Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 477

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Knock, do.

There are not many people in the world who like the sound of grinding their teeth. In that respect, Amelia was on the mediocre side. I mean, like most people, I hated that sound.

I tried my best to correct it. He chewed his teeth so much that I even gagged him. He even chewed on the bitten gag and beat him to death. But in the end, the correction failed.

“… … .”

that’s a dog

Literally, he was treated like a dog. He was put on a leash and tied to the yard, and he was sometimes taken for a walk. They taught them how to cover their excrement and urine.

If you didn’t listen, I beat you up. It’s not just that he beats up when he doesn’t listen. When Amelia herself was in a bad mood, she just beat her up for no reason.

It wasn’t just violence. When Amelia was in a good mood, she would force Hemoria upside down and lay her down, scratching her belly or stroking her hair. Besides that, she was cute in many ways.


As much as this, Amelia is well objectified. She treated the ghost very well. That’s why, she couldn’t understand why the ghost betrayed her.

But Hemoria is different. Amelia thought that if anyone ever betrayed her, it must be Hemoria.

So he put strong shackles on Hemoria. Hemoria’s every move has been monitored. If not, there are no such shackles. I thought that mutt would betray me unconditionally.

The prediction was not wrong. Hemoria betrayed Amelia. She gave orders to spy on Senya the Wise, who dared to snoop over her and sell Amelia’s information.

A bastard who betrayed without knowing the subject. It was a sin worthy of death, but I couldn’t. It is because the specter has reaped Hemoria.

Why did he reap Hemoria? Still, is it a sense of kinship for once being treated equally as pets? Or sympathy for stupid assholes?

To tell the truth, the specter did not cover Hemoria. It was just that he found Hemoria wandering the back alleys of Hauria and brought her to her palace.

But Amelia couldn’t kill Hemoria. She thought that the fact that she had picked it up meant that Hemoria had become the property of her ghost. She didn’t want to be punished for messing around, so she ignored Hemoria, choking her boiling inside.

no way.

Under these circumstances, I never imagined that I would encounter Hemoria.

At first, I remembered the first time I met Hemoria, who was wriggling in the depths of the pit. A pit filled with the corpses of paladins and heretic inquisitors. Her limbs were severed, and Hemoria wriggled like a worm in its depths, sucking the blood of her human companions as she barely kept herself alive.

The position has been completely reversed. It is Amelia who has lost her limbs and is crawling on her land like a worm.

“It’s hard.”

The grinding of teeth could be heard through the metal mask.

me, the mask. I do not like it. She was stripped and gagged instead, but each time Hemoria made something similar to a mask to cover her mouth, even crumpling an iron plate herself.

I know the reason for the obsession. unusual teeth. A chimera created by mixing vampires. Those sharp teeth must have always been a complex for Hemoria.

“swimming… … Moria.”

Amelia’s voice trembled. She couldn’t give up hope. at the outside… … I’ve come all the way here She’s that monstrous she’s Eugene that she barely escaped from Ryan Hart.

That shit, you’re going to die from being bitten by a mutt?

“my… … I was wrong, I was wrong.”

Amelia stuttered and reached out to grab Hemoria’s foot.

up The grinding of teeth was heard again from above. clang. A sound that seemed to represent Hemoria’s feelings. Amelia gasped for her breath and crawled forward on Hemoria’s body.

“I did everything, everything wrong. what bothered you you… … You, you should do the same to me. You will want to. Oh, isn’t it?”

Amelia’s face moved closer to Hemoria’s shoes. dirty shoes. But Amelia didn’t hesitate to rub her face against Hemoria’s shoe.

“Like I did… … You, you, too, must torment me for a long time. therefore… … So please.”

“It’s hard.”

Hemoria gnashed her teeth once more. She glanced up and saw her face, but her expression was obscured by half of her face covered by the metal mask.

It’s not even a voice. After being blocked, the only sound Hemoria made was the grinding of her teeth.

It wasn’t even a lack of action.

f*ck! Hemoria’s shoe kicked Amelia in the face.

Amelia rolled on the floor with a short scream. As much as one of her arms was cut off from her two legs, her body became light, so she rolled very well.

“Kah… … !”

Amelia barely pulled herself together. She then tried to crawl towards Hemoria, but she was unwittingly stopped by what was happening right in front of her eyes.

Hemoria lowered herself, untying her shoelaces. A metal mask covering half of the face. I could see very well the eyes that were round and round and smiling. Untying her tight knot, she slipped her thumbs into her heels and removed her shoes. Took. Her shirtless tossed her socks to the ground, and Hemoria pulled herself up.

Bare feet over shoes. It meant only one thing. Amelia’s body trembled. However, she couldn’t resist Amelia.

crap, crap. The grinding of her teeth sounded like Hemoria’s laughter.

Amelia crawled over and grabbed Hemoria’s ankle with her only hand. Her lips approached slowly, touching the instep of her feet.


Only then did Hemoria speak. Amelia raised her head in surprise.

clap. Hemoria took off her mask. She twitched her lips and smiled brightly. Sharp teeth snapped between the gaping lips.

“You have to lick it.”

Bright smiles and whispers. Amelia immediately opened her lips and stuck out her tongue. If you can live, you can do anything like this. Even if you receive a request that is more severe than this, you will act without hesitation.

Yes, if only I could live. if you can’t die

“don’t worry.”

up Hemoria said as she gritted her teeth.

“I won’t kill you. I also want to pamper you a lot.”

Hemoria giggled as she carefully licked her toes.

That’s it. Hemoria pushed Amelia’s face with her foot, looking up at her sky.

The troops of the liberation army that crossed the wall are getting closer and closer. An overwhelmingly large army of undead stood in the way, but they could only serve as meat shields. However, in the meantime, the members of the family of destruction, who are secretly moving, are dealing quite effective blows against the liberation army.

But even that won’t last long. It was because the captains leading each unit were so strong. It is inevitable that most of them are knights whose names have risen to the top of the continent.

“If you stay here, your enemies will kill you. I have the confidence to run away, but what about you?”

“buy… … Save me.”

“Yes, I will save you.”

Hemoria giggled and picked up Amelia and put it over her shoulder. Then she started to move without hesitation. She didn’t soar into the sky or run across her roof. There is a dragon above the sky. It is also full of squadrons such as Wyvern, Pegasus, and Griffin.

I ran between buildings. Didn’t go the wide road. The sky is no longer dark now. The dragon wrapped in light replaces the sun hidden by magic. But the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

The shadow became the path Hemoria moved. Jumping over the shadows is also the power of high-ranking vampires. Because Hemoria received her blood from Al Fierro and ate her, she could easily use that power.

‘Alpiero is dead.’

I know because I drank blood.

just now. The irresistible and only vampire connected to Hemoria is dead. At that fact—-Hemoria shuddered as her shoulders trembled.



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He did not feel any sadness at Alpiero’s death. On the contrary, she felt great joy. Vampires are definitely a hierarchy. If they even drank blood, it would be almost impossible for a lower vampire to go against a higher level vampire. If Al Piero orders Hemoria to kill himself, he can’t even resist properly and has to commit suicide.

But now Alpiero is dead. With his death, Hemoria gained her complete freedom. There is no one to hold her back anymore.

“aha… … Ahahaha!”

i am free Hemoria laughed, amused by the fact. Amelia, who was carrying it on her shoulder, couldn’t understand why Hemoria was smiling like that. Now she didn’t care about that for Amelia.

‘Look at the opportunity and kill.’

The only hand left is holding the Bloody Mary. She wasn’t completely out of danger yet.

‘If Hauria leaves… … .’

At that point, the mana will be restored. Amputated limbs? If magic is restored and only black magic can be used, there will be no problem. When that time comes… … I will repay the humiliation many times over.

‘Stupid bitch. An ignorant mutt who can’t even use magic.’

Amelia was lucky that Hemoria couldn’t use magic.

I can’t use magic, so I can’t use restraints. Am I caught off guard by having my legs and arms cut off? Did you see me as an idiot? Amelia bit her lip.

The speed of Hemoria jumping between shadows was very fast. It wasn’t long before the two left Hauria’s central district. The more so, the number of squadrons flying above increased. The sound of vibrations, shouts, and explosions also came closer.

The rear of the large undead army that filled the streets also passed by. The collapsed walls are getting closer little by little. Every time that happened, Amelia’s heart thumped.

So far nothing has happened. Even that monstrous Eugene Lionheart did not pursue. Is Alpiero still holding on? Or, did he give up the chase and go to the royal castle?

‘little bit more.’

I was wary of the squadron in the sky. no one came down I didn’t even encounter knights and wizards.

I thought I was lucky. little bit more. If you go a little further, you can get out of this city.

How much magic has been recovered? Remnants of fire still remain in his body, cutting off his mana. However, after a while, the residual fire will be completely extinguished. In fact, even now, if he overdoes it, he could force himself to use more magic.


Doing so may leave you with aftereffects. Amelia decided not to rush. just a little bit more… … .

“… … ?”

Hemoria, who was moving from building to building, suddenly jumped up. Amelia couldn’t figure out why, so her eyes widened.

In an instant, Hemoria climbed onto the roof of the building and, unlike before moving cautiously, started jumping up and down the building.

“What, what are you doing?”

Quack! Hemoria’s hand covered Amelia’s mouth. As she twisted her body in bewilderment, she heard her whisper in her ear.

“Stay still. What are you going to do if you get caught?”

“town… … .”

“don’t worry. I have thoughts too. Stupid you don’t know, but I can’t run under it anymore. Do you think you can fool the senses of the knights at that distance?”

A shrieking voice. Amelia barely moved her eyes and looked down at the building.

The undead army and the knights were seen clashing in the wide distance. Lionheart’s flag is waving. The family head mounted on a huge black horse swung a sword at the forefront, followed by the Knights of the White Lion.

It’s not just Ryan Hart. Simuin’s Turbulent Knights. Ruhar’s White Fang. The Blood Cross Knights of Jurass. Other than that, several flags are advancing and penetrating the large army of undead.

“It’s rather safe here.”

Hemoria whispered, and Amelia swallowed and nodded. In fact, the advancing knights did not care about the Hemoria leaping over the building.

The wall is getting closer.

Approaching speed slowed down a bit. Mouth still closed. Amelia glanced at Hemoria’s face in her nervousness.


A sudden murmur. Hemoria’s steps stopped.

Hemoria no longer kept Amelia’s mouth shut. Instead, he hugged Amelia gently, as if lifting her newborn baby. And she slowly set her down on the ground.

“what… … what?”

Amelia stuttered. Hemoria didn’t answer and just smiled. and.

The light flashed.

A galaxy with countless stars. All the stars revolving around a single wizard. Amelia’s thinking stopped.

The majesty he had seen in person, right in front of his eyes—- made all aspects of Amelia Merwin’s ‘wizard’ into nothing.

“good job.”

Senya Merdane.

Eyes sparkling like jewels. All that glitter is cold as ice. Senya tilted her head and looked down at Amelia.

Against Senya, even Hemoria couldn’t hold her head upright. She immediately fell to her knees and bowed her head.

“Promise… … .”

Senja raised her finger and pointed behind her.

“I have nothing to do with you. The only thing I have to do is that dog warlock bitch.”

“… … .”

“In return for bringing that bitch in front of me, all the wizards in the rear won’t attack you.”

“thank you.”

Meet Amelia.

While escaping with him, he sent his familiar.

Thanks to Alot’s prior contact, the bat was able to get close to Senya.

What you asked for is simple.

I will bring Amelia Merwin before you.

So please don’t kill me.


Senya said. Like I just said, Senya had no interest in Hemoria. He didn’t wonder why he had betrayed Amelia, or she didn’t even know Hemoria’s name.

“thank you.”

Hemoria stood up as she spoke again. Amelia, who had been sprawling on her ground, grabbed her ankles with a snap.

“Me, me! me… … betray? you!”


before wearing a mask.

Hemoria looked down at Amelia and smiled brightly.

“Anyone will betray if they suffer from a bitch like you.”

The mask hid Hemoria’s smile. up She kicked the ground, grinding her teeth once in pleasure.

Hemoria recedes. The only way to escape the city is getting farther away. Amelia screamed and grabbed Bloodmary.

No, no. There is still a way. Magical power restored to some extent. Black magic can be used. If I somehow get out of this place… … .


Senya furrowed her eyebrows.

“Are you trying to use magic in front of me?”

The spell that I had been desperately constructing had disappeared.


It was absurdly simple. Amelia screamed as she twisted her body. Senya heard the scream and stretched out her wand.

“The sin I committed against you.”

“Wrong, wrong! i’m all… … All wrong! So please!”

“Even if I try to say it one by one, only my mouth hurts. And I mean, I’m really busy right now.”


“So I’ll make you realize and repent yourself.”

What Eugene wanted was also conveyed to Senya.

as ugly as possible. as painful as possible. To struggle with hope, to despair at the very end, to beg for help while feeling the pain that death would be better.

Senya approached slowly and placed Frost on Amelia’s head. As Amelia struggled, she screamed and grabbed Senya by the ankles.

“Live… … .”


Frost emitted light. Amelia’s hair parted. The light disappeared from Amelia’s eyes.

didn’t kill

But Amelia’s spirit will be trapped in the eons of death. She will experience every kind of pain and death the world can imagine.

Even so, the body is alive, and the mind will not collapse. To Amelia who had become like that, a second would feel like an eternity.

“You’d rather die.”

The opened head closed again.

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