, checking her core and her veins.

“Isn’t there another magic eye?”

“Don’t say anything strange.”

“It could be. Your demonic eye was created when the moonlight sword’s magic permeated… … After all, that son of a bitch’s magic isn’t too different from the moonlight sword.”

“My eyes are a gift from my father-in-law. It is not by magic.”

I tried to keep quiet, but Ciel became irritated again. Senya’s lips pouted out in response to that every line answer.

“I’m worried because that ancestor is related to the demon lord of destruction!”

“please! Don’t say anything weird. And keep your voice down, this is Black Lion Castle! If someone else hears that the ancestor is related to the demon king of destruction… … .”

“Hey, is your voice louder than mine?”

Ciel was frightened at the return of the pin, and covered his mouth. Senya laughed at her because he was fresh and cute.

“It’s useless to worry. When I say this, you don’t think there’s a barrier around you?”

“… … Even if you put a barrier, it can leak out, right?”

“That’s a really pointless worry. what do you see me as? magic woman… … .”

God, I meant to say. He felt like he would be teased if he said such a thing in front of Ciel.

Senya immediately shut up. His words were cut off midway, but Ciel wasn’t very curious about what was going on behind the scenes. It must have been a display of self-esteem in spite of the scolding nonsense.

More than that, Ciel was more concerned about Eugene. Right now, Eugene is in a room on the side of the castle, communicating with foreign countries.

“… … I don’t know the situation well. What is it?”

“It’s a Moron.”

Anise, who was pressing her face into Ciel’s left eye, answered.

“… … It seems that the guy who broke into this castle visited Moron first a few hours ago.”

“yes? That’s impossible. There is no warp gate in Rehein Yar, where Moron-nim is, so how do you get here in a few hours?”

“It must have moved in that strange way.”

Senya furrowed her eyebrows and replied. Teleport is a long-distance movement magic that does not go through a warp gate.

Warp gates connect fixed spatial coordinates to each other to enable ultra-long-distance movement. Teleport and Blink do not use gates, but create milestones and make the body and soul jump toward the milestones. Eugene’s signature, the feather of Prominence, is the application of that space magic.

Even a great mage has to follow these conditions to use teleport.

The same goes for Senya and the dragon called magic control. Even for them, milestones must be prepared, and even then, the distance traveled is incomparably shorter than that of a warp gate. For teleportation that ignores distance restrictions, use the leaves of the World Tree or—


The demon king of confinement freely appears and disappears anywhere in the world.

… … It was the same with the Demon King of Destruction. Appearing and disappearing anywhere, without setting a milestone and regardless of distance, is a power only available to the Demon King in this world.

[Looked all over Rehein Yar.]

Eugene listened to Moron’s story in silence.

[But I couldn’t find any trace of him. He looked at it several times, wondering if it was hiding his magical power, but he couldn’t find it.]

that Death Knight. No, I can’t even call it a Death Knight anymore… … However, the guy who didn’t even seem to be the Demon King went to Morron and challenged him to a fight.

[I… … You made a mistake. If I had contacted you immediately instead of looking… … .]

“It’s okay, kid.”

Eugene let out a deep sigh and replied.

“This one doesn’t do much damage either. Are you okay?”

[hmm. It hurt a little, but it’s okay.]

“Of course you should be fine. I would have been disappointed in you if I was beaten and kicked by an idiot who didn’t eat properly.”

Eugene said curtly and scratched his head.

“… … how about the mountain Is there any change in Laguryaran?”

He uses the magic of destruction. Eugene couldn’t help but feel anxious that such a guy ran rampant in Rehein Yar.

What if the demon lord of destruction wakes up stimulated? What if a lot of Noor appears?

[We are keeping an eye on it, but there are no problems yet.]

Currently, Moron is down at the training base where the Night March was held. She treats the wounds she received in the battle and is in order to contact Eugene. Although she descends from the Great Hammer Gorge, her moron’s bright eyes can see the mountain range and Laguryaran even from her training base.


Moron hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth.

[He is… … to kill me He didn’t come to fight me.]

“… … .”

[If he had continued to fight, I might have collapsed. However, he did not continue to fight and retreated first.]

“It’s the same here. I didn’t kill anyone, I just scratched my temper and retreated. I don’t even know where he’s gone now.”

He sighed and scratched the floor with his fingers. It was a hard marble floor, but as Eugene scratched it, there were scars on the floor.

“That’s like X. You know what’s more like X? That bastard wore a mask. I covered my face in my previous life.”

[…] … .]

“I don’t really want to think about it, but I keep thinking about it. 그, 개새끼가. no way… … do you know me?”

Chick-geek, Chick-geek. Eugene continued to scratch the floor and said.

“Recognizing that I am Hamel’s reincarnation, Hamel’s, my… … honor. Did you put on a mask to be considerate of me because you wanted to protect something like that?”


“I’m looking for you. Came here, doing shit.”

I’m going to go to the middle of the day. Eugene clenched his fist with his fingers that had been scratching the floor.

“Sir X, what are you trying to do?”

[Hamel… … Its existence… … He knew he was fake. While fighting him… … I thought I looked like you.]

“Moron. If you were in front of me right now, I would have smashed your jaw. I believe you made that determination as well.”

[Of course, Hamel, I’m saying this at the risk of getting several blows from you. But I really felt that way.]


[I hope you take my words seriously. Even though I realized that it was a fake, that being that resembled you, took on a mask… … What is the reason for writing and doing this? What does that being want to do?]


Eugene spread his clenched fist. He shook off the marble dust that had accumulated in his palms and stood up.

“What am I thinking? You should ask him before you find him and kill him.”

[That is also the answer. … … But didn’t he say he didn’t know where he was yet?]

“Please kill me, and you’re the one who came here wearing a mask and messed up. You won’t have to roll your eyes and look for it, sooner or later you’ll know where it is. Previously.”

Eugene rubbed his palms, which were still dusty, against the wall. Eugene, who had been rubbing his hand nervously, clenched his fist again and pounded his stuffy chest.

“… … I will.”

[hmm? what did you say? I couldn’t hear… … .]

I wished this day would never come.

“I need to know who I am.”

Eugene gnashed his teeth and spat out.

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