Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 508

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It is not an analogy. Melchis Elheyer, she really rose from the ground.

I don’t know if it was intended to be a dramatic appearance or if there was another reason – Melchis came up to the ground naturally from the depths of the ground and appeared.

Of course, there was not a single speck of dirt on Melchis’ clothes. As a contractor of Yanos, the king of the earth spirit, she was able to dive and swim as freely as water, no matter how hard the ground.


Suddenly Melchis rose up. Eugene couldn’t help but be astonished at that. It is unknown how long she was underground, but Eugene did not notice Melchis’ existence.

‘Did I put in enough effort to deceive my senses?’

Is there any reason to go so far beyond saying it’s possible? Eugene couldn’t understand. Melchis is a great mage who is considered to be the strongest among mages of the present age. Despite being such a talented person, he is also the owner of a pitifully low-level reason.

But, but… … Anyway, did you put so much effort into breaking into the press conference?


Melchis looked up at the podium and burned with enthusiasm.

‘I did it for my sister.’

this moment. Senya and Melchis secretly exchanged glances. Senya was careful not to change her expression, but felt satisfied inside.

what to hide It was this wise Senya who tricked Eugene’s senses and tricked Melchis into breaking into the press conference.

Why Melchis? It was because, in Senya’s judgment, Melchis was the most suitable person for this type of sudden action. In fact, if Senya asked, who would dare refuse, but Senya still had a human heart.

What if someone other than Melchis broke into this room and asked a question like that? Even Eugene would not be able to speak harsh words in his face. It’s not like he has a petty personality to keep this thing in his heart.

But, even if Eugene is fine… … If you are a normal person, you will feel sick at the thought that your foolish behavior has become a nuisance to the other person. But, Melkiss El Heyer, she is normal to her and doesn’t have to worry about her usual reaction.

This sneaky conspiracy started only an hour ago. After hearing about the press conference. Senya didn’t follow Eugene right away, but said this first.

-No matter how hard it is, you have been locked in a small room for 10 days and came out. Shouldn’t you be more prepared?

-preparation? Who needs more preparation? I just had to tidy up my outfit.

-You idiot, it may look neat to you, but not by my standards. Anyway, I need a little more preparation.

After expelling Eugene like that. Senya returned to the cellar and sent a message to Melchis. Senya’s request to Melchis wasn’t too long.

First of all, sneak in during the interview. What comes down from the sky is too conspicuous and hard to hide, so it pops out of the ground… … .

– Like a mole?

– Yes, that’s right, mole!

-Ah sister, but I am the most powerful elementalist in this century, no, in the past, present, and future, with the name Arot’s White Magic Tower… … Isn’t it a bit like sticking out of the ground like a mole without dignity?

-Who are you to call me unnie?

– I was kidding, sister! If my sister tells me to jump out, I can jump out of the ground or fire. But sister, do you really need to do it secretly? Can’t we just stand at the conference from the beginning?

-If you are at the conference from the beginning, Eugene will run away as soon as he sees you.

-no way… … I hope so. Unnie might be jealous, but I’m really close with Eugene.

When I heard that, honestly, I wanted to call Melchis right away and scold him.

-gibberish… … Don’t talk nonsense, ask Eugene at the press conference later, what he thinks of Senya.

-Oh my gosh oh my gosh! Sister, are you like that too? yes? Is it like that too?

end of that story. The plot against Eugene is on the verge of success.

Melchis was not asked any specific questions, but Senya decided it was unnecessary. A madman has his own details. He only gave the subject in a vague way, but that would be enough for Melchis.

In other words, for Senya, Melchis was the best hit man. He doesn’t feel guilty about flirting with Eugene, doesn’t regret his actions afterward, doesn’t care about others or cares about his own face. Also, Eugene secretly had a weak side to Melchis.

“Eugene Lionheart! Please answer me!”

Melchis shouted, waving his raised hand proudly. Looking down from the podium, Eugene’s face was terribly distorted, but Melchis didn’t care about that.

“What exactly is your relationship with Senya-sama, Eugene-sama? What kind of relationship do you two have? I am very curious about that!”

Other reporters were taken aback by the sudden appearance of Melchis. However, no one tried to stop Melchis from rampaging. Even the demon reporter, who had just sat down focused on Eugene’s murderous life, couldn’t even think to wipe off his cold sweat and stared at Melchis with his eyes shining.

It was unavoidable. That’s why Melchis’ sudden question was one that everyone was curious about but couldn’t bear to ask.

In fact, if it had been a little softer, someone would have mustered up the courage to ask, but didn’t Eugene spew a murderous spirit that would kill everyone in the room just a moment ago?

“… … .”

In order to block out such questions, they spewed out murderous spirits and made the atmosphere freeze. I never thought Melchis would invade like this… … !

Yujin clenched her fists as she felt her chest constrict.

“Why are you here?”

“I have the freedom to go anywhere.”

“Why are you using honorifics that don’t suit you?”

“Don’t I look too arrogant if I speak casually like I usually do here?”

“Why do you ask me such a question when you are aware of that?”

“I came as a journalist.”

Melchis waved his hand and shouted. Eugene gritted his teeth at that shameless attitude.

“Qualification? What a bastard’s qualifications!”

“I’m a reporter for Arot’s weekly spirit art anyway.”

When Melchis made a fuss, Eugene’s cheeks couldn’t help but twitch. Melchis emphasized the question once again without missing the moment when Eugene was clenching his teeth.

“Please answer me!”

“I will pass.”

“Please answer me!”

“The next reporter.”

“Answer me!”

“The interview ends here… … .”


Melchis roared loudly.


It wasn’t a simple shout. A mixture of something similar to angtal… … No, like a herd of children.


How can a person do that? Aren’t people supposed to be like that? When Ciel started to shed tears. I was embarrassed then, but now I don’t understand it very much.

At that time, Ciel had never experienced any emotional distress in his life, and he was only 21 years old.

The first time Christina slapped Ciel on the cheek? How does that even make sense? Just like Ciel was young, Christina was also young. In particular, she, Cristina, doesn’t know what to think… … Just a few years ago, I was a fanatical fanatic, so I tended to force myself to do what I thought was right.



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Melchis Elheyer. Shouldn’t she be like that? She is by no means an age that can be said to be young. She is, as she always calls herself, the greatest animist of the past, present and future… … . Could such a Melchis be allowed to do such a thing?

“Uhm… … .”

While Eugene was shocked, Senya coughed lowly. She glanced at Eugene while admiring the hitman’s performance in not taking care of herself.

“Why don’t you answer me?”

“uh… … what?”

“answer. It’s not difficult either.”

At this point, I decided I needed help. Senya looked at Eugene subtly and poked his side with his elbow. Then, Yujin’s eyes shook dizzy.

“no… … Why are you here… … .”

“Then, are you going to speak somewhere other than here?”

Senya’s eyes narrowed more and more. Yujin hesitated, then let out a deep sigh.

“… … master and disciple… … .”

“What should I do with such a cowardly answer!”

I tried to escape the crisis with an appropriate answer, but Melchis had no mercy.

“Please answer clearly!”

“No, that’s true… … .”

“If you left such a will 300 years ago, why are you hesitating now?”

Eugene’s hair stood on end at the word will.

“I have never left a will like that!”

“lie! Right before you died, you confessed your feelings to Senya-sama!”

“Because it is not! I didn’t leave such a will! That’s, that’s a forgery of a children’s book!”

Eugene was truly unfair and could not stand it.

It wasn’t once or twice that I felt anguish over that damn children’s book. If it weren’t for the children’s books, there wouldn’t have been a shitty nickname called stupid Hamel, and then… … .


While Eugene simmered and cooled his emotions for a while, Melchis’s gun was pointed at Senya.

“Senya-sama, please answer! Did Hamel really not leave a will?!”

Melchis had no intention of attacking Senya. This question itself was for Senya’s sake.

It was inevitable that Melchis did not know that the author of the children’s book was Senya. She hadn’t even guessed that the will itself written at the end of the children’s book was Senya’s sorrow for Hamel, who had died earlier.

“that… … that is… … hmm… … .”

Senya hesitated for a moment, unable to answer immediately.

I wanted to say ‘the will of the children’s book is true’, but… … I couldn’t bear to say that because of Yujin’s wide-eyed gaze. If I said anything useless here, it might end up being a revealing battle with Eugene. And in the revelation battle, Senya was at an absolute disadvantage… … .

“I can’t remember… … . It was 300 years ago… … .”

So Senya averted her gaze and answered hesitantly. I don’t remember A double wick lit up in Yujin’s eyes.

“Sah, actually, the will isn’t that important, is it? huh? The important thing is now, not 300 years ago. So, what kind of relationship do we have?”

“Warriors and wizards. colleague. master and disciple.”

Eugene bit his teeth and spat out. In response, Senya’s lips pouted out. I just stick out my lips like that. Senya didn’t openly argue.

“… … Know carefully… … what such… … The time is the time, so what… … . But someday… … If we kill all the demon lords and stay alive… … When that time comes, won’t it become a relationship where you check out radically instead of carefully getting to know each other? … .”

The voice that followed gradually faded away.

Getting to know each other means getting to know each other, but what the hell is getting to know each other carefully? And what the hell is between checking radically?

The answer was quite ambiguous, but no one here failed to notice the subtle nuances in that answer. Even that Senya parted her lips and blushed her cheeks.

“Are you going to marry me?”

Melchis asked with his eyes shining. That answer itself was too ambiguous by Melchis’ standards, so I didn’t like it. So Melchis wanted a more definitive answer. I thought it was for Senya.

“Are you getting married? Yes? Or do you start dating? Maybe you are already doing it?”

“… … .”

“If so, when did you do it? 300 years ago? Or, or since Senya returned to Arot? Or, or before coming to Arot?”

Melchis’ questions did not stop. In this respect, Melchis was very wizard-like. She continued to bombard her with questions, not suppressing her immediate inquisition.

“Come to think of it, Eugene-nim took ownership of Akasha when he first came back from Great Forest! At that time, he said that he had found Senya. Could it be that Akasha is like a gift between the two? My God, my God! That’s right, and what about Mer? At that time, Eugene, you and Akasha were taken from Merdo Akion!”

His tone of voice had changed before he knew it, no matter how impatient he was.

“A familiar that closely resembles Senya-sama’s childhood… … ! Like Senya-sama’s child… … with you… … Senya’s? oh my god! The two of them already had a child!”

Melchis jumped up from his seat and shouted. Eugene, who had listened to his story with his mouth shut, eventually clenched his fists.

[that’s right! I am! I am like Eugene-sama and Senya-sama’s child! My name is Mer Merdein, but someday I will become Mer Lionheart!]

Mer, inside the cloak, shouted in an excited voice.

[me too… … Someday I will not be Lymira, but I will become Lymira Logaris. And someday, from Lymira Loggeris, I will become Lymyr, Lionheart… … !]

[idiot! Lymira, Lionheart, what a poor name. Why don’t we call it Ry-Lai for short? This Lai Lai Lai!]

Mer didn’t even think about being teased for being a mer mer mer dean and teased her like that. Eugene clenched her fists harder than the loud noises in her head.

“By the way, Eugene, no, Eugene-sama! Eugene: Do you like Senya as a teacher or Senya as a colleague? That feeling must have grown even bigger than the days of Hamel, right?”

“… … .”

“Ah, but… … What will become of Saint Christina? Really, we’ve known each other for quite some time, haven’t we? I know how close you, Eugene, and Saint Cristina are. Especially when Saint Christina sees you, honey drips from her eyes. Everyone who has seen you other than me should know?”

“… … .”

“If you are carefully getting to know Senya, what kind of relationship are you with Saint Christina? Well, the hero and the saint don’t even need to know the compatibility… … .”

“go away.”

Eugene couldn’t hear it anymore, so he spat out quietly. Melchis screamed at the harsh words that came out of nowhere.

“Eugene! What is your habit of talking to your sister!”

“go away!”

Eugene shouted and jumped up from his seat.

Kwajijik! The chair Eugene was sitting on was smashed by the force of standing up. It wasn’t just the chairs. The platform itself dug into the ground with a thud.

“You, all of you! go away! Right in front of my eyes!”

“Yu, Eugene Lionheart! We haven’t asked any questions yet… … .”

“Go away!”

“but… … But Eugene… … ! There are still so many things I want to hear from Eugene! The specific war plan against Helmud, and Eugene’s next move… … and… … .”

“go away!”

Reporters’ begging was no longer part of Eugene’s business.

If it doesn’t turn off with my own feet, I have no choice but to turn it off by force. Eugene quickly reached out his hand without the slightest hesitation.

-Quarrrrr! Eugene’s magic sent dozens of reporters into the sky at the same time.

[Please, Melchis Elheyer, stay still for now. Never resist Hamel’s magic… … please!]

‘My God, Tempest… … ! Are you worried about me?’

[I’m not worried about you, I’m worried about Hamel’s mind… … .]

Tempest sighed, but Melchis didn’t listen. With a satisfied smile, she flew up into the sky with the reporters without resisting Eugene’s magic.

‘I did it, sister.’

I wasn’t promised anything in return by Senya for taking on this job. Even so, the reason I actively participated was because I thought it would be fun. And even without being promised anything in return, there was no doubt that his intimacy with Senya had greatly increased through this incident.

‘good job.’

It was as Melchis thought. He did not receive a clear and specific answer, but he did receive one that was satisfactory. Senya still caressed her red cheeks and glanced at Eugene.

Eugene’s face was equally red. Of course, the reason Eugene’s face was red was because of pure anger. After throwing all the airborne reporters out of the castle wall, Eugene grabbed his hair on the spot.

“Will you kill me?”

“What do you kill? don’t kill me, bear with me Even if he has a weird personality, his skills are good! I’m good at fighting… … .”

Senya patted Eugene on the shoulder, trying hard not to laugh.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 507Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 509
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