Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 494

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she has no name There is not even a name given to her by her parents when she was young.

In any era, there are thousands of orphans. Children who lost their parents before their egos matured. Or children who were thrown away after being wrapped in a cloth or put in a basket as soon as they were born.

She didn’t even know how orphaned she was. She’s just, she’s been living in her back alley ever since. She formed a group of similarly situated children. Of course, there were older and bigger people on the border between children and adults.

life that we eat every day. A life where it is not strange to get sick, be blinded, or die at any time.

Most of the children took it for granted and lived their lives. I thought that a day of eating well and sleeping well would be enough. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, three days later, four days later, five days later, a week later, a month later, a year later, I never thought of such a future.

she was different Her messy back alleys didn’t like her. when you get a little bit older Once her body manages to grow. You will have to do something other than begging. Does that make money better? Not even that.

A life carrying wild flowers in the back alley. The price of wild flowers is insignificant. The money they make is eaten up by young adults. Your chances of getting sick also increase. With the blink of an eye, she had learned that a man who crept into the back alley to buy wild flowers was never clean, and that an aroused man was usually violent.

few years left Can I get out of the back alley and live? I can live somehow It may be dangerous. Maybe you will live a more rugged life.

-What’s your name?

No matter how many times I made plans and contrived, in the end I was a child. Her actions she committed were also extremely childish. When she begged in the street, she spoke to an old woman who did not pass by and always gave her a few pennies.

Several times, consistently, it was to figure out who she was—but all of that must have felt blatant to the old woman.


The saying that he had no name was true. The names we used to call each other in the back alleys were nicknames that couldn’t even be called names.

– Then I’ll give you a name.

The old woman was a witch. She was not eaten. Instead of her, she became a servant.

Helped a lot, work. A little girl had many things that only a girl could do. He lured other children into the old woman’s cauldron, shoplifted, picked herbs and mushrooms from the mountains, and wrote for the old woman.

Learned a lot.

He had a talent.

-Your name is… … .

killed the old woman There was no great reason. There was no feeling of vengeance from the beginning. Rather, she felt grateful to the old woman.

Thanks to the old woman, she came out of the back alley. She learned writing and magic. She has mastered the knack for living the world alone.

If the old woman had wished for her happiness, he would not have killed him. But the old woman did not wish her happiness. She admired the young and beautiful pupil.

no. Since when was she her disciple? She must have been brought as an attendant to use for a while. She became her disciple at some point, and all her talents were taken away. The old woman thought so, and wanted to kill her with her own hands and boil her to eat.

so he killed


At the time, her name wasn’t Arya. The old woman gave her another name. It’s a name not worth remembering. I still can’t remember

After killing the old woman and being alone, he abandoned his name. and gave it a new name. I heard that a certain country was selecting a magician to work in the royal palace, so I headed there.

The application deadline was imminent, but it didn’t matter. It was because there were many village wizards who applied for support right away and went to the palace with excitement.

Picked it up properly and killed it. They took her face and identity. That was enough.

Decades after entering the palace.

Because I don’t like today.

After chasing it like in an alley, I became a court witch.

– Twilight Witch.

From a certain point on, I was called by that nickname more than my name. intended Being called by a nickname rather than a given name magically attracts worship.

It was such an era. The era when humans could become something other than humans through worship. At that time, she also pursued her humanity as an apostle.

The turbulent world started by the demon king of confinement. A court witch who turned the king and his ministers into puppets and put the entire kingdom under her feet.

In a sense, it was worse than demons and demon kings, and the country under its feet trained it with a whip and carrot called fear, and its ferocious notoriety made even the monarchs of neighboring countries turn their eyes away.

The Twilight Witch was she.


defeated. The arrogant and cruel fortress built by the witch was ruined by the war god.

Didn’t you want to die?

Didn’t you want to end your life like this? Do you have any regrets left?

or not.

-What’s your name?

Had I been enchanted by the figure of a man with a sword over his shoulder, with his back to the setting dusk?

-You build a new one.

I’ve never placed a special meaning on the names I’ve had. He, of course, never cared for or cherished anything.

I knew it instinctively.

I will spend a very long time with that man. Just as he took everything from me, one day I will take everything from him.

To do that, I have to be special to that man. I will also consider him special.

So I asked for a name. I didn’t want to say a trivial name that I didn’t cherish, cherish, or attach special meaning to. To be special to him. For me to regard him as a special being.

“… … aria… … .”

Noir Jebela.

She gasped and stared at Eugene.

Aria, Aria… … its name. The memories that remained vaguely came to my mind more clearly the moment I heard the name ‘Aria’.

So I couldn’t stand it. Noir swallowed his panting breath. I don’t want to think of it as a special name.

“I am.”

Passion and agitation. I never thought I would see such an expression from Noir Jebella, who always had a sense of composure and laughter.

If it were for another reason, Eugene would have felt the joy too. If it was Noir’s evil, she might have even thought of actively using it.

But now I couldn’t. Noir’s expressions and emotions. It was because the ‘name’ that was the same as her reverse was applied to Eugene as well.

The Witch of Twilight, the Saint of the War God. The impression that comes out of the name ‘Aria’ is much stronger than the impression that comes out of those names.

so it goes deep Everyone looked this way in surprise at the sudden attack of Noir. Of course, Senya and Seongnyeo tried to approach Eugene, but Eugene reached out her hand to stop them, saying that it was okay.

“Why stop?”

Noir spat. Her eyes still looked like they were about to burst into tears. Yujin stared into her shaking eyes and opened her mouth.


“just… … ?”

Noir’s voice trembled. She immediately reached out and grabbed Eugene by the collar.

“Aren’t you looking at me too funny? It’s true that I love you, and wished I’d killed you somewhere else. So, I, I… … It’s not like I can’t kill you right here and now.”



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Right now, Eugene is having a hard time even controlling her own body. With just a little bit of strength, Noir would be able to break his neck like breaking a tree branch.

In order to prove that he wasn’t speaking out of simple bravado, Noir showed off his intent to kill. However, Yujin’s expression did not change. He still looked at Noir with gloomy eyes, and opened her mouth again.

“I just thought I needed to talk to you right now.”

“… … .”

“Are you looking at me funny? Do you really think so? I’ve never taken you lightly.”

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. She is Yujin’s old nemesis. Eugene has never looked down on the dignity and power of her existence. Even as she spat her nickname of “Queen of Gal X”, whenever she imagined her battle with her, she always had her own defeat in mind.

“… … conversation… … .”

Noir muttered in a low voice.

A name floating in my head. Memories that keep spreading. Noir closed her eyes once, catching her breath.

The collar that was held was released. But his hand did not move away. Rather, it came a little closer to Eugene. A white, soft hand caressed Yujin’s cheek.

ㅡHwaaaak! Bat wings soared behind Noir’s back.

“I don’t want to show it.”

Noir whispered in a low voice. Wings as big as the wings of Pegasus Apollo. The wings that soared up slowly came down and wrapped around Eugene and Noir.

“I don’t even want to hear it.”

Eugene did not restrain her actions. because it was the same She revealed that Hamel was reincarnated to important people, but she did not tell the story of Agaroth’s reincarnation.

What do you mean by saying that in the first place? Unlike Hamel 300 years ago, Agaroth is a figure from the age of mythology.

What I will share with Noir from now on is a story that is difficult for people of that time to understand.

‘I think it’s going to cause some misunderstanding.’

I thought so, but on second thought, it didn’t matter. It’s not the first time today, is it? Noir broke into the receptionist’s banquet to congratulate Eugene, and after that, they even had a private conversation.

The late night tryst at Jebela Park also spread photos on the continent. misunderstanding? If it was a misunderstanding, it was there from the very beginning.

“You are thorough.”

Eugene grinned at Noir’s face in front of him.

It wasn’t just the sights and sounds around her that her wings blocked. Even the voices of Mer, who was in the cloak, and Senya, who had been mentally linked, and the voices of the saints could not be heard. It is because of the powerful magic barrier spread through her wings.

“Because I want to have a conversation just the two of us.”

Noir whispered. Wings wrapped around all sides. A black darkness thicker than the night. But even in this darkness, Eugene’s face is clearly visible.

Feelings calmed down a bit.

“You’re the one who said let’s talk. my… … .”

to say the name.


I thought it was a bit difficult. I said my name though. Noir wanted to call that name.

“How long will you be around?”

His face with Noir is too close. Her thick hair came down like a blackout curtain and wrapped around Eugene. The jingling ring also came down and lay on her Eugene’s collarbone.


Both hands are wrapped around Eugene’s cheeks. slowly, very slowly… … The hand started to move. Long fingers delicately caressed Eugene’s cheeks and moved along the contours of his face.

“Until you are satisfied.”

I wanted the real feeling of touching it directly with my fingers. Not in my memory, I wanted the real thing that existed in front of my eyes and came into contact with it. Noir chewed on his lips and groped for Eugene’s face.

Lips chewed in desperation for recalling something they didn’t want to recall. Noir’s breath is mixed with the smell of blood.

It was the same with Eugene. He bled several times in battle. The two smelled blood on each other’s breath.

The smell of such blood strongly connected them to each other. The smell of blood filled the voids in my faint memories. end of each other.

“… … Whoops.”

Noir laughed involuntarily. She tilted her head a little closer.

The distance got too close. It was to the extent that his eyes couldn’t contain all of Eugene’s image. It didn’t matter though. Feeling it with her fingertips, looking into her eyes.

“I don’t think they look alike.”

Noir’s lips parted slightly.

“He looks a little rougher. Yeah, it’s not that clunky. fairly… … I think I thought he was a cool guy. A man who looks good in armor. A man who is good at riding horses. A man who looks good with a big sword.”

“… … .”

“A man who is good at being among men. A man who is good at commanding commands. A man who suits the battlefield well.”

shaggy hair. intense eyes. Clear facial features. Even though it’s touchy, when it’s serious, it’s infinitely serious. Laughing and being angry, being sensitive to ‘mine’… … .

“Ahaha… … .”

Noir laughed once more.

“No. He is quite like you.”

I’m not talking about the face. Attitude and atmosphere, things like that are similar.

“is it.”

Eugene replied with a wry smile. Not the same. After all, it’s natural because it’s a different person. But even the resemblance could not be denied.

“It’s just a resemblance. I am not Agaroth.”

“How am I?”

Noir asked with a smile.

“Do you think you look like her?”


“but. It wouldn’t be very similar. After all, she is a human, and I am a dreamer.”

“I guess so.”

“But why?”

Noir’s hand, which was groping his face, was on Eugene’s neck before he knew it. But her hand didn’t choke her.

Delicately, like touching a fragile glass marble. Noir’s fingertips caressed Eugene’s neck.

“Did you call me by that name?”


“I don’t like that name. I am not her.”

“Because I wanted to check.”

Eugene replied.


Noir’s lips twitched. For that reason, it was very effective. In the first place, Noir did not want to reveal ‘this’ to Eugene. Someday, even if it’s revealed someday. Even if you don’t have to reveal it, you will notice each other.

I didn’t want to let people know now that my thoughts and emotions were not organized. However, the moment she heard the name ‘Arya’—- her body moved on its own.

“I need confirmation too.”

Noir’s head tilted a little further down.

In the darkness covered with wings, Eugene and Noir’s lips met.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 493Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 495
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