Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 464

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The home of the original family returned after almost a year.

Until now, Eugene had never thought that her memory was bad. I can remember the events of 300 years before his reincarnation, and I remember most of the things I went through in Eugene’s life well.

“… … .”

So I was a bit confused.

A situation where a lady whom I have never seen before greets me with a cheerful smile. Eugene stared at the young lady without a word, only blinking her pupils.

‘Who is it?’

Greetings with a smile. I was embarrassed to ask for his name.

Eugene quickly searched for his memory. But no matter how much she tried, her name couldn’t come to mind. I couldn’t even remember seeing that face.

Could it be that he was a newly hired servant in the past year? Isn’t the distance too close for that? Besides, that lady didn’t even wear a maid’s uniform… … .

“My name is Ayla Luhar! You are Eugene Lionheart, right?”


Eugene took a breath in surprise and took a slow step back.

Ayla Luhar. Of course I know the name. A distant descendant of Moron. She is the real daughter of Aman, the King of the Beasts, the current King of Luhar… … According to her memories, Ayla’s current age is… … .

‘Is this 12 years old?’

If you were a normal 12-year-old, you would be similar to Mer or Raimirah. Ayla is actually taller than Ciel.

If you peel it off step by step, there are still youthful marks on your face, but… … Anyone would look at Ayla and not think she was 12 years old.

Yujin looked back at Xian with a bewildered expression.

“you… … This baby. Live now… … .”


Xian cried out in genuine regret.

“You’re not married yet!”

“But why… … .”

“Abama Mama sent me to see Lionheart’s family customs!”

Ayla replied with a smile.

I heard the circumstances.

The royal family of Luhar has no intention of breaking the engagement with Lionheart, and Isla wants to marry Xian. That’s why the high-spirited girl had been a guest at Ryan’s Heart since a week ago.

Xian is the body that will one day become the family head of Lionheart. Even if the other party is a princess of a country, it is impossible for Xian to become a son-in-law. In other words, if they get married five years later as planned, Ayla will become Lionheart’s mistress.

“Gapung… … It’s a family style… … . Are there any family customs worth learning about by visiting this family in advance? … .”

Eugene muttered in a low voice, but Anicilla, who was nearby, naturally heard the muttering. Seeing every line of sight, Eugene quickly shut her mouth.

“Uhm, yes, nice to meet you.”

“I heard a lot about you from my father!”

Isla smiled and waved at Eugene.

Why are you waving your hand all of a sudden? That’s because it’s a child. Children of that age often do things for no reason. It’s different from fakes who act calculatedly… … .

“Who is the fake?”

I ignored Mer’s words from within the cloak. After greeting Ayla and her, Eugene headed to the nearby dwarf workshop.

The dwarves who came over from Mang Island, Simuin, set up a workshop on the site of Lionheart’s home.

The workshop was small at first, but gradually expanded as time went on.

Hammer Island where the dwarves lived. It is a territory gifted to the dwarves by the royal family of Simuin. Dwarves have lived by receiving daily necessities such as beer and food ingredients from the island by boat for generations.

Various quests accepted by the guild also came over along with daily necessities. Take a request that suits your taste appropriately and hit the hammer.

It wasn’t that there was a big dissatisfaction with that life itself. Yes, it was because the dwarves were used to such a life.

Mang Island was peaceful and good to live in. Anything you wished for could be obtained as soon as you asked for it.

It wasn’t even that there was a restriction that you couldn’t go outside the island. In the first place, the Dwarf race was not a race that wandered about painfully and cried out for freedom. Just as elves like living in the forest, drinking alcohol and feeling pleasure in making something is an instinct built into the dwarf race.

The dwarves who came over to Lionheart are one of the best artisans in their race, full of pride in their skills. However, even such artisans had never handled a whole dragon corpse.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Compared to the small workshop, the dragon’s body was magnificent and beautiful. It is by far the best material available in this world. The best material, of course, must be handled in the best environment.

Besides, Lionheart allowed the Dwarves to handle the material as they wished. Unlike Hammer Island, there was no strict request. If you ask for other materials, the best materials are provided immediately.

It is not an island far away from the sea. It was a mansion in a territory close to the imperial capital. That there is a warp gate on the mansion site… … .

The Dwarves finally realized how cumbersome and frustrating it was to receive goods through trade ships.

Even so, he did not neglect the reason he came to Lionheart. He made armor out of scales and hides, and made weapons out of nails and teeth.

An excellent weapon must be held in the hands of an outstanding skill to get its price. It wasn’t made according to the request of an unknown client, but he called in the Lionheart knights and made armor and weapons for each one.

The gap had to grow. I made things that I just wanted to make that I couldn’t normally make because I was processing requests. I also made a new furnace and kiln to make what I wanted to make.

A raging frenzy. The color of the surrounding grass is yellow… … . When I stepped on it lightly, it crumbled to pieces.

‘I’m glad I didn’t get slapped.’

I thought again that Anicilla was a very good person.

As she said, this is the historic home of Lionheart. When this workshop was first created, it must have been quite far from the mansion, but as it continued to expand and the dwarves’ quarters were newly built, it became too large.

Eugene glanced at the mansion that was not very far away. She said that she should move the mansion to get over the situation right away, but looking at it up close, it seemed like it would be okay to seriously consider relocating.


The dwarf who was watching the molten iron in the furnace recognized Eugene.

It was hard to recognize right away because he had a shaggy beard and his face was covered with soot, but upon closer inspection, it was Gondor. He hopped and fell in front of Eugene, so he could not believe his short legs.

‘I shouldn’t be thinking like this… … Did you move it to Senya… … .’

I thought it was amazing to see Gondor jumping up and down… … . Eugene said while clearing his throat.

“Did you stay well?”

“It’s been a while.”

Gondor smiled and reached out to Eugene. Holding his rough, calloused hand, Eugene looked up at the furnace.

“What are you doing?”

“I was just watching to see if what went inside melted well. By mixing dragon bones and Orichalcum… … .”

Gondor stopped talking and grabbed both of Eugene’s hands.

“It looks like it will take a long time, so let’s do something urgent first.”



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“What else is urgent?”

“You don’t need to have an armor either!”


Other people would laugh out loud if they said that a dwarf would make armor, but Eugene didn’t laugh at all. He had never worn a good, good armor in his previous life, and that was neither Moron nor Vermouth.

The Demonic World where battles continued almost every day. What kind of armor is this in an environment where even my body and weapons are difficult to manage?

“I don’t need it.”

Knights these days all use good weapons in fancy armor, but the knights 300 years ago did not. If you become obsessed with the performance of armor and weapons, you will be lazy in training yourself, which is really important.

[Eugene-nim, who says that, also uses a lot of good weapons. Like a moonlight sword.]

‘I have never neglected my training.’

[But Eugene is also obsessed with good weapons. Even if others don’t use it because it’s dangerous, why don’t you use the moonlight sword.]

‘Mer, if you talk about the moonlight sword one more time… … .’

[Moonlight sword, moonlight sword, moonlight sword, moonlight sword.]

Mer made fun of Ebebe, and Eugene immediately punished him by putting his hand inside the cloak. Gondor, who watched the cloak move, gave a puzzled expression.

“sorry. The kid doesn’t have burrs… … .”

“no… … It’s okay. Rather than that, are you really not going to wear armor? I made all the other knights’ armor. I also made the head of the household.”

“I’ve never worn armor in my life, so I’m more comfortable not wearing it.”

“Wouldn’t it be an armor that is comfortable as if you were not wearing it even if you were wearing it?”

“Does it make sense to wear it but not wear it?”

“It’s not just armor. I mean acid. That’s a dragon, and that’s also the demonic dragon Raizakia, who was called the strongest and most evil… … .”

“I was the one who killed that Lyzakia. I was the one who put a knife through his throat and killed him. Do you know what this means? He means he shot his breath and did all the f*cking shit, but he didn’t kill me.”

[Hey, you almost died, but you talk really well.]

Mer, who was chewing on the back of Eugene’s hand, teased him. Naturally, Eugene ignored that.

“hmm… … I’ve already made the armor for you, though. Just a little adjustment and it’s done.”

“Can’t you put it on someone else besides me? The head of the family is also there.”

“The family lord improved the servant’s national treasure, Exceed. And didn’t I tell you! Exceed has already been applied to all of Lionheart except for you… … .”

“Then I guess I can give it to someone other than Lionheart.”

There was a name that crossed my mind.

It’s rude to visit blindly, so I sent a call.

The answer came back shortly after.

“You didn’t have to come in person.”

“It bothers me more to make you come and go, the favored one.”

Grand Duke of the Kiel Empire. Alchester Dragonic. He returned to his family home with Guilade, who had gone to the imperial palace.

Alchester smiled wryly and held out his hand to Eugene.

“It’s the first time since the officials’ banquet, and it’s a situation where I can’t comfortably ask after you.”

“it’s okay. Didn’t you hear from the head of the household?”

“Fortunately, no deaths occurred, but that doesn’t mean we can pass it on casually.”

Alchester’s voice lowered.

“First of all, Eugene. Since His Majesty the Emperor is not here, I, the Grand Duke of Kiel, will make my point. It’s a very obvious story.”

“I will listen.”

“Kiel will never downplay this matter. Hauria’s spies have all been expelled, so we don’t know what’s going on there, but we’ve already tried to contact the other emirs in Nahama.”

Words are contact, unilateral notification. Lionheart and his allies will march into Hauria, passing through your lands in the process.

Right now, we’re targeting only Hauria, but if you don’t cooperate, even your territory will be trampled on.

“Isn’t that a threat?”

“It is a threat. Do you think I shouldn’t?”

“Ah, that’s not it. If it were me, I would have moved without notice. If I interfered there, I would have stepped on it to vent my anger.”

We had such conversations and walked together.

“What happened to the son of the sultan who asked for asylum?”

“I accepted. There is no reason not to.”

“Is that so?”

“What if the Empire marches and attacks Hauria? What if you defeat the giant Centipede Mountains and win the battle against the demons, demons, and monsters that have occupied the capital? What do you think will happen after that?”

“hmm… … well.”

“I wonder if Nahama had come together and started a war. Nahama is not like that now. Amelia Merwin, the court mage and advisor, and the black magicians betrayed the Sultan and dragged in the demons. And Helmud is silent about this situation.”

Alcetner continued with a wry smile.

“Nahama is a great country. A country with dozens of emirs under a sultan. Even if the Imperial forces occupy Hauria, the emirs will not readily become vassals of Kiel. Fortunately, the Sultan’s heir is alive. He is now under the protection of his kinsman, the emir.”

“Your Majesty’s wish is to destroy Hauria, establish an heir as sultan, and make Nahama a vassal state.”

“That is the neatest. Of course, the emirs will rebel. However, if you raise an enlisted soldier there, you can use the rebellion as an excuse to strike it down. Of course, the Imperial Army will be in charge of that battle.”

If he had dealt with the entire army of Nahama, the damage would have been great for the enemy as well as the allies. He would have had to fight at least hundreds of thousands of 150,000 soldiers conscripted from the emirs and the existing regular army.

However, what remains in the capital now are the people of destruction and the monsters of La Vista. And dozens of high-ranking demons from Helmud. black magicians. And—- all that was left voluntarily was part of Hauria’s regular army.

“that… … It seems that the devil possessed something.”

Alchester muttered.

“It was not a separate mental manipulation. Just, together with demons and demons… … A look down from the sky. It seemed that he was impressed with himself.”

I didn’t understand. There were countless people 300 years ago who were possessed and corrupted by the power of demons.

“It’s an armor made from the scales of a demonic dragon.”

The Dragonic family, like Lionheart, is a prestigious family that has been around for 300 years, and its founder is Oryx Dragonic, a half-dragon. However, dragon-related treasures are not passed down to the Dragonic family.

That’s why Alchester couldn’t help but be very excited.

Armor made using only dragon materials! He said that he would just give what he wanted to buy, even if he had to spend all of his family’s wealth. Does the title of grand duke matter?

“Do you really want anything from me?”

The sword he learned from Alchester will be useful now and in the future.

“doesn’t exist.”

Even thinking about it now, it was too much to pay for teaching a 10-year-old kid for a month.

* * *

Hauria, the capital of Nahama.

It has been two days since it was surrounded by the Centipede Mountains and most of its citizens were exiled.

In only two days, the city has changed so much.

The almost empty city was trampled by large monsters. People who died without being able to escape at the moment of the fall. People crushed by the rubble of collapsing buildings. People who were trampled to death while fleeing in fear.

Naturally, the bodies were neither buried nor cremated. But it wasn’t left unattended either.

Each corpse stood up on its own as if it were alive. Bodies began to roam the empty, ruined city.


Amelia shuddered at the sight. In this era, there are many black magicians, but necromancers who specialize in necromancy are rare. To be precise, there are many warlocks who hide even if they have learned necromancy.

So was Amelia. Of the black magic she has mastered, she is most confident in her necromantic arts. Of all the warlocks of this era, no, of all the warlocks that have ever existed, there is no necromancer as savvy as I am.

Amelia had such pride. However, even for Amelia, this was the first time she had ever led so many undead.

Even an army would not be enough of the undead. The contract with the demon king of confinement and the power of Bloodmary did not burden Amelia in the slightest, even though they raised so many undead.

‘I could have made a lot more.’

If the capital was completely sealed off and the citizens were locked up. If the soldiers conscripted by the emirs were summoned as scheduled… … .

‘It’s gone too far.’

Since there are no sacrifices, the demon lord ceremony cannot be held. The number of troops has also decreased in comparison to what was initially expected.

Although many things are out of order.

Amelia did not feel like she could lose this war.

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