Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 509

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ibig slad. This man has several nicknames, but among them, the nickname Ibig likes the most and is proud of is, of course, ‘The Mercenary King’. Even if people in the world don’t remember the name ‘Ibig Slad’, there are few people who don’t know the blatant nickname ‘Mercenary King’.

I didn’t get that nickname by calling myself. In every era, there was only one mercenary called the ‘Mercenary King’.

The strongest mercenary among the mercenaries who eat knife. Even so, he is a mercenary with a huge force befitting the name ‘King’.

There is no other mercenary worthy of the name ‘Mercenary King’ than Ivig in the current era. The Slad Mercenary Corps, which he heads, is considered by everyone to be the best on the continent.

It’s not just the number of heads, but the skills of the members are also outstanding. Now, it is the Slad Mercenary Corps that was the only one that was able to face off against the Beast Mercenary Corps of the Beast Yagon, whose members were all annihilated, rather than disbanded.

And that’s not all. There are dozens of other mercenary groups under the Slad mercenary group. There are so many aristocrats and royalty connected by business that it is difficult to count them.

He has a friendly relationship with the knights that are said to be among them, and now he has completely cut off exchanges–but just a few years ago, he had connections with the high-ranking demons of Helmud.

A man who easily raised his name to the ranks of the strongest even with simple skills. A man whose power and influence is greater than that of the Knight Commander in a sense. He is Ibig Slad. If he opened his mouth, not only the Slad mercenary corps and its affiliated forces would move, but the entire mercenary world.

“… … .”

Such a great ibig slide… … Her shoulders, which should have been wide open now, shrunk shabbyly, and she walked around the room chewing her nails, not knowing what to do with her anxiety.

‘oh my god… … oh my god… … !’

People sometimes have this kind of thing. A trivial topic that is not particularly important, that does not require much attention, and that is discussed briefly during a conversation. A short dialogue derived from it. It wasn’t particularly heavy, and it didn’t lead to anything else.

so i forgot

Something floating in my memory somewhere… … Suddenly, there is something that comes to mind.

Ivyk did. He completely forgot about this morning, no, not breakfast, but lunch. Thanks to the good drink I drank the day before, I woke up long after noon and walked out of bed staggering, neglecting my drowsy mind.

suddenly popped up

That was about a year ago. When she set sail to subdue the ‘Pirate Empress’ Iris, not the newly born Mad King. Ivik had visited briefly on the ship Carmen, Ciel, and Desiira were on.

at that time.

The servants who stood quietly behind the three.

Standing in the middle was a tall, slender body with extraordinary skills… … An attendant named ‘Yuri’.

Later, when I found out the identity, I was full of surprise and doubt, but I couldn’t bear to ask the circumstances.

-What does Aivik think of Hamel?

Ciel’s unexpected question.

-Legendary… … I think he’s a great mercenary, but I don’t respect him. No, to be honest, I don’t even know if Hamel should be considered a mercenary.

-Hamel… … Stupid Hamel. Not to disregard that feat. But that feat wasn’t accomplished as a mercenary, was it? A beggar built as a companion of the great Vermouth.

-Of course, I heard that Hamel was a great person even when he was a mercenary… … Hmmm, he’s rarely had good reviews of his fellow mercenaries? Hamel hated mercenaries, and mercenaries hated Hamel.

-What can I say, Hamel didn’t have love and respect for the industry he was in. He harassed the other mercenaries with pointless coercion, and it was said that there were a lot of mercenaries who were crushed because of Hamel. So I don’t have much respect for Hamel.

I had a story like that. To Ciel’s sudden question, Ivik answered honestly without mixing her lies.

-Why does Miss Yuri keep grinding her teeth?

“Cheuk… … .”

Ivik groaned as he grabbed his hair.

Why did you come up with this now? Yeah, it was a conversation I didn’t need to remember. No, in fact, it must be because I erased from my head the strange situation that seemed like it was impossible to dig into the truth.

In the end, Ivik learned the identities of the Lionheart attendants after that. He personally saw the spirit of the ‘Hero’ who was driving the mad king. So-so, he couldn’t ask any more questions about the ‘servants’.

Like that, something I had deliberately forgotten suddenly came to my mind.

“… … .”

It reminded me of Eugene Lionheart’s appearance in Hauria Liberation War.

I remembered the anecdotes of ‘dumb Hamel’ that have been handed down.

momentary anguish. In the end, Ibig had no choice but to come to a conclusion.

“Let’s go ask for forgiveness.”

300 years ago. The time when Hamel had not yet become Vermouth’s colleague and was infamous in the mercenary world. There were not one or two mercenaries that were disbanded by Hamel on the battlefield.

The detailed reason has not been handed down, but what is the reason for the human mercenary to disband the human mercenary corps in the war against the demons? Such tradition itself is evidence of how ferocious Hamel’s character was.

Naturally, Ivik did not want the Slad Mercenary Corps to disband. He didn’t want to be beaten by Hamel in front of his many subordinates.

If I wanted to be a little more greedy, I wanted Hamel’s recognition and respect as a person who is called the mercenary king in the present era… … .

So Ivik kicked out of his room. He may already be late, but he has come to mind today, so it can’t be helped. He has to go and apologize, either kneel down or slap his head.

“… … .”

I left the room and walked down the hallway.

I watched the press conference in the Palace Garden. Come to think of it, the interview was today.

“… … .”

I thought I wanted to run away.

Why did you have such a press conference today? No, isn’t calling that a press conference itself an insult to press conferences? If I had to give it a name, it would have to be Melchis Elheyer’s Juicing Show.

“Huh… … .”

Ivik let out a long sigh whenever he felt the need to run away or hide. Thanks to Melchis’ infusion, Hamel’s and Eugene’s moods seemed to be at their worst.

Aivik stood still for a moment, watching Eugene wheeze as the entire podium collapsed.

The reporters who had been blown over the wall by magic screamed, but Eugene didn’t even look at them.

“… … Uhm… … .”

Since Eugene was so angry, Senya had no choice but to notice Yujin. She thought while glancing at Eugene’s face.

‘I have to stop Melchis’s mouth.’

Of course, I didn’t even think about the extinction. I’m just going to play it well and be Tyler, so that only ‘Senya-sama made it’ come out of Melchis’ mouth.

“He’s just a little weird, but he has a good personality.”

Senya quietly opened her mouth. She was there to defend Eugene so that he didn’t really hate Melkis.


Yujin turned her head and glared at Senya. Seeing that ferocious gaze, Senya swallowed a gulp and took a step back.


“I don’t have a good personality. Even when we first met, he took care of me a lot. She even suffered an obvious blow to her back.”

Eugene grumbled as he pierced the floor and pulled out a hollow foot.

“There are times when I do things I don’t understand, like today, but what… … are you okay.”

Is human adaptability really unique? Perhaps because he had seen Melchis’s intoxication many times, the anger that had soared just before quickly cooled down.

On the contrary, I even thought it was good. Thanks to Melchis’ rampage on his own, he was able to expel dozens of remaining reporters at once. Eugene Ryan Hart’s personality was also very violent, so he was able to show off, so if he wasn’t a fearless guy who didn’t know that his life was precious, he wouldn’t bother Eugene any more.



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“Thank you for your effort.”

Cristina, who had been watching from behind the door, approached. Eugene took a step back, startled by the sight of Christina approaching with a smile.

“Uh, uh… … .”

The last question Melchis asked was about Christina. What kind of relationship are you with the saintess? A gaze dripping with honey, a combination that does not require checking compatibility.

… … Eugene felt embarrassed and averted his gaze.

[Whoops… … .]

Anise laughed in Christina’s head.

She knew that Eugene was fully conscious of the relationship and was embarrassed and ashamed. So was Christina. The two of them could feel happy satisfaction with just that.

Senya, who was ignorant like a wild boar, wanted a definite answer in a tyrannical way, but the saints did not. What do you want to be sure of? Emotions tickle each other and then slowly overlap and blend… … .

Ivik, who was looking down the hallway window, took a deep breath and slowly stepped back.

Ibig doesn’t clearly know the relationship between the three. From the point of view of Ivyk, Eugene couldn’t control her anger, and her face seemed to be blushing. It seemed that the wise Senya was hesitant, watching Eugene’s notice, and her saintess placating her furious warrior.

“Huh… … .”

Should I ask for forgiveness in this situation? … … Maybe Eugene forgot. Even if she didn’t say much to hide her identity in the last year, she didn’t call Ivik even after revealing that she was Hamel’s reincarnation.

‘Even so.’

Ivik shook his head. Running away hoping for an uncertain hope is an ugly thing. Perhaps that terrifying hero is waiting for Ivig to come and ask for forgiveness… … .

I straightened my shaky resolve. Ivik did not want to run away.

Go to yourself and sincerely ask for forgiveness. Let’s apologize for the rudeness at that time, and praise how great a warrior Hamel was.


In front of Yu-jin’s room, who came to her with determination.

I saw people standing in front of the closed door.

“What are you doing here?”

Ivik asked, not understanding.

“Then why did you come here?”

Simuin’s First, Ortus Hyman. He looked at Aivic with a puzzled expression.

Orthus was not the only one standing in front of the door.

The King of Luhar, Aman Luhar.

The leader of the White Dragon Knights, Alchester Dragonic.

The 1st Division Captain of the Black Lion Knights, Genos Lionheart.

His daughter, Xenia Lionhart.

“I am… … I came because I have something to do with Eugene.”

Ivik cleared his face and replied. At that answer, Orthus also cleared his throat and turned his head.

“That’s right, everyone here has business with Eugene-sama.”

Even if he didn’t say it openly, the nuance of what he said for granted. Ivik furrowed his eyebrows and glanced at Orthus.

Originally, the two didn’t like each other that much. Hated it. It was to the extent that they searched for each other’s flaws and tried to catch their weaknesses.

They fought together in the subjugation of the mad king. Back to back on the battlefield, helping each other. The same goes for this war. The two are already comrades.

However, you can’t suddenly become close friends. Even though they don’t hate each other as much as they used to, Ivik and Orthus still keep each other in check.

“What do you have to do with Sir Eugene? I don’t think you want to scout Eugene like you did during the night.”

“How do you know that?”

“Heh heh, there is a way to know everything. Oh, please Have you come to ask for forgiveness for your presumptuous words? but. Simuin, a rural country in the south, is too shabby to embrace Eugene. It would not be an exaggeration to say that inviting him to scout was an insult to Eugene.”

“In that rural country, the person who is not the first, but the second, speaks well. If you spit in my face that much, you can turn it into a skill.”

“what? Lord Ortus, you seem to be making a big mistake, but I’m not challenging you for the first place out of my own respect for you and the circumstances of the Simuin Kingdom. I don’t think that petty king would ever give the title of first to a mercenary.”

“Ibig Slad, don’t make fun of your mouth. No matter how much you are the second, gossip about the King… … .”

“Stop, stop!”

As their argument escalated, Aman raised his hand and intervened.

“If you want to fight, don’t use your tongue and draw your sword! I’ll judge you myself!”

“Your Highness is true. Why do you want me to draw a knife for this?”

Ivik immediately shuddered and took a step back. In the meantime, he glared at Ortus once. Orthus clicked his tongue and turned his head away, not wanting to escalate the argument further.

“Ivik, so what brought you here?”

Alchester, who was standing there politely, opened his mouth.

“I came here to congratulate Eugene-nim on his recovery and to have a chat.”

I didn’t force an answer only on Ivik. Alchester was not ashamed of herself and was confident, so she was open about her reasons.

“And honestly, I came because I wanted to get some advice as a prosecutor.”


Genos’ eyes sparkled. He moved close to Alchester, not caring for his daughter, who stood awkwardly beside him.

“Come to think of it, Lord Alchester. I have a question I really wanted to ask you.”

“What is?”

“Hamel-sama… … No, Eugene’s brother-in-law uses… … .”


“Oh, sorry. The words came out wrong.”

Originally, Genos called Eugene the death penalty. This is because Eugene was the legitimate successor to the ‘Hamel style’ that was passed down in Genos’s family. However, since Eugene’s true identity is Hamel himself, it is no longer necessary to call him the death penalty.

“The sword skill Master Eugene uses. I wasn’t sure because the shape was different… … The method of overlapping sword steels was similar to the Dragonic family’s air sword. Did you, by any chance, teach Master Eugene yourself?”

Master? Alchester briefly questioned the title. However, when I thought about it carefully, I thought that there was no problem with the title Master. Alchester knew that Genos’s family had Hamel as their great teacher.

“Teaching… … I wouldn’t say it out loud. As Sir Genos knows, didn’t Eugene stay with the Dragonic family a few years ago?”

“Yes, I know about that. I heard that Master directly guided your son.”

“Haha, it is such an honor. At that time, I asked my son to teach me how to manipulate mana, and I only taught Eugene about the sword.”

The sword is the secret weapon that represents the Dragonic family. Teaching the sword to a foreigner who was not a member of the Dragonic family was purely Alchester’s dogma.

As much as that, Alchester was fascinated by Eugene’s talent. At that time, Alchester had no doubt that Eugene would become the center of Lionheart, even if he could not become the head of household. Furthermore, he was certain that one day he would become the strongest knight on the continent.

If Dragonic’s martial arts were added to such Eugene, I thought that the Dragonic’s martial arts would go down in history along with the prestige of ‘Eugene Lionheart’… … .

It was the right decision. Eugene was very impressed with the sword, and he actively used the trick of the sword when creating a new technique.

“also! Master’s sword technique was based on the air sword.”

“It is just an honor for me to have loved you so much.”

“I am… … .”

Genos cleared his throat once and glanced at his daughter, Xenia, standing next to him.

“Like Lord Alchester, I came because I really wanted to congratulate Master on his recovery. and… … And my daughter said she really wanted to apologize to Master… … .”

“Apologies… … .”

Ivyk’s expression turned gloomy.

“Neither do I.”

“Ibig Slad. Do you also have something to apologize to Master?”

“yes… … haha… … I really can’t say this, but… … Because I’ve been rude before.”

Ivik looked at Orthus’ expression as he said that. Apologies for the rudeness. At those words, Orthus’ eyes could be seen shaking. Apparently Orthus came to apologize as well.

“What did His Highness come for?”

“You mean me?”

Aman blinked his eyes and looked back at Aivic.

“I came to ask you to take a bath together if your wound is healed. Aren’t the baths in this palace wonderful?”

“neck… … bath?”

“I’ve done it once before.”

Aman murmured as he remembered the time he took a bath with Eugene.

“no… … nope At that time, only I took a bath. So, we should do it together this time.”

The meaning was unknown, but it did not seem to have come for an apology.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 508Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 510
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