Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 483

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The feeling of breaking something with my right fist and moving forward. If the opponent was a human, it could have stopped here. There is no need to pay more, and if you shove your fist into the face this much, a human being will die unconditionally.

But now the opponent is not human. That’s why Eugene didn’t withdraw his fist, but instead pushed it further forward.

Poududeuk! I went ahead, completely destroying what my fist was blocking.

ㅡAww! Black flames exploded like firecrackers on the ghost’s neck. Eugene’s fist, as it meant, blew the ghost’s head off. Her body, missing her head, tried to fall over, but she corrected her position.

The head hasn’t regenerated yet. However, the headless body attacked Eugene on its own. At first glance, it looked like he was fighting back because he couldn’t win his temper.

It’s not because you can’t beat your temper, or because you lose your reason. The movement was still sophisticated, flexible and smooth like smoke flowing like water flowing. However, the moment they touch it, the benign flow becomes a violent gust of wind, tearing it to pieces or swallowing it.

There’s no way you don’t know that Eugene and Hamel were able to swear with everything they had. The opponent he has faced the most since Hamel was born.

that’s vermouth

The same goes for vermouth. That’s right. Just like Hamel, most of the guys who fought Vermouth died before surviving a single battle. On the other hand, the two had no reason to kill each other, and Hamel asked for a confrontation whenever he had a chance, so they exaggeratedly confronted each other hundreds of times.

So, you can be sure. Vermouth didn’t have any specific skills, but those strange throws and counterattacks were undoubtedly Vermouth’s. A technique that incorporates not only simple martial arts but also long-term space manipulation.

I can’t help but feel a sense of discomfort. Did he use space magic? Yeah, so far, that was fine. But watching him do that shit turns my stomach. It feels like shit.

Born from Hamel’s memory, wearing Hamel’s face and using Hamel’s skills.

Now he is using Vermouth’s white salt ceremony and magic, as well as his own martial art.

“Mr. Lee.”

I wouldn’t be so upset if that bastard had been brazenly condescending.

I’m fake, but I’ll kill you and become real. Well, if I had raised even common bullshit like this, yes, my heart would have been rather relieved.

Or, like Amelia, a megalomaniac… … Or put a secret wish like an idiot in front. Like Alpiero, who burst out like a mosquito and died, his eyes are turned upside down at the dog-like loyalty of the demon king of destruction. Like Amelia, who died without being able to do anything after becoming a demon king, she cried out for revenge.

Aren’t there any number of reasons? Even if he had picked out just one of the many reasons, Eugene was confident that he wouldn’t feel this shitty displeasure right now.

But that bastard doesn’t give a reason for that. He came to his senses, met Moron, and attacked the Black Lion Castle before the day passed. He didn’t kill anyone on the subject of the attack, and left after saying bullshit about coming to anger him. The capture of Hauria? The more you chew on this, the more the heat spreads.

“What on earth do you want to do?”

Eugene and the ghost’s arms crossed.

If swept away, it breaks. The voices of Cristina and Anis—-inaudible. In other words, if your arm is broken here, you can’t be healed right away with healing magic.

“Well, I won’t let an innocent citizen get involved~ Did you even think of something like this?”

Backed away without bumping into it. It’s not like I just threw it out. Turning her feathers into the sun, she shoots an eclipse, while leaping with a feather hidden among the scattered sparks. That’s how Eugene moved to the back of the specter at once.

“Sequester the city, make up most of the power with monsters and demons that don’t mind dying, and make up for what’s lacking with the undead.”

“What’s wrong with the demon king commanding demons?”

The specter couldn’t stand it any longer at the continued sarcasm.

“Don’t be vague, motherf*cker.”

I didn’t like the answer very much.

“I asked why Mr. X’s expression is like that. Why do you look like you have a f*cking story? No, not just facial expressions. everything is fine with you.”

Even the ghost couldn’t reply to that insult. He jerked his body around and held out his hand at Eugene. Space magic, completed in an instant, put pressure on Eugene.

That moment. Eugene’s cloak was opened.

Kwakjijik! Brain light bow and dragon spear. Two types of artillery fire hit the specter. Although it was inferior to Eugene’s skill, the bombardment, which contained enough mana, offset the space manipulated by the ghost to some extent.

“Actually, I don’t want to do this, but there is a reason, I can’t help it, what is this?”

Eugene did not stop sarcastic. His hand slipped through his cloak and dragged a huge hammer.

Crushing weight gigolod. A weapon used by the Demon Lord of Slaughter. The ghost’s expression stiffened.

I forgot. The weapons that Eugene Lionheart uses are not only the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword. He also has the Demon Lord’s Arms.

“Then tell me the story of Mr. X!”

Eugene yelled and swung the crushing weight. The specter created a barrier by reflexively overlapping spaces. Soon, I realized that this was a mistake.

Power of the Crushing Weight. It’s very simple. Among the demon lord’s weapons, there is probably no one with power as simple as the crushing weight.

break the beating What crushing weight can break depends on the owner’s strength. If it’s Eugene’s power—- such as empty space with nothing filled. If you use the Power of the Crushing Weight, it is no different from a glass window.

Kwakjijik! The overlapping barriers were shattered. A simple ignorant authority flew into his arms. The specter immediately stretched out both of his hands, sparking. Flames of intertwined colors blocked the crushing weight.

“What are you? what do you want me to do? And Vermut, why is it to you? … .”

“Because of me… … !”

The ghost’s face contorted.

“You think you’re shutting up because you don’t want to talk? me too… … .”

What was I supposed to say? Even the specter is feeling stuffy. But it’s not like you can’t tell everything. What the specter has to do, what he wants to do… … .


A vein stood on Eugene’s neck. The crushing weight went back into the cloak.

Then, is the magic spear Ruintos next? The specter naturally had the magic spear in mind. The power of the Demonic Spear is Changlin. Summons countless spear blades in spatial coordinates… … .


Wrong. The moonlight sword protruded from the cloak. The pale, spreading moonlight drew a crescent moon. The specter’s eyes widened.

Moonlight Sword? suddenly? Wasn’t that something that couldn’t be written?

“Do it till the end, bastard!”

Until now, I had no intention of talking. When the specter first took out the flame of the white flame ceremony.

It’s not enough, it can’t be this level of strength, blah blah, blah blah, that, from the tone of my voice that I couldn’t show off that I had a story.

It was like shit. But I persevered. warriors and demons. When we meet on the battlefield, there is only one thing to do. once you fight kill. Ask questions before killing. I thought so.

But isn’t that son of a bitch doing something unbecoming of a demon king? While letting out a hint that he had a story, he kept his mouth shut.

Eugene couldn’t stand it because it was disgusting.

Kwakjijik! A slash that curved like a crescent moon flew right in front of the specter’s eyes. The specter managed to get the moonlight sword. Magic has been restored quite a bit. Even so, getting the moonlight sword wasn’t that easy.

It’s because of a simple psychological problem. heavy. The weight of Eugene’s words put weight on it, and the moonlight sword felt heavier than before.

The ghost’s body is the same. Soggy and boiling emotions made not only the ghost’s head heavy, but also his body.

‘It’s disgusting?’

Why are you making such a face? Dark emotions boiled over. Her head seemed to fill with heat.

“A bastard you don’t even know… … !”

The ghost contorted his face and spat out.

Yes, Eugene Ryanhart knows nothing. He seems to think that he just needs to kill the demon king of confinement and kill the demon king of destruction, but in reality it’s not that simple.



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The ghost knows. Even he himself couldn’t be sure if all he knew was all, but the specter knew that the demon king in captivity didn’t lie. And what he knew right away was enough to reach the current choice.

“난 당연히 모르지, 이 개새끼야. I won’t tell you, but how do you know? If you know, I am a god!”

As I screamed out loud, I felt a pang in my heart.

To put it bluntly, Eugene was right. But that’s also a story from a previous life, and strictly speaking, aren’t you a god now? It wasn’t anyone’s opinion, but Eugene first convinced himself.

“That bastard, Vermouth! The demon king of confinement! And you too! I know a big f*cking secret, but I can’t bear to tell you right now, yes, I’ll tell you later, oh, but I can’t just tell you… … Oh my, such a dog.”

The more he talked, the more Yujin’s emotions boiled over.

Vermouth’s son is the problem. If you want to be reincarnated right away, leave a letter with all the circumstances. What is the reason for leaving all the information? Even that, there were few things that were certain, and until now, Eugene didn’t even know where Vermouth was, let alone his true identity.

The Demon King of Confinement. The kid is the same. When I see what he is doing, I just want to kill him, leaving behind the fact that he is a demon king. The reason is that it is frustrating and twisted. Even a saint who has lived his whole life without swearing a word would not be able to stand the twin lust when he sees the demon king in confinement.

Look at the deeds of the demon king, who is not enough to chew on. The first time we met in the tomb. He doesn’t speak directly, what a dumb lion… … He let out a suspicious smell while talking about his friendship with Vermouth.

What about after that? He openly protected Eugene. Until Eugene finished his preparations, he also cracked down on the demons under his command. On top of that, he even went a step further, even openly declaring that he would wait until he climbed the barbell in the Night March.

The most spectacle is the battle with Amelia, who has become the Demon King. What prevented the runaway of the moonlight sword? He is the demon king of Yupe. In the abyss of the deep sea, the one who explained the situation to Eugene in the ancient city? He is the demon king of confinement.

“While doing that! That bastard! I will teach you what I need the most when I go up to the Devil Castle!”

Eugene yelled loudly. He said that the guy he wants to beat the most in the world is the guy who quits talking.

“You, you too, you bastard! This abominable baby. ”

Even while pouring out swear words filled with emotions, Yujin continued his onslaught. Before he knew it, he wielded the moonlight sword and holy sword in both hands, just like before.

In the meantime, other attacks were linked within the cloak. If the specter created a defensive barrier, the crushing weight would break it down, and if it tried to use the space widely, its actions were restricted by the power of the demonic spear. I held onto it like that and threw Eclipse down.

I was beaten straight up a few times. I couldn’t avoid it, I couldn’t stop it. My body is still heavy and my head is pounding. There was no bottom to the bubbling emotions.


Soaring emotions shattered reason. The wraith roared, her bloodshot eyes wide open.

“It is vermouth that gave me strength.”

I had no intention of having a conversation like this before the fight was over.

“The thing that gave me the magic of destruction when I was about to die! The thing that made me an incarnation! All of them are vermouth bastards.”

The ghost rushed at Eugene. Every time he vomited out his cry, it seemed that the lump that had filled his chest and weighed down his body disappeared.

“That kid… … ! Even the moment I fought with you added strength to me. How to use the white salt ceremony, how to use magic, no, how to use authority… … ! Even how you fought in the past!”

Most of the ghost’s emotions are resentment and anger.

When he had fabricated memories, he was full of hatred and vengeance. However, once he knew his identity, he could no longer hold on to hatred and revenge. I was just sad, sad, and angry.

Why is it me? Why did you bother to find out the truth? If I hadn’t known anything, I wouldn’t have had to worry about it.

“I mean, I… … ! At first, I just wanted to kill you. After killing you, I thought I might be able to replace you. But I just couldn’t do it.”

The basis of the ghost’s ego is Hamel. Hamel would never do anything like that. more, stronger… … I want to be sure. She meets Moron, and she watches Senya from a distance. As a result, the wind was completely abandoned.

“I can never be you. Fake and real, it doesn’t matter. I’m just me… … can’t be you.”

Kwakjijik! Sparks burst out loudly from the dizzyingly colored magic sword.

As the specter began to wield the magic sword in earnest, Eugene could no longer wield the holy sword and the moonlight sword separately. Although the light was not mixed into one as before, the traces of the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword drew a single line.

“I knew you wanted a war in Nahama. So, I did as you wished. In order to give your side a more solid justification, they even invaded the Black Lion Castle.”

The ghost’s voice became harsh.

“The idea was to postpone the war. I had no intention of gaining anything from this war. While pretending moderately, you… … make you the protagonist Amelia Merwin, throw that bitch at your feet!”

Kwak! The sparks that collided mixed with each other.

“I am! fight with you… … I was thinking of dying in moderation. I thought fighting with you would be enough… … .”

“Why do you have to fight and die with me?”

Eugene stopped the sword first. When the attack suddenly stopped, the ghost was startled and stopped the sword.

“First of all, I understand the circumstances, and I am willing to accept you as a colleague as long as you don’t pay the price.”

Yujin tilted her head and said. At those words, the ghost’s mouth was half open.

“Of course not. Go to Moron and pray for your sins, and even go to the Black Lion Castle, kneel down and pray. Hey, but why didn’t you go to Senya?”

“… … I sneaked in and saw… … .”

“stealthily? 이 개새끼. Did you steal Senya!”

Eugene yelled again. When the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword were raised again, the specter jumped back in surprise.

“The strange thing is… … I didn’t see it.”

“Then I will forgive you. Let’s continue talking for now.”

Eugene frowned and stared at the ghost’s face.

“Do you and I have any reason to fight? I’m a pretty rational person, from what I’ve heard… … I don’t want to have to kill you.”

“That is your decision.”

The ghost calmed his agitated emotions and twisted his lips.

“My decision won’t change. I intend to kill you unconditionally.”

“I was thinking of fighting moderately and dying earlier, bastard.”

“I thought so before meeting the demon king of confinement… … .”

“good. Then let’s talk about it.”

Eugene nodded.

“Why do you intend to kill me unconditionally?”

“that… … .”

“If you come all the way and defeat me, I will answer you, you are not saying something like that.”

The specter’s eyes shook.

“Then what if I can’t control my strength and kill you before I hear from you?”

“Why do you always think you will win?”

The specter asked, furrowing his eyebrows just like Eugene. Bastard, with his personality… … Eugene clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“Just pretend you can win. let’s say you kill me By the way, you also misregulated your power… … .”

“You don’t have to talk about useless things to someone who dies anyway.”

“You’re so different from me, my baby, I’m going to kill you, but I’m talking like this. is not it?”

“… … .”

“Don’t be stubborn and pretend to have a story, tell me quickly. Listen and do it again.”

“What are you doing again?”

In response to the ghost’s question, Eugene put on an expression that seemed obvious.


“… … ?”

“Why is your face like that? I’ll decide whether to kill or not, but fighting is different from that.”

The minutes haven’t been resolved yet.

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