Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 480

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Suddenly, the image of Vermouth came to mind. It is not a figure that exists in fake memories, but a figure that we saw in person.

Hero, War God, All Master, Great, Vermut Lionheart. A figure sitting alone, bound by countless chains, haggard and worn out to the extent that he could not recall those fancy modifiers.

It is not known exactly where Vermouth was sitting. Even the specter who became the incarnation of destruction could only guess about Vermouth’s whereabouts. A place connected to the Temple of Destruction. Perhaps the place where the demon king of destruction was sealed.


It looks like scars or knife marks… … where there are huge marks. Vermouth was sitting right on the trail, but it’s hard to pinpoint a location with such a trail.

I questioned the identity of the trace a few times, but I didn’t even think about it for a long time. It wasn’t something that would give you an answer even after thinking about it, and it was because he thought that Vermouth himself would never want to meet him.

‘You won’t want what I’m looking for.’

I don’t know if it’s Hamel. I thought so, and I forcibly put my doubts to rest. Instead, I pondered and searched for what I could do.

I never thought I’d get an answer to my dormant question here, in this way.


It was the correct answer when I first saw it. The mark is by the sword. The scar left by the swing of the sword. I realized it as if it were natural.

The sword that left that scar was the sword that Eugene wielded right now. It is not a sword made of metal, but forged by divine power and extracted from existence and soul.

‘Divine sword.’

The sword of magical power could not last even for a moment. He belatedly recalled his defense and increased his mana, but even that did not stop him. Dark red lines were drawn on the ghost’s body. The line seemed to be wriggling, but then it ran rampant, and everything was destroyed like that.

body has perished. The will of the specter could not prevent extinction. The power of the new sword was absolute. However, even if the body was destroyed, the soul of the specter did not disappear and remained.

Quarrrrr! The swollen divine power became a line again and disappeared. Eugene sighed and drew his new sword.

I only swung it once. With that, he destroyed all of the ghosts. But he couldn’t kill him. Eugene also intuited that fact.

‘It remains.’

The new sword can still be wielded twice more. Can you erase the remaining souls with consecutive swings? Eugene also wanted to end the battle as quickly as possible. It was because he was worried about the group of Noor who ran out of the castle.

‘It can’t end that easily.’

A chill came up. Eugene abandoned his lingering attachment to his new sword. He can only mortally wound him with two more swings.

That’s not enough. The opponent is the demon king with infinite magical power. No, maybe an opponent worse than the Demon King. The new sword should be left as an attack to determine the end.

Eugene’s hand let go of the new sword. Immediately, the divine power was scattered and returned.

Pooh! Prominence was amplified. Ignition via pseudo-core. Submerged in the black flame, Eugene thought quickly.

‘Should I use ignition? No, no.’

It’s still too early. Like the new sword, the ignition must be used to decide the outcome. If you have any opponent… … Prominence’s Ignition would be sufficient. Unfortunately, the only opponents that Eugene decided to kill in the future are real monsters that do not fall into the category of ‘reasonable’.

The same goes for ghosts. Eugene had no choice but to admit that fact. He apparently killed him with a new sword. That guy—- casually reconstructed his existence.

“… … .”

The ghost that appeared was the same as before being cut by the new sword. They even wore the same mask. It is not that there is no damage. The power of the new sword pierced the specter without a doubt.

‘If I continue to be cut, I will die too.’

At the same time, I had other thoughts.

the body of that sword. Eugene’s identity. Hamel’s identity. The distant past that connects everything. And, the place where Vermouth sat. A huge scar left there.

Vermouth Lionheart.

“is it.”

The ghost muttered involuntarily. There was no expression on her face. Things I realized at the moment of being cut.

The magic of destruction poured out. Magic power instantly turned into a sword, and the specter’s appearance disappeared. He cannot be followed with a glance. However, Eugene’s divinity and intuition read the specter’s movements.

A beam of light that was discovered. A dazzling light blocked the demonic sword. The holy sword, which concentrated the divine power, was not pushed back even a bit against the demonic sword.



The voices of the two saints came at the same time. High in the sky, Lymilia’s body emitted a brighter light. An infinitely huge divine power flowed into Eugene.

[I will assist.]

The voices of the saints became one. The holy sword shone more dazzlingly than ever before. It’s not just about cheering. The light that dwells in the holy sword now is powerful enough to be compared to that of the moonlight sword.

‘It’s different from when vermouth held it.’

300 years ago. Vermouth also held the holy sword. He used the holy sword in the beginning, and benefited from the holy sword even when he killed the demon king of slaughter. However, after obtaining the Moonlight Sword, the holy sword was rarely used in battle.

At the time, I could understand why. The Holy Sword was also a sword that could be used well enough, but the unknown moonlight sword’s power was too overwhelming.

But now, the holy sword in Eugene’s hand—- is emitting a brilliant light that cannot be compared to when it was held in Vermouth’s hand 300 years ago. Because of the sacred power of the saints and priests? There might not be a reason for that, but Eugene felt something different.


The unknown god of light seemed to like Eugene much more than Vermouth. Kwak! The holy sword completely pushed back the demonic sword. Eugene’s movement led the light.

The ghost’s face is not visible. covered mask. Eyes are showing.

Eyes that sunk dullly without embarrassment or surprise. On the contrary, Eugene’s eyes burned with flame and passion. clear murderous intent and hatred. It was full of emotions that did not suit the dazzling holy sword.

That moment. Oddly enough, Eugene and the specter moved in the same way. It was like standing in front of a mirror.

posture holding the sword. Eugene’s lips twisted. Naturally, Eugene knew what he was up to.

Even the ghost knew what Eugene was up to.

Each other’s swords moved. Two sura lights began. The madman-like dance emitted different colors of sword light. Divine light and ominous magic intertwined.

The air exploded in the collision, and the ground was annihilated by the slash that jumped out. The two continued to swing their swords without backing down an inch. A few breaths after the start, until that moment, the light beams of the two were the same as if reflected in a mirror.

changed in an instant. The ghost’s body was pushed back. The demonic swords that had collided evenly shook greatly.

equal? It is impossible. The sword of the specter is based on Hamel, who died in Babel.

Mixed with the magic of destruction, my sense of time was ambiguous, so I immersed myself in technology in pain that felt like eternity. As he became the incarnation of destruction, his intuition and intuition were incomparably strengthened. With all of that added, the swordsmanship was excellent enough to surprise Moron.

On the other hand, what about Eugene? He has lived as Eugene Ryanhart for over 20 years. From the moment I was able to hold a sword, no, even when I was a baby when I couldn’t hold a sword, I remembered the sword in my head. He was preoccupied with how he would fight in the future.

Overcame mighty enemies. There are still strong enemies to be defeated. Eugene always assumed the worst and made the necessary preparations. He never neglected training. Even though he had nothing to gain by swinging his sword more, he dared to swing his sword.

In the dark room, I saw the ideal ‘me’. Even the darkroom was overcome. Even ‘me’, who I thought was ideal at the time, now looks insignificant looking back.

so that.

Eugene’s sword can never be equal to the ghost’s sword. should not be equal. At least, what he was able to counter was intuition and intuition befitting an incarnation. And because of its mighty magic.

It was not flawlessly complete. If he has the intuition and intuition of the devil, Eugene has divinity. The nature of a war god that always creates the best battle. Yujin’s eyes radiated a more brilliant light.

Kwaaaang! The specter’s sura light collapsed. I squeezed into the flow created by the sword and cut it off. The divine power burning like a flame completely cut the demonic sword.

He wrapped himself in black flames and swung a brilliant holy sword. A black flame followed the line the light had drawn.

Kwagwagwang! The re-formed demonic sword tried to block it, but the moment the swords touched each other, the holy sword forcibly twisted the direction of the demonic sword.



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I hope you will intervene in this moment.

Attacks with the power to blow away a mountain just by brushing, no, without even needing to brush. A battle of transcendence in which it is concentrated and focused on the opponent.

However, before the power exploded, the attack on this side was accurately twisted.

‘I can’t.’

The specter was quick to admit. Accidents accelerated to such an extent that a moment felt like an eternity. Her intuition and intuition answered at the same time.

An attack that will come after parrying. A thunderbolt that arrives at the same time as shedding an opponent’s attack.

‘Lightning counter.’

that was the name I know, but I couldn’t respond. The lightning counter is the fastest attack you can’t counter even if you know it. Besides, that cloak—- was optimized for Eugene’s skills.

Moonlight Sword.

The light of destruction became lightning. Even the sound was far away, and the shot pierced the ghost’s body.

It must be the same magical power of destruction. did not mix On the contrary, a strong backlash arose the moment it was touched. I know why. The moonlight of that sword is no longer pure. Too many things are mixed. me black. It was no longer the sword of destruction, but the sword of Eugene.

ㅡQuarrrr! A voice that came late. The moonlight scattered in hundreds of streams created a whirlwind. This technology is also known to the specter. Infinite purgatory linked from Cyclone. The moment you are sucked in, hundreds of slashes will rip your whole body apart.

While being sucked into the whirlwind, the magic sword radiated magic. same technique. The slashing whirlwind created by magic power tried to destroy Eugene’s infinite purgatory from the inside.

Failed. I tried to amplify his magic even more, but in the end, infinite purgatory was completed. The moment I gave up my arm that was being eaten and dragged my foot backwards, the holy sword I held in reverse scratched the ground and soared upwards as if I had waited.

‘Dragon Burst.’

The light flashed and exploded. The ghost’s body split in two. She thought it would be like that from the beginning, but she couldn’t help but reduce it because she couldn’t use her hands like this.

‘The difference in technological perfection is too great.’

The specter has also developed its own technology, but the gap is too wide. The specter jumped backwards, taking care of the body that had turned to ashes from the crack and disappeared.

‘If I fight in the same way, I will lose unconditionally.’

In this condition, what gives the specter a clear advantage is that it ‘never’ gets tired. As the incarnation of destruction, his magical power is endless, and his immortality exceeds that of the demon king.


‘It’s not something that never dies.’

The holy sword now reaches even the demon lord. The moonlight sword, which has been transformed into Eugene’s, even cuts off the infinite magic power of the demon king. And, the god of war, the divine sword of the hero—- even cut off the demon lord’s immortality.

I know for sure.

Agaroth, God of War. Stupid Hamel. And, the hero Eugene Lionheart.

After passing through several reincarnations, it was handed down from an era that had passed.

All of that made Eugene Lionheart of ‘now’ optimized for demon king slaying. The current Eugene has more intent to kill the demon king than anyone else in his previous life, and has specialized in killing the demon king with all of himself.

If it was Eugene now, he would be able to kill any demon king who existed and died in the past.

Existed and died in the past.


the ghost spat out. No matter how many times I killed the demon lord of the past, it was of no use. The really important thing is to kill a demon king who has never been killed before.

A jailer, a sinner, and a demon lord who linked cause and effect while watching fate repeat itself.

A paranormal phenomenon far beyond the understanding of the same demon lord who destroyed the world many times.

“Sure, you are strong.”

The disintegration of the body has ceased.

“But not as strong as this.”

I learned many truths through the demon king of confinement. It seems that the nasty demon lord wants to use the specter as a variable in the repetition of fate.

– I will admit that you exist.

-That you are special, that you will not exist again, that you are the only one that exists only now.

understood. Confused, but forced to accept. I don’t know if this is correct.

However, the ghost longed for an answer for ‘Hamel’. I know the truth. Before all of this became the will of the demon king of confinement, before it became the will of the specter. That there is a person who wishes with will first.


“Not enough.”

The ghost’s answer does not change.

if you can’t kill me

if you are weaker than me

It is right to end this world here.

The specter’s expression changed. The magic of destruction, which had been shimmering randomly, began to move in a completely different way than before.

Eugene, who wondered what bullshit he was talking about, stopped moving when he saw the magical form.

Magical power flickers like fireworks.

The flames gradually grow stronger.

Magical power turned into a gray flame.

“… … bastarrrd.”

Eugene’s face twisted.

Gray flames flew like a lion’s mane.

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