Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 501

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sword of confinement.

I know it’s an honorable name. have pride in oneself

However, on the other hand, I hated that name. To be precise, I couldn’t accept it.

The war era is over, and the confinement shield has not been reinforced. This is because a shield once broken by an enemy has no meaning.

However, the staff of confinement was reinforced. Not because of Blood Mary. The ‘cane of confinement’ took on a different meaning than before the war era.

A position that only the best of human warlocks can climb. It was a very political place. In Helmud ‘Empire’, even warlocks can rise to a high position. The demon king of confinement, unlike other demon kings and demons, does not underestimate black magicians… … .

The war has just ended. Peace was born through a promise, but hatred of demons, demons, and black magicians was rampant on the continent at that time. At the same time, there were overflowing kingdoms that could not deal with the war and people who had no way to survive.

That was the dawn of the Empire. The demon king of confinement guaranteed an outstanding black magician a position close to him, and gave the immigrants who accepted them without restrictions a level of comfort that made them not want to return to the continent again.

The sword of confinement.

It was still Gavid Lindman.

The shield was scrapped because it was broken. The cane was used politically. However, the sword did not change. no. Rather, a greater meaning was given than before.

The sword of confinement had the status of a grand duke. Except for the demon king of confinement in this huge empire, no one sits higher than Gavid.

The sword of confinement came to be regarded as a symbol of chivalry in Helmud. Even when the shield was broken and the staff was broken, the sword did not break and protected its owner. A loyal knight fought for his master without sparing his own life.

300 years after the War Era ended. The fact that the sword of confinement did not change gave the name ‘Gavid Lindman’ a greater halo.

The oldest knight in imperial history. He is called the sword of confinement for the longest time, and his closest aide who has served the demon king for the longest time.

-no. Gavid could not accept such compliments. He’s not broken? Didn’t he break? It’s bullshit. The sword of confinement was already broken 300 years ago. The reason why he couldn’t die like the shield and staff was because the demon king in captivity did not allow the sword to die. The reason why he couldn’t return the name of the sword of confinement was because the demon king of confinement rejected him.

“A duel.”

Those words directly go against the devil’s will. The demon king of confinement made a declaration to the continent and all demons in the empire early on. He said he would wait for the warrior to climb Babel.

It’s okay if it’s another demon. Personal feelings, greed, lust for honor, or hatred of the hero. It’s okay to have a vengeful spirit from 300 years ago. Other than that, it doesn’t matter if it’s a feeling. In the first place, that declaration was made by the individual demon lord in captivity, and was not forced upon all demons in Helmud.

That’s why, if the other demons act as they please – try to kill the hero first.

The demon king of confinement will not express any regrets. What the confined demon king is waiting for here, in Babel, the demon castle, is the ‘Hero’.

A warrior who challenges the demon king. A hero who can threaten the demon lord. If he was ‘only’ killed by other demons, he would be an insignificant existence that could not be called a hero.

However, the ‘sword of confinement’ should not do such an action. As the demon king of confinement said, the ‘knife’ can simply follow the owner’s will.

“Is it not enough to just kill it?”

The demon king of confinement said with the same smile. It was Qing who went against his master’s will, but the demon king in confinement did not feel the slightest displeasure. On the contrary, he was feeling great pleasure, which was expressed by his expression.

It’s like the time of the ghost. The demon king of confinement likes irregularities. He likes things that did not exist in the past several times he has seen them. It’s because those things make the current world feel special, and build up expectations that can be said to be one in a thousand.

“Gavid Lindman. I saw you tried to kill Eugene Lionheart.”

As I said that, I thought about the ghost. He felt mourning for the end of his existence. Born worthless, he found meaning in existence before the end.

He had no name until the end. That being didn’t ask for a name. Even so, the demon king of confinement. Even if he died as a nameless being, the Death Knight born in Hamel. The one who refused a name and called himself a specter will forever be remembered.

If there is eternity for the existence of the demon king of confinement.

“I will not criticize what you decided or did in that moment.”

The specter, who had learned some of the truth, thought for himself and made a choice.

The specter’s choice is to test Eugene Lionheart. Killing yourself if you don’t deserve it. In this way, the possibility is passed on to the next era.

Is it right? It was right for the specter. That was enough for the demon king of confinement.

“… … Why won’t you criticize me?”

“Because you chose it yourself.”

Just as there are things that the demon king of confinement has done that he considers to be right, other beings must do the same. The demon king of confinement respected his distinct subjectivity.

“You would have disposed of yourself.”

However, such authority requires responsibility commensurate with respect.

“He would have killed Eugene Lionheart, killed everyone present, and then took his own life.”

Gavid Lindman was not surprised and looked at the demon king in captivity. Soon, Gavid smiled bitterly and nodded his head.


“but. You drew your sword just before I changed my mind.”

Like a sword of confinement. If he had made such a choice befitting the Grand Duke of Helmud. The demon king of confinement would have respected that choice as well.

But I don’t think I’ve ever felt as happy as I do now.

“Gavid Lindman. my knight Although you have served me for a long time, you have not often uncovered the true meaning of my will. If I felt a question and couldn’t get an answer, I just stopped at that point. This is the first time I have opened a closed door, entered the palace without permission, and asked for an answer from me.”


“Now you are desperate and greedy. You have been imprisoned for hundreds of years, but have you ever been so immersed in your own desires?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“that much.”

The demon king of confinement rose from his throne. Chains of innumerable causalities arose with the demon king.

“You mean you want to fight Eugene Lionheart?”


“I said I wanted to fight him with all my might. Then he wouldn’t have to fight a duel. He will come to Babel one day.”

“your majesty.”

Gavid lowered his head slowly.

“If I wait for Eugene Ryanhart at Babel. he is… … He won’t do his best.”


The smile of the demon king in captivity deepened even more at that answer. Gavid kept his head down and spoke slowly.

“He will definitely fight with his spare energy. Maybe he won’t fight alone. He may not be preoccupied with playing me.”

The sword of confinement must guard the front of the palace. It was the same 300 years ago. After retreating from the Red Plains, Gavid rallied and guarded the front of the palace.

There were many trials in front of the warriors and colleagues who invaded Babel through the plains.

Demons who can be said to be the most elite among all demons. Real strong people who are different from the ranks that are revealed on the outside. Time-limited women who disregarded their lives and even violated taboos to draw out their strength. Deadly and tenacious traps. shield and staff.

Only after overcoming all those trials can you arrive at the palace. Hamel died in the process of overcoming the ordeal 300 years ago. The miracle of the saintess is also absolute and not infinite. Continued miracles tire the saintess. Likewise, the archmage’s mana is not infinite, and the warrior’s stamina is not infinite.

300 years ago. Of the humans who had climbed up to the throne, 3 people except for Vermouth were pushing their limits right in front of their noses.

so induced Whatever the process, if victory was the goal, Gavid shouldn’t have stepped out from the start. It was right for victory to start a fight after exhausting the enemy as much as possible. In the end, though he was defeated nonetheless. It was not an era worthy of justification and cowardice.

The same goes for humans and warriors. If you want to win, you must not fight alone. Vermouth and his colleagues. The five of them killed three demon lords by fighting together, and eventually reached Babel.

“I guess so.”



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The demon king of confinement said with a smile.

“Now that he has reached the Demon King’s Castle, what the ‘Hero’ has to do is to kill the Demon King. Once in, you can’t go out, and you can’t even get a comfortable rest.”

If one day Eugene climbs the barbell, he will overcome many trials and reach just below the throne.

“Eugene Ryanhart has already surpassed Vermouth 300 years ago. He alone can kill slaughter, misery, and frenzy, and is stronger than Vermouth, Senya, Anise, Moron, and Hamel all combined.”

The demon king of confinement spoke with a laughing voice. There was not a single point of exaggeration in that statement. Gavid accepted it without being surprised.

“I can say for sure. Eugene Lionheart is the strongest among the ‘heroes’ I’ve seen so far. Even he’s still growing. If one day he starts climbing the barbell, he’ll be able to climb it just below the forehead without too much damage.”

“How about a battle with you?”

The body of the confined demon king slowly descended. The chain connected to the throne followed the demon king like a mantle.

“I will refrain from ignition.”

Gavid replied.

“That, unknown… … A sword of light drawn from the chest. I’m not sure what exactly it was, but it seemed obvious that it wasn’t available many times. I will also refrain from that sword.”

If Eugene defeats Gavid, he must go straight to the palace. Taking a break for a few days after using ignition makes no sense. Since he used all of his new swords, he couldn’t wait for his new power to recover. The mercy of the demon king of confinement is bestowed only outside the castle. The Demon King will show no mercy to the intruders in the castle.

“He will not fight me with all his might. He will be helped by Senya, and he will also be supported by the saintess. Maybe he will call in another colleague.”

There is a Moron of Horror in Rehein Yar. After living a long time of 300 years, that human being who didn’t look like a human became much stronger than during the war era.

There is not a single Morron who will be Eugene’s colleague. Heroes of the present era seen in the desert. If they all join Eugene… … .

“I don’t want to fight like that.”

I want to fight like a specter. I want to reject the help of my comrades and fight purely between knights against knights, warriors against warriors, and humans against demons. I want to fight with the goal of immediate victory without thinking about the future. I want to make people use ignition. I want to make him wield that unknown sword without restraint.

Such a fight cannot be fought in Babel, the demonic castle.

“If you kill Eugene Lionheart.”

“I will pay the penalty for disobeying Your Majesty.”

“Are you going to repay me with death?”

The demon king of confinement got down in front of Gavid.

“If you lose to Eugene Ryanhart, of course you will die. If either of them dies, no one’s palace will be empty. Suddenly, the empire loses its grand duke, and the Black Mist also loses its leader. Have you thought about that situation?”

Gavid Lindman plays an important role in the Helmud Empire. If Gavid dies, he will be paralyzed starting with Pandemonium’s administrative system.

“I will think about it from now on.”

It’s irresponsible, but Gavid didn’t hesitate. I never thought I would hear a request as lustful as this from Gavid Lindman. The demon king of confinement felt even greater pleasure from that answer.

“I will prepare for the successor first.”

The first thing that came to mind was the vice-captain of the Black Mist. Not only is he good at working, but he’s also good at fighting, so he could fill Gavid’s role, albeit temporarily.


The demon king of confinement shook his head.

“There is no need to prepare a successor.”

“but… … .”

“There is no need to return the Mystic Eye and Glory of Prestige.”

Gavid’s cheeks twitched.

The duel with Eugene is due to Gavid’s personal desire. As a sword of confinement, it was not what the grand duke wanted. Victory or defeat, either way, Gavid is willing to give his life.

So, I was thinking of putting down the name of the sword of confinement. I was thinking of returning the Demonic Sword Glory and the Mystic Eye of Prestige.

“Aren’t you too arrogant?”

The demon king of confinement raised his hand. A sword was clutched in his wide open hand. It was the demonic sword Glory that Gavid had left in her office.

“Without magic eyes, without glory. Did you think you could fight a hero with only one body?”

“… … .”

“You are the sword of confinement.”

Glory slowly descended and landed on Gavid’s shoulder. Gavid lowered his head deeply.

“All right.”

“You will need some coordination.”

“yes. After all, it’s been a while since we’ve had a duel.”

“Let me help.”

Kirik. One of the chains behind raised its head. The demon king of confinement tore off the whole chain. The chain that had been shaking in front of Gavid twisted into a coil and became a heavy bundle of chains.

“Go back to the mansion and use it.”


Gavid didn’t ask the identity of the chain and politely accepted it with both hands. The demon king of confinement did not speak any more and let go of Glory. Then Glory appeared on Gavid’s waist as if it had been there from the beginning.

“Your Majesty, do you want me to win?”

Gavid raised his head and asked. As if being dragged by his chain, I saw the demon king of confinement ascending to the night sky where the throne was again.


The demon king of confinement answered without lies.

“I want you to be defeated and die. Only then will the warrior rise to Babel.”

Gavid did not feel offended or saddened by that answer. Rather, he felt relieved and smiled softly.


The moment he answered, the darkness lifted. Until just before that, Gavid was in front of him, but now he was standing in a completely different place. It wasn’t even the home office that I used to spend every day.

The front door of the mansion feels strange. It is Gavid’s mansion, rarely used. Gavid smiled and turned his head. Not far away, I saw a towering barbell as if supporting the sky.

“You don’t even ask the doctor.”

As always. Gavid chuckled, opened his front door, and went inside.

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