Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 506

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The battle for the liberation of Hauria, which the entire continent paid attention to, was over.

Unlike the battle at the end of the southern sea in Simuin, most of the knights and mercenaries, which were said to be the best in the continent, participated in the liberation war. In fact, the elites of all powers except for the Helmud Empire participated in the war.

That alone makes it compelling, but several dramas have been added to the Hauria Liberation War.

300 years after the War Era, this is the first time the kingdom’s capital has been captured.

The sultan was killed in the process, and most of the capital’s people were banished.

The entire capital was in ruins.

what the devil did

The name was not known, but the existence was unmistakably the ‘Demon King’.

Since the specter did not announce its name separately, and Helmud did not reveal any particular position, the continent called the specter the ‘Unknown Demon King’.

nameless demon king. Demons that gained notoriety during the War Era. Amelia Merwin, the staff of ‘former’ confinement who was banished from Helmud, and the demons. Demons who were secluded in La Vista, the land of destruction. There has not been a war of this magnitude since the war era.


The true identity of the hero, Eugene Lionheart.

The hero of 300 years ago, the reincarnation of stupid Hamel.

Press conference.

As the name suggests, it was bound to happen.

Palace of Emir Salar. Crowds swarm outside the walls. They came here because they wanted to see first-hand the heroes who played an active part in the war and the ‘heroes’ reincarnated beyond time.

the inside of the castle wall. In the garden of the palace- journalists from all over the continent are camped out. Their eyes were shining brightly, and they waited for the protagonists of today to come to the podium.

“however… … Do you think there is someone who shouldn’t be here?”

One of the gathered reporters got lucky. The moment the words came out, most of the reporters turned their heads and looked to one side.

“Hey, let’s not say racist things.”

Reddish skin and horns on the head. A demon wearing a neat suit that did not suit his bulky size and wearing glasses that were too small for his face answered while stroking his necktie.

“Is it racial discrimination? Let’s not say anything in that sense. It’s just, isn’t it ridiculous that a demon is present at this conference?”

“What can’t you do? Helmud also has news and newspapers. To put it bluntly, is there any country on the continent that has built more media than Helmud? Helmud, whose grace is never ending, is spreading high-definition news to all households in the empire every morning, noon, and evening.”

The demons did not hide their pride and boasted. He looked back at the human reporters who couldn’t refute anything and continued.

“As a correspondent, I have an obligation to objectively and transparently cover and deliver news from the continent. The article I covered will be disseminated throughout Helmud this very evening.”

“You’re so good.”

“Can the demons be objective and transparent when it comes to covering the hero?”

“Three demon kings died 300 years ago from stupid Hamel, and the number of petty demons must be too many to count?”

Reporters were openly upset and sarcastic. Then the demon laughed loudly and shook her head.

“Hahaha! Stupid Hamel! I mean, I don’t understand why you humans still use that derogatory term.”

“no… … The name is not an anonymity… … .”

“As you said, 300 years ago, Hamel killed 3 demon kings and many demons. Right away, my father died on the battlefield where Hamel was! But even the demons, including me, don’t use the derogatory term ‘stupid Hamel’ towards that fearful human man!”

In the following words, the reporters did not say anything and only looked at each other. In the uncomfortable silence of the humans, the demon reporter spoke passionately alone.

“Hamel Dynas, isn’t that man your human hero? A hero with a brilliant record with Vermouth Lionheart! But why did human history not give Hamel a fair treatment?”

“that… … that… … .”

“Helmud does not forget the sins of the past. Whatever the reason, we invaded the continent and killed countless people in that war! Therefore, we do not commemorate or commemorate the death of the demon king of slaughter, misery, and madness who died leading the invasion! But why don’t you commemorate Hamel? If you can’t commemorate the tragic hero who gave his life for the continent, why are you mocking him with the nickname ‘stupid’ Hamel?”

The reporters gathered couldn’t help but feel injustice. It is an unidentified children’s book author who has been nicknamed ‘dumb Hamel’. As the children’s book spread across the country, the nickname for Vermouth and his colleagues became fixed.

great vermouth.

Brave Moron.

Are you smart

faithful anise.

Stupid Hamel.

Those five names were all too commonplace in this day and age. But, does it make sense for the demons to scold that name for being a derogatory term? However, it was true that unfairness was unfair, and it was true that there were few words to refute or make excuses.

‘I never thought Hamel would be reincarnated… … .’

No matter how much you say that, you can’t use it as an excuse. So the reporters quietly kept their mouths shut and only glanced at the podium.

The protagonists of today’s press conference are the reincarnation of Hamel, Eugene Ryanhart and the wise Senya. It’s been a little while since we promised, but the two still haven’t shown up.

“What do you think?”

inside the palace.

Eugene crossed his arms and stared at Senya. But Senya couldn’t make eye contact, and he looked down and then to her side, only wiggling her fingers.

“my… … What am I?”

I tried to raise my voice, but there was no power. The fact that she couldn’t make eye contact right now was evidence that Senya still had a human heart.

“That demon over there is like that too. Dumb Hamel is an understatement.”

“Why is the demon runner here? Go ahead and kill me… … .”

“What if you’re a correspondent and kill the whole guy?”

“What the heck? just kill it Anyway, I’m between Helmud and Cheokjin, so is there anything that would change if I killed a correspondent or something with grease on his mouth?”

Senya said with a twinkle in her eyes. Even Eugene was at a loss for words at those barbaric and ignorant words. He looked at Senya in bewilderment, then let out a deep sigh and shook his head.

“Th-I don’t have any more images to fall for you, but… … Still, I think it’s right to exercise a little restraint at times like this.”

“image? What do you think of my image?”

How can you be so shameless? Eugene and Christina stared at Senja, equally speechless. Senya couldn’t help but flinch at the gaze with multiple meanings.

“my… … There is nothing wrong with my image.”

“You lack self-objectification.”

Yujin shook her head and murmured.

[Don’t you think that Hamel’s spitting out something is very wrong?]

Anise murmured, laughing. Even Christina, who would unconditionally approve of her Eugene if anything, calmly shut her mouth as she couldn’t say anything right now.

“Uhm… … Eugene-sama and Senya-sama. You need to get out soon.”

“no… … under… … Seed… … .”

Eugene’s body trembled. If it hadn’t been for Guillaid and Carmen’s request, we wouldn’t have held a press conference like this.

I know it can’t be helped. She freely revealed what she had been hiding well. Now that this has happened, you should clearly announce your position so that there will be no more troublesome things.



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“If you run away from here, you will be in great trouble when you return to your parents’ house.”

Christina whispered. She was well aware that Eugene was especially weak to Annie Silla, the hostess of her home, and Jehard, her real father.

It wasn’t even about saying nothing. If Eugene refuses the interview and runs away, reporters and crowds will camp outside Lionheart’s Manor and wait. If that happened, there was no doubt that dozens of fans would fly out of Anicilla’s hands.

“okay… … I guess… … .”

Yujin sighed and nodded. Unlike Eugene, who was reluctant to do so, Senya was rather motivated.

Senya also had eyes and ears, so she had heard the news of the world. A story floating around after the simuin prom. The story of how the wise Senya fell in love with a 300-year-old disciple, even with his colleague, the distant descendant of the great Vermouth.

It is true that times have changed. Between a master and a disciple, as long as they have the same heart, they can love each other.

But, but no matter how much, isn’t the age difference of 300 years too much? And with the descendants of the great Vermouth! If the two really came to be like that, wouldn’t it be too pitiful for the stupid Hamel who met a tragic death?

Stories like that made Senya very unfair. Eugene is Hamel’s reincarnation, so what’s the problem? A difference of 300 years? What does that mean?

“Hey, hey, why don’t you guys reveal it too?”

“What do you mean?”

“You have that Anise Slewood in you. Wouldn’t it be no problem if you come and reveal it now?”

Senya’s eyes twinkled and she took Christina’s hand. She had an insidious reason for her saying this. If it is revealed that a 300-year-old serpent-like anise is inside of Christina, a young 25-year-old saintess, ‘youth’ will no longer be her weapon. Senya wanted to share her age of 300 fairly with everyone.

“I don’t like it.”

Anis answered instead of Christina.

“Thank you for being considerate, but I have no intention of revealing my existence.”

Anis didn’t even think that Senya was recommending it because she was as nasty and ugly as me, so I thought that was consideration.

“Hamel died and was reincarnated, but I am not like that. I died 300 years ago, and only a soul remains. It wouldn’t be strange if they disappeared anytime.”

“You say such pessimistic things again.”

“Leave it alone, Anis always has that attitude on this subject.”

Anis said with a gloomy expression, but Senya and Eugene were already used to such an appearance. The two of them patted each other with their elbows and exchanged words.

“Anyway, I don’t want to reveal my existence. Because if it is known that I belong to Cristina, people will take credit for what Cristina has done for me.”

[Sister, I still don’t care. In fact, all of my merits were made with the help of Sister, right?]

“I hate it.”

Anise did not break her stubbornness. She knew all too well that she remained in this world in an imperfect form, and she was always on the alert that one day she might disappear.

“And I hate it because it bothers me. If my existence is known, the zealots of Jurass will be very annoyed with me. I hate that kind of thing.”

Having said that, Senya couldn’t recommend it any more. She grumbled, pursed her lips in regret.

“By any chance, Anis, do you care that you are dead alone?”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“No, if that’s what you care about, then I’ll become a goddess of magic and make you a body.”

In fact, I’ve tried it several times before. Just like when he created Mer, he created the body of his familiar and tried to settle Anise’s soul, but failed. Anise’s soul, which had become an angel, was assimilated with Christina’s, so it was impossible to forcibly separate them. Even if they succeeded in separating her, the risks were too great.

but. If she becomes a magic goddess, she might be able to create a new body for Anis. Senya thought so with her heart and held Anise’s hand tightly.

“One side says they will make heaven for me, and the other side says they will make a body for me.”

Anise laughed and murmured.

“I don’t know if it will be successful, but I will be grateful. later… … yes later After everything is over, then let’s talk again.”

“Isn’t the reaction too calm?”

“Hamel, then, did you want me to shed tears out of emotion?”


“If I had shed a tear, your back would have been pushed.”

Anis rolled her eyes and kicked Eugene in the shin.

“How long will you be here? Please come quickly.”

“really… … I really hate to go… … .”

Shoulders drooped. Press conference? I don’t know what else to say. Can I curse? When Eugene’s expression became complicated, Senya snorted at her and slapped Eugene on the back.

“Why are you nervous?”

“It’s not tension, it’s regret. If I had known it would be like this, I would never have said that I was Hamel.”

“It’s funny that I didn’t know that.”

“What the hell is a press conference supposed to do? What are you going to say?”

“I don’t know, but can’t I just say something? If you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to. Who can say anything to us?”

Senya smiled confidently and pulled Eugene’s wrist.

“We saved the world 300 years ago. We couldn’t save it perfectly, but in that era, no one fought as well as we did.”

“That’s right.”

“How are you now? Isn’t it because we can’t do things right these days, aren’t we struggling even after 300 years? I mean, we deserve to be free.”

Those words eased Eugene’s regret quite a lot.

Yes, Senya was right. which has revealed its identity. The embarrassing and embarrassing regret that followed is because of the words and actions that Eugene has done so far.

But what was it? The reason Eugene actively defended Hamel and said that he respected him was because the world did not acknowledge Hamel. The great Vermouth, the brave Moron, and the stupid Hamel, when you list these three, you can’t proudly say, ‘I respect Hamel’, and the world today is wrong.

Pretending to be Hamel but not Hamel, to say that you respect Hamel? No need to be ashamed. As Senya said, Eugene, who went through the hardships 300 years ago and is struggling now, deserves to be freed.

So, Eugene opened her chest wide. She didn’t shrug her shoulders anymore. She even unbuttoned a few buttons on her shirt until the end. A necklace belonging to Hamel. A memento of my parents who rarely took off. Eugene walked over her, revealing her necklace.

I opened the closed door and came out. As soon as I came out, the buzz stopped. The reporters gathered in the garden all turned their heads and looked at Eugene and Senya. Yujin went up to the podium, not paying attention to the eyes gathered as one.

“Are you dissatisfied with being late?”

Eugene looked down at the reporters and spat out.

“… … .”

Senya’s mouth dropped open as she never thought that she would do it on her own.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 505Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 507
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