Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 472

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This was the first time riding a wyvern and going through a real battle, but surprisingly there was nothing wrong with it.

Originally, monsters are afraid of monsters and cannot fight well, but even the instinctive fear of monsters has been erased by the blessings bestowed by priests.

However, the jockey’s physiological discomfort could not be helped.

The monster that dozens of riders were facing, including Ciel, was a huge insect-type monster.

I don’t want to take a look at it step by step, but if I have to compare it, it looks like a giant cockroach’s body with dragonfly wings and mantis legs attached. Every time its four wings vibrated, a storm as sharp as a blade arose, and its forepaws bent like a sickle wielded a slash sharper than sword steel.

A bit smaller than a dragon. However, it is much larger than a wyvern. Dozens of monsters with different appearances but similar sizes occupied the sky. It is the squadron’s role to prevent them from pouring down upon them and, if possible, to clear up as quickly as possible and provide support on the ground.

Although he had little experience in aerial combat, Ciel was sufficiently active. Zabel, who swung like a whip, pierced the monster’s thick shell, and when a gap was clearly visible, it aroused the power of the demon’s eye. The power of immobility increases the more the opponent is stronger. However, the power of darkness, especially the darkness that focused only on attacks, was able to be used comfortably even by the current Ciel.

The movement of the monster, which had been wildly swinging its forepaws, gradually slowed down. I thought this was enough, so I threw the darkness of the demon’s eye into the monster’s wings. Then, the monster’s body leaned heavily.

The moment you try to attack one more time, kurlrrr! A thick breath passed through the top of my head. Ciel lifted her head in surprise at that loud sound and high-density mana.


In the end, you shoot once. Ciel laughed and pulled the reins.

Everyone in the sky was surprised by the sudden burst of breath. Carmen, who was holding down the monster alone, also looked in the direction of Lymilia in surprise.

“Oh oh… … !”

I saw Lymilia armed with a battleship. It looked like a dragon wearing magic armor, but Carmen couldn’t help but feel some kind of romance in that look.

Isn’t that a ‘transformation’ itself? Carmen trembled with his fists shaking, then raised his arms high.


Hwaaak! Acid has been changed. Carmen, who had transformed into a heroic lion, slashed down with both fists, which had become sharp like dragon claws.

“Dragon Claw.”

The whisper was small, but the power was by no means small.

Kwakjijik! White flame-style flames poured from the claws that had been driven into her body. Tuduk, Tuduk! The body of the monster that was eroded by the flames swelled up. Carmen pulled out her claws on time and jumped off the monster’s back.

ㅡQuaaang! A huge explosion occurred. Leaping behind the explosion, Carmen took off and landed on the Wyvern’s back after spinning several times in the air. Her favorite horse, no, her beloved dragon, Crimson Waltz, took Carmen’s body without difficulty and spread her wings wide, roaring.

“… … ?”

Leap after explosion, spectacular landing. Carmen, who was satisfied inside, turned her head to the belated realization.

Raimirua fired her breath at the barrier.

But after that no sound is heard.

[that… … I can’t… … ! The original woman’s breath!]

“I knew it would be like this.”

Raimirah was taken aback, but Eugene only frowned and grumbled.

The breath undoubtedly flew off and crashed into the barrier. However, it had no effect on the barrier.

The breath touched the surface of the barrier. No explosion occurred. The only thing that made the barrier slightly sway. The magic of destruction that made up that thing, destroyed the breath the moment it touched it.

“It has enough magical power to belittle the level of barrier magic.”

Enough magical power to cover the sky above the city so thickly without any gaps.

-From now on, you are the Demon King.

It was Eugene who said that, but he had no choice but to admit it. If that amount of mana is handled freely, that person is already a demon lord.

“You can’t pierce it with a breath.”

The dragon’s breath is a mass of pure mana. The same goes for magic. The most effective thing in that kind of barrier is divine power, which is the opposite of magical power.

Or, a stronger force.

‘I cherish the new sword.’

Right now, the number of times Eugene can use the new sword of full power is 3 times. It is a waste to use it to break only one barrier.

“Come closer.”

[Ha, but, hermit. I couldn’t break the barrier.]

“Then I have to go break it.”

[Hey… … .]

Even just a moment ago, the momentum was soaring. It seems that he was deeply shocked that his breath disappeared without causing any damage.

However, Lymilia soon regained her composure and accelerated forward. If she were alone, she would have run away unconditionally, but now Eugene and the saints are on her back.

[Hermit… … . Bo, the original woman can feel it. That’s not just a defensive barrier… … . The barrier itself feels ominous.]

“I guess so. If you get close, that thick mana will probably fire a bombardment.”

Eugene said with a sad face, but Raimira’s eyes couldn’t help but tremble as she listened. Yujin felt the trembling and she smiled.

“don’t worry.”

[Ooh… … .]

Having said that, Raimirea mustered even more courage. He wasn’t just saying it to reassure you. Mice’s battleship, and the holy magic of silver mine led by saints. All of those things blended together to surround Lymilia.


When approaching the Centipede Mountains. A loud roar came from below. Looking down, I saw Senya with her back to the galaxy. She was shooting and grinding huge spheres one after another, as if she had dragged a star from space.

Around it, Balzac and Rhine are standing as if escorting them. Every time Balzac swung his hand, the undead were swept away.

The Lainian stood still with a hand sign, and the desert bubbling and bubbling around her. Perhaps that is her signature.

“It’s solid, too.”

Even though Senya is determined and uses magic to grind it down, the Centipede Mountains will not collapse. It could be because its shell itself was hard, but it must have been the magic of the barrier that also affected it.

ㅡQuaaaang! Senya fired a star once again. Still, there was no doubt that it would definitely deliver more shock than Lymilia’s breath. Unlike Breath, which disappeared as soon as it touched, Senya’s magic exploded and created vibrations when it collided with the Centipede Mountains and the barrier.

But it doesn’t show any signs of collapsing. Centipede Mountains and Barrier. I thought I could get in if I broke one of them, but it seemed like I had to break both.


Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and looked back. Some demons are following me from behind. It’s huge, with scales on its body like a reptile, and with curved horns… … Where did you see it?


He is the 26th ranked Demon. He was leading dozens of similar-looking people in fierce pursuit of Lymilia.

The intention was obvious. To prevent Eugene from attacking the barrier.

‘Maybe he’s aiming for the Dragon Heart.’

There was a massive purge in Babel, the demonic castle, and the surviving demons were endowed with the magic of confinement.

Eugene also heard the story. If you are ranked 26th, is there any way to step out with confidence? Eugene twitched her lips and smiled.




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The feathers of Prominence flew away. Before Christina had time to hold on to anything, Eugene leaped in front of the demons who were gradually closing the distance. The demons were also surprised to see Eugene suddenly appearing.

I didn’t shout anything. The demon in the lead immediately prepared a stance, and the following followers acted in the same way. The intent to kill gathered at one point without being disturbed aimed at Eugene.

I met that demon 300 years ago. I don’t even know the name, but even back then, I was a martial arts demon that could be acknowledged. Well, if it wasn’t for his skills, he wouldn’t have survived 300 years.

Now, the movement shown at the moment of confrontation was also quite good. Conversation is useless in this situation. In the first place, the only purpose is to kill each other, so what are you talking about?

That’s why Eugene didn’t bother to open his mouth. Even at this moment, Laimira is getting closer to the Centipede Mountains. You shouldn’t spend much time dealing with these pesky pursuers.

The hand inside the cloak gripped the moonlight sword.

pulled out swung right away At the moment of the swing, the blade emitted pale moonlight. Black flames mingled with the moonlight.

The new sword union has been completed. In the moonlight of the moonlight sword, Eugene’s flame and Noor’s miasma that covered Rehein Yar were melted.

Moonlight cut the sky. I thought black flames were rolling over, but the gray moonlight ate up the sky, swallowing even the flames.

‘What is this?’

The demons were frightened by the approaching moonlight. The leading demons shouted and poured out the magic of confinement.

It was useless. As for the demon lord of confinement, he could never stop the moonlight with borrowed magic. If you want to increase your odds even a little, or do something similar to a battle, you must never attack from the front. Be smart, dodging as much as possible.

It’s already late. Eugene didn’t give me that option. When facing, approaching, and swinging a sword. The result has already been determined. The war god’s intuition decided the outcome.

Rank 26? The magic of confinement? That alone can never change the outcome.

Eugene turned away without directly checking the result. Paper weave! I jumped with the feather I left on Lymilia and came back.

“… … .”

Instead of Eugene, Mice opened her mouth and looked back. The moonlight, which had spread across the sky, went out.

Nothing was left there. Dozens of demons who had spewed vicious deaths were annihilated in one slash.

“I… … what is that… … .”

I wonder if it’s right to think this way… … That sword could hardly be called a warrior. Than the mad king I saw in the sea. And it felt much crueler and more ominous than the monsters, demons, and undead under the desert.


The hero who held that sword and defeated the demon lord while being covered in blood. With a mischievous expression and light words, the hero who reached the battlefield before anyone else, defeated the giant, and slashed the demons that followed in one blow—

‘… … Princess Scalia understands.’

Mais laughed and shook her head. There is already active worship of the hero Eugene Lionheart, led by Princess Scalia, among the officials.

Every month, Princess Scalia is in charge of the ceremony that is compulsory for the royal family, and citizens and tourists gather like clouds in front of Shedor’s icon every time. It would not be an exaggeration to regard it as a religion called the ‘Cyo of the Braves’.

“A little more up.”

The moonlight sword was not put back into the cloak. Instead, it was comfortably set down. I held the holy sword in my right hand and held it forward.

At some point, Lymira crossed the top of the Centipede Mountains. But looking down, Hauria is nowhere to be seen. It’s because the dark curtain is too thick.

“You don’t have to go further. It stops here.”

As soon as Eugene said this, Raimira’s body stopped. She maintained her altitude with only her wings outstretched in her place. Eugene got down from Raimirah’s back and performed prominence.

I grabbed Akasha. He was unable to fully see through the barrier art. However, nothing was invisible.

‘It keeps adding up.’

Every time Senya unleashes an attack, the barrier shakes. The shock continues to pile up, destroying the spell that makes up the magic.

The barrier can’t be broken, so whenever the spell collapses, the magician inside continues to add more spells.

“Bitch like a dog.”

Eugene’s lips twisted. Even his eyes cannot see through the veil. But it was very easy to imagine.

Amelia Merwin. She was a woman who became a fatal threat to Eugene in the past when he was weak. A woman who robbed the graves of her companions and made a death knight out of my corpse. She was a flirtatious woman with a laid-back attitude even when we met her again after that.

A woman who hides in a mouse hole because she is afraid of me, because she is afraid of Senya.

There is that bitch down there.

He would desperately create a barrier and hold on to it with all his might, so that no one would break through. With Bloodmary in both hands, with dozens of liches kneeling behind them, they must be repairing the barrier by mobilizing all possible support.

“I want to see your face.”

Yujin muttered that and stretched out the Holy Sword. In response, Cristina also stretched out her hands. ㅡHwaaaaaagh! The stigma engraved on her palms lit up, and the priests of the Silver Mine put their hands together.

Relics are planted on their bodies. A holy relic artificially created by the Holy Empire, Yuras, over hundreds of years. Instead of taking away the human life, it gives them powerful divine power. One battle priest in Eun-gwang was equivalent to a hundred priests.

A saintess with a ‘real’ stigma. Right now, it is no different from thousands of priests praying on Lymilia’s back. The prayer resonated, and the divine power gathered as one. A great light arose.

“oh my god… … .”

Is it okay for me, a wizard, to be here? Mais swallowed in a gulp, clearing his tremors.

It’s a common story. Wizards don’t believe in God. It is difficult for wizards and priests to coexist ideologically. Magic is created by adding sophisticated techniques to the mana that exists in the world. On the other hand, how clumsy and ambiguous is the holy magic used by priests?

Divine power depends on faith. A god that exists somewhere will give you strength in response to your faith.

divine magic? Spells exist, but they are not clearly separated like circles. It’s just, if you lack faith, you can’t use it. Even if it is the same divine magic, its power changes depending on your belief.

There is even a ‘miracle’ that doesn’t even have a spell. A really great priest. Yes, the ‘real’ priests, who would be called ‘archmages’ in terms of wizards, would use such miracles.

It’s honestly hard to understand. Mice has always thought so.

Mice is not the only wizard who thinks so. most wizards. No, all archmages would be like that. For magicians, the only one who can talk about ‘god’ is Senya, a wise man who sincerely wants to become a ‘god’ through magic.

That’s what I’ve been thinking.

‘this… … miracle… … ?’

light all around. In the end, Mice couldn’t control her trembling and sat down.

recited prayer. The united prayer sounded like a song. It seems like a trumpet sound is heard in the distant sky. I felt the warmth that seemed to wet my soul from the light that filled the surroundings.

Down there is a dark curtain. The sky is dark under the influence of magical powers. This is the middle of the battlefield and above the city occupied by the Demon King. It’s such an ominous and terrible place.

But it didn’t feel that way. At this moment, Mais felt that this was the center of the world and the brightest and warmest place.

I saw the figure of a saintess with spread wings. she is guiding her light

the guided light,

It was followed by the warrior’s sword.

“Would you like to enter the school?”

A soft voice approached. Mice turned her head away in surprise.

Saint Christina Rogeris. She spread her eight wings like an angel and supported the sky with her stigmatized hands. She smiled as if she understood everything about what Mice was thinking and how she was moved.

“The Light always welcomes the Lamb of Faith.”

it’s a lamb I can’t imagine being called that at this age. Mais laughed and shook her head.

“… … no. I, in the light… … I have no intention of entering the church.”

“For the light, it means.”

Christina’s smile widened a little.

thin curved eyes. Blue eyes shone beautifully. Mais smiled embarrassingly at the sight of her inner thoughts.

“… … I want to join the warrior.”

The existence of God is still unknown. However, the light that filled the surroundings and the figure of the hero who connected everything—-to this archmage who devoted his whole life to magic, conveyed a different impression from magic.


Christina said with a clear smile.

The light that connected everyone was drawn to the holy sword.

The sword of light cut through the darkness.

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