Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 459

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After some emotions have calmed down.

He talked about the enemy who attacked the Black Lion Castle. Xian, whom I met in the Great Forest of Samar, was terrified at the word ‘Death Knight’ and widened his eyes.

“I didn’t kill him then… … yo. this?”

“Why do you speak that way?”

“Kuhm… … I keep getting worried… … .”

“If you really care that much, why don’t we become brothers in the future.”

“Wasn’t that bastard jojin then?”

Xian was startled after saying something that would have been between brothers. He remembered the fact that Anicilla and Guilade were here.

Guillaid didn’t seem to pay much attention, but Anicilla opened her eyes as thin as blades and shot her gaze the moment cheap words came out of Xian’s mouth. Seeing her mother’s intense gaze, which was once fiercer than anyone else’s, her Xian couldn’t help but shrug her shoulders.

“Death Knight… … .”

Except for Xian, who went to the Great Forest together, the others did not even know about the existence of the Death Knight. It was because at that time, Eugene had asked him to keep the details a secret.

Even if the contents were not his own, but a fake, the body belonged to the stupid Hamel himself. Confusion would have increased if the family was notified, so it was understandable even as a cyan to keep it a secret for now.

The great hero’s corpse was stolen and turned into a Death Knight?

Didn’t die even if killed, but rather became an existence close to the devil and attacked the castle of the black lion?

It’s shocking, and it’s hard to accept. In the first place, it would be unknown if it was a war era, but there is almost no such thing as ‘undead’ made from human corpses in this era.

“… … Uhm… … .”

Guillaid coughed and looked ahead.

The identity of the assailant is insignificant compared to that of Eugene. A child who I thought was extraordinary, ridiculous, and a gift from heaven from the moment I saw him at the blood family ceremony… … . That’s right. Who would have guessed that Eugene would be the reincarnation of stupid Hamel?

“… … uh… … Um, Eugene?”

Gion, who had been observing his older brother’s expression, opened his mouth quietly. He spoke with his usual cheerful smile.

“you… … Hamel, I will accept that you are reincarnated. I… … Um, no, is it okay for us to treat you the same as before?”

“Regardless of my reincarnation, I told you that I am the same as before and now.”

“ha ha ha… … yes. Leaving reincarnation, you are Eugene… … . hmm… … okay.”

The reason Gion asked one more time was because Anicilla and Klein were making faces of embarrassment. His older brother, Gil Reid, is the opposite. Aside from Hamel’s reincarnation, as long as Eugene is Eugene, Guilade wouldn’t care much.

The same goes for temperature. He took care of Eugene’s training from an early age.

Now that I think about it, I can’t say that I ‘took care’ of the training, but Gion has memories and bonds with Eugene anyway. Gion doesn’t really care that Eugene is a reincarnated person, as his older brother Gilreid does.

Same goes for Carmen. She is unexpectedly strict and common sense, but she still accepts Eugene as Eugene. But the head of the Senate, Klein, honestly had a hard time accepting it.

grumpy face. chubby voice… … Cold sweat ran down Klein’s spine as he glanced at Eugene.

reincarnation of a hero. It is even the reincarnation of Hamel, who was said to have a dirty personality. He doesn’t think that Eugene’s appearance so far is acting or lies.

But, but. If it was ‘that’ Hamel, I thought that after revealing everything, I could treat the relationship as lightly as flipping the palm of my hand… … . To the extent that he had no choice but to think of this, the Hamel of the children’s books Klein had seen when he was young was a nasty guy.

It was unavoidable. More than 200 years have passed since Senya and Anis published a children’s book. The profanity-filled first edition can only be found in libraries like Akryon, and has been reprinted several times over the centuries to keep up with the times.

Among the versions specifically targeting children, there were many versions depicting Hamel as a bad-tempered idiot to add a lesson not to become an adult like Hamel later on… … .

“It’s complicated.”

Carmen rubbed her chin and murmured.

“The stupid black lion… … .”

“I am, from the moment I took my toes and took out a book with my own hands and read it.”

Eugene opened his eyes wide and glared at Senya.

murderous gaze. Senya gently turned her head and hummed her hum.

“I didn’t like the word, stupid, Hamel.”

“Can’t evaluation be the right of future generations?”

“It is not evaluated by posterity! Just this… … .”

Eugene yelled and tried to point at Senya. Naturally, Senya would not let it go. Senya’s eyes sparkled like jewels, and the magic of absolute law that unfolded in an instant blocked Eugene’s mouth and restrained her actions.

“now! The important thing is, Hamel… … It’s not whether Eugene is stupid or not.”

Although it has gone through dozens of clearings, the ending of the children’s book is the same. As Hamel dies, he confesses her feelings to Senya. What if it turns out that the author of the children’s book is Senya? Senya just didn’t want to deal with it.

“hmm… … It is.”

Carmen also nodded.

“I think the name Dumb Black Lion is cool. But Eugene, I won’t call you stupid if you don’t like it. The person I know is far from stupid.”

what is this magic Eugene was taken aback and admired the magic that restrained his body.

When I first heard that he was aiming for the Goddess of Magic, I wondered if Senya had finally gone back after 300 years… … It seems that it wasn’t just words.

“The reincarnated black lion… … I can’t even say It won’t even be the black lion that came back. It seems you don’t want to let people know that you’re reincarnated… … .”

“… … .”

“If that’s the case, unfortunately, Eugene, I can’t help but call you the Black Lion.”

Yujin didn’t answer and kept her lips shut. It overlaps with the Knights of the Black Lion, but to be honest, it’s not that I don’t like the nickname ‘Black Lion’… … .

“but. Even if you skip it for now, I think you should discuss it enough someday to come up with a nickname that suits you. now… … Like Senya-sama said, there is something more important, so let’s move on.”

“yes… … .”

“Death Knight.”

Carmen’s expression changed. She clenched her fists, recalling the battle with the Death Knight.

“Even if it’s fake, the combat skills based on memory belong to Hamel. I also fought with Genos many times, and I know the techniques well, but… … .”

“He never used a skill.”

Jess got the word. He chewed his lips in humiliation and spat out.

“If he had used the Hamel formula, I would have recognized it.”

“I didn’t have to write… … . I didn’t write it on purpose. Both of them are, the bastard dare to care about me. ”

Eugene twitched his lips and smiled.

“Because I did something like this.”


Carmen looked back and forth between Eugene and Genos. Genos knew about reincarnation in advance.

In a way, it was natural. The Genos family is a legitimate successor to the Hamel style. Carmen was personally curious about when the relationship between the two began, but she didn’t immediately grab hold of it and ask. You’ll have to ask for it later.

“… … His mana was worrisome and ominous.”



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There is something else to ask now.

“If what is mixed with him is the magic of destruction, that… … It must be that odious and ominous power. but… … I, I have felt its magic before.”

Carmen couldn’t put the question down. The sword that Eugene wielded when fighting the mad king. Artifact obtained by chance while traveling.

In fact, even then, I wasn’t completely convinced. That’s because the light emitted by the moonlight sword was ominous.

However, it was clear that the light was fatal to the mad king. Also, the person who handled that light was a relative whom Carmen could trust and rely on on the battlefield.

So even if I didn’t understand, I didn’t ask further. To be honest, I had faith that Eugene would do well. But now I can’t do that.

“I know what Carmen is wary of.”

Eugene let out a deep sigh and said. At that, Carmen jumped up from her seat. She opened her eyes wide and stared at her Eugene.

“why… … Why?”

“Carmen… … .”


“Call me one more time.”

Carmen said with a serious face. Eugene was uncomfortable with that look and expression, but since it wasn’t a very difficult request, he told me what he wanted.


“iced coffee… … .”

That great hero, dumb Hamel, is being named… … . Carmen shook his shoulders, feeling a strange joy.

Eugene didn’t quite understand why Carmen sat down with such a satisfied expression on her face… … .

“It’s troublesome to explain in words.”

Eugene coughed and stood up from his seat. I could feel Senya and Cristina’s worried gaze. Eugene nodded his head once to indicate that it was okay, then pulled out the moonlight sword from within his cloak.

“This is vermouth… … .”

There was a slight annoyance in my heart. Just now, I told everyone the gist that he was still Eugene Ryanhart and that he hadn’t changed. In other words, the people in front of you are still the adults of the family, and Eugene will respect them as adults, just as he did until now.

Then what about vermouth? When talking to people who didn’t know the situation until now, he used Vermouth with honorific titles. But now what?

“hmm… … If you find it annoying that I call vermouth vermouth… … ?”

How should I respond to that statement? Everyone shut their mouths because they couldn’t answer, and all eyes naturally turned to the head of the house, Gilade. Gillaid laughed awkwardly, feeling a little resentment at the gazes focused on him.

“Eugene. you… … He’s also Hamel-sama, so it doesn’t matter if you feel free to call him the founder.”

“Yes, it is.”

Even if it was intrusive or unacceptable, I was thinking of calling vermouth vermouth. Eugene continued by injecting mana into the moonlight sword he pulled out.

“This sword was used by Vermouth 300 years ago.”

ㅡHwaaaaaagh! An ominous, pale moonlight enveloped the blade.

“… … little… … It has changed.”

Carmen looked at the moonlight sword with surprised eyes and said.

The light he saw when he subdued the demon king of madness and the light he saw now were not completely the same. For comparison, the light he had seen before was closer to the Death Knight’s magic.

“It’s because my strength is a bit mixed.”

After answering that, Eugene turned off the light of the moonlight sword. Gilreid, who was looking at the moonlight sword through the piercing, shook his head and opened his mouth.

“… … There was no such sword in Lionheart’s treasury… … .”

Suddenly, I thought of the past. The day Eugene first entered the treasury. Gilreid opened her eyes wide as she looked at the necklace Yujin was still wearing.

“No way, like your necklace… … ?”

“It is true that Vermouth hid this necklace, but the moonlight sword was not in the treasure chest.”

It was out of speculation, but on the contrary, Gilreid looked refreshed. It’s been 10 years already, but the owner himself has definitely learned the source of the unknown item.

“Moonlight Sword… … I never heard of it.”

Klein, who was lost in thought as he tapped his temple, murmured. Among the weapons used by the progenitor Vermouth, all the weapons that made a name for themselves are in the treasure house. But the moonlight sword, he had never heard of a weapon with that name anywhere.

“Vermouth deliberately concealed the existence of this sword. I didn’t leave a name anywhere, and the sword was my… … Well, I hid it in Hamel’s grave.”

Vermouth was not the only one who hid the existence of the Moonlight Sword. Judging from the fact that the name of the Moonlight Sword did not spread even among the demons, it seems that the demon king of confinement also cooperated.

The Demon King cooperates with the hero. A few years ago, it would have been dismissed as nonsense, but now Yuji couldn’t possibly think of it that way.


How should I speak. Yujin sorted out his thoughts and put his moonlight sword inside his cloak.

“The moonlight sword is the weapon of the demon lord of destruction.”

The demon lord’s weapons, such as crushing weights and demonic spears. However, everyone had no choice but to harden their expressions when they said that it was the weapon of the ‘Demon King of Destruction’. While everyone was silent, Eugene continued to speak.

I don’t know how Vermouth can use the moonlight sword.

However, Vermouth’s actions and… … Moonlight Sword’s specialty. And, assuming from various undisclosed facts, Vermouth is closely related to the Demon King of Destruction.

Perhaps, vermouth might not be human.

“What are you saying… … !”

Gion yelled out loud. He stumbled to his feet with a pale face.

“Poem, Sijo… … That the great vermouth might not be human… … ? what nonsense… … .”

“Sit down, Gion.”

Guilade’s face turned pale as well. However, he did not shout like Gion did, but ordered in a low voice. Gion hesitated at the cold voice, then sat down again.

“… … What is a secret that cannot be revealed?”

Vermouth’s attack on Senya at Hamel’s grave.

The one that warned Vermouth about Nur.

I didn’t want to tell you about those things. Same with Senya.

‘Did I almost die because my heart was pierced by your ancestors?’

‘No, it’s not that Vermouth is a bad guy, it’s just that he’s a little tasteless… … .’

You couldn’t say such a thing in front of such serious descendants. Senya and Yujin quickly exchanged glances.

“An undisclosed secret is literally unrevealable.”

At Senya’s words, everyone nodded with heavy expressions.

“Well, the fact that Vermouth might not be a human is just speculation. Once we… … uh… … Lionheart’s blood is special, something like that.”

“… … no way… … Ciel’s magic eyes?”

Anicilla said, holding her head. Eugene quickly followed her, examining Annie Silla’s expression.

“Yeah, well, it seemed like that. The fact that Lionheart handles the demon lord’s arms… … This moonlight sword is like that too.”

“Sword of Destruction… … .”

Carmen murmured.

“If what you say is true, it means that I have special blood running through my body. the devil’s blood. But not evil… … .”

“Yes, it is.”

I’m having trouble with the explanation. Eugene immediately received Carmen’s words.

“The identity of Vermouth is unknown, and although the moonlight sword is a sword of destruction, he is not evil. He was rather like a hero than anyone else. Just like I wasn’t stupid.”

Eugene gave strength to his last words.

“Vermouth opened an era of peace by making a contract with the demon king of confinement. And he deceived everyone that he was dead, and sealed the demon king of destruction himself. Even at this moment.”

“seal… … !”

Carmen’s eyes lit up.

“A seal? What does that mean?”

Gilade also asked in an urgent voice.

“Lavista where the demon king of destruction is hiding. In the temple located in the depths, Vermouth is sealing the demon lord of destruction. Perhaps that itself is a promise made with the demon king of confinement.”

“Does that mean that the ancestor is still alive!”

Genos was also surprised and jumped up from his seat. The great Vermouth is alive and sealing the demon lord of destruction! The eyes of everyone who heard the tragic and heroic sacrifice lit up.


Eugene also said with strength.


Carmen raised both hands and exclaimed.

The great vermouth may not be human. Lionheart’s blood may have been mixed with evil spirits.

—-It doesn’t matter! Carmen had never felt a single evil impulse. Looking at that sword of destruction, all I can feel is disgusting ominousness. Carmen never doubted that she was the right person, and was ready and determined to give herself up for Lionheart and the world at any time.

“If the ancestor is alive, if he is alive and is sealing the demon king of destruction alone. If the peace of this era is due to the sacrifice of the ancestors… … ! Before I become the head of the family, I want to save my ancestor as a Lion Heart.”

Gilreid also sighed resolutely.

It’s confusing. It is not easy to understand and accept anything. But, but if the progenitor is devoting himself for the world. A descendent who knows his myth and glory must act for the founder.

“I don’t know why Vermouth did it.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“Vermouth reincarnated me. I read a children’s book for the first time. Know about the world now. After that, I have thoughts every day.”

More than 20 years have passed.

However, Eugene’s purpose had not changed even before Hamel died.

“I will kill all demon lords.”

Just as Hamel did, Eugene wants the same thing.

Senya, Anis, and Moron want the same thing.

“And I will save the vermouth.”

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