Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 467

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The Centipede Mountains alone are tricky, but the entire city is even fenced off.

“The Centipede Mountains surrounded the outskirts, and the sky was covered with the barrier of black magic and the magic of destruction.”

Senya murmured, furrowing her eyebrows.

“The level of the barrier itself, hmm, you’ll have to look a little closer to find out… … It’s pretty good.”

“The level of the technique itself is not the problem.”

Anise opened her mouth.

“that’s right. Even if the level of the spell is low, it is difficult to pierce it if it is in a state where mana has been poured enormously. It even covered the magic of destruction. If you’re that thorough, it’s virtually impossible to pierce with magic.”

“Is it impossible for our Magic Goddess too?”

Yujin smiled and asked.

“It’s still preliminary.”

I meant to make fun of it, but Senya responded with her chest wide open as if she had no shame. When the answer came back like that, Eugene couldn’t make fun of him anymore.

“that… … they say. Preliminary Magic Goddess.”

“If I became a complete magic goddess, well, it might be possible. But right now, it is unconditionally, absolutely possible, that kind of certainty is difficult.”

It might be possible if it was only black magic, but the magic of destruction is also covered in the sky over Hauria.

The magic of destruction rejects magic and mana. No matter how much the absolute rate is added, it is difficult to pierce the magic of destruction that is as thick as that. Just as Senya is not yet a complete magic goddess, her absolute rule is not yet absolute.

“I hit from above.”

Eugene rubbed his feet on the floor and spat out. Then, from her cloak, Lymir A pokes her head out.

“Oh, hermit, to believe in the original woman! The original woman will open her sky with her majestic breath!”

“no… … You just quietly stay inside the cloak.”

“Without the original daughter, the hermit cannot fly.”

“Why can’t I fly in the sky without you? I can fly well alone.”

“Let’s go together.”

Anise said. She smiled as she stroked the hair of Lymir Ah, who had her head sticking out of her cloak.

“As I said before, Hamel, overprotection is not so good.”

“It’s not overprotective… … I wonder if it would be effective by shooting the breath, which is a mass of mana, over there.”

“Aren’t you a good kid who wants to help his parents?”

parents? Eugene didn’t understand for a moment and blinked her eyes. She didn’t understand that, neither did Senya. However, Raimirah only laughed as if she was used to it.

“That is what it means.”

Anis said in a soft voice.

“Hamel. You, I, and the priests of the Silver Mine, let’s go to the sky with Mir. Even the barriers of black magic and the magic of destruction can be broken through with a holy sword and holy magic.”

That makes sense. Eugene nodded his head without further refusal.

Senya and the wizards concentrate their firepower to pierce the Centipede Mountains. Knights, mercenaries, and soldiers intercept demons and monsters.

“Kyel is a griffin soldier. The Black Lion Knights are wyverns. Ruhar is an Ice Wyvern. Simuin and Yuras are Pegasus… … .”

Salar Outer Wall Railing. Melchis muttered, moving his fingers around.

“Arotman has nothing.”

“ah… … Doesn’t Arot use summons or familiars?”

Rinine, dragged out by Melchis, stammered. Hearing those words, Melchis tightened his eyes and looked back at Rinine.

“Do you have a familiar?”

“There is, but… … There is nothing to ride for flying.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“The lord of the red tower decided to lend me a summoned beast. Mr. Melchis… … .”

“Didn’t I tell you to call me sister?”

“Melchis an… … you… … Do you have a flying familiar?”

“Am I a summoner? Elementalist. I just need to fly with the spirits. That’s me.”

Melchis smirked and shook his hips gently.

Why are you shaking your back all of a sudden? Since he couldn’t bear to ask, Rynein guessed on his own. Now Melchis is wearing the sky-high clothes worn by Nahama dancers… … . So it must be something like a dance by shaking the waist.

“Then you are a famous wizard, isn’t it a bit like borrowing a pet from the owner of the red tower?”

“I’m fine… … .”

“That shouldn’t be the case, isn’t it the moment when you, who used to live in seclusion, come out into the world like a great wizard! Not even debuting at an academic conference, debuting in a war… … !”

“I don’t want to be in the spotlight, but… … .”

“Aren’t you going to play the Green Mage Tower? You have to get attention and play an active role here so that you can become a green mage master.”

Rinine’s eyes could not help but waver as he listened to Melchis’ twist.

After Generic resigned from the Green Mage, the position of the Green Mage is still vacant. Since he can’t keep the position vacant, he has to elect a new tower owner, but unfortunately, there are no wizards who have reached the 8th circle in the green tower.

Even temporarily, it was impossible to have a wizard who was not even a great wizard as the owner of the tower. In the meantime, Laina came to Arot to attend Senya’s study meeting.

An archmage who does not belong to any other country. Arot’s palace and council didn’t want to let go of Lain.

“I am not greedy for the position of the owner of the Mage Tower. And the wizards of the Green Mage Tower won’t want me to become the owner of the Mage Tower because I didn’t study there.”

“Even if you are not greedy, sit down for now. And what is it that other wizards don’t want? If you prove yourself worthy of an archmage this time, they will accept it as well.”

“no… … It’s not that kind of problem, it’s just that I don’t want to… … .”

“Let’s try it first and then let’s talk.”

What Melchis forced like this was mostly selfish, not for the sake of the Lainians.

The far-out maknae comes in as the owner of the mage tower? Even more so, compared to other Mage Tower lords, if Lainain, who has a more docile personality, becomes the Green Tower lord, he will be able to take good care of him in the future.

There were many people besides Melchis and Lainians on the wall. Eugene and Gilreid walked on top of the castle wall and looked outside.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a gun battery.”

It was not a cannon that exploded gunpowder and fired an iron cannon, but a cannon that used magic. I thought Alot was strong because magic was used, but Kiyel’s battery looked quite strong.

“Didn’t there be cannons like that in the past?”

“Well, it wasn’t… … Not as many as now. In particular, it was almost nonexistent inside the Devil’s Nest.”

Compared to now, everything on the battlefield was poor. Eugene looked at the cannons being tuned by the White Lion Knights and tilted his head.

“What is that?”



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“The Dwarves remodeled the cannons originally owned by Lionheart.”

Compared to the cannons of other countries, the gun barrel is so large that it is ignorant. The Dwarves’ taste was fully contained in the appearance of something attached to it.

“It would be cumbersome to push that… … .”

“The operation of the battery has been decided by Loberian-sama and the wizards of the Red Mage Tower to cooperate.”

Are you summoning them all at once with summoning magic and then firing them? Yujin nodded her head, imagining the scene.

If it had that much firepower, it would be effective against those ignorantly large monsters.

“Aren’t you nervous?”

“If not, it would be a lie.”

Gilreid replied with a wry smile.

I don’t want to show a weak figure to an adopted son who doesn’t think he’s different from his real son… … It is Gilreid’s honest feeling, but the opponent is the reincarnation of the great hero Hamel. Gill Reid admitted her own weakness, feeling a bit complicated.

“A real battle of this scale is to Lionheart… … Whoops. No, it will be a first for everyone.”

“Nothing. How old was I when I first went to the battlefield… … I was 10 years old, but when I woke up, it was all over.”

Eugene laughed and leaned against the wall.

“I don’t think this kind of advice is good for the patriarch’s personality, but, um, don’t think too much about it. Gasols or… … Let’s take care of our own lives first, rather than for others.”

“haha. That’s tough advice to take. To think that the head of household would only take care of my life without taking care of the gasoline.”

“Since the head of household is a good person, I hope you don’t overdo it. If the head of the household were injured and died, how should I look after Anicilla-sama?”

“Me too. Eugene, you are strong and… … I know you are more experienced than me. Still, I’m your adoptive father. And I also go to Lionheart.”

Gilreid’s hand tapped Eugene’s shoulder.

“Everyone at Lionheart is my family. my children. white lion and black lion. and you. I don’t want my family to get hurt or die.”

“So do i.”

Yujin said that and smiled. I could see the figures of Xian and Ciel from down there. Ciel, who had been riding on Yongyong’s back for the first time in a while, met Yujin’s eyes and she smiled broadly and waved her hand.

“Shouldn’t you see your children getting married?”

Eugene said so without much thought, but Gilreid… … I thought for a moment about how to take those words.

A daughter waving her hand with a big smile. Looking at her daughter, Eugene talks about her marriage… … .

“… … .”

I wanted to ask like a chimney, but I couldn’t ask directly. Gilreid coughed for nothing and turned her head away. Just then, a familiar face was approaching from the other side.

“My lord. And lord.”

Raman Shulhoub, who was taken by Eugene and served as Jehard’s escort knight. He thought that he had forgotten his longing for his country through his life at Ryan Hart, but could he not help the country where he was born and raised? Raman volunteered to follow Eugene to this place.

“Supplies from the emirs have arrived.”

“What else did you come up with?”

“yes. The Emir of Salar sent an Assassin unit to use as a scout… … What would you like?”

“I don’t really like Assassins. Aren’t you like that too?”

It’s a nasty question. Rahman smiled wryly and nodded his head.

“Then we will return it. And the Emir of Salar expressed his desire to hold a banquet before the campaign.”

“it’s okay. I’m going out tomorrow, what kind of bastard’s banquet is this? Prepare for the banquet after everything is over.”


A native of Nahama, Rahman is familiar with the culture and language here. Even if you tell me roughly, I will tell you well.


Now that I’ve come this far, I have no intention of taking any more time. If you procrastinate for no reason, it’s like giving time to the other side too.

So tomorrow. The Hauria Liberation Army will launch from Salar as soon as the sun rises in the morning.

“By the way, can I really take over?”

Eugene looked at Gilreid and asked.

“You mean the flag bearer?”


Eugene smiled awkwardly. Something unfamiliar and embarrassing. However, Gilreid laughed and patted Eugene on the shoulder once more.

“If not you, who would raise the flag of Lionheart?”

“Are there not many other people besides me? There is also a lord. There is also Xian, the next head of household. Carmen-sama, or if things don’t go well, Gargis, the biggest of the Black Lions, will sound plausible.”

“This many people.”

Gilreid’s finger pointed outside the castle wall. There were countless people there preparing for the next morning’s departure. Several flags are flying in the vast desert.

Kiel’s flag. Flag of Euras. Flag of Ruhar. flag of the governor. Arrot’s flag. Other than that, the flags of the mercenaries and knights.

“Isn’t everyone brought together by you?”

“… … Even if I hadn’t summoned them, they would have come voluntarily on a matter like this.”

“Haha, is that so? Eugene, do you really think so?”

Gilreid asked with a smile.

Honestly, I don’t think Kiel would have come. Even if Alchester wanted an expedition, the emperor would not have allowed it. The same goes for the officials and Joran. Arot would not have come if it had not been for Senya.

‘Even so, Euras must have come. It’s called the Holy Empire in the wild.’

Ruhar, who follows Moron’s will, must have come. What about free knights and mercenaries? In the end, Yujin had no choice but to let out a deep sigh.

As Gilreid said, the reason why the Hauria Liberation Army was able to organize on such a large scale was because Eugene was here. They are the ties that Eugene Ryanhart’s 23 years of life have brought together.

In the end, Yujin could only sigh and nod.

“You put too much weight on my shoulders.”

“Isn’t that what a hero is?”

Guillaid smiled mischievously.

“I don’t know the hero’s life, but you do.”

“Kuhm… … .”

I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

Eugene cleared his throat and rubbed the floor with his toe for no reason. When Eugene couldn’t say anything and looked down at her, Gilreid chuckled and withdrew his hand from her shoulder.

“Then, I’ll go down and prepare for the expedition.”

“I will help… … .”

“You don’t have to help. I, the head of the household, will have to take care of these troublesome tasks.”

In this war, Guilade can never be the main character. Guillaid knew that all too well.

The best thing he can do is to arrange the armaments of the family knights and coordinate opinions with other units. It is to assist Eugene so that he can only look forward and move forward without looking back.

‘I can’t open the way for you in advance.’

Then, at least, you should finish preparing to run down the road that Eugene opened.

Eugene looked at the back of Gilreid, who jumped down the wall. Say you don’t need help. Eugene turned around, feeling embarrassed by Gilreid’s consideration.

It is time for the sun to set.

I didn’t want to attract attention, so I found a place where there were no people. Rather than going in early and resting in preparation for the campaign, I thought it would be better to adjust my equipment once more.

It’s a long way from Salar to Hauria, but with the help of the elemental spirits and high-ranking mages led by Melchis, you should be able to reach Hauria in less than a day, let alone a few days.

‘And the battle will happen immediately.’

There’s no way he could quietly shut himself up and focus only on Mercury. Enemies will already be ambushing outside the Centipede Mountains.

Now is the last time I can prepare for battle with peace of mind.

Coming down the wall, many people recognized Eugene. Say hello, ask where you’re going… … Since it was something that could not be ignored, he responded with a greeting and gave a rough answer to a question.

The emotions contained in the gaze were usually similar. Respect, envy, reverence, those kinds of feelings.

‘It used to be heavy.’

As Eugene remembers, the first time he received that kind of stare was in the Great Forest of Samar.

A look at the ‘hero’. It was just heavy at the time. It was burdensome. Even 300 years ago, Eugene was a hero, but not a hero. Most of those gazes were directed at Vermouth, but they did not reach Hamel very much.

-I hate warriors.

I remember saying that. Everyone calls him a hero, and everyone expects him. 300 years ago. At that time, Vermouth attracted attention wherever he went, and was the main character everywhere.

Words to defeat the demon king. Words to save the world. A word to avenge a relative.

Vermouth always had to listen to that. He received admiration, envy, reverence, that kind of feeling.

Just like Eugene now.

‘Is it still heavy?’

Not so. It’s embarrassing rather than heavy. To be honest, even that was familiar and natural now. can i do it I didn’t think so. It is better to decide that you must do it than to ask yourself if you can do it.

Walked quite a bit. Then I came to a place where there were no people around. After looking around, Eugene put his hand into his cloak.

Moonlight Sword and Holy Sword.

He pulled out two swords. The Holy Sword is still there. Nothing has changed. The god of light connected with this sword is a guy whose intentions and identity are unknown. However, even in this battle, as Eugene wishes, he will give as much light as he needs.

People of other religions say that the god of light is self-righteous.

That’s what Eugene thought. Religious people who worship the god of light are also self-righteous and fanatical, but the god of light is more self-righteous than the millions of his followers who make fun of it. He is so self-righteous that he even helps to kill faithful church members who follow him.

and the moonlight sword.

‘Can I use you?’

Kill Iris and renew the moonlight sword. Eugene’s mana and divine power were added, and Rehein Yar’s ominousness was added. This is the first time that the moonlight sword is used in practice after being regenerated.

Will this moonlight sword be able to cut the fake guy who has become the incarnation of destruction? Eugene couldn’t help but worry about that.

The moonlight sword is the sword of destruction. The ominous moonlight wielded by this sword is essentially no different from the magic of destruction.

‘Even if my divine power and mana have been added… … .’

Yujin glared at the body of the Moonlight Sword and clicked her tongue. Whether or not the current moonlight sword will be eaten by the incarnation of destruction is something to be learned by testing it yourself. Actually more important than this.

‘Can I cut him with my new sword?’

If even the incarnated one cannot be cut with a divine sword, then the demon lord of destruction himself will never be able to cut it.

The new sword isn’t finished yet? Are you lacking in strength? Decades of years would not be enough if he prepared excuses by arguing about each of them. Yujin was caressing her chest where the new sword was hidden.

I turned my head.

The sun is setting.

The golden desert turns dark red. Dusk creeps in from the other side. Before long, the sun will completely set and disappear, and the dark red desert will be covered in black darkness.

Above the wet dusk, foretelling him, I saw someone’s figure.

The guy in the white mask.

Eugene’s hand dug into his chest.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 466Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 468
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