Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 468

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who the guy is why are you here

Other than that, there are as many things as there are mountains to be curious about and ask. But Eugene was curious about nothing. So she didn’t ask anything. It was because Eugene now had emotions that were superior and important beyond compare to those like that.

kill it

That alone made Eugene run. The one-sided and intense intent to kill made me put my hand on my chest.

The veins on the back of the hand wriggled, and the grasping fingers gripped the hilt of the new sword.


Reason arose in the middle of the running flesh. The heat cooled as if ice water had been poured on it.

Eugene applied the brakes to his running body. His right hand still holds the hilt of his new sword, but he has not drawn his blade.


Eugene took a deep breath and exhaled. I consciously calmed down the seething murderous intent. I was more conscious of the reason that put the brakes on.

Think. thought. Don’t think about killing them, think about something else.

“You didn’t come here to kill me.”

It’s not an opponent that can be killed with a single swing of the divine sword. Eugene, for the moment, acknowledged that. It’s something I don’t really want to do, but it was inevitable.

“I hear you have a knack for appearing and disappearing suddenly. Even if you cut your throat and smash your body, you won’t die.”

Agaroth’s, Eugene’s new sword has killed the Demon King. Not only during the Age of Mythology, but also Iris, who became a mad king, ended her life with a new sword.

However, was it possible to kill Iris, who was in perfect condition, with a single swing of the divine sword?

The new sword is strong, but Eugene did not overconfident in its power. He’s been like that ever since Hamel’s days. In battle, always assume the worst. You can only prepare for more by adjusting to the worst you can imagine.

“What are you?”

Can you swing your new sword and kill him right now? blows can be inflicted. However, following that blow, whether or not you can reliably kill him is a matter that needs to be judged carefully.

The new sword is different from the moonlight sword or holy sword. It consumes divine power every time you swing it. Compared to when he first pulled out the new sword, even though his new power increased tremendously, pulling out the new sword still puts a lot of pressure on Eugene.

If you can’t wield a new sword today, you can’t do your best at the critical moment.

‘That’s an idiot.’

I thought and endured. There are also strategic reasons.

‘That bastard doesn’t know the new sword.’

If you can’t kill him here and now, it’s better not to show the new sword.

“Unexpected… … .”

The specter, who had been staring at Eugene, opened his mouth.

He measured the distance with Eugene. distance not too far. If it were Eugene, it would be a distance that could split a second into hundreds of seconds and cut the ghost’s head.

It will immediately rush in and cut its throat. I was thinking of cutting it.

Did not do it.

why did it stop The moment our eyes met, the death that came over me. The killing of Gavid Lindman, Moron Luhar, and Senya Merdein was also great—- but it was different from Hamel’s, Eugene Lionheart’s.

That one-sided and violent life is a life that only Eugene, the real can turn to the fake.

“No, it’s you.”

I thought it was surprising that it stopped. That’s just a simple idea. If it was Eugene or Hamel, it would be right to stop. The specter smiled bitterly at the thought. She didn’t understand right away, and it took a little more thought to reach and empathize.

In itself, it was as if the specter was claiming to be fake.

“It is difficult.”

The ghost’s face is invisible because of the mask. However, Eugene could easily imagine the face beyond that mask, and she could even vividly draw her expression through her low voice.

“It’s hard to hold back the feeling of wanting to kill me.”

My stomach is bubbling over. Too many things come to mind.

Moron’s voice that was complicated. The Black Lion Castle in disarray. swept forest. wounded soldiers. smell of blood. Not because of the pain, but the moaning that I couldn’t overcome the resentment.

A few deep breaths calmed my emotions. The expression disappeared from his face, contorted with murderous intent and anger. Eugene glared at her ghost with her cold eyes.

“Are you answering the question?”

“It’s hard to know what to answer.”

“Then I’ll make up my mind. You’re an asshole, a bastard, a fake. Wouldn’t that be enough?”

Instead of answering, the ghost chuckled. The real thing is defining it like that, so what should I do to refute it? The specter didn’t want to do that.

“What do you want to do? Why are you f*cking in someone else’s city?”

“It is necessary.”

“to you? Or, to me?”

Yujin narrowed her eyes and asked. I already know that the baby is for me.

“It is what we all need.”

“You decide by yourself.”

Yujin’s head tilted.

“I know you are complicated in many ways. I know your situation is shitty and confusing.”

A personality was created from the memories left in Hamel’s corpse. It’s hard to use on its own. Memory manipulation has been added to make it easier to use.

That’s how the guy was born. With Hamel’s memory, with Hamel’s personality. At the same time, he is ‘I’ who has hatred and revenge for Vermouth, Moron, Senya, and Anise.

He was unaware that he was a fake, and then suddenly realized. Who I am, why I am a fake, I went through such anguish—-in the end.

“If it were me.”

if i’m fake

“Really, he would have acted for me. If I were fake, I would be. No matter how f*cking crazy it is, it can’t be real. Even more so if the pendulum is still alive.”

So I don’t understand this situation very well.

“You said all this was what we needed, but I don’t get it. I… … If it were you, you wouldn’t do this.”

It is understandable that he went to Moron. But the attack on the black lion castle. It makes no sense to attack Ryan Hart, his family.

You said you came to anger me? yeah it worked

But if that was the goal, there would have been another way. Not the way I wouldn’t do it, but the way I would do it.

“I am not you because you did not understand.”

The ghost shook his head and said.

“I can only admire you, imitate you, and imagine you. But the real you don’t have to. Isn’t it?”

“… … .”



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“You wouldn’t have done that? know. I thought, too, that you wouldn’t do this. You would despise this behavior.”

There’s no way the specter doesn’t know the difference between something not like Hamel.

“So I did.”

I did it knowingly.

“Because it’s me to do that.”

Eugene glared at the specter without saying anything.

I didn’t feel the need to question that statement. I knew it instinctively. The feelings that spread inside Eugene right now were strong enough to be compared to intuition based on divine power.

that looks like me

Not the same. Resembles. different.

That’s why I have no choice but to kill him.

“Why are you here?”

“Before I kill you.”

The specter smiled bitterly and tilted his head.

“I met you once… … I wanted to have a conversation. A lot has changed since we met in Daesoorim.”

“Yeah, a lot has changed. It’s funny to say this, but you were more like me back then.”

How would I have felt if I had heard those words the moment I first became aware of myself at La Vista? Before being recognized as a warrior by Moron. Before seeing Senja smiling happily as she chose clothes and rings. … … Before learning the truth from the demon king of confinement.

if you heard that

‘Maybe he had a desire that he shouldn’t have.’

The ghost raised a hand and pointed to Hauria in the distance.

“I will wait for you at the palace.”

“… … .”

“Many things will stand in your way. you… … Even if it doesn’t come, I won’t move from there. The road to reach the palace will be difficult. I don’t think you’ll fall without reaching it.”

The specter’s eyes looked elsewhere than Hauria. Behind Eugene. It was quite far away, but I could see flags waving in each camp.

“Many of those gathered under your name will die.”

“From now on, you are the Demon King.”

Eugene exhaled.

“You don’t have to have a name. In fact, it doesn’t matter even if you’re not the Demon King. But I will think of you as the Demon King. They do the same thing, so it’s rather strange that they’re not the demon king.”

It’s terribly strong and doesn’t die very well. He has demons, black magicians, and demons under his command. He occupies a city and makes it his territory, and waits in the royal castle.

“I am a warrior.”

I let go of the hand holding my chest. Instead, Eugene grabbed the holy sword.

“Behind me is a death squad to kill the demon king, you.”

It was a silly question.

However, I thought it was a good question to ask. Hearing that answer, the specter was able to not hesitate.

He doesn’t consider himself a demon king. He thought it was ridiculous to call himself a demon king when he wasn’t even a demon king.

However, since Eugene said that, the specter had to become the Demon King.

“I’ll wait for you at the Devil’s Castle.”

The specter smiled and turned around.

Tomorrow, Eugene Ryanhart is coming. The warrior comes with a death squad. If a warrior does things like a warrior, then a demon king should do things like a demon king. The demon king will use all his power to block the hero and kill the hero.

‘If you can’t kill me.’

if you are weaker than me

‘It is right to end this world here.’

The specter disappeared in front of Eugene’s eyes.

Eugene stared at the place where he disappeared for a while. Hauria in the distance. The dark Centipede Mountains surrounding the capital and the ominous gray sky.

“are you okay.”

Yujin put her hand inside her cloak while saying that. Mer and Laimirah, who were shivering, scrambled to grab Eugene’s hand. Eugene smiled at the wriggling, dainty touch and turned around.

“young. If you are going to use a mask, there are many other masks out there. What is that? It’s just because it’s empty.”

Who does Sense look like? Eugene clicked her tongue and moved her foot towards her camp.

* * *

The sun had set and it was night. After a night full of twinkling stars, the moon was waning.

Dawn came. The light melted into the darkness of the sky, and the starlight faded and melted.

The camp outside the walls was disbanded during dawn. Preparations for the departure were also completed. Two types of wyverns, griffins, pegasus, familiars and summoned beasts flew into the sky. The knights on the ground also mounted horses.

Even foot soldiers who did not have horses did not walk on their own. The wizards of the Red Mage Tower summoned a huge summoned beast, and the spirit magicians of the White Mage Tower also summoned the Earth Spirit.

Even as the dawn breaks, the sky over Hauria is still dark. Everyone gathered under the name of the Liberation Army looked at Hauria and made their own resolutions.

Eugene silently climbed the wall.

I didn’t open my mouth. She made no sound. But everyone turned to Eugene.

As if he had waited, his gaze turned and exclamation flowed out. The flapping of hundreds of flying corps’ wings was loud, but the ears of everyone who looked up to Eugene didn’t hear any unnecessary noise. Now Eugene was the center of everything in this space.

“It’s embarrassing.”

Eugene laughed and murmured.

It wasn’t to the extent of being a burden. That little murmur was heard by all below the walls. People who knew Eugene well, just like Yujin, sighed and laughed.

However, there were an overwhelming majority of people in this place who did not know Eugene well. Instead of laughing, they looked up at Eugene with even more serious expressions.

Eugene climbed onto the parapet of the castle wall. It was only a little higher, but the field of view was widened and widened. You can clearly see all the way down, which was hidden by the high railing.

People in charge of each army. The people I saw through a short meeting yesterday. Senya and Cristina were also there.

Instead of speaking directly, Eugene wiggled his fingers at the two. Then Senya smiled and took out her wand, and Cristina spread her wings of light.

“I think it’s too late to talk now.”

The sage and saintess flew over the castle wall and landed next to Eugene.

“I don’t want to die, or I’m afraid of dying. Are you worried about your family to support… … Well, it’s okay not to go with people with such a story.”

A few people laughed. That kind of reaction was everything. There was no murmur mixed with agitation.

“Well, those who didn’t want to go must have run away right away.”

such a face I know those eyes all too well. I saw it several times 300 years ago. Eugene laughed involuntarily and put her hand inside her cloak.

“I am.”

I pulled out the holy sword.

“A warrior who was recognized by the god of light.”

I put the holy sword on the railing.

Ahhh! Raffaello, riding on the giant Pegasus, Apollo exclaimed. The Holy Knights around him, the Priests of Light, and the priests of Eungwang looked up to Eugene with tears in their eyes.

The hand that released the holy sword went back into the cloak.

“Descendants of the great Vermouth.”

A huge flag was pulled out of Eugene’s arms. The tall flag fluttered loudly in the wind. Lionheart’s flag. The mane of the lion drawn on the fluttering flag quivered.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The dawn is bright. The falling light soaked the flags of Eugene and Lionheart. Everyone looking up felt the dazzle. But nobody paid attention.

Standing in the middle of the light penetrating his eyes, Eugene erased one of the many names that modify him from everyone’s heads.

The Second Coming of the Great Vermouth.


Guillaid unconsciously placed his hand on his left chest. It has the same lion heart pattern as that flag engraved there.

Gilreid wasn’t the only one who put his hand on his chest, the symbol of Lionheart. white lion and black lion. Everyone in Lionheart put their hands on their chests and looked up to Eugene.

‘It’s not the second coming of the great vermouth.’

You shouldn’t call Eugene by that name anymore.






“Brilliant Eugene Lionheart.”

Carmen murmured.

“Then, let’s go to kill the Demon King.”

Eugene put the Lionheart’s flag on his shoulder.

Lymira disappeared inside the cloak. Lymilia’s body, which moved to the high sky by space leap, was wrapped in light.

ㅡHwaaaaaagh! A huge black dragon spread its wings. The aviators flying in the sky did not panic and immediately pulled the reins and opened the sky. The dragon flapped his wings and lowered his head towards Eugene.

“This is a bit excessive.”

[You cannot lose to the majesty of the hermit.]

Raimirah answered with a spirited voice. Eugene was dumbfounded by that answer, but she responded to the expectant gazes around her and climbed on top of Raimira’s head.

A loud roar erupted from below.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 467Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 469
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