Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 5

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Minotaur. It is a monster that appears almost without missing in many stories about the labyrinth. However, the Minotaur that I actually saw was not as ridiculous as the one in the fairy tale book. Desiira gulped at the minotaur’s massive horns.

‘…Gargis. Why aren’t this bastard coming? ‘

The original plan was to join forces with Gargis to fight the boss monster. However, there was no sign of Gargis coming, wondering where he was stuck. Desiira glanced at Eugene just in case.

“I will fight after you all fight.”

“…are you really crazy?”

Xian was so dumbfounded that he was listening to the conversation. But now I can’t stand it. 

“Do you think your turn will come?”

“I think he will come.”

“Don’t bullshit! Do you think I won’t be able to catch a single cow over there?!”

“If you catch me, I’ll call you big brother for the rest of my life.”

At those words, Xian hesitated for a moment. I can listen to that cheeky bastard for the rest of my life. Young Xian found that proposal very attractive.

“…Don’t change your mind later.”

“I don’t change.”

After hearing Eugene’s answer. Sian slumped in his seat. Then, she slowly controlled her breathing and operated the mana in her body. Since she was quite tired from coming here, it was to recover mana as soon as possible. 


It was the first time I had actually seen Xian. But in the books I read randomly over the course of a few days, I heard a lot about Minotaurs. It’s a monster with no special weakness, but it’s not a monster with special strengths either. 

strength and tough skin. That level is a natural characteristic of a medium to large monster of that size. It doesn’t have strong regenerative power like a troll, nor does it have ridiculous strength and aggression like an ogre. 

Moderate strength, moderate intellect. In Xian’s eyes, the Minotaur was a monster that could be hunted without much difficulty. 

But it’s different for Desiira. She made her way to the center of her wincing, calming her quivering heart. Her hand holding her spear also trembles and trembles. She had caught a lot of monsters like Orcs, but she had never hunted a monster that big.

‘…I thought Minotaurs were higher predators than trolls…’

It’s not necessarily like that. It is true that it is a monster similar to a troll. Having passed his troll undefeated, Didira couldn’t imagine his own victory. 


However, I couldn’t come this far and leave. Desiira roared to dispel his fear. Then, grabbing her spear, she charged at the Minotaur.

The Minotaur got up before Didyra closed the distance. It is incredibly responsive for such a giant. The troll wasn’t as fast as me. Standing on two legs, it is bigger than a troll. The Minotaur turns his head. The cow that Desiira knew was cute with bright eyes, but the Minotaur’s eyes were full of eerie light. 

Minotaur waves his hand. Desiira screamed and thrust out his spear. —-Bah! Her big hands broke her spear with ease.

‘I said it wouldn’t break!’

Didyera’s face contorted. Her hand flashes above her and lands on Didyera’s head. Until she got there, she reacted even if she was a designer. She dodged the attack by jumping to her side. She then swung the broken spear at the minotaur’s flank.

f*ck! I hit him, but the attack he wielded from an unstable position wasn’t very powerful. The Minotaur held onto Didyera’s body without making a sound of pain. 


Big fingers coil around the body. Desiira squealed in an attempt to escape. Die! She felt that way. Is this really welcome? Nonsense! Desiira closed her eyes tightly. 

but. The Minotaur didn’t do the horrible things Desiira imagined. I didn’t crush her body with the strength of her grip, and I didn’t slam her to the ground. Instead, he flung it toward the entrance leading to her center. 


Because I was so scared, I couldn’t even perform the trick. Desiira sprawled on the floor and groaned in pain. She flew quite a distance and her whole body ached. It looked like some of her bones were broken.

“You’ve lost, so you’re falling behind.”

“it hurts…!”

“Of course it hurts.”

“Why did you throw it away?”

Ciel’s face was incomprehensible. He didn’t want to see the cruel sight for himself, but the Minotaur’s behavior just now was uncharacteristic of a monster.

“Because that’s not a real monster.”

Eugene replied as if it was not a big deal.

“There’s no reason why you want to kill us unconditionally. The moment you hold it in your hand, you have already won or lost.”

There is no reason to instill needless trauma in young children. Xian, who was watching the situation, raised his body with a relaxed smile.

“joy. Don’t jump at it from the beginning, and figure out the topic. Did you really think you could catch the Minotaur?”

Didyrah couldn’t answer and groaned as he hugged his aching body. Sian walked past Desiira with a sneer.

“What a fool! Just sit here and keep your eyes open and watch. The blood of the original family is on a different level from a collateral like you!”

It was a cool word to think of yourself. Of course, those words were also aimed at Eugene. But Eugene just grinned at what was so enjoyable.

‘…young. Do you really think I can’t kill a cow like that?’

Xian drew his sword proudly. Then he focused his consciousness on the sword. Then, the mana that boiled in her body flows into the sword body. 


Desiira felt great astonishment. A pale light wrapped around Xian’s sword. There was no doubt that it was a sword skill that could be manifested only when mana was trained to a certain level. Desiira was well aware of how powerful that light was. A blade of mana that cuts through everything it touches. Her father would sometimes show him piercing a large block of iron like tofu with a sword wrapped around his spear. 

‘If you come back after the Blood Ceremony and practice diligently, you too will be able to manifest this sword skill.’ 

In order to manifest sword skill, no matter how little you catch, you must train mana for ten years. However, Xian, who is only one year older, was already showing his sword skills. That fact made Dideira despair. 


Sian enjoyed Dejaira’s astonishment. With the mana he possesses, he cannot maintain his sword skill for long. But it wouldn’t take long to cut that stupid calf to death. 

Xian approached the Minotaur with a confident step. 


However, after taking a few steps closer, Xian’s steps stopped. 

The mana that made up the sword skill is scattered. Xian looked at the sword in bewilderment. He tried to maintain his sword energy by focusing again, but no matter how much mana he used, he could not stop the sword energy from dispersing. 

“What, what?”

Eugene looked at Xian with mischievous eyes. It was unexpected that he already knew how to express sword skills, but rather, knowing how to express sword skills made Eugene happy.

wall around the center. There was a magic circle drawn that was so faint that you could only tell if you focused. Eugene remembered the shape of that magic circle. There were many changes, but… the basic outline did not change. 

That is a magic circle that blocks mana in a certain range. three hundred years ago. Senya had incapacitated several demon mages with that magic circle. 

‘I never thought they’d draw a magic circle like that in the center.’

Since the children of the collateral did not train mana, that magic circle was only targeting the children of the main family. 

‘They said they would judge the quality, not the thickness of the blood.’

What Gilade said. The children of the collateral family can never beat the children of the main family. But what if you can’t use mana? Xian hesitated, not knowing what to do. The Minotaur was standing and looking at the vision. 

‘What… what the hell is that? Why doesn’t the sword come out? I still have plenty of mana…’




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Ciel calls Xian. Sian’s shoulders trembled at the sound of that voice. Can you defeat the Minotaur without using sword skills? Xian swallowed a gulp. Even the mana in the body is not scattered. Movement can be maintained. 

can you do it

“If you feel like losing, just come back. Don’t get hit by being stubborn.”

Eugene giggled and said. that voice! Sian bit his lip. She had nowhere to back down. If you say you can’t do it here and go back… 


Xian let out a loud roar and rushed at the Minotaur. This time, the Minotaur only moved after Xian rushed at it. Although he couldn’t show off his sword skills, Xian’s movements were incomparably faster than Desiira’s.

Minotaur waves his hand. Xian easily dodged the Minotaur’s hand and dug into his arms. And he swung his sword with all his might. 

ㅡChuck! Xian’s sword slices through the Minotaur. But it was only a shallow cut to the skin. Sian held back the pain in his wrist and swung his sword furiously.

Xian struggled quite a bit. As he escaped the Minotaur’s attack, he swung his sword and stabbed him. However, his sword strikes failed to properly cut the Minotaur. It was incomparably solid compared to the monsters he had encountered before. 

‘All right, legs. I have to aim for the bridge.’

Breathing is choking. It is far from defeating them only with shallow wounds. A decisive attack is required. First off, it’s too big. That’s why I’m sitting down… my thoughts don’t lead properly. hand! Xian hastily lowered his stance. As he advanced, he stabbed his sword with the Minotaur’s knee.


The stabbing angle is wrong. Xian’s sword did not pierce the Minotaur’s joints as he had hoped, but collided with his hard knee bones and broke them. Seeing him, Xi’an’s eyes were wet with despair.

‘I said it wouldn’t break!’

The moment the sword breaks. Sian, like Dejaira, resented Loberian. What followed was the same as Didira’s. The Minotaur’s large hand grabbed Cian and threw him toward the entrance.


Fortunately, Xian performed a fall. But he was thrown so far that he was exhausted, and he couldn’t spread it properly. Xian clutched at his throbbing back and twisted his body.

“Turn it off…!”

“You lost too.”

Eugene giggled and teased Xian. She couldn’t answer Xian, and she only chewed on her lips.

“I won’t fight.”

Ciel immediately spat out.

“Is it because of that?”


Ciel’s finger pointed at the magic circle drawn on the wall. She also seems to have a better eye than her brother. 

“I do not know.”

Eugene laughed and stood up. Ciel looked at her brother with her half-worried, half-fun eyes, then she turned to Eugene.

“Can you win?”

“You know what to do.”

Eugene answered that and moved towards the Minotaur.

Although he spoke modestly, Eugene was not confident in his quality.

blood type

There was no hesitation or tension in his step forward. Aren’t you the one who feels the need for that? Anyway, Eugene hadn’t performed mana yet. 

It was quite inconvenient to not be able to use mana in a fight with such a large monster, but that was not a reason for Eugene to hesitate. past life. Since the days when she couldn’t use mana, she has fought many trolls and ogres. 

Compared to them, that Minotaur is not something to be wary of. It wasn’t even a real monster, and looking at its movements, it seemed worse than a real Minotaur. As expected, since the opponents are children, it means that the level has been lowered. 

‘I’ll have to pay attention to the fact that the weapon breaks.’

So far, no matter how hard I use it, it hasn’t broken. It is different here. Does it mean responding flexibly to unexpected situations? Or is it to judge the accumulated skills and qualities… 

Either way, Eugene liked it. Didn’t she feed the head of the house just as she thought? In fact, even if she caught the Minotaur right away and finished the blood system, she would have succeeded in feeding it taffy. Thanks to her waiting a little bit, she was able to see Xian being humiliated.

‘Still, the head of the house is a pretty proper person.’

However, the son’s temperament is in the middle of the day. From now on, if I beat him up, that dog-like temper will get better. Eugene understood that. 

Head of household, Gilade is a decent person. 

son is sick 

I’m already sick, and I’m going to be more sick in the future.

So, even for Guilade’s sake, he had to change his personality. 

‘Though knocking once or twice is not enough.’

That’s what, Eugene didn’t know. Maybe Guillaid will take care of it. 


The distance at which the Minotaur reacted was determined.

Eugene stood in front of him and stared at the Minotaur. Although Xian cut himself a few times, the Minotaur survived.  


Eugene smiled and stretched out his foot. That’s how the Minotaur got into the reaction distance. 

‘How shall I catch it?’

The Minotaur reacts immediately. The guy moved his big body and charged at Eugene. Unlike Dejaira and Xian, Eugene did not jump straight ahead. He did not move from the distance of the Minotaur.

A huge fist comes flying. before the attack is launched. Eugene predicted what kind of attack would follow. There are many ‘things to be seen’ with that large body. Fingers clench, shoulders and elbows move, muscles twitch. All of that leads to predictions. 


The Minotaur’s fist stamping the ground and Eugene’s sword moving overlapped. Eugene cut his arm down to make it easier to cut. inside the elbow. Where the skin folds, it is inevitably fragile. The tendon there is not as thick as the forearm muscle. 

Of course, you can’t cut it easily. But Eugene cut it off easily. He was accustomed to wielding the sword this way from his previous life. Not only that, but now Eugene’s body is overwhelmingly better than Hamel’s younger body. 

Innate is different. It has been conceived and developed over several years. Can’t use mana? What does it matter. This young body moves very well even without mana.


The Minotaur roars. It was too thick to completely cut it, but the tendon is sensitive to pain because it is densely packed with nerves. It hurts enough to die without necessarily cutting it off. 

Huge arm muscles flutter. The reaction is delayed because of the numbness. Eugene didn’t hesitate and put his foot on the Minotaur’s arm.

and ran For the small body of a child, the Minotaur’s huge body was good for running. He climbed up to the Minotaur’s shoulder at once. 

Of course, the Minotaur did not stand still. The bastard immediately twisted his body and swung his shoulder. However, Eugene was also good at running on the fluctuating platform. First of all, this deceitful body also had an innate sense of balance.

A body that stirs randomly. head close up Huge horns cut right in front of me. Eugene reached out her hand just in time. Tuuk! Eugene’s hand caught the Minotaur’s horn.

Having practiced while hanging those heavy sandbags, it was too easy to support the weight with just one arm. Eugene grabbed him by the horns and pulled him up. So he climbed onto the Minotaur’s head. 


Minotaur raises his hand. He tried to catch Eugene hanging from his head, but Eugene stabbed him faster than that. 


A long sword dug into the Minotaur’s ear hole. It reached the semicircular canal of the black guy who had stabbed it deep enough. Then the Minotaur’s body staggered greatly. The reckless whipping hand hit Yujin and a far distance away. Then he couldn’t stand any longer and sat down.


Pierced the left pupil. The Minotaus lets out a terrifying scream. After twisting the deeply embedded sword a few times, Eugene pulled it out. And this time he stabbed her right eye out. The Minotaur closed his eyes tightly, but his black eyelids pierced his pupils. 

“Turn it off!”


The hand that he swung at all costs did not hit Eugene, but only the cute forehead. In his rage, he swung too hard. The Minotaur’s head is turned backwards. That side was good for Eugene. He landed back on the Minotaur’s shoulder, and leaned back against him so that his carotid artery could be seen slithering. 



third time.

Eugene swung his sword intensively in one place. The second cut through his skin neatly, and the third touched his veins. and a few more times. ㅡPughak! Blood spurts violently. Eugene blocked the blood with the shield on his left arm and thrust his sword into the open wound.

Now the Minotaur couldn’t howl any more. The guy fell backwards and fell. Before that, Eugene jumped to the ground. 


I blocked it with a shield, but so much blood spurted out that my hair and face were damp. Yujin roughly brushed off the blood and turned her head away. 

Sian, Ciel, and Dejaira were looking this way with their mouths wide open. Eugene smiled at Xian among them and pointed at the Minotaur’s corpse. 

“Did you see it?”


“I got it.”

Xian couldn’t answer. I knew that those words were meant to offend me, but I couldn’t get angry. I saw something like that right in front of my eyes. Xian had no confidence to act like Eugene. What if… What if I could put on swordsmanship? If it did, it could have killed the Minotaur.

but. He couldn’t have done it like Eugene. Xian felt an unknown feeling for that country boy. It was similar to fear, but the excitement in my chest was different from fear. 

Thirteen-year-old Xian could not yet comprehend the feeling of awe. 


Eugene let out a small exclamation and looked down at himself. The terrible bloody smell disappears in an instant. The corpse of the Minotaur right next to it, as well as the walls and ceiling blocking all sides, disappeared. The wet hair dries as dry as ever, and the sword and shield in both hands fade and disappear.

The bloodline ceremony is over. 


Gilade and Loberian.

The two couldn’t speak. Dejaira and Xian collapsed. That was what I was thinking. 

In the first place, I did not think that the children would easily catch the Minotaur. 

So didn’t you tell me beforehand? This blood relationship ceremony is not only about unconditional competition, but also about judgment and cooperation according to the situation.

No matter how many times I was thrown, I wanted them to fight again. It’s not a very difficult monster to catch if you cooperate with other children. After attracting the Minotaur’s attention once, you can pull it out of the range of the magic circle if you induce it slowly. It’s a monster that’s been put down so that you don’t blindly attack it, try various methods, and try to defeat it like that.


Although it was completely different from what was intended. Guillaid was not offended. Rather, he burst into laughter with a smile on his face. 

“Isn’t it great?”

Guillaid pointed to Eugene and said.

“That child. A collateral child who did not even train Mana. You defeated the Minotaur with overwhelming prowess.”


Loberian slowly closed his open mouth. Everything in that labyrinth was created by Loberian. Traps and monsters. It wasn’t too much, and it was suitable for the level of the children… But that Eugene broke through the labyrinth much easier than Loberian thought. 

“…that child… what the hell is it?”

“I don’t know.”

Guillaid still smiled and shook his head.

“The child’s parents are said to be Jehard Lionheart of the Gidol region. It is a collateral branch that split from the original family hundreds of years ago, but as far as I know, there is not a single person in that family who has stood out.”

“But how can a child as brilliant as me…?”

“I don’t know. I heard you didn’t learn from your father or the other knights…”

Gilreid stopped talking and burst out laughing.

“But it is beyond words. Eugene, that child repeated harsh training at the gym every day for a few days after he came to his home. I also sent someone to find out about my idol, but Eugene’s stubbornness is famous in that family.”

A child who fought a duel with his son and won. He couldn’t help but pay attention. So he sent a knight to the Ryan Hart family in Gidoll to ask about Eugene. I heard that he went to the gym every day from the age of five, and from the age of seven he steadily increased his weight while wielding his iron-cored wooden sword. 

“Io, who was born boneless. And he was even born with a nature befitting his body. Just by finding such a jewel-like child… This blood relationship ceremony has a lot of meaning.”

“Aren’t you offended?”

Loberian was genuinely curious and asked.

“I dare to say, but I am cautious. That child… is superior to Gilreid’s children. There is already such a difference, but if that child trains to mana… and if he has great qualities in handling mana…”

“Then it’s a pleasure.”

Gilreid replied with a chuckle. 

“That child’s last name is Lionheart. That child is outstanding means that Lionheart’s name will shine brightly.”

“…What if that child reveals his ambition for his family?”

Loverian’s words were blatant. However, Guillaid was not offended by him. 

“That is none of my business.”

He answered heartily.

“It is right that Lionheart’s family head is succeeded by the most outstanding Lionheart. If my children don’t keep their place, it means they’re weak enough to have their birthright taken away. At that level, you don’t deserve to be the head of Lionheart.”


“Of course, as a father before being the head of household, I will guide my children to be the best. If that’s still not enough… it can’t be helped.”

“As a foreigner, it wasn’t something I would dare to say.”

Loberian nodded slowly and waved his hand. The labyrinth began to dissipate.

“But, Mr. Guilade. As an old acquaintance of yours, I dare to advise you. If possible, please adopt that child.”


“yes. The child of the collateral branch crossed over from the main family in the blood line ceremony. That alone will make many of Lionheart’s collaterals look down on the family. Perhaps the disquieted will come to an agreement.”


Guillaid was silent for a moment. Lionheart has been going on for 300 years. Numerous collaterals were born through thorough family succession. 

The collateral family is a family born from the blood of the original family that was pushed out of the family head competition. Of course, among them, there are definitely those who have dissatisfaction with the original family. 

“…The family’s laws are followed by the guardians.”

Gilreid muttered with a wry smile. It is the guardians of Lionheart that strictly forbids blood relatives, and seeks out those who are disquieting. 

“I would be grateful for your advice. Adoption… It’s an attractive proposition.”

To be honest, I was a child who was so good that I was coveted. And I thought it would be good for that child’s future to receive it as an adopted child.

If Eugene goes back to Gidol like this… the rebellious families may try to contact her. If so. That young child with brilliant talent might be taken away. 

‘…If I keep that child by my side… my children will be greatly stimulated.’

The more I thought about it, the more I was tempted by the story. Also, isn’t the shape right? still distant future. When the potential of children blooms splendidly. Even then, if Eugene is overwhelmingly superior to the children of the main family… 

It would be a good thing for both the head family and Lionheart to adopt them in advance.

“…but before that, I should congratulate you first.”

Guillaid muttered that while turning his head.

The cave leading to the labyrinth disappeared. The children looked around with surprised expressions, not yet understanding the situation. 


Gargis, who had been sprawled on the floor, jumped to his feet. He made his way to the center after a grueling battle with the trolls, and on the way he collapsed from exhaustion and fell asleep. But as his magic faded, so did his injuries. 

“What about the captain monster?”

“I got it.”

Desiira sighed, looking at Gargis with pitiful eyes. 



Eugene replied with a smirk.

treasure house

Before congratulating Eugene, Guillaid briefly glanced at his children. 

Iod couldn’t even get to the middle of the labyrinth. It is because he wasted too much time by various magical traps and monsters on the way. To be honest, Guilade was disgusted with it. 

The eldest son who has been interested in magic since childhood. He doesn’t often come across magic like mine, so it’s understandable that he’s blinded by his curiosity. However… in this important blood relationship ceremony, being blinded by curiosity rather than proving one’s qualifications, as the head of the household and as his father, couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment.

On the other hand, I felt less satisfied with Ciel and Xian. Her brother and sister made their way to the center without being seriously blocked by traps or monsters. Although she couldn’t defeat the Minotaur, it was because the two children were immature. Immaturity can be filled by learning. 

“…everything was great.”

Guillaid withdrew his gaze from his children. He nodded his head sincerely and smiled at his children.

“I’ve seen everyone here how you deal with the labyrinth. I thought it was a very difficult ordeal, but everyone did a great job.”

“…thank you.”

Gargis, who looked at Eugene with surprised eyes, bowed his head. Actually he was a little shy. He struggled with the trolls and never made it to the center. 

Didyera and Xian felt ashamed as well. Didyra couldn’t even fight the Minotaur properly. Shian was embarrassed that her sword skills were not coming out, and she fought a fight that she herself thought was not satisfactory.


Yujin, who was called, smiled. The fact that Xian’s shoulders were drooping made Eugene happy. He did have some doubts. 


He never met the eldest son of the main family in the labyrinth. He seemed to have less skills and confidence than he thought, but he couldn’t even make it to the center. Maybe that’s why Iod hunched his shoulders and avoided his gaze.

“…It’s ridiculous to say this, but you’re the best out of the nine children who participated in this Blood Ceremony.”

“thank you.”

Yujin put on a humble expression and lowered her head. Rather than acting too confidently, she thought that showing a moderately bowed figure would be pleasing.

“The handling of traps and monsters was also flawless. In particular, unlike the other children, you fought the troll head-on… and didn’t suffer a single wound in the process.”’My God.’

Those words made Gargis’ shoulders tremble. He didn’t get a single wound from fighting that vicious troll? Gargis glanced at Eugene in disbelief.

‘He’s shorter than me and has smaller muscles. How could he be like that?’

That’s great. Gargis’ thoughts led to admiration for Eugene. At the same time, I felt sad. 

‘If only the muscle growth drug of our family’s secret is added, that poor body would be great.’

I had this thought. 

‘I win at arm wrestling.’

Gargis decided that he would arm wrestle with Eugene later.

“Actually, I thought I would spend two days wandering in the labyrinth.”

Loberian smiled, showing no embarrassment. No matter how brilliant they are, aren’t they children under the age of 15? Let alone children who have never experienced a labyrinth. He predicted that if he was blocked by various obstacles, he would wander the labyrinth for more than a day.

‘As expected, the lineage of the great Vermouth. I saw it too funny.’

Of course, that fact was embarrassing, but not unpleasant. It is a pleasure to look at the shining gemstones of talent. 

“Except for Eugene, everyone go back and rest. My heart wants to have a grand banquet right away in the evening… but I didn’t know that you guys would come out so quickly, so I didn’t prepare the banquet in advance.”

Gillaid smiled and looked back at Eugene. 

“So, let’s get some rest today, and let’s have a banquet tomorrow. Eugene, you… come with me.”


“Are you giving me a present right now?”

Ciel’s eyes twinkled with curiosity. The underground treasury is a place where only the head of the household is free to enter, even those who have inherited the lineage of the original family cannot enter without permission. She wanted Ciel to visit the underground treasury several times since her childhood, begging her father, but Gilreid, who loved her daughter so much, never took her Ciel to the underground treasury.

“There’s no reason to delay, and giving quickly isn’t the most enjoyable for both of us.”

Guillaid said while patting Ciel’s head. To be honest, even Guillaid was curious about what Eugene would bring out of the treasure chest. 

The other children were taken back by Loberian himself, and Eugene headed to the family’s mansion with Guilade. It’s quite a long way to go, and in the meantime, I was thinking about whether I should talk about something.

“You’re good at handling multiple weapons.”

It was Gilreid who broke the silence first. He didn’t look back at Eugene, but the smile in his voice made it easy to guess what kind of expression he was making.

“It’s an overstatement.”

“it is not so. She saw your performance in the labyrinth, and you seemed to be very good at handling swords and shields. Besides, didn’t he use a spear when he defeated Xian and Didyra?”

He seems to have heard that he sparred with Dejaira. It was no surprise. Didn’t you see the attendants of the annex in Dalian?

“yes. I like spears because they are fun weapons.”


“The sword is also fun.”

“Besides that, what other weapons do you like?”

“Umm… I like bows too. Shooting from a distance isn’t much fun, but hitting a target from that distance is fun.”

Eugene tried to use an age-appropriate tone. In fact, she thought it wouldn’t be okay to reveal that she had been reincarnated with the memories of her previous life intact, without having to do this in the past.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I felt that I would be in a difficult position if I revealed the truth. I am that stupid Hamel, but I was reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth. Who would immediately believe this absurd statement? And he was reluctant to reveal and admit that he had been reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth with his own mouth. 

‘That’s embarrassing.’

I don’t know if it was like that from the beginning. I’ve already been pretending to be a child for thirteen years… I felt like I’d get pity if I revealed it now. Eugene’s pride couldn’t accept that gaze. 

‘I think it might be annoying.’

The journey of the warriors three hundred years ago is not exactly known. The brave party who suddenly returned from subjugating the demon lord did not reveal much about the detailed reason or the contents of the trip. By now, that damn children’s book was the most famous hero legend in the world. 

That stupid Hamel was reincarnated as a descendant of the great Vermouth. If this fact is known, the world will be turned upside down. Eugene did not want to deal with the guys who rushed here and there to tell the truth.

The reason is not only that. 


Hamel does not tolerate the Demon King. That hateful oath has not changed even after three hundred years.

Perhaps Hamel’s reincarnation might stir up the two demon kings of Helmud, the demonic realm. They have sang peace for hundreds of years, and they have opened wide the doors of Helmud and are even carrying out various tourism projects. 

How will the demon lords who have changed their attitude treat the living witnesses of the old era? I thought about it several times, but it didn’t seem like I would be treated favorably. Even so, Eugene did not want to accept the favor. 

“Right now, the weapon that symbolizes our Lionheart family has become a sword… but our ancestors. The great Vermut-sama was called a god of war, an all-master.”

The reason was that among Vermouth’s many weapons, the holy sword was in the limelight as a story. 

“It’s a good thing to have a lot of weapons you know how to handle. Especially if you find yourself having fun with various weapons, that can be called a natural blessing.”

“thank you.”

“Of course, Vermut-sama was not the only one who was good at various weapons.”

“…I heard that Hamel-sama also handled several weapons.”

“okay. Although Vermut-sama is called a god of war, his colleague Hamel-sama was also a master after Vermut-sama.”

“…Kuhm. In the children’s books I’ve read, there’s a lot of stupid Hamel.”

“haha! that is unavoidable I’ve read that storybook since I was a kid… but if it weren’t for Hamel’s troubles, the storybook wouldn’t have been much fun. What do you think of Hamel?”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“I’m just asking for your thoughts. I… have liked Hamel since I was little.”


Eugene swallowed the exclamation that almost came out without realizing it. 


I couldn’t really like it. 

“Because I liked Hamel-sama’s human appearance rather than the flawless Vermouth-nim. Doesn’t it often appear in fairy tales? Hamel-sama felt inferior to Vermouth-sama several times, but he was never frustrated by it.”

‘I had a lot of frustration.’

“Rather, he spared no effort to overcome his shortcomings. And in the end, he sacrificed himself not for his own comfort, but for his comrades. Even now, I prefer Hamel-nim to my ancestor, Vermut-nim.”

Such aspects of Hamel are blatantly highlighted even in children’s books. It was to give the children an obvious lesson. 

Children, no matter how outstanding someone is around you, don’t be too jealous. Instead, take care of yourself. 

“…I like Hamel too.” 

Eugene answered with a mixed feeling.

“The reason why I use multiple weapons is… not because I want to be like Hamel-sama or Vermut-sama.”

An excuse was also added. I don’t know how he accepted him, but Gilreid chuckled and nodded his head.

“You are the first person to enter the treasure house, not the family head, but an outsider.”

He went down to the basement while receiving the astonished stares of the head family attendants. The stairs leading to the basement of the mansion were very deep, but there were glowing orbs hanging from each wall, so it wasn’t dark.

“Can I really go in?”

“of course. Didn’t you promise to let me take whatever you wanted? This matter has already been discussed with the elders of the Senate.”

Gilead led the way down while saying that. The Senate… Eugene licked his lips. Lionheart’s old lions. This is where the former head of the family, as well as giants with great reputations in the collateral world, belong.

“What’s in the treasure chest?”

“There are several legacies accumulated over hundreds of years. Among them, there is quite a bit of legacy from our ancestor, the great Vermouth.”

“really? Then there must be a holy sword?”

“There is, but… you won’t be able to have the holy sword.”

Guillaid looked back at Eugene with a wry smile as if he knew that. 

“Because the holy sword is also the symbol of Lionheart. It’s a sword that no one can own. It is also used in ceremonies such as the family head succession ceremony.”

“no way…”

“It’s not just because of that. Since the great Vermut, no one has ever been recognized as a holy sword.”


“Um… it would be better for you to hold it for yourself than for me to explain it. Then you’ll know right away.”

end of the stairs. There were huge gates richly decorated. Guillaid raised his hand in front of the door. Red blood drips from the tips of his fingernails. 

“Wait a moment.”

Bloody fingers reach for the doorknob. The doorknob was the face of a lion with an open mouth. The lion who drank from the flowing blood shuts his mouth, and the intaglio decorated on the door wriggles. All of that is a barrier with powerful magic added to it. Eugene took a few steps back and saw the door move. 

“Does the head of the family go in too?”

“You don’t have to. I will be waiting outside, so choose what you want and come out.”

The door opens.

“You cannot open this door from the inside alone. So when the choice is made, knock loudly on the door. Then let me open it.”

“If that’s the case, we can go in together.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun too… but if you go in together, I might unknowingly give you advice on what you choose. I want to respect your choice. And, if I go in with you, I think you’ll notice.”

It’s kind of caring. Yujin smiled brightly and nodded her head. She said that, but she felt glad inside that Eugene and Gilreid were not going in together. I want to see and touch this and that. To be honest, if Gil Reid went in with her, she couldn’t help but notice that kind of behavior.

“By the way, my lord. What if I hide one in my bosom and come out with several?”

This bold and rude question was also a question only a 13-year-old could ask. That’s why Eugene’s innocent eyes were wide open without malice. I don’t know if my face will really look like that, but I was conscious of that expression.

“That shouldn’t be the case.”

Gilreid replied with a smile without any discomfort.

“If that’s the case, I have no choice but to scold you. And the treasures inside are strictly stored with magic, so no matter what you bring out, you have no choice but to be found out.”



Eugene exclaimed without disappointment. 

“Still, if I could give you one piece of advice. Take your time, don’t rush, choose the weapon you will use for the rest of your life. In your case, I think it would be better to choose something that catches your heart and eyes rather than performance.”


Guillaid stepped aside from the door of the treasure chest. Eugene nodded her head and walked toward the treasure chest with shooked steps.

“thank you.”

First of all, thank you in a polite manner. Gillaid smiled and patted Eugene on the shoulder. The story of the quantum rings in my head. But there was no need to talk about it right away, and it was not a matter worth rushing through.

The door to the vault closes.

It was only then that Yujin was able to breathe freely and change her expression. He patted his numb cheek from laughing too much and glanced around the inside of the treasure chest.


Right after that, a smile that I didn’t deliberately spread. Yujin smirked and approached the center of the treasure chest. 

Vermouth’s holy sword.

That gorgeous golden sword stood in the center of the treasure chest.

treasure house

It was something I felt three hundred years ago when I first saw the holy sword, but it is an overly beautiful sword. I don’t think it’s a weapon, a ‘sword’ for cutting something. 

I don’t know what metal it is made of. The Holy Sword is a sword bestowed by God that has existed since the myth of the Holy Empire. 

‘It’s surprising that the Holy Empire didn’t retrieve the holy sword.’

Eugene circled around the holy sword. beautiful sheath. Long hilt that is comfortable to hold with both hands. The blade is not visible. However, Eugene remembers how brilliant and beautiful the holy sword shone when it came out of its scabbard.

I’m honestly coveted It was an irresistible desire. A sword bestowed directly by God. The Holy Sword, which had been sealed in the central temple for a long time, recognized only Vermut as its owner, and traveled together in Helmud, the demonic realm.

Although Vermut himself did not use the holy sword often. This does not mean that the symbolism and value of the holy sword is diminished. That overly beautiful sword cut through countless monsters, and even pierced the heart of the first of Helmud’s five demon lords.

‘…After that, it was used almost exclusively as a torch.’

Everyone was immature when they subdued the first demon lord. Recalling that time, Eugene stretched out his hand toward his holy sword. He didn’t necessarily decide to go out with the holy sword, but he wanted to hold it for now.

Eugene’s right hand grips the hilt of the holy sword. The feel in his hand was wonderful. Even if it was a ceremonial sword that seemed impossible to use in real combat, apart from that, the build quality of the Holy Sword was excellent. 


The scabbard of the holy sword is deeply embedded in the floor of the treasury. He tried to pull out the sword with force, but the scabbard did not let go of the blade he was holding. Eugene gripped the hilt with both hands and gave strength once more.

“It doesn’t work.”

The holy sword is immovable. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get out. 

Just in case, Eugene bit off his fingertips and drew blood. In this way, he poured blood on the hilt and sheath of the holy sword, but the blood that was spilled instantly scattered and disappeared. He tries to pull it out again, but it still won’t pull it out. 

‘They say you’ll know if you hold it yourself.’

Does that mean you can’t pull it out? Eugene did not give more strength and reaped his lingering feelings. Didn’t he say that it’s a sword you can’t have even if you draw it anyway? 

Then I looked back at the treasure chest. Indeed, there were many treasures. In addition to arms, there are also many jewels and accessories. Yujin wandered around the treasure chest with her eyes shining.

‘This… is Aspel.’

There were several weapons that caught my eye. A strange sword with a sharp blade like a beast’s tooth is hanging on the wall. Aspel, the ‘devouring sword’. That sword devours what it cuts off and uses it as its own power. Although the performance is unknown at first glance, Eugene was well aware of how absurd the sword was.

A sword that cuts magic. A sword that devours mana. No matter how powerful magic is, it is useless in front of Aspel. 

‘It’s a sword that I was able to use well because it was vermouth.’

The reason Aspell was able to sever magic in one blow was thanks to Vermut Boyne, who was an excellent mage. Although it was more lingering than the holy sword, Eugene put down Aspel for now. 

In addition, there were several familiar weapons.

‘Dragon spear Karbos.’

It takes a while to overheat, but if you put up with that, it’s a spear that emits power comparable to that of a dragon’s breath with a single stab.

‘Storm sword Winid.’

A sword imbued with the protection of the Wind Spirit King. 

‘Blazing Bow Pernoa.’

A bow that ignores distance and throws lightning down.

‘Illusion sword Zabel.’

A sword that expands by disintegrating into hundreds of blades when magical energy is injected.

‘There’s even Geddon’s shield.’

A fraudulent shield that deflects direct attacks into empty space. 

Any of them are weapons capable of turning the world upside down. Eugene stuck out her tongue and shook her head. The status of the Lionheart family was great not only because they were descendants of Vermouth, but also because they possessed such treasures. If it’s treasure, even the eye-rolling dragon won’t have as many treasures as here.

‘…Is this all?’

But Eugene had doubts. This wasn’t all of Vermouth’s weapons he knew. I couldn’t see that terrible moonlight sword, and I couldn’t see the magic spear that I coveted in my heart.  

‘The weapons here are about half at best.’

It’s not strange. Hasn’t it been three hundred years? In the meantime, quite a few weapons must have gone out of the treasury. 

‘Cups. I know the good things, but I only took away the fraudulent weapons.’

Yujin clicked her tongue and shook her head. The weapons remaining in the treasury were great, but the weapons that weren’t here were disappointing.

So, I had no choice but to think for a long time. 

‘It’s not a performance that everyone will regret taking.’

There is nothing definite and appetizing. Since he is still young, lack of skill is not a problem. Whatever you take, stick with it for a few years and you’ll be able to use it to your own satisfaction. 

‘The most easygoing thing is Winid…’

It is a sword bestowed by the Spirit King himself. You can use the wind spirit just by holding it in your hand, and of course you can use spirit magic. It may be impossible for a while, but after you have accumulated enough mana, you will be able to summon the Wind Spirit King yourself.

The good thing is that spirit magic, unlike general magic, does not consume much mana. Once you summon the spirit, the spirit takes care of the mana you need. 

‘It has nothing to do with innate qualities.’

Elemental magic is tricky to get into. If you are not born with the right qualities for a spirit, even an excellent wizard may not be able to command a low-level spirit. But if you hold Winid, you don’t need to worry about that.

‘Jabel is tricky to handle. Aspell might not know after learning magic, but it’s hard to take advantage of it right now. Pernoa…as far as I remember, he was a guy who ate up an enormous amount of mana every time he fired.’

The dragon spear, Carvos, was not to Eugene’s taste. Geddon’s Shield? It also has fraudulent performance, but it eats up a huge amount of mana, just like the thunderbolt Pernoa. 

‘As expected, Winid is the most easygoing.’

While thinking that way, I didn’t choose right away. Eugene trudged and looked around the treasure chest. In addition to the weapons Vermouth used, there were various treasures. 

‘The magic wand… I don’t know the performance.’

There were too many wands. Since she was still young, she was thinking of learning magic, but she didn’t want to choose a wand she didn’t know what it was. 


Yoo-jin’s steps, which were wandering around the treasure chest, stop. He looked at the corner of the shelf with his eyes wide open in surprise. I didn’t see it wrong. Eugene hurriedly approached the shelf and reached out to the corner. 

It was a small necklace. 

‘…why is this here?’

Yujin held up the necklace and blinked blankly. She’s a necklace of nothing much. It doesn’t have a lot of magic, and it doesn’t have great symbolism. 

It’s just a necklace with insignificant memories. A necklace that Hamel wore in his previous life. A memento of my parents who were eaten by monsters a long, long time ago. Now that I’ve been reincarnated, I don’t feel the sadness of my previous life. Such sorrow had been exchanged for hatred long ago. I even took revenge with my own hands.

Even so, he wore it around his neck until he died. He didn’t feel uncomfortable wearing a necklace, and there was no particular reason to take it off.  

I bet it is. Eugene stood holding her necklace for quite some time. She said this because she couldn’t figure out why she was here. 

‘…Did Vermouth collect my body?’

The weapons that Hamel used to handle are not left in this treasury. The only thing Hamel has to do with it is this worn-out necklace. Eugene laughed and put her necklace in her hand.

‘…It seems they didn’t just throw it away.’

taste was bitter. Let’s kill all five demon lords. One day, I made such a promise with everyone. On that subject… vermouth and moron, senya and anise. The four made a ‘promise’ with the demon king. Until now, three hundred years later, Helmud and the two demon kings were still alive. 

‘…what the hell did you promise? When you brought my belongings here, you guys… Vermouth, what did you… think?’

Eugene did not put down the necklace. 

I even reincarnated, but I don’t want to be courted by my previous life. Even so, the feelings remain, albeit faintly. This necklace aroused many emotions that Eugene did not want to be aware of. 

This is something that shouldn’t be here.

I thought so. 

Eugene did not want to hate Vermouth and his colleagues. It must have been that he couldn’t kill the Demon King for some reason. 

faithful anise. 

In my memory, she was a saint, so she was unbelievably skinny and unlucky, but her piety was real. If even Anise agreed with her and she backed down, then it must have been that she couldn’t kill the demon lords because she couldn’t help it.

‘…Maybe I died and lacked strength.’

The two demon kings were terribly strong. 

It was embarrassing to think to myself, but I couldn’t ignore the possibility. 

“I just found it.”

Yujin grumbled and turned around. Other weapons are also greedy. But this necklace. I didn’t want to leave Hamel’s belongings in Lionheart’s treasure chest. 

That was all.


Gillaid, who opened the door to the treasure house, made a surprised expression. He had various expectations about what Eugene would choose, but what Eugene brought out was completely out of his expectations.

“…I liked this.”

Yujin smiled awkwardly and held up the necklace. Gilreid blinked her surprised eyes and looked at Eugene and her necklace.

“…Are you serious?”


“There must have been many other great treasures…”

“I wasn’t good enough, so I didn’t have the confidence to handle it.”

Eugene recited the excuse he had prepared. But she couldn’t even think of it herself. 

Gilreid couldn’t understand even more. Of course, a child will not be able to fully understand the value of the treasures there. But aren’t there a lot of weapons that are extraordinary to look at? A necklace without those treasures? 

‘…what is that?’

Moreover, what puzzled Guilade was that he did not know what kind of necklace Eugene was carrying. Was there a necklace like that in the treasure chest? Of course, there are many expensive trinkets that can buy an entire castle. 

If Eugene had chosen such an accessory, Guilade would have understood it too. I don’t have anything on my mind right now, so if I just pick out something expensive and precious and take it, I can use it somehow later.

“…Can I check it out for a moment?”


Yujin nodded and handed over the necklace. Gilreid immediately took her necklace and looked it over. A crude, worn… necklace. No jewels were used, and the craftsmanship was not extraordinary. Even if I let go of mana, no response comes back.

This is a plain, cheap necklace. 

‘…why is this necklace in the treasure chest?’

The more I looked, the more Guillaid couldn’t understand. He hesitated for a moment, then looked at Eugene.

“Wait a moment.”


Eugene replied with a nonsensical face. It’s understandable that Guilade is flustered. Even in Eugene’s own opinion, choosing that necklace was a very foolish choice.

But it can’t be helped. I didn’t want to leave it there, so I had to take it out. 


Gillaid groaned and brought the necklace to the door of the treasury. The treasure house of Lionheart’s home. Glory accumulated over three hundred years. All the items in there are managed by the magic of the treasure chest. 

“…This is so… I can’t figure it out.”

Bringing the necklace to the lion on the doorknob, Gilreid shook his head. 

“This necklace. It’s an item that hasn’t been registered in the treasure chest.”

“…What do you mean by that?”

“Literally. This is not Lionheart’s treasure. It’s something that shouldn’t be in there.”

“…but it was inside me.”

“So it is unknown. I… didn’t keep this necklace inside. Where did you find this?”

“It was in the corner of the shelf.”

“Is it something the former head of the family left behind…? If so, it would have been registered with the magic of the treasure house…”

“Maybe he forgot.”


Guillaid laughed involuntarily.

“The former head of the family. My father is not such a poor man. I’m not the kind of person who would play such a strange prank…”

Could I ask you directly? Eugene was about to ask that, but then stopped. Gilade’s father. The former head of the family is a deceased who has already passed away a long time ago.

“…would you like to have this necklace somehow?”



“There is no particular reason. I just… liked it.”

“This necklace has no value. It’s not even something magical. Even if you sell it, you won’t be able to buy a cheap longsword.”

I guess so. Yujin thought so and nodded her head.

“But I want one.”

“…you are very peculiar.”

“I’ve heard a lot from my father since I was little.”

“If you really want this necklace… it can’t be helped. But I can’t give it right away. Since the source is unknown, I’ll have to ask Loberian for an appraisal.”


“okay. I checked it myself, but I’m not very good at magic. Maybe it’s a magical item, so it’s better to check it out.”

“Can I have it when the feelings are over?”

“…okay. Promise me.”

Gilreid nodded and was silent for a moment.

“…this necklace. It could be something enchanted, or it could be an ordinary necklace without any mysteries. But what is clear is that it is an item that is not registered in the treasure chest, and it means that it is not supposed to be there.”


“I never thought it would turn out like this… Eugene. Strictly speaking, what you brought out is not Lionheart’s treasure.”

Can it be like this?

‘There is nothing that can’t be done.’

Gillaid smiled bitterly and tapped Eugene on the shoulder. 

“So, bring another treasure from inside and come out.”


Eugene barely swallowed the exclamation that he almost spit out without realizing it.

“okay. Wasn’t that a promise in the first place? Bringing out a treasure you want from the treasure chest. Eugene You didn’t bring any treasure, so go and bring one that you like.”

“thank you!”

‘I can’t believe he’s a descendant of Vermouth.’

Eugene bowed his head toward Gilade and swallowed a laugh. I never thought that he would take care of the treasure with such flexibility.

‘I decided on you.’

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