Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 482

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Street fighting on the boulevard. Amelia Merwin was overpowered and the Liches were annihilated. In other words, there was no need to be wary of the proliferation of the undead.

Even the already created undead were noticeably weaker. Its magical power remains and it is maneuvering, but it is no longer strengthened and cannot carry out higher commands. At that point, it was nothing more than a simple meat shield, and did not pose much of a threat to the liberation army.

The problem is the demons of La Vista. Most of them were high-ranking demons, but there were enough strong people in the Liberation Army to face them. Captains of the knights. sorcerers. warriors. mercenary commanders.

In particular, Melchis, who ran rampant in his omega force state, was attracting the attention of the enemies due to his huge body. In addition, his wielding power was so strong that it could be said to be unrivaled, and since he wiped out the undead army with just a few waves of his hand, many of the high-ranking demons had no choice but to cling to Melchis.

“Omega Firestorm!”

Enemies rushed incessantly, but Melchis was not tired at all. Rather, she longed for more powerful enemies and more fierce battles. As much as that, Melchis was in a state full of strength.

wind! flame! Lightning! earth!

The power of the four spirit kings is concentrated in Melchis. In addition, all the spiritists of the White Mage Tower followed Melchis and supported the power of the spirits.

That’s why Omega Force beyond Union Force. With the power of the four spirit kings plus the power of all the spirits, now each and every movement of Melchis is more than a natural disaster.

As a high-ranking demon, Harpeuron, who was conceited, was put to death by Melchis’ blow. Although most of the demons attacking Melchis are stronger than Harpeuron, there was a gap between Infinite Force and Omega Force that exceeded that of demons.

“Weak! Weak!”

Melchis shouted, showing off his arrogant kicks and punches.

“North bee! Only the northern bee will make my heart beat!”

An amateur’s gesture that cannot be found with any sophistication. However, the power it carries is terribly destructive, and most demons will be mortally wounded just by brushing against it. So the demons had no choice but to desperately avoid Melchis’ attack.

“The storm is calling me!”

Melchis squealed. All these cries were for the Tempest, which became one only today.

It was because Melchis knew that Tempest wanted to go north and conquer the north. I don’t know the detailed reason, but if Tempest wants to go north and go north, I can hang out with him.

“People look like ants!”

That’s how big Melchis was today.

If it’s now, yes, if it’s me now. Stronger than that wise Senya… … .

“… … .”

Melchis stopped thinking sternly. sky not far away. I could see Senya floating alone in the galaxy. Now that he had obtained the Omega Force, he could feel Senya’s power better than before.

“As expected, she is my sister.”

Melchis immediately changed his posture and nodded.

Now, Senya is interfering in all battlefields. It means that each person is clearly distinguished and added strength. The stars flowing from Senya’s galaxy were changed into magic appropriate to the situation, inducing the flow of the battlefield.

What wizard in the world could do such a thing?

It’s easy for an Archmage to bomb the battlefield and bring victory. But on this chaotic battlefield, keeping pace with magic while keeping everyone mindful is impossible.

‘I need to seriously learn martial arts when I go back.’

Melchis takes pride in his punches and kicks. Others say it’s sloppy, but anyway, if you hit it right, isn’t it enough?

But after running wild in front of so many people, I suddenly had this idea. Wouldn’t it be nice to do it perfectly enough to admire everyone who sees it, rather than punching and kicking it?

[Enemy reinforcements are coming.]

[They look like monsters, but they are not monsters. Please deal with it carefully.]

A voice descended like an oracle from the sun in the sky. voice of a saint. The priests in the rear heard it first and immediately informed all allies.

Before long, the squadron spotted enemy reinforcements. It was— literally, it looked like a monster. It looks like a monster, but it’s not a monster. The subtle difference is precisely indescribable, visceral.

Hideous and ominous monsters. It’s not even small. Even the smallest group of monsters outweighed most ogres. Some run on two legs, some run on four legs, and some crawl like insects. There are also those who fly in the sky with wings that look different from each other.

“What is that?”

Melchis, who was desperately waving his hands at the fleeing demons, also looked ahead with a shocked face. The number of monsters approaching fast seemed far over 1,000.

“It’s reinforcements!”

Melchis exclaimed in fright. The monsters were moving forward, crushing and bursting the rear of their undead allies. Even at first glance, the monsters seemed to have no reason to distinguish between enemies and allies.

The demons who were desperately holding on to Melchis were also taken aback by the sudden reinforcements. They were astonished at the approaching monsters crushing the undead, but at the same time felt a sense of nostalgia for no reason. The demons of La Vista do not know about Nur. However, I could vaguely feel the magic power mixed with them.

‘Are you a servant of the apostle? But I haven’t heard of such a story… … .’

A similar power is felt. However, apart from that, it seemed that those monsters would never be allies.

Even if the demons forcibly thought of them as allies, the monsters didn’t seem to hesitate to attack. I felt so ominous that I couldn’t help but think that way.

[You click on that! Why are they here?]

Senya, who was watching the battlefield from the sky, also asked in surprise.

[It poured out of the castle.]

[Did he call you?]

[The presence of humans in the royal palace disappeared at the same time. I don’t know exactly how I did it, but, well, I might have summoned it as a sacrifice.]

Anise spat out without hiding her displeasure. At those words, Senya’s face rotted in the same way. She clicked her tongue and lifted her Akasha.

The real doom of destruction. Monsters who kill all living things in the world as the vanguard of the demon king of destruction. The number is considerable, and the exhalation is unlucky. Senya made up her mind and raised her mana. It was to attack them first before they reached them.

It was the moment to shoot the magic.

Kwakjijik! A loud roar, like thousands of thunder strikes at the same time, shook the sky. It was a sound so loud that one could believe it was the sound of the entire sky collapsing, no, the sound of the entire world being destroyed.

Everyone looked up at the sky in surprise at the unexpected sound.

Most could not comprehend the sight. A sight of conflicting colors and black flames colliding. A light flickered in the world as it all blended into one.

Some could not stand it and sat down on their seats. There was no real aftermath, but the emotional storm was unavoidable.

Same with Senya. She barely held her body as it reeled in her sky.

‘The demon of destruction.’

In that color, Senya felt the same thing. There was a beep in her ears that had been bothered by the too loud sound, and her head was dizzy.

[Christina? anise?]

I called, but no answer came back. It seems that the connection was temporarily disconnected due to the shock that just spread. Senja looked up at the sky with a sense of helpless anxiety.

“… … oh my god.”

Flashing ended, but the sky did not return to normal. What looked like a huge black scar remained in the sky and shimmered. Senya knew what that meant, and muttered involuntarily.

I don’t know what the heck he was doing. Eugene, that crazy bastard, really left a scar on this ‘world’. Senya immediately searched for Eugene and Mer to be together.

Couldn’t find it. Neither Eugene nor Mer existed in this world.

“no way.”

Not dead. If so—- Senya couldn’t believe it at all, so he glared at the wound in the sky.

* * *

“This dog, come here.”



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I wasn’t embarrassed by the sudden swearing. What puzzled the specter was where the hell this place was.

sky? no. This is a black world with nothing. like… … It is a place that reminds me of Babel’s court of confinement.

It’s dark. There is no light. However, Eugene and the specter here now have a clear appearance, as if they were newly drawn on a black background.

‘What about Hauria?’

Even if you look under your feet, there is no city. Could it be that the collision just now completely annihilated them? that… … I thought it was nonsense. Other people might not know, but there was no way that Hamel and Eugene would do such a thing.

“here is… … .”

I couldn’t finish the question. It was because Eugene recklessly attacked.

Wow! Although it was a black world, Eugene’s flame did not blend into the background. Heukyeom’s outer wing continued like her tail, and Eugene reached the specter’s front at once.

Right now, Eugene doesn’t have the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword. As a result of unreservedly unleashing the power gathered at one point, the two swords temporarily lost their luster.

The specter was similar. She was clad in flames of dizzying colors, but she couldn’t pour out her mana as loudly as before. A power vacuum that lasts for a while. each other recognized it.

‘Crazy… … !’

What was astonishing was the specter. The absolute disadvantage in this situation is Eugene. If the holy sword and the moonlight sword lost their power, of course they would have to step back and try to recover.

Eugene Lionhart. No matter how strong he is, attacking the Demon King naked without a weapon is an act of suicide.

ㅡSuicide? Really? Upon seeing Eugene’s clenched fists, the ghost had no choice but to change his mind.

The darkness that silenced Kamash and the Centipede Mountains in one blow. The specter knew what it was. Samar Great Forest. On the battlefield of Kochilla, where he first met Eugene, it was that technique that ended the specter that was a Death Knight.

-This… … i can’t win

Hamel’s body had been uttered like that while it was being destroyed. Only the soul remains in a pitiful way, how… … While reflecting on whether or not I was defeated, I thought a lot about that flame.

The flames around Eugene’s fist now are much stronger than before Samar. Being beaten never ends in pain.

Belatedly, the ghost realized. suicide? no. That man, with unmistakable certainty, was about to kill the specter.

Crackle! The ghost’s body flew backwards. She managed to defend herself, but not without shock. The color of the flame fluctuated and her arms were tattered. Great! The mask she was wearing also cracked.

“Kreuk… … !”

The specter twisted his body as he swallowed the gushing blood. Magic has not yet recovered. Unable to grip her sword, she has no choice but to stretch out her fist in the same way.

error. I realized it the moment I stretched out my fist. Memory, experience, intuition, all judged that it was ‘wrong’. Didn’t you save money before?

‘The skill gap… … .’

It’s overwhelming. They had to compete with powers such as magic output, power, and magic. If you exclude that and go purely to hand-to-hand combat, the ghost will never be able to defeat Eugene.

it never turns over A hand outstretched to shake it off. He thought of all possible means, but Eugene’s hand grabbed the ghost’s wrist as if it were natural. The snake-like hands were terrifying and tenacious. The ghost’s arm was crushed in an instant.

He cut off his arm without regret. What can be said to be a clear advantage at this moment is immortality worthy of a demon lord.

Woo woo! The specter’s eyes shook. It was only seconds before I realized it was a mistake. In return, he lost his arm, but his severed arm has already been regenerated.

If you react like this again, the result won’t be different. As it should be, the specter approached Eugene in reverse without widening the distance. The reason was not something Eugene knew. Eclipses formed on both of Eugene’s hands.

I was thinking of hitting it with Yeonta. If the bastard tried to respond unknowingly, he was confident enough to spill it. Or he’ll crush it while still defending.

But what he did was really strange. Rather, the eclipse was shed to the side. An Eclipse exploded in the dark world.

Eugene and the specter, no one was caught up in it. One flew away, but there was no problem with Eugene. Right now, there is one more eclipse left in my left hand. And behind her back, Prominence was also waiting for an abbreviated Eclipse.

Compared to the one I made myself, the power is weak, but—- but it has the advantage of being able to shoot in multiple shots. The current Eugene can transform all flame feathers into Eclipses in the blink of an eye and shoot them wildly.

‘Put your fist first, then… … .’

Divinity shone in my head.

failure. A feeling similar to when you cut Moron’s axe. Yujin’s eyes glowed with wonder.

A revelation different from a prediction or prophecy. In an instant, in Eugene’s accident, countless ways to effectively succeed in the attack he had just thought of came to mind.

As soon as I remembered it, I came to a conclusion. all fail. No matter what kind of attack I do now, it won’t reach him.

Even knowing it, Eugene threw the Eclipse. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in the revelations of the war god. Rather, I believed it, so I wanted to check it out for myself.

The series of processes seemed slow.

Eclipse approaches. The sun bubbling over the surface starts the explosion. The ghost’s hand catches Eclipse. His hands are cautious, as if he is receiving fragile glass marbles. As his fingers scan the surface, the sun’s runaway subsides. Before long, its mana wrapped around Eclipse like a thin cloth and threw it aside.

explosion. There is nothing to get involved in. Feathers fly from Prominence. The sparks coalesced into hundreds of suns. The sunspot spreads, and the eclipse explodes.

The specter’s flames are about to saturate. A jumble of colored sparks. Scattering embers fluttered from the ghost’s shoulders like a lion’s mane. The specter did not move, but the sparks he caused consumed Eugene’s flames.

Mana did not flow back. Just, she burned and disappeared. Eugene continued to move.

Eugene was well aware of this process. When he first met Vermouth. When he dueled Nome on the condition that they become allies.


Eugene stepped forward. At the workshop, fireworks continued to explode. The RBI is shaking. His movements suddenly changed. It’s like he’s fighting someone else. He’s not like when he only stole magic and used it.


Know. flexible movement. He was good at receiving and letting go rather than counterattacking. Having faced him countless times, I had to get used to parrying in order to keep up with his movements.

That made me even more angry. disgusting Divinity responded to the passion. The divine eyes saw through the gap. Eugene moved there without a single thought.

cooong! The fist touched the ghost’s chest once. The penetrating shock made the specter’s body stop for a moment. As it was, I could have continued the attack and smashed his head.

But Eugene didn’t. Instead, he grabbed the mask it was wearing.

“I am.”

Kwadeuk. Eugene’s hand completely shattered the mask.

“This is the most f*cked up thing.”

Eugene glared at the ghost’s face. Maybe, that guy might be vermouth. If he takes off his mask, he might have Vermouth’s face.

I didn’t expect that. He couldn’t be Vermouth.

“Why is your expression like that?”

The reason I took off the mask was because I wanted to see his face.

“Why is Mr. X putting on the expression that he has a f*cking story?”

The hand that broke the mask became a fist again.


A fist slammed into the middle of the specter’s face.

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