Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 46

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“Why are you burdened with Hector?”

Girgas asked with an expression of incomprehension.

“You must be misunderstanding something. Hector older brother is the same lion heart. Besides, isn’t this hunt a competition between the collateral and the main family like the blood family ceremony?”

“I hope your brain is also a muscle.”

Xian clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“This hunt is about. In a sense, it’s a test for me, the next head of household. Lionheart’s collaterals that participated in the hunt… Although the number is small, those who participated voluntarily can be said to be the protagonists who will lead the next generation of collaterals.”


“As the next head of the household, I must earn the respect of my collateral. Show me even if I’m less than Hector in hunting. Would you or a younger collaborator like Desiira respect me more or Hector?”

“I will respect both Hector and the young master.”

Gargis twitched his pectoral muscles in response. Xian stared blankly at the movement of those bulging muscles, then nodded with a puzzled face.

“Yes… thank you…”


Yujin looked around and opened her mouth.

“Where is Brother Iod? I heard he’s already arrived.”

The moment Iod’s name came up.

Xian’s face hardened even more.

“…My older brother arrived three days ago. The first day he was called to the senate, and after that he’s been locked up in his room.”

“Did you see the face?”

“…I said hello. I didn’t really want to say hello, but hyung-nim came up first and said hello…”

Xian’s words stopped. He turned his head away with an expression of blatant reluctance. It wasn’t just Xi’an. Ciel, but not as much as them, Didyra and Gargis also looked to the side with hard faces.

A young man wearing a large robe was approaching us. Gray hair tied down at the back of the neck. Golden eyes shining under the neat bangs.

Iod Lionhart.

“It’s been a while.”

Iod smiled lightly at Eugene.


No, a lot has changed. she felt that way 3 years ago, the Iod I saw at Arot had never smiled like that at Eugene. At that time, he was sucked in by the succubus, and he looked like a destitute person who wouldn’t be surprised if he collapsed at any time.

Eugene remembers Iod’s smile.

It was just an empty smile, wandering in a dream created by a succubus. There was no smile on his face after that. Crying and screaming while spilling nosebleeds.

‘What the hell do you know and accuse me of?’

‘You don’t know. You, who received everyone’s attention four years ago, became adopted by the head family, and received plenty of support from the head of the family…!’

‘Innate talent is unavoidable…!’

‘I… have no desire to become the family head of Lionheart.’

‘I will become a warlock and go to Helmud. My value will be recognized in that free place…!’

‘I didn’t want to be the head of the household, nor did I want to be born as the eldest son of the main family! I’m free, doing what I want…’


As I stared at my face, Iod smiled awkwardly and caressed my cheek.

“Did I approach you by pretending to be too friendly? I’m sorry. I must be ashamed… I probably would, but I really want to say hello to you…”

Iod couldn’t speak properly and was flustered. As he moved his arm, the robe lifted for a moment.

There was no lion heart pattern on Iod’s left chest.

“…Ciel… Yeah, it’s been a while since you’ve been there too. I haven’t seen it since I left for Arot… haha. It’s been 7 years. It has grown so much…”

“…Your brother has changed a lot too.”

Ciel saw that Iod didn’t have the family’s pattern engraved on it. Maybe that’s why Ciel softened his frowning eyes a little and answered Iod’s words with determination.

“Um… yes. A lot has changed. It has to change… 7 years is a long time.”

Iod cleared his throat and straightened his posture.


Eugene’s mouth opened.

“Rather, I should greet you first, brother. Aren’t I your brother?”

“Isn’t older brother and younger brother important in the order of greetings?”

Iod shook his head vigorously.

“…I’m glad you’re doing well.”

“Thanks to you.”

I don’t think it’s sarcastic. As Eugene stared at him without speaking, Iod hurriedly added his words.

“I do not resent you for what happened in Arrot. Rather, Eugene, I am grateful to you.”


“If you hadn’t corrected me then… I might still be indulging myself in Arot. Your fist… haha… it hurt, but it taught me a painful lesson.”

His voice stuttered, but Iod didn’t flinch.

“Thanks to you, I also… spent my time working hard. It’s all thanks to you.”

3 years ago.

Iodine’s magic was at most 3 circles. It’s not a bad level, but it was taught directly by the lord of the red tower and famous wizards. And considering that he was the eldest son of the Lionheart family, it was an achievement he would never be satisfied with.

‘…It doesn’t look like he’s been playing, but…’

Right now, Iodine’s magic is the 4th circle.

‘There has been progress, but still… No, my eyes are too high.’

Yujin cleared her face and nodded.

“Thank you for saying that.”

“Okay. …I really wanted to say this.”

Iod smiled and turned around.

“The wind is… cold. Haha… Let me go in first. It’s been a long time… It’s so nice to see the brothers.”

iodine goes away



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“…I have a conscience.”

Ciel murmured as he watched Iod walk away.

“If Oppa Iod had come with the family’s pattern engraved on it, I would have said something mean to him. Surely Xian oppa didn’t tell you in advance?”

“What am I doing?”

Xian grumbled and stroked his mustache.

“…Since my brother first came to the Black Lion Castle, he hadn’t carved his family’s pattern. There must be that much notice.”

“You are clueless.”

“What am I?”

“Go and shave your mustache.”

Eugene smiled and slapped Xian on the back.

prepare for hunting

“…who are you?”

The 2nd Division of the Black Lion Knights. 

First of all, I came here with the intention of meeting Genos, but I ran into a woman I had never seen before. I had been in and out of this place several times while interacting with Genos before, but it was a face I had never seen before. 

“…My name is Xenia Lionheart.” 

Thinly opened eyes scan Eugene. Xenia tucked her hair back in her plait into her one, and bowed her head slightly towards her Eugene. 

very slightly

“Ah… you’re the daughter of Genos-sama?”


The way he looked was not very good. Have you heard anything from Genos?

‘There’s no way I said the death penalty.’

Before leaving the Black Lion Castle, Genos had been warned several times that the brother-in-law relationship had to be kept a secret. Besides, even Genos would not want to talk about this brother-in-law relationship.

Even more so if the target is the only daughter.

“…Are you here to see your father?”


“Can you tell me why?”

“I’m not obligated to answer, right?”

At that answer, Xenia’s eyes grew even thinner. She glared at her Eugene for a moment, then backed away from her with a nod of her head. 


The moment I passed Xenia’s side. she opened her mouth

“I will not lose to Eugene.”



Xenia left those words and quickly turned around. away, etc. Her fists, wrapped in her white gloves, were seen trembling from her clenched fists.

“…What are you saying all of a sudden?”

Yujin grumbled and continued on her way. I saw a closed door. It’s rude to open up and walk in. Besides, there are many eyes to see here. Eugene had no intention of bragging about the death penalty even in public.


“Come in.”

I didn’t ask who. He must have noticed his true identity through his presence.

“Long time no see.”

Genos, who was sitting in a chair, stood up. Eugene stopped him and closed the door for now.

“…why do you do that?”

“for a moment.”

Eugene lifted his cloak. Then, as if she had waited, Mer held out her head, and Genos’ startled step knocked her chair over. 

“Uh, what about that kid?”

“Go in.”

Eugene pushed Mer’s protruding head. Then he rummaged inside her cloak and pulled out Akasha.

“Ah… that staff…!”

Eugene overheard Genos’ admiration and grabbed Akasha. Then he looked around with wide eyes. 

‘…Simple security magic. An alarm to prepare for intruders… Preservation of wall durability, maintenance of cleanliness… There is no type of eavesdropping.’

Akasha makes magic understandable. Even hidden magic can be seen if the spell is engraved on it. Even if that magic is something Eugene doesn’t know about, he can understand it the moment he holds Akasha. 

“…Looks like you’re doing well, right?”

“I would have been better off than the death penalty.”

When Eugene let go of his guard and started talking, Genos also smiled and replied. 

Eugene is 7 years younger than Genos’s daughter, Xenia. 

What does age matter? Eugene found Hamel’s grave and inherited the vision. Although Genos was the head of a family that had inherited the Hamel family, he respected Hamel from the bottom of his heart. Although he was as young as his son, to Genos, Eugene was a benefactor who corrected Hamel’s way of thinking that had been deformed for hundreds of years. 

“I met the priest’s daughter on the way.”

“You were with me just a moment ago.”

“You seemed to be… very… hostile to me. Could it be that you didn’t tell your daughter about me?”

priest’s daughter. It didn’t stick well to call it like this, but it’s something awkward to call it just like that. In the first place, this brother-in-law relationship is only between Eugene and Genos, and there is no reason for her daughter, Xenia, to get involved. 

“Can’t you?”

Genos sighed and shook his head. 

“It was the death penalty who said that the brother-in-law relationship should be kept secret. I never told the truth to Master Xian, who said he learned the same Hamel way.”

“…That… You still use the name Hamel.”

“Of course, I never told Xenia. …I don’t even want to say it. She said that if her daughter gave her brother-in-law a hostile look, it would be mere jealousy.”


“He’s jealous of rumors that I love Eugene.”

When Eugene tilted his head, not understanding, Genos continued. 

“When the death penalty came to the Black Lion Castle a few months ago. You met with me several times and even sparred. All the knights of the Black Lion Castle know that.”

“…yes, that’s right.”

“Especially when you sparred with me. The brother-in-law and I used the same Hamel formula.”

Even if I hear the word Hamel’s way hundreds of times, my heart still tickles…

“The Hamel formula is our family’s secret technology. No matter how old he is, he is an outsider from our family’s point of view. That the brother-in-law used such a Hamel formula… My daughter felt jealous.”

“Did you think I became a disciple of a priest?”

“I denied it. He was so talented that he passed on some of his family’s non-traditional skills…”

“From your daughter’s personality, you’d rather be angry with that statement.”

Genos nodded his head with a puzzled look on his face. 

‘I will not lose to Eugene-nim.’ 

“Your daughter has a great fighting spirit.”

“I’m not proud of it, but my daughter was recognized for her skills by a staff member famous for chivalry. Because she is not a member of the nationality, she was not listed in the Twelve Girls, but…”

I said I wasn’t bragging, but no matter who heard it, I was proud of my daughter. Eugene cleared his throat and sat down in an empty seat. 

“I have a story more important than that.”

“Is this what happened in Samar?”

Eugene nodded.

Genos believes. However, I don’t believe enough to tell the truth about the elven territory and Senya. Belief in Genos is always that of the death penalty bound by ‘Hamel’. 

Because of this, Eugene continued to speak and watched Genos’ reaction. 

“…You mean the head of the Senate… tried to kill Eugene?”

especially now. 

Eugene focused on the ’emotions’ caused by Genos.

“I’m not sure.”

Eugene gave strength to his voice and continued. 

“Not many people know that Auxiliary Bishop Christina and I went to Samar. In Lionheart, the head of the family, the priest, and the head of the Senate. There are only three.”


“There is a possibility that the information was leaked from the Holy Empire. but that i can’t figure out So I sent Auxiliary Bishop Christina.”

“…you don’t doubt me?”

“What does the priest get for selling me?”

“What does the Senate get?”

Be careful with your answers. Genos did not know that the tomb of the founder was empty, nor that Eugene was recognized by the Holy Sword. 

“I don’t know.”

There was no need to squeeze out a reason.

“I’m sick of not knowing.”

Genos glared at Eugene without saying anything. 

“If everyone doubts, no one can be trusted. The head of the family whom I can trust unconditionally is in the imperial palace. So now, the only thing I can trust is the priest who was bound by death penalty with me. I judged that. I don’t know what the priest will think, but for me, the relationship between Hamel and the brother-in-law is stronger than the relationship with the head of the Senate.”

The Knights of the Black Lion are a group that follows the order of the Senate. In particular, the immortal white lion that Wonsewonju has been doing for over 100 years. A monster that ruled the Black Lion Castle even before Genos was born. 

“…I don’t want to think that the suspicion of the death penalty is true.”

The Senate that Genos knew was the living legend of Lionheart. 

“However. The suspicion of the death penalty is right.” 

An adult from a family worthy of respect. Also, a strong man worthy of respect as a warrior. 

“Since the brother-in-law said he doesn’t suspect me, I… will monitor the Senator’s actions on this hunt. if. I don’t want to think that would happen, but if the senator tries to assassinate the death penalty.”


Genos’s teeth were ground. He clenched his fists in a display of open anger.

“The first Black Lion who condemned those who were not worthy of being the descendants of the great Vermouth. As their descendant, I will condemn the Senate Lord.”

Genos respects Hamel because he is proud of his blood. 

When Hamel’s statue is in front. Genos wept. He made an excuse that it was because of conjunctivitis, but the tears Genos shed at that time were hot and sincere. 

Even when you finish sparring.

Genos wept. It wasn’t the tears shed because of the humiliation of being pushed behind the perfection of Hamel’s style to the brother-in-law, who was the age of his son. The tears Genos shed at that time were tears of respect for Hamel’s true successor. 

So Eugene doesn’t doubt Genos.



Eugene nodded.

There is no eavesdropping magic. The magic was also spread in advance so that the conversation in this room could not be heard from the outside. 

The conversation to be shared has already ended, and the answer has been heard. So no more risky conversations. 

Steps come closer. Eugene put the Akasha he was still holding inside the cloak.

knock sound.

“I am Dominic. Sir Genos and Eugene. Are you inside?”

Captain of the 1st Division of the Black Lion Knights. The owner of the crushing weight phalanx. 

Grandson of the Senate Lord, Doines Lionheart.

“Oh, you were inside too.”

When Eugene opened the door, Dominic smiled cheerfully and reached out to Eugene. 

“I heard that you returned from Samar. I’m glad you look healthy.”

After a light handshake, Dominic winked at Genos and said,

“Did I interrupt your conversation? If that’s the case, I apologize. But I couldn’t help it either. How eager the Lord of the Senate is to bring Eugene…”

“…just now?”

“Yes, right. Is there any reason to delay?”

Dominic tilted his head and asked. 

that way. I ask if there is a reason for the delay, but I’m not waiting for an answer. Dominic stands so as not to close the open door, positioning himself sideways so that Eugene can get out of the room.

The answer Dominic was waiting for was to come out the door right away and go with him. 

“Let’s go.”

Yujin nodded and replied. Genos met Eugene’s gaze for a moment. 

I did not intend to follow. Even Genos understands what ‘assassination’ means. One of the rare events of the Black Lion Knights is assassination. Assassination, as the name suggests, is secret and takes place in the dark. It is to kill so that the chest water is unknown. 

If Eugene dies while hunting, the beast can be covered by monsters or monsters. However, this is a black lion castle with no monsters or monsters. Assassination is impossible. should never happen 

“You’re on good terms with Sir Genos.”

Dominic, who was leading the way, hummed. 

“Sir Genos vehemently denies that he made you his disciple.”

“As a martial arts senior, you are just giving me various lessons.”

“Senior… Teaching… haha! I don’t think you’re in a position to learn from Sir Genos.”

Dominic chuckled and turned to Eugene.

“Of course, if they really fought, Lord Genos would win. In the confrontation back then, you were the one who had the upper hand with your skills.”

“It was an unfair confrontation. A master like Dominic would have noticed, right?”

provocative words. Dominic laughed and nodded his head. 

“Thank you for looking up to me.”

“Sir Dominic is the captain of the 1st division of the Black Lion Knights, right?”

“A captain’s skill is not determined by numbers. In other words, I did not become the captain of the 1st Division because I was superior to Sir Genos and Sir Carmen.”

Dominic cleared his laugh and looked ahead again. 

“…But, I know that the confrontation back then was strange. A confrontation that does not use mana… Thoroughly friendly confrontation. Even the techniques Sir Genos used were not as fierce as those in actual combat, and they were rigid, sticking only to theory.”

It was because Genos only wanted to compete in Hamel’s way.

“Even so, you used more mature technology than Sir Genos. …Lord Genos’ technology, where does it originate? Do you know?”


“My great ancestor’s friend, stupid Hamel. His skills are the root of Lord Genos. And you… are the ones who first discovered Lord Hamel’s tomb.”

“What do you want to say?”

“We are talking about the relationship between Hamel-sama’s technology and the next generation over 300 years. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“Do you think I am Lord Hamel’s successor?”

“If you want to deny it, I won’t bother asking. But is there any reason to deny it? There is nothing to be ashamed of inheriting Hamel-sama’s skills, and Sir Genos acknowledged you?”

Dominic said that and looked back at Eugene.

“Eugene. You are trying to keep too many secrets.”


“I don’t know what happened to you in Samar. But, I’m just guessing. Perhaps he went to find Senya? I don’t understand why he went on such an important and dangerous job alone with Auxiliary Bishop Christina. If you had wished, the head of the Senate would have gladly attached the elite of the Black Lions as escorts.”

“…I think everyone should have a secret or two.”


“Because that way is fun.” 

Dominic couldn’t answer right away and looked at Eugene with his eyes wide open. 


Then he burst into laughter.

“You are right. Yes, secrets hidden from others give you subtle pleasure.”

round table room.

Dominic’s steps stopped in front of him. 

“but. Don’t keep secrets in front of the Senate.”

Dominic looked back at Eugene with a smile on his face.

“He takes even a boy’s playful secret as an impure threat. As you can feel, the Senate has been wary ever since he first became aware of your existence.”


“That’s why, all the more, you shouldn’t keep secrets from the head of the Senate.”

“I will listen.”

It was not a warning to be ignored. Eugene bowed his head and entered the door Dominic opened.

A round table that follows you. 

The only one seated was the senator, Doines Lionheart. He closed the book he was reading and set the glasses down the bridge of his nose.

“Long time no see.”

Doines stared at Eugene with a benevolent smile. 

“Did you enjoy your trip?”

“It was quite enjoyable.”

Keep no secrets before the Senate.

The warning was heeded.

I had no intention of keeping it.

“It was a very unique trip. If the head of the Senate is tired of living here, try going to Samar. There will be no time to be bored.”

“Heh heh… Nice suggestion, but I’m too old to wander in the backcountry like that.”

Doines chuckled and knocked on the table.

“Did you achieve what you wanted?”


“This is in the mountains of southern Kiel, but the world’s gossip is heard very well. I know that you brought the elves… and what you went through in Arot.”


“Why didn’t Senya come with me?”

“He wanted to stay.”

Eugene smiled and replied.

“You said you would visit me when the time was right.”

“The elven lands were real.”

Doines stood up. 

“Even I, who has lived a long life, would be a child compared to the elves. A paradise for elves. The forest with the world tree… Whoa. If possible, it was a place I really wanted to see with my own eyes.”

“If the Senate Lord wishes, I will guide you one day.”

“I will decline. Like I said before, I’m too old. This castle and forest are like my home, so it’s okay… but like other old people, I’m afraid to leave my old home. My joints hurt too.”

Doines steps closer. The gait is very light on the subject of expressing old age. immortal white lion. An old man who has lived for over 100 years. Doines stood in front of Eugene with an unbelievably correct appearance for his age. 

“Were there any dangers in that fun and exotic trip?”


Eugene answered without changing his expression.

“There have been several clashes with the natives, but none of them dangerous.”

“Then I’m glad.”

Doines smiled and patted Eugene on the shoulder.

“It was hard. I’m so glad you came back safely.”

“thank you.”

“I’m sorry for calling you here. I couldn’t help it because I wanted to hear your story somehow. If there had been a family member, we would have been able to talk in a softer atmosphere… heh heh. I have a hard time talking to younger juniors.”

After a couple of taps on the shoulder, Doines stepped back. 

“It would be nice to go back. The hunt will start in two days, so get some rest.” 

“Does the Senate Lord also participate in the hunt?”

“This is my home.”

Doines replied with a warm smile.

“I, the elder, must show the way so that the young do not get lost or endanger themselves.”

ready to hunt

“It’s hard to meet him because he’s famous.”

the way back to the castle. The sun is slowly setting, and the sunset sky is red. Underneath the lofty flag of Lionheart. Someone was standing in the shadows leading from the castle wall.

As Eugene stared at the shadow without saying anything, the man standing inside walked out of the shadow with an easy-going smile.

“Hector Lionheart.”

Hector approached slowly and reached out to Eugene for a handshake.

“I hope my actions are not disrespectful to the children of my family.”

“I don’t think it’s rude.”

Eugene did not make Hector’s hand wait. She shook hands briefly and Hector smiled.

“I thought I wanted to say hello when you arrived earlier.”

At that time, Hector was sitting on the other side of the wall. Sharing glances, laughing, waving hands. The first meeting with Hector ended with that.

“I didn’t want to stand in front of young people younger than me, boasting that I was only a few years older. Besides, the ones who went to meet you earlier were all classmates of the same generation as you. I would have been very embarrassed if I had been there.”

“I guess you are interested in me?”

“Everybody does.”

After shaking hands, the hands fall apart. During that short contact, Eugene was able to discern several things about Hector.

‘It’s strong.’

The unmanned hand holds a lot of information. Strong hands, calluses on the inside, thickness of bones. Depending on which weapon you mainly use, the shape of your hand is fixed.

“I guess we look a little alike.”

Hector smiled and said, and Eugene agreed. Hector’s hands were like the hands of a swordsman, and also like the hands of a spearman. To be more precise, it resembled Eugene’s hand.

‘It seems that all available weapons are used. He seems to be good at punching.’

In particular, what drew Eugene’s interest was the neatly refined mana. He was said to have been the best genius in the collateral… That didn’t sound like an exaggeration. Had Eugene not appeared, Hector would have been called the greatest genius of the collateral even until now.

“In terms of being called a genius?”

“That too.”

Hector smiled and nodded.

“Like I just said, everyone will be interested in you. Even if it’s not Lionheart, that’s the case, and if it’s Lionheart, if it’s a collateral branch, they’ll be even more interested in you.”

“What is the meaning of Hector’s interest?”

“Well, there’s a sense of humor… and a simple curiosity.”


popped question. I wanted to ask what Hector was hiding inside, but Hector opened his eyes wide and looked at Eugene.

“Why am I jealous of you?”

“Hector-sama was also called a genius, and he won the bloodline ceremony, right?”

“Ah… that’s right. The road I’ve walked with you is quite similar. But I didn’t become the adopted son of the original family, and you did.”

Hector belatedly understood and nodded.

“That makes me jealous of you… well, that might come across.”

“I apologize if my question was so rude.”

Eugene took a step back and bowed his head to Hector. Then Hector, on the contrary, waved his hand with a puzzled look on his face.

“No, don’t apologize. Because I fully understand your position. Um… It’s embarrassing to say with my own mouth, but I’ve received a lot of jealousy like you.”

It has to be. A human being called a genius will be jealous of others in one way or another.

“It’s not unreasonable for you to think that way and be wary. But I’m not jealous of you. Although in awe.”


“okay. Aren’t you a great person? You said you were similar to me, but to be honest, you and I don’t compare. My family did not participate in the Blood Ceremony that I participated in. But what about you? I competed against my family’s children, and even three of them, and won the championship.”

Hector’s eyes lit up.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do that. Not to mention the steps after becoming adopted. That is why I am in awe of you.”

take a little walk Hector added, and she laughed.

“There is no topic of conversation to be able to sit down and have a drink or tea. Anyway, since you and I are staying at the same castle, aren’t we going the same way?”

“A conversation can be anything.”

“Well… I think bringing up the topic to keep the conversation going will only make the relationship more uncomfortable. Or, do you have many stories you would like to share with me?”

“Are there any more Hectors?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“You were waiting for me?”

“I think that is enough. Conversation is not necessary to convey the ‘size’ of an interest. In this cold weather, I dare to come all the way here to wait for you, and walk back together… Not by force, but with trivial stories.”

Hector paused for a moment and burst into laughter.

“This is Won. I said it with my own mouth, but it’s quite embarrassing. Surely it’s not a strange misunderstanding, is it?”

“I am used to it.”

Eugene thought of Balzac Rudbess, the master of the Black Tower.

“If you’re that interested in me, why don’t you try sparring lightly?”

“No, I refuse that. I don’t want to be disgraced by buying it.”

“You don’t seem to have the skills to say that.”

“haha! Thanks for saying that, but it’s nothing compared to you.”

“I have heard about Hector-nim. You said you were an honorary knight of the White Fang?”

“That is not a great decoration. Do you know how many Ruhar’s White Fangs are there? Well, five hundred people. But what about the Akryon pass you have? Do you have ten people?”

Hector laughed and shook his head.

“In the first place, being an honorary knight is an honorary position, just like its name. It was named White Fang, but that doesn’t mean it’s really a canine. With your skills, you’ll be able to become an honorary knight of the Fangs faster than me, right?”

Eugene was interested in the Kingdom of Luhar, but he had little interest in the Royal Knights, the White Fangs.

‘No, is it better to become a fang to dig up a Morron?’

If you are not a citizen of Luhar, you can only become an honorary knight. As Hector said, it’s just an honorary position, but at what age do you climb up to the royal family of Luhar?

‘I’d rather have Xian marry the princess of Luhar.’

There is a princess of Ruhar among the marriage partners of Xian that the family is considering. The problem is, the princess is 10 years old this year.

“Mister Hector!”

The upper-floor window of the castle was blown open. The first to call out the name was Genos’ daughter, Xenia Lionheart. She leaned out and glared at Eugene and Hector together.

“You look friendly.”

“It’s been years since we met, but we’re close friends.”

Xenia stepped on the railing. She had jumped from quite a height, but Xenia didn’t make a sound and she landed on the ground. She then came to Hector with her stride.

“…why are you two coming together?”

“I met you along the way.”

Xenia didn’t like Hector’s answer. She looked back and forth between Eugene and Hector with her fierce eyes, then tsk her tongue and caressed the sword at her waist.

“…let’s go.”

“huh? where?”

“You promised to sparr with me!”

Xenia grabbed Hector’s wrist and fired at him. Hector made a disgusted expression, but he did not shake off Xenia’s hand.

“Are you going too?”

As they were being dragged away, Hector turned to Eugene. Before she could answer, Xenia squeezed her face and pulled Hector harder.

“I don’t want to show it.”


“The way they sparring… So, I don’t want to show off my skills…!”

Xenia spoke in a low voice, but Eugene, who had a keen sense, could hear the conversation very well. Eugene looked at the two of them with her trembling face, and she felt conflicted inside.

I want to follow my heart. She wasn’t very interested in their sparring, but since Xenia didn’t want to show it to her, she forced herself to see it.

‘Even if it weren’t for the daughter of Genos.’

To some extent, he was able to understand Xenia’s position. If he incurs more hatred from Xenia here, the position of her father, Genos, will also be difficult. In the end, Eugene took a few steps back with a sympathetic heart.

“Thank you for the recommendation, but it’s okay. I’ve been called here and there as soon as I arrived today, so I’m a little tired.”

“… are you being called?”

Xenia’s eyebrows twitched.

“My father didn’t call you. You came looking for your father on your own.”

After Xenia fired at him like that, he pulled Hector by the arm again and left.

‘Looks like you really like your father.’

Yujin turned her head away from her back and returned to the castle.

The hunt begins in two days. There was no coercion like the blood ceremony, and although it was a sudden event, there were quite a few people who participated in the collateral ceremony.

Gargis and Desiira. and Deacon.

‘He doesn’t have any memories.’

Bloodline ceremony 7 years ago. Among the collaborators, the only ones that Eugene paid attention to were Gargis and Didyra. There were three or four other collaterals, but they were not worth remembering their names.

‘The only thing I remember is… a fat pig.’

His name was Hansen, or something like that.


Deacon was 11 at the time. He can’t compare to Gargis and Dejaira, but he’s been quite active in his bloodline ceremony. He didn’t give up on his own and went forward even with arrows stuck in his body… He was eventually swallowed by a slime and rescued.

‘It’s better than the other trash.’

Eugene stared blankly at the Deacon he met in the hallway. Faint impression even after 7 years. She’s grown quite a bit, but her face still has the youthful look of an 18-year-old.

“Oh, hello…”

After hesitantly saying hello, Deacon hurried past Eugene as if he were running away.

Eugene continued walking without stopping, but felt Deacon’s gaze behind him. She glanced at her, and she saw Deacon standing in the distance, stopping and staring this way.

“…anything to say?”

“Oh, no.”

Deacon shook his head in surprise. Then she turned her back and walked away at a brisk pace.

“I have no ambition.”

Mer, who was inside the cloak, sticks out her head. After glancing at Deacon’s back, she walked towards Eugene’s door with a sprint.

“What do you care about, Hector and Xenia? I think it’s about two. What do you think, Eugene?”

“Why should I care?”

“Perhaps the two of them might be instigated by the Senate and attack Eugene.”

Mer entered the room and lowered her voice.

“I don’t think there is a way for a person in that position to step forward. In the first place, the Black Lion Knights are the knights who take charge of Lionheart’s dirty work, right? If he is a man of the level of a senator, he will have any number of his men who will get their hands dirty in his stead.”


Eugene approached the window while talking nonchalantly.

“Mer, as you said, Hector or Xenia might be the Senate Marshal’s dagger. Maybe, contrary to expectations, she will try to stab Deacon in the back.”

“…Um… is that a brash little boy?”

“Because it would be effective to use an unexpected hand for assassination.”

It’s not just Deacon. As Mer said, if the senator wanted to, there would be plenty of people who would get his hands dirty instead. I don’t know if it’s the Black Lion or if it’s someone from Lionheart who’s participating in this hunt…

‘…It can’t be Gargis.’

It may have been hasty trust, but Eugene couldn’t imagine Gargis raising a knife behind his back after being instigated by the Senate.

‘Maybe it’s design.’

Eugene stood by the window and looked down. In the corner of the large gymnasium stood Didyra and Gargis. Gargis was engrossed in strength training while wearing the clothes we saw earlier that left his chest and armpits embarrassingly cut. And Desiira was poking her spear a little further away.

“…I’m working hard. Gargis, does he fight with his muscles?”

“No… I think I used a greatsword…”

“But why are you only exercising your muscles without wielding a greatsword?”

“Um… well…”

Yujin put on a puzzled expression and looked away. There are only Gargis and Didyra at the gymnasium. Deacon went back to his room, and Iod… I haven’t seen him since we said hello.

“Looks like you’re locked in your room?”

Ciel, who entered the room without permission, informed them. She continued her words while glancing at Mer, who was rolling around on the soft bed.

“It looks like you can have your meal in your room. I thought he might have changed a little outwardly because he greeted you first, but I guess his personality has changed drastically.”

“Still, it seems to be better than when I was in Arot.”

“I don’t know, but my father seems to like it quite a bit.”

Ciel sneered and continued.

“Isn’t Iod oppa expecting that too? No, maybe that’s Master Theonis’ purpose. Since you can see that he directly says that he wants to go back to his parents’ house, he may be subtly appealing by showing Iod oppa’s changed appearance.”

“Actually, the head of the family can’t come to this hunt.”

“Yeah, it is. My father is at the imperial palace… can I be honest?”

“When did you ask me and be honest?”

“I think it’s fortunate that my father isn’t in the Black Lion Castle. I don’t know about you, but do you know how many times my father bowed his head because of Oppa Iod? The regular meeting of the senate, he prayed for Iod’s forgiveness while attending the regular meeting.”

Ciel has lived in the Black Lion Castle since he was 17 years old. That’s why he was well aware of how often Gilreid visited the Black Lion Castle, attended meetings, and defended Iod over the past three years.

“Originally, I mean. Brother Iod had to be disowned. Even though he is the eldest son of the main family, he tried to enter black magic, so it was natural for him to disown. But his father said that he couldn’t abandon his eldest son, so he didn’t even disown him.”

That’s why Ciel hated Iod.

“A subject that troubled my father so much… I heard that Master Theonis rather blamed his father? It’s not even funny, what the hell did Dad do wrong? Is it your father’s fault that Iod grew up as an asshole?”

“…um… not quite without fault.”

When Eugene answered, Ciel glared at Eugene with open eyes.

“No, what… It’s true that the head of the household often vacated your home when you were young…”

“That’s true, but my brother Xian and I didn’t grow up as idiots like brother Iod. That her mother raised us well. Oppa Iod became an idiot because Theonis-sama raised him wrong.”

“Hmm… honestly, if I hadn’t come to my parents’ house, I don’t think you and Xian would have grown up as dignified as they are now…”

“Sian oppa must have been like that! not me!”

“Yes yes…”

“Anyway, I can’t accept it. If you want to return to Jeong’s family, not only brother Iod, but also Theonis-sama should bow down and apologize to your father.”

“If I apologize like that, can I come back?”

“What’s not going to happen?”

“Anisilla-sama might not like it.”


Ciel smirked and shook his head.

“Just because Theonis-sama is moving into the family now, do you think you’ll be matched with your mother? Already, the Gasols consider her mother as Ryan Hart’s mistress and are loyal to her. You don’t know, but she said it used to be. Theonis was only treated as the lord because he was a legitimate wife, but his mother, the second daughter, was far superior in her ability to lead the family.”

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t know, so I’m right. Master Theonis can’t sit in the same seat as before, no matter what. that never changes No matter what Iod brother did in the hunt the day after tomorrow.”

Ciel’s eyes narrowed.

“Anyway, he’s Iod’s brother. Of course, don’t be careless. That’s why Xian oppa hasn’t come back yet and is training. I will also achieve results that will overwhelm Iod oppa.”

“You’ll be pretty good. How many times have you tried monster hunting while living here?”

“…I haven’t gone deep into the forest yet…”

Ciel muttered that, then shrugged his shoulders. experience. Ciel realized anew the powerful advantage he had. Arot and Nahama Deserts, Samar Great Forest. There are no monsters anywhere.


Ciel smiled and looked at Eugene.

“You may have met many monsters, but you haven’t met any monsters yet, have you? do you know this? Monsters and monsters are similar, but completely different. Monsters become ferocious under the influence of demons, but monsters are born from demons…”


“…That’s why the existence itself is sinister, and unlike monsters, even low-level monsters have magical abilities…”


“…so… it would be dangerous to shoot alone. No matter how much you go with the black lions, as long as you are the son of your family, you have to succeed in hunting on your own and achieve results. Don’t worry too much, this ‘sister’ has a lot of monster hunting experience unlike you, so if you go with me…”

“Aha… Ahaha!”

“Why do you keep smiling?”

Ciel looked back at Mer with a frown on his face. Mer was pounding her bed with her swinging legs, her face buried in her pillow.

“Nothing… nothing, nothing.”

Mer knows that Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel. That’s why Ciel’s arrogance was so funny that he couldn’t stand it. monster hunting? Across all continents, there would be few experts in the field better than Eugene.


Ciel, who had no way of knowing the situation, couldn’t understand Mer’s ridicule.

It wasn’t as blatant as Mer’s screaming, but Eugene was also desperately holding back his laughter.

“…what else are you?!”

Seeing Eugene’s twitching cheeks, Ciel yelled out loud.

“No… nothing… um… cute. Very cute. Yes, I will only trust you, Ciel. I don’t know much about monsters, so I believe in you who know better than me… Nabo…”

“What the hell!”

Although he couldn’t guess why, Ciel felt that he was being laughed at.

prepare for hunting

two days later.

It wasn’t even dawn yet, but the entire Black Lion Castle was busy.

Monster hunting is a daily routine that cannot be called an event that goes through every New Year.

However, this hunt was special compared to precedents. Those who are not black lions participate, and among them are two young lions who have not yet reached the coming-of-age ceremony.

“The senate will be stationed at Redrock.”

Genos came at dawn and told me about hunting.

“It is unusual for the Senate to leave the castle for monster hunting. At least since I joined the Black Lions, the Senate has never gone hunting.”

“You’re not going to run around, are you?”


Genos nodded and pointed to the map.

“Unlike the previous year, this hunt also serves as a test for Lionheart’s youth.”

Uklas Mountain is wide, but the places where monsters live are thoroughly separated.

No wonder. As Ciel said, monsters are different from monsters.

The origins of monsters were already explained to wizards a long time ago, and it is a regular topic that is occasionally discussed even in this day and age.

Monsters originate from mutant beasts affected by mana. Most monsters can easily imagine the beast from which they were based. In other words, dogs raised at home, wild wolves, or monster wolves are not significantly different in nature.

The same goes for humanoid monsters such as orcs, goblins, ogres, and trolls. Places like the Holy Empire don’t want to admit it, but Arot’s Magic Society claims that those humanoid monsters and humans must have had the same ancestor.

Well, it’s a matter of thousands, maybe even longer than that. Now, if orcs and goblins are relatives of humans, who would say otherwise?

but. Unlike monsters that have links with beasts and humans, monsters do not have links with any beasts or monsters. Although their appearances resemble beasts, monsters, and humans, their essence is never the same.

Demons are born from demons. Heterogeneous religions are not allowed either. Only monsters can give birth to monsters. Their ominous origins make them possess ferocious ‘strength’ that cannot be compared to monsters.

Such power resembles magic. But monsters don’t need magic. As if the existence itself were a magic spell, it consumes its own power and causes magic-like power.

“The area beyond the red rock is the realm of monsters. The deeper you go, the greater the number of monsters and the stronger their power. A test is meaningful only when it is strict… But that doesn’t mean you can’t kill young people.”

Genos took out a pen and drew circles all over the map.

“Immediately after this hunt was planned, the 6th Division stayed up all night and released ‘snow’ in the forest.”

The magic eye will transmit what is happening in the forest directly to the garrison.

“The captains, including myself, will follow instructions from the garrison and pave the way so that the young lions do not face excessive danger.”

“What about the regular knights of the Black Lion?”

“They will do the same hunt every year. A special guest was added, and the method only became cumbersome. Hunting itself is something we do every year.”

The pen moves.

“The Black Lion Knights will march at the shortest distance towards the heart of the forest. I didn’t deal with small monsters, and I decided to clear only those who were blocking the road first. …Does the brother-in-law know about the demon cave?”


Eugene nodded. Did you learn from Arot? Or at home? Genos did not bother to ask about the reason and depth of his learning.

“…A demon cave is… a monster’s nest. To be more precise, it is the source that generates demonic energy and keeps monsters at bay.”

“What is there?”

Eugene glared at the map and said. I heard the other day that monsters are grazing in the forest of this mountain… but looking at the map, I can feel it more than I have heard in stories.

“A strange stone? A fetish? Or, did you draw a dark magic circle?”

Mana pools or mana cores found in the body of monsters. it is called magic stone A monster stone is a core of magic, similar to a magic stone. Just as magic stones are used for mana training, monster stones are used for black magic training.

A fetish is different from a monster. A cursed object full of demonic energy… A low-grade casting has little value, but a high-grade casting generates demonic energy on its own. The staff of confinement, the ‘Blood Mary’ used by Belial, the demon lord’s weapons such as the devil’s spear and crushing weight also belong to castings.

‘The scope is absurd.’

Eugene glared at the map with frowning eyes. I don’t know if it’s Helmud. In the southern part of Kiel, in a mountain forest full of life… that monsters live in such a wide range?

“All three.”

Genos replied with a wry smile.

“In the depths of the demon cave, a black magic circle was carved using castings and strange stones as catalysts. In addition to controlling the number of monsters so that the number of monsters does not increase too much, this hunting is also to manage the magic circle at the center.”


That thought came to mind, but Eugene didn’t bother to say it out of his mouth. I don’t know if it’s anywhere else, but this is Black Lion Castle. It is the place where one of the best knights on the continent stays. By any chance, even if the magic circle ran out of control and a large amount of demonic energy flowed in. With the strength of the Black Lion Castle, the chaos could be quelled before the monsters spread.

‘…Even though times have changed.’

Yujin clicked her tongue and tilted her chair. The reason why the monsters were released in the forest of the Black Lion Castle was to use them for the training of the knights, just like the monsters. It was absolutely unacceptable in the common sense of the previous life.

But now, 300 years later, it has become something that cannot be called very special. In fact, not only the Black Lion Knights, but also other famous knights often train against monsters.

It’s because it’s practical enough, and there’s no problem even if you kill it.

‘…It seems that some tribes in Samar are enslaving monsters.’

Not only that, but there are cases where demons are sold as slaves in places like Arot’s Bolero Street. Every time he faced such a reality, Eugene could not help but feel a sense of alienation.

It was like that even now.

“…so… wearing a bracelet?”


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