Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 460

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Although their parents are different, they have been brothers for 10 years. When Eugene just came in as an adopted son, there were many complaints.

Anicilla taught Xian several times to be on good terms with Eugene, to be like real blood brothers. Her father and her uncle, the head of the family, were also delighted that a darling with talent like Eugene was adopted into her family. Her twin brother, Ciel, secretly, no, openly liked Eugene from the beginning.

Xian, who was 13 at the time, had a hard time accepting her sudden family and siblings.

In particular, since Xian had been determined to become the head of the family even for the sake of his mother, who was a concubine, from a young age, he could not help but feel uncomfortable and jealous of the existence of Eugene, who was an outstanding genius. Ciel had no desire for the position of head of household from the very beginning, but from Xian’s point of view, Eugene was a stone that rolled in and hit a stone stuck in it. No, it was a rock.

but. The dissatisfaction I had when Eugene first came in as an adopted child did not last for a month. Just like Ciel at the time, Xian had no friends his age.

strict upbringing. The label of being the son of a concubine. Theonis, the poisoned concubine. In such an environment, Eugene, who doesn’t notice others, has no choice but to be interested in her Xian, even if he doesn’t like it.

I got into a fight a few times, and every time I got beaten up. Rather, it opened Xi’an’s heart little by little… … .

“… … .”

13 is a young age. No matter how much you were born into a prestigious aristocratic family and received an education suitable for you, there is no way you can help with childish words and actions that come from a young age… … .


Now that I think about it, it was strangely precocious. Sian is ashamed of herself whenever she recalls her childhood self, especially going through adolescence. Eugene, her same age, must have gone through puberty at the same time, but for Eugene at that time, there was no new and fresh feeling that greeted her puberty.

It’s just because I was precocious from the beginning. … … I thought

“Geuhup… … .”

The corners of Xian’s mouth twitched upward as he recalled the old thoughts.

There was a time when that precocious Eugene, unlike usual, insisted like a child. When talking about heroes 300 years ago. Most Lionhearts say they respect the founder, the great Vermouth.

-It’s not? Do I respect Hamel?

-I’ve seen people who respect Morron, but I’ve never seen someone who respects Hamel.

Actually it was. It is natural for mages to respect the wise Senya, and priests to respect the faithful Anis. And when it comes to knights, most say they admire the great Vermouth. Occasionally, eccentrics or ignorantly strong people admire the brave Moron.

Few would say that they admire the stupid Hamel. It’s never going to happen, but it’s very rare. Yes, because the Hamel in the children’s book was really stupid and didn’t have much to respect.

Of course, of course… … Even if he was short-tempered, bad-tempered, and unlucky, it seemed that he was very good at fighting. And at the end, he sacrificed himself for his comrades. If you open your eyes wide and look for it, he was a hero with a little bit of respect.

However, it is difficult for a child to accept and feel such a charm of stupid Hamel. If you only read children’s books and like Hamel, after you’ve grown old enough and re-read the children’s books with old memories, most of the time you’ll think, “Oh, yes, Hamel was a pretty decent guy, too.”

-It’s not? The head of household said he likes Hamel, right?

-Do not lie.

– Why am I lying about having a family head? And hey, what’s it like to like Hamel-sama? What a wonderful person Hamel is. What do you know about Hamel?

-me… … Because I also read a fairy tale… … .

– What is written in the children’s book is different from the actual history. Xian, you seem stupid and have only read children’s books, but I read Hamel’s heroic story, which is different from the ones in the children’s books.

-Then show me too.

-I really want to show it, but unfortunately I can’t show it right now. I left the book at Gidoll’s family home. title? I can’t even remember the title. It’s such an old book that it doesn’t seem to have a title… … .

I remember having a conversation like that. Even after that, she asked Yujin several times, but she never received a book saying that Gidoll was in the family.

It’s not just when you’re young. The first time I saw a Death Knight in the Great Forest of Samar. When I saw Hamel’s statue in Luhar Kingdom. many times besides that. If Eugene had a chance, she would exalt Hamel-sama and say something.

“Poop… … .”

So, all of that, in fact, was the gold coating on his face, right? You mean you were praising yourself hard without anyone knowing?

The more he thought about it, the harder it was for Xian to manage his expression.

“Puhh… … .”

I tried to smile only with my expression, but even a laugh came out from between my twitching lips.

Eugene, of course, heard that. endured She thought it was natural for Xian to smile, given that everything was known. It’s cruel to not laugh at the obvious thing that has no choice but to laugh.

But not once, but several times, hearing the sound of laughter, I wondered if it wouldn’t matter if I became cruel.

Eugene acted according to the thought that came to his mind. She immediately turned around and approached Xian. Shian, terrified, changed his expression and tried to run away, but it is impossible for Shian to run away from Eugene even if he tried his best. In the end, Xian couldn’t even move a few steps and was grabbed by Yujin and kicked in the shin.

“Why are you laughing? uh? Why are you laughing?”

“Well, just thinking about the old days… … .”

“Think of the past? Thinking of the old days, yes, what makes you smile like that? uh? Let’s laugh together.”

Sian pursed his lips. If Eugene answers here, ‘I laughed because it was funny that you talked about Hamel-sama in the past.’ That bad-tempered guy might even kill his brother.

The conversation at the round table is over. Everyone is confused, but even so, you have to be immersed in cleaning up the confusion of the castle.

“… … .”

Anicilla wondered why Senya was following her. And I didn’t immediately understand why Ciel was clinging to Senya’s back.

However, she is a woman of iron-blooded ambition who has gone beyond being a concubine from the strict Lionheart. Even before she gave birth to twins, she was a person who established her position in her hometown just by noticing. Anicilla felt the strong ‘expectation’ in Senya and Ciel’s eyes.

‘no way… … .’

Senya has feelings for her pupil Eugene. She had also been to her mansion before. At that time, she apparently only drank tea, but halfway through, Senya dropped her bowl as if she had drunk. Anicilla couldn’t forget that moment until now. But she was afraid to think of it.

Anyway, Senya had feelings for Eugene, and had asked Anicilla for permission. The reason why she asked for permission in advance was because Senya cared more about the eyes of the people around her than she thought.

If Eugene revealed his identity to all but a few of Lionhearts. No, if he revealed his identity to the whole world beyond Lionheart. Senja would no longer have to think about the gazes around her.

‘As long as Eugene is Hamel’s reincarnation, there is no problem with Senya-sama. At least in my and her husband’s judgment.’

I hadn’t thought of it as a problem before. Even if there is an age difference of hundreds of years, the age difference of hundreds of years is insignificant in front of the honor of ‘Wise Senya’ becoming a member of Lionheart.

‘But now that I don’t even have to worry about that… … Is that why you want a more definitive answer?’

forced to understand It was an act that could not be called ‘wise’, but the Senya that Anicilla saw had a pure side that made it impossible to believe that she had lived 300 years.

To be honest, Anicilla wanted to see her grandchildren. Eugene… … It’s hard to think of him as a son, but he still thinks of him as a close relative. I would sometimes put on a happy smile when I imagined Eugene or Xian giving birth to a child and taking care of her grandchildren.

Anicilla squeezed Mer’s hand in her left hand.

“lol… … .”

Mer was also happy to meet Anicilla after a long time. To Mer, she was a being who could feel a more mature maternal love, different from Anicilla and the saints. The same was true of Raimir Ah, who held her hand on the other side of her.

‘She thinks she’s a grandmother.’

I didn’t say it out loud. It was because he had been pointed out by Mer before.

-Anicilla-sama might get angry at being called a grandmother. So, Anicilla-sama should be called Anicilla-sama.

It was correct. I want to see my grandchildren, but I don’t want to hear from my grandmother anymore… … The current Anicilla was standing in the middle of a complicated crossroads.

‘Ciel… … Ciel is… … .’

I know that her daughter had a special heart for Eugene. She thought that she respected and supported her heart.

From the time she adopted Eugene in the first place, Anicilla had planned a future in which Ciel would marry Eugene someday. The problem is that Eugene has absolutely no intention of doing that with Ciel. What can I do if the other person doesn’t like it?

‘We are no longer siblings… … . okay… … . Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel. If you know that fact, Ciel, you will have something to claim. In the first place, she’s not even a real sibling, but considering that Eugene is a reincarnated person, she’ll be able to assert her feelings more strongly.’

So, why are the two of you following behind? Eugene respects Anicilla. If Annie Silla arranges a place, she will attend, even if she doesn’t like it.

Maybe that’s what you want? Do you want me to come forward and sign an engagement? no way. Even if Senya didn’t know, Ciel would do such an immature thing.



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… … can you be sure Annie Shila also felt a burning love for her past, her husband. The name Ryan Hart was also coveted, but it was an immature act of her burning love to ignore everyone’s objections and enter her husband’s concubine in her most beautiful youth.

male or female, it doesn’t matter Falling in intense love makes a person a fool.

It was as Anicilla thought. Senya expected ‘engagement’ to come out of Anicilla’s mouth. Ciel didn’t expect that much, but he wanted to check Senja’s attack.

And, if possible, he expected his mother to take the side of her real daughter. The two of them have actually become idiots.

“Senya-sama, may I ask you to help the forest get swept away by battle?”


“I also went there earlier, but the forest had ceased to be a forest. The trees are split into small pieces, and the ground is turned upside down.”

Senya’s eyes trembled. Perhaps half of that was due to Senya’s magic.

“We may not be able to return the ruins to the forest right away, but if we leave it as it is, it may cause other damage, such as the collapse of the ground or the fall of more trees. However, with wise Segna-sama’s magic, it can be rectified in no time.”

“Uh, yes, okay… … .”

“Ciel, you too go and help Senya-sama.”

“Yes, mother.”

Mother’s voice is cold. Ciel quickly changed his expression and nodded his head.

‘To satisfy one’s selfish desires in this chaotic yard… … .’

Anicilla clicked her tongue and shook her head. Mer and Raimirah, who shared her hands, looked up at her in bewilderment.

“You guys go to the restaurant with me. There will be a lot of things you guys will like.”

The treatment of the injured has already been completed, and the time is already approaching morning. However, since the disaster happened just a few hours ago, no one will be able to sleep peacefully even if their wounds are healed. By now, the restaurant would be preparing meals to soothe the knights’ bitter stomachs.


While looking for cyan, Cristina approached. She whispered, pointing at the Priests of Jurass who were standing far away.

“There is a new call from the Holy See. I asked about the preparation of the temple, what should I answer?”

The Holy Empire announced Eugene as an apostle of light and a hero, and expressed absolute support. The news of the attack on the castle of the Black Lion reached the Vatican, so it seems that the fanatics are talking about the temple.

“There is no need to recruit new troops, just have the Knights of the Blood Cross and the Priests of Light on standby.”

“all right.”

Christina nodded slightly.

The Knights of the Blood Cross are the highest elite of the Holy Knights of Euras. And the Light Ming Priests are the elite of the battle priests.

Armed with a faith and spirit close to madness, they are not afraid of death because they call for martyrdom. In addition, if the pope mentions a god and declares a holy war, most of the followers of Jurass will join the new army with farming tools.

However, unless the world was really on the verge of an end, Christina and Anise didn’t want to raise a new army that much.

Why did the Death Knight attack the Black Lion Castle? I don’t know exactly why. This raid is not Amelia’s order. This is the answer that the fake guy thought of himself.

‘It’s a dog thing, but this raid… … taking care of me They’re pulling me out.’


What was the Death Knight thinking when he did this? What kind of person is the person who controls the thought?

He has Hamel’s memories. Even if he realized that he was a fake, his personality—- he must have originated from Hamel’s memories.

In other words, the fake guy thought like Hamel and gave a Hamel-like answer. I hate to think of it this way, but I have to think about it now.

‘The reason I raided this castle for myself.’

If he’s really close to Hamel.

Through the actions of Eugene revealed so far, you will know what Eugene wants. No, it doesn’t even have to be Hamel.

That’s how much Eugene had hoped for. She asked Melkis to attack Nahama warlocks. She tried to drag Amelia out of hiding like a rat. I made the demons come over to Nahama.

‘It gave me a justification.’

What Eugene intended was to make Amelia, who was cornered, prepare for war.

Now I don’t have to. Since the fake guy attacked the castle of the black lion, he had a reason to raise an army from this side and attack Nahama. There is no need to scratch gently with Melchis like last time, gather all the power and trample it from the front, and everything will be over.


It ignited not only the justification, but also the emotions. humiliation, anger. Eugene turned his head and looked under the castle wall.

I could see the Zoran warriors gathered below. Ivata’s back in the distance. I could see the boy’s shoulders tremble. Even if the other allies hesitate, Ivatar will attack Eugene and Nahama with all the warriors of Samar.

“I need to go and get some relief.”

Yujin muttered that and put her foot on the railing.


However, before Eugene jumped, a voice shouted from the castle tower. Gil Reid, who said he would report the situation to the Kiel Imperial Palace, was sticking out his window, losing face. Yujin looked up in surprise, then hardened his expression and jumped high.

I didn’t even want to ask what was going on.

Some shitty news was delivered.

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