Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 504

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Contrary to the fervent shouts outside the window, Christina’s trembling was low and cold. Eugene stopped waving her hand at her crowd and turned her head to look at Cristina.

The saintess directly denied God with her own will. However, Christina’s expression was unexpectedly calm. Anger, betrayal, despair, those kinds of emotions were completely non-existent.

“What do you mean all of a sudden?”

First of all, Eugene asked.

There is a heart attack. There is also certainty. But there is no evidence. That’s why Eugene didn’t want to say anything useless. After all, these two are saints.

“You don’t have to be considerate of me.”

Cristina whispered with a thin smile. Her words weren’t in the form of interrogation, but her Christina gaze didn’t want lies or consideration. In the end, her Eugene let out a short sigh and put her hand out the window.


The window is closed. The loud shouts outside could no longer be heard. Eugene turned her head to look at Christina.


I didn’t deny it. The reason Eugene didn’t bother to talk about ‘light’ was because he was considerate after all.

Both were born saints.

It was like that from the beginning.

In order to serve the light, it was made as a tool for the light.

I was born and raised like that. Even in the process, I didn’t have a normal childhood.

A symbol to spread the faith.

A product that seduces believers.

A divine weapon that uses miracles conveniently.

that’s a saint

I was forced to believe in the light. Anis, who lived through the war and lived a long time, harbored disillusionment with light and religion. However, even Anise did not deny the existence of ‘light’ in the end. He did not deny that light illuminates the world and the existence of heaven.

war era. Not just anise. All priests of the time. No, even atheists who did not believe in God sought the existence of ‘God’ in that era. They prayed that God would save the age and lead the dead to heaven.

“Since when did you know?”

Cristina is not as desperate as Anise. Because she is still young and doesn’t know the terrible times that Anise went through.

However, even such a Christina longed for the existence of heaven. It was believed that it was the right reason that the guilty go to hell and the good go to heaven.

“Probably, you felt it at a moment similar to Eugene-nim’s.”

Christina opened her mouth.

“When the light, shining more brilliantly than ever before, permeated Eugene-sama.”

Eugene knew what moment it was referring to.

battle with ghosts. When the ghost threw away all hesitation and swung his sword to kill Eugene. When his mana turned into flames and rained down on Eugene.

“When the holy sword that light left in this world, Altair, was broken.”

At that moment, the holy sword Altair was shattered. The sword body was completely shattered. However, just because the sword body was shattered did not mean that the holy sword ceased to be a holy sword. Rather, with the sword body being broken, the holy sword regained its true form. The light that was no longer confined to the sword covered Eugene’s body.

Being in the cradle of light was a very brief moment. But in that instant, Eugene was able to understand the light ‘a little bit’.

“I didn’t find out through you, Hamel.”

Anise opened her mouth. She continued with a wry smile not unlike Christina’s.

“We are saints. Other priests may not have felt it, but we, who are closer to the ‘light’ than any other priest, could feel the light in the light pouring from the holy sword.”

“… … .”

“Light is not a being worthy of being called a god.”

Anise said.

“It has no holy will to regard it as a god.”

Suspicions have been there for a long time. Even though I had longed for it since the days of war, the light did not materialize. He did not give any revelations even to Anis, who was closer to light than anything else.

In that irrational world, I had to believe in the existence of light even if I was forced to. It was an era in which light, gods, and heaven could not be endured without being fanatical.

Fortunately, there was something to base their faith on.

The holy sword and the warrior. Vermouth Lionheart.

But was he really a warrior?

“I don’t know how to define ‘it’, but what I feel is… … There is never anything worthy of being called a god. only… … .”

“I feel the same as you.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“The light… … It’s not the ‘God’ that most people think of.”

Agaroth’s divinity and the divinity of light are completely different. That’s why Eugene was able to be sure that light was not an ordinary ‘god’.

“Hamel. Are you denying me that light is not ‘God’?”

Anise made a surprised expression.

The truth of light gave Anis a sense of betrayal. It is because she desperately longed for the grace and miracle of light during her lifetime.

She walked the battlefield for many years, and saw many corpses. She prayed that all humans who died before her eyes would be guided to heaven. The reason Anis poured out harsh words unbecoming a believer over the light was because she longed for the light that much.

However, in the light that Anise felt, the divinity she had longed for during her lifetime did not exist. That, the truth, rather made Anis rational. Even in her lifetime, she made it possible for her to understand the indifference of the light she could not comprehend.

“I heard how many times you were there too.”


Anise sneered and shook her head.

“yes. I’ve had revelations a few times. It was also a miracle of light that I became an angel after I died.”

how to become an angel He couldn’t remember that moment. When he came to his senses, Anise became an angel, and he was wandering in the light.

There were other angels besides Anise in that huge sea of ​​light. Angels who descend when performing miracles. But those angels didn’t have an ego like Anise.

The revelation Christina heard was given by Anis. The dream that Eugene saw through her holy sword is nothing more than a transmission of Anise’s memories.

“It was the light’s choice that I became a hero.”

Eugene could still remember it vividly.

13 years old. After the blood relationship ceremony at Lionheart’s family, he went into the treasure house with Gilreid. It was then that he saw the ‘Holy Sword’ for the first time.

“When I was young, I couldn’t pull out the holy sword.”

At that time, the light neither chose nor acknowledged Eugene.

“But after meeting you guys, I was able to pull out the holy sword.”

“… … It was the will of the light that I asked you to come.”



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“It was also the will of the light to dig up Vermouth’s grave.”

“… … .”

“I don’t know the true identity of the light.”

Eugene smiled bitterly and took out the holy sword from his cloak. The blade of the holy sword had been shattered in a previous battle. However, the blade of the Holy Sword was intact.

“I think it’s true that he has a special regard for me.”

Eugene looked down at the holy sword and continued.

“The light I understood… … There was no such thing as an omniscient and omnipotent being. just, just… … It was like an endless mass of power that would give you strength if you wished for it.”

That ‘strength’ is different from mana and magical power. If I had to compare it, I don’t think it’s very different from the contract with the devil. By entering a religion, you make a contract with the light, believe, and the wind gives you strength in response to your faith.

“anise. Do you think there is a heaven?”

Previously, the answer was ‘yes’. It is because he felt countless ‘souls’ in the sea of ​​light that he had become an angel and drifted about. Those souls definitely existed somewhere in the Sea of ​​Light.

Naturally, Anise thought the place was paradise. It was believed that those who died in this world would be guided by the light and reach heaven.

But now I couldn’t be sure that the place was paradise.

“… … I do not know.”

Anise sighed and replied.

“I am the same.”

Eugene also smiled and replied.

“I don’t know if Light has a special will to save the world. I don’t even know if there is a heaven.”

said Eugene. Then the blade fluttered and trembled in an instant. Eventually, it became a ray of light.

Pure light, not metal. Yujin stared at the holy sword and continued.

“Anise, Cristina.”

Eugene looked at the saints while straightening the holy sword.

“Is it important that light isn’t God, and maybe there isn’t a heaven?”

It was a sudden question. Anis and Cristina were momentarily speechless and unable to answer.

It wasn’t because the question was difficult or difficult. The figure of Eugene with the holy sword and the light upright. I was instantly overwhelmed by the brilliance of the true light that escaped from the shell of a ‘sacred sword’. And it was because the existence of Eugene, who was assimilated into the light, felt unfamiliar.

“… … Of course it matters.”

Anis finished her agitation and answered.

“But the light was suspicious from the start. Only disillusionment with the religion that made me remains. The heaven I felt may not be heaven.”

“It doesn’t matter to me.”

Christina said. She stared at Eugene as she put her hands on her chest.

“Even if Light is not a god, Eugene is a warrior. Even if the light does not illuminate the world, Eugene’s existence will become the light of the world. Even though Light may not love all believers equally, Eugene loves him especially.”

Cristina said with a bright smile. Anis, who was pushed inside in an instant, had no choice but to stick out her tongue at those words. It was because she directly felt the ignorant love and fanaticism that could not be translated into words.


Eugene licked his lips and put down the holy sword.

“There is not just one god in the world.”

The religion that believes in light is the largest, but there are various religions on the continent. Holy magic, miracles, and light used by priests and paladins were not exclusive. Of course, the religion of light was superior in terms of quality and quantity, but seeing the use of divine magic and miracles, it was clear that there were other gods besides light.

“Even if there is no heaven of light, wouldn’t there be a heaven for other gods? Wouldn’t it work then… … .”

“Are you saying that now?”

Anise was disgusted and glared at Eugene. Seeing that line of sight, Yujin immediately cleared her throat and shook her head.

“No what… … that’s what the saying is And there is no guarantee that there is no heaven of light, so go check it out later.”

“What? Will that be as easy as you wish? I’ve died once, and Hamel, you’ve died once too. You couldn’t even confirm the existence of hell, let alone heaven.”

“That’s right.”

“And Hamel, another god’s paradise! No matter how much the identity of the light is not the god I expected, I am a saint of light. The same goes for Christina. Will another god lead us to heaven?”

“Are the things called gods so petty?”

Yujin grumbled and put the holy sword inside the cloak.

“Then, you can come to my heaven later.”

It was said with a face that seemed insignificant. But Anis and Christina couldn’t accept it that way. The two of them couldn’t answer, and only looked at Eugene’s face with their lips half-open.

“What are you looking at?”

“… … What did you just say?”

“I can’t go to the heaven of light or the heaven of other gods. Why don’t you come to my heaven?”

Yujin turned her head and looked out the window. All I could do was stick my head out and wave my hand for a second, but the crowd gathered outside was pointing their fingers at the window on this side and shouting something.

“What’s wrong with God? What I did in my previous life was a god, and how I am becoming more like a god now. Well then, when you become a real god later… … You can even make heaven.”

can you make it He spit it out, but Eugene wasn’t sure. This is because in the Age of Mythology, there was no such thing as ‘Agaroth’s Heaven’.

Was there a god who had his own heaven in that era in the first place? Eugene pondered for a moment, then clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“Anyway, don’t get upset about not being able to go to the Heaven of Light. If there is no heaven, I made it… … .”


It was before Eugene’s words were finished. Anise couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

“aha… … Ahaha! Ahahaha!”

Anise wasn’t the only one who burst out laughing. Christina didn’t even think to cover her mouth and she laughed out loud. Eugene blinked her eyes as she saw the saints laughing.

“Did I say anything strange?”

“no… … No, no, Eugene.”

The worries I had for the past few days seemed ridiculous.

That light is not a divine being? That the light has no will to illuminate the world, that believers are not equal, that the existence of heaven is not certain?

What did that mean? Anyway, Light chose Eugene. As the owner of the holy sword, I made him a hero. That alone is enough.

Even if he has no will to shine the light on the world, Eugene will kill the Demon King. If the heaven of light does not exist, Eugene will become a new god and open the gates of heaven.

That’s enough. Anise’s hand gripped the rosario around her neck. Christina’s hand cupped her other hand and made a prayer.

“Then we are Eugene-sama’s saints.”

So far, the two have been saints of ‘light’. But now, rather than light, I wanted to become a saint of Eugene. At those words, Eugene felt a strange feeling. She felt the ‘light’ in her Holy Sword, which was placed inside the cloak. The light in the inner universe seemed to grow in an instant.


The saints’ eyebrows furrowed slightly as they looked at Eugene with a smile. Christina startled and raised her right hand.

There was a wound in the center of the palm. As the flowing blood passed through my wrist, the wound healed in an instant. But his scars didn’t go away.

“stigma… … .”

Anise murmured in surprise. Yujin, startled, also came closer and grabbed her wrist.

“What is it all of a sudden?”

Anise did not answer, staring at the stigma on her right hand. In the past, Anis was baptized in the fountain of light, and artificially carved a stigma on her back. The stigmata of the popes and cardinals of Euras are the same artificial stigma.

but. Christina’s left hand showed a real stigma in the sea of ​​servants. Even the stigma on her right hand now is as genuine as it was then.

“Hamel. Let’s cut off your arm.”

Anis suddenly raised her head and looked at Eugene. At those words, Yujin’s face twisted.


“The stigma has increased. Simply put, the power of the ‘miracle’ has become stronger. If so, I will be able to use the miracles I was able to do in the past.”

“for a moment… … .”

“Shouldn’t we try to see what kind of miracles are possible? Trust me.”

“no… … You don’t have to test me… … .”

“Then who are you testing with?”

“I… … I’ll cut off the other guy’s arm.”

“My God, Hamel, what are you talking about? What if the arms don’t reattach after that?”

“I hate to say this, but aren’t my arms more valuable than the arms of just about anyone?”

Anis’s face twisted this time at the words he spat out.

“My God, my God! How selfish and arrogant is this? Hamel, are you still talking about God and heaven!”

“After I said that, I thought this was a bit off.”

“Actually, Hamel, you are not wrong. I would give my life in your stead if I had to. but! You shouldn’t say that yourself. Do you understand?”

“uh… … uhh… … .”

“I won’t cut off your arm because you hate it so much. If you go to the ward, there will be people with amputated arms or legs, so let’s go there and test them.”

Eugene’s hand was still holding Anise’s wrist. Anise grinned at the blood flowing from his palms.

“The stigma is bleeding, so it reminds me of the old days. do you remember Hamel.”

“Of course I remember. Did you forget then?”

“As I said before, I liked that you wiped the blood from the stigmata. Whoops, when was it? I thought you were being sarcastic for wiping off blood and applying ointment as usual with a nonchalant face.”

“What else is there to be mean about taking care of the wound?”

“Even though I took off my upper clothes and exposed my bare skin, Hamel, you didn’t mind. At first, I hated you, who blushed and didn’t know where to look, but now you only take care of the wounds as if you’re used to it. That’s why I used to lower my hand that was covering my chest for no reason.”

[sister! So what did Eugene do? Did Eugene steal Sister’s breasts? Did you reach out to your chest with a handkerchief that wiped the stigmata, unable to overcome your lust?]

Christina screamed in her head.

But the screams and shouts were quite different from before. The old Cristina could not stand her shyness and cried out in embarrassment, but now she showed her curiosity mingled with her active and private longing… … . Her mind was violently agitated.

While Anis was speechless, Eugene took out a handkerchief and wiped away the blood.

“Looks like you’re not sick.”


“What are you sorry about?”

Eugene grumbled and let go of Anise’s wrist. Anise looked at the stigma on his palm and pursed his lips.

[It would have been nice if it was engraved on the back.]

Christina murmured, empathizing with Anis’ regret.

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