Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 475

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Kwadeuk! The sound of her bones breaking came from Amelia’s body. Without a moment’s hesitation, she put her power on the foot that had trampled on her hamstring, and she shattered Amelia’s knee joints.

hand pressing, etc. I thought about breaking or pulling out my spine, but I already thought it was unnecessary. So he instead grabbed his shoulder blade and crushed it.

hair wrapped in hands. I don’t even think about pulling my hair out with force. The hair she grabbed was like a rein for handling the ‘horse’ named Amelia Merwin.

So I grabbed it with moderate force. Don’t pull out your hair, don’t pull it out, don’t pull it too hard and break your neck.


However, he gently pressed him so that he could clearly see the difference between strength and rank.

“A long time.”

Eugene lowered himself and whispered. The moment she heard those words, Amelia’s body trembled. pupil. Eugene and Amelia’s eyes met.




and fear.

The moment he confirmed all his emotions, Yujin smiled brightly. It’s a situation where she can’t help but laugh.

The resentment that I forged over and over again. In a sense, Amelia was a ‘special’ existence to Eugene. Most of the resentment and revenge left in Eugene are from 300 years ago, from the time of Hamel.

But Amelia is different. Her grudge against her was not planted in Hamel’s days. Even though the content is that Amelia robbed Hamel’s grave.

It happened in Eugene’s life. just a few years ago. But the feelings are clear. How many times had he met Amelia and promised to kill her?

“Why are you not saying anything?”

-I remember you. you killed my pet in the desert Didn’t you forget? at that time… … If the demon king didn’t have his mercy, you’d be dead to me.

When they met again in the Night March. Amelia said so.

– Damned grave robber.

He twisted his lips on the other side of the cotton thread and smiled, revealing his anger.

-You robbed my tomb.

It is a tomb made by colleagues. Moron moved the coffin himself. Anise wrote prayers all over the wall. Senya cried while erecting the stone statue. Vermouth also lowered his head in front of the tombstone.

-That’s a history that hasn’t been revealed to the world. Because it was something only I knew and owned.

Amelia didn’t even know the subject and talked like that.

-It’s an abandoned tomb that no one has found for 300 years and no one cares for it. It was I who found it. So everything in that tomb is mine. Statues, tombstones, even corpses!

I remember that cry. Even then, Amelia—really did not know her subject. Taking your time as if it were natural, Lionheart laughed and said he couldn’t protect you.

-If I try to kill you, no one will interfere here. Whether I die or you die, Lionheart, not far from here, will only see the body of one of us.


endured there. He didn’t kill Amelia in a fit of rage. It was because there were many troublesome things in the Night March. Also, I thought the opportunity would come again sometime.

The opportunity actually came. Amelia Merwin will die in this desert. No one will be able to prevent Amelia’s death.

-Still cocky. It was like that then too. In the grave, you were arrogant even when death was natural. I enjoy it even though I don’t like it.

Are you happy?

“Someday when you face death.”

Eugene tilted his head and whispered in Amelia’s ear.

“you… … I wondered with what expression and what words he would die. As you were, so am I. I also imagined a lot how I would kill you.”

Amelia’s shoulders trembled. Those words were what she said to Eugene in the Night March.

“Are you as arrogant as before? Even as I scan your soul, will you show me hatred and intent to kill?”

“… … .”

“I didn’t think I would.”

Amelia’s head lifted.

Kwajik! Eugene slammed her head on the floor.

“Those who always pretend to be relaxed like you, thinking they are absolutely strong, are bound to become ugly assholes when they lose what they enjoy.”

He didn’t let go of the hair he was holding. She held on even tighter. Park lifted her hair as if plucking it, and looked at Amelia’s face.

His nose was broken, his lips burst and covered in blood, it wasn’t like that. Amelia’s face was intact, unscathed. Because she didn’t hit it that hard.

It was an act not to inflict pain, but to humiliate. Eugene peered into Amelia’s face, who was still unscathed.

no wounds? no. Beneath Amelia’s skin, the wounds of humiliation are festering and rotting. Eugene watched Amelia’s cheek twitch with pleasure.

“you… … you.”

Amelia’s voice trembled. Immediately, Eugene slammed Amelia’s head into the ground once more. Again, her pain wasn’t great, and she couldn’t finish her words.

What should I say in this situation in the first place? The crucial question is this.

Amelia didn’t know what to say to Eugene.

Eugene Lionhart. When I first met him, he was an easy-to-kill kid. If it had not been for the personal letter of Balzac Rudbesse. No, he could have killed him even ignoring the personal letter. I was thinking of killing it.

If the demon king of confinement hadn’t appeared on the spot… … would have killed it for sure. Yeah, I should have killed him then.

‘I couldn’t kill him.’

So this is what happened now. Amelia then regretted not killing Eugene. Other than that, I had no regrets. She didn’t commit any crime, so where is she to regret.

How to overcome this situation. battle? nonsense. Amelia is a black magician. I mean, she’s not a warrior. She was in perfect condition, prepared everything she could, but she couldn’t hurt.

“… … .”

A situation where the face is bound to be distorted. Even lifting her head, which was buried in her ground, was not of Amelia’s will.

“I was wrong.”

When Eugene lifted his hair, Amelia immediately spat it out.

That statement was the most rational and closest to the correct answer in Amelia’s judgment. In this situation, she can never fight Eugene and win. So, is it possible to escape? Even that is impossible. If you cut off the hair that was caught right away and ran away, you wouldn’t be able to move one step further.

“I know very well what you are angry about. come now… … Yes, an apology alone cannot wash away my sins.”

Of course, everything Amelia says now is a lie. She has no idea that Amelia has sinned against Eugene. However, she can apologize. She has to make up and beg for even the guilt she doesn’t have in the current situation.

“me too… … I know very well. your anger. we are… … It wasn’t good from the first meeting. misunderstanding… … misunderstanding, yes, misunderstanding? No, no. That’s not a misunderstanding. It was me who committed the sin. you… … the ancestor of your family. Because I was the one who robbed the tomb of a friend, which the great Vermouth himself had built.”

A forced apology. But it has an effect. The monster that used to slam its head into the ground without waiting for a word to speak, is now listening in silence without resorting to any violence.

Amelia rolled her eyes and looked at Eugene’s face.



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Still chilly face. Dark life flows from the pupils. That’s okay. It’s because I’m dying, but I’m not really killing.

“If I sin now, it will be difficult for you to forgive me. under… … But I also had a situation… … .”

back. I could feel the strength in my fingers gripping my hair. Wrong answer. Amelia immediately changed her words.

“My situation is not important to you. I won’t make excuses.”

I wish I could answer something soon. The monster, who had been sarcastic before, now kept his lips tightly shut and said nothing.

Amelia spoke again, feeling impatient.

“I am… … I am starting a new relationship with you. I don’t want an equal relationship. I, I will surrender to you unconditionally.”

I don’t want to die. I hate to die. Amelia yearned desperately for her life. There were so many things she wanted to see while still alive. She wants to spread chaos in the world. I want to make blood and death rampant. I want to see it all with my own eyes.

So, Amelia bowed her head to herself. Her stammering hands grabbed Eugene’s feet. Amelia did not consider this a humiliation, she said. She couldn’t even struggle to live properly if she was entangled in her pride in the same situation.

“I am useful to you. A specter that occupied the palace. Oh, do you know? He’s calling himself a ghost. you also… … You know, that’s not stupid Hamel. It’s a fake that I imitated and made. This, too, is my fault. But, I… … Note that I made a specter. I, I know his weakness.”

It’s a lie. There is nothing that Amelia can intervene with the present ghost. From the moment the body of the specter disappeared, mixed with the magic of destruction, and became an incarnation, it became an existence far beyond Amelia’s understanding and control.

But now you have to sell even lies. See, this side is just spitting out one-sidedly, but the conversation is going on. The monster still did not use violence against Amelia.

‘Time is running out.’

Conversations dotted with lies work well, and the monster withdraws his hand? I don’t expect things to work out that far. What Amelia wants from this conversation is to kill time.

‘The specter might save me.’

I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking. However, what Amelia wants and what the ghost wants will never be different.

Both want war equally. so it started a war The reason why the war could break out in Nahama is because Amelia had already prepared for the war a long time ago.

The war must not end here. It has to become a filial piety and spread throughout the continent. As Amelia hoped, so would the winds of the specter.

Amelia—- was confident. An ignorantly strong monster. It would be impossible to fill the leash, but you can point out where to use that overflowing power. Whatever the reason, it was Amelia who created the specter. In other words, Amelia is the mother of ghosts.

‘You must be aware of that too. That’s why he didn’t kill me.’

I don’t know what the ghost thinks, but Amelia thinks so.

‘you… … Even if you don’t come to rescue me.’

If Eugene Lionhart is here, someone else will surely come. Amelia was sure of that.

“It’s a weakness.”

The closed lips opened.

“what is that?”

I was sure you would ask such a question. So, Amelia immediately responded.

“If I say that here, there’s no reason for you to keep me alive, right? therefore… … .”

“Actually, I’m not really curious.”

This time I didn’t listen to the end. Shall I put my head down again? Amelia clenched her teeth, prepared for her ensuing violence.

hair was laid


The mouth that had been biting with all the strength opened spontaneously. It wasn’t the violence I had learned so far, but a completely different violence. His outstretched toes were stuck in the pit of the stomach.

The power concentrated at one point tore the internal organs to shreds. Everything that fills the inside of the body soared upward, pushed by the force.

Kick. That’s it. But that simple kick hurt as much as all the pain Amelia had suffered in La Vista.

“Kahak… … ! Kak… … !”

The shock that had hit the body did not dissipate and hovered around the body. Amelia didn’t fly away and sat down in her seat, clutching her stomach. It’s like there’s a hole in her body, in her soul. Amelia groaned and vomited blood as she fell to the ground and curled up over her body.

I forcibly lifted my head. Eugene grabbed her hair again. He didn’t hit the ground again. Damn! Instead, Amelia’s head turned to the side.

Damn! Conversely, the slap did not turn only the head. The rotation was reversed and the neck was completely broken. The body floated in shock and spun around in the air.

The hair he was holding was pulled out and cut off. Eugene brushed the tangled hair between her fingers and looked down at her.

“Wake up.”

Most of the intestines burst. That kick isn’t just a blow. The moment it was inserted, its mana seeped into it.

In that moment, Amelia’s magical powers became something other than hers. It was such a feeling. The feeling that something other than mine is running rampant inside my body.

The face was crushed. The neck is broken. A person would surely die, but Amelia did not die. Her limp body is powerless, but… … Amelia was alive. Because you’re a black magician? no. She is because Amelia is a half-blood of her demons.

The reason why Amelia is obsessed with imperfect beings, chimeras, and the undead is because of her complicated love and hatred for herself, a mixed race of demons and humans.

Not even the slightest bit of love left now. The vaguely mixed blood was terribly hateful. Even in this situation, he is still alive and not dead. However, the regenerative power is not extremely fast like the demons.

“buy… … .”

It was impossible to raise the body. Amelia groped her, reached out her hand, and grabbed her Eugene’s leg.

“buy… … live, live… … .”

The conversation was abandoned. All you can do is beg for your life. Gradually, sensation returns to the body. Amelia continued, catching her bloody breath.

“Save me… … .”

Wow! Consciousness was interrupted. It was because Eugene’s foot neatly kicked Amelia’s chin up. Amelia’s upper body was bent upward and her spine was broken. With her upper body bent, Amelia’s body became a ball and rolled across her floor.

I couldn’t even roll a few laps. After being scattered on the floor, consciousness resumed. In his shaky vision, he saw Eugene approaching.

“Turn it off… … eww… … .”

The jaw and teeth were completely shattered. Voice came out, but no language.

The riches could be seen behind Eugene who was approaching. They were holding their breath without revealing their presence, despite the fact that they had managed to deal with the damage from the first attack. It was because of the fear of Eugene.

‘I’m being subjected to this.’

Those who worshiped me as a grandmaster. The original poison was contained in the trembling eyes.

Amelia still couldn’t speak, but she didn’t have to open her mouth to give orders. Her will of Amelia was passed on to her lichs.

“Turn it off… … .”

The liches trembled and groaned. Yujin smiled and looked behind her. The bones of the lichs were entangled together, and their magical powers fused and swelled. Eugene grinned as he watched the lyches being formed into balls made of bones.

“Do the shit.”

Black magic exploded. Even the mana that did not become magic was aimed at Eugene.

The holy sword moved. A line of light cut through the darkness. The overflowing light annihilated black magic and mana, and even cut the liches into one mass. There was no need to directly destroy the life vessel. The light emitted by the holy sword purified all entangled souls.


It wasn’t just the rich who were cut by the holy sword.

Amelia Merwin, who was crawling along, waiting for them to pass the time. Her bodily sensations and magical powers had finally returned. But this time, she couldn’t escape.

“My, my leg! Legs aaaagh!”

Two legs were severed from the thighs. I knew it instinctively.

This bridge does not regenerate. The light of the holy sword severed the legs of Amelia.

Amelia rolled on the ground screaming in mad despair.

“Sah, save me!”

Amelia coughed up blood and cried out.

“please please! Help me! me… … don’t kill me! I’ll do anything, anything. please… … !”


“Mu, digging a grave. What made Death Knight. you… … you… … Yu, trying to kill Yujin… … All… … !”


“I… … I said I was wrong! I was all wrong… … !”

Amelia sobbed in tears. Only then did Yujin smile at her and nod her head.


The holy sword moved. Amelia couldn’t even see the movement properly. But I knew that her left arm had been cut off. Same with her legs. Her severed arm will never regenerate. Not even blood spurted from her cut edges.

Amelia screamed and twisted like a bug.

“don’t do it! me… … don’t kill me… … !”

Every time Amelia screamed, Eugene’s smile grew brighter.

Eugene had no intention of making Amelia repent of her sins. She had no intention of making her regret everything she had done. She will kill in the end, but what does it matter what makes her repent and regret her sins?

Eugene wanted Amelia to die as ugly as possible. If it’s possible, I’m going to have a good time leaning on hope. She despaired at the end of the day, felt the pain that it would be better to die, and still hoped that she would shout ‘save me’ instead of ‘kill me’.

Now I know what Amelia expects. That idiot bitch, even at this moment, is hoping she’ll live with it. Because she showed that Eugene is open little by little.

Actually it was. Eugene listened to Amelia’s nonsense. Amelia took her time as she wished.

‘This should be enough.’

Eugene laughed and raised the holy sword.

The gleaming blade pointed at Amelia’s head.

Amelia screamed at the light.

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