Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 487

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When Eugene Ryanhart’s right hand gripped his chest.

No, actually, I thought ‘maybe’ before that. The battle between Eugene and the Ghost. A riot of slashing attacks that slashed hundreds of thousands of breaths and put pressure on them. The qi that controls the movement of this side by flowing out at the moment you want to reach it.

A technique used by Eugene that is much more sophisticated and powerful than the Ghost. Gavid knew all of that. It was in a much more advanced form than what existed in his memory, but there was no problem recognizing it.

Didn’t believe it.

I thought it couldn’t be. The conclusion reached was the same even if we judged rationally without leaning on emotions.

Eugene Ryanhart using Hamel’s technique? that’s what’s so weird about it Hamel’s skills are passed on to Lionheart.

… … Something far more skillful than a specter with Hamel’s memories? He is a genius enough to be called the Second Coming of the Great Vermouth. There is no way that it would be impossible to develop the inherited technology beyond the original one.


The moment I saw ‘that’, I had no choice but to accept what I couldn’t believe and didn’t want to admit. That is not handed down through technology. I wondered if it was pulling out the strange light like a sword like before, but nothing like a dark red light came out.

Instead, the flames blazed furiously. Mana ran out of control.

“… … Ignition.”

Gavid muttered in a trembling voice.

How should we accept Eugene Lionheart using Ignition? Now, should I accept the absurd possibility floating in my head as fact?


A whisper from far and far below. Gavid’s ears, which were wide open, heard Eugene’s voice. Gavid involuntarily leaned forward, waiting for his next words.

“It’s Hamel.”

The moment of astonishment at the declaration.

Wow! Black wings of flame appeared in front of Gavid.

Wings soaring through the sky. Gavid staggered back, feeling dizzy. The single wing right in front of me looked like a sword of flame burning black.

“oh my god… … .”

The declaration just now was enough to be astonished, but the ‘power’ on the wings made Gavid feel another astonishment.

Even a dragon would not be able to have such destructive and huge mana as this. Is this really a power that humans are allowed to wield?

‘no. It’s not just Mani. Others are also mixed.’

Before even looking into the identity of that power. The soaring wings shrunk. The wings disappeared right before his eyes, but the remnants of the power left by the flames remained in front of Gavid’s eyes and shimmered.

Gavid gulped and looked down.

The wings of black flame, which had been in front of Gavid’s eyes until just now, had become like a nebula and fluttered behind Eugene. Even at that moment, Eugene hadn’t looked at Gavid. Gavid was the only one looking down at Eugene.

‘… … Looking down?’

Really? Gavid clenched his fists in a chilling thrill.

It was true that he had no choice but to look down on Eugene from a height, but mentally, he didn’t feel like looking down.

“… … Hamel of annihilation.”

Gavid murmured in a low voice.

300 years ago. Vermut Lionheart, a hero who was great to humans but called despair by demons. A group of madmen who set out to kill all the demon kings and conquer the demon world with him.

Among Vermouth’s colleagues, the man who impressed Gavid the most was Hamel of Massacre.

… … strong? Certainly, Hamel was strong. But he wasn’t stronger than Vermouth. He wasn’t even stronger than Gavid.

Even so, Gavid felt ‘frightened’ by Hamel.

first meet. When he ran into Hamel, who was scouting with Senya of Hell. Gavid, of course, tried to kill Hamel and Senya on the spot. What is the reason for retreating at a golden opportunity to easily reduce the enemy’s power?

However, I couldn’t kill it. I don’t think it was lacking in strength. If we simply discuss ‘strength’, Gavid at the time was stronger than Hamel and Senya. If Hamel hadn’t used that bizarre technique, he could have killed the two without too much difficulty.

ignition. A self-destructive and special move that puts a hand on the chest and causes the core to run wild. A skill performed with the determination to kill the opponent unconditionally. If you can’t kill the opponent, you will die unconditionally, an ignorant skill that is unmatched.

Gavid from 300 years ago was overwhelmed by Hamel, who was prepared to die. Despite his superiority in power, he felt intimidated and feared by Hamel, who attacked with the intention of killing his opponent unconditionally.

So Gavid can’t forget Hamel. For Gavid, nicknamed the sword of confinement and claiming to be a knight of the demon ——– to feel fear and intimidation from a weaker person than himself, and to back down on his own was a humiliation that would never happen again in his life.

I wanted to avenge that humiliation at Babel. It couldn’t have been. This is because Hamel died before reaching the palace of confinement.

‘Rebirth… … ? Reincarnation of life is nothing special. However, reincarnation with memories intact, and reincarnation as a descendant of Vermouth and a hero… … It can never be called a coincidence.’

Gavid gritted his teeth as he pondered the declaration he had just made.

At the same time that Eugene used ignition, the specter also used ignition. There’s no such thing as a core that holds mana. ‘Runaway’ itself seems possible.

The sparks of magical power poured out by the specter. Gavid clenched his fists as he watched the ‘color’ resembling the demon lord of destruction turn into an empty white flame.

After the astonishment came irritation and anger.

“You… … .”

Things I couldn’t understand now I understand.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. Why was she so obsessed with Eugene Ryan Hart, doing her favor? To this day, I couldn’t quite understand it.

strong? Because he’s handsome? There could be any number of reasons to be favorably disposed towards Eugene, but even considering all of them, it was because Noir’s obsession and favor were excessive.

But if Eugene is Hamel’s reincarnation, then everything makes sense. Noir Jebela. Her obsession with Hamel and having her favor was blatant from 300 years ago. Even when Hamel died in Babel, she was the only Noir among her demons to wear a black dress and commemorate her Hamel.

Gavid gritted his teeth and turned his head.

“Of course you should have known… … .”

The words he had been spitting out in annoyance and anger stopped suddenly. Gavid kept his words wide open and his eyes wide open. It was because Noir’s expression was unusual.

Noir’s purple eyes were bloodshot red. Her lips, which she had carefully chewed, burst into a mess and were covered in blood, and tears were clearly visible on both cheeks. The tears shed still haven’t stopped. But he didn’t shed a normal tear.

bloody tears. Noir was shedding bloody tears. She was the one who always deceived others with a sly smile, but now there was not a single smile on her face. Gavid had known her noir for hundreds of years, but had never seen her make that face.

“… … ?”

why? By declaring that Eugene is Hamel? Situationally, Noir must have known Eugene’s identity from the very beginning. Is there any reason to show such expressions and emotions?


Gavid controlled his surprise and looked at Noir’s expression. A mixed expression of various emotions. The clearest among them is… … .



He knew Gavid was watching him. Now, the expression he is making. I also knew that it was an incomprehensible feeling for Gavid.

what is that about For Noir now, Gavid’s gaze and evaluation were not worth paying attention to.

My head is dizzy. The throbbing and aching feeling is about to explode at any moment. No, my head has already exploded several times.

Noir gasped and conscious of his hand. The finger that pierced his temple and turned his brain into mush. He grasped his fingers, which were clotted with blood and brain fluid.


Too many things came to my mind that I didn’t want to know. Monsters screaming and running. People who don’t back down and stand up. it from above. Dominating the battlefield and boosting morale—



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The tingling intensified. Noir chewed his lips once again. He licked the blood leaking from his chapped lips with his tongue.

These are memories of the distant past. Memories of a being other than Noir Jebela. The scenes that come to mind are sparsely connected.

Noir caressed his cheek with his bloody hand.

She didn’t want to recall any of these memories.

* * *

What both of them were convinced of at the same time was sure to kill.

I moved as soon as I remembered. The moonlight sword and the holy sword emit different lights. Dazzlingly brilliant light wrapped around the Holy Sword, and dull, pale moonlight wrapped around the Moonlight Sword.

Using Ignition does not increase the power of the new sword. However, the Holy Sword and Moonlight Sword are affected by the power amplified by Ignition. It was because sparks were mixed with the power emitted by the two swords.

‘It’s different from Vermouth’s swords.’

In Vermouth’s hand, the holy sword was not so brilliant. The moonlight sword wasn’t that intense either. The specter paid attention to the light that blended into the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword. Those two swords were definitely affected, just like Eugene’s limbs.

Could such a change also be the ‘speciality’ that Vermouth paid attention to?

‘Even so.’

What the specter has to do doesn’t change. Even after talking, the ghost’s decision did not change. Rather, I had a conversation, so I couldn’t have any hesitation.

Magical power was seething in the reactor core connected to the demon king of destruction. The specter also wielded two swords. A demonic sword that burns bright white. The moment the specter grabbed the sword.

Eugene’s figure disappeared. Space Leap of Prominence? No, it was simply moving at super high speed. Right now, Eugene didn’t even need to do that kind of space jump. At this distance, moving is faster than leaping with magic.

But the specter responded. As an incarnation, he is clearly strengthened as his mana increases. The runaway magic came to a conclusion about how to move before the specter could judge. It was second only to the divinity and intuition of the god of war.

The two pairs of swords matched each other. The beginning was splendid like a sword dance, but the momentum changed with a single collision.

A rampage of slashing. Chasing with senses is slow for a long time. Before you feel the slash, you must peek into the future. How the opponent wields the sword, how to respond to it, how to let go of that response, how to pierce through and turn around the spill, how to press it, how to press it… … .

The endless number fight continued in each other’s thoughts. It’s not enough even if you accelerate your thinking and increase your sense of reality. While one collision was created, dozens of collisions were already calculated in the minds of Eugene and the specter.


It’s not what it actually looks like. Because it is too late to see and judge. However, now Eugene felt that he was ‘seen’. Eugene’s pupils radiated divine light.

If it’s a battle, I’ve been through enough to get tired of it. If you look back at the cause and effect involved in this soul, you must have experienced enough to get tired of even war. Eugene’s divinity was born there.

invincibility in battle. victory in war.

So now, Eugene’s intuition illuminates the way to achieve victory in battle. It transcended calculation in thinking. Eugene led the sword as his instincts told him to.

There should be no hesitation. A moment’s hesitation blocks the road. Even if nothing exists in the direction of the current sword thrust.

Once I stabbed it, the body of the specter came as if it were being led.

The tip of the holy sword, the light stretched out like a spear. The ghost’s shoulder was pierced by light and disappeared. The specter didn’t stop that much. The white flame pushed away the light of the holy sword.

Quarrrrr! On the contrary, magic power gushed out like blood from the annihilated shoulder, adding sparks.

over the city. The vast expanse of the sky, which could be said to be almost half, was covered with white flames emitted by the specter.

Eventually, the flame became a huge sword. A greatsword capable of splitting a city in one blow. It’s just what you think when you look at the simple size. Its actual power could sever even a country, not a city.

That, the huge sword moved. The specter twisted at the waist, and the sword cut across the sky. At the same time, Prominence emitted light. Light flashed from the nebula, and hundreds of eclipses fired.

Despite the attack, the advance of the demonic sword was not blocked. Eugene gritted his teeth and raised the moonlight sword.

Quarrrrr! The universe was mixed with the fierce moonlight. At that moment, the blade of the moonlight sword could no longer be called moonlight. The universe that Eugene was wearing became a sword and stretched.

It was mixed up to the sword. The flames amplified by ignition began to overlap. The air sword, which was amplified to the highest level in an instant, became a black mass.

Its size is so small that it cannot be compared to the demonic sword wielded by the specter. However, just ignorantly increasing the size does not mean that it is unconditionally strong. Condensing power more elaborately, along with it.


‘More strongly.’

Eugene’s prayer turned into a miracle. The air sword that Eugene reached is limited to 5 stacks. Nothing more exists. impossible to reach This is because the form of mana collapses the moment it exceeds 5 stacks.

But now, the ‘miracle’ born from Eugene’s prayers took the sword one step further. The collapse of mana was maintained as a miracle, and the embers were condensed.

6 stacked swords. size did not increase. Rather, it was compressed thinly and stuck to the blade.


The black burning moonlight sword cut the demonic sword in two.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 486Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 488
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