Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 50

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Dominic smiled and raised the spear above his head. The posture of supporting the spear with both of his arms raised was the same position that Eugene had in his head. …thuduk…thuduk! Scales spread from his arms and covered Dominic’s shoulders, chest, and back. Before long, a pair of arms sprouted from Dominic’s back.

“You are not surprised.”

Iod looked down at Eugene, holding a crushing weight as large as his height.

“…you… are so amazing. How can you not be afraid in this situation? Ciel, Cyan, and everyone who came here felt fear.”

Eugene was conscious of that. Fortunately, there were no problems with the safety of those who were hung from the tree. Yet, it is not ready to be used as a sacrifice.


Eugene slowly lowered himself.

‘That’s… the remnants of the demon king ran out of control.’

Memories of the Moonlight Sword. Defeat 300 years ago. Humiliation, anger, hatred… many such factors drove the remnants out of control. Eugene decided that for the time being.

“…Now I am…”

Iod smiled and looked at the crushing weight.

“Eugene, I can defeat you… I can sacrifice everyone in this forest.”


Eugene smiled and nodded.

“I don’t know.”

Eugene does not know the whole story.

But from now on, you will deeply engage and know. No matter how this case started, the end is already set.


“What are you thinking? why did this happen I have no intention of asking questions one by one.”

The field of view is distorted and then expanded. Eugene felt the violence and destruction in both of his hands that made him want to run amok.

“Just kill it and you’re done. Dominic, Hector, Iod, you, the Spirit, and the dregs. If you kill it like that, it’s all over. reason? If you really need it, I’ll kill you and attach it to you.”

Eugene opened his arms wide. A core bursting with ignition. Mana swells so enormously that it feels out of control. All that power was focused on Winid and the Moonlight Sword.

“You guys did this because you were morons.”

Mer did not know of such a violent intent to kill. A pure murderous intent, without the slightest acknowledgment or mercy, only thinking of killing and annihilating the other person’s existence. Mer shuddered at the tyrannical emotion and closed his eyes tightly.

You never know what will happen from now on. Mer did not want to know or see him. The Eugene and Hamel she knew. He wasn’t that scary.

I couldn’t dry it. Right now, that anger, hatred, and murderous intent were valid. A simple black mage or demon would not have been so angry. That thing in front of me is not the demon lord. However, in the remnant of the demon king, who might become the demon king. The demon king I killed with my own hands 300 years ago, stabbed his chest dozens of hundreds of times and cut off his limbs even though I couldn’t cut his throat myself.

“I’m not going to die because I’m a two-headed man.”

It did not disappear and remained, using Iod Lionheart’s body as a vessel and appearing in front of my eyes.

A storm broke out.

Raging winds turned the ground over and pushed away the darkness. Dominic threw himself against the advancing storm. He grabbed the magic spear above his head with four arms while feeling unknown joy and hatred.

They are different in appearance and size. From that appearance, Eugene recalled the evil demon king he killed 300 years ago. At the top of the Demon King’s Castle, he used to push the warriors with his four arms.


It’s just imitation. There is no such terrible power as the Demon King. However, the dark magic emitted by the demonic spear made Eugene recall memories he did not want to recall.

No, it’s not a memory I hate to recall. In the end, it was the demon king of misery who was defeated in the battle. For Eugene, the memory of that time was a glorious saga that he could recall proudly.

If it hadn’t happened to me like this again.


Quarrrrr! Four arms rotate the spearhead. Black darkness swallows the spear. Slightly behind him, Iod, holding a crushing weight, moved forward.

A lot can be seen. A lot is felt. realize a lot Iod trembled with an intense sense of omnipotence. Information that is etched into your mind. That is the truth of black magic that humans cannot and should not understand.

We need more Lionheart’s blood. Judging by the truth, more Lionheart’s blood was needed to complete the magic and make the spirit the ‘Spirit King’. Especially dark blood. Young twins from the main family are not enough.

that in front of you.

300 years after the great Vermouth, a descendant with darker blood than any Lionheart. Iod had only met the founder 300 years ago through portraits or statues of his parents, but strangely, he vividly saw the image of ‘Great Vermouth’ in his mind.

wearing a white flame Without fear in front of the great army and the demon king, holding the pale moonlight in his hand, he advanced—


I saw Eugene.

The demonic spear thrown by Dominic was dispelled by the moonlight. The storm that followed then shattered the darkness. Dominic sprinted in front of her, screaming, screaming, or screaming. A bizarre spear technique that allows her to use her four arms freely. But she couldn’t press. The moonlight wielded by Eugene easily tore Dominic’s arm like paper, and before she knew it, the holy sword in her hand pierced Dominic’s body, illuminating the darkness.

“…As you.”

Seeing that sight, Iod felt an unknown joy. He yearns for that flame. Iodine would not have been able to reach such a flame even if he had been faithfully practicing the white flame ceremony all his life. That’s why I’m greedy. I am envious of that talent that my father and everyone in Lionheart acknowledged.

So Iod happily accepted the truth in his head. The Spirit needs Eugene Lionheart as a sacrifice to become the Spirit King? Even if it wasn’t necessary, Iod wanted to sacrifice Eugene. 3 years ago. It was Eugene who forcibly woke up from the pleasant dream. That day, Iod woke up from a dream and faced a terrible reality, and changed himself to live in that reality.

If it’s the end of childhood,

Now I hope for an adult ceremony. An adult ceremony that has not yet been held. The coming-of-age ceremony will be completed by using Eugene, who woke up from a dream, as a sacrifice and completing the spirit.

The crushing weight was lifted high into the sky.


Crushing weight phalanx.

This weapon is in the form of a huge hammer, and the power it possesses is also appropriate for its shape.

If you put the hammer down.

the sky sinks

It is not an analogy. Actually it was. In Helmud’s sky, the sun is dim at night, but the darkness in the night sky is due to the dense concentration of demonic energy. The crushing weight controls the demonic energy of the sky, and leads the demonic energy by swinging it.

If you lift up and shoot down.

Night falls, darkness falls. The Demon Lord of Slaughter was ranked 5th, but his simple ignorant power was stronger than that of the Demon Lords of the higher ranks.

Even if what is here is not the demon lord himself, but only the remnants of his thoughts.

The crushing weight wielded by Iod led the darkness. The darkness floating in the sky of the forest fell all at once.

Dominic staggered to his feet, his arm crushed and his body punctured. The wound healed quickly. The arms were covered in scales again, and the holes in the body were also filled with scales. Dominic let out a bizarre breathing sound and lowered the magic spear.


The darkness beneath my feet expanded. Hundreds of awls soared. It was an attack that was incomparably more precise than when he used it with an arm torn off from the head of the Senate earlier.

Darkness falling from the sky. Awl under the feet.

None of that puzzled Eugene. He didn’t even back down.

He held the moonlight sword in his right hand and the holy sword in his left hand.

swung together The pale moonlight mixed with the brilliant torch. The sky that the crushing weight had crashed into was torn apart, and the awls under my feet were crushed.



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The runaway core made a circle. Mer felt the rotation of the core inside the cloak and the amplified mana.

Mer also knows about the round salt ceremony.

but. I didn’t even know about this ignorant technique that intentionally causes the core to run out of control, accelerates the heart to follow the increasing mana, and even awakens the body by making mana dwell in each muscle fiber.

‘…Uneducated… Are you?’

Mer shuddered and saw the flow of mana running amok. No one in their right mind would use this technique. Yes, that technology drastically shortens lifespan. The more you go through congestion, the more unstable and weak your core becomes. The accelerated heart may stop at any moment. The body awakened to follow the torrent of mana will also wear out.

It should be.

‘…It’s perfectly tuned.’

lightning spark.

The spirit of the world tree melted into Eugene did not stop at simply mixing lightning with Eugene’s mana. The spirit very naturally melted into Eugene’s body, strengthened his core, and confined the amplified blast within a ‘circle’.

It wasn’t just the power of the lightning spark. 300 years ago, the understanding and control of mana surprised even Senya. Eugene understood the lightning spark that dwelled in me, and completely changed the Ignition and Ignition ceremony.

brain light.

A skill that cannot be controlled well without ignition. The reason is simply that the body cannot follow the speed of lightning.

However, if you use Ignition, you can completely dominate. From the beginning, the thunderbolt is an awakening device that has completely relieved the risk to use instead of ignition.

“Leave the defense.”

Eugene sighed in a cold voice and lowered his body. Those words were not limited to Mer. Tempest. He stood up from behind Eugene’s back and nodded his head. Mer couldn’t bear to stick her head out of her cloak, but she clenched her fists with determination.

A defensive barrier built up in dozens of layers. It all came down to Mer. Tempest pushed back the darkness by creating a huge wind. This battlefield was the worst battlefield for Tempest. forests already occupied. Darkness blocks the wind. Even so, Tempest did not shrug his shoulders. He was the spirit king of the wind, and he did not feel intimidated by the remnants of the hateful enemy who dwelled in the darkness.


The one who stood in front of Tempest was one of the heroes from 300 years ago. The world remembers him as the stupid Hamel, but Tempest remembers how the human called ‘Hamel’ was a terrible nightmare to his demons. On the battlefield of that era, the demons feared Hamel more than Vermut, the owner of the holy sword.

Hamel was unforgiving. What he does is neither a war nor a duel. On that battlefield, it was Hamel who killed more monsters, monsters, and demons than Vermouth. He slaughter on the battlefield and slaughter the enemy.

[If you are.]

The Tempest’s wind pushed Eugene’s back.

[If you are reincarnated, you will be able to achieve a long-cherished wish that even Vermouth could not achieve.]

The storm still hopes north. That’s why you can’t stay in a place like this. Eugene felt Tempest’s strong will.

A dream that even Vermouth could not achieve.

Those words made Yujin laugh. He made him a long-cherished wish, and it wasn’t just Vermouth that couldn’t be fulfilled. Everyone who had wandered around the Demon Realm with him wanted him.

“…You are.”

The moonlight on the right hand shines. This imperfect moonlight sword consumes an enormous amount of mana, perhaps in order to make up for its lack of power. The first time you hold the Moonlight Sword in Nahama’s Tomb. At that time, Yujin could only swing the moonlight sword two or three times.

Not now

“I’ve already passed.”

The moonlight shone even more. The sword he swung like that, filled the curved crescent moon and became a half moon. Even that was not enough. Yujin turned his body around and swung the moonlight sword, and the trajectory the sword drew became the full moon.

“So you can’t stop it.”

The full moon has scattered. A flood of light destroying everything. The identity of the Moonlight Sword is unknown. It was sealed deep underground in Helmud, but it was a ruin in the shape of a sword that even the demon king did not understand its existence.


The awls of the demon spear led by Dominic were all crushed. Every time the moonlight dwelled, Dominic’s body was destroyed, and the scales increased as much as it was destroyed. As it repeated, Dominic’s consciousness faded.

Fading, but not collapsing. The body, which was out of the control of consciousness, moved more sharply and elaborately. It was not the technique that Dominic Lionheart had learned, but the remnants of the demonic spear leading the body.

‘…I am…’

Dominic looked ahead with blank eyes. flashing light. My body shakes a lot whenever Moore passes by, but there is no pain.

‘…what are you doing here…?’

I remembered the stabbing of the sword through my grandfather’s chest. He stabbed, twisted, and caught the falling body. A magic spear drawn for counterattack. There was no wielding. He just looked back in disbelief.

That expression was fun. I would have known that you would follow quietly. Senior Wonju? Yes, in a sense, the senator is the master who controls the entire family.

…If Eugene Lionheart hadn’t shown up, Dominic would have been satisfied with his dream of one day becoming a senator. The reason why the Senate has more power than the head family is that Doines Lionheart, the head of the head family, has a higher level of resistance than anyone else in the head family, and is the most powerful person recognized by everyone in the head family.

Dominic can’t. When he was old enough to seek the position of Senator, he was not confident that he would be treated as Ryan Hart’s greatest adult and master, like his grandfather.


before losing consciousness.

Dominic felt only strong doubts.

‘…Why am I dying?’

It was questionable.

Eugene’s sword killed Dominic. No matter how bizarre and flashy spearmanship the four arms were, the ‘spear’ was in Eugene’s head. Thoughts without self-formation. How difficult is it to deal with a technique that only relies on memory? The battle with the demon king of horror lasted for three days and nights, and at that time, Hamel and Vermouth had received the demon king’s spear at the forefront.

I mean, I can’t forget. So it knows how to move the window. You know where to pour it out and where to dig in to cut it. If the power of the moonlight sword is insufficient, you can use it ‘well’ enough not to feel the lack of power.

It didn’t take long to slice off Dominic’s arms and slit his stomach. It all happened in one moment. Iod soars into the sky, slamming his crushing weight down, destroying Dominic’s mind shortly thereafter.

So Eugene passed Dominic. However, Dominic, who died behind his back, raises his body. Its mind has already been eroded and destroyed by the remnants, and its body is also damaged beyond regeneration. However, the broken body was covered with scales and flesh.

Iod looked down and smiled. Manipulation of the body is shunned even among black magic. However, Iod felt pleasure in violating the taboo that should not be violated.


He remembered both Theonis and the Bossar Count family. Had everything rotted by now? It has to be. At that time, Iod wasn’t a warlock, so he couldn’t turn his corpse into a proper undead. It was the limit to kill without hurt… to make the darkness dwell and move little by little without being damaged.

“The magic is…”

Iod shook his shoulders with joy and moved his hand.

“…So cool and fun.”

The dark spirit let out a terrifying scream. Resonating with that scream, the darkness rushes to Iod. when iodine moved his finger. A blood-red light roamed the darkness and drew a spell.

The darkness that wandered around Eugene became countless hands. They rushed in unison and tried to grab Eugene. Eugene swung the moonlight sword and the holy sword together as he pulled away from him to avoid being caught in his hand.

Darkness spreads beneath your feet once more. Dominic, no, the scaly monster slashed the ground with his spear, making a squeaky breath. Quadd Deuk! The awl soars. The ground became a forest of spears.

Eugene stood in the center without a single wound. ㅡPay! The full moon crushed the awl. Eugene lifted his cloak and took a step back. Iod’s ‘black magic’ pressed the space and tried to choke Eugene.


Merga groaned in his head. A persistent and ominous magic like a curse. Block him with a defensive barrier, analyze her spell and cast a dispel.

He said he would take care of the defense. I saw Dominic staggering along. It stands up even though it has been killed quite a few times, is it worth turning it into ashes without a trace? There was room for mana, but wielding the moonlight sword with that much output was a waste.

‘Something like a corpse.’

What was taken out from the inside of the cloak was Pernoa, the lightning bow. This guy is also a formidable mana catcher, but after getting the lightning spark, the waste of mana was greatly reduced, and it became possible to fire with less mana.


I didn’t even have to hold it with my hand and pull the protest. The shimmering flames held the thunder bow, and the lightning that spread from the flames became an arrow.

One, two, three, four, five… Ten bolts of lightning caught on the string.

And they fired all at once.

Kwagwagwang! Dominic’s body was crushed and scattered in the explosion and lightning. Eugene moved forward and swung his holy sword. As the torch was added, Dominic’s body disappeared without leaving a single fragment.

But the magic spear remained. Ignoring the demonic spear that fell to the floor, Eugene kicked off the ground and jumped up. Iod, who had his back against the huge magic circle, was holding a crushing weight high.

“…ha ha ha!”

Iod laughed and slammed the crushing weight down. ㅡKuuuuu! A huge force poured into Eugene. A hand stretched out from the darkness tried to grab Eugene’s body. The magic circle with Iod on its back swayed. Protruding from there were a pair of gigantic hands. Those hands spread behind Iod’s back like wings and covered Iod’s body as if grabbing it.

“nice to meet.”

i know that hand It is the black magic used by the demon king of slaughter. It was hard to pierce a single finger with the attack that he had been pouring with all his might. A total of ten fingers each have magical powers, and great magic can be cast by moving the fingers.

The power of the crushing weight was crushing my body. Take it straight down, as if to crush it. The defense barriers under Mer’s control are shattered one by one. Tempest tried to push away the power of the crushing weight by supporting Eugene’s body, but the darkness mixed with the storm he caused began to disperse.

Eugene inserted the brain light bow.

The force that pressed him was strong, but he did not bend his back. Iod was seen looking down this way with his huge hands wrapped around his body. The guy was smiling as if he was sure of his victory.

It’s like that.

After the battle started, what the hell did Iod do? It isolates this space with darkness and blocks the support of the Black Lion. that was pretty good It was also great that he first took Xian and Ciel and made them hostages.

It was until there that Iod did ‘well’. He made a contract with the remnant of the demon king, the spirit of darkness. The gnome controls the darkness of this space, handles the power of the pulverizing weight, and uses high-level black magic in response to the remnant.

There are so many topics to be able to write about.


Take down the crushing weight. hold by hand I made an awl with a magic spear… I also used various other magics. It is difficult to use compared to the ability it has.


Lightning streamed, and manes fluttered.

The force of the crushing weight penetrated. Iod’s blackened eyes clearly recognized what had happened in front of him. When the moonlight sword emitted light, the power of the crushing weight penetrated. Eugene, who had been accelerating into that orbit, twisted right in front of him. The holy sword pulled out from within the cloak first cut the ‘finger’. The moonlight sword was added to that weakened finger.


The fingers wrapped around the body were split. The soaring darkness flows like blood. Iod looked down at her collapsing body. The viewing angle was odd.

It had to be.

A series of slashes cut Iod’s body in two.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Iod screamed in agony. The darkness exploded, burst. The magic circle distorted. it hurts, why? cut cut off from below his chest. Are you dying? don’t die Darkness connects the body. Instead of blood, darkness fills the body. so it adds up My fingers squirm. kill, kill Iod trembled and spat out.

The wide spread fingers cast magic at Eugene. The attack was so violent and fierce that I couldn’t believe it was the same person as before. Eugene raised his mana shield and broke through his magic head-on. The raging wind pushed away the magic, and Mer intercepted the magic.


Iod, holding crushing weights in both hands, charged. The swaying hand behind his back snapped his fingers at Eugene. ㅡCoooooung! A strong load was placed on Eugene’s movements. Eugene stretched out his foot without expressing himself. An explosion inside his body, Eugene swung his moonlight sword without sacrificing.

Kwaaaang! The crushing weight and the moonlight sword collided. I couldn’t cut it. It also lacks power. Rather, if you compete head-on, this side will be pushed back. Eugene didn’t oppose the force, but it flowed along with him and turned his body. The holy sword pulled out from the gap in the cloak pierced the gap between the fingers wrapped around Iod.


throat cut She couldn’t cut it completely. barely half. As expected, blood did not splash, and Iod’s voice did not waver. The gnome swung his crushing weight and unleashed his magic as he screamed.


Ignition did not stop. But slowly, a backlash is coming. Blood flowed from her tightly pursed lips, and her movements froze for a moment. Tempest and Mer were intent on defending, but the crushing weight’s power pierced the defense and crushed Eugene’s left arm.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Iod saw blood bursting from Eugene’s left arm. If the force had been a little stronger, his entire left arm would have been ripped off. Although not as much, that injury is ‘painful.’ Besides, Eugene can’t even heal his wounds like Iod.

“Are you sick? huh?! Don’t hold back, you can cry And scream!”

“A bunch of cocks.”


“If you’re screaming in pain this much, f*ck off your dick.”

Eugene smiled like that, and instead moved closer to Iod.

A sword hilt held in the right hand.

The eerie moonlight was nowhere to be seen. …what is that? Iod didn’t understand what Eugene was holding. It doesn’t matter. At this distance, it is absolutely right. she doesn’t care I hate being sick. Fingers wrapped around Iod’s body, and another magic appeared from the magic circle behind his back.


Darkness pulled me.

‘…to avoid… that’s just… a stick.’

A faint spirit’s voice gave a warning.

‘Don’t order me… i can do it myself trust me I’ll take care of that guy and feed him as a sacrifice.’

The time that seemed to stretch for a long time stopped.

The moment the hilt of the moonlight sword touched Iod’s ‘hand’ that protected his body.

The moonlight exploded.


Moonlight seeps through the cracks between her tight fingers. A mythical being, the Demon King. The magic that such a demon king spreads has a status worthy of existence.

Even the moonlight sword from 300 years ago could not ruthlessly tear the demon king from the front. Compared to that time, it was impossible for the moonlight sword, which was overwhelmingly weak, to tear through the magic of the demon lord of slaughter.

If the one who used that magic was the demon lord of slaughter himself.


Iod looked ahead with wide eyes. It was as if hundreds of thousands of ants were crawling on the surface of his brain. The marching ants all at once burrowed into the brain and mocked Iod’s mind.

Memories of unknown beings littered Iod’s mind. A sudden burst of fireworks. In Lionheart’s White Flame Ceremony, such a technique did not exist. A technique that was trampled upon by passing away Dominic’s attacks. Those high-level techniques cannot be obtained only with ‘genius qualities’.

Iod saw a memory that was not his own. A man who wields a holy sword while scattering white flames. The sword wielded by a man changed from a holy sword to a moonlight sword, and the clothes and movements changed, but there was one thing that didn’t change.

A man fighting alongside you. Although it is not surrounded by flames, it does not back down and attacks even in the ruthless attack. A scar-covered man who switched to a different weapon every time the weapon he was handling broke and counterattacked after unleashing an attack that seemed impossible to handle.

The memories of the distant past and the reality in front of you overlap.

Eugene Lionhart.


The realization of the brothers who did not share a drop of blood did not precede the screams full of pain. The moonlight seeping through her fingers destroyed the magic. Faced with the light, Iod’s body was crushed. Iodine’s magic belonged to the demon king, but it did not have the same status as the demon king’s.

“Are you sick?”

Eugene sighed as he pressed the hilt of the moonlight sword close together. His left arm was crushed. I don’t think there would be a rebound in that situation. But he didn’t think he was unlucky. One arm to clean up the remnants of the demon king. It wasn’t even cut, the bones were crushed and the flesh was crushed. An injury of this magnitude heals without a single scar.

I felt the pain, but not enough to scream. Even when her chest was punctured and she died, she didn’t scream even once, so there’s nothing wrong with this injury.

“Does the head of the household hurt more?”


I couldn’t believe that Gilade was a good head of household or a good father. But he did his best in his own way, and thought he was an unhappy man.

If Gilade had been more active, Iod wouldn’t have fallen like that. Guillaid was a clumsy father, and Theonis was a greedy mother.

“…only you…”

He stuttered out a painful scream. Iod stared into the moonlight with black, red eyes wide open. Iod’s weak mind made it impossible for him to make a decision, but the spirit’s malice eroding his mind led to Iod’s body.

“If only it wasn’t for you…!”

The hand that had been covering her body was wide open. Fingers torn by the light rushed toward Eugene. No, it was no longer a finger. The darkness shattered by the spreading moonlight filled Eugene with murderous intent.

Eugene did not answer that evil cry. Her chest aches, her heart throbs. Quite a bit of time passed as she opened the ignition. She didn’t struggle, but she used overwhelmingly more power than when fighting Varang.

“You are tired.”

Eugene murmured and moved his body. Ignition isn’t over yet. The moment she wished, the mana that dwelled in her whole body ran like lightning. So Eugene sprinted forward. The darkness that attacked her was so ominous that it pulverized her body the moment it touched it, but the flames that wrapped around her Eugene pushed away even that darkness.

“only you…!”

The distance quickly closed. In Iod’s mind, countless magics that could be used to overcome this situation came to mind. Yes, there were still a lot of magic that Iod hadn’t used. The magic I longed for since childhood is full of my head. If you offer Eugene as a sacrifice, you will learn much greater magic than you do now.

‘…What should I do?’

What Iod overwhelmingly lacks now is judgment in combat situations. It is not an opponent that can be defeated by force. There is no meaning in just blindly unfolding what can be unfolded.

However, Iod did not know how to actively choose. He had longed for magic since he was young, and he had no real magic talent, and he had never made any other efforts to fill his lack of talent.

So it was late.

The hilt of the moonlight sword plunged into Iod’s chest. Before a moan could escape from his half-open lips, the moonlight sword emitted light. Pale moonlight illuminated the inside of Iod’s body.

Iod’s mouth opened wide, but he couldn’t scream. For the darkness that permeated the very depths of existence to be revealed and obliterated was a pain worthy of destroying the fragile young man’s spirit.


Iod’s limbs turned to ashes and began to disappear. Eugene watched the iod dissipate with her cold eyes. She thought it would be all right to listen to the will, but she didn’t really want to listen.

just do nothing. I saw Iod die. Eyes that had been dyed black returned to their original color. Her face was already contorted with fear and pain. Iod struggled with his arm and pursed his lips, and Eugene forced his shattered left arm to move.

I took out the holy sword with that arm and held it. Pooh! The light from the moon lightsaber was already killing Iod, but Yujin even stabbed the holy sword into her chest in order to more surely end her life.


the light fades Eugene let go of her blocked breathing and put down her moonlight sword and holy sword. ㅡCoooung! The crushing weight Iod was holding fell to the ground.

Iod disappeared without leaving a trace.

Eugene floated in the sky for a while and picked his breath. Her heart felt like it was about to burst, and her whole body ached. She couldn’t rest yet. Because she didn’t finish neatly. Eugene caught her breath and looked down at her.

Originally, down there was full of darkness brought in by crushing weights and demonic spears, and at the bottom was the rugged ground of the forest. But now all that was left was a huge hole down there.

Eugene looked at the traces of the fierce battle with nonchalant eyes and searched for what he needed to find. The magic spear that fell first was at the bottom of the hole, and the crushing weight was next to the hole.


Eugene’s eyebrows furrowed. Hector Lionheart is nowhere to be seen. The last thing I saw was… Dominic passed out behind him. Did you get caught up in a fierce battle and perish without a trace?

‘Or did he run away?’

He was a man with a strange and powerful artifact. He may have even had a plan that would allow him to escape from this darkness. Yujin clicked his tongue and slowly came downstairs.

[…Hamel. I guess touching it directly […]

“Those idiots were also catching them, but I can’t stand it.”

Eugene smiled and reached out his hand toward the magic spear.

Past life, 300 years ago. Hamel and Moron wanted to become owners of the Pulverizer and the Magic Spear, and tried holding them with their hands several times. Every time that happened, I felt madness as if my mind was collapsing, and in the end I gave up being the owner.

Are you lacking in qualifications?

I used to think that way in my past life. Magic spear, crushing chudo, moonlight kendo. No other owner other than Vermouth was recognized. Those absurdly powerful weapons could only be wielded by Vermouth.

Both Hamel and Moron were strong. But he wasn’t stronger than Vermouth. If there is a need for special qualifications to become the owner of that transcendent weapon, then only Vermouth has that qualification.

I thought so 300 years ago, but not now. The lord of the senator who was the owner of the magic spear. Dominic, who was the owner of the Pulverizer. Are they more special than Hamel and Moron? If qualifications refer to qualities, then there is absolutely no way that would be the case. What makes them more special than Hamel and Moron is that they are descendants of Vermouth.

‘…Moonlight Sword.’

The reason why he was able to hold and wield that terrible sword casually was because his reincarnated body was a descendant of Vermouth.

I stood in front of the magic spear. The ominous spear was emitting darkness and staining the ground black. Yujin glared at the demon spear for a while, then boldly reached out and grabbed the demon spear.

Woo woo!

The demonic spear in his hand trembled and howled. Her head was spinning, and her mind was shaking. It hurts more now than when his left arm was crushed by the iod attack. Eugene gritted his teeth and held back his groans as he pulled out the magic spear that was stuck in the ground.

Climbed out of the hole and approached the crushing weight.

[Eugene-sama…? Are you okay?]

Mer asked in a frightened voice. Eugene didn’t answer, and stretched her crushed hand toward her crushing weight.

hold by hand

The world that Eugene sees has become even darker. Eugene was not surprised and glared at the darkness.

when you take a step.

The darkness shook. The darkness gathered together did not have a clear shape, but it radiated an ominous feeling that instinctively terrified the existence. That ominousness was familiar to Eugene as well. The demonic spear and the crushing weight, the ‘dark spirit’ that dwelled in the two and became one, revealed its presence.

carnage and cruelty. Remnants of the two demon kings.

Conscious of him, Eugene’s mind shook once more. Eugene staggered and clutched his head. The truth of the black magic that made Iod tremble with joy was about to be engraved in Eugene’s mind. It is not simply adding knowledge. The moment that thing remains in the mind, the spirit dwells in it regardless of Eugene’s will.

It means to sign a contract with the demon lord he hates, and that is to say, 300 years ago, to become a surrogate.

“go away.”

He exhaled in a ferocious voice and took one more step. ㅡWoe! Pure white flames wrapped around Eugene’s body. The mane of flame flew away as he continued to stretch.

The crushing weight and the magic spear fell from Eugene’s hand. before it hits the floor. Eugene took out the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword from within the cloak. Eugene did not tolerate that ominous and terrible being, and he had no intention of using its power.

light illuminates the darkness

Ciel Lionheart. She was drugged, but not hallucinating. She became a black lion and trained for three years. She never skipped training against drugs, her accumulated resistance was sufficient, and her mental strength was not weak.

However, the body was lethargic and the mind was confused. The dark spirit restrained not only Ciel’s body, but also the bodies of all sacrifices, and pulled their minds into deep darkness.

Everything felt like a dream.

I know it’s not a dream There’s no sense of reality, you can’t interfere, you have no choice but to watch. Ciel saw a reality that felt far away like her dream.


My head was pounding, and my body felt as heavy as wet cotton. Her voice didn’t come out well, and her lips were shaking so she couldn’t speak well.

I forced my eyes to close. Among those captured as sacrifices, Ciel was the first to come to his senses.

“…are you okay…?”

He urged his uncle to answer as he looked down at him with worried eyes. Gion Lionheart. He still couldn’t get his emotions under control.

I realized that something was going on in the forest. Knowing that huge demonic energy was concentrated elsewhere besides the center of the forest, all the Black Lions marched there.

Dominic knows the Knights of the Black Lion well. As a result of obsessing over lineage, there was no priest or paladin in the Black Lion Knights.

The prepared barrier was elaborate and powerful. Without a holy sword or a moonlight sword, it was impossible to easily break through the barrier containing the remnants of the demon king. Even the captains, who had fallen into surveillance, gathered in one place and tried to break through the barrier by force, but it was not easy to break through this type of barrier by force.

The reason the black lions, including Gion, were able to reach this place wasn’t because they broke through the barrier. It is because the darkness has been revealed and the barrier has disappeared.

“…injured, but…”

Gion let out a long sigh and nodded. In response, Ciel barely raised his head and looked for Eugene.

I saw Eugene sitting on the floor. Her left arm is bloody and tattered on her face, so haggard that it wouldn’t be strange if she fainted right away. It was the same sight that Ciel had seen, even with her distraught mind.

“…are you okay?”

Ciel squeezed out a trembling voice. It was a small voice, but it reached Eugene. Eugene looked at Ciel and smiled.

“Do you look okay?”

I couldn’t say it was okay even with empty words. Injury to the left arm. Ignition’s recoil. Without Cristina, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for at least a week.

“Don’t force yourself to stay awake, close your eyes and go to sleep.”

“…I-I’m fine.”

“I know it’s not okay. It’s over, so there’s no need to stay awake.”

“…to you… I have something to say, something I want to say.”

Ciel did not break his stubbornness. Tension is released, and emotions are filled with emotions.

It was scary. I thought I was going to die like this. I was hoping someone would rescue me. At the same time, I hoped no one would come. I was desperately hoping for it, but it didn’t happen. Xian came, Gargis came, Desiira came, Xenia came. All were overpowered and held in darkness.

Eugene did not come. She thought she was lucky. She ran away and called for help outside. The smell of blood that emanates whenever Iod draws a magic circle. mind clouding. and.


“…you saved me.”

“Don’t tell me now.”


“You’ll hear the thank you later, when you’re fine and I’m fine. very politely.”

“…no. no. Listen now…!”

“Yeah, don’t listen. Even if I say thank you a hundred times now, they won’t accept it.”

Yujin laughed and said.


If it hurts this much, wouldn’t it be better to just die?

Lying on the bed, Eugene seriously thought about it. The smell of medicine pierced her nostrils. Her entire body wrapped in bandages felt stuffy, and every time she lifted a finger, the pain that forced her to bite her molars came through.

Recoil with ignition. I had felt that pain many times in my previous life, but I can confidently say that the current pain was the best. No, I’ve never been more sick than now, including my previous life.

“Uhhh… uhhh…”

Eugene groaned and gnashed his teeth. Just the wiggling of one of her fingers brought pain that felt as if all the bones in her body were being snapped.

Why does it hurt so much?

Because of the damn lightning spark. Thanks to that, Ignition’s power increased, but the recoil became as terrible as the increased power. In other words, the pain now is similar to muscle pain that has reached its limit. Even his body, which had been trained enough to train, could not withstand the ignition with lightning sparks added to it.

“If Ignition and Lightning Spark are mixed, is the name Thunder Ignition?”

asked Mer, who brought a rocking chair beside the bed and sat down. She put down the book she was reading and glared at Eugene with twinkling eyes.

“Or Lightning Ignition?”

“You really die to me after that.”

“I think the technical name Ignition is cool. However, from now on, the ignition that Yujin uses is different from the existing ignition, and it is an advanced ignition. So shouldn’t it have a different name?”

“Mer Mer Mer Dein, you really die.”

“My name is not Mermer Mermer Dein.”

“This Sifal, it’s a technical name I use, so why do you keep harassing me by saying a word?”

“I think that’s the advice you need to give.”

Mer pouted her lips and got down from her chair.

“…If you give it a very embarrassing name, you might not use that ignorant skill in the future because you’re embarrassed.”

“Telling me not to use it is the same as Senya.”

Yujin grumbled and wrinkled her eyebrows.

“It was something I had to write about. Even though it hurts enough to die right now, I don’t regret writing it. And it will be so in the future. You have to write when you need to write. That way you won’t regret it later.”

“…I don’t know much about pain. If you know it hurts, you have no choice but to hesitate.”

“I don’t hesitate. If you do, you are the one who does it right away. And next time it won’t be as painful as it is now. As much as the body adapts to the lightning, the recoil will return normally…”

“So it’s a thunderbolt ignition?”

“Because I can’t move because I’m sick. Can’t you just hit yourself on the head with your own hand?”

“I don’t have perverted hobbies that make me suffer and abuse my body like Eugene.”

Mer sat down on the bed, puffing out her cheeks. Then, for a moment, she looked at Eugene with her pitiful eyes.

It is not a wound that leaves aftereffects. In the Black Lion Castle, there were many potions that were expensive and effective, if not Elixir, and Eugene’s resilience was so excellent, and thanks to the neat first aid, his left arm, which had been crushed, would be back intact in about a week. Even this pain, which seemed like it would be better to die, disappears cleanly after suffering in bed for several days.

Mer knew that, too, but she couldn’t take Eugene’s injury lightly. What if Eugene never gets out of bed for the rest of her life? What if you get an irreversible injury or die from an unreasonable fight like this one?

“Don’t think unluckily.”

“…uhh… how did you know? Are you sure you can read my mind?”

“You show it all in your expression.”

“…I’m worried because I’m worried. I hate Eugene being sick, and I hate dying even more.”

“He sees people as crazy. Do you know who likes it? Stop talking, come over there, cut an apple and feed it.”

“…I don’t know how to peel an apple.”

“You’re not going to do it for the rest of your life just because you don’t know? If you don’t know what you don’t know, you have to try and work hard to become good at it.”

“Yujin-nim speaks like an old man.”

Mer pouted her lips and looked at the fruit basket. It was something that Genos and Gion had brought while Eugene passed out.

you’re dumb Eugene couldn’t bear to refute those words. But deep inside he felt a strange sense of alienation.

Including her previous life, Eugene’s age is well over sixty. Even though the body has changed, the mental body is the same, so what’s strange about being a kkondae? And isn’t that teenage girl who calls herself a kkondae only on the outside but inside is a 200-year-old familiar?

“My mental body belongs to a green girl.”

“What are you talking about…”

Eugene muttered with a disgusted face, while Mer stuck out her tongue. Then she took a large apple and began peeling it with a knife the size of the palm of her hand.


While Merga was struggling to cut an apple properly, someone knocked on the door.

“Come on in.”

It was Genos. Hearing the answer, he came in and looked at Mer, who was holding a fruit knife with a serious expression, and at the apple peel that had been ripped off with a bunch of fruit underneath it.

“…I will.”

“The skill of peeling an apple neatly is useless for living in the world. Because I don’t have to eat apples. And it doesn’t matter if you put apple pie or apple juice in without peeling it.”

Mer spat out words she couldn’t tell whether it was an excuse or nonsense. Genos, who took over the cutlery, opened his mouth while slicing his apples with skillful hands.

“…the Senate… No, Lord Doynes’s consciousness has returned.”

“Are you happy?”

“…The Black Lion and the Senate may have different opinions, but Lord Doines is not happy about it. As soon as he opened his eyes, the first thing he said was, ‘Why did you save me?’”

Genos smiled bitterly and put the knife down. Mer quickly picked up the rabbit-shaped apple and shoved it into her mouth.

“Revival is impossible anyway.”

“…yes. Lord Doynes himself does not want him. However… He told the brother-in-law that he wanted to hear the whole story and apologize.”

apologize Eugene put on a puzzled expression.

It was his grandson Dominic, not the senator, who brought Varang along. However, the Senate was not in an innocent position. The senator told my grandson too many words.

Of course, this situation would have happened even if the senator kept his mouth shut. The collusion between Dominic, Hector, and Iod is different from Barange’s attempt to assassinate Eugene.


“If you don’t mind the death penalty, I’ll bring you right away.”

“I don’t mind. Wouldn’t it be better for me to go than to have a hole in my chest and ask my grandfather to come who will die soon?”

“The death penalty’s injuries are also serious, aren’t they? And the Lord of the Senate said he must go find him.”


Genos hesitated for a moment without speaking. He made sure that the door was closed, and that no one was eavesdropping outside the door.

“…I don’t know exactly why, but I’m guessing.”


“…The brother-in-law told me the whole story of this situation first.”

before losing consciousness from recoil.

Eugene desperately endured and told Genos the whole story. A spirit of darkness that contains the remnants of the Demon King. Iodine runaway. Betrayal of Dominic and Hector.

“…I know that the death penalty is harsh. But… no matter how strong he is, it is impossible for the still young brother… to defeat Dominic, Hector, and Iod, which contains the remnants of the Demon King…”

“But you knocked it down.”

“Yes, you knocked it down. Against an enemy who even used crushing weights and magic spears, the death penalty’s only injury was a fractured left arm. The reason the brother-in-law is now bedridden is because of the recoil of the ignition, not an injury from fighting the enemy.”

Genos paused for a moment. He gulped and stared at Eugene.

“…What is the… identity of the death penalty?”


“Sahyung found Hamel’s grave, which no one else could find. He said that he acquired Hamel-sama’s secret book there… but that alone doesn’t explain the death penalty’s strength. This… I know this is nonsense, but I’ve fought the death penalty. At that time, the Hamel-type technique, the proficiency of the light beam and the lightning counter…”


Eugene sighed and raised his hand. More than anything else, it was painful to hear Genos say things like light beams and lightning counters. She seemed to hate Mer, who had eaten more than half of her apple by herself, and suppressed her laughter as she clamped her mouth shut.

“…I see what the priest is thinking. Yes, the head of the Senate deserves to think so.”

You can make excuses and deny it. But Eugene didn’t want to do that. Eugene tried to straighten her posture as much as possible, but her aching body didn’t allow her to move. Eventually, Eugene lay down on the bed, staring at Genos with only his head raised to the limit.

It was a look that could not be called solemn.

“I am Hamel.”

Shouldn’t it be a situation and attitude that suits the hero of 300 years ago? Eugene thought about it in her heart, but even so, she thought it would be unseemly to put off revealing it now and put it off until later, wearing proper clothes and talking about all the forms that are not in shape.


At Mer’s silent urging, Genos, who was peeling apples, jumped to his feet. He immediately put down his excess and apology and knelt in front of Eugene.

There was no doubt. Rather, she felt a sense of exhilaration, as if her heart were being pierced by Eugene’s words. A 20-year-old young man so ridiculously strong? It is more unbelievable than that declaration that the strength was achieved only by natural talent.

Also, if Eugene was the reincarnation or possession of the hero from 300 years ago—- Genos could have served and respected Eugene as the death penalty without the slightest shame or dissatisfaction. Of course, Genos had no complaints about calling Eugene the death penalty even before that, but he felt ashamed inside.

‘If the brother-in-law is Lord Hamel, it is only natural to serve and respect him.’

It was painful for even Genos to have feelings of respect for a young man younger than his daughter.

‘…No… If the death penalty is Hamel, wouldn’t it be right to call it the death penalty?’

thoughts that ran through my head. Genos trembled with great emotion.


Tears filled both eyes. As a Hamel-style successor, being able to directly call that great hero ‘teacher’ was an honor that could not help but shed tears of emotion.

“Why am I your teacher?”

“Everyone in the family regards Lord Hamel as their teacher…!”

“No… Well… Strictly speaking, I never received you as disciples, so why do you arbitrarily call me my teacher…”

“Didn’t Master teach me the Hamel style anew…! You said to accept me as a priest and call me death penalty, but you wouldn’t listen to me as a teacher?”

“Okay, don’t be angry…”

Eugene let out a deep sigh.

“…Go and tell the Senate to come. Or should I go?”

“no. Stay here.”

Genos wiped away his tears and got up. Genos left the room, and Mer quietly stood up and lifted the cloak of darkness.

“I’ll stay inside.”

“If you want to go in, go in early. Why do you go in after you finish eating the apples?”

“I ate it because Eugene-nim didn’t eat it. Do you know Eugene? As for apples, if you cut them off, the flesh will turn brown and look unsightly over time. It is called browning.”

“Uh… yes.”

“To prevent that browning, the apples have to be put in salt water or sugar water. Are you curious? Anicilla told me, but I think sugar water is better than salt water. Salt water is salty.”

“Aren’t you going in?”

Mer smiled brightly and crept into the cloak.

Until the door knocked again, Eugene sat on the bed and organized his thoughts.

Two days have passed since Iod’s runaway.

Those who were captured as sacrifices are also confined to a bed like Eugene, but Gion tells them that their condition will return tomorrow at the latest.

…The bodies of Iod, Dominic and Hector were never recovered. Because there were no fragments left. The only corpse recovered from the forest was Deacon Lionheart. Carmen’s younger brother, Klein Lionheart, came to visit Deacon’s family with the coffin containing the body.

The news was delivered to Gilreid, who was at the imperial palace. He would want to come back right away, but Gilade was still in the imperial palace.

The black lion, who had been dispatched to Count Bossar’s family, was found dead in the warehouse of the count’s mansion.

The body was not the end of that one person. Inside the mansion, the corpses of Theonis, Count Bosar, and Gasol were rotting away.

While searching the mansion, a diary was found in Iod’s room. The contents of the diary have not yet been confirmed. This is because Carmen, who was dispatched to protect the main family, threatened to check the diary first, saying that it should be Iod’s father and the head of the household, Gilade.

‘…The shit happened.’

My head is pounding.

‘The Senate Wonju cannot be regenerated. The elders must have already passed on the will… and I will die after an apology.’

Both Iod and Dominic died. Hector’s fate has not been confirmed. Rehabilitation is in progress. Dominic and Hector’s families have already been captured by the Black Lions. If I interrogate them, I don’t know what else will come out, but with this incident, Lionheart’s status has been thrown into the gutter. It is the black lion that has been thrown into the poop more than that. They were so helpless in this situation.

‘…the next senator is probably… Carmen Ryanhart. She looks like she will be.’

After the death of Doines Lionheart, the elder with the highest distribution is Carmen Lionheart.

‘…But with that woman’s personality, I don’t think she would ever try to become a Senator. She’s still a fighter who wants to play active duty… So her brother, Klein Ryan Hart, is the next Senator?’

Dignity is low, but the person doesn’t look bad.

‘How’s the family going? Perhaps the head of the household will also step back as he takes responsibility for raising his son as an idiot… Then does Xian become the head of the family right away? Or temperature? I wouldn’t appoint the second, who had already left as a collateral, as the head of the household.’

Gion wouldn’t even try to become the family head. Eugene let out a deep sigh and wrinkled her expression.

The troublesome thing is that the focus was too much on Eugene because of this incident. Right now, even Genos doubted Eugene’s identity, and the head of the Senate probably thought the same.

‘…I’m going to say it’s because of the power of the Holy Sword.’

when you’re thinking like that

A knock was heard.


As soon as I answered, the door opened. I thought I would come in a wheelchair or with someone else’s support. Doines walked in on her feet. Death lingered in the eyes that seemed to be forced open, and the cheeks sunk in the bloodless white face.

The hole in his chest was hidden from view by his uniform.

“…Can I walk like that?”

It was a staggering step, but Doines walked on its own. He closed the door and stared at Eugene for a moment. He even bowed his head.

“…It is an honor to meet the great hero, Hamel.”

You don’t even ask if it’s Hamel.

Yujin nodded her head with a puzzled look on her face.

“…well… me too… nice to meet… my… uh… friend’s… descendants.”


This unbearable awkwardness.

If my body was fine, I would have turned my head or changed my posture. For Eugene now, it was hard to move from the neck down. So, Eugene put on a puzzled expression and stared at the top of the head of Doines, who was bowing his head deeply.

“…that… unwell person… don’t sit still, will you?”

“it’s okay.”

“No, anything is fine. You said you had a hole in your chest? I mean, uh, I’ve had a hole in my chest, so I know very well what it feels like.”

Yujin stammered as she recalled her past life.

“It feels very f*cked up and empty. Mmmmm… um… well… the hole in me could have been bigger. I couldn’t even walk like you, so I just lay down and waited to die?”

“You are wonderful.”

It’s a comeback. Embarrassed by what he had said, Eugene let out a cough.

“…um… I didn’t mean to brag about my boobies…”

Eugene tried to get rid of the topic of ‘hole’ that lingered in his head, but it didn’t work out like he wanted. If you think about it, for Eugene, the hole in his chest was a wound that had many relationships. Her death in her previous life was due to a hole in her chest, and Senya, who is sealed in the World Tree, also has a hole in her chest…

“…don’t stand, sit down? My body isn’t in good shape, so it’s a bit hard to look at you standing there.”


Doines refused further and sat down on a chair near the bed. As the distance got closer, Eugene felt more clearly the ‘death’ hovering over Doines.

“How much is left?”

“I won’t make it through tonight.”

Doines answered in a calm voice.

“If you call the High Priest of the Holy Empire, there is a possibility that you will be revived. Is she a saint?”

“I know my body well. Even the saintess’ blessing won’t be able to revive my body.”

Doines’ expression did not change at all.

“…This incident… will serve as an example of how incompetent Lionheart was, no, the Black Lion. We were arrogant, and soaked up in the honor of being descendants of great heroes, we couldn’t properly build ourselves up.”

“It’s a belated realization.”

“Because the world was so peaceful.”

“It’s funny how the descendants of Vermouth were drunk with peace. If I were fine and my strength was the same as before, I would have made you pups stretch their necks and put them on their bodies because they are black lions.”


Doines bowed his head again.

“…I will carry that sin with me. Laughter will fuel the discontent of the younger generation. Please, understand that and take care of us.”

“You don’t mean to come to the Black Lion, do you?”

“The Black Lion is too small to contain Hamel. However, since Hamel-sama is connected to the Black Lion, please watch the Black Lion change from a distance.”


Eugene licked his lips and tilted his head.

“Don’t say anything ambiguous, what and how are you going to change?”

“I will open the door to the Black Lion Castle.”


“As Hamel-nim knows, the Black Lion is not something you can wish for. In the parent family, the restrictions are relatively free, but in order for the collateral to become a black lion, we must first acquire the skills that we have no choice but to pay attention to.”


“…From now on, if there is a child who wishes to become a black lion among the children of the collateral line that have undergone the blood ceremony, he will be immediately summoned to the castle for training…”

“That bloodline is the problem.”

Eugene said with a frown on his face.

“The change you mentioned is, after all, increasing the number of black lions in the next generation. Well, that’s a good thing in terms of power reinforcement. Even if the specialness is a little off, the number of heads increases, and even idiots become useful if taught from an early age.”

but. As long as the tradition of the bloodline meal remains, changes are insignificant.

“How many collateral families went into hiding at the same time after the incident happened? That said, this situation is the treason of the collaterals who are dissatisfied with the main family. What caused that complaint? It’s because of the two-headed blood system.”

“…But… the blood lineage is the founder’s…”

“That bastard, Vermouth, is senile.”

Eugene couldn’t control his anger and tried to stand up without realizing it. Of course, the moment she gave strength to her body, she had to hold back a scream from the terrible pain that spread throughout her body.

…not entirely unconvincing. Vermouth had more than ten wives and fathered dozens of children. Among those many children, the most outstanding child became the next family head.

After that? Numerous brothers who did not become family heads. It would be neat if they had been purged at all, but it is also ridiculous to see the sons of heroes biting and killing each other. Eventually, the first generation passed away, and numerous siblings gave birth to children again.

The problem starts there. Vermouth died, and only the ‘Lionheart of the Great Hero’ family remained. Families that did not become the main family hoped to inherit the name and gain glory.

“…a bloodline meal was necessary.”

Doines let out a long sigh and replied.

“The blood line ceremony makes the original family special, and makes it impossible for collaterals to surpass the original family. If it had not been for the blood line ceremony, the family would not have left a trace due to infighting long ago.”


Eugene did not show his wrinkled expression.

“…The reason why that bastard Vermouth made the blood system must be because he had his own reasons.”

The reason.

Thoughts that he didn’t want to come to mind continued in Eugene’s head. In addition to the Baek Yeom Ceremony of the main family, the coercive tradition, the blood family ceremony, made the main family special. For 300 years, the main family accumulated a strong power that the collaterals could not overcome, and the collaterals gradually increased in number. If there was no blood lineage ceremony, and if the Baekyeom ceremony continued for all Lionhearts…

Will Lionheart be the same as he is now? Everyone received the same thing, but if only one person was treated specially as ‘the original family’. Would other families other than the original family recognize the original family? Perhaps, as Doines said, ‘Lionheart’ may have dispersed after experiencing internal strife.

What about now? The existence of a unique parent family. Legacies except for the moonlight sword are in the treasure house of the head family, and Baek Yeom-sik is also inherited in perfect form from the head family, and the growth of the head family, which has been used up to the spiritual vein, cannot be resisted by the collateral.

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