Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 465

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The most ambiguous position in Hauria now is the high-ranking demons who cooperated with Amelia in advance and left Helmud. They hoped that one day the demon king of confinement would end the promise of peace.

It was aimed at taking various benefits from the war that first took place in Nahama. Enjoy the slaughter for the first time in 300 years, supply and demand fear, make contracts with humans who want power, and collect their souls.

As Amelia promised, she becomes the demon king by offering the sacrifices she bought on the battlefield.

Most of them have disappeared in vain. You can enjoy slaughter, but fear is no longer available. There will be only one person who is most hated and feared in this war.

It is also impossible to make a contract with a human who desires power. Currently, there are quite a few people left in this city, but the power of the demons has never been able to charm them. Since no contract can be concluded, it is impossible to reap the soul.

to become a demon king? The ritual became impossible to even attempt. Hundreds of thousands recruited from the emirs did not even serve in the war. There are about 10,000 lunatics possessed by demons and left in the city.

If you try the ritual with an enemy instead of an ally. Or if you leave this city and use another nearby city as a stage for your ceremony… … .

“… … .”

Asking now is beyond stupidity and is like an idiot. It was because another demon asked on the first day.

-If you let the citizens go, what will happen to the ceremony you promised?

It was a question directed to Amelia.

The demon didn’t hear an answer. It was because as soon as the question was finished, the gray mass swallowed the demon. It was a silent execution. The demons did not show the slightest resistance, were surprised or screamed in agony. That ominous gray lump—-the magic of destruction disintegrated as soon as it swallowed the high-ranking demons of the 60th rank.

The demon who asked the question died and did not hear the answer, but the remaining demons could accept the execution itself as an answer.

He was, uh, afraid to even look at it from the front. The devil who made everyone kneel here just with his presence did not have the heart to perform the demon king ceremony to the demons.

‘… … Hamel of slaughter… … .’

Among Hauria’s demons, the top three are ranked 26th, 33rd, and 40th. They attended, and survived, Amelia Merwin’s ordination to the Staff of Confinement. That’s why I know that Amelia Merwin is using Hamel of Massacre as her Death Knight.

Although he was ordered to keep quiet about it by the Duke of Jebela and the Duke of Gavid, it was surprising and pleasant that the ‘Hamel of Massacre’ became a Death Knight and became a servant of a black magician.

‘How the hell did he get that kind of power?’

Because they saw it directly, the three demons were able to guess the identity of the demon. Even though he covered his face with a mask, the memory of Hamel, who was terrible, remains clear.

“You are the incarnation.”

The followers of destruction from La Vista know that the ghost is not Hamel. Even though the first form is a death knight born from Hamel’s corpse, even the soul that dwells in it is fake. Rather, that is why they worship the specter as the incarnation of destruction.

A miraculous product caused by the magic of destruction. That body, and the soul that dwells in it, are all due to the authority of the Demon King of Destruction. That’s why the family sincerely projected the demon of destruction onto the specter.

The real demon king who rampaged indiscriminately in that enjoyable war era. The Demon King of Destruction, who had been asleep for 300 years, sent an incarnation. The existence of that incarnation is the expression of the will of the demon king’s name, ‘destruction’.

“Amelia Merwin’s undead army is complete.”

The specter did not sit on the throne of the palace. He sat on the roof of the tallest tower in the palace, staring out at the ruined city. He had already been sitting here staring at the city for a long time. Of course, I also know that Amelia has completed the army.

I also know that Alpiero didn’t report it without knowing it.

That old, lustful vampire doesn’t like the fact that the ghost is shutting himself up in this city. I want to open the centipede mountain range that surrounds the capital and attack anywhere first with that gigantic monster at the fore.

“There is a city not far away. If you’ll give me permission, I’ll be with Amelia… … .”

Alpiero’s words cut off midway. Although they didn’t make direct eye contact, the mana flowing from the specter groped Alpiero’s soul. With that alone, Alpiero felt the eerie feeling of stepping into the line of fire.

“… … Over-the-top remarks… … Please forgive me.”

Alpiero knelt down and put his head down. The specter no longer threatened and withdrew his magic. It would be okay to kill Alpiero as it is, but I decided that it would be convenient to keep Alpiero alive if it was a demon that was that strong.

‘A few days at most.’

Besides, the ghost has nothing to do right away, and Alpiero’s life is only a few days away.

Of course, Alpiero didn’t think so. Rather, he was delighted that he had survived without any sanctions.

Other demons would have been executed for saying one wrong word, but now I am alive even after giving my opinion to the incarnation… … .

‘It is to acknowledge me.’

Helmud’s high-ranking demons. Among them, the three who made their names in the top 50 received magical powers from the demon king of confinement.

Alpiero is considered the best among the people of perdition. Compared to Helmud’s high-ranking demons, it’s not enough.

‘… … but… … .’

I don’t intend to compare the power with the specter—-but I end up comparing it with ‘that’. Alpiero swallowed a gulp and slowly raised his head.

‘I can’t believe he’s hiding something like that.’

This city is where Amelia stayed for a long time. She reigned as the sultan’s advisor and grandmaster of the warlocks.

Even though he was active externally, he secretly worked for his secret wish.

Before finding Hamel’s grave and collecting a body that was so intact that it could be believed that he died right away.

The number of hoards Amelia was preparing for war.

The ‘desert of death’ everyone in Nahama is talking about is the Ashur Desert, where Amelia’s dungeon is located. The reason why Amelia didn’t allow anyone to set foot in that desert was because she had been preoccupied with drying it for decades.

After devoting dozens of years to re-tuning, it was finally completed by laying it further down in the catacombs of the capital to concentrate its morale.


The ghost saw a giant standing in the middle of the city.

It is different from the image that exists in Hamel’s memory. It has to be, Kamash died 300 years ago. The end remains clearly in Hamel’s memory.

The beginning of Helmud, the Devil’s Paradise, the Palmyre plains. A huge barrier that separated the continent from Helmud. By breaking down that barrier, Kamash tried to prove his loyalty to his adoptive father, the Mad King.

Hundreds of giants led by Kamash. On the other hand, only a few thousand troops had gathered to block their advance. Yes, thousands against hundreds of giants could never have a numerical advantage.

giant. Those were giants who obeyed the mad king and received magical powers. Even ordinary giants treat dozens of knights lightly, but tens of thousands of knights are not enough when dealing with hundreds of giants who have even received magical powers.

A few days before Kamash and the giants arrived in the Palmyre plain, they shook the plain with just their footsteps. At first, the number of troops gathered on the plains to stop the giants was far greater than thousands, but each time the sound of the footsteps of the giants shaking the ground got closer, the number of troops had to decrease.

Thousands of humans are too few to stand in the way of the hundreds of giants who came with Kamash.

However, Kamash was eventually decapitated on the plains of Palmyre and died. Hundreds of giants who followed him also perished.

The huge plains were soaked red with the blood of giants. That was possible because thousands of humans fought desperately.

no, rather than that.

Because there was vermouth there.

“I remember.”

The specter murmured in a low voice. A very clear memory. I remember how desperate the humans were on that battlefield.

At that time, Vermut and his friends had not yet defeated the demon lord. However, as they crossed the Devil’s Land together and marched to the Demon Castle of Slaughter, they built trust in each other.

When they first came over to the Devil’s Realm, everything was awkward, but when they returned to the Palmyre plains, everyone recognized each other.

so that.

Not everyone ran away. We can stop the advance of the giants. We can do it.

– Hamel.

-uh. why.

– Left arm. can you do it



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-I like my right arm. Isn’t that Kamash right-handed?

– Then you take over the right arm.

-Why divide your left arm and right arm? I’ll just take care of it.

At that time, Hamel and Vermut blocked Kamash together. At the time, Vermut didn’t even have a moonlight sword, but he didn’t need a moonlight sword to kill Kamash.

I remember.

Axes, knives, spears, and all weapons were used to block Kamash. He cut off his ankles, pierced his knees, and tore off his arms. After making him unable to walk or swing his arms, I cut his throat.

Even after killing Kamash, the battle on the plains continued. This is because the giants following Kamash did not back down.

But in the end the battle is over. Most of the giants died, and those who survived retreated to the Demon Realm.

The dead Kamash’s body also disappeared then. Some giants carried Kamash’s body, hugged his head, and fled.

Are you trying to take him and make a grave for him? Or are you going to bring it to your adoptive father, the mad king? Exhausted, drenched in blood from head to toe. I remember sitting on the battlefield and talking.

‘Are the souls the same?’

The head and body are attached. Instead of the limbs that were abandoned on the plains of Palmyre, other limbs were attached.

An undead created from the corpse of Kamash. But how much of that part is karmash?

In the eyes of the ghost, it was more like a chimera that Amelia had painstakingly crafted. However, it is not something to be trifled with. That monster is stronger than Kamash in life, and will be stronger than the high-ranking demons in this city.

‘Will Moron come?’

It’s not certain, but Moron seemed to have a reason why he couldn’t escape Rehein Yar.

‘Senya will come with you.’

Will the current saintess be able to replace the dead Anise? The ghost laughed bitterly.

—-There is no vermouth.

But that won’t be a big deal. The specter knows how strong Eugene Lionheart is.

He, who was strong even a few years ago, couldn’t imagine how much stronger he would be now. Even if there is no vermouth, no Moron, no Hamel.


Hamel is coming.

“Eugene Ryanhart is coming.”

The specter stood up and murmured.

Hamel and Eugene will come to kill me without the slightest hesitation. I will kill everyone left in this city without guilt.

He created a battlefield where he could rampage with all his might. He left only those who didn’t mind dying.

Perhaps, Eugene will overlap the past on this battlefield. Demons, undead, demons, and humans who sold their souls to demons. Enemies who desperately wanted to kill.

‘and me.’

for Eugene. I thought that Eugene would die as he wished.

If I hadn’t met the demon king of confinement, I would have died.

But now I don’t want to do that.

‘I can’t.’

The specter closed his eyes stained with dull light.

Before Hamel came here.

I think we should meet at least once.

* * *

Warlock Amelia Merwin rebelled. All the warlocks in the desert follow her. And the demons who had previously colluded with Amelia in the Helmud Empire helped the rebellion.

Amelia’s hometown is La Vista, the land of destruction. The demons of La Vista joined Nahama’s rebellion. In the process, she released even the monsters sealed in La Vista.

“… … Regarding the above situation, the demon king of confinement expressed ‘deep regret’.”

However, the Helmud Empire could not control the situation in Nahama.

“The one behind Amelia Merwin is the Demon Lord of Destruction. He is a great demon king that even the imprisoned demon king cannot treat carelessly. Also, La Vista, the territory of destruction, is not actually Helmud’s territory… … .”

Gavid Lindman himself, who is announcing his position on behalf of the demon lord in captivity, is well aware that there is no persuasiveness in the words he is talking about, and everyone on the continent will know.

It’s okay though.

“The demons who crossed over to Nahama and colluded with Amelia will never be able to set foot on the land of Helmud.”

Other than that, no sanctions are imposed.

“Helmud will not interfere in Nahama’s affairs.”

The important thing is this. Helmud does not help Nahama. Allied forces on the continent also do not help. Helmud, the demon lord in confinement, did nothing.

‘… … It’s hard to fathom his intentions.’

I knew from the very beginning that Nahama would become a battlefield. He didn’t directly aid, but he helped me, no, Amelia Merwin, just by not imposing any sanctions and remaining silent.

knowing but silent. It was because they expected that the war in Nahama would end peace and promise. If Amelia Merwin turns several of her demons into demon lords, the era of peace that lasted 300 years will inevitably come to an end.

‘There is a demon lord of confinement behind it.’

Aside from everything else, the fact that the demons sealed in La Vista were released is proof that the demon king of confinement intervened.

The official announcement said that the members of the family of destruction had released the monsters, but Gavid knew very well that that was impossible. Those demons were sealed by the authority of the demon king of confinement. Even if the members of the family of destruction self-destruct as a group, they will never be able to break the power of confinement.

The demons were released. He even crosses over to Hauria to help Amelia… … .

‘Even so, the demon king of confinement… … He said he would not go to war.’

Hwang came down on the demon king of confinement before Gavid could handle it at his discretion.

Helmud doesn’t move.

Originally, Gavid was trying to get permission to dispatch troops to Nahama. He prepared the Black Mist and Demon Army for him.

‘Helmud doesn’t move. at last… … The demon king of confinement is waiting for the hero to challenge Babel.’

It’s a disrespectful thought to have for a confined demon king who respects it.

However, now Gavid couldn’t help but think like this.

‘Why are you so obsessed with it?’

Even this obsession is abnormal. I mean, it’s crazy. He was not so obsessed with the great vermouth of 300 years ago.

But why?

‘Eugene Lionheart.’

Gavid opened his eyes thinly as he read the prepared entrance statement.

“… … Good luck to the Hauria Liberation Army.”

An allied force that was attracted to Eugene Lionheart’s name as a warrior, or Eugene Lionheart himself actively gathered and organized it. Looking at the list, Gavid couldn’t help but think.

‘I had to kill him the first time I saw him.’

At that time, you could step on it like killing bugs.

But now it has grown so big that it cannot be stepped on.

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