Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 458

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“really… … Are you really okay?”

Unusually, Anise stammered until she reached out and grabbed Eugene’s hand.

“Aren’t you just acting out of impulse, in a momentary mood? Hamel. If so, please reconsider. You will definitely regret it later.”

Next to Anis, who was concerned with a serious expression on her face. Senya was hesitant about what expression to wear.

Even in Senya’s opinion, that statement made sense. This is because Eugene has not only done one or two things.

Apparently, Eugene tried to act like his age when he was young to avoid suspicion from those around him. It is not known whether or not she could not cover her poo and urine when she was a baby, but it was clear that in her childhood she lived like a child.

It wasn’t just when I was younger. Even after reaching an age where you don’t have to act like a child, there are quite a few things that bother you, no, a lot. As Anis said, if you do it impulsively, you will surely regret it later.

“… … Uhm. Isn’t that what Eugene decided for himself? It’s not something we’re going to do.”

But isn’t that regret entirely something that Eugene can handle? It is Eugene’s responsibility to regret later, feel embarrassed, and want to die because of a decision she made lightly.

Senya has nothing to bear or lose with that decision. Rather, there was more to be gained.

“It’s okay to do this out of anger, and it’s also okay to do it out of impulse.”

Eugene sighed, frowning.

“anise. Like you said, I will definitely regret it. You don’t have to go until later, you’ll regret it in a few hours.”

“then… … .”

“I still won’t change my mind.”

Death Knight knows that he is not Hamel. And she probably guessed that Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel with a high probability. Otherwise, she would have no reason to cover her face and invade the Black Lion Castle and cause a commotion.

If there were many deaths, one would have guessed that Amelia Merwin was behind the attack. Even if he didn’t want it, it could have been Amelia’s order.

But no fatalities. The bastard didn’t kill anyone. There’s no way Amelia Merwin would give such an order.

“He was considerate of me even as he scratched my temper.”

that heats up

“The reason why he came here to f*ck is because of me after all. It’s a very, very f*cking situation. is not it? The head of household, Carmen-nim, and everyone else. Ivatar and his warriors who came to train for nothing must be unfair and frustrated. The guy who came right away and beat me up and left, why did he do that? You don’t even know who he is.”

“… … .”

“Carmen-nim and the head of the household said it wasn’t my fault, but that’s what everyone is saying because they don’t know the circumstances. Honestly, why isn’t this my fault? It’s because of me that bastard came here. Fortunately, no one died, but that doesn’t diminish my responsibility.”

As Eugene continued to speak, Anise’s expression changed.

She didn’t try to convince Eugene any longer. Because she had no reason to be persuaded. Furiously, emotionally, that’s right. However, the emotions that moved her Eugene were by no means light.

“그리고, 그 개새끼가 멸망의 마력을 줄줄 흘려댔잖아. … … Now I can’t talk about the moonlight sword.”

In the fight against the mad king, he wielded the moonlight sword. Carmen and others who were with her in the battle had no choice but to question the moonlight sword.

What the hell is that sword that emits an ominous light and even cuts off the demon lord’s magical power? To that question, he had no choice but to lie and say that it was an artifact he had accidentally discovered during his travels.

Now I can’t do that.

… … Even if you think about it later, it was necessary to reveal the truth. Talking about the moonlight sword every time we fight from now on is tiring.

Lionheart’s blood.

As for the vermouth, I should definitely mention it.

so that.

Now, Eugene decided to reveal his biggest secret to Lionheart’s adults.

‘That I am the reincarnation of Hamel.’

There are only two people in Lionheart who know Eugene’s secret.

The black lion who inherited the Hamel style, Genos Lionheart. And Ciel Lionheart. Other than that, no one in Lionheart knows that Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel.

A few more will be added today. I have no intention of revealing it openly to the entire family. I think I only need to reveal it to Klein, the head of the Senate, and the adults of the main family.

“… … Uhm… … .”

Senya peeked at Eugene’s face with a sidelong glance.

serious expression… … What I just said was seriously heavy. Seeing Eugene like that, Senya felt a little, just a little bit ashamed of herself.

Eugene revealing a secret? There is no reason to dry it. As she thought before, Senya had nothing to endure or lose by revealing Eugene’s true identity. Rather, there was much to be gained.

You don’t have to look at Ryan Hart.

I don’t know what others might think, but when she was at Lionheart Mansion, Senya always paid attention to what others noticed.

A wizard who has lived for hundreds of years accepts a young man who is just over 20 years old as a disciple and becomes a lover, inappropriate… … Have an inappropriate relationship.

Isn’t it a topic where you have no choice but to pay attention to the glare of people around you? Of course, Eugene is the family’s favorite and a warrior who draws attention from all over the continent. On top of that, the Lionheart family is the second most prestigious family on the continent.

I took the shame and asked Anicilla for cooperation, but that did not solve all the problems.

But what if Eugene reveals that he is the reincarnation of Hamel? Right now, it seemed that he was only going to reveal it to a few key figures in Lionheart, but Senya thought that was enough. Anyway, one day, when Yu-jin and Yu-jin were officially allowed to date and held her wedding ceremony, she didn’t have to notice her family head and her biological father.

‘… … formally dating? Wait, isn’t that what you’re already doing?’

A sudden question. Senya was confused. But he couldn’t possibly ask the current Eugene.

“… … .”

Ciel had kept his mouth shut from the start. Her lips are closed, but the corners of her mouth twitch intermittently. Ciel and Senya were unable to say anything because of the atmosphere.

‘If it is known that Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel… … .’

Ciel swallowed a sigh.

Then it will greatly reduce the effort to persuade father and mother… … . Of course, even if Eugene has no intention of doing that, isn’t that something that can be done slowly after everything is over? Ciel had no intention of rushing right away.


Eugene opened the closed door and went inside.

The Round Table of the Black Lion Castle I visited a few years ago. Eight people were waiting for Eugene here. Klein and Carmen, Gilade, Anicilla, Gion, Xian, Jehard, and Genos.

“What happened to… … ?”

Guillaid looked at Eugene in bewilderment.

Although he asked, Gilreid roughly guessed the reason. It must be to tell the story of the attacker of the Black Lion Castle. Not only Guilade, everyone had similar thoughts.

It is very important to confirm the identity of the assailant. That’s why, despite everyone’s busy schedule, they immediately gathered at the round table.

‘Is there any reason for me to know… … ?’

However, Jehard wondered why he was even called. Although he rushes over with his men, Jehad is no combatant. Just because the enemy is identified, he will not wear armor and take up a weapon.

Of course, that didn’t mean that Jehard went over to the Black Lion Castle and had nothing to do. Not long ago, Jehard tended to his mother-in-law, following Annie Scylla, who tended and encouraged the hand-wounded.

‘I need to know.’

Anicilla felt the definite responsibility of being the hostess of the prestigious Lionheart. She stared at her Eugene with her serious face.



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It wouldn’t have been possible, but if Eugene asked for it at least in the unlikely event. Anicilla planned to mobilize not only the imperial army under the jurisdiction of his family, the Marquis of Caines, but also all of his contacts in the imperial church.

“I have an important story.”

Ciel and Senja entered the room, and Cristina, who entered last, shut the door.

Christina was in a similar position to Anise, but at the same time, she had high expectations for Eugene’s confession. She looked at Eugene with her faith-filled eyes as Cristina put her hands together in front of her chest.

“Is it about the enemy?”

Carmen murmured. Her treatment was over, but her hands were still bandaged. She opened Carmen’s hand and looked at her Eugene.

“Before we talk about the enemy.”

Eugene took a deep breath.

“I have a secret.”


Genos was the first to respond to the word secret. He looked at Eugene with his eyes wide open.

Maybe now? here? Eugene nodded slightly at Genos’ shocked gaze.

“I am… … .”


I thought I was afraid. If I say this… … Because I can’t go back to the way it was before. father and son. adoptive parents and adopted children. sibling. I was afraid of losing that relationship.

Even so.

This happened. Something similar to this may happen in the future. Things related to reincarnation of Hamel Diners, not Eugene Lionheart.

It is a family.

I don’t know how everyone will accept it, but Eugene’s thoughts don’t change. Even if it is no longer possible to go back to the past, Eugene will always be the same.

Whether it was the reincarnation of Agaroth, the god of war, or the reincarnation of Hamel, what is here right now—- is just, ‘me’.


It is a Death Knight made from my corpse. It is a self made of my memories. There were several chances to kill. thought it was killed

couldn’t kill The guy, damn it, survived, did this and disappeared. To be gone is to be alive. When he comes back, he doesn’t know what else he’s going to do. As long as its existence originated from me. Even though I wouldn’t have done anything to his birth.

‘Even so.’

Eugene’s eyes quieted down. The mood has changed. Everyone waited silently for Eugene’s words.

“This is the reincarnation of Hamel.”

The answer didn’t come right away.

It is not that there is no reaction. Everyone is looking at Eugene with their eyes wide open.

joke or prank? No one thought of that. In this situation, there is no way to make such a ridiculous and out of the blue joke.

“… … .”

Jehard looked at Eugene with his mouth half-open.

‘Reincarnation of Hamel’. I, who is Hamel? Jehard could also immediately recall. The progenitor of Lionheart, and companion of the great Vermouth.

Stupid Hamel.

“… … ah… … .”

Listening to your son’s words and guessing is not one or two.

Jehard remembered how little his son cried since he was a baby. He did cry sometimes, but even that was different from the normal cry of a newborn baby. At the time… … It couldn’t have been, but it made me think that maybe he was crying on purpose.

The ability to speak and to start walking was incredibly fast. I thought it was strange at the time, but I was able to understand it rather quickly.

It was because I saw him holding a small stick and wielding it like a sword shortly after he started to walk.


I thought so. With that alone, I was able to understand most things about my young son.

Wasn’t he actually a genius? The son was the only one among the collateral to win the blood line ceremony, and became the adopted son of the head family. He was allowed to inherit the white flame ceremony, learned magic, and even received recognition as a holy sword… … .

He is a son who thought he was just a genius.

It is the reincarnation of a hero from 300 years ago. Unbelievable, but unbelievable words. Jehad barely closed his open mouth. He put a hand on his throbbing chest and calmed his breath.

Jehard is not the only one who feels astonished and confused. Everyone except for Genos, who he already knew, was shocked and confused.

But no one asked Eugene any other questions. She didn’t even chide me what nonsense she was talking about.

It was because, with just a little thought, he could understand that what Eugene said was the truth.

Guillaid and Anicilla, Gion and Xian. The family of the main house has seen Yujin since she was 13 years old. Gion, in particular, still vividly remembered the moment when Eugene first entered Ryan Heart’s spirit vein, and she immediately felt and manipulated her mana.

I couldn’t think of it as mere genius. It was the same with Gion that I had heard a lot of geniuses since I was a child. … … To be honest, I didn’t want to think of Eugene’s qualities simply as genius.

“that… … I mean… … .”

Gilade stuttered.

Unbelievable, but unbelievable words. Gilreid tried to calm her jumbled head and emotions, and tried to question Eugene. However, Jehard raised his hand and interrupted Gilreid’s words.

“My lord. I will speak first.”

Jehard said in a voice that was unusually determined. Gilreid flinched and stepped back.


Of course, Jehard should be the first to talk to Eugene here. Jehard Lionhart. He deserves it more than anyone else in the world.

Jehard took a few more deep breaths and looked straight at Eugene.

“… … Why are you coming now to reveal your secret?”

His voice was full of helpless trembling. Even the tone of voice has changed.

“I can’t believe I suddenly remembered… … . I don’t mean to say that.”

“I didn’t think it was necessary to say until now.”

Eugene smiled bitterly and stared at Jehard.

“Why did you think there was no need to tell me?”

“Whoever I reincarnate, my father is my father.”

Jehard’s eyes trembled.

“Honestly, back in the day, it was hard to regard my father as my father. I mean when I was young. At that time, it wasn’t long since I was reincarnated. but… … No matter what I thought, my father was a father, and he treated me as a son.”

“… … .”

“It has always been, and it will continue to be. Even though my father no longer considers me a son, I consider him a father.”

Jehard strained his eyes as if tears were about to flow. He stumbled over and, with his arms wide open, pulled Eugene into his arms.

“I am… … I am the father of a hero.”

After rubbing his back a few times, Jehard released his son from his arms. He staggers back, his legs giving out and he slumps back into his chair.

“The Head of Household, Anicilla-nim, and Gion-nim are all the same to me.”

“… … Could it be that we are different?”

Thoughts were complicated.

Hamel. Stupid Hamel. Companion of the eponymous Great Vermouth. Founding King of Ruhar, friend of the brave Moron… … Remembering the Night March, Moron-nim must have known the truth.

“… … oh my god… … .”

Anicilla covered her mouth with both hands. She looked back and forth between Senya and her Eugene, and on the way Senya and her eyes met. Anicilla… … She couldn’t figure out why Senya was winking so hard at her one eye.

“me… … I am?”

Xian stuttered.

“Jehard is my father. Go, the head of the household and the mother… … if it’s the same I am? No, I… … yo. this?”

Surely you’re not saying you’re not brothers now, are you? Xian felt uneasy and looked at Yujin.

… … Ciel’s expression in the back kept coming into view. Did you already know? I think I knew it when I saw that I wasn’t surprised.

‘Why did you tell only Ciel?’

Xian felt jealous that his twin brother knew about it before him.

“You are the same.”

“Huh… … .”

Xian held his chest and held his breath.

“same… … . what… … what?”

“My brother.”

“Huh… … .”

Sian gasped and sat down in his chair.

“… … .”

Klein was not very familiar with Eugene. Even so, being called here… … .

“Uhm… … Don’t talk to the other elders.”

It must have saved the face of the Senate. Klein stroked his beard and was conscious of Genos.

“Genos. You must… … .”

“I knew it years ago.”

Klein’s eyes fluttered at the reply that came back.

“Rebirth… … .”

Carmen opened her mouth. The moment she uttered her voice, all eyes were on Carmen.

This is because she was the best geek in Lionheart, but she was a person with a clear distinction between public and private. The atmosphere would be awkward if Carmen said that she would not be able to treat Eugene the same way she used to.

“Hamel’s… … .”

“yes. I didn’t mean to lie to Carmen… … .”

“The stupid black lion… … .”

Carmen murmured.

Eugene’s face crumpled.

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