Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 491

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The extinct specter left only a handful of ashes. Eugene stood there for a while, staring at the ashes in the palm of his hand.

It was Eugene who told her to leave her regrets behind. She said she would take it with her. The ghost did not refuse. The specter who forcibly tried to get rid of the lingering feelings eventually left them behind, as Eugene said.

What is the lingering lingering that the guy has.

“It feels strange.”

I haven’t heard each one. He didn’t have enough time to confide in his regrets. But strangely, it seemed like he knew what the specter’s final lingering feelings were. About the world. about relationships. about the future. about me.

stuff like that. Eugene slowly grasped the ashes in the palm of his hand. Can this be called bone meal? Eugene smiled bitterly.

I didn’t consider him a ‘fake’ anymore. Did you understand the existence of a bastard? I think it’s far from understanding, but we had a conversation.

Was he an enemy?

Eugene turned his head and looked behind him. Few traces of the ‘city’ remained. This expanse of land is simply a ruin of what used to be a city.

Everyone who presses is dead.

Many people also died. Citizens who failed to escape Hauria during the invasion. Soldiers and warriors who were possessed by the power of the specter and turned into monsters. Black magicians who do not count as humans.

The liberation troops who came with Eugene.

I will not sacrifice a single victim among my allies. I had never thought of this in the first place. It is absurd that not even a single drop of blood is shed in a real war against demons and monsters, when there are injured people in war games played by children.

However, even if exaggerated, it cannot be said that it is a great damage. Considering the size of the battlefield and the enemies defeated, the damage to the allies was minor.

Even so, the death of an ally should not be taken lightly. There were over a hundred casualties. It ended with that much damage because Senya looked after her and the priests healed her wounds in real time. If Senya hadn’t taken care of the battlefield, or if the clerics hadn’t gotten along well—- the damage would have been much greater.

“The enemy.”

Yujin muttered as she looked at her clenched hands.

The specter waged war. Even if it was a war for Eugene, it is true that he waged a war. He also evacuated in the name of deportation to reduce the damage of citizens in his own way, but this is a war nonetheless.

An ally took damage. Even with minor damage, someone was killed and injured. The black magician, the undead, the monsters, the demons, and the press gathered by the specter were the ones who made it that way.

The specter is the ‘enemy’.

“But he wasn’t the Demon King.”

Eugene muttered quietly. So, I thought. Even if he was an enemy, he was not the Demon King. We talked and tried to understand. Even though the method was different, the bar pursued was the same in the end.

So, I decided to take his ‘regret’. Eugene slowly grabbed his chest.


A small amount of divine power wrapped around Eugene’s hand. It was a divine power that could not be created even with a small dagger, but it didn’t matter. This is because it was not a divine power that was drawn out to wield with a sword.

Yujin stared at the dark red power wrapped around her hand for a moment. It looked like a different type of flame from the white flame ceremony.

I brought the other hand close to the flame of divine power. When he opened his fingers, black ash scattered and was consumed by flames.

[Is it a funeral?]

Anise’s voice was heard. In the meantime, she was connected to the saints again. She expected harsh swearing and scolding, and at least a chilly voice. Unexpectedly, Anis’s voice had calmed down.

“Aren’t you mad?”

[I can’t put my feelings first in the current situation, so I’m just holding back. Of course I was angry. Later, Hamel, I will spank your ass.]

“That’s scary… … .”

[Please answer any questions. Are you doing a funeral now? Does it have a special meaning?]

“It used to be like this.”

Yujin nodded slightly and murmured.

“… … By burning the remains and ashes with divine power. It is more.”

[What are you adding?]

“Lungness, faith, pride, things like that. It doesn’t really add up. It’s such a consciousness.”

Ashes danced in the flames of divine power. Eventually, the ashes slowly disappear. Yujin looked at him and smiled bitterly.

“Did you hate something like this witchcraft?”

[It was like that when I was young. To be precise, I was taught to ‘hate it’. I learned that such a funeral was called witchcraft and heresy. But not now.]

About the existence of ghosts.

It was difficult for Anis to know what emotions to have. But this much was clear. Although Anis respects the ghost’s choice, he doesn’t think it’s right.

But I do have compassion.

The ghost was alone after all.

[I don’t know if he can go to heaven after he’s gone… … Nevertheless, as a lamb who has lived a painful life, I will pray that he will be guided to heaven after paying for his sins.]

“I guess it just can’t be delivered.”

[For whatever reason, he sinned. Then he must pay the penalty.]

Anise said firmly. … … It is still a question whether the light will really be punished. Anis didn’t bother to say that.

[And Hamel. You must also pay for your sins.]

[sister. Eugene will not be able to move due to the burden of Ignition.]

[Oh, Christina, that’s right. Then we have no choice but to go directly.]

[Yes, it really can’t be helped.]

[Hamel. Did you hear me? Don’t worry too much, we’ll be there soon. It will be difficult to control your body, so please sit down quietly and spread your butt.]

[sister? Ugh, butt, what the hell are you talking about?]

[Don’t tremble pretending you don’t know while you’re looking forward to it. Christina, don’t you want to spank Hamel’s butt too?]

Eugene’s shoulders trembled at the chatter.

It didn’t feel like a joke at all. She pretends to be calm, but Anis is very upset. She would be Christina as well. First of all, there was no doubt that Anis was seriously intending to hit Eugene’s butt… …

‘do… … escape… … ‘

impossible. As Anise said, I can’t control my body due to the cost of ignition. Eugene hurriedly lifted his cloak.

“Merya, take me and run away.”

No answer came back… … . Mer had fainted earlier. Although there was no burden of assistance in battle, the waves of repeated clashes could not be endured. In return, his pale face was even more bloody.

Yujin barely raised her head and looked at the sky.

He could see Lymilia, who was carrying the saints, getting closer and closer. It’s not just Lymira. Senya is also coming closer.

“… … .”

no. The entire Liberation Army is just coming to Eugene. Hundreds of cavalry and thousands of ground troops are drawing near to share in the joy of victory.

Eugene unknowingly swallowed his saliva. The joy of victory is something to be shared. News of victory should be announced and festivals should be held.

But not now… … . He ended the war with the dignity of a warrior and war god at best. Getting beaten up and butt slapped by Anis and Cristina in front of everyone? The worship and beliefs you have built up will be thrown into the gutter.



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“Anyway, hitting the butt is a bit… … .”

I hurriedly added the words.

I shook my head with a chill. The sky was still clear. At the edge of that high sky, something twinkled.

In an instant, the sky distorted. The falling light penetrated the clouds and pierced the sky.

“That bastard.”

It is impossible to respond on your own. However, the will to move to protect Eugene was not one or two.

The saints immediately performed a miracle. A dazzling light enveloped Eugene. The holy sword whose sword body was broken also responded to the light. Raimir Ah recited her dragon words. Senya cast a lot of great magic. Melkiss screamed and threw her body. The entire Pantheon of Loberian moved and became a shield for Eugene. Ivatar threw an axe. Alchester swung his sword. Carmen leaped from the top of the wyvern. Ciel coughed up her blood and opened his eyes. Raphael soared with Apollo. Gilreid even threw down Lionheart’s flag and ran. Xian was shocked and shouted Eugene’s name. Aman, Orthus, Ivik, and the mage masters.

Everyone has lost their meaning.

Demon Sword Glory. A sword bestowed directly by the demon king of confinement. The most powerful Mystic Eye of prestige among the existing Mystic Eyes. Gavid Lindman’s power to use all of them was not lacking in being called the ‘sword of confinement’.

He completely denied Lymilia’s dragon words. I cut Senya’s magic with the source of mana. Melchis’s omega force, which had been thrown directly at him, was shattered. Loberian’s Pantheon was also split in two. Ivatar’s ax disappeared. Alchester’s airsword exploded in the air. Carmen was blown backwards by the black wind. Ciel’s demonic eye could not hold on to the enemy. Raphael and Apollo crash together. The shockwave that landed on the ground blew away Gilade and Xian together. Gavid cut everyone else’s will to save Eugene.

The last thing left is the light surrounding Eugene. The fallen Gavid saw through the light. I saw Eugene’s face in the middle of the light.

Are you scared? Did you intuit death? were you angry? In a fleeting moment, Gavid imagined Eugene’s expression.

Everyone is wrong. I thought it would be distorted, but Eugene was rather laughing. A mocking smile twisted the tail of one of the lips.

“… … .”

I was worried throughout the battle between Eugene and the specter. And forced to draw conclusions.

This behavior is not like a demon. It is not an action worthy of the honorable name of ‘the sword of confinement’. But as the Grand Duke of Helmud, it would be the right thing to do.

I felt it while watching the battle. Hamel of annihilation. Eugene Lionhart. Warrior. he’s too strong He continued to grow stronger even during battle. His sword was sharp enough to touch the demon lord from the very beginning, and now—- it seems that he can cut at least the hem of the demon lord’s clothes in confinement.

if that is the last There is no need to do this. But Gavid could feel it viscerally. That ‘now’ will never be the end of Eugene Ryanhart. His sword will become even sharper. In particular, the sword of dark red light that had cut the ghost—- was more deadly than a holy sword or a moonlight sword, and it had the potential to be infinite.

Gavid’s majestic eye saw the potential of Eugene’s sword. That is the Divine Wealth. The essence of faith that should never be tolerated.

Therefore, it should be excluded. This moment is the right time to surely kill Helmud’s ‘enemy’.

He was exhausted and lethargic. Now, he can kill unconditionally. He can never escape him. Everyone else will try to protect Eugene, but if you use the Mystic Eye of Prestige and Glory, you can eliminate all obstacles and kill Eugene with a single sword.

“… … her.”

I know that this will only make me laugh.

Demon’s fighting spirit. The knife-down pride of confinement. Gavid Lindman Personal Aspirations. He decided to drop all of that and make a choice worthy of the Grand Duke of Helmud.

Seeing that laugh, I couldn’t help it. Gavid let go of his hands, helping himself.


Glory, which was emitting black light, stopped abruptly. Gavid did not cut through the light or cut Eugene. He just stopped in place and glared at Eugene.

“Why are you stopping?”

Eugene asked, still laughing.

“Weren’t you afraid to kill me?”

“It did.”

Gavid didn’t deny it, and answered in a calm voice.

“But seeing your sneer made me think. If I kill you right here… … I think I will regret it for the rest of my life. And you will have regrets for the rest of your life.”


“It will be the same as it was 300 years ago.”

Then Gavid backed off without killing Hamel and Senya. It was because he was overwhelmed by Hamel’s murderous intent and spirit.

After that, for Gavid, not seeing the end of the fight with Hamel remained a long regret. humiliation at that time. The fear I felt for a moment. The feelings that could not be settled became absolutely impossible to overcome as Hamel died.

If he killed Eugene now—- he would have regrets and regrets for the rest of his life. Humiliation and fear will also fester and rot.


Gavid smiled bitterly and reaped the glory.

“Even if I didn’t change my mind to kill you and swung my sword down… … I wonder if I could have really killed you.”

Until just before that, I was sure that I could kill him unconditionally. However, he felt something only now that he had reaped the glory.

Gavid was dumbfounded and let out a blank laugh. He slowly turned his head to look behind him.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.

She was right behind Gavid. Perhaps because she had turned her back to the sun, Noir’s face was darker than usual. So I couldn’t see her expression very well.

No, there was no expression on Noir’s face right now. Even her eyes, which used to shine beautifully in purple, had now lost their light and had sunk in a dull color.

of enormous age. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt murderous intent from Noir. But that intent to kill is ‘unfamiliar’. It’s as if I’m facing the murderous intent of a being other than Noir Jebella.

at the same time. Gavid felt a strong sense of wariness towards Noir. He didn’t feel Noir coming behind him even though he used the Mystic Eye of Prestige and Glory. If Gavid had tried to kill Eugene as he had initially planned—Noir would have intervened without delay.

Could I have noticed that beforehand? Could he have killed Eugene while excluding Noir’s interference?

“Was it like this?”

Gavid stared at Noir and asked.

It was an ambiguous question. Gavid never thought that Noir would be this strong. She admits that her strength is, but she never thought that she would rival Glory and the Demonic Eye of Prestige.


I didn’t even think that Noir would be this much for Eugene and Hamel. She was aware of her obsession… … That intent to kill is ‘real’. Noir really, really came forward with the idea of ​​killing Gavid for Eugene’s sake.

“… … .”

Didn’t answer the question.

His dark eyes moved and he looked over Gavid’s shoulder.

I saw Eugene wrapped in light.

Noir unknowingly clenched his fists.

Ring on the ring finger.

name engraved on the inside.

I felt the ring engraved with the name of Hamel Diners.

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