Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 473

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Amelia’s back leaned back.

A pain that radiated from the tip of the foot, as if the nerves were being bitten. It seems that the five intestines are turned upside down. It feels like the core is breaking. Her head was tilted back along with her back, and a black foam of blood was bitten on her open mouth.

It wasn’t just Amelia who was hit. Dozens of riches camped behind her. All of the riches, who had raised their ranks by sucking the souls of black magicians who couldn’t become lichs, all twisted their bodies and screamed in agony.

Liches can no longer vomit blood, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have pain and injuries. The shock just now was transmitted to the life vessel itself, the life of the lich.

That’s how strong the attack that hit the barrier was. The magic that the wise Senya fired was enough to gnaw his teeth, but the attack just now—-was as painful as tearing his soul.

If it was a magic attack, it wouldn’t have been as lethal as this, but if it was divine power, the story was different.


Amelia coughed up blood and denied it in her head. Magic and blood mary extracted from the contract with the demon lord in captivity. And it is a barrier made using the magic of destruction. Even that wise Senya couldn’t break the barrier with ‘magic’.

divine power? Yes, I admit that that light is incompatible with magical power. but… … Didn’t the god of light himself descend?

No matter how much the opponent is a hero or a saint, this much painstaking magic barrier… … You’re pushing me to the brink of destruction with just one sword?

‘It wasn’t destroyed.’

Amelia squeezed the Blood Mary again as she swallowed the blood. As she held her Blood Mary with both hands and lifted it above her head, her evil magic wriggled and enveloped her magic circle. The liches also began to cast spells after making hand signs again.

The sword of light that Eugene wielded broke the barrier. A gap equal to the slashing was created. However, he could not completely destroy the barrier through him.

Eyes shimmering with light glared at the gap of the slash. It was seen that the magical powers clung to each other and the barrier was restored again.

Eugene once again raised the holy sword.

Whoa! The circle of light that appeared on Lymilia’s back grew larger. Under the influence of magic power, the dark sky was illuminated by a circle of light.

Amelia and Richie weren’t standing still either. The surface of the barrier seemed to be bubbling, and then an awl of magical power was fired at Lymilia.


“You don’t have to avoid it.”

Of course, Lymira tried to avoid it, but Eugene’s voice stopped her movement. Lymira held back her fear and stayed where she was.

He did not wield the sword himself. But he thought of ‘stopping’. That was enough. The light here follows Eugene’s will. As soon as Eugene thought that, the light moved and blocked the awl.

The resistance fired from the barrier did not end once. Awls were fired one after another, and blades lashed out like whips. But none of that reached Lymira.

ㅡ Kkwajijijik!

Once again, the sword of light struck the barrier. With the shock from earlier in mind, I increased the strength of the barrier, but to no avail. This time, the sword of light broke the magic of the barrier.

Kururrureung! The moment Eugene tried to strike down the Holy Sword once more. Something huge rose up from the inside of the barrier.


Lymira screamed in surprise.

The screaming was understandable. The head of a hideous and disgusting centipede is flying this way. In the end, the body of the Centipede Mountains began to move directly from the consecutive attacks.

“What’s up?”

In the past, it was regarded as a real ‘mountain range’, and the monsters surrounding that gigantic city. Centipede Mountains had a huge head as big as its body, and it looked like it could swallow the dragon, Lymilia, in one bite.


The corner of Yujin’s mouth twisted up. He felt no fear or intimidation from that gigantic monster. He felt grateful instead. To come out directly from the hard barrier, which is troublesome to break.

Calling Senya’s name in a low voice, he raised the moonlight sword he was holding in his other hand.

Senya was still casting magic on the barrier below. The voice was never audible, but Senya nodded at the meaning conveyed through Mer.


The galaxy Senya turned her back on changed. Countless stars rotated and created hundreds of circles. Senya’s eyes sparkled like colorful jewels, and Frost left Senya’s hand and floated into the air.

“ah… … .”

Just as Mais felt God in Eugene standing in the middle of the light, Balzac and Rinain who were with Senya felt God too. All the mana that exists in this space is moving according to Senya’s will.

Before long, absolute will wanted magic. absolute rate. Senya’s will determined the outcome of the magic.

At the same time, Eugene also fell down. It was to avoid getting caught up in Lymira and the others riding on her back in this attack.

[Uh, hermit, what should the original woman do… … .]

“Close your eyes and count to ten.”

It wouldn’t be a good sight for a child’s emotions. Of course, Eugene knows that Raimirua isn’t really a child, but… … Age doesn’t really matter, does it? What will happen from now on, both children and adults, will be disgusted when they see it.

[one… … .]

Closing her eyes and counting was the same for Mer in the cloak. Eugene laughed at that voice and threw her holy sword back. The flying holy sword did not fall to the ground, but floated in the light.

He gripped the moonlight sword with both hands. White flames sparked black flames.

two. The air swords overlapped. A black lump that could not be called a flame hung from the blade of the Moonlight Sword. three, four. A searing mass moved to the tip of the sword.


I swung the moonlight sword. A black lump left the tip of his knife. A lump fell towards the wide open mouth of the centipede.

Monsters don’t have high intelligence. But there are instincts. I didn’t know what that black lump was, but I instinctively felt that I should never swallow it.

I was trying to avoid it. But he couldn’t escape. The moment I tried to twist her body, it stiffened as it was. It was as if the world was holding tight to my body. The power that held onto the Centipede Mountains was so strong that it was impossible to understand otherwise.

six. A black mass fell into the mouth of the Centipede Mountains.

seven. Kwakjijik! From there, I couldn’t hear it very well. The overlapping air swords exploded the head of the Centipede Mountains, just as Eugene had hoped, and rode down the long body.

Senya also prepared the next magic. That attack killed Centipede Mountains. The moonlight and flames that rode down through his body reached the depths of the barrier. At that moment, the barrier inevitably weakens. Senya stretched out both of his hands in front of him.

Kiyiing! Mana whirled in front of her hand. Once again, the absolute rate was activated. Senya wished for simple and sure destruction, and magic led to Senya’s wish.

Kwaaaaang! A huge wave was born from Senya’s hand. The magic created solely for the purpose of destruction moved forward, sweeping the ground and crushing space.

Rinain and Balzac, who were watching from Senya’s back, widened their eyes in amazement. In their eyes, everything in front of Senya was distorted and distorted. It seemed as if the whole world had been pulled out.

That moment is nine. His head was lost, his long body was smashed, hard carapace, flesh and bodily fluids scattered in all directions and disappeared, and Eugene leaped back again and returned to Lymir A.


When Lymilia and Mer woke up. Eugene grabbed the holy sword again. The two of them were shocked and swung their holy swords before they could say anything. Light became a sword in the hymns of priests led by her saintess.

That sword didn’t just cut through the barrier once, like before. The barrier was shattered to such an extent that it could no longer be repaired. The barrier that covered all of Hauria was invaded by light and completely destroyed.

The body of the Centipede Mountains that surrounded the outskirts of the city. Along with the destruction of the swallowed sword, Senya’s magic reached the solid outer wall.

Immediately, the magic spread throughout the Centipede Mountains. Senya took a short breath and opened his arms wide.

Kwaji Jik!

A monster that lived 300 years ago, no, even before that. Centipede Mountains literally exploded and died. Cracks like spider webs formed all over the body, and it burst and died.


Melchis screamed at the sight. I didn’t use Infinite Force because I thought it was too early, but I couldn’t stand it any longer when I saw that scene.



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Melchis raised both hands with a long scream. The spirit magicians of her white mage tower who followed her immediately responded to the screams of the tower owner.

Flash! Infinite Force was activated with dazzling light. Fire, earth and lightning. No, that wasn’t the end. The various spirits handled by the Elementalists of the White Mage Tower were fused with Melkis’ signature.


The greatest magic of the White Magic Tower. Union Force.

This power is difficult even for Melchis to wield. It’s enough to make his mind go crazy. However, Melchis dominated the power of the Union Force with strong spirit and determination.

Knock out, knock out! Every time the elemental giant’s body swelled to a greater extent, there was a sound of something breaking inside Melchis. No, this is not a crashing sound. It’s a sound that expands.

[Oh, no.]

Inside the cloak of darkness, Winid vibrated. Tempest screamed in great despair.

just now. What Tempest had intuition carried over to Melchis. A mind that has expanded far enough. Melchis, who had gone beyond the limit he thought was the end, cried out with a feeling of ecstatic omnipotence.

“Come, storm! The spirit king of the wind!”


Tempest screamed desperately, but could not disobey the summoning call.

The towering spirit giant’s body staggered. its center. With his arms wide open, Melkis met the impending storm.

Quarrrrr! A storm has come. A huge storm hit the spirit giant. center of the storm. Melkiss brought his outstretched arms together and embraced all the wind.

—-Flash! Storms gathered together with dazzling light. this very moment. The greatest and most powerful Elementalist of all past and future was born. A great spirit sorcerer who conquered lightning, earth, fire, and even wind.

Melchis Elheyer. She reached out her hand in a feeling of distant ecstasy. Right now, she is the perfection and end that a spiritist can achieve.

“Omega Force… … !”

A new signature was born. Melchis stretched out his fist without hesitation.

Her fists created storms and shot lightning. Her step, her outstretched foot, caused an earthquake and a gust of flame.

An army of undead? demon?

“It’s insignificant!”

Indeed it was. The high-ranking demons who are listed in the top 50 demons in Helmud. Even the people who followed them were no different from ants to the present Melchis.

After all, ants are just ants no matter how many people gather. Melchis trampled the ant and let out a loud laugh.

“crazy… … crazy… … !”

The other Mage Tower owners were astonished at Melchis’ majesty. Generic, who had become a giant tree by unfolding Yggdrasil, took up the roots of the tree to avoid the earthquake caused by Melchis. Loberian, who controlled the monsters poured out of the Pantheon, was also frightened and moved the monsters to another place.

“Huh… … .”

Blue Mage Tower. Hyridus Uzlen’s signature is ‘Connect’. This magic strengthens the wizards of the Blue Mage Tower connected to Hyridus. To put it simply, it was to temporarily raise the level of the wizards of the Blue Mage Tower. If Hiridus uses Connect, the wizards under him will be able to use high-level magic that they normally cannot use.

A magic that strengthens the mage tower mages, not the self. This is also an absurdly powerful magic—-but looking at Melchis now, it didn’t look that great.

‘Why did the sky allow such a huge power to a madman like the owner of the white pagoda?’

It’s to the extent that I can’t understand it with common sense, but I thought it was fortunate that that powerful elemental magician was an ally. If Melchis becomes an enemy… … How terrible is that?

It was a battlefield that was advantageous from the beginning. However, Senya and Eugene destroyed the barrier and killed them by bursting the Centipede Mountains. And Melchis completed Omega Force.

With that, there was no such thing as a variable in the war situation. Victory here was decided, as if the absolute law was at work.


Ivatar howled.

A black earth that has been killed by magic. A place far away from the World Tree and the forest.

But now, the warriors of Ivatar and Zoran felt forested in this desolate desert. The spirits summoned by Melchis and the spiritists. In the black dead desert, a life called a spirit dwelled.

With that, Zoran’s warriors became stronger. The various blessings they possessed lightened their bodies and amplified their strength. Ivatar brandished a two-digit ax at his lead, followed by his warriors.


Alchester shouted.

Kiel’s flag. The flag of the White Dragon Knights. didn’t catch my eye Right now, Alchester sees only the front.

Hauria’s wall was hidden by the bursting Centipede Mountains. Alchester’s horse rode forward. The White Dragon Knights roared loudly and followed Alchester.

Alchester raised his sword high.

A sword gifted by Red Dragon, Ariartel. The dragon’s mana rose from the sword.

A huge amount of mana that seemed to have no end, much more than Alchester had. Dragonic’s secret skill, the air sword. The dragon’s mana became sword steel and overlapped.

Whoa! A huge blade formed from the sword raised above his head. Alchester advanced towards the fortress wall, wielding a sword of several tens of meters.


The Simuin Warring Knights. Orthus, the leader of the cavalry armed with acid, also shouted.

This is not the sea. Waves don’t exist. However, Orthus felt a huge wave in this desolate desert. Everyone here is a wave advancing to the next era.

‘I am here too.’

In the past, I wouldn’t hang on to something like this. Originally, a man named Ortus Hyman was a petit bourgeois man who did not match the power and position he possessed.

Not now. Battle with the Demon King. In the middle of it, Orthus saw the hero. He learned what a hero is. He was fascinated by the brilliant young man. He thought he wanted to be part of the wave he was causing.

That is why Orthus is here.


The snowfield wolves ran. Beast King Aman swung his greatsword and opened the way. white fangs. This land is the exact opposite of the snowfields they lived in, but that didn’t matter.

A descendant of the brave Moron. A lineage of great warriors. The blood is boiling hot. Aman howled like a beast. Brave Moron did not come here. How much did the brave former king want to be with him in this war?

That’s why even more. On behalf of the former king who could not come here, everyone in the Kingdom of Ruhar must prove it. What kind of country is Luhar? How brave the warriors of the northern country, which he built himself and continued for 300 years, are.


I shot an arrow at the protest. He shot an arrow and immediately pierced the spear.

Dozens of mercenaries. There were so many free knights that I couldn’t remember all their names. Ivik, who leads them all—- prides himself on being a first-class mercenary. Ivik is not the only one who thinks so. The mercenaries he leads, and the free knights. Everyone is first class with high self-esteem.

The first class doesn’t put money first. Trust, contract, honor. They are not here hired for money. I came here voluntarily, for the honor.

Is it okay to die for honor? ㅡThere is no one in the world who wants to die. They didn’t come looking for a place to lie down to die. only win. I came here to live, to win, and to earn honor.


Apollo accelerated. Raphael’s divine power emitted light. All the monsters in the air were organized. Pegasus flew forward following Raphael.

The black barrier was broken. A city occupied by the Demon King. There is only light in the sky.

yes light. God is really real, and he shines the world through the hero and the saint. look at that

Tears welled up in the eyes of Raphael and the paladins. Oh, the bright light. The holy sword Altair is shining.


It is not only Pegasus that flies forward. Wyverns of the Black Lion Knights. Carmen shouted and clenched his fists.

There were no more monsters in the sky for her to beat to death, but Carmen still punched the sky with her fists.

The egg is a world. In order to be born, one world must be broken. the reflection in the mirror. me in the mirror Another opposite reality. If you extend your fist in front of a mirror, your fist touches the mirror. Me and my fist meet. it breaks like that

Carmen once longed to be born that way. So, he was reborn. By breaking the mirror, Carmen was able to reach another world.

All of that is insignificant. I was just mistaken for that. nothing was broken I have never been born again

‘But now.’

This is not an egg. There is no mirror in front of you.

However, this is the world. Old and shabby world. But—- after today, if this war is won, a new world will open. Carmen was so sure.


Ciel shouted as he followed Carmen.

very very… … because it’s snowing I can’t see the front very well. realized again. how far he is how bright he is However, he did not think that he was shabby. Because such miserable thoughts don’t help anything.

What Ciel had to do was not take his eyes off the blind spot in front of him.


Xian also led the horse and shouted. He could see his father’s back running right in front of him. Beyond that, he could see the ramparts approaching closer and closer. I raised my head and looked up.

high sky. The dazzling light, enough to give the illusion that the sun has come down close.

my brother


Guillaid was covered in blood.

There are no wounds. All this blood is the enemy’s blood. Even if you add up all the blood Gilade has seen in his life, it will be less than the blood he has seen on the battlefield today.

The sword that had been swung hundreds and thousands of times was put down for a while.

Instead, Guillaid raised a flag. Lionheart’s flag. It was the flag that Eugene started as a flag bearer at the time of the campaign. The flag fluttered in the wind as it ran. The mane fluttered, and the lions rushed forward.

Guillaid raised his head and looked at the sky.

the words everyone shouts.

That cry is directed to only one person.


Wings of dark flame spread out.

I heard all the cries from the sky and from the ground.

“let’s go.”

the warrior replied.

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