Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 485

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I saw the ghost’s eyes.

For Eugene, whether the conclusion he drew was right or wrong didn’t matter much now. No, to say the truth. Eugene thought that the specter’s conclusion was never right.

The guy is wrong. He’s not qualified to draw that conclusion to him. It is not the specter’s job to contest and judge it, even if it is truly impossible.

However, Eugene did not swear at the specter at all. She felt great annoyance and anger, but managed to hold it back by clenching her fists.

It was because I felt a clear determination in his eyes. He made that decision with clear convictions of his own.

It is a belief that Eugene does not want to understand very much. But he respected it. Let’s change our point of view. If Eugene’s personal feelings are excluded. The ghost’s words were not entirely wrong.

If you die to the demon king of confinement, your existence itself will be captured. Even in the next era, you will never be reincarnated. It is unknown how the demon king of confinement uses the captured souls, but being deprived of reincarnation itself is a terrible thing.

Eugene knows that many things have been entangled and piled up in his existence.

If Vermouth hadn’t come to visit. If Vermouth hadn’t reincarnated. That’s why the specialness of now should never be made vain.

3 reincarnations. As a result, Eugene has a huge potential. this possibility… … If you don’t bloom in this era. It might be better to wait for the next era.

ㅡIs that really so? If you only avoid being killed by the demon lord of confinement, is it possible to bloom the possibility in the next era?

‘I do not know.’

Ordinary people do not realize their past lives. Eugene was like that too. When she lived in Hamel, she never recalled a single memory of Agaroth.

However, unlike being completely deprived of possibility, isn’t it possible to expect possibility?

If you die from the demon king of confinement, there will be no next time, and if you meet another death, there may be a next time. Possibilities, that they might be able to continue.

Organizing his thoughts, Yujin let out a short sigh. But her agitated emotions hardly calmed down. Eugene sighed a few more times and scratched her head for no reason.

Anise and Christina were silent. Is the ghost’s answer correct? The saints also had the same thoughts as Eugene about that. However, the two did not actively come out and express their opinions.

The fate of the world is at stake on this matter, and if Eugene seeks advice. Anise will give advice for Eugene as Anise and Cristina will do. It would be the same for not only the saints, but also Senya and Moron, as well as Lionheart’s family, who shared many secrets with Eugene.

I’m just giving advice anyway. The final decision must be made by Eugene.

because he is special

Because it has as much potential as expected.

“… … Originally, you would have died 300 years ago, and it would have ended just like that.”

The ghost opened his mouth. He stared at the silent Eugene. At that gaze, Yujin’s eyebrows crumpled.

It was obvious what that blatant statement meant. Babel 300 years ago. Belial, Staff of Confinement.

“The fact that the demon king of confinement released your soul is an exception that will never happen again. The demon king of confinement seems to have a lot of interest in you too… … He seems to have more interest in Vermouth than you.”

“… … .”

“Because the opponent was Vermouth, the demon king of confinement dared to deal with him. Only vermouth… … You can make an appointment with the demon king of confinement.”

Desert, Hamel’s Tomb. The moment I first met the demon king of confinement.

-Your ancestors made a pact in exchange for freedom, and now the end is drawing near. The time has come for the stopped wheel to roll again.

-Someday, we’ll have to make an appointment again. Who can make a promise on behalf of Vermouth and stop the wheel?

Words I couldn’t understand at the time. But now I can understand.

“Now without vermouth. If you die in Babel, who the hell do you think can make a pact to get your soul out? Are you counting? Moron? anise? Christina Rogeris?”

The ghost laughed and shook his head.

“No one can make promises. The demon king of confinement would not want to make a promise to anyone other than Vermouth. Only Vermouth was able to share a promise on an equal footing with the demon lord in captivity.”

“… … That vermouth made you an incarnation. Baek Yeom-sik, magic, memories, and stuff like that.”

“I’m not sure why Vermouth would do that. but… … I can guess.”

The ghost remembered Vermouth.

The distant past, the end of the age of mythology. Vermouth had been sitting in the scar that Agaroth, the god of war, had made on the demon lord of destruction.

I couldn’t talk to Vermouth. However, I could feel Vermouth’s feelings a little. He first hated, and later—pity.

“I want to test you, it seems like vermouth is the same.”

I couldn’t think of anything other than that. Vermouth is bound by the chain of confinement and sealed together with the demon lord of destruction. The current vermouth cannot move freely.

Eugene hopes to defeat the demon king of confinement someday and challenge the demon king of destruction, and Vermouth must be the same.

But unlike 300 years ago, now Vermouth cannot fight alongside Eugene. It is difficult to even judge whether Eugene’s qualifications are sufficient.

So he took the ghost as an incarnation.

“with pleasure.”

The silent lips opened.

“How did you come to be like that? I understand why you want to kill me. And I will never agree with you.”

What you want to test is the same with vermouth? It sounds like shit, but in the end I got it. It was because the ‘Vermut Lionheart’ that Eugene knew was someone who could do such a thing.

“Yes, of course you are.”

The ghost sighed. Eugene clicked her tongue and glared at her ghost.

“I don’t want to understand you, but I have a question, so I won’t ask you one more question. Don’t you think it’s a bit extreme?”

Is Eugene qualified to climb the barbell and challenge the demon king of confinement? If you wanted to test it out, there wouldn’t have been a need for such a rash war.

“I’ll understand that you were hit by the demon lord in captivity and rushed ahead because you learned too much. But we also talk like this, huh? I know a little bit about the situation. So, can’t we think differently now?”

“… … which?”

“I’m going to end this nonsensical war game for now.”

Eugene answered while glaring at the specter. The battle is still going on outside.

“You said. After meeting the demon king of confinement, he changed his mind. Originally, I was going to die from me while playing war in moderation… … You can’t do that now.”

After all, the purpose of the ghost is to test Eugene. Can Eugene fight and defeat the demon king of confinement? It is to do everything in its power for that purpose.

If he hadn’t known the circumstances, Eugene would have responded to the ghost’s intent to kill. But now you know what’s going on Then do we need to fight more? There is no need to try to kill each other.

Ghosts are strong. Even if that power isn’t purely his, you have to admit it. When marching to Pandaemonium and Babel. And what if the specter assists in fighting Yupe’s Demon King?


Before Eugene could speak directly, the ghost shook his head first.

“The chain of confinement binds the demon lord of destruction. My strength, which is nothing more than a by-product of that demon lord, is of no great help in the battle against the demon lord in captivity. Rather, it will disturb or endanger others. But if it’s your moonlight sword… … It might work.”

The specter pointed to the moonlight sword and said. The moonlight emitted by that sword is now mixed with too many things. Even the specter, the incarnation of destruction, felt the moonlight emitted by that sword as dangerous.

Eugene also looked down at the moonlight sword in his hand. When using the Moonlight Sword, be careful not to get caught up in the people around you. In particular, the moonlight emitted by this sword is fatal to magic.

If there is only one moonlight sword, there is no big problem. Eugene handles the moonlight sword more than Vermouth 300 years ago, and the current moonlight sword has a different nature from before. However, if the ghosts were added, it would be difficult for Senya and the saints to do their best.

“If I can’t beat you, if I die here.”

Yujin frowned and sighed.



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“What are you going to do after that? Are you going to kill others with your own hands?”

“It’s better to leave everyone’s potential than leaving only you alone to commit to the next era.”

“What next?”

Yujin didn’t frown anymore. Instead, all emotions of emotion disappeared from Eugene’s face. Golden eyes shone with a cold light.

The ghost let out a dry laugh and shook his head.

“I am dying.”

A sudden word. Of course, there was no lie in that statement.

“death… … It’s different from is extinction In any case, I will not live long and will perish.”

“I don’t think he meant to kill himself.”

“It is an extinction that comes regardless of my will. Rather, isn’t this justified? The magic of destruction destroys even the contracted demons. even i… … It’s not just a contract, it’s mixed with magic.”

The ghost’s soul was created by Amelia by collecting and mixing various souls. Mana mixed with such a soul, and Vermouth’s will intervened, and he was reborn as the incarnation of destruction.

There is no way that stability can be guaranteed.

“Isn’t that too extreme? Of course, it has to be extreme. I am doomed to perish before long. that doesn’t matter In the first place, I am a body that should not exist. But to me, even if it’s not mine, I have ‘memories’. There are emotions that go along with it. After realizing that all of that is not mine, there are also newly built up feelings.”

I got it.

“What I ultimately want is no different from you. I want you to kill all demon lords. I hope that we can achieve a goal that we could not achieve 300 years ago. I hope that this time I will reach complete peace. I hope you achieve the nonsensical future you talked about with your friends in the Devil’s Realm. And—- Vermouth, who has too many secrets, I wish I could, save, and beat that bastard.”

Respect the decisions made by the specter.

“If we can’t achieve it in this era, it would be nice if we could at least promise the next era with them. So I will kill you with all my might. If you are weaker than me, you will never be able to defeat the demon lord of confinement.”

That decision is best for the ghost. After all, he can’t see the future after this. It is unknown whether Eugene will challenge the demon king in captivity and win or lose.

“you… … I asked if it was necessary to fight more. You may think so, but I cannot. For me, this world is now the end. Even if I’m not on a time limit with extinction in front of me.”

I grabbed the sword.

“You shouldn’t need me in the battles you’re about to fight. You were Agaroth, the god of war, you were Hamel, you were Eugene Lionheart, and you were a warrior. You shouldn’t have help from something like me.”

The holy sword shone.


The moonlight sword shed moonlight.

“f*ck it.”

The specter’s expression hardened at the abruptly approaching swear words.

“Because it’s Agaroth? Because Hamel? Because you’re a warrior? To me, that’s not new enough to be a resolution, nor is it a great reason.”

Black flames flew again.

“Am I special? Uh, yeah, I’m special. However, it kills demons. kill the devil save the world People who are not war gods, heroes, or warriors can think like this.”

I do not like it.

“If there is no hope in this era, let’s promise the next era? So what about the people who fought and died 300 years ago? Who are the people who are determined to defeat the demon lord in this era?”

I just don’t like it.

“I know you are desperate. I know that your decision is not necessarily wrong. But I don’t like your decision, and the way you talk about what’s next sucks. So I’ll do it my way too. Just like you do on your own.”

The fluttering flames became the lion’s mane. The flames rising from behind became wings.

“Stop fighting.”

Eugene’s hands let go of the sword. However, the holy sword and the moonlight sword did not fall down and the light did not fade. The light emitted by the two swords floating in the air began to melt into black flames.

“Leave your leeway, for sure. Don’t stop doing that.”

Left hand raised slowly. A clenched fist pointed forward. The fist slowly turned over, and the middle finger raised.

“If you want to kill me and test me. Of course, I don’t have to exceed my strength.”

to win for sure. to kill unconditionally.

Distributed available tiles.

Ignition cannot be bitten once activated. Duration is about 10 minutes. After that, recoil comes and combat is impossible.

The new sword can be fired 3 times. I picked one at the beginning, so there are two more left.

Actively use Moonlight Sword and Holy Sword, and replace Ignition with Prominence. As the battle continues, the power of the specter is reduced. If it is visibly weakened, swing the new sword once more. She actively receives the assistance of the saints, and when the battlefield is stabilized, she receives support from Senya.

can kill unconditionally. I don’t use ignition unless I’m sure of that.

In the first place, Ignition was a special move to kill the opponent unconditionally. If I can’t kill, I must be prepared to die. With the support of the saints and Senya, activate the ignition and kill the ghost with a new sword when the ghost is about to make a final effort.

The winning formula Eugene thought of was that.

But now even that has been put down. What the specter wants to see and test is Eugene’s strength. It was also Vermouth who wished for that.

The specter is dying.

“New sword.”

His right hand dug into his chest.

“Ignition is next, so take it yourself.”

The specter stopped laughing at the confident declaration.

Just a moment ago, we had a conversation to understand each other, but in the end it didn’t change.

The specter liked that.

What hasn’t changed is that Eugene respected the ghost’s decision.

I didn’t have time to express my gratitude for that respect.

war god and warrior.

The sword light that sublimated faith and worship into a miracle severed the darkness.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 484Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 486
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