Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 503

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“… … .”

I was speechless. My brain is also confused. I don’t know how to react when I see that tail… … . Eugene couldn’t raise her voice, only her lips pursed and looked ahead.


Mer smiled confidently. The bold little boy wore a neat black suit with matching top and bottom. In addition, the shoes are wearing shoes that seem to have never been worn before.

Eugene couldn’t understand that outfit, so he tilted his head.


another laugh. I turned my gaze and looked at Lymilia.

Lymilia’s outfit was not too different from Mer’s. A jacket that fits your body, a neat shirt and pants, shoes, and.

“Why are you wearing glasses?”

I couldn’t stand it without pointing it out. Eugene looked at Raimirah with a bewildered expression.

“Glasses are important.”

Raimirah raised her glasses with her fingers and smirked.

“Because the original woman is the secretary of the hermit.”

It was an unimaginable answer. Eugene was speechless again. This time he couldn’t even pucker his lips. Eugene parted his lips stupidly.

Whoops. Lymilia let out a grown-up laugh and raised her glasses once more. But already her glasses were draped high over her nose. Through her lenses, she could see the bridges of her glasses squeezing her eyebrows, and the lenses that came too close crushed her cheeks… … .

“I am Eugene’s manager.”

Mer didn’t wear glasses, but had other props. She pushed the briefcase she was wearing at her side slightly forward to better see it.

“I will manage Eugene’s schedule from now on.”

So, what does a secretary do? What is the difference between a secretary and a manager? In the first place, what kind of nonsense are the two of them talking nonsense with such an outfit?

There were a few things he didn’t understand, but Eugene kept his mouth shut for the moment. It was because the outfits of her two little ones were cute, and I wondered what the hell they would do.

“Please look at this first.”

Mer opened the briefcase she was holding out proudly. Much more contents than the size of the bag spilled out. The moment he checked the contents, Eugene’s face twisted horribly as he looked at the two with a complicated yet happy expression.

just a while ago. The newspapers I burned because I couldn’t stand the shame and anger. Among them, scraps of articles related to Eugene.

[The reincarnation of stupid Hamel, brilliant Eugene Lionheart. Why did he hide his identity until now?]

[Wise Senya, wasn’t she aiming to be 300 years younger? A love affair over 300 years.]


Eugene couldn’t look straight and turned his head away. Even that was not enough for her, so she closed her eyes tightly. Dark eyelids, flickering letters that were loudly increased in size and even intensely colored.

“Look straight ahead, Eugene!”

“Hermit, everyone on the continent is talking about the hermit! Hermit is the continent’s superstar!”

Mer was clinging to her leg, and Lymira was clinging to her arm. Eugene stuttered as she stumbled as her two little boys rocked.

“Why, why are you torturing me like this… … !”

“What are you talking about? Eugene-nim, why would we bother Yujin-nim?”

“Hermit, perhaps who tormented the hermit? Did the evil warlock who just left disturb the heart of the hermit? She’s going to pour her breath on the guy’s head right now!”

I couldn’t tell if he was worried or teased.

Eugene sat down in his seat, feeling the pain as if his heart would break. Mer and Raimirah rushed away from Eugene before they hit each other on the buttocks.

“Eugene, listen to me carefully. Right now, the continent is paying attention to Eugene, right? This is a great opportunity. If you use this attention well, you can greatly increase Eugene’s divine power.”

Mer pushed the scrap right into Eugene’s face.

[300 years of unrequited love comes to fruition, a romance that transcends tragedy.]

[The whereabouts of the forbidden love between the teacher and the disciple?]

“As I said, the original woman is the secretary of the hermit. In the midst of this chaotic attention, what the hermit and the original woman should do is to push forward their subjectivity without being swayed by false rumors.”

Raimir also pushed the scrap right into Eugene’s face.

[Sausages and beer, cheese and wine, warriors and saints. A combination that everyone can’t help but love.]

[Does Hamel see faithful Anise in Saint Christina? Exploring the commonalities of the two saints.]

“… … .”

It was Mer who first started scraping. Until now, because of the relationship between his teacher and his pupil, he could not openly announce it, but now that Eugene’s identity has been revealed, he no longer needs to notice the world. That’s why, she wanted to drive her momentum and drive a nail through the whole world.

What about Lymira? She had no idea. However, when she saw Mer with her eyes open and collecting articles related to Eugene and Senya, she thought that she couldn’t stay like this.

Just as Mer is biased toward Senya, Raimirah is also biased toward saints. So, I collected articles related to the saint.

“… … .”

The shame subsided. The thought that I wanted to die by sticking my head in a rat hole disappeared. Eugene returned to a more rational state and refined her expression.

“So why are you a secretary and a manager?”

“There are so many reporters who want to meet Eugene.”

“It’s not just journalists. Even nobles and kings want to meet the hermit.”

“Isn’t it annoying for Eugene to deal with all of them? No matter how fast Eugene-nim moves, there is only one body.”

“That is a fair word. So, as the bonnyeo is her secretary, she will adjust the schedule so that the hermit doesn’t mind.”

“What are you talking about? I, the manager, will adjust the schedule. Take off your glasses that don’t suit you and suck your fingers.”

“My mother gave me her glasses!”

The two little boys grabbed each other by the hair and started fighting.

Eugene sighed deeply without stopping the two of them. I didn’t really want to read it, but I skimmed through the contents of the clippings. So I could understand the situation more clearly.

“well… … Good job.”

Aside from other things, I had no choice but to admit the sincerity of cutting and pasting so many articles. If it were Eugene, he would never do it even if a knife came into his throat, but it didn’t seem to be the case with the two little boys.

“Secretary or manager… … You don’t have to do that. Just, I’ll take care of it.”

“Eugene-nim is busy.”

“There is an opinion that children’s books should be developed based on the vivid story of the hermit. If her hermit wants it, she will make her own schedule.”

Raimirah’s words honestly shook Eugene’s heart.

Reclaiming children’s books? Is it possible to change the contents of the damn children’s book that has imprinted the dog’s nickname of stupid Hamel on every continent for 300 years?

“… … .”

Eugene swallowed a gulp. Even if the content itself was left alone, I wanted to change the ‘stupid’ in front of Hamel’s name.

-‘Dumb Hamel’, Hamel of XX to the demons? What is the identity of the name that the demons were afraid of?



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The article from the newspaper I burned earlier flashed through my mind… … .

“There are many stories about wanting to publish a new book based on Eugene’s heroic story. A new children’s book that will carry on into the distant future and will be read by young children on every continent.”

Mer’s eyes shone brightly.

To be honest, Mer did not want to change the contents of a children’s book that was already published hundreds of years ago. Of course, Merdo knew very well that Eugene hated Hamel’s nickname of ‘stupid’.

But, but. When I put my hand on his chest, and swore an oath never to lie.

How many people in the world can say ‘not stupid’ about Hamel’s actions? Even Eugene himself would not be able to deny it in a situation where he could never lie. Why change a nickname that fits so well?

“The biography of the brilliant Eugene Lionheart.”

“From dumb to brilliant.”

The two kids whispered as they each picked up scraps. In addition to the titles directly spoken, several titles were written. These are the titles of dozens of children’s books that have been mentioned in newspapers, etc., carefully selected in their own way.

“As Eugene-nim knows, of course, I must appear in a new children’s book. Always accompany me when you talk about me.”

“Of course, the original woman has to appear. She must clearly describe the fateful first meeting between the original woman and the hermit, and what kind of existence the original woman is to the hermit.”

Eugene put his mind down.

“get out.”


“get out!”

He picked up the two little boys and threw them out the door. And returned to the room again.

I thought about burning all the scraps scattered on the floor, but I couldn’t bear to burn the carefully cut and pasted pieces one by one… … . Eugene let out a deep sigh and put the scraps into the cloak.

“ha… … .”

Eugene shook his head.

I regret what I declared, but I can’t bite what I’ve already spit out. The entire continent has already learned that Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel.

“Haaa… … .”

an unending sigh. Eugene let out a deep sigh and approached the window. Now this room is very quiet. No sounds other than footsteps and sighs.

Eugene put his hand on the window with a depressed face.


The moment you slightly open the window. Immediately a great shout was heard. Unnecessary sounds entering the room were blocked with magic. But as soon as I opened the window, sound poured in.




A variety of shouts mingled in the shouts. A large crowd gathered on the other side of the castle wall is shouting for Eugene, “Hear your throat.”

Salar’s citizens are not alone. people from other countries. They had been pouring out praises for days like fanatics tied to the names of the hero, Eugene, and Hamel.

The reincarnation of a hero from 300 years ago. A contemporary hero who defeated two demon lords. In fact, the specter was not the real demon king, but it was known as the demon king on the continent. He should have been praised just for being a warrior, but the sense of mystery added to being a ‘reincarnated warrior’ led to fanaticism beyond praise.

‘My divine power continues to increase.’

I feel much bigger than when I built the statue at the simuin. The divinity that dwells in Eugene is growing. Things that were broken and mixed in during the battle with the specter. What has been added like that is spreading even more.

He put his hand on his chest. She felt the universe. The twinkling stars are much brighter and more numerous than before the war. If you pay close attention, you can even hear the ‘voice’.

the voice of believers.

“Why don’t you even wave your hand?”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind. I wasn’t surprised. Eugene let out a deep sigh and looked behind her.

I saw Christina’s smiling face. Dressed in her pure white priestly robe, she bowed her head with a deep smile at Eugene’s gaze.

“Everyone is waiting for Eugene to come out.”

“I can’t go out because I’m still sick.”

“If a hero lies, he can’t use it.”

“Was there a rule that the hero couldn’t lie? That bastard, Vermouth, lied a lot too.”

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and grumbled.

It has already been ten days since he was imprisoned in the Salar Palace on the pretext that his body was not yet healed. His body was instantly restored.

But I just couldn’t get out. I didn’t want to meet the crowd shouting with their eyes shining. Meet me, I don’t know what to say.

“Didn’t you even raise the flag nicely before going out?”

“Doesn’t it feel very different from then?”

“Well, I don’t think it’s too different. The people who came here in the first place probably didn’t come expecting something like a speech from Eugene-nim.”

Cristina said that and approached Eugene. She put her hands together in front of her chest in prayer and smiled broadly.

“I just want to see it for myself. reincarnation of a hero. warriors of our time. A light that renews the times.”

“… … .”

“That the future era will not be as peaceful as it has been in the past. Now, even if you don’t like it, you have no choice but to accept it, right?”

It has been difficult to accept until now. To be honest, it was hard to even imagine. People of this era do not know war. I don’t know how terrible the devil and the demons, the black magicians, are.

Because there has been no war for 300 years. The demon king of confinement took the lead in coming for humans, and the demons and black magicians did not do anything violent. For the people of this era, Helmud is an ’empire’, not a ‘magic world’. Even if the demon king of confinement spoke of the end of the promise, the end of peace, it was hard for people to imagine.

A newly born demon king who appeared in the South Sea. Rakshasa Princess Iris. Even though she became her demon king, the ‘ordinary’ people of the continent did not feel her threat close.

because it was too far Because it was resolved too quickly. Even though Iris became the Demon King, she could not show off her presence. If she had advanced to the continent, the story would have been different, but she, Iris, could not even come to the continent and she died.

But ghosts are different. He captured the capital of Nahama, a great country. The Sultan of Nahama made it impossible to do anything. In half a day, no, in less than an hour, he captured the capital. Huge monsters and an army of undead, demons and black magicians, and demon lords.

I can’t do anything to look away. People of this era have come to know war more reliably and closely. Even before their lifespan was over, they learned that the demon king of confinement could start a war and burn the continent.

“So you want someone to depend on.”

Cristina came to Eugene’s side.

“It depends.”

Eugene smiled bitterly and raised his hand.

“but. Rather than going to a church and praying to an invisible light… … It would be comfortable to see me live and exist.”

He reached out his hand out the window and shook it. Wow! The cheers grew louder. It was as if the entire palace was shaken.


Christina also smiled bitterly.

“Didn’t Eugene sense that ‘it’ was not a being worthy of being called a god?”

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 502Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 504
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