Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 505

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It was hard to see Senya’s face during the ten days she spent in Salar. Because as soon as he returned to the city, he locked himself in the cellar with Blood Mary.

Blood Mary. This extravagant wand, which uses an entire dragon heart, records the memories and magic of past Yupe wands. Of course, most of the magic written on the wand was black magic, so Senya had no intention of using it.

but. If you’re aiming to become a goddess of magic, you should know even vulgar black magic that you won’t use. No, you need to understand beyond simply knowing.

“Because black magic is magic after all.”

When I first entered the room with the Blood Mary, I hadn’t thought that I would be engrossed in it for so long. Although she has not reached the status of a magic goddess yet, Senya can understand most of the magic that exists in the world.

It is inevitable that the magic of this era uses the ‘circle’ magic formula as if it were natural. Even black magicians are applying the circle magic formula because it is convenient.

It was Senya who created the circle magic ceremony. I can say without exaggeration. If it was magic using the circle magic formula, you could understand it with just a quick glance.

‘This… … .’

If it’s a magic that doesn’t use the circle magic formula, it will take some time to understand. But I figured it wouldn’t take that long.

Senya is the greatest wizard in history. He said that creating a new magic formula meant that he had mastered the existing magic formula, so he was confident that he could understand outdated old magic just by looking at it a few times.

“What are these bastards?”

The magic and memories recorded in Blood Mary honestly exceeded Senya’s imagination. It was because it was never to the extent of being dismissed as old-fashioned magic.

There are quite a lot of ancient magics left in Arot’s royal library, Akryon, which puts out the name of the kingdom of magic. Of course, since Senya has mastered all of Akryon’s magic, she is also familiar with ancient magic.

Even if you gather all the magic of that Acryon, it won’t be even half of the magic recorded in Blood Mary. As such, in Blood Mary, the original source of old magic that has not been handed down to the present era was left intact.

It’s not just simple magic. The true value of Blood Mary lies in preserving even the ‘memories’ of magic.

It’s like looking at an answer sheet and solving a problem. Even this answer sheet is not written in the answer itself, but even a commentary to arrive at the answer is attached.

So I had no choice but to focus. For ten days, secluded in the cellar, Senya forgot about the erosion and meditated holding onto Blood Mary.

It felt like floating on the black sea.

unnecessary memories.

For example, how to overcome the black magic wall.

How to cross the wall by way of expedients without seeking enlightenment through practice. Things that Senya would never do, such as holding a ritual to use a sacrifice or praying to the demon lord.

Many other unpleasant and useless memories.

Memories that are useless for magic have been excluded. But black magic was immersed and looked into it. To be honest, the records of the last 300 years are not worth looking at. Memories of Amelia, Edmond, and the few wands before them- didn’t help Senya much.

However, the memories of the pre-war era were quite worth looking at. The Staff of Confinement, Lich Belial, whom Senya had also faced. The curses, which were his signature, seemed to be able to be applied as ‘magic’ with a little tweaking.

Staff of former confinement, Edmond Codlet. Even Senya had seen his magic.

I couldn’t directly interfere with the war in the great forest, but I was able to look at the battlefield because he didn’t even know the subject and tried to use the world tree.

magic skills? it was pretty good To put it bluntly, Edmond’s magic skills are on a higher level than the master of the mage tower of the time. But he didn’t want to use his great magic skills properly.

The signature that should represent oneself as a wizard is only a defensive barrier! Was it called ‘Cube’? To Senya, it’s a pitiful signature. It was to the point where he didn’t know why he had created such a signature when he had reached that much magic.

and Amelia Merwin. The bitch is really… … Senya shook her head as she clicked her tongue.

“What was his signature?”

never seen it To be precise, Amelia didn’t even have time to write a signature. She has to fight or something like that, she has to use magic and use signatures, but all Amelia did in the Hauria Wars was shut herself up in her basement and use her necromantic spells and beg for her life. .

Other wands of confinement. The Staff of Confinement, which was pulled out after the war was over, was honestly the weakest among all the staffs of Yupe.

It had no choice but to be, because at that time it was the dark age of warlocks. Most of the usable warlocks died during the war, and those who survived were searched for by the heretic inquisitors of the Holy Empire with their eyes open. Those who escaped contempt and went over to Helmud were only second-class soldiers who were inferior to those in active service during the war era, which could be called the golden age.

Among those guys, the ‘Stand of Confinement’ had to be pulled out. The Demon King of Confinement pulled out the staff of confinement from among the worms and handed over Blood Mary, as if to guarantee the treatment of a black magician.

‘What’s your name?’

Senya had actually seen the staff of confinement of that era, but it was a scumbag whose name was not even worth remembering.

“What are these bastards?”

When ten days have passed since I was engrossed.

Senna had no choice but to spit it out.

“Did you only do that much with this?”

I couldn’t quite understand it. In the end, the ‘knowledge’ contained in Blood Mary was great, to the extent that I reflected on myself for thinking that it was nothing special because it was black magic. However, the magic of the last 300 years is trash that has more to throw away than to save.

But- the magic and knowledge of the ‘Staves of Confinement’ of the past, which lasted Belial, were so great that even Senya, who had reached her current level, could not help but admire them. The realm of magic, power, and things like that were interesting.

However, the recent staffs of confinement could not properly use this excellent knowledge. did not use. I used magic, but I didn’t understand it deeply. I didn’t try to give birth to something new by understanding.

Even if the resolution is different from what Senya was pursuing, the magic contained in Blood Mary is enough to discuss the truth. To lick the surface in front of the truth… … .

“This is why things aren’t working these days.”

Senya grumbled and put the Bled Mary down. how much time has passed I was so absorbed in meditation that I couldn’t tell the difference between day and night. I didn’t eat or drink anything, but I didn’t feel hunger or thirst.

But I felt a different kind of hunger and thirst. I want to know more. I want to understand everything. Senya licked her lips, feeling a hunger for knowledge and a thirst for inquiry.

‘I haven’t seen all of them.’

I was occupied much longer than I initially expected… … I haven’t seen ‘all’ of Blood Mary. No, to be precise, I couldn’t see all of them.


After passing Belial, he passed into the ‘past’ even from the war era. I saw memories of black magicians, liches, and demons that I didn’t even know the names of.

But I couldn’t see all the way to the bottom. It’s because the memory was blocked from the middle.

‘It’s not the staff of the first confinement.’

Demons of the distant past. He also inherited Blood Mary. That means there was a staff of confinement before him. But he can’t reach that memory. Something like a tightly closed door is blocking them from approaching.

‘How long ago. I don’t even know who the staff of confinement was before he.’

The only thing recorded in Blood Mary is magic and memories related to it. Other than that, there are no memories. Shall we infer the era through recorded magic? Even that is not easy. The magic recorded in Blood Mary is ancient. Senya recalled the ancient magic one by one in her memory.

‘It’s too old.’

Magic that is older than the record left in Alot. No matter how little you catch it, the magic of a thousand years ago. Maybe even older… … .

‘… … Is it the magic of this era?’

I had a sudden thought. When did Blood Mary exist in the first place? The demon king of confinement existed even in the age of mythology when Agaroth lived. What if there was something similar to the ‘Stand of Confinement’ in that era, and what if they inherited Blood Mary? In the first place, what is called ‘ancient magic’ in this era is-

“Magic of the Age of Mythology.”

Senya’s eyes sparkled. There is no mage on the current continent who is more versed in ancient magic than Senya. She learned not only the magic left in Alot, but also the magic of her elders, the elves.

‘If Blood Mary came down from the age of mythology, I can definitely add what I don’t have.’

The goddess of magic that existed in that era, the ‘Sage’ of the Ivory Tower. Senya remembered her and licked her lips.

“The Twilight Witch’s reincarnation is Noir Jebela. Agaroth’s reincarnation is Eugene… … Maybe I am the reincarnation of a sage? Maybe Moron is the reincarnation of the giant god.”

I’m not sure, but I have a heart attack. Senya doesn’t really believe in fate, but when it comes to Vermouth, he can’t help but think about fate.

300 years ago, what if everything was connected by fate? Agaroth is reincarnated as Hamelo, the sage as Senya, and the titan as Moron. The saintess closest to perfection, Anise, is born, and in response to all of that, Vermouth suddenly appears and makes everyone her companions… … If it was to conquer the demon realm.

‘Then what is vermouth?’



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In the end, the same question always remains. What the hell was Vermouth doing, did he figure all that out? What the hell did Vermouth want to do? Senya clicked her tongue in a frustrated feeling.

At the bottom of Blood Mary, the magic of the mythical age remains. I’m not sure, but I decided to think so. The door to get there is sealed. Probably, it was the work of the demon king of confinement.

“It’s fun.”

tightly closed door. Sealed by chains. I couldn’t help but recall the memories of humiliation and resentment. 300 years ago, the top floor of the demonic castle Babel. A battle against the demon king of confinement.

I absolutely wanted to win. Unconditionally, really unconditionally, I wanted to kill the demon king in captivity. I wanted to kill him and get Hamel’s soul back. As Hamel had hoped, he wanted to defeat the demon king of confinement.

Failed. was miserably defeated. The magic that Senya was confident in did not break the demon lord’s chain. Most of the magic was blocked, so all Senya could do was – fire mana that failed to turn into magic.

‘It’s different now.’

Senya thought as she squeezed Blood Mary tightly. If the chain is blocking the door, break it down. If the door is locked, just twist it open. In fact, it may not be as easy to open as the wind, but a door will open when you knock.


My hands hurt from holding the Blood Mary so tightly.

“It doesn’t have to be like this.”

Senya narrowed her eyes and glared at Blood Mary.

The red jewel at the end is a dragon heart. As if emphasizing that it is an ‘evil wand’, two pairs of hand bones surround the dragon heart. It looks like two hands holding up a dragon heart. Senya clicked her tongue as she looked at the ten finger bones clinging to the dragon heart and the wriggling blood vessels wrapped around the staff.

“Anyway, the warlocks are impatient because they can’t show off.”

Wearing a black robe without being told, acting sullenly. It wouldn’t have to look like this right now from Blood Mary.

Can you change the shape? Senya looked around at Blood Mary and thought.

“Something… … .”

I took out the Frost that I had stored in the subspace. Senya compared the dragon heart attached to the end of Frost with the dragon heart from Blood Mary.

“Rarely… … It looks like it.”

I don’t know how it was processed, but Blood Mary’s dragon heart… … It felt ‘different’ from Frost’s Dragon Heart. Although the appearance itself is similar, it has a heterogeneous feeling that cannot be distinguished with the naked eye.

‘The most ancient staff.’

Akasha was created by a dragon 300 years ago. Frost is a recent reinforcement of Dragon Heart. But Blood Mary- It’s been around since time immemorial.

Is it different because it’s old? I wanted to take it apart and look at it, but I was afraid that if I did something like that, the Blood Mary record would be lost. After comparing the two for a while, Senya let out a deep sigh and grabbed the two staffs and thrust them into the space.

“I think I should visit the elf’s territory.”

Dragons and elves created Akasha. It was the elves who passed on ancient magic to Senya.

Senya stood up thinking of the elven elders left in the manor. His body was sore from sitting still and meditating for quite a long time. His bones creaked, his muscles ached, and his body felt uneasy. Senya opened the door to his cellar, roughly brushing his tangled hair.

“… … .”

“… … .”

As soon as the door opened, our eyes met. What is this, is it really fate? Senya thought so for a moment. How could they be so close to each other as soon as they opened the door?

Of course it wasn’t destiny. Eugene had been sitting in front of the basement door since the beginning, waiting for Senya.

Should I open the door and enter, or should I knock to open the door? After debating between the two, Senya seemed to be concentrating, so I just chose to wait in front of the door. Then, the door showed signs of opening, so he got up and greeted Senya.

But Senya didn’t think about that obvious thing. It was just that he thought that he had met Eugene, who could not bear to see him, like fate. Although she was her self-proclaimed ‘wise’ Senya, she was not very wise in matters other than magic.

“… … .”

I was so moved that I wanted to say something. But soon, Senya was forced to face a fatal problem.

The problem was that it couldn’t be nice to see someone who had been locked up in meditation for ten days. Unable to overcome the stiffness, the hunched posture, the messy hair, and other things. It is probably not much different from the Lainas who have been confined to the swamp and studied only.

So Senya quickly backed away and closed the door. She opened the door and Senya went back inside, but Eugene didn’t say anything and just stood there and waited.

seconds later. The door opened again. Senya, who reappeared, looked completely different from before. Her hair, which used to be thick, was shiny, her skin was shiny, and she had just changed her clothes.

Senya opened her pale pink lips and smiled.

“Were you waiting for this master to see you, disciple?”

“Isn’t there a need to argue with the master and disciple now?”

“That’s true, but I think it’s okay to call you disciple.”

“What else is good?”

“The kind of master and disciple… … That kind of relationship is quite delicious.”

Senya smiled and approached Yujin. What is so delicious? Eugene couldn’t understand that emotion.

“So, why are you here?”

“Why? I hope you don’t come out for ten days… … .”

“Ten days? Have I been locked up for ten days?”

“What? Did you not even know how many days had passed?”

“Hmm, I was so focused.”

Senya stopped saying that and looked up at the ceiling, squinting her eyes.

“What is up there? What is so noisy?”

“… … .”

“Why is your expression so deadly?”

It was an incomprehensible mess. Come to think of it… … Senya opened her eyes wide and looked at Eugene’s outfit. Right now, Eugene was wearing a suit that came out of nowhere, not the clothes and cape he always wore. In addition, her shaggy hair was combed back.

“… … ?”

That look was familiar to Senya. She is similar to when she first came back to Alot and dated… … Senya gasped and held her breath.

Because it reminded me of that romantic kiss at that time. The snow that fell profusely, the lips that met in the sky… … No way, since the war is over, why don’t we go on a date to relax?

“Uhm… … Uh-hum, now, wait a minute. I need to be prepared too.”

“Preparation is anything, what you are doing right now is enough.”

“that… … okay? Are you okay now? Well, I’m beautiful no matter what I wear… … .”

“Don’t go out and talk nonsense.”

Eugene turned around with a depressed expression. go out? useless talk? Senya couldn’t understand that and tilted her head.

“Where are you going?”


“Are you going on a date?”


Yujin sighed and shook her head.

“Press conference.”

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