Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 466

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He was formally commissioned by the exiled heir, and gained support from the emirs of Nahama.

There was no dissonance in the process. Although he did ask for military supplies, it was at a reasonable level and he did not ask for manpower, including soldiers.

Of course, it was also because of the overwhelming power of the opponent. Nahama’s emirs must gather to become one nation. On the other hand, this side’s strength is a coalition of several countries and empires.

The capital Hauria Liberation Army.

It got that name.

In fact, it was also a good feeling to see. Hauria has been captured by evil demons and demons. And the heroes of the continent, including the hero, gather together and set out to liberate Hauria, which has been captured and sealed off… … . Its blatant cause and goodwill were displayed all over the continent and gained enthusiastic support.

Attention and support naturally attracted many things. People who had some money came forward and sent donations. Before making a separate statement, free knights and mercenaries also gathered.

I had no intention of accumulating too much power. As long as the opponent is the opponent, the chattering can’t even become a meat shield. Even the opponent is a perverted black magician who is obsessed with the undead like Death Knight.

In this day and age, it’s not common to have a battle with a warlock, especially a necromancer. This is because necromancy itself is a taboo for black magicians.

Even so externally, there were occasional black magicians obsessed with necromancy research behind the scenes. Just as wizards who talk about truth and search cross taboos, such curiosity and desire for exploration are no different from black magicians.

no. Not only black magicians, but also serious madmen among ordinary wizards used to dabble in necromancy.

It was the Heretic Inquisition of Jurass who pursued and judged such immoral people. Although the scale was drastically reduced a few years ago, the Inquisition has its own know-how in dealing with necromancers.

“A priest must accompany the group. If you cannot expect healing magic from a priest due to unavoidable circumstances, prepare a potion or other healing agent individually. Do not fight in swamps or on dirt. Fight on hard ground if possible. Don’t fight at night. Especially avoid the full moon. Give the weapon protection. Possess a silver dagger. Prepare holy water… … .”

Others listened intently, but Eugene’s face as he read it was plain. It was inevitable that Eugene had already fought 300 years ago against necromancers and undead.

“If an ally dies and falls down, Hwagol Mountain… … Hwagol Mountain? What’s this?”

“It is a drug that dissolves the body. If you sprinkle generously, the corpse melts and disappears in no time.”

“Where in the world is such a convenient medicine?”

“It is made by adding various poisons and magic to holy water. It is the work of the Jurassic Faculty of Divine Magic Research.”

The leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross. Crusader Raphael replied with a calm face.

“Alot has a similar potion. I didn’t use holy water as a base, but hmmm, sometimes it’s convenient to dissolve it neatly.”

Trempel, the head of Arot’s Court Magic Division, made a noise as if he had a strange sense of rivalry. Eugene didn’t respond and ignored it.

“A drug that dissolves a corpse when sprayed on it. No matter how you look at it, it seems to have been used more for other purposes than countermeasures against the undead.”

“Hmmmm… … .”

“Well, that’s not what I know… … next… … If there is no volcanic acid, burn the corpse. If even that is difficult, I will crush my limbs… … .”

The performance of the undead is divided according to the state of the corpse as well as the soul. In particular, the performance varies greatly depending on ‘how’ they died.

If you die from being decapitated, that much resentment becomes the mother of Dyurahan, if it has been dead for a long time and has rotted, it becomes a common ghoul, and if it is older than that and only bones remain, it becomes the weakest skeleton. Destroying the body after death was a common undead countermeasure even 300 years ago.

“When I was younger, I changed my face first.”

Senya, who had been listening silently, murmured. Many people looked at Senya in surprise at his harsh words.

“what… … What are you looking at?”

Senya was taken aback by the molly gaze and continued.

“In the old days, there were many necromancers, and there were many people who died. So, just in case, the undead who got in my way later might be an acquaintance from the past… … .”

“So you changed your face? How cruel! Did your sister do that too? If I die this time, will she grind my face off?”

Melchis made a fuss and shouted. Senya kept her mouth shut and glared at Melkis, but Melkis didn’t finish the first verse.

“I don’t like to imagine it, but if I die this time. If possible, can’t you just take care of it without grinding your face? But after death, I want to be buried in my hometown… … .”

Balzac, sitting across from him, immediately kicked Melchis in the shin. Melchis screamed at the unexpected kick, but no one cared about Melchis.

“Hmmmm… … I can deal with Amelia’s necromancy. In fact, there are the Highly Precious Order of Light and the Maleficarum, and the Knights of the Blood Cross on the battlefield… … I will not have to go out.”

“Of course it should.”

Raphael narrowed his eyes and glared at Balzac.

“The Black Mage Tower Master, Balzac Rudbesse. I don’t like you joining the friendly army. But this time, I can’t cut you the way I want.”

“haha… … Don’t be too vigilant. I am purely… … .”

“A warlock should not discuss innocence.”

Raphael was still the same. He fired only his words and hostility one-sidedly and did not listen to Balzac.

“Sleep, don’t fight.”

Eugene put down the book he was reading. In addition to what he had just read, various information was packed, but there was nothing more for Eugene to know.

“It hurts my mouth to read everything here. But you must be aware of it and give it to me.”

The city of Nahama, Salar. This is the closest city to the capital Hauria. Currently, key members of the Liberation Army are meeting in the palace of Emir Salar.

Emperor’s deputy in Kiel, Archduke Alchester Dragonic.

Lionheart’s family head, Guillaid Lionheart.

The representative of the Black Lion Knights, Carmen Lionheart.

Vicar of the Holy Empire, Saint Cristina Rogeris.

Commander of the Knights of the Blood Cross, Crusader Raphael Martinez.

Arod’s deputy, Crown Prince Honein Abram.

Commander of the Court Magic Division under his command, Trempel Wizard.

Wise Senya and the Mage Masters.

King Ruhar, King of Barbarians, Aman Ruhar.

Commander of White Fang under his command, Joshrik Lava.

King Simuin’s deputy, Ortus Hyman.

The Court Magician under his command, Mais Brior.

Zoran’s Warchief, Ivatar Zahabu.

Representative of free knights and mercenaries, Ibig Slad.

The best knights, warriors, and wizards from the continent all gathered. Since the battlefield is a battlefield, the monarchs did not come, but King Luhar, who is famous for his martial arts, came himself. If you add the knights and soldiers under his command, the number of allies already exceeds tens of thousands.

Most of them had already promised to cooperate with Yujin in the office. However, in this city now, there are many people who voluntarily came to the battlefield full of a cause and justification, led by the hero.

Those who want to raise their names before the end of the promise directly declared by the demon king of confinement. Those who want to dedicate themselves to the world to come.

“What about you?”

and dragon.

“I have no intention of participating in the battlefield.”

Red Dragon Ariartel.



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Eugene did not go to her to ask for help. Ari Artel did not appear in the world because of her personal circumstances, and Eugene respected that position.

But Ariartel didn’t even call, but he came on his own. He wondered if he had heard rumors, but seeing that he was sitting next to Alchester among the many seats, his intention was clear.

‘Am I still worried that they’re similar to relatives?’

Oryx, the founder of the Dragonic family, inherited power from Ariartel’s father and became a half-man, half-dragon. You wouldn’t call it a relative, but you wouldn’t call it a very stranger.

In fact, it was surprising that a dragon cared about such a relationship, so perhaps Ariartel was a different species. In fact, doesn’t Ariartel take pleasure in looking into the Dragonic family?

‘Maybe he cares about Liu.’

The Dragon Fear you received when you trained Liu. … … Thinking like that made Ariartel very suspicious. The dragon, hundreds of years old, must have been keeping an eye on the boy who was a little over 10 years old.

“I don’t want to appear public. Especially for the demon king of confinement.”

It is difficult even for a dragon to read other people’s minds. Ari Artel wondered why stupid Hamel looked at him like that, but he didn’t ask why and focused on what he had to say.

“I heard that the demon king of confinement and Helmud would not intervene in this war. However, there is already a suspicion that the demon king of confinement may have intervened in the war itself. Even the black magician who rebelled is the one who made a contract with the demon king of confinement. However, the demon king of confinement did not impose any sanctions on the black magician.”

Is it because Ariartel’s polymorphed hair is red because she is a red dragon? Is it because Raimirua and Raizakia have black hair because they are both black dragons? So, is a blue dragon’s hair blue and a gold dragon’s hair golden?

Eugene thought of such a foolish thought and listened to Ariartel’s words. However, most people listened to Ariartel’s story with full attention. They couldn’t help but compare in their heads the now calm expression of Ariartel and the Hetzling that Eugene was carrying.

“I have an undisclosed mission. That is why I must never die or be injured. However, I want to respond to the chaos of the times and contribute to the defense of order, just as the dragon race did 300 years ago.”

when the war era begins. All dragons flew to the demon realm. There, most of them were killed by the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction, and the dragons who barely survived went into sleep to recover from their injuries and postpone their death.

Ariartel is managing the cradle of dragons that have gone to sleep. If she is mortally wounded or dies, she will have fatal problems with sleeping dragons.

“How are you going to add strength? Even peel off the scales… … .”

“You sound awful and ignorant.”

Ariartel glanced at Eugene and shot at him. He must have been called stupid Hamel for saying such ignorant things.

However, few people in this place would know that the man was a reincarnated person, so Ariartel was conscious and cautious about what she said.

“human. Didn’t you already get some help from me?”

“I did get help.”

“It is the same this time. Expand the warp gates of this city and other countries… … .”

“You didn’t do it alone.”

Ariartel’s eyebrows twitched.

“… … I was with the wise Senya and the human wizards, but my words were of great help.”

“That’s right, if it wasn’t for Ariartel, it would have been more troublesome.”

Senya nodded and Ariartel stood up. Even at that moment, Eugene and Senya quickly exchanged glances.

This is a prearranged carrot and stick strategy. The goal is to get Eugene to wield the whip, Senya to give carrots, and material support to Ariartel.

“As expected, Senya, who is wise, recognizes me.”

“It was a performance that made me understand why dragons are called magical manipulation.”

“haha… … Are you smart Your magic is so sublime that even a dragon cannot follow it.”

Ariartel immediately felt better and smiled. Praise makes even a bear dance, but the dragon was no different. She originally thought that Ari Artel would only take care of Alchester. Since she already had her armor, she was thinking of giving her a special sword, but she changed her mind thanks to Senya’s praise.

“I will open the dragon treasury.”

Ariartel said. A treasure of dragons that have gone to sleep. The treasure trove of them is currently managed by Ariartel.

“It’s impossible to arm the entire Liberation Army, but the heroes present here will be able to get their hands on any weapon they desire.”

It went according to plan. Eugene and Senya shared a satisfied gaze.


Yujin got up from her seat and started clapping her hands. Senya followed suit, and soon everyone at the table clapped.

Ariartel put on a bewildered expression at the sudden applause, but it wasn’t too bad. She stood up from her seat, led by Senya’s hand.

“hmm… … Uhm… … Human heroes. I, the red dragon Ariartel, will bless you on behalf of all dragons who cannot come here.”


Eugene clapped with strength again.

clap clap clap The room was filled with applause.

* * *

Naturally, Eugene didn’t need any more weapons. It was because he was full of the weapons he had now.

But others didn’t. In particular, Alchester was directly led by Ariartel and received a sword.

Dragon’s sword. Although he did not directly use the Dragon Heart like Akasha or the improved Frost, the sword contained various protection magics. There, Ariartel directly bestowed dragon words, and it is connected to her dragon heart.

The power of the dragonic family’s secret skill, the sword, is enormously overlapped according to the absolute amount of mana.

Alchester, like the knight mentioned on the continent, did not lack the total amount of mana, but if the dragon’s pure mana was added—- Alchester’s empty sword was amplified several times than before.

“Thank you for opening the report, but can’t we participate in the battle that we already agreed to help?”

“Stupid Hamel. Have you forgotten what I said?”

After the opening of the report. Eugene, Senya, and Cristina met Ariartel on the roof of the palace.

“Maintaining the cradle is my mission.”

“Is there anything to manage? Can’t we just leave it alone?”

“That is an ignorant word. Do you think it is possible to sleep for hundreds of years without being left alone?”

“It’s a dragon.”

“really… … You are so ignorant. A dragon’s sleep phase requires a lot. I periodically come in and out of the cradle to purify the air, tend to wounds, and supply mana.”

Don’t you clean up your poop? Eugene opened his lips in a moment of curiosity.

[I guarantee you, if you ask me that, you might get hit.]

Merga, who read Eugene’s mind, quickly pinched Eugene’s side and fired at him.

‘why. You’re curious too.’

[I’m not really curious. Because you already know the answer. Don’t you know Eugene? Raimir, he’s in the bathroom… … .]


Lymilia howled ferociously and rushed at Mer. Eugene grabbed hold of the cloak that was swaying and protruding from the quarrel between the two.

“How about shooting a breath from a distance and leaving?”

“Can not be done.”

Ariartel answered firmly. At those words, Yujin licked her lips and nodded her head.

“I can’t help but hate it so much.”

Eugene turned his head and looked outside the city.

A black barrier visible far to the east.

The sky covered with dark clouds and the fog drifting around the barrier can be seen from afar.

[Don’t worry, hermit.]

Lymillaa, who was holding her hair with Mer, spoke in a snoring voice.

[That evil barrier is a great race and magic control. The black dragon, Lymilia, will give you a breath.]

I didn’t have much faith.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 465Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 467
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