Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 502

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On the 90th floor of Babel, the lights in the Grand Duke’s office went out.

The sword of confinement, Archduke Gavid Lindman has officially announced a ‘leave of absence’. During the 300 years of the Empire’s history, the Grand Duke had been absent for a while, but this was the first time he had officially announced a leave of absence.

even indefinite leave. No detailed reason was given. It was simply stated that it was ‘Ilshin’s circumstances’. The media inside the empire were astonished at the sudden declaration of leave of absence by the Grand Duke, and even the foreign press took interest. He had no choice but to do so, because Archduke Lindemann served as the emperor for 300 years of imperial history.

The emperor of the empire, the demon king of confinement, does not come down from the palace unless it is a really special case. Like other kingdoms and empires, they do not invite officials and discuss the future of the empire. Until now, all of these tasks had been the role of Archduke Lindeman, and the demon king of confinement had only been organizing and checking the reports that were coming up.

But that doesn’t mean the emperor is a scarecrow. Nothing proceeds without the Emperor’s permission. When the emperor himself wishes for something, he only gives notice unilaterally, and there is no review.

It was Archduke Lindeman who played the role of a window between the emperor and the officials of the empire who did not come down from the palace. Because of this, Archduke Lindeman’s leave of absence forced not only the imperial officials, but also the imperial people to feel uneasy. Archduke Lindemann’s leave of absence was unavoidable, but wasn’t it necessary for someone to act as a substitute during his absence?

Naturally, the name of Duke Jebela came to the fore. Apart from her friendly image to the public, her skills are well known.

If the most outstanding businessman in the empire, no, in the entire continent, was selected, the name of the Duke of Jebela would be nominated.

However, Duke Jebela did not appear either in Pandemonium, the capital, or in Babel, the demonic castle. She lived her life as usual, as if Pandemonium’s problems had nothing to do with her, and even if they did, she had no intention of intervening. Perhaps the Duke of Jebella had other thoughts, but at least the life of the Duke of Jebella revealed to the public was no different from before.

She was still at Jebela Park,

Occasionally, whenever he felt like it, he appeared in the sky with Jebella Faith and showed people their dreams.

They also participated in festivals in Jebela Park, and appeared in clubs and pubs in the park.

“What is Count Arnet doing?”

Yujin grumbled and lowered her gaze.

The dizzying daily life of Duke Jebela. Gossip not worth reading. In the photo, Noir Je Bella is wearing a backless dress, smiling broadly at the camera and waving her hand. A necklace hung around her white neck, past her collarbone, and between her breastbones. Left hand waving, ring on the ring finger. Eugene tried to ignore them.

“One of Babel’s bureaucrats. Officially affiliated with the Planning and Coordination Office of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance… … .”

“Are you strong?”

The following explanation was interrupted in the middle. Yujin turned his head quickly and narrowed his eyes.

“The ranks are not very high. Count Arnet, as I remember, ranks 103rd. If it hadn’t changed.”

Balzac Rudbesse. He passed Yujin’s gaze with a calm smile.

“In order to rise to public office in Babel, rank is not necessarily important.”

“Well, no matter how much demons there are, ignorant guys who are only good at fighting won’t be able to run an empire.”

“Yes, you are right.”

Balzac lowered his head and replied. Eugene looked at the top of Balzac’s head with disapproving eyes.

Ten days had passed since the war in Hauria had ended. Although clearing of the ruins is still ongoing, most of the liberators have left the battlefield and returned to the nearby city of Salar.

The Liberation Army has not yet disbanded. Unlike the battles fought in the distant sea, this time it was a war fought within the country. As a result, there was not one or two things to fix.

Apart from winning the war, wasn’t there a declaration like a bomb?

“Doesn’t it matter if you go back?”

Eugene put down the newspaper and opened his mouth.

“It would be rather inconvenient for you to be over here.”

“Are you worried about me?”

“why. What’s wrong with me worrying about you?”

“Haha, no. Thank you, I don’t know what to do. As a black magician, I… … I can’t believe that ‘Hamel’ is worried about me.”

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“No, absolutely not. Stop because it’s a mysterious thing that I’ve never imagined. I don’t want to do this either, but I keep becoming conscious of it.”

Balzac raised his head and gave a puzzled smile.

“Back to the story… … Earl Arnet is not a demon that stood out in Helmud or Babel. To put it bluntly, they are ordinary demons everywhere in Babel. In the first place, the title of count and… … Although being a public official in Babel isn’t normal.”

“Isn’t it enough to act as the Archduke’s substitute?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“Isn’t the Ministry of Strategy and Finance under the direct control of the Grand Duke?”

“Strictly speaking, all departments in Babel are under the direct control of the Archduke.”


Eugene honestly shook his head in admiration.

sword of confinement. I thought he was just a guy who was good at fighting, but he was doing as much work in the empire as I was.

“I have never been able to determine whether Count Arnet’s ability to handle business is excellent, but… … He must have been elected because he has the ability to put him down.”

Eugene turned his eyes to the newspaper again.

It’s been ten days since Archduke Lindeman left his office, but surprisingly nothing has happened. There was no problem in the affairs of the empire.

It is not just simple tasks that are repetitive. Archduke Lindman resigned from all duties at Babel, but no one in Babel felt the duke’s vacancy. Count Arnet, who had suddenly ascended to the office on the 90th floor as a substitute for the Archduke, was surprised to see that he performed his duties as perfectly as we did.

“Isn’t there a possibility that it’s the avatar of the demon king in captivity?”

“Hmm, I don’t think it’s a possibility, it’s a certainty. Without that, it would be impossible to perform the suddenly written Gamtu as perfectly as I did.”

The demon called Count Arnet actually existed. But I don’t know if Arnette is sane or not. If the demon king of confinement is using him as an avatar to take care of Gavid’s business-

“What can I do for you like this?”

Yujin grumbled, furrowing her brow.

There was no doubt that it was not a simple leave of absence. Gavid Lindman, why would that bastard suddenly leave Babel and end up in a mansion? And why did the demon king of confinement provide this level of convenience for Gavid?

“Is it possible that he was purged?”

With a sudden thought, Eugene turned to Balzac.

ten days ago. Gavid suddenly attacked Eugene. I aimed precisely at the moment when Eugene couldn’t move due to the price of ignition, and cut his head.

It wasn’t a failure. Gavid drew the sword himself, had a conversation with Eugene, and then retreated. However, even if he had withdrawn his sword, the intent to kill Gavid showed to Eugene at that time was real, and it was against the will of the demon king of confinement.

“It’s a purge.”

Balzac thought for a moment.

“There is a possibility… … there won’t be any The demon king of confinement always demands responsibility for his actions. Haven’t you seen Eugene before?”

“Are you talking about the iodine?”

“yes. The incubus that seduced Iod Lionheart… … Huhu, there must have been a Duke of Jebella behind it, but the Duke of Jebella did not appear on the surface. In the end, only one incubus died.”

It was the demon king of confinement who ordered the execution.

“Duke Lindman disobeyed the Demon King and attacked Eugene. Sins enough for the demon lord of confinement to punish… … I think it was However, if Archduke Lindeman was purged. He doesn’t think there’s any reason to hide it.”

“You don’t know the conclusion?”

“yes. If Hamel-sama wants it, I will personally go to the Lindman Mansion in Pandemonium and check whether the Archduke is alive or dead.”



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“It’s done.”

Eugene replied with disgust.

“And, please don’t call me Hamel.”

“Yes, Eugene.”

“How are you feeling?”

A thin gaze scanned Balzac. Her face, originally white, was even pale now, and her cheeks were slightly sunken, making her glasses feel big. Her right arm with Gluttony planted is wrapped in a gray bandage.

I didn’t feel anything special. But there was no doubt that there was ‘something’ about Balzac. Didn’t he prey on Noor, the descendant of perdition, and also prey on demons and demons?

“It’s difficult to digest.”

“If you feel sick, you’d better vomit.”

“haha… … These are things that cannot be tasted for too long, so you have to force them to digest them.”

“Is there anything from the demon king of confinement? or come back.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Is it to thank me?”

“Don’t you know, Eugene-sama? The Demon King of Confinement is someone who doesn’t need to use me as an eye.”

Balzac stood up as he said that. After 10 days, he was called and met Eugene alone.

There are several things I want to ask. About death. About reincarnation. About Vermouth Lionheart. And about the war ahead. About mission.

Didn’t ask. She hid all her full of questions inside herself.

Balzac knew his subject well. As long as he is a warlock, he will never be friends with Eugene. He had thought there was even a chance before – but when he learned that he was the reincarnation of Hamel the Massacre, he thought there was no possibility at all.


Is this level of distance allowed? Balzac smiled. Even he liked this sense of distance. I am grateful that I am not simply considered an ‘enemy’.

“Then, I’ll go back and look.”

Eugene didn’t issue a special order to celebrate, but Balzac was quick to notice. The reason he was called and was able to have a conversation, no, something similar to a conversation, was due to his doubts about Count Arnet. The conversation about him has already ended.

“Are you going to stay in this city?”

Eugene spoke to Balzac, who retreated.

“Or, are you going back to Arot?”

“I will not stay in this city. I will not go back to Alot.”

“why? Didn’t you like studying with Senya and the other mages?”

“ah… … That position was like a miracle or a blessing to me. But now it’s where I shouldn’t be.”

“Then where are you going?”

“I’m going to wander a little bit.”


do you want to track? Shall I put a label on it? Eugene pondered for a moment.


I will definitely meet Balzac again someday. Yujin thought so and nodded her head. Balzac, slowly backing away, left Eugene’s room.

“ha… … .”

As soon as the door closed, a sigh came out. Eugene pushed his chair all the way back and put his feet on the table. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes tightly.

“I… … i’m crazy… … .”

A heap of newspapers on the table. The article that Eugene had been ignoring caught his eye.

[Shock! The identity of Eugene Lionheart is the reincarnation of Hamel Dynas?]

[Why were the Demon Kings who tried to conquer the continent 300 years ago and enslave humans frustrated?]

[Brilliant Eugene Ryan Heart! The Helmud family is astonished by his enormous identity!]

[The current situation of Pandaemonium, shocked by the identity of Eugene Lionheart.]

[Why did the ‘Sword of Confinement’ disappear as soon as the ‘Haulia Liberation Battle’ was over? Don’t hide!]

[‘Dumb Hamel’, Hamel of XX to the demons? What is the identity of the name that the demons were afraid of?]

[The reason why the demons in Helmud are in a frenzy. ‘Please don’t start a war!’ For the first time in the entire continent, an honest conversation with an anonymous high-ranking demon.]

[Memoirs of the War Era, published in Helmud but not sold and destroyed. ‘I survived Hamel.’ Some of the obliterated manuscripts are being restored.]

[The reason why the dream queen Noir Jebella had a tryst with Eugene Lionheart? The persistent evil that has been going on for 300 years… … kite… … ?♥ A romantic date at Jebela Park, a big release of undisclosed photos!]

“Huh… … .”

Seeing the articles written in loud fonts, Eugene felt dizzy.

That… … What do you mean by that? The most painful article for Eugene to look at was the last article related to Noir. Why do you drag something in the middle of something that could just be called bad luck? And why is the heart broken, and a romantic date? Unpublished photos?

‘I’m crazy.’

I thought of it with a confused mind.

Yeah, it was really crazy. momentum… … The momentum has gone too far. Excited in the middle of a fight. I have declared that I am Hamel. No, I was able to fix it back then.

Gavid Lindman, if you didn’t declare it one more time to that bastard. I am Hamel in front of everyone, if I hadn’t said that. I… … Those damn knights wouldn’t have come out either.


Yujin couldn’t stand it any longer and jumped up from her seat. The chair tipped over made a loud noise, but Eugene couldn’t hear it. The only thing ringing in Eugene’s ears now was the sound of his heart pounding with shame and anger.

Eugene, unaware of the reddening of his face, quickly reached out for the newspapers on the table.

Roaring! Like Eugene’s heart, a roaring flame burned up all the piled up newspapers.

But the only thing burned is the newspapers in this room right now. Newspapers published a few days ago must have already spread across the continent.

I was sure. At least half the people on the continent would have seen one of those articles, and almost everyone on the continent would have known that Eugene was the reincarnation of Hamel… … .


Yujin held her head and screamed once more.

Melchis Elheyer. She understood a little now why she screamed like a crow at every opportunity. I couldn’t keep my senses, so I screamed.

“Why do you keep making strange noises?”

The closed door burst open. Yujin, who was tearing at her hair and howling, raised her head and looked at the door.

“… … .”

What is that?

I could see Mer and Lymilia dressed in suits that didn’t match.

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