Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 470

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that flame.

There is no way you can’t recognize it. A spark of pure mana.

Unlike the flame of vermouth, which was white without a spot, it was black. But ‘color’ doesn’t matter. That flame is so pure that you can’t help but think of vermouth.

And—and, strangely enough, he could also recall Hamel. The raging flame is pure and passionate.

Remember the firm and restrained slash. She remembers the slash that drove him like a maniac, just the opposite.

My foggy head was filled with memories and emotions. The limp body moved faithfully to the swollen emotions.



Roared and ran.

Vermouth and Hamel, those two are flying towards me. It doesn’t matter why they’re here. It doesn’t matter that the person wearing that flame is neither Vermouth nor Hamel. What is important to Kamash now is that the human reminds him of his enemy.

Then there is only one thing for Kamash to do.


Kamash’s upper body tilted backwards. As if he were about to lie down, his back came close to the ground.

Quaggagak! Huge hands scraped the desert and scooped up sand.


Kwakjijik! Fingers gripped the sand. An absurd force pressed the sand into a lump. The mass thus created was filled with magical energy.


No weapons needed. From his lifetime, Kamash was accustomed and comfortable with punching and kicking rather than using weapons.

So did dialysis. familiar and comfortable Grab the ground, make a stone, and throw it. With only this simple and primitive attack, Kamash became the king of the giants.

stones fly No, is that a stone? It is made by squeezing sand, but it is not a lump of sand. In fact, its identity was not that important. I hate being right You won’t die, but you will get very sick.

‘That’s why I can’t avoid it.’

If I fly there, Lymilia flying from behind might hit me. Otherwise, it will sweep the squadron behind it, or it will fall to the ground and create a catastrophe. Either way, Eugene doesn’t want to.

I hate being right Do not avoid.

‘I’m used to it.’

Then you can break it.

The cloak was opened, and the holy sword was pulled out. Black flames wrapped around the blade of the holy sword. Brilliant light mingled with flames.

Don’t fall! The flames surrounding Eugene swelled greatly. Prominence, which had fallen behind like a comet’s tail, responded to Eugene’s movements.

Kwaaaang! A single slash split the stone Kamash threw. The magic power contained in the stone could not overcome the flames and divine power and disappeared. The stone that was split in two perished without shedding a single crumb.

The time that passed until there was less than a second. A light flashed in Eugene’s eyes. The feather that was shot at the moment of the slash was caught in Eugene’s field of vision.

Paperweight! A line of sparks continued between Eugene and the feather.

The thrown stone was destroyed. The enemy has reached nearby. how? It doesn’t matter.


only angry The hand that threw the stone moved. His outstretched hand struck the sky as if catching a flying insect.

Kwaaaang! The sky was greatly shaken. It seemed as if the sky was about to collapse.

The hand does not go further. got stuck on the way It’s like hitting a wall that never breaks. This sensation was unfamiliar to Kamash. Soon, Kamash realized what was holding his hand.

A small human, no different from a bug, is blocking his palm. Kamash pushed his arm, his hand, with even more force.

The arm attached to the body is different from the one that was cut off in life, but that didn’t matter to Kamash. The current Kamash wasn’t smart enough to feel uncomfortable with the new limbs, and the new limbs, far from being a problem, performed better than before.

‘It’s ugly.’

Eugene, holding the holy sword in his huge palm, thought so.

The rough and hard leather is not cut even by the holy sword. The limbs now attached to Kamash felt like completely different organs that had been eaten like limbs. I don’t know who these limbs were ripped off from, and how many things were mixed together to make them.

Are you stronger than your enemies alive? It seem to be like that. 300 years ago it wasn’t as strong as this.

If so, how strong is it? I’m not sure about that, but I knew this for sure. Dünjin Kamash became undead. stronger than before.

‘Not as much as me.’

When he intercepted Vermouth and Kamash and killed him. Hamel was young then. To be precise, he was immature in many ways rather than young.

It hadn’t been a few years since I crossed over to the Demonic Realm. It was before the demon king was defeated. He went through so many fierce battles that even after he killed Kamash, it was too much trouble to count. He killed the demon king of slaughter, killed the demon king of misery, and killed the demon king of madness.


Reincarnated as Eugene Lionheart.

I could feel the air vibrate. Nothing had happened yet, but Eugene’s divine power to light up his head conveyed an intuition that was no different from foreknowledge. The golden eyes held a little brighter light.

A thick finger landed on top of Yujin. In an instant, Kamash clenched his fists. Even that wasn’t enough, and his other hand wrapped around his fist.

Crush it, or smash it to the ground. There were many things that could be done, but none were successful.

The clenched fingers stopped midway. The moment I tried to hold on tighter. Kamash unknowingly opened his fist and threw it away.

Cheer up! Black flames exploded as hundreds of slashes. The palms were torn to shreds. Because it was a little late to open it, two fingers were severely cut off. Since he was already dead, he felt no pain.

However, a creepy feeling different from the pain remained. Kamash did not understand the feeling.

fear. Because Amelia has been castrated, her body doesn’t tremble, and she doesn’t hesitate. Rather, fear was replaced by anger. Kamash lets out a loud roar and swings her fists.

fist like that. There was no need to use a space jump. Eugene’s body accelerated forward, and Prominence shed its tail like a comet. In the eyes of the overwhelmingly large Kamash, Eugene, who was flying while drawing a trail of light, looked like a black firefly.


It’s just for looks. This is by no means a firefly. Kamash’s wide field of vision captures all of Eugene’s movements.

I couldn’t see it though. Even though it is within sight, it cannot follow its movement. As the light flickers, Eugene’s figure disappears and appears in a completely different place.

I was trying to grab hold of it with my fist. However, before his fist hit the intended blow, Eugene turned black and ran past Kamash’s arm.

brushed by the light Even though that was all, her arms were tattered. The sticky blood poured down like a waterfall.

He shaved his thick forearm with the holy sword and reached his shoulder. I saw a neck as high and thick as the castle wall. Can it be cut in one blow? Eugene gripped the holy sword with both hands.

Black flames split the sky. However, Kamash’s neck was not slashed. Unbelievable for his size, Kamash ducked and dodged the slash.

It is an unnatural movement. At the thought, I unknowingly snorted. opponent is a corpse It does not move with bones, muscles, or nerves, but with magic.

‘is it.’

Kamash also realized. How different this dead body is from when it was alive, feeling no pain and performing physically impossible movements. Some of her memories and emotions have been castrated, but her fighting spirit and sense of battle remain intact.

Fire! Unfathomable magic power wrapped around Kamash’s whole body. The tattered forearm immediately clung to it with magical power.

How should I deal with this body and mana to fight? Kamash didn’t need to worry about that. Kamash, the head of the giants and the mad child, immediately understood how he had to fight.

It’s not just Kamash in this desert. A three-headed wolf with a long snake-like neck jumped over Kamash. He is one of the monsters sealed in the sky of La Vista. It stretched his neck and tried to swallow his Eugene.



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Kamash reached out with a roar of anger. He snatched the monster’s legs from the air and smashed them to the ground. Kwaaaang! The desert caved in and the sand rose upward.

“This battle is mine!”

I was defeated once, but my anger did not cool down. Calling in a loud voice for all to hear, Kamash lifted his foot and trampled the monster.

Crackle! After stomping on all three of the large monster’s heads, Kamash raised his arms.


Eugene laughed at the sight. She saw Kamash’s eyes and expression.

Respect for warrior behavior, honor, and battle.

different. That word of Kamash is different from Moron or Ivatar. The reason why Kamash stepped on the monster and killed it was simple and clear, so it was easy for Eugene to understand.

It is revenge. He is the one who killed me, so I must kill him.

It was easy for Eugene to deal with those feelings. Thanks to Kamash acting and shouting like that, the advance of the Centipede Mountains stopped.


cooong! Kamash’s feet hit the ground once more. Blood gushed from the dead monster, and the thick sand dust was filled with the smell of blood.

The wind blown by Kamash’s arm blew away the sand and dust. A huge amount of mana pushed the space in line with the movement of the arm. A darkness filled Eugene’s field of vision with nowhere to escape.

The light and flame that covered the blade of the Holy Sword stretched. The two lights whirled and became one. The moment when fists and mana came close. Eugene grabbed the holy sword with both hands.

air sword.

I didn’t use ignition. You don’t even need to max nest. The empty sword, which he wielded with both hands while twisting his upper body, looked more like a club rather than a sword.

The power was terrifying. The magic power that had been advancing blindly disappeared. Kamash’s fist was split vertically along with his arm.

Even as his severed arm was covered in mana fire, Kamash did not understand what had happened to his body. That’s why the air sword was a quick and irresistible attack.

one understood. death is coming Is it because he died once? Kamash knew very well how futile death was. So he instinctively resisted.

Quadduk! I twisted my body desperately, so my neck was not cut. Instead, his entire right arm was blown off.


There is no pain for having your right arm cut off. A sword that was meant to slash his arm and even his neck in one blow. He felt death, but he had no fear of it. He was full of anger where fear should be.

Kamash moved his other arm, which remained intact. His feet kicked the ground as he clenched his mana with his fingers to create crystals.

The sand turned over. It was as if heaven and earth were reversed. Colossal amounts of sand soared into the sky. A sandstorm with enough power to tear apart a large army engulfed Eugene.

Prominence, which stood above Eugene’s head, fell down. Then the heavens and the earth turned upside down again. The mana that makes up Prominence created magic.

In my clear vision, I saw the figure of Kamash. He was holding a large clump of magic crystals in his hand and was about to throw them at Eugene.

I let go of my left hand holding the holy sword. The back of his forward hand moved slowly. A shimmering flame formed in the palm of his hand toward his body. The flame that wrapped around Eugene focused on his hand.

The black flame became a sphere. There are no more sunspots on Eugene’s flame, but the way to configure the eclipse has not changed.

Concentrate mana in one place, amplify it, explode it, catch it, cover it.

Eclipse is complete. Eugene turned the back of his hand that was facing forward and pushed his palm slightly. The Eclipse, which was no more than the size of a fist, moved forward.

Its size is so small that it is incomparably smaller than the crystals of magic that Kamash created by squeezing them. They look like fireflies in front of the sun.

But none of those watching this battle thought so. The demons outside the Centipede Mountains felt how terrible power was contained in the flame Eugene threw.

The demons unknowingly stepped back and raised their arms forward. It was to catch the explosion and aftermath that was about to happen.

The warlocks inside the mountains made the same judgment. Amelia Merwin, who was standing in front of her liches, her pale face, and she sat down.


An irresistible order went to Kamash. don’t fight Absolutely avoid Stand back and set your posture.

The body moved according to the command.


I forcibly held my body.

not to fight? To absolutely avoid? I’ve never acted like that in my life. If Kamash had been so wise and rational, he would not have attacked Vermouth and Hamel even after his limbs were cut off.

In the end, Kamash did not back down and extended his left hand toward Eclipse.

Fireflies in front of the sun. It was only visible. The moment he touched it, Eclipse eroded his mana. His mana, condensed to the limit, exploded like a balloon. The Eclipse, which continued to advance, reached Kamash’s hands.

The fingertips that touched it turned to dust and scattered. Kamash continued to unleash his magic, trying to block Eclipse’s advance. However, the eclipse proceeded without hindrance, and finally destroyed all of Kamash’s left arm.

explosion. A storm of mana swept across the desert. However, the storm was not enough to topple Kamash. Both arms were lost in an instant, but Kamash’s legs survived.

He braced his legs and moved forward. A terrifying roar emanated from his wide-open mouth.

Eugene was nowhere to be seen.


I felt something touch my chest. something very small. Kamash immediately lowered his eyes and looked down. I saw Eugene with both feet resting on his chest.

“It’s still big.”

Eugene murmured as he pushed Kamash’s chest with his foot.

Roaring! As the flames of Prominence intensified, Kamash’s gigantic body staggered and was pushed back. Kamash hurriedly strained his body to try to hold on. But that wasn’t just pushing with force. A flame invades from the touching chest.


Kamash contorted his face and spat out. I saw Eugene holding the holy sword with both hands and raising it above her head.

I know that sword. It was the holy sword used by Vermouth. Flames wrapped around the body. The flames flying around the neck look like a lion’s mane. I know that flame too.

“It’s neither vermouth nor Hamel.”

What are you talking about? Eugene laughed and raised a sword.

ㅡ Kwak! He kicked Kamash in the chest. The body, unable to hold on any longer, fell backwards.

“who are you.”

Kamash asked at the moment of collapsing. With his back to the sun, Eugene held his holy sword with both hands.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

It’s a name I don’t know. It is a name that will never be known.

Black sparks fell. The moment his fallen back touched the desert, the empty sword dug into Kamash’s neck.

‘ah… … .’

300 years ago, the great Vermouth decapitated Kamash.

There is no vermouth in this era. Kamash felt him again the moment he was decapitated. Now, it’s not vermouth that cuts my throat. Not even Hamel… … .

‘Eugene Ryanhart… … .’

The moment the blurry vision is completely turned off. Unconscious thoughts flooded Kamash’s head.

‘I’m finally dying.’


The fallen Kamash did not move any further. The moment I was about to retract the Holy Sword and pass by.

“Oh, right.”

Can the one who killed one more time be resurrected as an undead? I don’t know if that’s the case or not, but I didn’t want to leave a fuss.

Eugene immediately created an eclipse out of feathers and threw them at Kamash’s body.

After confirming that the black flames were devouring the corpse, Eugene flew up into the sky.

“Oh wow, that was close.”

I told you it would be over by the time I got there. If I hadn’t finished it, there wouldn’t have been such a disgrace.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 469Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 471
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