Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 49

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‘It was sincere that I was interested.’

ㅡ Hwareuk.

Bright red, flame-like mana wrapped around Hector’s body.

“…I want to ask… how did you know? I didn’t show any intent to kill or hostility.”


Eugene replied.

“The smell of blood mixed with the smell of metal oil.”

“Is that all?”

“Not enough. The smell of that oil is what I used to smell every day at my family home.”

oh my god. Hector smiled and glanced at my hands. The wound from grabbing Xian’s sword. The blood has already stopped… The smell of oil? Hector was quite confident in his senses, but he couldn’t tell the difference between the smell of oil mixed with the smell of blood.

“…I thought this was really… well cleaned.”

“Don’t look at the family as an asshole.”

Eugene said while raising a finger.

“Lionheart is a military family, and the main family is the center. Even the oil that is applied when grooming weapons is of the highest quality, and the blended incense cannot be removed without using a custom-made detergent.”

To pursue wounded and missed prey, to prepare for the danger of assassination. Members of the head family remember the scent first.

“…is that all? There must be many things you want to ask? Who did you cut and why?”

“are you okay.”

…withdrawal! An electric current spurted from Eugene’s fingertips.

“Because I’m going to ask you to leave you half dead.”

Mana flashed.

Crackle! The twisting light pierced the spot where Hector stood. What is that? Magic? I succeeded in avoiding it quickly, but my head was confused when I saw an attack like that for the first time.

‘Magic without chanting… No, does magic work? It seems that he turned mana into sword steel and just shot it?’

But how fast and strong is that? In any case, he shouldn’t have been hit directly. I made up my mind and moved. Both hands slid down his waist, each gripping a sword.

‘Double swords.’

There is no comparison between wielding a sword with one hand and wielding one sword in each hand. It is impossible for a swordsman of exceptional skill to handle twin swords skillfully.

It’s a weapon that can’t be handled without a fair amount of proficiency and sense. If handled well, it becomes a tricky weapon, like dealing with dozens or hundreds of swords rather than two swords.

‘The length is different.’

The sword in the right hand is as long as the half body, and the sword in the left hand is much shorter than that. An unbalanced weapon… Eugene’s mouth twisted.

‘I will play with the streets as I like. A selfish bastard.’

against whom?

Eugene’s body jumped forward. As if Hector had been waiting, she responded by brandishing her twin swords.

Winid, pulled out from within the cloak, burst into silver light. Jjoong! Mana and wind exploded on the collision. Hector slid his feet and swung the sword in his left hand. It’s not an appropriate distance to wield his long sword, but he can wield any number of daggers shorter than that.


Interrupted. Hector’s eyes widened. Before she knew it, Eugene was also holding a sword in her left hand.

twins and twins.


Hector murmured and waved his arms. The wave-like sword attack, Eugene did not back down. Two open eyes read Hector’s sword path. It’s like a bunch of weeds mixed together. It was so easy for Eugene to tell what was fake and what was real.


The sword is dripping. Eugene’s sword is already waiting where it should flow. That’s how the back of the attack is cut off. If you try to do otherwise, it will come in reverse. Alternate between attack and counterattack. That was not Hector’s intention. They had only exchanged swords a few times, but Hector’s sword was completely dragged around by Eugene.

‘This much?’

I thought it would be a formidable enemy, but I didn’t think it would be this strong. I thought I could overpower it if I overdo it, and it would be easier if I killed it…

‘I’m not ready. It’s hard to kill.’

The moment he made that decision, Hector’s attack changed. Knowing that it would be difficult to kill even if they were determined to attack, there was no longer any need to wield a sword for the purpose of overpowering them.

Faster, sharper, and deadly. It was a skill worthy of admiration. I had never seen a swordsman so skillful with twin swords in my previous life.

That’s because twin swords are non-mainstream weapons. What if there is no such thing as a double sword?

‘It’s strong.’

If it had only been a few months ago, it might have struggled. But now there was no reason to struggle. Perfection of technology? Comparing is an insult. Even 300 years ago, Eugene’s and Hamel’s techniques were unmatched except for Vermouth. experience? skillful? It is also the same.

As of right now, I can’t use all of Hamel yet. Baek Yeom-sik is an excellent mana training method, but if you reproduce the power of your previous life with only a 5-star level… honestly, your pride will be hurt.


As Baek Yeom-sik became a 5-star, his strength increased significantly compared to his 4-star enemies. An opponent like Hector didn’t even need to use Ignition.

difference in class. Hector was quick to admit it. not ahead with technology Nor is it superior to strength.

‘…I can’t help it.’

I didn’t want any help from you. As long as I knew that I couldn’t subdue it on my own, I couldn’t help it. Hector took a deep breath and let go of the sword in his left hand.

keying! The sword escaped from Hector’s hand and was wrapped in bright red flames. Then, as if under a spell, it moved on its own and was shot at Eugene.

Mana was precisely manipulated, and the sword was moved without touching it. From Eugene’s point of view, it was just a catch-up technique that had no particular function other than stabbing people. It’s much faster and stronger than swinging the sword with your hands.

like this.

Kwak! Winid shattered the dagger, and the mana it contained exploded as a dazzling light. Hector quickly backed away, hoping that Eugene’s eyes would be blinded for a moment.

ㅡHwaaaak! With a gust of wind, Eugene’s body floated into the sky. Feeling him behind his back, Hector clicked his tongue and lowered himself.

Eugene glared at Hector’s back as he ran away with bright red embers.

Dismissed! Lightning sparks spread. Eugene held Akasha in his cloak. A myriad of magic fills her head.


Mer, who was inside the cloak, licked her lips. At the same time, Eugene’s hand moved forward, completing her spell. Tempest, the spirit king of wind. The wind he raised was mingled with magic.

6th circle attack magic.

However, its power far exceeded the set circle. ㅡQuaaaang! Compressed air and wind burst at one point. Hector tried to sever the magic by wielding a red sword, but the power of the magic far exceeded Hector’s imagination.

Quarreureung! The darkness shuddered. Hector flew away a long time ago and corrected his disordered mind.

‘…Oh my God… even this level of offensive magic is emptied…?’

defense did. But my whole body felt numb as if I had been electrocuted. It must have been wind-type attack magic. …oh my god. Hector groaned and patted his neck.




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The cloak flutters in the wind. Eugene looked down at Hector from a high place and stretched out Akasha.

“Dispel-type magic is 2, counter-type magic is 3, reinforcement-type magic is 5… Defense-type magic is 7? It is also luxurious.”

Artifacts with 17 built-in spells. It is a treasure that cannot be bought even with billions of dollars.

“I didn’t have it the last time I saw it… I guess it’s a trump card?”

“It’s a lifeline that will save me time and time again.”

“I won’t save you again and again.”

Yujin muttered that and focused her mana on Akasha. Knock… Knock…! Lightning sparks gather at one point. …wasn’t an illusion. Eugene Lionheart’s mana carries lightning. How could that be? Hector raised his numb body.

“…I came here for no reason.”

Hector sighed deeply and glanced at the sword in his right hand. In the aftermath of the recent collision with magic, the sword was completely shattered.

At that moment, Eugene’s magic was fired. Dozens of beams of light pierce the space. it was word for word. empty heat radiation. This magic pierces through a hole in space and deceives the trajectory and attacks it.

Kwak Kwa Kwak! Hector swung his shattered sword as he dragged his feet back. The magic that cannot be blocked is left to the defense of the necklace. You should avoid being directly hit. So engrossed in defense, he kept stepping back.

Dealing with the light bouncing through space was tricky, but not too difficult.

However, when Eugene intervened, it became terrifying. As Eugene moved between the lights, he thrust his sword into Hector. All Hector could do was get bloody, narrowly avoiding a fatal wound.

[How is it?]

I heard a voice in my head. Hector didn’t show emotion on his face, but focused on the bracelet on her left wrist.

‘I will die. I didn’t know it would be this strong. It’s like fighting a master who has trained for 200 years, not a 20-year-old.’

[You said that. That guy got the upper hand with his skills in the battle with Genos Lionheart.]

‘Who the hell would believe that to be true? I don’t think Sir Genos gave enough concessions to his junior…’

[Hmm, you’re lying. I bet you didn’t understand that much, did you? I guess you just wanted to fight for your interest.]

‘Yes, I was wrong. So, can’t you help me out? If we continue like this, we will die here.’

[Six steps to the left. Take nine steps back.]

‘…After that?’

[Waiting there. Don’t step back, neither backward nor sideways, exactly where you are.]

Hector did as instructed. Anyway, the steps were still pushed back, so there was no problem with moving a little to the side. location so specified. Hector didn’t know what it meant to be here.

[Now then… Umm… Count to ten in your mind, then jump up.]

Fulfilling that directive was not easy. Eugene’s attack right in front of him had to be taken without retreating even a single step.

‘I’m dying…’

1, 2…

‘Sophisticated. Even in White Fang, it’s rare to find someone who uses a sword like this…’

5, 6…

‘No, no. Even if the sword is heavy and there are fast ones. No one was as sophisticated as this one. It’s like I’m ahead of the number of reading this side’s thoughts. how?’

8, 9…

Hector immediately jumped back. Eugene chased after Hector and raised his head.

The floor is stained black.


Terrified Mer’s voice.

Eugene’s hair stood up.


Feeling madman-like rage and intent to kill, Eugene spat out swear words.

Black awls soared from the floor.


Hector stood at a distance and watched the scene.

Hundreds and thousands of awls soared from the empty land. The awl was black, but not made of darkness. The body of the awl wriggling as if it were alive was like a mass of flesh covered in black dead skin cells.

[Don’t come close.]

The voice in my head was full of excitement.

[No matter how close you get to that, your body will rot and die.]

“…to check life and death?”

[There’s nothing to look at, but if you want to check it out, go and try it. Just Hector. No matter how much you get close to that with your bare body, your body will rot and die.]

At that, Hector’s face crumpled. It’s not like I’m making up words that aren’t there, and there’s no reason for that, but I had to check it out first. Hector picked up a stone that was rolling around and threw it forward.

ㅡPasasac! The moment it touched the thorn, the stone turned black and disappeared as ash. After seeing it in person, the thought of getting close to it completely disappeared. Hector shook his head and stepped back.

“I must be dead.”

[Anyway, there are enough sacrifices. Isn’t it Iod’s selfishness to be obsessed with that guy?]

“Well… it’s a relationship worth obsessing over. Or is it because of its value as a sacrifice?”

[hmm. I heard that blood relatives such as parents or siblings are highly valued as sacrifices, but… Eugene Lionheart isn’t technically Iod’s blood, right?]

Hector shrugged at the voice and turned around. How will Iod react to the fact that he was not captured and brought back? would you be angry? would you be sorry Hector remembered Iod’s face. An existence that lacks because it is empty, no, something else has filled that void. Hector was interested in the existence of Iodine, but he could not understand him or consider him normal.

Hector leaves.

Even after that, the thorns did not disappear.


Mer spoke to Eugene, full of anxiety and worry. But no answer came back from her. Mer shuddered at the silence.

[It’s okay… you’re okay, right?]

I asked again, but it was the same that no answer came back this time. I wanted to stick my head out of the cloak, but I couldn’t. This ‘thorn’ corrodes the existence even if it is not directly touched and is only in the range.


Eugene was fine with no injuries.

Moonlight Sword.

Even this intense corrosive curse cannot invade the moonlight sword. Yujin glared at the moon lightsaber and the soft moonlight.

bracelet on the left hand. it was broken The moment the thorns sprouted from the ground—- Eugene immediately broke his bracelet without hesitation and pulled out the moonlight sword.

What could have reacted so quickly?

Because Eugene is aware of this attack. The distance this attack captures is far. If you only know the location and coordinates, you can cause thorns from tens of kilometers away.

‘…I wouldn’t be able to use it that well.’

There are no injuries to the body. Mer’s voice kept ringing in her head. Mer must have known that she wasn’t injured, but she continues to ask if she’s okay.

I know why. What Mer is concerned about is the mind, not the body. Eugene laughed softly and shook her head.

“are you okay.”

My heart swells and boils. On the contrary, the head is cold as if ice has been poured into it. His left hand was throbbing and I glanced up to see that the tightly rolled nails had torn the palm and were bleeding.

“It reminds me of the old days.”

Yujin muttered in a low voice and wiped the blood from her palms.

‘I couldn’t make up my mind.’

What he originally intended to do was to use the moonlight sword to slash all the rising thorns.

It was a bunch until then. It might have been a moonlight sword with full power, but the moonlight sword that Eugene now possessed was the power of one fragment added to the hilt.

‘…Lack of strength means they were the same.’

I could cut as far as I could without hurting my body. There were no further attacks. Looking at it slowly now, the shape and connection of the thorns are also crude.


Eugene raised the moonlight sword.

‘This is probably the limit for humans who are not demon lords or demons.’

When the Demon King of Horror took down the Demon Spear Luintos.

The entire demon castle has become a field of thorns. That sudden attack almost killed Eugene and Hamel several times.

Now that the demon king of misery is dead and Vermouth is gone.

The owner of the magic spear Luintos is Doines Lionheart, the head of the Senate.

Eugene gnashed his teeth and swung the moonlight sword. ㅡPaaang! The light scattered by the moonlight sword erased numerous thorns. Eugene swung the moonlight sword a few more times and left the spot.

‘Since I broke the bracelet, I won’t be able to set the thorns exactly where I am anymore.’

The Demon King of Horrors set up thorns without specifying coordinates with the power of his demonic eyes, but Doines would not be able to do that.

‘…Value as a sacrifice.’

The words Hector murmured.

‘I don’t know what he’s doing and he needs a sacrifice, but… First of all, the purpose is not to kill unconditionally.’

To be honest, I didn’t expect Doines to be able to use the power of the Demonic Spear.

‘In the first place, Vermouth was the only one who freely used the Demon King’s weapons…’

Eugene had also held the Demon King’s arms in his previous life.

The moment I held it in my hand, the blood was stained black and I felt like I was going crazy.

‘It’s not a power that can be used continuously.’

It’s just self-justification. Eugene admitted that she was not careful. He suspected Doynes of being a beast, but he only assumed him to be the ‘Lord of the Senate’, not the ‘Master of the Demonic Spear’. I could never have thought that Vermouth’s distant descendant would even draw out the power of the Demonic Spear.

[…what are you going to do?]

Mer asked in a voice full of anxiety.

[From the Dark Spirit Magician to the Senate… This forest is too dangerous. I know that Eugene is strong, but fighting in the enemy’s camp is…]

“I said it was a sacrifice.”

I know what Mer is worried about.

“Hector has captured Xian.”


“It’s not just Xi’an. Maybe he caught Ciel too. …Gargis… and the others may have been captured as well.”

Eugene’s expression crumpled. I tried to think that it would be fine as long as Xian and Ciel were fine… but I couldn’t.

[…Yujin’s mouth is dirty, and her attitude is nasty. Your heart is not malicious.]


[Well, if you were a person with a malicious mind, you wouldn’t fight the demon king to save the world. Even if it was a terrible world 300 years ago, with Eugene’s skills, I would have been able to live comfortably in such a world, taking care of myself.]

“That is wrong.”

Yujin clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“The reason I was able to survive and become strong in that world was because I didn’t live comfortably in that world. It’s not just me. Senya, Anise, Morron… Vermouth. They were all like that.”

Those words were natural to Eugene, without any inspiration. If I wanted to be comfortable with my body, I had a chance to do so.

When a village is annihilated by monsters and only one person survives. Thanks to that miracle, I was able to live a quiet life.

It didn’t. Hamel wanted revenge. So he became a mercenary. Even when he made a name for himself as a mercenary, he had plenty of opportunities to live comfortably.

When your reputation rises. Hamel rather tried to head to Helmud.

Senya, Anis, Morron, and Vermouth were the same. They could have lived comfortably if they wanted to.

The center of the party was Vermouth, but no one wanted to go back or fight.

I only imagined and longed for the future. What will you do when all the demon lords are defeated and the world becomes peaceful? how to live

[Because he is a warrior.]

Mer did not convince Eugene.

“…I hate that name because it’s heavy.”

[But Eugene-nim. Are you going to save everyone from now on?]

“You’re going to rescue me. That’s a bit wrong.”

Eugene replied with a wrinkled expression.

“I can’t help it because it makes me feel bad if I leave it alone. And I get feverish. did i stay still? But damn Doines that old bastard tried to kill me, didn’t he? First of all, he said he had a fight. Hector, he was also trying to put a knife in my back. ”

[…Well, that’s true, but… After all, you’re going to save Lady Ciel and the others.]

“No, that’s not what’s important, it’s okay if I get mad. huh? Mer You know, but I’m a bit of a dick and ignorant. If you say you can’t give in to others, you’re saying that your personality from your previous life remains. Senior Wonju? Magic spear? f*ck I have a moonlight sword and a holy sword. Do you think I won’t be able to stir it up if I turn on the ignition while using all the thunderbolts in the storm sword and the dragon spear?”

Eugene sighed and inserted the moonlight sword into his cloak.

[…That… Eugene-nim, you can’t be honest.]

“what? Who is as honest as me? They say they’re going to kill you because you’re being f*cked up, don’t you have any complaints?”

[How can I complain to Eugene?]

“Then don’t say anything unnecessary and sit quietly inside the cloak.”

Eugene sighed and glared at the darkness. Mer swallowed a gulp as she read Eugene’s thoughts.

[…As expected… Iod-sama?]

I saw iod while holding Akasha. He hadn’t mastered black magic, and he had no other magical artifacts.

All that can be seen with Akasha is ‘magic’.

If Iod made a pact with the spirit of darkness, even Akasha couldn’t detect it.

‘Looking at the mention of sacrifices, it seems that they are trying to do something related to black magic. Unless an unknown third party intervened… Iodine must be involved.’

It’s a sin that can’t be compared to when I tried to enter black magic alone. Having gotten my brother and a lot of collateral relatives involved, the head of the household, Gilade, would not defend Iod on this matter.

‘Even if I kill Iod here.’

Iod’s smiling face, saying thank you, flickered in my mind.

Eugene couldn’t understand what Iod was thinking or saying.


“…one more.”

Hector groaned and furrowed his eyebrows.

The dark lingering radish. From the branch that stretched out in a grotesque shape, ‘sacrificial offering’ hangs like fruit.

Twins of the main family. Gargis of the collateral, Desiira. When Hector left this place, there were 4 sacrifices in total.

But now, including Xenia, there were five of us. Hector looked up at Xenia, who had lost consciousness.

“I didn’t bring it.”

Iod’s voice came from the darkness.

“She found this place and came running.”

“You made me do that.”

“I know you and that lady have a close relationship. But Hector, you didn’t bring the sacrifice you were supposed to bring. So, wouldn’t it be all right if I arbitrarily added one more offering?”

“I have nothing to say when you say that, Bocchan.”

Hector looked away from Xenia.

“Well… it’s true that we were close friends. He was also a pretty fun opponent. But what… I’m not close enough to ask you not to sacrifice him… Umm…”

Hector thought for a moment about what to say. I wasn’t quite sure what words would be appropriate for this complex mood.

“A subtle feeling… um… I see. It doesn’t matter if I kill you, but I didn’t want to see you die like that… Yes, I see.”

“so. Are you asking me not to sacrifice it?”

“No, because it doesn’t matter. The important thing right now is not my mood, but that the boy completes his magic ‘well’. Doesn’t magic work just as well if sacrifices are added?”

Hector waved his hands and moved toward the darkness. But she couldn’t fully reach it. The closer the distance, the more it feels like an indescribable ominous feeling eats away at the mind.

The feeling was not unfamiliar. Northern Luhar. In the country that opened its doors to Helmud five years ago, I met high-ranking demons several times.

‘…it’s not unfamiliar… but every time I see it, it makes me feel dirty.’

Hector opened his eyes thinly and looked out into the darkness.

The floor is full of magic circles painted with red blood. It wasn’t just the floor. Even in the empty space without walls, the spreading blood connects the magic circle.

Hector did not learn magic. However, he has a connection with ‘magic’ to the extent that he carries high-level artifacts that cannot be bought even with billions of dollars. I could feel it intuitively.

The magic circle that Iod is drawing now is absolutely not ordinary magic. With the skills of Iod, the 4th circle, you could never drive such a magic circle. In the first place, the magic circle is not something that can be used just because it is drawn neatly. If it is a high-ranking magic circle, it is impossible to drive it unless it is a wizard with appropriate skills.


A voice came from behind. Hector looked around in surprise.

“…You came much sooner than I thought. Were you able to run that fast?”

“Because the roads were connected in a straight line.”

Dominic smiled and said.

“The Dark Spirit is more convenient than I thought. No way, the deficit who was called the disgrace of the family… to sign a contract with such a high-ranking dark spirit.”

“Didn’t you know about the arrangement of the contract?”

“I knew. But I only knew how to make a contract with a lower spirit? Who would have thought that a deficit with no talent in martial arts or magic… would have an affinity with the spirit of darkness?”

“That is different.”

Iod answered in the dark.

“I had no affinity for spirits.”

“…What do you mean by that again?”

“The Spirit told me directly. Special… haha… Yes, unless it was a special case, I heard you wouldn’t have signed a contract with someone like that.”

“…a special case?”

“I mean… in my case, I benefited quite a bit from my lineage. Isn’t it funny? The lineage of the fittest of this ‘Lionheart’, which I longed to throw away… it was the only special thing I had with nothing.”

Iod said that and looked ahead.

Deacon Lionheart’s chest is split. I’m looking at it like this, but there’s no inspiration. To Iod, that 18-year-old boy was the first sacrifice and nothing more than a paint container containing the ‘blood’ needed to draw the magic circle.

Beside the dead Deacon,

The crushing weight phalanx was floating. The magic circle drawn with Deacon’s blood spreads around the crushing weight. The ‘casting’ that amplified the power of the dark spirit and led the sacrifices to come here was the crushing weight.

“…What happened to the Senate?”

“From behind.”

Dominic replied with a smile.

“It pierced the chest. No matter how old he was, he wasn’t confident in fighting head-on. I also left the crushing weight here.”

“…Did you kill him?”

“Haha… My grandfather is called the Immortal White Lion, but if his heart is pierced, he has no choice but to die.”

Dominic answered and raised his right hand.

There, the black withered right hand and the magic spear Luintos were held. Dominic grumbled, tearing off his hand clinging to the magic spear.

“I wrote Changrim with my grandfather’s hand, but it’s impossible to write it again. I don’t want to be a one-armed idiot.”

“Can’t you just cut off someone else’s arm and use that arm as you do now?”

Hector asked out of pure curiosity. Dominic laughed and shook her head.

“Stop talking nonsense, Hector. It was the arm of my grandfather who had been using the magic spear for half a hundred years, so it endured, and the other arm would rot just by touching the magic spear. My father and the head of the previous generation also died from the aftereffects of holding a magic spear and crushing weight.”

“Aha… was that the case? But hasn’t the Senator been the master of the magic spear for over 50 years? Sir Dominic is the owner of the Pulverizer.”

“That’s why me and my grandfather are special. Now that my grandfather is dead, I am the only one special.”

Dominic smiled happily and nodded. He tore off all the senator’s fingers clinging to the magic spear, and then turned the cleaned spear around.

“So, Bocchan. When will the magic be completed? Are you certain of the spirit’s map?”

“Nobody else, Sir Dominic, do you suspect him?”

“It’s me… I’ve never heard a voice before.”

“The magic circle is perfect. Let’s just start…”

Iod’s voice stopped.

“…Didn’t you say you killed him?”

The darkness shook.


“Eugene Ryanhart.”

“What do you mean? Could it be that he is still alive?”

Dominic also looked at Hector in bewilderment.

“…the body could not be identified… no, it could not be identified. You said there was no need for that?”

“Of course there is no need to check. Who the hell can survive Changrim…”

Before Dominic’s cry ends.

A hole was drilled in the overlapping darkness.


As it fell, both eyes looked ahead. The first thing I saw was people hanging like fruit from a dark, wriggling tree. It was a short moment, but Eugene confirmed all of their faces.

No one died.

But just hanging around like that made me angry. A bloodless pale face, a body swallowed up in procrastinating darkness.

I heard about offerings. All of them must have been hung like that to become sacrifices.

under the tree.

I saw people looking this way. Hector and… Dominic Lionheart, Captain of the 1st division of the Black Lion Knights. Eugene saw the magic spear Ruintos held in his hand, and a skinny arm spread out a short distance away.

and back.

Iod Reinunhart. A magic circle drawn in blood, connected to the floor and the air. no dead people? Wrong. one died A face contorted with pain. It must have been split alive in the chest. The heart that was taken out next to it, the dagger covered in blood, and the smell of medicine that did not mix with the smell of blood…

Deacon Lionheart.

Eugene had nothing to do with the 18-year-old kid. She is a very distant relative. Even when she was just as young as the blood line, she never spoke. A few days ago, when she was reunited at Black Lion Castle. There have been times when we exchanged ‘words’ that were nothing like conversation.

At that time, Eugene read the envy and longing for himself in Deacon’s eyes.

Unremarkable skills and a family with nothing to see. A kid with ambition. I don’t know why he participated in this hunt… To change himself or get something… Maybe that’s why.

Deacon Lionheart himself would never have imagined a future where he would die like that in this forest.

‘…what is that?’

I see the magic circle floating behind Iod. Even with Akasha’s authority, I couldn’t understand it.

‘…the crushing weight phalanx.’

In the center of the magic circle, there is a crushing weight that was the weapon of the demon lord of slaughter. High level magic that even Akasha can’t understand… Is the crushing weight a catalyst? A living human being there as a sacrifice?

Eugene’s gray hair stood up. ㅡ Hwareuk! The flames that engulfed her body increased in size. It is dyed so blue, and lightning is mixed.

I understood the situation. I don’t know the details of the circumstances. What kind of relationship are those three, what do they hope for, and how are they connected? You don’t have to ask about that now.

What should Eugene do now?

It’s going to make those three sick. Once you’ve done that, most of these complicated and shitty situations will be resolved.

‘No ignition.’

Ignition is a technology that has no back. Be wary of using it in situations where there may be more reinforcements hiding, and no allies to take care of you when you are down.

“…really alive.”

Dominic stuck out his tongue and murmured. She wrote Changrim exactly on the coordinates she found on her bracelet. That he defied the distance, and survived unscathed from an attack that sprang forth without warning? He couldn’t believe it even though he was seeing it with his own two eyes.

“…wouldn’t it be better to subdue rather than kill?”

Dominic muttered that and raised the magic spear. This is a question for Iod. Iod looked at Eugene, who was wrapped in flames, with blank eyes.

that flame. It must be Baek Yeom-sik from Ryan Hart’s home. Iod did not know of that type of flame. Blue light sparks and lightning. Iod unknowingly swallowed his saliva. The spark of his father he had seen long ago. And today, the sparks of Xian and Ciel that we saw a while ago.

different from those flames.


Iod nodded and replied.

Eugene felt a young emotion in Iod’s eyes.

envy and longing.


I felt disgusted. She hid both her hands inside her cloak. Mer has already resonated with Eugene’s spirit and prepared for battle. The same was true of Tempest. This wind spirit king harbored great hostility not only in this situation, but also in the fact that the ‘enemy’ was a demonic spear and crushing weight.

It was Dominic who moved first.

Captain of the 1st Division of the Black Lion Knights. He does not mean that the position is the strongest of the Knights of the Black Lion. However, Dominic prided himself on being the strongest of the Black Lions. I admit the strength of Carmen Lionheart and Genos Lionheart. If it’s pure skill, I don’t have the confidence to overwhelm the two.

but. Dominic knows that he is special. The demon king’s armament that only the great ancestors handled perfectly. In Lionheart’s history, few have succeeded in handling the demon lord’s arms. Neither the former leader nor Dominic’s father could overcome the curse of the demon king’s arms and their lives were short-lived.

Dominic has been wielding that sinister weapon for decades. And he still has his magic spear in his hand. He is familiar with the crushing weight he has been using for a long time, and he is not confident that he can handle it perfectly, but he is quite confident in handling the ‘spear’.

‘I barely know your skills.’

It’s not just sparring with Genos Lionheart.

“Did you kill Barang?”

The distance narrowed in an instant. The black window came right in front of Yujin. Dominic grinned as he spun his spear.

“He was a rather pitiful friend.”

Wow! The airflow that rotated along with the spear was dyed black and exploded. An ominous power that is different from mana. Maggie. The demon king’s armament itself contains endless demonic energy.

Eugene’s face twisted. The hands that were hidden inside the cloak were pulled out.

The right hand held Winid, and the left hand held the holy sword. ㅡHwaaaak! The light emitted by the holy sword pushed away the demonic spirit. Dominic’s eyes widened at the sight.

“…Holy sword? I hadn’t heard of that…”

“Did your grandfather brush his teeth?”

“I guess that wasn’t all.”

Dominic chuckled and swung his magic spear. Jjoong! The magic spear and Winid collided. Eugene operated the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony while glancing at Winid’s sword body being eroded by demonic energy. The wind that wrapped around her body swelled. Enraged Tempest stood up.

The blast wind mixes sparks and lightning. is this magic No, it just bursts mana.

‘That’s all, but this much power?’

Mana and Magi are mixed together. The defense built in this way perfectly protected Dominic from close-range explosions. It’s hard to defend without doing ‘this far’. Dominic squinted his eyes as he felt the tremors transmitted through the magic spear.

‘It’s a monster.’

I guessed Eugene’s skill. Barang was strong. Greedy, Dominic was able to give Varang what he wanted. So, for Dominic, the Barang was an easy-to-use tool.

Varang’s power is so strong that even Dominic can’t easily understand it. There is no possibility that Barang betrayed him on the way, so the fact that he didn’t come back and Eugene came back intact… means that Barang died.

‘Mana management is sophisticated, and the movement of the body is also excellent.’

And that’s not all.

The ground Dominic stood on became an awl soaring. Dominic jumped back and looked down. Cobweb-like cracks spread across the visible ground.


The ground is overturned. Soil, stones, and other things are divided into many pieces and put together. Thousands of bullets made in that way were fired at Dominic, who was floating in the air.

It wasn’t just Dominic who went into battle. Hector. He crumpled his face and ran forward. He had fought before, and he saw no gain.

Can’t win. If you fight now, you lose. I know that, but Hector was in no position to back down.

The gazes of Dominic and Hector, who had been penetrating the shelling, met. Soon, the two of them rushed at Eugene in harmony as if it were natural. Eugene followed the movements of the two with open eyes.

My heart wasn’t calm enough to relax. The cloak of darkness fluttered loudly. From the darkness inside the cloak, Akasha, wrapped in red light, was slowly pulled out. She didn’t have to hold it in her hand. Eugene’s consciousness was connected to Akasha, and Mer assisted him. Akasha, connected by red light, floated in front of Yujin.

“A scorching dance.”

The 7th circle fire magic unfolded. The mana that shimmered around her Eugene became a blade of flame burning bright red. It looked like dozens of blades were wrapped around her body.

The blade of this flame connects with the ritual and obeys the command. This kind of magic suited Eugene very well. Even without direct orders, Mer read Eugene’s image and gave her orders instead.

The flame and the sword collided first.

A flurry of blades pierce Hector. Hector groped for the pocket on his waist with his left hand while trying to keep the fire from burning as much as possible. Artifact buffs are not enough. So I have to add it separately.

As he drank the potion he took out, his movement changed. Hector’s eyes saw more clearly, and his movements sped up in contrast to the ‘slow’ world.

‘I’m going crazy.’

…does it look slow? Hector felt a chill at the sight of the flames approaching the nape of her neck. Slowly… I’m sure it’s approaching slowly, but I can’t come up with a clean way to avoid it. The retreat was blocked before anyone knew it, and the only way to suffer less damage was to dig forward.

‘You just started. But you were drawn in just like this? How many moves are you looking ahead?’

Hector was also confident in fighting and fighting. … He couldn’t help but realize what a paltry confidence it was. Hector stooped and stepped forward. When I went through the flames and took a step forward.

Hector saw a great flame. Standing around him, Yujin’s eyes were burning more intensely than the flames. When lightning strikes and bounces. Hector reflexively extended his left hand forward.

I regretted it. In a slow-looking world, what was about to happen to his body was brutally perceived. There was no option to step back.

‘…I came here for no reason.’

I thought it was fortunate that I didn’t extend my right hand.

Chew! Lightning severed Hector’s left arm. Hector gritted his teeth and stifled a scream, twisting his back. The sword flew from his hand and came closer to Eugene.

did not reach The wind that swirled around the flame shattered the sword.


He overpowered Hector as easily as a child. Dominic admired that fact and lowered her magic spear. Aww! I just shot from top to bottom, but the space shook and the ground collapsed.

‘As expected, a holy sword is a holy sword.’

The holy sword is blocking the demonic spear. As much as Dominic drew out the demon, the holy sword emitted a stronger light and pushed away the darkness.

‘I can’t use Changrim, but the magic spear is the best for instant output.’

Dominic’s mana became a huge flame. Resonating with the demonic spear like that, black darkness spread around Dominic. Eugene glared at the sight and twisted her lips. what will happen now he knew very well

Awls fired in the dark. The scorching dance that went out first could not cut through the awl. The moment they touched, the flames scattered and disappeared. Mer, inside the cloak, screamed in surprise and called out to Eugene.

[Eugene! I have to step back!]

There was no way that Eugene, who had personally suffered that attack a long time ago, was unaware of that fact. But Eugene did not back down. The wind stirs. Tempest knew what Eugene was up to. That hurt the pride of this wind spirit king.

[…it can’t be helped.]

That doesn’t mean they won’t cooperate. In the first place, Tempest had no choice. The order of the Contractor could not be disobeyed just because he was the Spirit King. The wind created by Tempest created a huge wall behind Eugene.

while opening the window.

Dominic couldn’t understand ‘why’ Eugene was erecting the wall. That wall is not a wall to block the attack of the demonic spear. It’s as if the attack is preventing the power from flowing elsewhere. I had no choice but to think that way, because the wall of wind blocked not only Eugene’s back, but also his side.

‘What are you trying to do…’


I don’t know why. Time seems to have stretched out. The intuition he has developed throughout his life as an unmanned man warns of what will happen in the future. why? The holy sword and Winid were separated from Eugene’s hands. The magic created by Akasha floating in the air was not an attack, but a barrier magic.

A wall created by wind and magic connects Dominic and Eugene in a straight line. When that was completed, the awl of the demon spear came right in front of Yujin. What are you trying to do? It is too late to block or evade now. It must have been, but the creeps Dominic felt did not go away.

Rather, it grew stronger. That trembling—Dominic wasn’t the only one feeling it. The windowsill trembled. The magic spear is shaking. This old weapon knew 300 years ago.

A faint light shimmered inside the wide open cloak.

‘…what is that?’

A cold light that makes you feel pale. Faint. gradually increases coming together like that

The light that came out for a long time became a crescent moon.

The awls fired by the magic spear were all shattered. Dominic couldn’t understand the moon in front of him, but he knew this. should not touch If you touch it, you die. Gathers the magi of the crushed awl in one place. I made a barrier like that, but it wasn’t blocked for a moment. That terrible moonlight illuminates the spreading darkness.


Dominic realized it belatedly. The wall created by Eugene was not intended to prevent attacks from spreading. It is a wall that Dominic built to prevent him from escaping to the side. There were two things Dominic could do. Either it moved forward and was torn to pieces by the moonlight, or it kept running back and running out of strength.

“Moonlight Sword.”

It wasn’t Dominic who uttered the name.

Iod Lionhart. He opened his eyes and saw the sword Eugene was holding. A sword of moonlight that extends from the hilt.

Iod doesn’t know that sword. The moonlight sword did not remain in Lionheart’s history.


The existence linked to Iod’s spirit knew that sword. Woo woo! The spirits of darkness spread around Iod gather in one place. Iod’s golden eyes were covered in darkness like ink, and they were completely blacked out.

A red dot appeared in the center of those black eyes. The spirit of darkness, which could not form, wrapped around Iod’s body. Iod was guided by the darkness and grabbed the crushing weight in the center of the magic circle.

When Iod grabbed the crushing weight.

Eugene reflexively raised his head and looked at Iod.

[…oh my god.]

A dark spirit wrapped in iodine. Tempest felt a hopeless presence from that spirit.

“…isn’t it my mistake?”

Yujin muttered that and put her hand on her left chest.

[…I feel the same as you.]


Eugene’s fingers dug into his chest and squeezed his heart.

[That spirit is the remnant of the demon king.]


I felt my heart beat at the fingertips digging into my chest.

‘The crushing weight is the weapon of the demon lord of slaughter.’

rank 5. The first demon king to die 300 years ago.

The demon king of slaughter does not know the moonlight sword. At that time, Vermouth didn’t have the moonlight sword, so the holy sword had decapitated the demon king of slaughter.

A plain near Mawangseong. The fierce battle that lasted all night completely destroyed the surrounding land, and the plain became a hilly area. dungeon at the bottom. In an ancient site where you don’t know when it was made, you found a moonlight sword.

‘The remnants of the Demon King. But the demon king of slaughter doesn’t know about the moonlight sword.’

The iod, which seemed to resonate with him, accurately recognized the moonlight sword. The existence of the moonlight sword was not passed down even to Lionheart. In this era, the only ones who remember the moonlight sword are the long-lived people who have lived since that era or the reincarnated Hamel.

“This is true.”

Eugene twisted his lips, bent his fingers, and grabbed his heart. thump, thump, thump. heart beats fast Mixed with anger and hatred, it became the intent to kill.

“It’s nice to see you again, this chewy.”

The demon king of slaughter does not know the moonlight sword.

However, the demon king of misery knows the moonlight sword. Of course you have to know The demon king of misery had been torn to pieces by the light of the moonlight sword.

A dark spirit wrapped around Iod’s body. Tempest said that the essence of that existence was the remnant of the demon lord. Eugene feels that too. He clearly remembers 300 years ago, and also remembers how disgusting, ominous, and terrifying the demon lords he fought back then had.

Eugene felt the devil of slaughter and the devil of horror in that spirit of darkness. Its presence was absurdly small to say that it was for two demon lords, but it was not unreasonable. Those are the miserable words of the demon lords who died 300 years ago.

“It’s ugly.”

Eugene did not hide his simmering intent to kill.

“If it is destroyed, it will quietly perish. Did I survive by leaving residue on my weapon? Are you holding hands and dreaming of resurrection because you think things will be okay now?”

thump, thump, thump. heart keeps beating Eugene didn’t calm my heart. Rather, it raised mana and made the heart beat faster.

“Yes, it could be.”


Eugene’s hair rose upward. The flames, the lightning, burned more intensely.

“If I hadn’t been here.”

I had already taken out the moonlight sword, and also the holy sword. Ignition has no back. What did that mean? If you’re worried about not having a back, you don’t have to worry, just sweep them all away. Besides, I couldn’t worry about my safety with those ugly beings in front of me.

that magician. sacrifice. I don’t know what. However, if the spirit of darkness was born from the mix of the remnants of the two demon lords, wouldn’t it be obvious what the magic circle and sacrifices would be used for?

if you don’t stop here.

No, unless you kill me here. The number of demon lords reduced to two at most 300 years ago might increase to three.

“What the hell…?!”

Hector’s face turned white as he stepped back after stopping the bleeding on his severed arm. He looked back and forth at Iod, which floated in the air with the darkness, and at Eugene, who was covered in unbelievably fierce flames.

Hector knows the whole story.

Captain of the 1st Division of the Black Lion Knights. Dominic Lionheart has no pride in the Black Lion and Lionheart. The psychology that considers oneself special creates a proper sense of choosing, but ‘Lionheart’ did not treat Dominic in a special way.

Even if his grandfather was the immortal white lion, who was called the living legend of Lionheart, Dominic’s family was a collateral branch unless his grandfather became the head of the household.

dissatisfaction resulting from it.

When Eugene, a collateral, became the adopted son of the original family, it was further distorted.

“…you… what the hell are you?”

Dominic smirked and stood up. Just that, an unknown force. In all of Dominic’s life, he had never felt death so close. The form of death that Dominic felt was moonlight.

“How are you so strong?”

Chimi swallowed blood. The demonic spear did not break even in the terrible moonlight, but Dominic’s body, which held him, did not escape injury. The backflow of mana damaged her core, and her left leg, which was slow to step back, was crushed.

“Now what else?”

Among Lionheart’s collaterals, there are many disgruntled people like Dominic. Of course, they don’t show up openly, they secretly hold meetings, talk freely about Lionheart’s future, and daydream about how to become collateral, no, they can become the protagonists of the next era.

Dominic is well aware of their existence. It has no choice but to do so, one of the purpose of the existence of the Black Lion Knights is to hunt down the worthless bugs that eat away at the inside of the family like them.

So it was easy to get to.

In the eyes of Dominic, the Black Lion, the family bugs were a group that was no match for their coarseness.

but. I liked the plan to use the eldest son who was treated as a bug and kicked out of the family.

“It’s done.”

everything is coincidence.

No, it was fate.

The spirit of darkness, as its name suggests, dwells in darkness. The darkness does not just mean that the light has gone out and is black. The human mind cannot clearly distinguish light from darkness. Even if you turn on the light, it does not light up, so the human heart is darker than anything else.

Dominic has never heard the voice of a spirit.

But deep inside I felt a certain urge.

The position of the ‘Black Lion’ was very convenient for secretly approaching Iod, who was detained at his parents’ house. The night we met after turning a blind eye to the black lion watching over Iod. It was an impulsive meeting, but Dominic did not question my actions.

The eldest son treated as garbage. He was the trash Iodine was, even to Dominic. However, Dominic saw a black darkness lurking deep within Iod’s pupils. He felt malice, not murder, toward his mother, his maternal grandfather, and the numerous children of Count Beausar.

The original plan was to deliver the black magic catalyst to Iod. When Iod becomes a warlock like that, Lionheart’s status really falls to the bottom of the abyss. It’s even better if he becomes a warlock and goes on a rampage.

Anyway, Dominic had no more lingering attachments to his family, so he planned to destroy his family with his own hands and take the crushing weight to Helmud or another foreign country.

When I looked into Iod’s eyes. Dominic handed over a crushing weight, not a black magic catalyst. He couldn’t hear the voice, but he thought he should. It was already decided that Dominic would act that way, ever since the darkness settled in his heart…

Eugene opened his arms wide.

A core bursting with ignition. Mana swells so enormously that it feels out of control. All that power was focused on Akasha.

Akasha emitted light. A huge magic circle appeared first, followed by dozens of smaller ones. Eugene hoped for a powerful and destructive magic that could pour out the emotions he was feeling right now.

Mer assisted the magic that unfolded like that.

Dozens of magic unfolded simultaneously. What comes first, and how are they connected? Dominic and Hector couldn’t quite recognize him. However, he felt that the attack that exploded right in front of his eyes was a magical disaster.


Dominic roared and threw a demonic spear. Even in the light developed by magic, the darkness of the demonic spear spread. But apart from that darkness, Dominic’s body couldn’t stand it. Hector also stuck by Dominic’s side, trying to block the attack somehow.


Iod, who had open black and red eyes, murmured. He slowly reached out his hand and tapped his eyes with his long fingers. ㅡpain! Waves that spread widely in the darkness burst. The attacking magic was consumed by the darkness and disappeared.

“Wined and the holy sword, the moonlight sword, and even Akasha.”

Eugene looked at Iod’s face without answering. black and red eyes. A bloodless pale face. An eerie smile crept across his emotionless lips.

“…Eugene, you… you’re taking my father’s love to himself.”

Eugene smiled without answering.

Through those words, Eugene knew what kind of existence the iod in front of him was.

dark spirit. Remnants of the Demon King. Under its influence, I ate part of my memory. However, it is not the demon king who reigns over the mind of Iod. It’s just a child who doesn’t know how to digest the dregs of the two demon kings who died 300 years ago.

[…don’t look at it lightly, Hamel. That idiot just scattered your magic with one finger.]


broken magic. All the scattered mana returned to Eugene. The core rampaging with ignition swallowed mana. ㅡkeying! A layer of defense was built around Yujin Akasha.

‘Even if it’s not the demon lord himself, it’s excessive arrogance to bet on a similar being with magic.’

There was Akasha, and Eugene himself was quite confident in his magic skills. However, it is impossible to engage in a magical battle with a being similar to the Demon King. 300 years ago, only Senya and Vermouth were able to do that, and Eugene hadn’t reached that level yet.

“It’s big…!”

Dominic rose from the swept debris. He looked at my arms as blood poured from his mouth. Demon spears were draped across his grotesquely twisted arms.

Hector fainted beside him, but Dominic had neither the loyalty nor the leisure to care about Hector. He hesitated and tried to pull back behind him, but his tattered arm, oddly enough, moved forward.


I didn’t want such an ignorant fight. If you are pushed out of the output, there are plenty of other strategies. I thought so, but the ‘Magic Spear’ did not listen to Dominic’s will.

The darkness that protected Dominic from magical disasters.

It swelled up and wrapped itself around Dominic’s arm. Dominic watched the scene with trembling eyes.



The tattered arms, torn flesh and muscles, and shattered bones tangled together. The newly created arm looked more like a bumpy mass of scaled flesh than a human arm.


Dominic stared blankly at his arm. His grotesquely transformed arms and fingers are clinging to the spears. So connected, Dominic’s head was eroded by evil memories left in his demon spear.


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