Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 463

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Convincing Ivatar didn’t take longer than expected.

The first time I heard it, I thought this was bullshit.

“No, so I am the reincarnation of Hamel.”

When Eugene put on a frustrated expression and spoke one more time, Ibata had no choice but to nod.

Ivatar didn’t ask how he was able to reincarnate.

“Why are you telling me that… … ?”

Rather, Eugene was speechless at the cautious question. why… … Did you tell Ivatar?

I didn’t want to talk at first. If that was the case in the first place, she would have invited Ivatar to her round table. One day, more people might know Eugene’s secret, but this time, he thought of revealing it only to the family members.

In other words, Eugene revealing his identity to Ivata is quite emotional and impulsive.

I don’t know if I didn’t tell anyone at all. Just a few hours ago, she gathered the family members and revealed that he was a reincarnated person. He wouldn’t know if the position was heavy and spleen… … .

‘No, it was heavy and spleen at first.’

I am the reincarnation of Hamel.

I will save my friend Vermouth.

Up until this point, it was heavy and spleen. However, the heaviness and spleen disappeared while dealing with Carmen’s nonsense and Xian’s ridicule.

In other words, Carmen and Sian are responsible for Eugene’s emotions moving ‘lightly’.

Of course, I didn’t think I was entirely responsible. Eugene was not that brazen.

The reason he revealed his true identity to Ivata—- was because he learned that he was the reincarnation of a great warrior. It was to someday make Ivata a warrior again, and use him to supply a large amount of faith in the Great Forest.

In fact, it would be possible without revealing reincarnation, but a little more from Ivata… … In order to gain what is called ‘respect’, isn’t it better to reveal reincarnation?


Yes, this is a matter of respect.

Ivatar doesn’t respect Hamel. Even if he is recognized as a hero, he will not be recognized as a warrior. Eugene was very offended by those words.

A hero is a warrior, what’s the difference? He said he was incompetent as a warrior because he suffered because of Hamel in Babel? That’s bullshit.

In the first place, Hamel had never put his teammates at risk by foolishly stepping on traps at Babel.

“I… … For me to reveal this to you.”

Eugene cleared his voice. It won’t hurt to be honest about how you feel, what’s on your mind, everything. Eugene was proud of himself without any shame.

but… … In this case, it is Ivatar, not Eugene, that is the problem. Because you don’t respect me, I revealed my identity. So respect me more, blah blah blah… … .

If I said it this way, Ivata would be very embarrassed. Haven’t you known Ivatar for quite some time, received help from Ivatar at first, and even fought as allies on the same battlefield, even though you’ve never gone back to back?

And now, Ivata is the warchief of Zoran. He is the ruler who commands the entire Great Forest of Samar. Comparatively speaking, he is on an equal footing with the Emperor of the Empire.

Then, of course, you should respect that position as well. If you attach it because you don’t respect me~, it’s no different than trying to suppress Ivata with the authority of 300 years ago.

So, even for the sake of Ivatar, I have to say another reason here… … .

“Because you suffered because of me.”

“What do you mean… … ?”

Ibata asked with an even more incomprehensible expression. Conversely, Eugene still had a serious face.

It wasn’t hard to tell why. It was because I just had to repeat the same things I did to the family members at the round table.

It was Hamel’s Death Knight that attacked the Black Lion Castle. Nome realized that he was a fake, and he raided this place to provoke me, the reincarnation of the real Hamel. He deliberately took advantage of my absence, and the evil Knights of the Black Lion and the Zoran warriors took the damage… … .

“Fortunately, no one died, but being saved and being humiliated are two different things. is not it? Ivatar. That fake bastard could have killed you, but he didn’t.”

“… … .”

“Its purpose was me, not you. So, I reveal my secret to you, Warchief of Zoran. to take responsibility for this situation. And to apologize to you.”

“You don’t have to apologize.”

Ivatar shook her head roughly.

“Why do you have to apologize to that fake rampage? I don’t feel the slightest resentment towards you. It’s not just me. Zoran’s warriors will never blame someone else for their incompetence.”

“Ivatar, you are truly a warrior. I recognize you as a warrior.”

Eugene raised his voice and reached out his hand towards Ivata. It was quite intentional, but Ivata didn’t notice the blatant and petty intentions hidden in those words.

On the contrary, Ivata put on a thrilled expression and grabbed Eugene’s hand.

“Hero of 300 years ago. I was misunderstanding you.”


“I don’t know much about you. In the forest where I was born and raised, there were only old storybooks. I’ve wanted to know the outside world since I was a child, and I especially looked at the Lion Heart, which has a reputation throughout the continent. I respected and envied the great Vermouth, the progenitor of the Lionheart.”


“The heroes of 300 years ago who made today’s peace. I admired all of them, but I didn’t think ‘Hamel’, which I had read in children’s books and had heard about by word of mouth, was very good. I think the end was heroic, but as a warrior, I thought the brave Moron and the great Vermouth were better and more respectable.”


back. Eugene put strength into his hands.

“but… … It was I who was stupid. Hey Hamel. Please forgive my stupidity. I don’t know much about you Hamel, but I know a lot about my friend Eugene. Eugene is the warrior and hero that everyone in the world considers the best. Of course Hamel would too.”


Eugene managed his expression while feeling proud.

“A great and brave warrior and hero. It is too rude to only describe you as a warrior and a hero who are trying to save the world by walking the path of asceticism again after being reincarnated beyond 300 years of time. You are the miracle of the World Tree that accepts and reincarnates all souls, and you are the hero the world has been waiting for.”

“hmm… … .”

That’s it. Eugene said as he let go of Ivata’s hand.

“I’m Hamel’s reincarnation, but I don’t have to treat you hard. Just call me Eugene, as before.”

“How dare you… … !”

“No, are you okay? But it’s funny that you suddenly call me Eugene-sama. I mean, I don’t want to reveal to the world that I am Hamel’s reincarnation.”

At this point, can we openly disclose it? The reason why he had previously tried to hide Hamel’s reincarnation was because he wasn’t prepared enough to face his enemies from the past.

Until a few years ago, Eugene judged, his power was not very satisfactory, and he was concerned that if the reincarnation fact was revealed, the demon king of confinement – especially Gavid Lindman – would immediately attack.

But now you don’t have to worry about that. Eugene himself has become strong enough, Moron and Senya are alive. Anise is dead, but her spirit remains with Christina. Many countries on the continent are fully supporting Eugene.

And the demon king of confinement promised that he would never break the peace before Eugene climbed Babel.

Even if you reveal your identity, there is nothing dangerous. It’s just that Eugene himself has to deal with the shame, but a lot of it has been resolved by revealing it to Ryanhart’s family first.

… … Of course, there is nothing left. Once Melkis knew Eugene’s true identity, he was sure to scream. Then, like Xian did, he will laugh and tease Eugene… … .

‘I dare… … There is no need to disclose it.’

It’s also very nonsensical. Eugene is already recognized by the world through his actions. There is no need to add Hamel’s reincarnation.



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Isn’t it funny to suddenly gather people together and reveal that he is Hamel’s reincarnation?

‘I don’t know if it’s the right moment.’

Eugene glanced at Ivata’s expression. He calmed down his surprise and emotion, and now he was looking at Eugene with a curious expression on his face.

Hamel, who died 300 years ago, was reincarnated and was in front of him, so it was a natural reaction.

“Anyway, I have no intention of revealing that I am a reincarnated person.”

“hmm… … If so, who knows but me?”

“Moron and Senya, Cristina. Among the people from Lionheart’s family, and among the Black Lions, Genos knows. ah… … and… … The Lord of the Red Mage Tower and the Emperor of Kiel.”

“It’s surprising that the emperor knows. Aside from the emperor, only your relatives know about it.”

That fact made Ivatar laugh.

“Eugene. The reason you let me know your secret must be because I am the warchief of Zoran.”

“well. If you were just a warrior, not a warchief, I think you would have informed me… … I honestly don’t know. No matter what I answer, it’s just a family, and you’re the warchief right now, right?”

Eugene smiled and shook his head.

“But even if you are the warchief… … If you were someone I didn’t like, I wouldn’t have bothered to reveal my identity. I wouldn’t have come to comfort you, and I wouldn’t have made you feel guilty.”

If you don’t like Ivatar, why reveal Hamel? It’s enough to beat her up for any reason.


Ivata, who had no way of knowing what he was thinking, let out a hearty laugh. She is happy that she was recognized as a warrior by the reincarnated Hamel, but she was even more happy to hear such words from Eugene.

Ivata laughed for a while, then looked straight at Eugene.

“Am I your friend?”

“What are you asking again?”

-Eugene Ryanhart. Even if you don’t become the head of household, Lionheart won’t be able to ignore your existence and power.

-I want to be friends with you. We are the same age and strong. You too will be friends with me and nothing bad will happen.

The first time I met Ivata and had a conversation like that was four years ago. Eugene’s reply was sneering, but Ivatar’s reaction was intense.

He shook his shoulders and nodded his head broadly.

“Zoran will be your friend forever. Even if I die, Zoran will never be your enemy, Lionheart’s enemy.”

“What is dying?”

Took. Eugene patted Ivata on the shoulder and said.

“I know because I died once, but you never know what will happen to a person after he dies. Whatever you say, it might be different when you die.”

Agaroth’s memory.

The death of the Great Warrior—- I couldn’t see it properly. The Demon King of Destruction rampaged and Agaroth lost consciousness for a moment, and when he awoke in the arms of the Witch of Twilight, the Great Warrior was already dead.

It’s a terrible memory.

“So don’t talk about anything after you die, just think about not dying.”

Eugene muttered that and turned his back.

* * *

Senya went to Arot, and Cristina went to Yuras. Gilade had not yet returned from the imperial palace, and Carmen, Gion, and Ciel remained in the Black Lion Castle for now.

Eugene returned to Lionheart’s home with other family members.

“It’s nice to see you after a long time… … .”

I couldn’t help but stop talking. That’s because the family that came back after almost a year has changed a lot.

Eugene looked at the forest overflowing with mana and spirits, and raised a finger with a smile.

“What else is that?”

Anicilla, who returned to her parents’ house together, looked at Eugene with a complicated expression.

It was still awkward for Eugene to be Hamel’s reincarnation, so I couldn’t bear to stare at him openly… … His gaze was quite sharp. Eugene cleared his throat and lowered his finger.

“hmm… … You might as well hire a skilled landscaper… … .”

“Are you serious?”

Anicilla’s eyes changed. Eugene became the hostess of Lionheart, not caring at all about Hamel’s reincarnation, and the ferocious gaze before becoming harmful stung Eugene.

“Shall I trim it myself…? … ?”

“Don’t ask me, ask Sycnad. I wonder if that strict elf will allow it to be pruned.”

At the harsh words, Yujin averted her gaze. A sapling of a world tree that was moved from the Great Forest in the past. There are only three trees, and when they were first moved, they were small compared to the other trees.

Sometimes I leave my hometown and every time I come back, I grow up quickly… … .

‘I never thought it would be that big.’

Inside the forest of the home, which has been aesthetically well-trimmed. I saw three large trees standing tall, much taller than the others. Its overwhelming presence made it seem as if all the forests of the main house were guarding that tree.

It’s only been less than a year, but what kind of a tree is growing so fast?

“… … .”

There was nothing on my mind. Senya and the elves who had fallen asleep in the great grove were resurrected. The elven territory and the main body of the world tree, which seemed to lose their vitality and crumble, are regaining their vitality.

It seems that the influence has been passed on to the seedlings.

“I can’t even call it a seedling anymore… … .”

“Speaking of which, what are those trees going to do?”

“hmm… … Actually, wouldn’t it be nice to leave it alone? Thanks to those things, the forest is overflowing with mana, making it the best place for training. It is absolutely good for Lionheart’s future.”

“I admit that, but it’s difficult for trees to keep growing. Eugene, I don’t know about you, but it’s not just the world tree that grows.”

“It seems that the forest has become thicker… … .”

“If we continue like this, the historic home of Lionheart will be swallowed up by the forest. and!”

Anicilla raised her finger and pointed to the other side of the forest.

Eugene… … Looking at the towering chimney, the iron kiln and the blast furnace below, he quietly kept his mouth shut.

“How does it look?”


Pudeuk! Anicilla’s debt was crushed. Xian, Jehard, and the attendants were restless and looked at each other, and Eugene quickly added his words.

“In that kiln, weapons and armor for the great Lionheart are made, right? No, it’s not just those things, since dwarves can make anything, even handicrafts for Anicilla-sama… … .”

“… … .”

“This… … This is my personal opinion, how about moving the mansion? Let the elves manage this place, and it is a training ground for lionhearts, a smithy, a trail, and a forest… … Leaving it like that, building a nice new mansion nearby… … .”

“This is the seat chosen by the founder, Vermouth-nim.”

“But the mansion has been rebuilt several times compared to 300 years ago. ‘I think’, the ancestor wouldn’t be too sad if his descendants moved to another place.”

Eugene said with appropriate emphasis.

“… … .”

Anicilla didn’t answer, but it wasn’t a bad look.

After confirming the reaction, Yujin let out a sigh of relief.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 462Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 464
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