Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 492

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I tried to recall the memory.

The first time I saw “him” was during the war 300 years ago. She was the “Queen of Dreams” in Noire hundreds of years before the outbreak of war, and she maintained that status even during the war era.

no. Rather, it made it even stronger. Through the countless events of the War Era, the name of the ‘Queen of Dreams’ has become synonymous with a terrible nightmare for humans.

‘Mongma’ is not a very strong race. There are not many talents. A high-ranking dreamer might have a lot more talent, but most dreamers have only one talent to dig into ‘dreams’. Even leading them to sleep can’t be done as they wish, so the lower dreamers use alcohol, medicine, or even their bodies to get their energy.

The Queen, Noir Jebela is different.

It built up fear and became a nightmare. Even though he was a ‘dream horse’, an insignificant race, he had enough power to talk about the demon king. No one could ignore Noir. As she became her queen, she rose to the rank of the ‘dream horse’ of the race itself.

Those times were pleasant and good. I was able to run at will without notice. You could be faithful to your demonic instincts and desires, or you could be faithful to your dreamlike instincts and desires. They made fun of the dreams of hundreds and thousands of thousands and trampled human lives like weeds and insects.

weed? bug?

It is not an analogy. For Noir, that was indeed the case.

Most humans do not live to be 100 years old. In times of war life is much shorter. decades to live. For Noir, who has lived through dozens of times that amount of time, the race of ‘humans’—-weak, insignificant… … It was a race full of flaws.

There are no advantages. Noir, too, was fully aware of the ‘need’ of humans.

It is possible to extract vitality from demons or other races, but humans are very good as ‘prey’. The number is high and the breeding rate is high because it can be said to be in heat all year round. They are intelligent, able to communicate, and learn quickly if taught. That’s why you can create ‘dreams’ in a variety of ways, and the recovery of regularity is fast.

that level of awareness.

equal? I’ve never thought of it like that. The only advantage I can think of is the advantage as a prey. doesn’t hate humans rather like it It’s cute, I could have thought about it.


just like humans

There’s no way a war with the demons is possible.


There are such people. As I said before, it doesn’t have a separate estrous period like other animals, so if you have the will and the partner, you can reproduce at any time. That is why humans are numerous. Because there are so many of them, sometimes there are ‘special’ ones that do not conform to the standards of the species.

Even 300 years ago, there were five such ‘special’ humans.

Vermut Lionheart, the first hero to become the owner of the sacred sword Altair since the founder of Yuras.

Moron Luhar, the next chieftain of the Bayar tribe, famous for being warlike among the northern barbarians.

Among all the saints chosen by the god of light, Anis Slywood is the most outstanding saint.

Senya Merdane, a human but an archmage who grew up with the Great Forest Elves.

Hamel Dynas, a mercenary with not only prestige but also notoriety on the battlefield.

At first, there were not many grandiose modifiers attached to them. However, after the demon king of slaughter, ranked 5th in the rankings, was killed by them, grandiose and frightening modifiers were attached to each of their names.

Vermouth of Despair.

Moron of Horror.

Anise from Hell.

calamity of calamity

Hamel of annihilation.

Of course, Noir also heard their names. I also heard about the activity.

I was interested. In particular, she was on the side of loving humans among her demons. If the war ends someday—-in the huge territory that she will take over, she was willing to provide a fairly large land for humans.

My heart wanted to go see them right away. Because special people even taste special.

But the opportunity didn’t come close. The war was in full swing, Helmud was wide, and the battlefield Noir chose did not overlap with the movement of the warriors.

But little by little.

overlapped had to overlap. A war that lasted over 10 years. The demon king of slaughter, the demon king of misery, and the demon king of madness are dead. There are only two demon kings left in the vast Helmud. Even so, since the demon king of destruction is a wandering demon king without a ‘castle’, in fact, only the ‘territory’ of the demon king of confinement remains.

The land of the dead Demon Kings was all conquered by humans. Naturally, the territory of the demons decreased together.

The war is not over. This is because the large army of demons loyal to the demon king in captivity was still alive, and the lands behind Pandemonium, the territory, were not conquered by human footsteps.

All the desire to conquer the Devil’s Realm was directed to Pandaemonium. Many humans who survived Helmud headed for Pandaemonium. The boys of the continent, who were nothing more than snuffers, became young men, grabbed weapons and headed for Pandaemonium.

Noir also moved the battlefield.

I did not make a contract with the demon king of confinement. It was because the contract with the demon lord was nothing but shackles. He didn’t want to be subordinated to the demon king for the rest of his life and consumed with power.

No contract was signed, but a deal was made. He reigned over a certain area of ​​Pandemonium and was allowed to ‘hunt’. If the war ends someday, instead of working under the command of the demon king of confinement. He was also promised a title for his performance.

a greater desire.

did not pay In the era of war that lasted for more than 10 years, they built up great strength. Perhaps he could really take over the position of the Demon King. What if you defeat the demon king of confinement? I thought about that for a while, then laughed and stopped.

“I’m not greedy for that.”

What is greed in the first place? A heart that longs for something. However, it was not easy for Noir to understand that ‘greed’.

Because she brought everything she wanted. She didn’t even have to make an effort. just, just. You could have it if you wished. Even if it was a ‘fantasy’, it was not a matter of regret. The fantasy she creates is no different from reality.

the seat of the devil? The seat of the Great King? Territory possessed by the demon king of confinement? I know it’s pretty great. But I’m not greedy. Noir Jebela. What she seeks and desires is-


Even Noir himself had a hard time expressing his greed and longing.


The first time I saw ‘him’.

I was able to clearly understand things that I could not even understand myself.

Hamel Diners.

Hamel of annihilation.

he, he… … It was special. The ‘special’ that he felt was unexpected to Noir.

5 people. warriors and comrades. Who is the most special? If you ask 100 people, everyone will give you the same answer. The most special is the hero, Vermouth Lionheart.

But that wasn’t the case with Noir. Of course, the vermouth was also special. Morron, Senya, and Anise, everyone was special.

Not as much as Hamel. The specialness of the other four did not impress Noir as much as the speciality of Hamel.

I still remember it clearly.

the first time you raid them. Noir was confident in his power, but he did not ignore the ‘enemies’. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the opponents represent the ‘species’ of humans, who defeated the three demon lords. In the first place, since the dream horse is not a race that makes head-to-head battles their main skill, Noir decided to fight like a ‘dream horse’.

I dug into the dreams of 5 people.


intense emotions. A trough so deep that the bottom is unknown. A whirlwind that seems to have no end. The smell of thick blood. Metal collides to kill each other, eventually cutting flesh, splitting bones, and burrowing into the intestines, death throes, moans, screams, mixed emotions, a life proven by killing someone, overheating, and ecstasy And, Mangwa.


A simplistic flesh. A primitive emotion that makes you fight on the battlefield and kill your opponent. An intense and gigantic murderous intent that no human has ever felt before. A murder so deep that it is immeasurable.

I can’t forget the thrill of that time. Never in his life have I ever imagined my own death. At that moment, Noir was able to realize what ‘death’ was. Even after experiencing it once, Noir was unable to recreate the thrill of that moment and the death that would eventually arrive.



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Hamel was special.

Noir made me know what I didn’t know. She made me realize the greed and longing that I had never been aware of myself.

I looked at it because it was special.


I hoped that what I did not know for the rest of my life would be deeply engraved in me. I wanted him to think I was special, just as I thought he was special. I wish you would. Each considers each other special, wants something different,

“Do we really need to do this?”

“Whoops, why are you saying that?”

“Without doing this… … different… … There might be something else.”

“Are you regretting it?”


“I regret it. I guess… … I guess you got in too deep.”

“… … .”

“Are you like that too?”

If he sheds tears of regret and love-hate. He raised his bloody hand and wiped the corners of his eyes and cheeks.

“I will never forget you for the rest of my life.”

Reciting these obvious lines

If he dies, he too will be ecstatic and happy.

If I kill him, I will be able to remember him and live with the loss for the rest of my life.

Both are good. Either way, it’s something special that will never happen again in life.

that desire and longing,

The dream queen.

It belongs to Noir Jebela.

-Oh God.

the existence of her now. Duke of Helmud. The owner of Dreemur and Jebela City.




Everything, of course, belongs to Noir Jebela. There has never been a single time so far. But now, it’s becoming ‘no’. Subjectivity is shaking. Something else is mixing.

-My, my God.

She dominated one country, invaded neighboring countries, and challenged the position of evil god by sacrificing everything she got her hands on.

-You took everything from me in the past. I, who faced the myth, was ruined by you.

She was the saint of the god of war.

– My god. I hated you I wished for revenge. You took even my hatred and revenge as entertainment. I looked forward to someday, someday, that I would avenge you.

Previously, she was called the Twilight Witch.

– Now, everything is futile.

Not the life of Noir Jebela, but the life of a war god and a twilight witch. She remembers the end.

I didn’t want to remember. I don’t want to recall the life, the memory, that is not ‘my’.

But the random memories flooded my head. No matter how many times she poked through her brain with her fingers and cut off the thought, each time the broken thought was connected, an unwanted memory was added and accompanied by emotion.


wide battlefield. A place where monsters and human corpses are mixed. the coming destruction.

dark red power.

-I am ashamed to show you my ugly face.

I touched my lips with my finger.

My face was torn to pieces, I didn’t want to show it.

I always wanted to show him that kind of bewitching and beautiful side.

Even his one remaining eye was not functioning properly, so I couldn’t see his face very well.

Even as the end approaches.

I couldn’t see his face properly.

I couldn’t leave my last, beautiful.

-It’s as beautiful as usual, but what?

you told me i was beautiful

Same as usual.

– My God.

I was about to betray you someday, someday for sure. could have done it anytime The reason I became your saint was for the sake of one day’s fall. A saintess who betrayed the gods and sacrificed the believers. Because the act itself has meaning.

-Now, at our end, I will refuse your will. I am not going to run away. I will not see your death first, my god.

I am.

I couldn’t betray you I didn’t want to be your enemy. You picked me up like entertainment You would have expected me to betray you one day. I couldn’t live up to that expectation.

Just as your feelings for me have changed, so have I.

– If you have one last wish, listen to it.

You were merciful and kind to the end.


However, I

– A kiss.

I didn’t want to make this my last wish.


When your war ends beautifully.

If I hadn’t betrayed you until then, if I couldn’t betray you, if I were still by your side as a saint.

As long as she remains a saint of the war god, not a witch of twilight.

I wanted to ask you to be your end, you to be my end. I hoped for an end with a different meaning, not death. In a world of peace, in a world without war.

not the twilight witch

Not even the saint of the god of war,

– Death to me.

as your companion.

“… … .”

Noir Jebella released her clenched fist.


With a twisted smile, she grabbed the ring around her neck.

The ring I wanted to put on Hamel’s finger someday.

A ring engraved with the name of Noir Jebella.


Feeling the urge to break the ring.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

whispered my name

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