Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 507

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A very outrageous statement. The reporters gathered in the garden also looked up at the podium with their lips parted stupidly, without uttering a word.

It is true that it is much later than the scheduled time.

Since I was standing under the scorching sun for as long as it was late, it is only natural that I would be dissatisfied.

But who among the reporters gathered here could openly complain about that Eugene Lionheart? Even if you have a complaint, you have no choice but to shut it up. Even when Eugene openly asked if he was dissatisfied, none of the gathered reporters opened his mouth.

I just averted my gaze. At this moment, most reporters were awakened.

The contents of the children’s book that I saw since childhood.

Among the five heroes, led by the great Vermouth, who was the man with the most filthy personality and acted like an idiot?

Over 300 years of time, he may have been reincarnated as a hero named ‘Eugene Lionheart’ – what was that man’s true nature?

“Well, you seem to have complaints, but don’t think harshly inside. If you have any complaints, let’s speak up.”

Yujin climbed onto the podium and looked around. Soon, Eugene furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure.

“No, what if I call someone and don’t set up a chair? You guys can sit in your chair, but I’ll just stand and talk. What is it? Isn’t this a bit too much, an unprecedented situation?”

There were no chairs on the podium. In fact, Eugene usually doesn’t pay much attention to whether there is a chair or not. It’s because my legs don’t hurt even if I stand up and talk for a few hours.

but. At times like now, I thought I had to catch the pods one by one. It wasn’t because he decided to do it ‘on his own’, but because he didn’t like the situation where he had to stand while the reporters he didn’t want to meet were sitting in chairs. And I also thought that if I had to grapple in this way, I would be able to overcome the steamship.

[How can it be so obvious… … .]

Anise, who was watching Eugene’s tail through the slightly open door, let out a sigh.

‘Such a dignified appearance is appropriate for a warrior.’

[Christina… … ! You don’t have to defend Hamel so forcefully. Now, Hamel’s whining is a childish and ugly thing that even a 10-year-old would not be snoring at.]

‘Even that innocence… … .’

[Please, Cristina!]

Worse still, Christina was saying that quite sincerely. Such sincerity was strongly conveyed to Anis as well, so she screamed and resisted Christina’s fanaticism.

“The chair… … Here it is.”

Even that Senya waved her finger with a puzzled face. Then, a soft chair appeared behind Eugene.

“These days things are rude, rude.”

Yujin grumbled and sat down in the chair. The reporters were still speechless, glancing at Eugene on the podium.

Eugene Lionhart. 23 years old. Among the reporters gathered here, there is not a single person younger than Eugene. But her body is only 23 years old, and her soul is not Ghamel himself? So, should we count his age as 300? Or should he be calculated by adding his age at the time of his death to his current age?

“Why doesn’t everyone say anything after calling someone who is busy?”

Eugene sighed as he leaned back in his spacious chair. The reporters’ eyes changed at that irritated statement. This press conference itself was obtained through passionate courtship. If not today, you never know when an opportunity like this will come again.

“My name is Spren Breed of Weekly Keyel. A question for Eugene Ryanhart… … .”

“Let’s not introduce names and affiliations one by one. Anyway, I have no intention of remembering your names that I heard today, and I don’t want to see you again if possible.”

Yujin waved her hands and crossed her legs.

“One question per person. If you ask one more question pretending not to know, the interview ends there. And they won’t always answer questions. I’ll just ignore questions that I don’t want to answer and that annoy me. Of course, in that case, the right to ask questions was consumed.”

“… … .”

“I made it clear.”

Silence was created again.

The reporters exchanged glances with each other and nodded. It’s not an exclusive article, and at a public press conference like this, information is shared anyway. If you can only ask one question per person, you need to create the flow of the article, being careful not to overlap with others.

“Eugene Ryanhart. How did you reincarnate?”

The reporter who first stood up asked a question to Eugene with a serious expression on his face.



“It’s a pass.”

While asking a question with a serious expression, Eugene had no intention of answering the question about reincarnation. She couldn’t even answer that Vermouth had reincarnated her. So, Yujin shook her hand and passed her question.

“… … .”

The reporter’s cheek twitched as the question was ignored.

I wanted to say something and continue the story somehow – but I couldn’t. The reporter gulped at the gaze pouring from all sides of him and sat down.

“Do you have any special reason for revealing your identity this time?”

“Since I’ve killed two demon lords, I just thought there was no need to hide anymore.”

Eugene answered without changing his expression.

Of course, that statement is a lie. The revelation of reincarnation is for spontaneous and emotional reasons. Because I couldn’t overcome the urge of a moment. To put it bluntly, it was revealed to intimidate Gavid Lindman, who was watching from afar.

I couldn’t honestly say why.

“By killing two Demon Kings… … ! In other words, did Eugene build up strength and prepare for the future? To make everyone admit that he is the reincarnation of ‘Hamel’. Or, to protect yourself from Hamel’s ‘enemies’?”

Another reporter quickly followed up with a question. Even for this question, Eugene answered immediately without worrying too much.

“yes. Until now, I lacked the conviction that ‘this is enough’, but after killing two demon lords, I became confident in my strength. What else was hidden… … Not to protect myself from past enemies, but because I didn’t want to endanger Lionheart.”

This answer was quite sincere. In my childhood when I didn’t have enough strength, I actually had thoughts like that and hid my identity.

“Ryan Hart… … It may be rude, but I dare to ask. In the past, didn’t a terrible incident take place in Lionheart’s domain, the Black Lion Castle in the Uklas Mountains? Or, was that incident also related to Eugene-sama’s identity?”

“At that time, Iod Lionheart was possessed by the remnants of the demon king of slaughter and demon king who died 300 years ago. The reason why the remnants of the demon king, who had been calm until now, suddenly went wild, might be because they felt the presence of the enemy.”

Eugene said with a sad face.

already a few years ago. However, Iod’s runaway will remain as a shame that will never happen again in Lionheart’s history.

So, Eugene did not hesitate to pass the question over and answered in an ambiguous manner.

“iced coffee… … !”

“Did even the dead demon kings tremble at Hamel-sama’s presence?”

“That means, Iod Lionheart’s rampage is not simply due to madness… … .”

Reporters whispered and busily wrote in their notebooks. Eugene nodded her head, deeply satisfied with the conversation.

I’m not trying to take care of Iod’s honor now. However, he wanted to fill in a little the wrinkles of Gil Reid, who had grown a lot from collecting the shit he had packed.

“Eugene attended the Lionheart’s traditional Blood Ceremony at the age of 13, and then became the first adopted child in Lionheart’s history to learn the Baekyeom Ceremony. Was it Eugene-sama’s plan to become an adopted child and learn Baek Yeom-sik?”

“It is true that Baek Yeom-sik was greedy. I thought that vermouth’s white salt meal was amazing 300 years ago.”

Eugene replied with a sad face. At that answer, all the reporters opened their eyes wide and looked at Eugene. It was because of the words that came out of Eugene’s mouth, ‘That bastard of vermouth’.

“Hey, isn’t it a bit like flirting with vermouth here?”

“A baby is a baby, what? I still bleed backwards from time to time because of that bastard.”



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“Actually, I am too.”

Eugene and Senya talked in whispers.

“if… … What if you haven’t learned how to cook white salt? Do you still think you can become as strong as you are now?”

Another reporter who came to his senses stuttered and asked.

“To be honest, I won’t be as strong as I am now.”

I didn’t have to lie.

“But I think the premise that I haven’t cooked the white salt dish is wrong. From the moment I realized that I was reincarnated as Lionheart as a descendant of Vermouth, I thought I would learn the white salt meal no matter what.”

What if you haven’t cooked white salt? Even so, one day he would have reached the strength he has now. Even if he had learned the mediocre red salt recipe inherited from Jehard’s family instead of the white salt recipe, he would have modified it somehow and made it much better.

But in that case, it would have taken a lot longer to reach the current level of power. Currently, Eugene is only 23 years old. He is younger than Hamelo when he died. It has only been 10 years since she entered the white flame ceremony.

past life memories. Agaroth’s divine power. Even if those things were added, I think it’s ridiculous to stand at the top of the continent in 10 years and gain the power to kill the demon king alone.

The reason Eugene gained this much power in a short period of 10 years was because he was reincarnated as Lion Heart and learned the Baek Yeom Sik. It was because he had arrangements from Vermouth. What if you weren’t born in Lionheart? What if he hadn’t mastered the white salt ceremony?

Decades more would have been needed no matter how little you catch it to get to ‘now’.

“Eugene has already made many achievements 300 years ago. He killed 3 demon kings and led the battlefield to victory by killing countless demons. And in the end, he met a tragic death in the confined demon castle.”

“What do you want to say? Let’s just get to the point.”

“that… … Heck, yes, I get it. Haven’t you ever had the thought that, in your previous life, you lived for the world just as much, but in your reincarnated life, you will live a little for yourself?”

The reporter finished the question with a clearing of his throat. Eugene didn’t answer right away this time, but was lost in thought for a while.

“I still live for myself.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“Since I was Hamel, I decided to kill all the demon kings in the world, and I died first while living like that. No matter how I was born again, my resolve will not change.”

“Oh oh… … !”

I didn’t say it out of concern for public opinion, but the reporters exclaimed in admiration and looked up to Eugene. Christina, who was watching the scene through the crack in the door, prayed with her hands together with her exclamation.

‘Sister, did you hear? Alas, how noble Eugene is! The word hero in this world only suits Eugene.’

Anis said nothing. At times, she thought that it would be useless to say anything to Christina, who had something firmly in her eyes, and in fact, Anis herself felt a little pounding at those words.

“I will ask straight forward.”

The only demonic reporter stood up from his seat. Yujin looked at the giant with sad eyes, but nodded her head without scolding her.

“Ask me.”

“Does Eugene want a war with the Helmud Empire?”

The demon asked with a serious face. At that question, all the reporters looked at Eugene with shining eyes. That was one of the answers the reporters gathered here today were most curious about and wanted to hear.

This time, Eugene didn’t answer right away and was silent for a while. It wasn’t a question she needed to think about. However, I was worried about what kind of expression and tone to answer.

“I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting a war?”

Eugene twitched his lips and smiled. He leaned back in his chair and glared at his demon.

“I am also aware that the world has changed a lot in 300 years. In the old days, demons were enemies that had to be killed unconditionally, and black magicians were bastards who betrayed their fellow tribesmen and became the pawns of the demons to sell out humans.”

As his expression became ferocious, so did his tone of voice. Eugene didn’t bother to hide his life.

“The world has changed a lot in the 300 years since I died. The demons somehow managed to become someone worth talking to. The fact that you are now alive in front of me, asking questions, and answering me without ignoring them is evidence that the world has changed and that I have tried to adapt myself.”

A terrible and gigantic murderous intent was focused on the demons. Even if he wears a suit and glasses, he is a fighting demon in Helmud. Even if it doesn’t make it to the top 100, it’s on a fairly high ranking.

It was of no avail. To Eugene, all demons except for the duke class were equally insignificant. Whether it was the lowest-ranking demons or the highest-ranking demons, to Eugene now, they weren’t too different from the insects that could be stepped on and killed.

“So I will answer your question without ignoring it. Do you want a war with Helmud? no. What I want is a war between the demon king and the demons, not Helmud.”

“that… … that… … .”

“Don’t think of me as a war-mad murderer. Isn’t the demon king of confinement who was talking about peace hoping for war just like me? It’s the same with demons. Do you know how many demons died while fooling around in front of me in Hauria a few days ago?”

The demon couldn’t answer and shuddered. Eugene continued to speak, still exhaling death.

“Even if I don’t want it in the first place, even if I don’t want to do anything. The demon king of confinement wouldn’t want that. He has already predicted the end of peace. Do demons these days think that the demon king of confinement can be a pacifist?”

Eugene took his life after grinning like that.

Only then did the demon gasp for breath and sit down. His life was over, but no one in the audience dared to open his mouth. Eugene smiled contentedly at the silence.

“Looks like there’s nothing more to ask, but I’ll stop here… … .”

“Let me ask you a question!”

Someone flashed a hand. At that voice, Eugene crumpled her face.

“Please answer in detail about the relationship between Eugene and Senya!”

Melchis, wearing mismatched glasses, rose from the ground.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 506Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 508
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