Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 476

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dark basement. brilliant light.

A red light appeared from behind Eugene. Not surprised. Because she guessed that it would come soon. Eugene no longer aimed at Amelia, but turned around and swung her holy sword at her.

Dig! The holy sword split the red light that was spreading. I knew it even before I swung the holy sword.

that is not light The terrible smell of blood that rushes in at the moment of the cut.

‘Blood Fog’.

That mist permeates the skin just by touching it. If resistance or resistance is not prepared, the blood in the body runs wild and spurts out through the pores of the body, killing it. An authority that can be said to be the symbol of a high-ranking vampire with strong control over blood.

There is only one high-ranking vampire who will suddenly appear here and spread a bloody mist.

Eugene smiled wickedly and raised the holy sword he had swung horizontally.

Hwaaak! The holy sword standing tall lit up the darkness like a holy fire. Even after being cut once, the mist of blood that had spread slowly was completely annihilated by the light of the holy sword.

Underground splashes. I saw the figure of a man squinting at the bright light.

Alpiero Lasat. He glared at Eugene, who raised the light, and murmured.

“It is too bright.”

Any vampire would have perished just by being hit by that light. However, Alpiero is a vampire who does not fall into the axis of ‘fair’. He can claim to be the strongest among existing vampires, and belongs to the strongest among the people of perdition.

“Mosquito baby.”

‘Mosquito’ is a derogatory term for vampires that has been going on for 300 years, no, much longer than that. Naturally, vampires are furious at being called ‘mosquitoes’.

It was the same with Alpiero. His red eyes radiated a gloomy aura.

“Did you come to save that bitch? I didn’t know you were that close.”

“Don’t get me wrong.”

Alpiero growled, showing genuine displeasure.

“The incarnation wishes for your death. That’s why I came to kill you.”

“Perhaps he wants to kill me with his own hands.”

“Do not easily call upon him with a vulgar mouth.”

Alpiero’s hair rose upward. He took a step forward, not hiding his displeasure and anger.

“I don’t think we’ll be very close, but it’s funny how you hush up on your own.”

Yujin snorted and glanced back. Amelia was seen squirming as both her legs were cut off and her left arm was cut off as well.

He wriggles his body like a slug and does his best to advance with his one remaining right arm. The reason why I didn’t even breathe out and suppressed it as much as possible was because I was worried that Eugene would find out.

It’s a pointless effort. Eugene is already looking back at Amelia. She doesn’t even have to turn her head, but she can feel Amelia running away, trailing her frightened scent behind her.

Since it is crawling like an insect, should I trample it to death like an insect? Or just hold them so they don’t escape… … After killing the baby mosquito, should I kill it with a little more effort?

After thinking for a while, Yujin smiled and looked away. He no longer cared about Amelia and looked right in front of her.

Such an attitude was quite surprising to Alpiero.

Eugene Lionhart. It was the first time I had actually seen him, but Alpiero knew quite a lot about that man.

Of course, I also know about the bad relationship with Amelia Merwin. Eugene Lionheart, judged by Alpiero through rumors, was a person with no mercy towards his enemies. There would be no reason for Eugene to keep Amelia alive.

‘Did he really want to reveal himself after killing him?’

I thought so, but it was too late for an ambush, so I had no choice but to step out. It was because he judged that Eugene’s nerves were completely focused on Amelia.


To be honest, Alpiero didn’t care if Amelia died or not. Adding to her personal feelings, she also thinks she’d be better off dead.

The war has already happened. Amelia herself may not think so, but she is no longer of any use to Amelia. So even now, she said, if Eugene was going to finish Amelia, she was going to watch for a while.

But Eugene did not kill Amelia. Now, those golden eyes were only looking at Alpie.

“I’m asking because I’m really curious.”

Eugene opened his mouth. He lowered his holy sword and aimed it at Alpiero.

“you. Did you come here because you really thought you could kill me?”

“… … I don’t know what you mean.”

“What do you mean? You’re right. Didn’t I say something difficult?”

The grinning smile changed. A look that did not leave even a trace of laughter glared at Alpiero. creepy living. It was as if the blood in his whole body froze.

“I’m asking if you’re confident.”

I saw Eugene Lionheart fighting. That, the giant king Kamash 300 years ago… … I saw that he could not hurt Eugene and was cut to death so easily.

Dozens of high-ranking demons and their followers, ranked 26th in the Helmud hierarchy, died without being able to receive Eugene’s single sword.

A barrier that covered Hauria’s sky. The barrier that couldn’t be broken even with the dragon’s breath and wise Senya’s magic—- was split by Eugene’s single sword.

Its majesty is not enough to be said to be divine. Alpiero had no intention of downplaying Eugene’s skill and strength. Rather, it is acknowledged.

“I am not confident.”

Alpiero answered honestly.

he is strong Vampires are the strongest of the race. It is the strongest among the people of perdition. Although he did not appear in Helmud’s ranks, he was confident of victory if the opponent was not a duke.

However, I couldn’t be sure of victory against that person. Because he saw how strong he was.

even… … It didn’t even seem like he had done his ‘all-out’. Even the moment he killed Kamash, killed the 26th ranked demon, broke the barrier, and exploded the head of the Centipede Mountains, he had time to spare. He didn’t have the urgency to do his best. Even he didn’t suffer a single wound through all those battles.

That… … Are you really human? Alpiero couldn’t feel that way. Just as the ghost waiting in the royal castle is an incarnation wearing Hamel’s mask, the human named Eugene Lionheart is the same. That is a monster wearing the mask of a human and a hero.

“Even if I had a hundred people, I wouldn’t be able to kill you.”

Alpiero calmly admitted that fact.

“Still, I will try to kill you. This war is for the incarnation and for the demon lord of destruction. You are a hindrance to war. Everyone who entered the city beyond the city walls was a victim of war. Among them… … You are the most valuable.”

If you don’t kill him now, he will head to the palace without hesitation. Alpiero could not imagine the incarnation’s defeat. No matter how strong that monster is, it will return to a weak human being in front of the incarnation of destruction.

Does that mean I have to let him go uninterrupted? Alpiero couldn’t do that. His life was already dedicated to the Demon King of Destruction long ago.

Alpiero Lasat. All he wants is to die for the devil of destruction. If that monster goes to the incarnation, Alpiero has only one thing to do.

To stop him at the cost of his life. And if possible, kill him and offer him to the incarnation.

Decided. Al Piero took a deep breath and raised his mana. Magic red like blood swallowed Alpiero. In his magical power, the pupils emitted an evil light. The fishy smell of blood filled the basement.

lack. Al Piero continued to draw on his magic. The magic of destruction overflowed.

Its magical power harms even the demons that contracted with it. If you put on unmanageable magical power, your body and soul will perish. Of course Alpiero knew that fact.

The limit was immediately crossed. The body that had endured for 300 years was about to break under the weight of magical power. But it hasn’t broken yet. Al Piero caught his breath and raised his arms.

Duduk, duduk… … ! A grotesquely twisted hand. The bulging and deformed fingers bent like a scythe, and the fingernails extended like blades.

Yujin stood dumbfounded and looked at him. That mosquito cub was prepared for death. At the same time, he was determined to kill Eugene without fail.



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To be honest, Eugene didn’t quite understand why he was doing that. He knows very well that he can ‘never’ win. No matter how strong it is, it’s at the level of a demon. It’s ridiculous compared to the dukes who even surpassed the rank of the demon king.

Eugene’s head tilted slowly.

The magic of destruction that Alpiero draws out. The mana that descended beyond the limit is being concentrated. The magic power that was too strong affected the space and distorted Eugene’s vision.


Eugene opened his mouth and let out a laugh. He put down his holy sword with a mischievous smile. The light that had illuminated the basement had completely disappeared.

But the darkness did not subside. The red magic power emitted by Alpiero illuminated the underground like hell. A terrible smell of blood. The smell of simmering blood, not fresh, filled the space.

I saw that the right hand where I had placed the sword was lifted up. Black flames wrapped around his hand and burned him.

put down the sword It seems that he doesn’t want to use that intrusive holy sword. He did not even take out the moonlight sword of Vermouth that killed Centipede Mountains.

‘You’re arrogant.’

No, that’s not arrogance. Confidence, which is only natural, based on strength that has been proven time and time again.

That confidence was a boon to Alpiero. Thanks to him, he finished all the preparations.

extremes in the true sense. The weight of magical power that is sure to crush even existence in an instant with just one more drop. Boiling blood, heart beating fast. Alpiero’s body slowly lowered.

It arrives faster than light. An area where time does not become time. Even space will penetrate.

It’s not about coming up and waving your nails. All movements are finished and completed as one. yes, once. I have no intention of attacking any more. This one attack captures Alpiero Lasat’s entire life and everything.


Alpiero’s thoughts were cut off there. one move. one attack. How did it go, and what happened after that? what happened to my body Alpiero couldn’t understand anything.

Yes, because Alpiero is already dead. Just as he placed completion in one attack, so did Eugene. The moment Al Piero approached, concentrating all his mana.

Eugene also waved his hand. The condensed flame that burned black caused a small explosion.

That was all. As a moth throws itself into a flame. As if catching flying mosquitoes with her bare hands. Eugene waved his hand. Alpiero’s mana was swallowed up by the flames and was extinguished, and his outstretched right hand—- smashed Alpiero’s head.

The demons, among them the high-ranking demons, have strong immortality. Even if you break their heads once, they don’t die in a hurry.

However, the current Alpiero was unable to withstand Eugene’s blow. The magic of destruction that had been pulled out to the limit was rather poisonous at this moment.

The precarious balance collapsed. The soul that could not endure was shattered by magic. Even at that moment, the Demon King of Destruction, whom Alpiero had followed and admired, was indifferent to Alpiero.


Eugene, who killed Alpiero in a single blow, brushed off his right hand. It’s not that I swung it lightly. At the moment of swinging, Prominence used Ignition. Because the power was explosively amplified for an instant, he was able to wipe out Alpiero and the mana of destruction with a single swing of his hand.

“Did you think I would kill you after introducing you?”

I felt sorry for not being able to do it. Because Alpiero knew Hamel. If she had said ‘I am Hamel’ before he killed him, she would have had a pretty funny reaction.

“Well, isn’t that important?”

Yujin licked his lips and raised his head.

Amelia’s presence is not felt in the basement. He cut off her leg and cut off her left arm. Thanks to the flames embedded in her body, her magical powers are in a situation where she can’t use them as she wants, but she must have regained her magical ability just barely. So, did she use magic to escape? Eugene smiled.

“It would have been cleaner to just die here at my hands.”

I knew Amelia was running away. But she let it go. She has already seen Amelia everything she wants to see. She enjoyed all the emotions she wanted to taste.

kill with my own hands I thought so until I came here—- but when I tried it right before I killed myself, I didn’t have much regret left.

Rather, this was what Eugene had hoped for. Eugene wants Amelia to die as ugly as possible.

‘Hope to live’.

To struggle, to despair at the very end, to feel the pain of being better off dead.

Amelia Merwin. It’s not just her Eugene who wants to kill her.

* * *

I barely got out of the basement. That was the limit.

Magic doesn’t work well.

Amelia gasped and clutched her chest. Inside her body, that spark of her f*cking her asshole lingers. Her residual fire does not go out and continues to burn her magic, and whenever she tries to use her magic, the flow of her magic is cut off.

“pup… … pup… … 개새끼이… … !”

If he had even one leg left, he would have been able to walk with Bloodmary as a crutch. Amelia crawled on her floor and vomited her own blood.

“Kuch… … Whoa… … .”

What do we do? I don’t expect Alpiero to be able to kill the monster. The most he can do is kill time. Even that won’t last long. 10 minutes at most?

‘Can I recover by then?’

Severed limbs do not regenerate. that’s fine If it doesn’t regenerate, you can just attach another guy’s limbs.

unless you die here.

If you survive, somehow.


“Kreuk… … .”

Loud binge. A huge vibration transmitted through the ground made Amelia’s body tremble. The pain was transmitted as the intestines vibrated. Amelia coughed up her blood, barely lifting her head.

In the distance, I saw a Wyvern and Pegasus flying through the sky. Near it… … The unknown giant of light is rampaging.

‘That’s… … Is it a spirit?’

Was it possible to deal with spirits like that? It was a moment like this, but Amelia thought it was absurd.

It won’t be only those that run amok. I’m lying down, I’m crawling, so I can’t see it. The knights who crossed the wall and entered Hauria would be heading towards the capital, slicing down demons and undead.

‘Why aren’t you doing anything?’

Will the specter still sit on the throne of the royal castle? what the hell why? If he stepped forward—- he could annihilate the enemy in an instant. Why are you waiting for Eugene to come instead of moving yourself?

‘Royal… … Go back to the castle… … .’

Is it really right to run away there?

It reminded me of Eugene, who was terribly strong. He remembered the wise Senya who had turned his back on the galaxy. I thought of a saintess standing on the back of a shining dragon high up in the sky.

Amelia still couldn’t imagine the ghost’s defeat. However, she was not confident that she would survive the battle at the royal castle.

Will the ghost really protect me? Will I be able to survive the tumultuous battle? If he didn’t even participate in the battle, but was caught up in and died just by being in the same place—- what kind of dog death would that be?

‘You have to run away. Not here, not here, but somewhere else. okay… … Hiding in a dungeon for days… … .’

In a few days, Hauria’s war will be over with the Wraith’s victory. Hide and wait, then you just have to get his body together and come back… … .

But how? Flying magic cannot be used. Blink is also impossible to use consecutively. It’s hard to even hold on to your body… … . It is impossible to escape Hauria unless supported and protected by someone else.

“… … ah… … .”

A foot blocked the way Amelia was crawling.

Amelia shook her head and looked up.

“It’s hard.”

The grinding of teeth was heard.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 475Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 477
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