Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 489

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The Demon King is a being close to immortality. It can’t be said to be completely immortal, but it doesn’t die easily no matter how many times you kill it.

Physical attacks almost never hit. Even if Moron uses only his ignorant strength to smash the head of the demon king again and again, it is not a direct blow to the soul worthy of the infinite magical power and high rank of the tribe of demon king.

In order to annihilate the demon lord beyond killing it, a ‘spiritual’ attack must be made accordingly.

The most suitable thing is to purify with divine power. Or, more than that, slashing the magic and soul itself with the ignorant moonlight sword. It’s slightly inefficient, but it’s a high-ranking magic that overcomes the invasion of magical power. Cutting with sword steel.

Either way, if you do it consistently, you can kill the Demon King. However, demon kings are different from humans, so even if they die in reality, it is difficult to clearly identify when they will die.

The flow of magical power has weakened. An active offensive turns into a passive one. Emotions are excessive, or rather, excessively cold. Through such factors, it is necessary to determine ‘when’ the demon king will die.

Since 300 years ago, Eugene has been fighting the demon king like that.


But now it’s different. The eyes imbued with divinity saw the ‘end’ of the devil, the specter, with certainty.

I hit the new sword twice. A slash of power that literally tore through space. A 6-stacked air sword used as a moonlight sword. Before that, he had been cut several times with the Moonlight Sword and the Holy Sword.

If he had cut that much, any decent demon king would have died right away. Of course, the specter doesn’t belong to the ‘reasonable’ that Eugene knows. After all, he’s not even the Demon King.

The ghost had spoken first.

The guy is dying. The end is not far. An imperfect being, an imperfect vessel. The magic of destruction, which has not been able to fill the inside and has changed, collapses itself. Eugene has already seen it several times.

A young beastman tribe that was strong enough to be called a ‘beast’, and seemed to be able to aim for the position of the demon king easily someday. Even Yagon, at the last moment, could not handle the summoned magic power and went to self-destruction. Alpiero, who was the leader of La Vista’s family, couldn’t even regenerate due to the runaway magic, and died like a mosquito.

Mana that has been extracted to the limit of the extreme, far beyond the threshold of existence. In addition, Ignition caused the core of magical power to run wild, and he was revived from the dead dozens of times.

As a result, the scheduled ‘end’ came much faster. The end was now visible even in Yujin’s eyes. The reactor core, which was run over by ignition, is gradually collapsing.

Even without a fight, the ghost won’t make it through the day.

‘The remaining time… … .’

not plentiful Even if the body becomes stronger and the Baek Yeom-sik evolves, the greater the power to handle, the greater the repulsion of the runaway. If the time allowed for the ghost is half a day at most, the time Eugene can fight is only a few minutes.

“that’s enough.”

End while the ignition lasts. Of course it should. After Ignition is over, even if you want to fight, you won’t be able to fight anymore.

Moonlight Sword? Will I be able to wield it again in the remaining few minutes? it’s too greedy Didn’t you hit it with the power you could wield hundreds of times at once?

You don’t even need a moonlight sword.

Unlike Vermouth, Eugene’s holy sword touches the demon king’s throat.

The long-running accident was shortened. That’s how reality overwhelms me. Even the specter was prepared for a fatal death. The collapse of the reactor core accelerated every time mana was extracted, but the specter didn’t care.




Mixed and melted, the unified resolve creates a sword again. Eugene greeted the specter with the holy sword straight.

The light drew a line.

from top to bottom. Light drawn in a straight line. It is thin enough to be called a single line, but it spreads in an instant and covers the field of vision.

didn’t get caught White flames danced in the ghost’s grip. The spreading futility blocked the light. Sword and sword collided. There is no sound of metal hitting metal. Instead, Eugene and the ghost both heard their souls quiver.

Beams of light scattered, sparks fluttered. Eugene twisted her body to avoid the debris of the slash. She is the remains of a broken wreck. Even so, it is fatal if touched.

The saints’ assistance was completely cut off. There is no ‘ring’. Means to instantly heal wounds? He could try to use healing magic consciously on his own.


The source of Eugene’s divine power is the holy sword Altair. It’s black, it’s a cut. It is arrogance to think of treatment when it is not enough even if you pour out a desperate decision to unconditionally cut down the opponent.



It looks so good. Doesn’t fit the rubble. do not reach not invaded don’t get swept away The outstretched holy sword moved smoothly. The light used space as a mirror to create countless reflected lights, erasing the fragments of destruction.

one step.

The consciousness was the same, but Eugene went far.

ㅡpajik. Once again, there was a shaking sound from the ‘Hon’. No, there was a crackling sound. How many times have you bumped into it? By repeatedly using power that humans cannot handle or cannot handle?


Eugene feels it too. The specter and the situation are not very different. As if the reactor core collapsed by running out of power that it could not handle. The uncontrollable force is destroying Eugene’s body.

Just as Hamel died due to the side effects of Ignition, Eugene is becoming more and more inclined to do so.



denied the feeling. The divinity of the thought gave the perfect answer.

It is not an ‘unmanageable’ force. It is a ‘difficult’ force to deal with. One word is changed, but the content is completely reversed. Eugene’s body does not disintegrate.

go beyond the limit

cross the line

I hold on to my collapsing body with will. Forcefully twist and open a non-existent road. Illuminate the pulverized mana with light. It leans toward death and moves so as not to be eaten.

I felt a strong heat at the bottom of my chest. It feels like my body and soul are on fire, but I don’t turn to ashes

creaking body. The sound of a broken soul. cracks that are created. pour the light Quench your existence anew.

A sound was heard.

several sounds. Not a crashing sound, but a different kind of sound. voice. Too many prayer sounds. An ode to warriors.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

sound calling me The feeling was not unfamiliar. Even today, 300 years ago, the calling was familiar. However, what is young about the “sound” you hear at this moment is—


Thousands are watching Eugene in the sky. The best knights, warriors, mercenaries, wizards, and priests on the continent have Eugene’s name in their hearts.

Eugene Lionhart.

He is a descendant of the great Vermouth. A member of Lionheart, the best martial artist on the continent. Rumors about him had been rife since childhood.

collateral origin. Gray hair and golden eyes. Although he had the traits of a lion heart, Eugene’s family was far from legitimacy, and was an underdeveloped family among the collateral.

It is the first time in Lionheart’s 300-year history that a descendant has won the blood-family ceremony. It is also the first time that a collateral descendant became the adopted son of the main family and inherited the white salt ceremony. Eugene has been leading the breakout since he was young, and rumors about him made people all over the continent interested.

A man who had been receiving everyone’s attention since he was young became a hero. Even though he was still young, he left a name in history, and one day that name will become a legend or a myth.

It is the same now. If you ask who is responsible for starting, leading and ending this ‘war’, everyone will say the same name.

That’s why everyone embraced, chanted, chanted the name of Eugene, and longed for the defeat of the demon king, the end of the war, and victory.




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The words I heard when I broke the barrier and crossed the castle wall. The content did not change. It’s not that Eugene’s job has changed. Go forward. fulfill a wish

Answer prayers.


The assistance of the saints was cut off. You cannot handle the burden of power by sharing it with someone else. Eugene is still in danger, and has no means to heal his wounds.

However, Eugene felt a moment of freedom from the power that was difficult to handle. She had a fleeting sense of freedom, but her sense was not lost. one step. No, she’s farther than that. Eugene’s presence in her went so far.

swung the light

A blazing fire blocked the light. Magical power could not completely block the light at that moment. The light advanced without being pushed or bounced.


But I heard a crash. Eyes shining brightly followed the trail of the holy sword.

flying debris. It is not light, but a fragment of a blade. The more you swing it, the more the holy sword breaks.

only the surface Even though the metal sword body is breaking, the light does not go out. Rather, the light that radiates steadily burns intensely. Eugene did not feel any big doubts. It was a moment when he didn’t have to question anything.

Because it was simply understandable. It was just that there was no need to be trapped in the substance called ‘sword body’ anymore.

Excluding the ancestor of Jurass, the one who became the owner of the holy sword was Vermouth 300 years ago. The holy sword when he was using it didn’t shine like it does now. There was no such thing as a broken blade.


The light split. The wide sky split into hundreds of strands of light.

little bit more.

The ghost thought so. The more he extracts his mana, the faster the core collapses. Gradually, I feel that extinction is imminent.

Not yet. I want to fight a little more. To be honest, I just ‘want to win’. In any case, the predestined extinction can never be changed. The ghost held her breath and placed a hand on her chest.

The core exploded once more. In this way, the mana was further amplified and mixed. Baek Yeom-sik, Vermouth’s space magic, all of them were woven into other things and immersed.

It is based on Hamel’s technology. It’s not a specter’s thing, but what a specter is most familiar with.

did not avoid They faced each other with sword and sword from the front. No, can the things in each other’s hands really be called ‘swords’? Eugene holds the light. The specter is holding a pure white flame.

The clash turned into a mighty storm. each other moved forward. not visible from below Those of a lower rank cannot even see the shape of the battle. But you can feel it. literal deity. A tribute to Eugene Lionhart.

Again, I poured my wishes and prayers into it.

What Eugene and the specter ultimately want is not very different in the end.

To kill the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction. To save Vermouth and the world. It’s just that the process of pursuing the result is different.

It is not light and sparks that collide. mutual beliefs and determinations. Are the winners right and the losers wrong? It is not right to divide with such dichotomous thinking. what the two of you want.


There is no need to go to the next era. It ends in the present era. Kill the demon king of confinement and kill the demon king of destruction. To prove it, Eugene swung a light at the specter.

Not in this era. If even I can’t win, I can’t even beat the demon king of confinement, let alone the demon king of destruction. If you die and your soul is captured by the demon king of confinement, there is no more hope. So, I pass that possibility to the next one.

‘To prove myself.’

Incarnated by Vermouth. He knew the truth from the demon king of confinement. The existence of a specter has never existed in the era so far.

That is why the specter, in this era, must prove the meaning of its existence. Because there really is no ‘next’ to him.

‘A little further.’

The ghost felt awe at Eugene. In the decisive battle with the demon lord of confinement—-I don’t know how it was. Fighting the demon lord without the aid of her saintess is an insane act that even Vermouth didn’t do.

The current Eugene is so fragile that even a slight touch can break it. However, that ‘slightly’ gap cannot be narrowed at all. The intuition and intuition gained from becoming an incarnation creates an ideal trajectory in battle and makes unmistakable choices.

Still can’t reach The current Yujin is in a place superior to the demon king’s, incarnation’s sense of battle.

Rather, this one is being swayed. All the attacks that the specter is aiming for eventually become futile as Eugene intended, and the light invades the ‘road’ that was opened like that.

‘little bit more.’

I have no choice but to admit it. Eugene Ryanhart is strong. So strong. Even he became much ‘stronger’ through this battle. Right now, Eugene is much stronger than Eugene a few minutes ago.

Did you hide your skills? No way. Having only distributed his power, Eugene fought sincerely from the beginning.

Even so, I feel such a huge difference between the Eugene we fought earlier and the current Eugene. That fact didn’t disappoint. After all, Eugene’s strength is what makes the ghost happy.

‘a little bit… … .’

seems to reach can be reached Changed mana into flame. Run and pour out.

can i do it?

Can I, really, kill him?

Can I determine the end of this era with my own hands?

Do I deserve that?

ㅡA funny worry. The agony over that stuff ended right away. The meaning of the specter is still the same. That’s why the specter had no hesitation.

Because I wanted to reach you so much.

finally reached The flames that burned emptyly crossed the light and engulfed Eugene. It looked like that in the eyes of the specter.

The flame crossed the light.

Because the holy sword was completely broken. The light of the holy sword was no longer confined to the ‘sword body’ and gained freedom. The light that came out of the shell warmly wrapped around Eugene’s body. It was a flame that destroyed everything, but it did not invade the cradle of light.

“… … .”

Eugene closed his eyes for a moment in the light. I understood ‘a little’ the light in the rushing emotions. Soon, the closed eyes opened.

Right hand raised to chest.

“New sword.”

The low murmur ended.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 488Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 490
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