Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 484

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‘What the hell is this bastard talking about?’

To be honest, I couldn’t understand Yujin’s behavior. Whoever hears it will think so.

Until recently, Eugene and the ghost were trying to kill each other. It’s not just ‘pretend’. both did their best. The attacks they were pouring into each other were sharp and sophisticated enough that a mere brushing of them could lead to a fatal blow.

that they fought to kill each other. There were also quite a few emotions.

… … were you sincere? Even if it wasn’t the specter himself, Eugene must have been sincere. of that dreadful flesh. What is the reason why Eugene doesn’t have the will to kill the ghost? From the time Eugene first reached the palace. No, even before he came down to this city, he must have made up his mind to kill the ghost.

I bet it is.

Right now, Eugene didn’t feel the intent to kill. She has an annoyed and upset expression on her face, but she doesn’t attack the ghost the way she just did. The Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword, which he had wielded recklessly until just a few minutes ago, were no longer shining.

Oops… … Even though I thought that the change in emotions was not well understood.

“under… … .”

In the end, the specter had no choice but to convince. absurd thing. something incomprehensible. Some might find that behavior out of the blue and emotional. But in reality it is not so. Eugene and Hamel. It was the most rational decision in the current situation.

The reason Eugene was able to make such a judgment was not because he had pity for the ghost.

Do you think his situation is pitiful? If I forced it, I would be able to think that way, but honestly, I have no sympathy for him right now.

As long as the ghost wants to kill Eugene, the ghost is just an enemy to Eugene. Eugene was not unnecessarily sensible enough to feel pity for his enemies.

The reason for holding back now is because of vermouth. If the existence of the specter was what Vermouth intended, then we should get the sword and dig into the circumstances without killing him right away. After that kind of room is created, you will be able to have a little bit of pity by examining him a little more.

“It sounds like you.”

such a stream of thought. The specter smiled bitterly and took the magic sword. momentary lull. Only then did Eugene notice the surroundings.

‘It resembles the place where Laizakia was imprisoned.’

gaps in space. I guessed roughly. Just before, when swords collided in the sky. As a result, it seems that it flew here. When I thought about it like that, I started to worry about it.

‘Are you okay outside? Didn’t I get involved in a big accident for no reason?’

[No problem, don’t worry.]

When Eugene thought that. I heard Anise’s voice in my head. Eugene was taken aback by the sudden whisper and stepped back.

‘What, what is it? How do you talk to me?’

[Because the light is attached to Eugene.]

[The connection was connected a while ago, but are you not feeling it?]

Cristina answered, and Anise added. connection? Eugene glanced at the holy sword in her hand. Apparently, the holy sword was lit up again and connected to the light.

‘It’s not as clear as before.’

[It’s probably because the space you are in is special. How does it feel?]

‘It also resembles the gap where Laizakia was… … It feels like the other side of Rehein Yar. It seems that even the space magic that bastard used was caught up in.’

Eugene replied with a wrinkled expression. However, it is fortunate that the connection with the outside world has not been severed. Even if the space is different, if you are conscious of each other and connected, you can go out as much as you like.

‘So, is it really okay outside?’

[Something like a dark scar remains in the middle of the sky.]

[Many people collapsed in shock from the roar, but no one died from the aftermath.]

[Hamel, that’s not the point now. Nur’s army is very fierce.]

[Senya-sama is blocking it, but… … .]

‘It’s that hard?’

Eugene didn’t quite understand, so he asked again.

Moron held Noor for over 100 years. Eugene also caught Nur several times during his stay in Le Hein Yar, and he never had much difficulty. If I had to pick the gritty things about him, it would be about his ominous magical powers and the miasma he exhaled while dying.

[If it were a minority, it would be. But there are more than a thousand birds here.]

[Maybe it’s resonating with each other, our holy power is all we can do to stop them. Senya’s magic is reducing the number, but… … .]


but. If they have no talent other than running rampant, they won’t be able to lead the way as the true family of destruction. If you think about it, the god army of the Age of Mythology had a hard time dealing with the large army of Nur without Agaroth personally stepping out.

‘Hold on for now.’

[…] … Would you like to talk to him?]

‘Didn’t you hear everything?’

[I had no intention of eavesdropping. I couldn’t help but hear it.]

‘are you okay. It’s a story you all need to know anyway.’

After saying that, Eugene looked up.

a little farther in front. The ghost’s eyes were dimly shining.

“Have you thought about it?”

“I was waiting for your conversation to end.”

“Uh, okay, the conversation is over, so tell me now.”

Yujin stood with a crooked posture and nodded dryly.

“Why do you have to kill me?”

“… … Before leaving Black Lion Castle and coming to Hauria. I met the demon king of confinement.”

A person was trying to say something important, but I didn’t like Eugene’s attitude of listening in such a casual way. However, there would be no end to pointing out such trivial things to that man, so the ghost went on with his words.

“After becoming the incarnation of destruction and learning that I am a fake. I am… … I went to see the demon king in captivity alone. Climb the barbell… … .”

“What, did you go to swear an oath of allegiance?”

Yujin clicked her chin and grinned.

I tried to keep quiet, but… … Hearing such words made the specter’s eyes roll over. His personality was ultimately derived from Hamel’s memories, and his fiery temper had no choice but to resemble Hamel’s to some extent.

“Don’t bullshit. Why am I swearing allegiance to that bastard?”

“The monsters you brought were all managed by the bastard who was in captivity. Do you know someone with a backbone… … .”

“I’m going to talk about the situation now, but why do you keep arguing?”

“dispute? Did you say Shibi just now? You bastard, shall we take a look at who of us started the fight first?”

Eugene pointed and shot. The specter felt the urge to immediately swing his magic sword and cut off that finger, but he didn’t do it and only his fist trembled.

After confirming that the specter was losing his temper, Eugene lowered his finger with a feeling of satisfaction inside.

“So, what did you do when you climbed the barbell?”

Naturally, he turned the topic of conversation for the first time. Actually, it wasn’t very natural, but it wasn’t something Eugene needed to worry about.

“I challenged the demon king of confinement.”



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“Are you strong?”

asked right away.

“It couldn’t even be called a fight. All of my powers were in vain in front of the demon king of confinement.”

The specter paused for a moment and was lost in thought.

At the time of challenging the demon king of confinement, the specter could not use Vermouth’s magic or white salt ceremony like now. Even the magic of destruction could not be handled as it is now. At that time, the specter was only using inferior techniques than Eugene based on ignorant magical power.

“… … If we fight now… … I don’t know if I won’t be defeated in vain. But there is no certainty. That’s why the demon king of confinement is overwhelming.”

It was miserable, but the specter had no choice but to be sure of it.

Eugene has never directly fought against the demon king of confinement. That’s why the specter’s evaluation was desperately needed now.

According to Eugene, the specter is strong. It is incomparably stronger than Iris, who became the demon king of madness, and will be stronger than the demon kings 300 years ago.

Such a specter was defeated in vain by the demon lord in captivity.

“I see.”

If he fought now, the defeat itself would not change even if it was assumed. Eugene replied with a nod of her head.

Does not matter. It was the specter, not Eugene, who was defeated. One day, Eugene will climb the barbell and challenge the demon king of confinement. Of course, Eugene at that time would be much stronger than he is now, and at the moment of challenging the demon king, he would have finished all possible preparations.

“I’d rather die from the demon king of confinement, but he didn’t kill me. He threw me out of Babel, saying that the answer to existence is to seek oneself.”

The ghost let out a short sigh and shook his head.

“I moved in search of that, the answer. traveled the world Going to and from the library, I put the events of the last 300 years in my head. I went to Reheinyar and saw Moron, and I went to Arod and saw Senya… … .”

“Why didn’t you see Anise?”

words that came out of nowhere. The specter furrowed his eyebrows and glared at Eugene.

“Are you saying we had to pay tribute to Anise’s icon in the square of Jurass?”

“Christina is Anis.”

Information dug in without hesitation. The specter’s eyes widened wide.

He was so startled that he couldn’t say anything, he pursed his lips, then hesitantly stepped back.

“Christina Rogeris… … Anise? What nonsense… … . no way… … Are you saying Anis was also reincarnated?”

“It’s not a reincarnation, only the soul remains and possesses Christina.”

I listened to the explanation, but it was difficult to understand. I didn’t think understanding was necessarily important. The important thing is that anise still exists in this era. It means that he is helping Eugene for the sake of the world.

“… … is it.”

The specter felt a suffocating feeling. She thought of Hamel, who had died alone at Babel, and of her comrades who had Hamel in front of her.

Betrayal, hatred, revenge, not lies, but the real feelings that Hamel and his colleagues had 300 years ago.

Those feelings can never be possessed by a specter. The specter himself did not want to covet those memories.

But, even more so. All the more because he learned that Hamel was reincarnated, that Moron and Senya are alive, and that even Anis, who was thought to be dead, exists.

“… … To be defeated by the demon king of confinement.”

The conversation with Eugene made a small shake in the ghost’s chest.

If you understand each other to some extent. In the end, if the ultimate purpose is the same. Can’t we enjoy the peace for the time allowed? Can’t we help Eugene’s journey wherever possible? Isn’t there more that a country like this can do?

“Do you know what it means to die to him?”

He dismissed various greed born from shaking. All are petty greed. The ghost stared at Eugene with her calm eyes.

“… … It will be death.”

That gaze was annoying. Still, it’s fortunate that we can definitely have a ‘conversation’. If it were the demon king in captivity, he would have disappeared while talking about Seon, let alone answer.

“No, you are wrong.”

The ghost shook his head.

“If you are killed by the demon king of confinement, your very existence will be seized by his authority.”

“… … .”

“If you remember your two previous lives, you will know that this world was destroyed once by the demon king of destruction.”

Know. A mythical age where Agaroth and numerous gods lived.

“Even while the demon king of destruction was erasing the entire world, the demon king of confinement was alive and well. Nome suffered the demise of a previous era. It is not erased together, nor is it reborn. He’s not as enlightened as you are. The demon king of confinement is just… … It just survives.”

“… … .”

“The demon king of confinement showed me directly.”

A lightly touched chain. Information rushed in. The memory of the demon king of confinement. A shock greater than the body being pierced and broken. My head collapsed because I didn’t want to understand. Incomprehensibly horrific and futile.

“Not once. The exact number of times is unknown, but the demon king of confinement… … I have already seen the end of the world several times. Do you know what I mean? The Demon King of Destruction has already destroyed this world many times.”

Countless corpses. An empty, ruined city. A wave coming from somewhere. After the sea covered everything, with no land to set foot on.

Land buried deep in the sea soars to form continents. life is born again Mountains soar and rivers form. Trees grow and make forests, and grasses grow and make fields. In some places, sand piles up and becomes a desert.

“And the demon king of confinement always survived.”

A world where new life is born. For the first time, the land where the Demon King Castle was built becomes the Devil’s Land.

“It means that the demon king of confinement will move on to the next era together with the soul he possesses. Make a contract with him, or die by him. If the existence is captured like that, it can never be reincarnated.”

At those words, Yujin’s face couldn’t help but stiffen. In the contract between the demons and the demon king, humans offer their souls in exchange. In other words, reincarnation is impossible for most citizens of Helmud. Helmud is an empire of ghosts who have been deprived of reincarnation.

However, if that ‘reincarnation’ is not limited to the current era, but continues to the next era. Even after the demon lord of destruction destroys the world, if the soul held by the demon lord of confinement is not freed.

“… … These times are special.”

The ghost let out a long sigh.

“Even the demon king of confinement knows that the current era is special. … … Why do you think it’s special?”

“Because destruction is postponed.”

“You avoid answering.”

The ghost laughed bitterly and pointed at Eugene.

“The current era is special because you, the reincarnated person, exist. Eugene Lionhart. You were Hamel in your previous life, and you were a war god in your previous life.”

“… … .”

“You, too, must know what makes you special.”

“To rot.”

Eugene frowned and sighed.

“I know that the demon king of confinement has seen several eras. Even in my vague old memories, the demon king of confinement exists. So why are you trying to kill me… … .”

The accident was cut short. Because of the sudden thought. Eugene stopped what he was saying and glared at his ghost.

“Just as the demon king of confinement pays attention to your specialness, so does vermouth.”

The ghost opened his mouth.

“I am… … Vermouth wanted to end everything this time… … think.”

I came to see Hamel, the reincarnation of Agaroth. made a colleague Together, they wandered the Demon Realm and defeated the Demon King.

-If you were together, you wouldn’t have to fight the demon king in confinement when you reached the top of the demon castle.

-That was the most important condition for me. Climbing to the top of Babel, the demon castle of confinement. If you can directly meet the body of the demon king in captivity there, that’s it.

Failed. Vermouth thoroughly concealed his secret wish from his colleagues.

Eugene and Hamel couldn’t figure out Vermouth’s circumstances. What Hamel was thinking at the time was that he didn’t want to hold back his teammates. He didn’t want to live ugly. He hoped for a death that somehow fit with the work he had done so far.

“The purpose of vermouth 300 years ago failed. But it didn’t completely fail. Rather, if you look at it in terms of power, it might have been better to have failed 300 years ago.”

I understood what that word meant. 300 years until reincarnation. Senya and Moron became stronger, and Anise’s soul passed on to Christina.

And the reincarnated Eugene—- incomparably stronger than Hamel’s enemies. Agaroth’s memories were also awakened.

“Now you must never die to the demon lord of confinement.”

said the ghost.

“So, I intend to kill you. If you can’t even surpass me and die at my hands. You can never defeat the Demon King of Confinement.”

After accepting the truth shown by the demon king of confinement, the specter had no choice but to conclude like that.

Vermouth—- put Hamel, not himself, as the hope of the world. Hamel 300 years ago did not know that fact. So is the world. In that era, the hero and hope was the great Vermouth.

But now is not the time.

“I cannot attribute your hopes to the demon lord in captivity. If it’s impossible in this era, if you don’t have the confidence to defeat the demon king of confinement. If even I can’t win.”

The ghost glared at Eugene.

“It is right to end this world here.”

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