Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 471

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“Couldn’t you have flown a little faster?”

If I hadn’t finished the kamash by the time I got there, I could have been able to catch him and make fun of him. Senya said while feeling a bit regretful about it.

[The original girl did her best to fly.]

“Do not lie. Do you think I wouldn’t know that you adjusted the speed for Eugene?”

There was no basis for the words that were shot with tears in the eyes. This ill-tempered, scolding archmage was just making amends, as usual.

[Bonnyeo… … The original woman has never slowed her down… … .]

Raimirah muttered in an unfair voice. If she had been Eugene, Christina, or Anis, she would have fought back without hesitation, but unfortunately, Raimira couldn’t do that.

“Don’t pick up any nonsensical quibbles and go downstairs.”

Anise approached and slapped Senya on the shoulder and fired at her. Senya himself was aware that he was making a pointless fault, so he only coughed a few times for no reason.

“Uhm… … He is also my disciple. To defeat such a huge giant so quickly, alone!”

It’s a pity that I couldn’t make fun of Eugene, but Yujin’s inaction was commendable. It was because the power of Kamash was great even when seen from afar while flying. It would have been annoying and embarrassing if that size had blocked the military and rampaged from the front.

[Ah, Eugene jumped into the enemy camp to reduce the damage to allies!]

Christina exclaimed. It was mostly hymn-oriented, but it wasn’t completely wrong. Even Anise thought, the reason why Eugene dared to fly first seemed to be concerned about the damage to allies due to Kamash’s size.

“what… … Maybe he just wanted to kill himself.”

As Anis muttered, she glanced at Senya once more. Senya, who was proud of the disciple’s promotion, coughed and nodded at the gaze directed at her once more.

“Then, shall we go soon?”

Trempel would lead Arot’s proud magic corps, and the tower masters decided to lead the wizards belonging to their respective towers. In the case of the Green Magic Tower, where the position of the owner of the Magic Tower was vacant, Generic had no choice but to take over.

And Senya breaks through the Centipede Mountains with Balzac and Rinain. Of course, that doesn’t mean they only attack the Centipede Mountains. If you need help or have a good place to rampage, you will step in there too.

“let’s go.”

Senya looked back at the two people with her and said.

The Black Mage Tower is in fact dismantled, and Balzac is the only member of the Black Mage Tower. Actually, even if it wasn’t, it would be ridiculous to bring a warlock to this battlefield. The reason Balzac is here is because Senya took care of many things.

“I can’t use the blinds.”

Balzac said with a regretful look on his face.

If the opponent had been a human army as planned, Balzac’s signature blind would have been able to play an active role. But right now, there are only allies on the battlefield. The undead, monsters, and demons that make up the enemy army cannot see much fun even if they use blinds.

“Don’t do anything suspicious for nothing, and quietly serve my throne. Eat in moderation.”

“All right.”

Balzac nodded meekly. If Balzac did something suspicious, Senya would kill Balzac without hesitation.

It is true that Balzac has developed a lot of affection for Senya, but Senya does not hesitate. She has never forgotten that Balzac is a warlock, and she is mindful of the fact that one day Balzac will become her unconditional enemy.

Balzac knew that too. this war. I never imagined it would turn out like this… … It is a great fortune to be able to fight alongside the wise Senya.

‘Nothing changes.’

If Amelia had tried the demon king ceremony like Edmond did, Balzac would have benefited from it in the process… … There is no problem with Balzac’s great country.

‘Through this war, I can get even closer to my longing.’

Balzac looked at Senya with respect.

The greatest and greatest wizard in history. A wizard who goes beyond humans and challenges the goddess of magic and actually achieves it. The wise Senya walked the sky with Frost in her hand.

Hwaaak! A galaxy spread behind Senya’s back. Rynein and Balzac followed Senya in admiration.

“The sword… … .”

The leader of the White Dragon Knights. Alchester muttered in a trembling voice.

He hadn’t seen Eugene fight since the Night March. That’s why I couldn’t help but shudder at the power of Eugene and the perfection of the sword he had reached.

The sword is a secret skill that the Dragonic family has perfected over several generations. But- I don’t think I can be so confident anymore. Eugene’s swordsmanship was far higher than that reached by Alchester, the head of Dragonic.

‘It’s not just a sword.’

A black sphere thrown by Eugene. The sphere that annihilated the giant’s magic power and arms at once must also have been completed with the trick of the sword. Alchester shuddered once more at that fact.

Was the secret secret of the family used arbitrarily? Wouldn’t that be unpleasant? What Alchester felt now was an indescribable great emotion. That, Eugene Ryanhart. A hero who will defeat the demon king and save the world.

‘My family’s secret technique, the sword I learned from me, was a feast.’

Once again, he smiled, savoring the fact.

until there. Alchester lifted her hand from her sentiments. The riders following him immediately raised the flag of the White Dragon Knights.

Soon all the flags of the other units were hoisted. Enemies came into range. Beyond the corpse of a giant consumed by black flames. The undead began to advance on top of the blackened desert.

Before that, the monsters moved. It was incomparable to the Centipede Mountains and even to Kamash, but it was so large that all the monsters that ran through it looked down on the mansion.

A giant monster. It’s not just bulky. Unlike monsters, monsters have pure magical power. Several of the monsters running in the lead opened their mouths wide.

Woo woo! Magic power was concentrated in the open mouth. It’s obvious what’s going to happen He will shoot and grind his mana like a breath.

The moment the monsters moved, the allies immediately responded. Following Trempel’s instructions, the Magic Troops created magic at the same time.

Whoa! A thick magic barrier blocked the front of the great army. At the same time, interception magic was prepared. In the rear, the wizards of the Red Mage Tower, led by Loberian, drew a summoning circle. Hundreds of cannons were deployed.

Kkwagwagwagwang! First, the cannons started firing at the same time. Cannons borrowed from various countries. It was Arot’s magic cannon that was predicted to be the best in terms of firepower, but in reality it was not. Lionheart’s cannon filled with the desires of the Dwarves fired mana cannonballs with an absurdly loud roar.

Bang, bang, bang! The shells passing through the barrier hit the monsters.

The bombarded large monsters staggered. None of them died, but the advance stopped. The guys weren’t just getting beaten up. The condensed mana exploded in front of his mouth. Magical power spurted out like a breath.

Light was dimmed in the thick magic barrier. As if the Light Ming Priests, who had been waiting near the battery, had waited for a miracle. Ground Paladins, except for the Knights of the Blood Cross, were in charge of escorting the priests, and they also raised their holy power and gave strength to the priests.

Although it is possible to stop those huge monsters with artillery fire alone, it is difficult to annihilate them. As soon as the judgment was delivered, all cannons were raised. It was to target the undead troops following the rear.


The Beast King, the only one among the monarchs to participate, roared.

All of Aman and Luhar’s knights rode wolves, and among them, Aman’s wolf was the biggest. It is the giant wolf, Evil, who served as a guide for Eugene in the snowy field in the past. Aman and White Fang, who rode the wolf, galloped first.


Above the giant black horse. Guillaid opened his mouth.

“Yes, my lord.”

Xian, who was riding next to Guilade, answered.

I thought I was lucky to have a helmet. We’ve already experienced war in the Great Grove, but… … A war of this scale was bound to be tense. Xian looked back at Gilade, conscious of his stiff cheeks.

“You look nervous.”

Guillaid glanced at Xian and said. My gut was heard. Before Xian could answer anything, Gilade smiled.

“I am nervous too.”

“yes… … ?”



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“Have you ever experienced a war because of me? haha… … It’s been a while since war, even actual combat.”

At those words, Xi’an’s eyes widened.

… … why didn’t you think It’s natural. Sian couldn’t follow his words and pursed his lips.

So far, the world has been pretty peaceful. No nobles turned Lionheart into an enemy.

That’s why Lionheart had no enemies. He has never fought a duel with another noble or fought a fief war. The Black Lion Knights train almost every time.

In fact, they are close to real life. But what about the original family, the Knights of the White Lion? They train, but war is their first time.

“My lord… … .”

“I’m nervous, but.”

Guillaid muttered. In response to his will, Exceed moved. gigg. The helmet opened slightly, revealing Gilreid’s face.

“You are more than excited. It feels like my blood is boiling.”

Xian saw his father’s face like that for the first time since he was born. An alien smile was drawn on his father’s face, which was always full of dignity.


“yes… … yes?”

“Please watch behind me so that this father does not act shamefully.”

“… … .”

“Don’t leave it to you, my son.”

Gilreid’s smile changed. Benevolent, full of love and trust for their children. Her Xian shook her shoulder, then nodded her head vigorously.


I never thought I would stand on the battlefield with my son.

No, it’s not just my son. There is a daughter in the high sky. And—- the other son is returning after defeating the giant alone.

“Eugene is not the only Lion Heart.”

Open pitch closed.

“Let’s go relieve the burden on that child.”

Gilreid raised his sword high.

ㅡAaaaa! All of the White Lion Knights behind him shouted in unison.

The white lions rushed forward in unison. The knights of Orthus and Simuin ran, and Ivyk and the mercenaries ran. The warriors of Ivatar and Zoran also roared and ran.


Dozens of flying monsters flapped their wings. As Lymilia hesitated, not knowing what to do, the following squadron rushed forward.

“Did you mean to come clean up?”


Eugene muttered as he landed on top of Lymilia.

“Why organize an army if you’re going to do it all yourself?”

“No matter how strong I am, if I catch them all by myself, I will lose my strength.”

“Why are you babbling when you know that?”

As Anis said, she grabbed Eugene’s wrist.

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I can’t get hurt just by catching that bastard.”

“I was going to scold you if you came wearing even one scratch.”

“I came to fight hard alone, but the treatment is too harsh. Won’t you compliment me?”

“Very well done.”

Anise smiled and stroked the back of Eugene’s hand once. Feeling a little embarrassed, Eugene turned his head to the side for no reason.

I could see marching flags down there. The flag of Lionheart runs in the front. Several flags are running behind it.

I raised my head and looked back. I could see the squadron flying ahead clashing with the monsters. The first thing I saw was Raphael wielding a claymore on top of the giant Apollo. Naturally, Eugene found a familiar face in the squadron.

Black lions riding wyverns. Carmen leaves the wyvern alone, climbs on top of the monster and slams his fist down.

Not far away, Gion skillfully drives a wyvern and wields a sword. I could see Genos spreading his light beam. Didyera and Gargis were also easy to find.

and Ciel. Zabel’s long sword blade is a lupus and cuts the skin of a monster. Eugene stared for a while at Ciel’s flames that fluttered like a lion’s mane.

“… … Did you think you would come alone?”

“Are you leaving us too?”

“what… … you… … Even if I told you not to come, you would have followed me.”

“They would have too.”

Anise smiled and held Eugene’s hand.

“You didn’t call them. They are here for you.”

“I came with the intention of going to war.”

“If you regret that, you won’t be able to do anything.”

“I have no regrets. It just suddenly came to my mind.”

“If anyone dies here, it is not your fault.”

Anise shook her head.

“… … no. I shouldn’t have said that. Certainly this war is your intention. And they came here for you, for the world. Maybe it’s all your sins.”

Anise’s palm pressed the back of Eugene’s hand tightly. Eugene felt the stigma engraved on that soft palm.

“Then, as a saint, I will forgive your sins. I will pray that everyone who dies here goes to heaven, not hell.”


Eugene laughed involuntarily. heaven, heaven

“It’s been a while since I heard that.”

“On the battlefield, someone has to pray for Heaven. That prayer suits me as a saint.”

Anis laughed along with Eugene. She let go of Eugene’s hand and turned her body around. The kneeling Priests of the Silver Mine were looking up to Anise and Eugene.

Consciousness reversed.

[Then, let’s do what we have to do now.]

Anise whispered. Cristina, who took control of her body, nodded her head, breathing slowly.

“Then, let’s do what we have to do.”

Reciting the same words, Christina spread her wings.

Hwaaak! Eight wings spread wide. Seeing that scene, the priests of Eungwang put their hands together in prayer and bowed their heads deeply. Aaaaa! A circle of light was drawn in the center of Lymilia’s back.


The only remaining mage on Lymilia’s back. Mice, who was momentarily mesmerized by the piety of the priests, cleared his expression and nodded his head.


Mais raised her staff. The signature unfolded.

Battleship. The magic that armed the ship with magic wrapped around Lymilia.

[Ohhh… … !]

It had been practiced beforehand, but just the fact that it was a real battle made Raimirua feel great excitement. The magic of her battleship armed Lymir Ah.

Raimirah didn’t stay still either. The word for dragons is magic manipulation. In response to the battleship’s spell, Lymilia added a dragon word.

[The original girl is now a dragon and a battleship… … !]

Lymilia shouted excitedly and flapped her wings. Altitude rose in an instant. Higher than the flying monsters that were fighting in front, I saw Hauria entwined in the Centipede Mountains.

It didn’t look good. This is because black magic covers the city like a roof.

“Take a shot.”

said Eugene.

[Hermit! Do you want to see the original woman’s breath!]

“If you want to shoot, you have to shoot.”

I was so excited and looking forward to it, but it was clear that I would die if I couldn’t even breathe.

[Look at the power of the original woman!]

Flashes of light pierced the sky.

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