Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 488

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Most of the people in this city now do not fall into the category of mediocre.

An order of knights that is said to be the best on the continent. Or a mercenary group that is said to be mine. The elite of the great forest warriors. mage tower. monastery.

Among knights, mercenaries, warriors, wizards, and priests, those who are at the top of the ranks. It would not be possible to say that there were no Dunjae or Beomjae among them, but it is an undeniable fact that everyone on the battlefield here is an unusual person.

But none of them could understand what was happening in the sky. The same was true of geniuses who far surpassed their equipment.

flickering sky. Loud noise.

something flies by Stars bloom in the darkness as if the night sky had come down close. Then everything turns white, and strangely-shaped lightning streaks across the sky, leaving a trail.

All of that is happening in seconds. I couldn’t believe that it was something that humans created.

have no choice but to believe Even now, incomprehensible phenomena continue in the sky. That, lower than the high sky. The squadron fighting the winged Noor, tried not to be conscious, but shuddered.

silent thunder. What else can I say? The feeling of that kind of power sweeping over your head… … .

Monsters such as Pegasus and Wyvern used divine magic and magic to temporarily castrate the instinct of ‘fear’. It was also because they wouldn’t attack those ominous monsters otherwise, but now the battle in the sky higher than Nur would give the monsters even greater fear.

‘Warrior… … ?’

Even Raphael, who had gone beyond boldness and reached the realm of madness, couldn’t help but flinch involuntarily. To be honest, I was envious of Apollo who castrated fear. Raphael forced his trembling hands to hold the reins.

‘Can I just call him a warrior?’

A huge force that never stops crashing. The sky I glanced up at was dazzling, as if the god of light had descended directly.

The price… … different. I knew that from the beginning, but I feel that the ‘personality’ I feel now is even more different.

Eugene Lionhart. A warrior chosen by the light. Even as an apostle of God… … After all, he should be the same human being.

I don’t feel like a human at all.


Raphael uttered that without realizing it. A being that transcends humanity. Isn’t the only word to call it ‘God’ after all? No, even if it is, it should not be acknowledged.

Raphael Martinez. He is a paladin who serves the light. Raphael knows that he is a fanatic. Not once in his life did he ever feel ashamed of his fanaticism or think it was wrong.

There are many faiths on the continent, but among them, the absolute, unique, and correct one. That is faith in light.

It should be… … Right now, Raphael felt Eugene’s faith in ‘light’ was different. It is disrespectful. In this world, all gods other than light are heretics.

I thought so all my life… … Raphael let out a trembling breath and crossed himself.

Raphael wasn’t the only one feeling that way. Priests and paladins who blindly believe in the light. All of them felt a different faith in Eugene, who faced the ‘Demon King’ in the sky, than the hero.

‘Did I go blind?’

A thought that came to mind in an instant. It didn’t take long to come up with an answer. Raphael gave strength and swung the Claymore.

Even though I had thoughts that could only be called disrespectful and heretical. The light that wrapped around the sword was still brilliant. The divine power from the light did not stop. Is it because of my mood? Rather, it felt brighter than before.

“iced coffee… … !”

Raphael exclaimed and looked at the sky.

There was no need to check Noor’s corpse. The ominous magic emitted by unknown monsters can no longer block the light. Raphael recalled the words of prayer in his heart and searched for Eugene’s figure in the dazzling sky.

‘It’s not heresy.’

There is no revelation. However, Raphael was convinced with fanaticism.

Eugene Lionhart. Even if he declares a new divinity beyond the warrior, he is by no means a heretic. Light, the parent of everyone in the world, gave birth to him and acknowledged him, so how can he be called a heretic? Rather, denying that divinity as heresy is disrespect for light.

With that conviction, Raphael accepted his faith in Eugene. decided at the same time. Just as I offered my sword to the light, I would dedicate my sword to Eugene.

“haha… … .”

You offer a sword?

Raphael found himself laughing at the resolution he had just come up with.

“Does he need my sword?”

black light.

No, the sword split the demon sword. Embers like when iron collides with iron. Magical power and moonlight became such a spark and left a stain in the sky. Before long, a brilliant light swallowed up all those stains.

holy sword of light,

Altair shone brighter than any other star in Eugene’s universe. The holy sword that emitted brilliant light contrasted with the moonlight sword when the moonlight was turned off.

beautiful and pious.

It looks like it, but Eugene’s inner circumstances were not so beautiful and pious. Eugene spat blood in front of others with a twinge of jealousy.

The miracle that I wished for was achieved by cutting the demonic sword. However, the incomplete miracle gave Eugene the right reaction.

The taste of blood that rises from the stomach and fills the mouth. The hand that wielded the moonlight sword felt numb as if it had been electrocuted, and the space in the chest that had been driven wildly by ignition felt empty, even for a moment.

It’s that much power. The strength that made my body creak even though I used ignition and made up for the lack of part with miracles. But that creaking was soon corrected. It was thanks to the light dwelling in the pain that seemed to be crushed.

[mother… … .]

Eugene wasn’t the only one who felt the taste of blood.

the other side of the sky. Lymilia was restless and called for the saints. The light surrounding Lymir Ah was noticeably reduced compared to her first.

“it’s okay.”

Christina wiped the blood from her lips with the back of her hand. She didn’t bother to look behind her. Because she didn’t want to show the blood flowing. However, she could tell without looking directly behind her.

The priests of the Silver Mine who had the Holy Relic implanted into their bodies. They were one person with a light equivalent to that of a hundred clergymen, but now—-they couldn’t express their light anymore. It is unavoidable. Although the time the battle lasted itself wasn’t that long, the ‘power’ poured out in a short period of time was absurd.

Fortunately, no one died—- some of them won’t be able to join the crusade in the future.

[…] … It is the same as it was 300 years ago.]

While feeling the throbbing stigma, Anise’s voice was heard.

[As a saint, I did not understand the will of God and light until the last moment. It was the same when she died and became an angel.]

When I woke up, I was an angel. Just because he became an angel, he did not end up playing in heaven. Anise just became an angel and existed.

I have felt the meaning of light. A revelation came to Christina. But was that absolutely God’s will? As of now, I couldn’t even be sure.

just… … just. Wouldn’t it be that the ‘revelation’ was just pushed on the back? Appears in Christina’s dream, leads Eugene, Daesurim, meets Senya, and at the fountain of light… … .

[…] … .]

Was it all really the will of the light? Strictly speaking, wasn’t that all Anise’s wish? Anis swallowed a gulp at the thought of taking on a sultry form.

I can tell you clearly. It was like that 300 years ago. As for Anis, even though he insulted the light, he never denied the existence of the light.

But now.

[…] … Christina, raise your hand.]

Anis forcibly cut off the nursery rhyme. However, Christina did not waver while reading Anise’s image.

Christina Rogeris. Because for her, the presence or absence of her ‘light’ no longer mattered. Saved from the fountain of light, watched fireworks together, received a necklace as a gift, and ever since.

The swelling longing and affection made Eugene more brilliant than any other light.



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‘Yes, Sister.’

The stigmatized hand was raised forward. Anise’s spirit also raised his hand.

ㅡ Chirit.

The light faded for a while and put the moonlight sword inside the cloak. Instead, Eugene held the holy sword with both hands. The holy sword now shines more brilliantly than when Vermouth held it.

light rushes in A light that dwells in a ‘different’ place. On Lymilia’s back, the saints and the silver mine.

“… … .”


It’s an act like an asshole. Eugene himself thought so too. Anyone who knew this behavior would call him an idiot.

“I know.”

Yujin laughed and raised her hand.


The light that connected the saints and Eugene was fading.


[Hamel, this idiot… … !]

Christina called in a daze, not understanding the situation properly. But Anis, who had been with Hamel for decades, wondered what Eugene was going to do now. When she realized why she had reached the point of doing such a thing, she immediately poured out her curse.

‘Somewhere other than me.’

Just before the connection was cut off, Eugene quickly added, as he did not know what kind of double curse he would hear again if he said it in advance. Eventually, her connection with the saints was completely cut off, and her divine power sent from Lymir’s side no longer dwelled in Eugene.

“… … you… … .”

The specter looked at Eugene with an expression that he could not understand at all.

“What the hell have you done?”

I cut off the connection with the saints. It simply does not mean that ‘power’ will no longer be added to Eugene. Whether Eugene is the reincarnation of a dragon or a war god, she is a human after all.

A human who cannot handle even the power he has, and is forced to suffer from recoil. A human who wields the power to blow up a city with ease, but the mere touch of such an attack can result in fatal wounds or death. That is why the assistance of the clergy is essential.

It was the same 300 years ago. The reason why Vermouth, Hamel, and Moron were able to fight the Demon King head-on without ignorance was because Anise assisted in the battle by pouring blood from her back. Even if his bones were broken, his arms were blown off, his intestines were burst, Anise immediately healed him.

Eugene was recognized by the light. He knows how to handle a holy sword, and can draw out divine power.

However, Eugene himself was not good at ‘divine magic’. There was nothing she couldn’t do if she wanted to decide, but she was far inferior to the saints who were experts in that field.

To be clear, the efficiency drops. It is ideal to devote all of Eugene’s own divine power to attack, and entrust the healing of wounds and other assistance to the saints and clergymen to concentrate on battle.

now. Eugene cut off all such assistance. why? The specter didn’t quite understand. I know that Eugene is strong. He fought and pushed as much as he did. I can’t help but admit that power.

However, if the saintess’ assistance is cut off. If we continue the precarious fight that crosses the line of fire. If Eugene’s concentration was distracted even slightly. So, after all, if you get cut even once.

Without the help of a saintess, the ghost wins unconditionally. have no choice but to win

“I don’t think winning with help is worthless.”

Victory is just victory. Whatever the process, you have to win. The same goes for war.

“That bastard, Vermouth, killed the Demon King with us 300 years ago.”

He was so strong that he couldn’t believe he was human. Come to think of it now, it seems that he was just not human.

But does that matter what? Anyway, Vermouth killed the Demon King along with his comrades.

“I will continue to do so too.”

“… … .”

“But not now.”


there is a bit But not all. Eugene dared to cut off the connection with the saints. Unlike the battle with the ‘Demon King’ so far, it is not receiving direct assistance from Senya.

ㅡBecause he is alone?

“There is no need for In this era, I can finish it.”

The power of the demon king of confinement cannot be measured. In the battle against the unknown Great Demon King, he could not use his passenger skills like now. It may not be enough to borrow not only Eugene’s power, but also power that is not his own.

If you challenge the demon king of confinement with enough strength that you can’t overcome the specter, the result is too obvious. There will be no variables.


Now, this battle must end ‘alone’. without the assistance of saints. without Senya’s support. I thought I should win alone without calling Moron.

As long as there is no vermouth.

‘I have to be stronger.’

Ignition is maintained. I don’t think it’s lacking in power- honestly. Eugene is still convinced of his ‘kill’.

“If I want you to realize that certainty and not have any regrets… … I’m sure I’ll do it on my own, without any help.”

Yujin smiled coldly and raised the holy sword.

“I made it that way, so you know that too.”

Did you just receive treatment with the assistance of the saints? That’s something I can’t even fault. It is to fight a being with immortality that does not die easily even if killed, but severing the connection with the saintess is a handicap that does not need to be dealt with.


The ghost, of course, knew that. So I had no choice but to spit out how she felt. That’s crazy. It’s a stupid act that doesn’t have to be done.

“You will regret it.”

Eugene didn’t respond and grabbed the holy sword with both hands. The holy sword raised towards the sky emitted a bright light. Even though the connection with the saints was severed, the light of the holy sword was still brilliant.

at that moment.

Eugene and the specter, each had an intuition.

The end of the battle was not far off.

Soon someone’s twilight will come.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 487Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 489
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