Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 462

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Ivata was nowhere to be seen while we finished talking again at the round table.

Among the warriors of Zoran who recognized this side and bowed their heads, there were some faces that Eugene remembered. Warriors who participated in the war against the Kochila tribe. Eugene roughly waved his hand in response, and entered the depths of the forest swept away by battle.

It wasn’t difficult to find Ivatar’s giant. After entering the depths of the forest, it wasn’t long before I saw Ivata’s back.

“Are you still downcast?”

As I approached, Ibata turned her head away. He crumpled his face and let out a deep sigh.

“I was thinking.”

“What do you think? How strong was that bastard and how helpless were you?”

It’s like you know everything. If someone else had said that, he would have been in a bad mood and threw a fist, but strangely, he didn’t feel that way against Eugene.

Because Eugene is stronger? No, it’s not like that. Even if the opponent is stronger, if insulted, Ivatar will not endure.

That word… … Because it felt like it wasn’t a mockery. Strangely enough, Eugene really ‘knows everything’. She had an attitude as if she had experienced it herself.


In the end, Ivata shook her head with a big smile.

“I was born in the forest, but I know the world. Ever since I wasn’t out in the world, I thought I had to know the outside world.”

Ivata was a strange and mysterious guy from the first meeting.

The heir to a great tribe located deep in the Great Grove. There was nothing arrogant about that. Unlike the other natives who were blindly hostile to him as an outsider, Ivata showed goodwill and approached Eugene from the beginning.

Of course, I know that the first meeting itself was about interests. However, in Eugene’s opinion, it was quite strange that Ivata, the heir of the great tribe, tried to establish such a relationship with an outsider.

Christina and I wandered through the great forest, meeting many natives. Most were enemies. The huge forest that rejected civilization was an independent world with a separate culture and laws.

The same was true of Ivata’s relatives and elders, whom I had seen when I followed Ivata to the Zoran tribe. They did not feel the need to engage in diplomacy with the outside world. I thought there was no need to accept an outside civilization. Rather, he scolded Ivata for asking outside for help.

“I met you, and I became more interested in the world. The moment I saw you, I really realized it. The forest where I was born and raised is wide but narrow. The only thing you can meet in the forest is an idiot who doesn’t know the outside world.”

Ivatar’s language was so fluent that it was impossible to think of him as a native. Eugene smiled as he remembered Ivata when they first met. At that time, Ivata’s common language was clumsy and slow, to the point of being unheard of.

“When I went to Simuin across the sea. I thought I saw most of the world there. Knights who say they are mine. People who are mentioned for granted when the world speaks of the strongest. I also saw the two dukes of Helmud. sword of confinement. And the queen of dreams.”

Ivata paused and shook her head.

“I knew the world. I realized right away that I was not that great in front of a huge world.”

“You are too humble. In the eyes of some geniuses, you are absurdly strong.”

Eugene said with a hearty smile.

What Ivatar says. The feeling of oppressing him is a feeling that is familiar to Yujin as well. When Hamel first saw vermouth 300 years ago. And as he got to know more about vermouth, he felt that way. And that feeling is the same as Xian felt for Eugene, and the same feeling Carmen felt for the Demon King.

Hamel did not despair. Sian and Carmen did not despair either. I don’t know what kind of actions and mindset are the right answer. The answers to these questions are always subjective.

However, in the end, not being able to get over it, not being able to get hot and despairing. In Eugene’s opinion, it was never the right answer. If you despair and give up, it’s only that much.

“Thank you for saying that to me.”

Ivata smiled bitterly and continued.

“The one who raided this castle… … I felt that it was ‘different’.”

“what. too strong? Or is it because the power is ominous?”

“It is ominous. Yes, its powers were ominous and sinister. Eugene. As I said earlier, I saw the world at Simuin. Asmodian. The Sword of Confinement and the Queen of Dreams. However, I did not feel ‘death’ from them.”

Ivatar was at a loss as to how to explain the emotions he was feeling. Because it was so confusing and disparate.

Ivata knows what the divine protection has been given to her. protection of the forest. The whole of Samar is serving as Ivatar’s protection.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a miracle, but the attacker’s magical power neutralized Ivatar’s protection. … … Is that why? Did he cringe because he was incapacitated to the point of futility?


Ivata pondered for a moment and looked at Eugene’s expression. Eugene also tilted her head, not understanding Ivata’s words. In the end, Ivata let out what she felt.

“I think I was killed by that being once.”


“Dead… … Like, I got that feeling. Of course, I’m alive now, but it’s as if I was killed by him once… … .”

“What are you saying… … .”

I stopped what I was saying. Eugene looked at Ivatar with his eyes wide open. An electric current throbbing and spreading in my head. The divinity melted into Eugene formed a certain intuition.

‘no way.’

Agaroth’s memory. Among the countless followers, there are two who left the strongest impression and were connected to Eugene.

Twilight Witch.

and the great warrior.

The Twilight Witch was reincarnated in this era and became Noir Jebela. Perhaps even the Great Warrior was reincarnated.

I’ve had that thought many times. But I didn’t bother looking for it. Even if he’s reincarnated, he’s not sure he’s still alive in this era, and it’s ridiculous to find someone he doesn’t even know who he is, as if he’s related to a previous life.


If the ties of the previous life continue even thinly in the present age. If that fate is repeated over time.

I didn’t even need to look for it. If it’s really meant to be, if it’s fate, you’ll be by my side.

‘Anyway, this is too much.’

Agaroth’s Great Warrior was reincarnated as Ivatar Zahabu.

Heir to the great tribe of Samar, Zoran. Under the protection of the forest, he is the most outstanding among the warriors of the forest. He met Eugene right away, maintained a close friendship, and now Ivata, who has become the warchief and absolutely supports Eugene—- the reincarnation of the Great Warrior?

“… … .”

I even heard this. I thought that the Ivatar in front of me seemed to be prepared just for me. Eugene has met exquisite coincidences several times.

If you think about it now—- the black market on Bolero Street. It was also an exquisite coincidence that he met a fragment of the moonlight sword at the auction house where he went to buy giant balls with Gargis. It was also a coincidence that he met Ariartel and received Agaroth’s ring.

No, this is fate. Coincidence couldn’t be this convenient. If you accept it that way, now you have to think differently.

If all this is fate.

Who the hell is spinning the thread of fate?

‘Vermouth knows that I am the reincarnation of Agaroth.’

However, it is difficult to think that all of this was Vermouth’s arrangement. Isn’t Vermouth suffering from fate?

then… … Is it the demon king of confinement who acted as if he knew everything? Does he have a reason for that?

Unless you’re the devil.

Eugene raised his head involuntarily and looked at the sky. Dawn passed and dawn broke. The sky is spreading the color of dawn. Eugene saw the increasingly clear sun, the ‘light’.

‘God of light?’

I don’t know. Yujin pondered for a moment before letting out a deep sigh.



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“Are you our friend?”

“… … ?”

Ibata put on a bewildered expression at the sudden statement. Eugene let go of his complicated worries and stared at Ivata’s face.

Agaroth’s memories from Laguryaran. The face of the Great Warrior remained quite clear in my mind, so it was not difficult to compare it with the face of Ivatar right in front of me.

‘They are similar in size, but the faces are different.’

To put it bluntly, I think I look better now. At that thought, Yujin couldn’t help but laugh.

I felt a little lucky. At least in my current life, I am not a great warrior or an enemy. You don’t have to worry about fighting and killing each other.

Eugene erased the image of Noir fiddling with the ring from his mind. Then, she moved closer to Ivatar and tapped him on the shoulder a few times for no reason.

“Well, even if you say that you feel like you died, you are still alive and well. Then it happened.”

“hmm. Even so… … .”

“Okay, let’s not think about anything.”

I thought there was no need to talk about my past life to Ibata, who was born in this era and is living a fine life. He would only be confused if he dared to say such a thing.

‘Well, you don’t have to keep your distance from me.’

In Eugene’s opinion, Ivata was a good guy. He’s the same age, he’s good at fighting, and after hearing the story, he said he unified the great forest and even became the great chieftain.

Rather, what is the reason to keep a distance when staying close and giving full support is not enough?

‘Even if it’s impossible right now, I can secretly use it as a warrior again later.’

Currently, Eugene is in the stage of building up his spiritual power step by step. It was incomparably stronger than when he first pulled out the new sword.

But still, he’s so shabby that he can’t claim to be a god without drinking a lot and getting drunk.

It’s ridiculous to make a great warrior in such a state. In the first place, Eugene did not know how to make God’s Great Warrior.

‘But maybe someday.’

Ivatar, who will rule all of Samar, is made the warchief. Most of the world trees and other indigenous beliefs are in the great forest, but if you put your feet on them well, you will be able to supply and supply an enormous amount of faith.

Eugene gave the name ‘Jebela’ to everything, and recalled Noir Jebella, who gathered strength by receiving the name of the era and worship throughout the city. He didn’t like Noir himself and wanted to kill him, but Eugene was quite attracted to Noir’s way of obtaining energy and magic.

‘Establish a new image… … Should I write an autobiography in a children’s book for children to read? … No, standing on the podium… … One tour of Yuras… … .’

Of course, you can’t do them right away. Eugene cleared his throat and looked at Ivatar. Ivata was still looking at Eugene with a puzzled expression.

“But what do you think, Hamel-sama?”

“What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“I mean Hamel-sama, Hamel-sama. Aren’t there fairy tales in Samar too?”

“ah… … .”

After hearing the name twice more, Ivata nodded.

“Are you talking about stupid Hamel?”

From that answer, Eugene’s evaluation of Ivata was deducted in his head.

“Apart from the strength conveyed in the records, I think that the deeds are not heroes or warriors. Well, but the end was heroic.”

“… … .”

“However, even if his end was heroic, I don’t think he was a warrior.”


My stomach was boiling, but for now, I asked.

“Wasn’t Hamel a big part of the great Vermut and his colleagues going through countless crises in the demonic castle of confinement? If Hamel had listened to his teammates and acted smart, he could have easily avoided a few crises. Well, maybe that’s why he’s called stupid Hamel.”

“What do you know?”

Eugene finally uttered that. Of course, Ivata blinked her wide-open eyes at Eugene’s words.

“Of course I don’t know. All I know about Hamel is from fairy tales and legends. However, I feel outraged that his last death as a hero was humiliated.”

Ivatar recalled Hamel’s Death Knight that he had seen in the Great Forest.

insulting the lion Ivatar spat in a display of pure anger.

Isn’t it the same as you insulting Hamel’s end? Eugene barely swallowed the words that reached her throat.

“… … .”

I thought to myself, since I revealed that I was Hamel to the people of Lionheart, wouldn’t it be okay to reveal it to Ivata?

“Do you believe in past lives?”

“What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“Do you believe?”

“In the Great Forest, there is a belief in death and reincarnation. All beings die and are led to the World Tree. Just as a fruit from a tree falls to the ground and a new sprout sprouts from its seed, the world tree circulates the guided souls and spreads them back to the world.”

In the great forest, the world tree is a belief. The elves, who worshiped the World Tree, have similar beliefs. All elves die and return to the World Tree. The spirits of the ancestors of the elves dwell in the world tree and protect the race… … .

-The World Tree is a spiritual and powerful existence as much as it is regarded as a religion by a race.

-I am the king of wind spirits, but I cannot control the winds of the World Tree. It’s not just me. No spirit king will be able to interfere with the spirit of the World Tree.

The World Tree is such a powerful belief that Tempest said so. It’s just that it’s not very well known on the continent. Even for Eugene, it didn’t seem like there was a big difference from the god of light. In fact, Eugene had benefited from the World Tree several times.

That Senya and the elves didn’t die. Rather, the reason Senya, who was on the verge of death, was able to exile Raizakia to the dimensional rift was because the World Tree protected Senya. It was thanks to the spirit of the World Tree that Eugene changed the nature of mana through lightning sparks, and the fact that he was driven to the brink of death by Raizakia and was able to revive was a miracle caused by the World Tree.

‘I don’t know if the world tree really guides and reincarnates the soul, but it’s true that it has the power to call it a miracle.’

Demon tribes and demon kings receive souls in return.

Helmud recommends a soul contract to humans. Most of the countless Helmud immigrants have their souls tied to demons and demon lords.

After they die, they cannot go to heaven or reincarnate. In exchange for the contract, they enjoy the glory of life while they are alive, and after they die, they are bound to the earth and work for the demons and the demon king according to the contents of the contract.

‘It’s the exact opposite of the world tree.’

Helmud is an empire of ghosts who have been deprived of reincarnation. The number of souls subordinated to the demon king of confinement right now would outnumber the population of quite a few countries.

“By the way, Eugene. Why do you ask about past lives?”

Ivata asked, and Eugene replied with a serious expression.

“I am the reincarnation of Hamel.”

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 461Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 463
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